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TIA Portal
Operator Panels for All Requirements – and All Demands
The TIA Portal represents the intuitive,
efficient and proven engineering framework
for all automation tasks.
Answers for industry.
“I don’t compromise when
it comes to operation and
monitoring. This is why I
rely on the equally proven
and innovative solutions by
the world market leader –
for all applications.”
New productivity benchmarks for
sustainable competitive advantages
Against the background of increasing global competition,
the consistent utilization of all optimization potentials
throughout the entire lifecycle of a machine or plant
has never been more important than today. Optimized
processes facilitate reduced total cost of ownership,
minimized time-to-market and enhanced quality.
Totally Integrated Automation is perfectly attuned to
meet these targets while also being open for international
standards and third-party systems. With its special system
characteristics, Totally Integrated Automation supports
the entire lifecycle of a machine or plant.
SIMATIC, the world’s leading automation system,
represents a core component of Totally Integrated
Automation and comprises a multitude of standardized,
flexible and scalable products. For example: SIMATIC
operator panels, which are presented in this brochure.
The integrated engineering framework
for controllers, HMI and drives: TIA Portal
With the Totally Integrated Automation Portal
(TIA Portal), Siemens offers an engineering framework
which facilitates the implementation of automation
solutions in all sectors worldwide. From automation
system planning, commissioning, operation and
maintenance down to expansion – the TIA Portal
offers significant saving potentials in terms of
engineering time, costs and expenditures.
Find out more about the TIA Portal
TIA Portal
Highest requirements in terms
of performance and functionality?
• Brilliant wide-screen displays from 4“ to 22“
• Innovative commissioning and service concept
• Energy management with PROFIenergy
Comfort Panels
Cost-efficient, fully
graphical user guidance?
• Intuitive operation
from 3“ to 15“
• Integrated HMI
basic functionality
• Perfect interaction
with SIMATIC S7-1200
Basic Panels
Mobile Panels
Key Panels
Maximum mobility
and flexibility?
• Innovative operation,
wired or wireless
• Ruggedness for
on-site operation
• Integrated
safety concept
Flexible expandability by keys
– or even safety functions?
• Rapid commissioning
• Easy networking
• Intuitive state detection
ed w
it h Tot
ally Integrated Auto
First choice for efficient operation and monitoring
SIMATIC HMI Panels have been tried and tested in the
most various applications throughout all sectors for
years. They not only feature an innovative design and
high performance – as a unique highlight, they can be
configured via SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal. Users can
thus benefit from unprecedented engineering efficiency.
Integrated functionality across all display sizes
The hardware’s functionality is identical throughout
a device range. Simply select the optimum display size
for your application and choose between operation via
touch screen and/or keys. As the software is scalable,
you can start with a small solution and further expand
it anytime as required – for example by increasing the
number of tags.
Integrated functionality across all display sizes
• SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels:
First choice for demanding applications
• SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels:
Basic functions for simple HMI applications
• SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels:
Maximum mobility for operation and monitoring
• SIMATIC HMI Key Panels:
Innovative operator panels – for turnkey operation
Unique engineering efficiency
SIMATIC HMI Panels can be intuitively configured in the
TIA Portal via the scalable SIMATIC WinCC software. This
results in increased engineering efficiency when further
components from the Totally Integrated Automation
portfolio are used – e.g. SIMATIC controllers. The perfect
interaction with STEP 7 does away with multiple entries
and ensures maximum data consistency.
Long-term value maintenance
SIMATIC products support long-term investment protection.
Existing projects can be easily and directly migrated to
the successor product. Whether the panel is integrated
or operated autonomously – a long-term phase-out period
ensures availability of the suitable spare part in service cases.
Moreover, the matching accessories for each product are
available throughout the entire product lifecycle.
The TIA Selection Tool helps you to select
the suitable device for your application
Convince yourself of our HMI portfolio in practical applications
Find out more about SIMATIC HMI Panels
HMI Panels
Comfort Panels
First choice for
demanding HMI tasks
Various display sizes – identical functionality
Efficient energy management
All SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels consistently offer the
same high-end functionality. Featuring high-resolution
wide-screen displays from 4“ to 22“, optionally with
touch or key operation, they can be optimally adjusted
to any application. Furthermore, they offer numerous
innovations. For example, the displays can be centrally
disconnected during break times via PROFIenergy in a
coordinated manner to reduce energy consumption.
The standardized PROFIenergy protocol supports the
coordinated central disconnection of redundant energy
loads and the detection of measured energy values.
This facilitates disconnection of the Comfort Panels’
displays even during short break times for reduced
energy consumption. PROFINET as a standard facilitates
easy integration in existing plant structures and offers
high investment protection.
Brilliant displays in wide-screen format
100 percent data security in case of power failure
With up to 40 % more visualization space, the widescreen format offers extended display options for complex
operating screens – and a clear differentiation between
application monitoring and operation. The following
display diagonals are available: 4“, 7“, 9“, 12“, 15“, 19“
and 22“. The high resolution with 16 million colors
facilitates detailed process visualization and optimum
readability. This is also supported by the wide reading
angle of 170°. The displays’ high brightness is 100 %
dimmable to allow for optimum adjustment to individual
requirements – this is for example important for applications
on ships and ensures reduced energy consumption.
The Comfort Panels’ protection against voltage failure
ensures cost-efficient data retention – without an
additional uninterruptible power supply. The same
applies to recipes and archives in RDB format when
these are saved on a SIMATIC HMI memory card.
Integrated high-end functionality
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are characterized by their
high performance which amongst others ensures rapid
image build. Irrespective of the display size, all devices
offer archives, VB scripts and various viewers for the
display of plant documentation (e.g. as PDF) and Internet
websites. The system diagnostics options in interaction
with SIMATIC controllers represent an innovation.
Diagnostics information which could previously only be
obtained via a programming device can now be read out
via the Comfort Panel.
Suitability for harsh environments
The rugged SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels come with
numerous approvals for international applications and
for use in sectors subject to increased requirements. From
7“ upwards, they are available with durable aluminum
die-cast fronts as a standard. They are certified for Ex
Zones 2 and 22 in accordance with ATEX and are thus
applicable in hazardous areas. Marine approvals are
partially available for all Comfort Panels.
Integrated interfaces
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are suitable for integration in
PROFINET and PROFIBUS networks and feature interfaces
for the connection of USB I/O. From 7“ upwards, the
devices come with a 2-port Ethernet switch and from 15“
upwards with an additional Gigabit PROFINET interface.
Eased project transfer
Standard cables can be used for loading HMI projects
via PROFINET / Ethernet or USB – no special cables are
required. Device settings are made during configuration,
additional settings on the device itself are done away
with. This ensures eased commissioning. The project data
and device settings are saved to a system card integrated
in the device and automatically updated. The system card
can be used for project transfer to a further device.
• Versions in sizes of 4“, 7“, 9“, 12“ and 15“ with
touch or keys as well as 19“ and 22“ with touch;
the 4“ touch device features additional keys
• All touch devices support vertical installation –
for optimum plant space utilization or for special
machine designs
• Integrated high-end functionality:
Archives, VB scripts and various viewers for plant
documentation display – e.g. as PDF or in the form
of Internet websites as a standard
• Brilliant displays in wide-screen format
• 100% data security
Now available as download
• Easy commissioning, rapid service
Plant monitoring via network camera
and camera control:
• Integrated system diagnostics
• Monitoring of multiple remote processes on the
Comfort Panel
• Monitoring of difficult-to-access areas
• Documentation and saving of machine states
• Cross-sector and cross-regional applicability
• More interfaces
• Less hardware costs
Further information:
Printing and documentation
• Paperless printing in PDF / HTML format
• Screenshots for rapid documentation
• Archiving of process values and reports
Find out more about SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel Starter Kits
Basic Panels
Efficient solutions for
simple HMI applications
Visualization allows for considerably increased process
quality also with compact machines or smaller applications.
Up to now, the option of operation and monitoring was
frequently abandoned for cost reasons. SIMATIC HMI
Basic Panels offer HMI basic functions at an attractive
price and open up new possibilities in terms of
mechanical engineering.
Guaranteed upgradeability
Projects created for a Basic Panel with WinCC in the TIA
Portal can be effortlessly transferred to a more powerful
Comfort Panel, Mobile Panel or PC. This ensures the
continued usability and extendibility of existing projects
after an upgrade.
Brilliant displays in various sizes
SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels are available with displays from
3“ to 15“. They can thus be optimally adjusted to the
actually required visualization space and the spatial
conditions on site. The 4“ and 6“ devices, which can
also be configured for vertical application, offer even
greater flexibility.
Touch and/or key operation
The 4“, 6“ and 10“ devices feature touch screens – and
additional freely configurable control keys. The 4“ device
is available with high-resolution wide-screen color
displays as well as in a more cost-favorable black-andwhite version. The 15“ device with exclusive application
operation via touch screen suggests itself for the
visualization of large or particularly detailed process
images. Our portfolio of Basic Panels is rounded off
towards the bottom by the KP300 Basic mono PN,
equipped with a 3“ display.
Perfect interaction with SIMATIC S7-1200
Basic Panels support versatile applicability. The
visualization of applications of the modular compact
controller S7-1200 offers particularly great added
value. The new SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic engineering
system automatically includes WinCC Basic in its
scope of supply. Furthermore, numerous drivers
support communication with third-party controllers.
• Ideal starter range for the operation and
monitoring of compact machines and plants
• Displays from 4“ to 15“ with touch functionality
for intuitive operation
• Cost-efficient key device with 3“ LED display
and freely configurable backlight color
• Freely configurable keys with tactile feedback
• High-resolution 4“ wide-screen color displays
as key or touch devices
• Versions for connection to PROFINET / Ethernet
• Flexible scalability within the HMI range through
configuration with SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal)
• Installation compatibility with the existing Panel
and Multi Panel touch devices
• Attractive industrial design of SIMATIC HMI
Find out more about SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels
SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel Starter Kits
Mobile Panels
Maximum mobility for
operation and monitoring
Irrespective of sector or application: Mobile operator
panels offer decisive advantages when mobility is
required for the on-site operation and monitoring
of machines and plants.
Innovation by the world market leader
The SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN represents
a rugged, wireless operator panel with full HMI and
optional safety functionality. It is available in different
versions and combines maximum flexibility for mobile
operation and monitoring, Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN)
and integrated safety together with the SIMATIC fail-safe
controllers. Safety Category SIL 3 or Performance Level
PL e can be attained with the fail-safe Mobile Panels.
High user friendliness and resistance
The Mobile Panels with all-round protection against
dust and splash water (IP65) are light and compact
and can be effortlessly operated over prolonged periods
both by right and left handers. Alternatively, they are
also available with a wall mount. They are extremely
shock-resistant thanks to their double-walled design
and round enclosure form – and for example withstand
falls from over one meter without damage. A “protective
collar” prevents unintended operation of the STOP button.
Elaborate down to the detail
The Mobile Panels can be configured for alternation of
the corresponding user interface according to connection
point. Machine-specific HMI authorizations or actions
can be realized independently of the selected connection
point via the connection box ID. PROFINET connection
boxes can be connected in series via integrated switches.
Sophisticated safety concept
The Mobile Panels allow for the provision of safety
functions at any point of the machine or plant. STOP and
acknowledgement buttons feature a two-circuit design
in accordance with the safety regulations (EN 60204-1).
Safety Category 3 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1
can thus be attained.
Variable connection to various stations
When using a Mobile Panel with STOP button in combination
with the “Plus” connection box, the operator panel can be
configured for application on various connection points.
The “Plus” connection box is also available as SIPLUS
extreme version for demanding ambient conditions
(aggressive atmosphere, condensation, etc.). Further
• Compact, ergonomic and rugged design
• Intuitive operation via membrane keys
or touch screen – also with gloves
• High flexibility thanks to easy replugging
during ongoing operation
• Connection point detection
• Plugging and unplugging without interruption of
the E-STOP circuit (with “Plus” connection box), 1:1
assignment to the machine with “Basic” connection box
• Sophisticated safety concept
• Integrated interfaces (serial, MPI, PROFIBUS
or PROFINET / Ethernet)
• Manifold drivers included in scope of supply –
also for third-party controllers
• Short device start-up time after docking
Find out more about SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels
and SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel Starter Kits
Key Panels
Innovative operator panels
for up to 60 % time savings
in terms of mounting
The compact SIMATIC HMI Key Panels replace
conventional operator panels at a way more costfavorable price. Thanks to the devices’ turnkey
pre-assembly, they support time savings of up to
60% in terms of mounting.
Flexible mounting and service
The devices are dimensioned for direct switchboard
installation and can also be mounted to third-party
support arm and stand systems as a standard by means
of flexible mechanics. This supports their optimum use
on machines in any application – for ergonomic operation
at various points of plants or production lines.
As power supply and bus cables can be directly looped
through on the Key Panel, no separate terminals are
required. Furthermore, the F-versions support the direct
connection of E-STOP devices or safety-related sensors,
which further minimizes the wiring expenditures.
• Large mechanical keys and multi-color LEDs
• Maximum flexibility through parameterization options
• Wiring time savings of over 60% and material cost
reductions of over 30%
• Easy-to-label keys in IP65
• 2 PROFINET ports (incl. switch) for the assembly of
line and ring structures
• Integrated digital I/Os on the device’s rear for the
connection of key switches, indicator lights, etc.
• Direct connection of E-STOP and other fail-safe
sensors with F-versions
• Functional compatibility with all standard PROFINET
master CPUs (also by third-party manufacturers)
Reduced hardware costs through integrated PROFINET 2-port switch
and support of the shared device functionality KP8 or KP8F
Find out more about SIMATIC HMI Key Panels
Devices with
Device versions for
special requirements
Our portfolio of proven SIMATIC HMI operator panels
is supplemented by versions with all-round degree of
protection IP65 for support arm or stand mounting.
The devices are based on standard devices from our
portfolio which have been tried-and-tested in countless
applications worldwide.
Flexible mounting and service
The devices can be mounted to third-party support arm
and stand systems as a standard by means of flexible
mechanics. This supports their optimum use on machines
in any application – for ergonomic operation at various
points of plants or production lines.
The rear panel’s easy removability, also with device
mounting on the machine, ensures outstanding service
friendliness – e.g. for subsequent wiring or replacement
of memory cards. Moreover, the operator panels can
be easily adjusted to various requirements by means of
modular expansion units, e.g. by equipping them with
plant-specific mechanical pushbuttons or E-STOP devices.
The range’s technology is based
on existing installation devices
SIMATIC HMI IPC477C PRO 15“ and 19“
SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitor PRO 15“ and 19“
SIMATIC Thin Client PRO 15“
SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitor PRO 19“ and HMI IPC477C PRO 15“ with
expansion units, incl. SIMATIC HMI Key Panels
• Easy support arm or stand mounting
• High service friendliness
• High compactness and low weight
• Easy adjustability and modular expandability,
e.g. with SIMATIC HMI Key Panels KP8 and KP8F
Find out more about SIMATIC HMI Devices
OEM products
Software products and
customized software images
Turnkey products
Standard products
Design products
Customized Automation
Matched to your requirements
From minor design changes to OEM solutions, down to
turnkey products: Customized products from our SIMATIC
portfolio offer you the high quality and functionality
of our proven SIMATIC products (controllers, HMI and
IPC). This both applies to our sector products and our
hardware modifications.
Customized design
Our SIMATIC products can be modified in terms of design
and appearance to facilitate their seamless adjustment to
your individual machine and plant design and your special
operating and control philosophy. These design products
are fully compatible with the standard products in terms
of technology and functionality and are completely
integrated in Totally Integrated Automation.
OEM product modifications
We offer special product modifications for our OEM
customers. Such modifications support the realization
of individual automation solutions which cannot be
implemented with standard products or devices with design
modifications only. For this purpose, we assemble a
SIMATIC OEM device from our standard components,
customer-specific components and additionally required
software function expansions – analogous to a modular system.
Customized turnkey products
These ready-to-install turnkey products are realized exactly
according to your specifications to meet your individual
technical requirements. They are also based on our standard
products which are combined and assembled specifically
for you. Turnkey products comprise all wiring, connections,
enclosure solutions and suitable automation components,
Find out more about Customized Automation
including the required software filling with customerspecific images.
Sector products for typical applications
Customized SIMATIC products can be equipped with
additional characteristics for application in special
industrial sectors.
Renewable energies
Automotive industry
General mechanical engineering
Food, beverages and tobacco industry /
pharmaceutical industry
• Oil and gas / chemical industry and shipbuilding
Time savings
• You benefit from our comprehensive customization
know-how and our long-standing experience with
SIMATIC components.
• You need not acquire any additional know-how and can
fully concentrate on your own core competencies.
Increased profitability
• You benefit from the hardware modifications’ flexible
combinability on the basis of standards, which makes
customized solutions attractive in terms of costs even
for small quantities.
• You determine the optimum cost-performance ratio for
you by specifying the customization type and scope.
Strengthened competitive advantage
• You rely on SIMATIC products which comply
with the strictest quality standards, offer optimum
performance and thus ensure maximized productivity
and minimized downtimes.
• You are provided with customized products
which can be excellently integrated in Totally
Integrated Automation.
SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal
One engineering tool for all HMI panels
WinCC in the TIA Portal is the software for all HMI
applications – from simple operation solutions with Basic
Panels, down to process visualizations on PC-based
multi-user systems.
Maximum configuration efficiency
WinCC in the TIA Portal facilitates the use of deviceindependent configuration data on various target systems
without conversion. The interface adjusts itself to the
functional properties of the target device. Joint project
data (alarm class, project texts, etc.) are centrally managed
in the TIA Portal and can be used across different devices.
Furthermore, an assistant for HMI configurations is available
independently of the device which supports the rapid and
easy creation of the visualization’s basic structure.
Image editor for efficient and fast
image configuration
• Generation of interlinked image objects via drag & drop,
e.g. tags for the generation of input/output fields with
process connection
• Definition of image templates and functions
• Layer technology with up to 32 layers
Libraries for configuration objects
• Archiving of all configuration objects – whether
pre-defined or user-defined – in the library, e.g.
of blocks as well as complete images or tags
• Faceplates can be compiled from simple image
objects in a customer- or project-specific manner;
faceplate changes can be effected centrally via the
block definition.
Test and commissioning support
• Simulation of HMI projects on the engineering PC
• Marking of incomplete or faulty configurations
directly in the respective editor
• Jump to the fault cause on the basis of the compiler’s
Migration of existing HMI projects
• Complete data import from projects created in
WinCC flexible
Object-oriented data management
• Comfortable search and change options
• Configuration of messages and archives directly on
the HMI tags, no alternation between various editors
• Cross-reference list with direct access to all objects,
e.g. for changes or selection
Find out more about SIMATIC WinCC
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HMI Panels
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