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Model No.: LV400CH
Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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Safety Information
IMPORTANT: Please read, understand, and comply with all of the instructions provided in
this manual before using the device. Failure to comply with the instructions given in this
manual and/or using the device in ways other than the ones mentioned in this manual may
result in serious injury and/or damage the product.
Ensure that the plug fits properly into a polarized power socket.
Always disconnect from a power source by pulling the plug when not in use.
DO NOT use this product in wet environments.
DO NOT use your hand or any other object to cover the nozzle while the unit is on. Doing
so may damage the product.
DO NOT clean the unit while it is connected to a power source or while it is on.
Remove the water tank from the base before moving the humidifier.
DO NOT place the humidifier near sources of heat, such as stove tops, ovens, radiators or
DO NOT place the humidifier near any large pieces of furniture or in any high-traffic area
where it can be easily knocked over.
Unplug the unit when not in use, or while cleaning it out.
DO NOT use cleaning detergents to clean the humidifier; only use distilled white vinegar.
DO NOT plug in the unit with wet hands.
DO NOT place foreign objects into the unit’s base or water tank. Do not use other items
as replacement parts for this product.
Keep the humidifier out of reach from children.
Only use this air purifier as described in this manual.
Contact customer service if the unit is damaged or if it is not functioning properly.
Main Functions
1. Nozzle
2. Water Tank
3. Water Tank Window
4. Water Filter Cap
5. Night-Light
6. Power Button
7. Base
8. Inner Chamber
9. Atomization Chip
10. Water Level Sensor
11. Aroma Box
12. Aroma Pad
13. Filter
11 12
1. Remove the water tank from the base.
2.Flip the tank over and unscrew the water
tank cap.
3.Fill the tank with cold or room
temperature water (use distilled water for
best results). You can gauge how much
water is in the tank by looking through
the water tank window.
4.Replace the cap once you have filled the
tank to your desired level.
5.Carefully place the water tank back on
the base, aligning the water tank window
with the power button.
• For best results, fill the water tank with distilled water.
• DO NOT fill the tank with hot water.
• DO NOT add water through the nozzle.
1. Plug the unit in an electrical outlet.
2. Press the power button once to set the
the humidifier the low mist setting. The
power button will light up blue.
3. Press the power button again to set the
unit to the high mist setting. The power
button will light up purple.
• The nozzle can rotate 360° to diffuse
mist in any direction.
• The night-light light will remain on if the
humidifier shuts off due to low water
NOTE: While the humidifier is operating,
the power button light will automatically
turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity. To
check or change the current mist setting,
simply press the power button again.
4. (Optional) Press and hold the power
button for 2 seconds to turn on or turn
off the built-in night light.
5. Press the power button once more to
turn off the humidifier.
6. When the water level is low, the power
button will flash red and the unit will
automatically turn off.
7. Unplug the humidifier and refill the
water tank as mentioned in the Set-up
Using the Aroma Box
Your new humidifier can also be used as an
aroma diffuser to provide added comfort in
your home.
4.Replace the aroma box. Fill the water
tank with water and place it back on the
base as mentioned in the Set-up section.
5.Plug in and turn on the humidifier to relax
with your favorite fragrance.
1. Unplug the humidifier from its power
2.Remove the aroma box from the back of
the base.
3.Add 2-3 drops of essential oil on the
aroma pad.
Preventing Water Leaks
2.Twist the cap counterclockwise to secure
it onto the water tank.
When not sealed properly, the water tank
on your new LV400CH Ultrasonic Cool Mist
Humidifier may leak. The following tips will
ensure that your humidifier will operate
1. Make sure the silicone ring around the
water tank cap is secured at all times.
3.When moving the humidifier, remove
the tank from the base and empty any
excess water inside the inner chamber
before moving the base.
4.Wipe off any excess on water on the
base before placing the tank.
5.DO NOT shake the humidifier or place
it on an inclined surface. Always make
sure to place the humidifier on a flat,
level surface.
Care & Maintenance
Make sure the humidifier is completely
unplugged from any power source when
1. Unplug the humidifier.
2.Remove the water tank from the base
and pour out any excess water. Fill
the tank with 2 cups of distilled white
vinegar and 2 cups of water; gently coat
all sides of the water tank.
3.Fill the inner chamber with ½ cup of
distilled vinegar.
4.Allow the vinegar to soak inside of both
the water tank and inner chamber for 30
5.Use a soft-bristled brush to clean any
scale buildup inside the water tank or in
the inner chamber.
6.Fill the water tank with 2 cups of distilled
water and set the humidifier on the high
setting for 15 minutes.
7. Dry all parts with a dry, clean cloth. Make
sure all parts of the humidifier are dry
before reassembling and storing in a
covered space.
Cleaning the Water Filter Cap
It is recommended to clean the water filter
cap every 6 months. Remove the water
filter cap and rinse it out with clean water
and allow it to air dry for at least 1 hour.
Replace the cap back onto the water tank
when it is dry.
Removing & Cleaning the Nozzle
1. Remove water tank from the base and
pour out any remaining water.
2.Align the arrow on the nozzle with mark
on the water tank.
3.Slowly flip the water tank over to remove
the nozzle.
4.Scrub the nozzle with a soft-bristled
brush and warm water. Rinse and dry
5.Replace the nozzle onto the the water
Cleaning the Aroma Pad
1. To clean the aroma pad, remove it from
the aroma box and rinse under warm
NOTE: The water in the inner chamber
near the atomizer chip may still be warm
2.Dry the pad with a clean cloth and place
after turning off the unit. Use caution when
pouring out the water.
- 10 - it back into the aroma box.
No mist coming out of
Unit is not plugged in.
Plug into power source.
Unit is not turned on.
Press the power button to
turn on the unit.
No water in tank.
Add at least two cups of
clean water into the water
Water level low.
Humidifier produces an
unusual smell.
Humidifier makes an
unusual noise.
Mist is coming out from
Unit is new.
Remove the water cap, and
place the water tank in a
cool, dry place for 12 hours.
Dirty water, or water has
been in tank for a long time.
Rinse and clean water tank
and fill with clean water.
Tank is positioned
Align water tank window
with the power button.
Water level low.
Add at least two cups of
clean water into the water
tank.Add water
Unit is not level.
Place unit on a flat, level
Water tank is not positioned
Turn off/unplug the unit,
then align water tank
window with the power
- 11 -
Rated Power:
Effective Range:
10m² (107 ft²)
Water Tank Capacity:
4 L (1.05 gal)
Max Moisture Capacity:
200 mL/h
Should you encounter any issues or have
any questions regarding your new product,
feel free to contact our helpful Customer
Support Team. Your satisfaction is our goal!
Levoit Corporation
1202 N. Miller Street, Suite A
Anaheim, CA 92806
Package Contents
1 x Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
1 x User Manual
3 x Aroma Pads
Email: (888) 726-8520
[email protected]
Support Hours
Monday - Friday:
9:00am - 5:00pm PST
*Please have your order number ready
before contacting customer support.
- 12 -
Levoit and its subsidiaries assume no liability
for damage caused by the use of the product
other than for its intended use or as instructed
in the user manual. Some states do not allow
this exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential losses so the foregoing disclaimer
may not apply to you. This warranty gives you
specific legal rights and you may also have other
rights which may vary from state to state.
Terms & Policy
Levoit warrants all products to be of the highest
quality in material, craftsmanship and service
for a minimum of 1 year, effective from the
date of purchase. Warranty lengths may vary
between product categories. Levoit will replace
any product found to be defective due to
manufacturer flaws based on eligibility; refunds
are available within the first 30 days of purchase.
This warranty extends only to personal use and
does not extend to any product that has been
used for commercial, rental, or any other use in
which the product is not intended for. There are
no warranties other than the warranties expressly
set forth with each product.
This warranty is non-transferrable. Levoit is not
responsible in any way for any damages, losses
or inconveniences caused by equipment failure or
by user negligence, abuse, or use noncompliant
with the user manual or any additional safety, use,
or warnings included in the product packaging
and manual.
Should your product prove defective within the
specified warranty period, please return the
defective unit in its original packaging with (1)
an original copy of the invoice, (2) your order
confirmation number, (3) and your warranty ID
To find out more about extending your warranty,
visit or contact customer
Date of Purchase:
Purchased From:
Order Number:
This warranty does not apply to the following:
• Damage due to abuse, accident, alteration,
misuse, tampering or vandalism.
• Improper or inadequate maintenance.
• Damage in return transit.
• Unsupervised use by children under 18 years
of age.
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