Bak Pak Flyer ii 25 august 2003

Bak Pak Flyer ii 25 august 2003
IPSBP Series
Intelligent Power System Bak Pak
Entertainment Technology
BakPak IGBT Intelli gent Dimmer
Entertainment Technology offers yet another breakthrough in dimming technology for stage lighting.
The Bak Pak IGBT Intelligent Dimmer is the perfect
complementary device for existing stage lights that require more sophisticated
The IPSBP series of Intelligent IGBT dimming modules quickly brings dimming
capability directly to conventional lighting instruments. Because the Bak Pak
IGBT dimmer is an individual dimmer, you can use it exactly where you need a
“single” dimmer, without the need for additional dimmer rack space. Bak Pak
IGBT dimmers are quick to mount, wire, and run.
Mounting: 4 different mounting options to suit your installation - Yoke mount, CClamp (by others), Pipe mount, or Wall mount.
Connect the Bak Pak IGBT dimmer to the nearest power feed. Connect the power output of the Bak Pak to the light fixture, connect
your DMX512 cables, set the address, and it’s done.
Use the incorporated local “focus button” for quick setup and testing. Raise / lower the lighting level for focusing purposes.
Mounting Options (not to scale)
Bak Pak modules are available in 750 or 1200 operating wattages. Bak Pak
IGBT dimmers are fed from a standard power source, thereby eliminating dimmer racks, packs, or remotely located dimmers.
Bak Pak shown with a Yoke Mount
(shown to approximate scale)
Bak Pak dimmers utilize state-of-the-art Insulated
Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology, which provides significant performance enhancements over
conventional dimming equipment. IPS dimmers are
completely solid-state which enable them to operate
silently (without mechanical noise) at 800uS in forward or reverse phase control which dramatically
minimizes lamp, ballast, or transformer noise in the
space. IPS dimmers significantly reduce neutral harmonics and may be configured to operate in LOW
H A R M mode, making them the lowest harmonic
dimmer available. Since IGBT technology does not
use filters or chokes, IPS dimmers are more efficient,
with a maximum 2.5 volt drop at full operating load,
are lightweight, and produce less heat than conventional dimmers.
Yoke Mount
Through its side-accessible DIP switches, users can select - dim/non-dim, 115/
120 volts AC operation, Forward/Reverse Phase Control, and 800/450 microsecond rise time - allowing flexibility for many applications and needs.
IPS dimmers offer an extended feature set that is unsurpassed in today’s conventional dimming equipment. Every IPS dimmer has an on-board intelligent microprocessor, which adjusts and maintains proper voltage and current in response
to changes detected in the load and electrical service. The microprocessor automatically suppresses surges, protects against dead shorts, and extends lamp
Wall Mount
By Others
With standard features that surpass every other dimmer, the Intelligent Power
System Bak Pak joins the family of most advanced dimmers available.
Features and Ben
• Chokeless IGBT dimming - no magnetics, no noise, less heat, and
less wasted energy
• Available in 750 watt or 1200 watt versions
• Natural convection cooled - silent operation, no cooling fans, or air
Bounce Up, Bounce
• DIP switch user-selectable, self-contained ects Down, Bell Curve, 50% Bump, Blink On, Blink
and more
• Reverse or forward phase control - silences loads
ILS Network TALKBACK™ status reporting and fault indication
LOW HARM TM mode - controls harmonic neutral currents
IPS “Focus” button on each dimmer saves setup time and labor
Uses standard USITT DMX512/1990 control protocol
Various mounting options – mounts to existing lights, existing structures, or
simply on the wall
• Very lightweight and compact in size –
virtually anywhere
Pipe Mount (also for C-Clamp Mounts)
IPSBP Series
Number of Dimmers
Maximum Output Voltage
Min/Max Dimmer Load
Transition Time
Insertion Loss
Control Connections
DMX Load
Circuit Protection
1 IGBT Intelligent Dimmer
120 Volts AC
Min. 1 Watt / Max. 750 or 1200 Watts*
450 or 800 microseconds (user selectable)
Max. 1.5 Volts
120 Volts AC, 6.5A or 10A per module*
50 / 60 Hz.
USITT DMX512/1990 In (D5M) / Out/Thru (D5F)
Represent 1/4 Standard DMX Load
Short Circuit / Thermal / Overload Protection
Ambient Temperature
Relative Humidity
Cooling Method
Power In Feed
Power Out Feed
0 to 50 degrees C
5% to 95%, non condensing
Natural Convection**
2.93” (750 Watt) / 3.18” (1200 Watt)
2.1 lbs. (0.95 kgs.)
36” Pigtail provided from unit is 3-#14 AWG
18” Pigtail provided from unit is 3-#14 AWG
Depends on model
It is recommended that the Bak Pak be mounted vertically (as shown below) to allow
for optimum natural convection cooling.
DIP Switches
Ordering Guide
Bak Pak IGBT Dimmers:
Bak Pak IGBT Dimmer’s DIP Switches are user-selectable. Basic operation
is as follows:
Model Number
750 Watt, 120 Volts AC, Bak Pak IGBT Dimmer
1200 Watt, 120 Volts AC,Bak Pak IGBT Dimmer
Accessing DIP Switches
DIP Switches
Step 1. At side of module, locate recess panel.
Bak PakAccessoires:
Step 2. Loosen thumbscrew and rotate cover.
Bak Pak Yoke Mount Bracket Only (with safety cable)
Bak Pak Pipe Mount Bracket Only (with safety cable)
Bak Pak Wall Mount Bracket Only
C-Clamp Only (use with pipe mount)
Scaffold-Style Clamp Only (use with pipe mount only)
DMX512 Termination Plug
Network Coupler (for use with Bak Pak Intelligent
Effects Network)
All Bak PakTM IGBT Dimmers supplied without connectors
An IPSDMXT Termination Plug is required when a Bak PakTM is located at the
end of a DMX line.
For connector or special mounting needs, please contact Entertainment Technology at
3 4
Mode LED (decribed
in the installation and
operations guide)
000 = Disabled (only Focus button active)
001-512 = DMX512 Address
513-599 = For future use
6XX = Flicker Effect (controlled by DMX512)
Where XX is DMX Address 01-99
7XX = Effects
Where XX is effect parameter
(refer to Effects section on next page)
8XX = Fixed Light Output (Dim) Level
Where XX is % level (99%=100%)
9XX = ET Intelligent Raceway Address
Where XX is address (901-996)
(997-999 are used for Test Mode)
120 VAC
115 VAC*
Reverse Phase Control
Forward Phase Control*
450 microseconds
800 microseconds*
* = default setting
Wiring and Operation
DMX512 In
DMX512 Out/Thru
DIP Switches DMX512 Address/
Effects Setting
36” Pigtail - Power In
To Bak Pak
Mounting Options
(See reverse page)
18” Pigtail - Power Out
To Fixture
LED Status
4 Each, No. 8-32 Thread
Use Screw 8-32 x .25" long (max)
82 Flat Head
Step 3. Using #0 (small) flathead screwdriver, set
switches as required. Refer to the diagram
Model Number
2.93” (750 W)
3.18” (1200 W)
4 December 2003
Entertainment Technology
Entertainment Technology is a Philips Brand
2828 Trade Center Dr Ste 130B • Carrollton, Texas 75007
For technical/sales assistance, call: 1-800-223-9477
Made in U.S.A.
Philips 2013
P/N: 87-0475B
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