8/16 Channel A/B Switcher
Provides 8 or 16 sets of A/B Pair Switching
Eliminate Single Points of Failure:
8 or 16 A/B Balanced Inputs
Emergency Mul Pair Backup Switcher
8 or 16 Common Outputs
7/5.1 Audio Monitor Selector
Passive Relays for Reliability
Emergency Studio Switcher
Emergency Router Bypass Switcher
Emergency Digital Console Switchover
Basic Switching in 8 or 16 pairs
The 8/16‐8 and 8/16‐16 Passive Audio Switchers from BDI are a solid solu on to emergency backup of analog
and digital audio systems and for control lines. Uses include studio changeover where mul ple pairs need to
be switched over. Also can be used as an emergency backup to any digital audio system. Great for remote
trucks where live shoots require ultra reliability in all systems. The 8/16 series switchers provide a simple,
reliable way to switch over mul ple pairs. Because the 8/16 is passive in its switching func on signals can be
mixed in one switcher to include analog or digital audio and control signals. Use as an emergency switcher
for bypass to eliminate single points of failure.
If your requirement is for more than 16 pairs simply stack addi onal 8/16 switchers and slave the remote
control func on.
Constructed from steel providing superior shielding against 50/60 Hertz hum pickup in analog applica ons.
Through the use of a rugged switching power supply the 8/16 series switchers can endure harsh electrical
environments and are compa ble with most power distribu on systems worldwide.
www.broadcast‐devices.com [email protected]‐devices.com (914) 737‐5032
8/16‐8,16 Technical Specifications
Number of Inputs:
8 or 16 Model Specific 8/16‐8 8 inputs, 8/16‐16 16 Inputs
Number of Outputs:
8 or 16 Model Specific as Above
Connector Style:
DB25 Female—Tascam™ Pin Configura on Standard
Remote Control:
Momentary or Maintained Latch Closure Using Contact Closure
Dry Relay Contact NO/C/NC for Posi on Status
Front Panel Controls:
Pushbu on Selec on of A/B Inputs
Front Panel Status:
Lighted Bu on of Selected Posi on
Other Features:
Programmable Momentary or Latched Control From Rear Panel
Power Recovery State:
Jumper Selectable Recover to Last Posi on or A posi on upon
Recovery of Power Loss
Power Requirements:
100‐240 VAC 50‐60 Hertz @ 1 A.
Mechanical Specifica ons:
19” W X 10”D X 1.75” H—Standard EIA Steel Rack Unit Enclosure
0‐60 Degrees Celsius Non Condensing Atmosphere
Shipping Weight:
15 lbs. Including Carton. Carton Size 22” W X 14” D X 7” H
Accessories Available:
AIP‐100 DB25 to XLR Breakout 19” Rack Panel
DIP‐100‐75 DB25 5o 75 Ohm BNC Connector Rack Panel
8/16 Rear Panel View—8/16‐16 Shown Below
DB25 to XLR and BNC Connector Panels Available, AIP‐100 Panel Shown Below
www.broadcast‐devices.com [email protected]‐devices.com (914) 737‐5032
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