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Encore™ Party-line Communication Systems
Raising Performance
Raising Performance to New Levels
Clear, reliable, and proven
party-line communication solutions
Based upon Clear-Com’s market proven communication
technology, Clear-Com Encore™ delivers improved audio
performance and offers a more streamlined, contemporary and
user-intuitive design.
Clear-Com Encore is highly compatible with other Clear-Com or
third-party components. This level of flexibility enables users to
assemble the right system for their unique needs and can easily
scale to support the growing production environment.
All components are constructed and proven to withstand
rugged usage in fast-paced, demanding and high intensity
applications. Even under the most challenging conditions, the
noise attenuating headsets and noise-cancelling microphones,
combined with anti-sidetone circuitry, minimize acoustic noise
and feedback to provide superior sound quality.
Clear-Com party-line intercom systems are widely used in live
performance theaters, concert halls and sport stadiums. They
are also found in small to mid-sized TV/broadcast studios,
smaller broadcast production trucks, industrial settings, houses
of worship and in simulation applications.
Clear-Com Encore™ Product Family Overview
Clear-Com® delivers the most comprehensive set of party-line intercom systems in the world. From main stations to remote stations,
wall-mounted speaker stations to multi-channel beltpacks, robust interfaces, headsets, announcer console and more.
2-Channel Main/Remote
4-Channel Main/Remote
Programmable Source
Assignment Panel
RCS-2700 + RCU-67
Power Supplies
Wall Mount Speaker Stations
Program Interrupt (IFB)
V-BOX shown with KB-702
Main/Remote Stations
MS-702 Rack-Mount Main Station
Compact, feature-laden, single rack-space intercom main
station supports up to 40 RS-601 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations
or 12 headset stations on two channels. Other features include:
Channel A-B linking; program input with individual channel
level controls; Remote Mic Kill switch, and external relay circuit.
RM-702 Remote Station
Single rack-space, two-channel station is powered by the
intercom line. Operator can talk and/or listen on either or both
channels. Accepts line-level audio program input, with both
channels programmable for interrupt. Microphone limiting and
speaker “dipping” circuit for greater output before feedback.
MS-704 Rack-Mount Main Station
Four intercom channels with programmable front-panel buttons.
High-capacity, fail-safe power supply supports up to 40 RS-601
beltpacks or 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations; 3 IFB
channels, announce button/relay, channel-linking button and
Remote Mic Kill switch.
RM-704 Remote Station
Remote station provides four independent intercom channels,
with programmable front-panel buttons for versatility. Separate
volume controls for each channel and four separate audio
program inputs. Three IFB channels for talent cuing and
announce button/relay for paging. Powered by the intercom
CS-702 Portable Main Station
SB-704 Switchboard Main Station
The CS-702 is a portable main station with a power supply and
a versatile intercom monitoring system. It supports up to 40
beltpacks or 10 speaker stations on 2 channels. CS-702 accepts
mic or line-level audio program input, assignable to either or
both channels, with interrupt switch to override program.
SB-704 includes all of the features of the MS-704, with a 4 x
10 assignment matrix in place of the internal speaker (external
speaker required). The station features a ten-position slide
switch matrix that allows assignment of any of the ten intercom
lines to any of the four intercom channels, to an isolated
separate party-line, or to an off position.
PS-702 2-Channel Power Supply
PS-704 4-Channel Power Supply
The PS-702 can deliver 1.2 amps at 30 volts DC to two
channels. This is sufficient to power up to 40 beltpacks, 10
speaker stations, or 12 headset stations even under the most
demanding conditions. Either channel is capable of supplying
up to 1.2 amps. The full current capacity may be divided
between the two channels.
The PS-704 is a four-channel, single rack-space intercom power
supply that features Clear-Com’s “fail-safe” design for maximum
reliability. The power supply delivers 1.2 amps at 30 volts,
supplying power for one to four channels of intercom. It will
support up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations or 12 headset
RCS-2700 + RCU-67
Programmable Source Assignment Panel
AMS-1027 Amplified Monitor Speaker
RCS-2700 + RCU-67 is ideal for medium to large installations
where channel assignments to remote stations frequently
change. 8 master channel “sources” can be assigned to any 24
remote station “destinations”, and additional RCS-2700 units
can be connected for up to 15 sources and 72 destinations. It
can store 14 presets.
A self-contained, bi-amplified, monitor speaker that occupies
only a single rack-space. It features magnetically shielded
speakers; exceptional audio quality; baffled speaker system
reaching output levels of 96 dB SPL; and extended bass
response. Separate volume and balance; user configurable to
A/B volume controls for each channel.
AB-120 Announcer Console
The On-Air Announcer Console is the ultimate broadcast-quality
tool for announcers and commentators, the AB-120 integrates
all of the inputs, outputs, and controls necessary at the
announce position, including intercom “Talkback,” IFB receiver,
and a silent “Mute” button that provides noise-free cough and
“mic on/off” switching. Extremely flexible, the console is easily
configured for practically any combination of audio sources,
microphones, headsets, or intercom systems, ensuring quality
audio and powerful communications.
Wall Mount Stations
Speaker Stations
KB-701 Single Channel Station
KB-702 2-Channel Station
The KB-701 remote speaker station connects to a single channel
of party-line intercom and operates in half-duplex mode. It
features both an integral speaker and a flushmount electret
microphone with mic limiter and a push-to-talk button.
The KB-702 remote speaker station permits the user to select
between two channels of party-line communications, with
the ability to talk and/or listen on the selected channel. The
user can listen via the integral speaker, or may use a headset
or telephone-style handset - and can talk via a headset mic, a
telephone handset, or a push-to-talk microphone.
V-Box Portable Enclosure For KB Stations
KB-702 GM provides the same features as KB-702, plus
gooseneck microphone (GM-9/GM-18 or GN-250/ GN-450)
connector options, with adjustable VOX feature and mic/
headset switch.
V-BOX shown with KB-702
V-Box permits either angled or vertical portable/ desktop
mounting of the KB-702, KB-702 GM, and KB-701 speaker
stations. Both male and female 3-pin XLR connectors on side
panel. Rugged metal and wood construction for an attractive,
durable enclosure.
Headset Stations
HB-702 2-Channel
HB-704 4-Channel
HB-702 is a selectable two-channel wall or console-mounted
headset station. Microprocessor-controlled logic and switching,
with momentary/latching talk button. Visual call signaling.
Optional 4-wire and TW daughter boards.
HB-704 provides the same features as HB-702, but can access
four intercom channels. Optional TW daughter board.
Program Interrupt (IFB)
The Clear-Com IFB system sends one of two program audio
signals to individual Talent Receivers via standard, twoconductor shielded mic cables. This system allows Talent
coordinators to interrupt the program and cue talent. Tally lights
indicate IFB channels in use.
The system can be controlled with a dedicated IFB Control
panel. It features practically unlimited expansion capabilities (up
to 96 talent channels and 50 control locations). IFB components
are powered by a Clear-Com power supply.
PIC-4704 Program Interrupt Controller
IFB control panel
Each IFB Controller handles up to four Talent Receivers. For
use with MA-704 and AX-704 IFB Control Panels or intercom
stations. This unit contains the circuitry for selecting one of two
program sources, sending the program to the IFB channels,
and interrupting it via the Talent Control Station. Variable audio
program dip-level. Monaural or stereo/ split-feed outputs.
Improved and intuitive user interface. Requires a 6-pin XLR
cable for connection to MA-704/AX-704 control panels.
These console-mount or rack-mount units control “program
interrupt” (IFB) to the talent. The MA-704 includes a gooseneck
microphone connector, illuminated “All Talent”, and 4 individual
talent push buttons. The AX-704 permits expansion in multiples
of 4. Both accept the “hot mic out” from a Clear-Com station.
TR-50 Talent Receiver
An amplified single-channel talent beltpack with volume control.
It connects to the Program Interrupt controller with standard
microphone cable. Mini earphone jack output. Includes talent
Que-Com is a high-performance, economical party-line
communications system. This system features a wide frequency
response and high audio output. Rugged, all-metal diecast
beltpack with belt clip. The intercom provides an individual
volume control and mic on/off switch for each station with
a permanently attached, rugged, noise-isolating headset.
Interconnects with standard mic cable. Que-Com is compatible
with all Clear-Com systems. Available with single-ear headset
(SMQ-1) and double-ear Headsets (DMQ-2). The PK-7 is a
suitable power supply option.
PK-7 Lightweight power supply
The PK-7 power supply will support up to 30 Que-Com headset
stations. It is line and load regulated and short-circuit protected.
TW-47 2-way radio/walkie-talkie interface
EF-701M Interface
Compatible with both Clear-Com and RTS®, TW-47 connects
virtually any set of walkie-talkies to anyone on the wired
party-line intercom; simply use one walkie-talkie as a basestation. The base-station radio is keyed from the intercom call
signal. Extensive RF and EMI isolation prevents interference
from entering the intercom system. Separate transmit and
receive level controls are provided, along with audio level
and transmitter keying indicators. The stand-alone interface is
powered by the intercom line.
The EF-701M interface converts a single channel of standard or
TW party-line intercom to four-wire audio, while also converting
call signals to RS-422 data (and back). The resulting four-wire
audio plus RS-422 data can then be sent to a Clear-Com Matrix
port, fiber-optic converter (modem) or connected to another
EF-701M over twisted-pair cable such as CAT-5E.
TW-12C System Interface
The TWC-701 2-channel cable adapter combines two
intercom channels on to a single 3-pin XLR cable. All two-wire
(TW) beltpack models require this adapter to support a two
channel connection to a multi-channel Clear-Com system. The
TWC-704 provides four TWC circuits in 1RU. Each TWC-701
and TWC-704 module can drive up to fifteen RS-603 series
TW-12C connects one intercom system to another.
Optoisolation eliminates hums and buzzes. Compensates for
level and impedance differences between systems. Allows
Clear-Com-to-Clear-Com, Clear-Com-to-RTS, and RTS-to-RTS
system configurations. Powered by the connected intercom
system. Translates “call” signals in both directions.
IF4W4 4-wire interface
AC-701 Telephone and 2-wire interface
Four channel interface connects Clear-Com to TV cameras, twoway radios, satellite links, and other communications devices
through either their headset jacks or 4-wire circuits. IF4W4
has selective party-line capability. Features individual transmit,
receive, and null controls, as well as transmit level indicators.
Switchable mic or line-level output for compatibility. The builtin test jack and test tone provide quick nulling.
Transformer-isolated unit connects a Clear-Com system to any
other 2-, 3-, or 4-wire system or to telephone lines. Ideal for
connecting telephone lines to Clear-Com. Built-in test tones and
balancing controls for fast, easy setup. Individual transmit and
receive gain controls.
Single channel with 3-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin
male XLR headset connector, 2.5mm AUX headset
connector and an RS-232 data connector.
Dual channel with 6-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin
male XLR headset connector, 2.5 mm AUX headset
connector and an RS-232 data connector.
Similar to the RS-602 with split-ear operation via 6-pin
male XLR headset connector. Line connection through
6-pin female XLR.
Similar to RS-603 with split-ear operation via 6-pin
male XLR headset connector. Requires a TWC-701 or
TWC-704 (sold separately) for two-channel operation.
RS-603 (TW)
RS-623R (TW)
Dual channel with 3-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin
male XLR headset connector, 2.5 mm AUX headset
connector and an RS-232 data connector.
Similar to RS-603 with split-ear operation via 5-pin
female XLR headset connector. Mono compatible.
RS-603R (TW)
V-PACK Programming Software
Similar to RS-603 but with 4-pin female XLR
headset connector.
Clear-Com V-PACK software offers the user the ability to create,
store and transfer various set-up options between the beltpack
and a PC. Once connected, all the onboard set-up options plus
additional ones are available to select and write into a beltpack’s
Headsets and Handsets
Durable, professional headset with smooth, full-range audio
response and great comfort. Flexible boom arm features a
specially designed, noise-cancelling mic; rotate for left- or
right-side use. Custom foam-filled ear cushion provides acoustic
isolation in moderate-noise level environments. 5.5-foot (1.67
meter) cord with 4-pin female XLR connector.
Double-ear, noise-attenuating headset with same features
as CC-95. Separate wires for each earphone allow stereo or
“split ear” use.
Same as above with 4-pin male for RTS systems.
Note: All headsets above can have their microphones wire
balanced for broadcast use.
Same as CC-260 except with 6-pin connector.
Use with binaural RS-622 Beltpack.
CC-25, CC-26 and CC-27
CC-40 and CC-60
The CC-25 electret is only available with mini plug for
600 Series beltpacks.
Single- or double-ear general-purpose intercom headsets.
200/400 Ohms, with excellent noise attenuation. Straight
5.5-foot cord (1.67 meter) with 4-pin female XLR connector.
The CC-26 is a single-ear, 300-Ohm ultra-lightweight (1.3
oz) headset with dynamic, noise-cancelling mic element on a
flexible boom. Straight 5.5-foot cord (1.67 meter) with 4-pin
female XLR connector.
The CC-27 is a single-ear wrap around rear-worn headset
with microphone. 4-pin XLR female. 200-Ohm Dynamic noise
cancellation microphone with 150Hz to 10KHz frequency
PT-7 Hand-held mic
HS-6 Telephone-style handset
Rugged, push-to-talk, hand-held microphone with mounting
clip. 5-foot coil cord with 4-pin female XLR connector.
Telephone-style handset with wall/console mount hanger, pushto-talk switch. 6-foot coil cord with 4-pin female XLR connector.
FL-7 Call Signal Flasher
New LED design with dimmer. Provides both a visual and
audible indication of a call signal on the intercom channel. Frontpanel mode switch selects flasher, ring or both.
GM-9/GM-18 Gooseneck Mics
The GM-9 (9” length) and GM-18 (18” length) gooseneck
microphones feature a gold-plated, threaded, and locking
3-conductor quarter-inch phone plug connector. A fitted
windscreen is included. The uni-directional electret condenser
mic element has a side and rear rejection of greater than 6 dB
between 100 Hz and 10 kHz.
GN-250/GN-450 Gooseneck Mics
MT-1 Isolator Circuit Card
GN-250--25 cm/10” Plug-in gooseneck microphone
GN-450--45 cm/18” Plug-in gooseneck microphone
Electrically isolates the ground, power, and signaling lines when
connecting between two party-line intercom systems. Use one
card per channel.
WP-2 Intercom Outlet Wall Plate
WP-6 Intercom Outlet Wall Plate
Selectable two-channel wall plate connects to single-channel
beltpacks such as the RS-601. 3-pin male XLR connector with
two-position channel-selector switch, allowing user to talk on
either of two intercom channels.
Wall plate for use with two-channel beltpacks such as the
RS-602 and RS-622. 6-pin male XLR connector connects user
with two intercom channels.
YC-36 “Y” Adapter
SP-3 Line Splitter
Plugs into the 6-pin male XLR intercom connector on a RS-602 or
RS-622 beltpack. The other end provides two 3-pin female XLR
connectors, for separate line connection to channels A and B.
A one-female-input to three-male-output cable assembly for
intercom line splitting.
YC-66 6-Pin Line Splitter
One 6-pin male XLR connector splits into two 6-pin female
System Diagrams
TV Broadcast Station
4-Channel TV News System
Stand-Alone System,
1 Location, 4 Talent
4-Channel System Using SwitchBoard Main Station
System Diagrams
Television Studio
Stage Production
Typical Portable System
Sports Production
OB Truck
Coach to Spotter System-Portable
The Complete Clear-Com Product Offering
Eclipse Digital Matrix Intercom Systems
Clear-Com Eclipse digital matrix technology is a highly reliable,
flexible and scalable foundation for user-to-user and group
based multi-connections. The Eclipse product family provides
a broad range of powerful matrix frames, user panels and
interfaces to support basic to complex intercom requirements,
including connectors to Clear-Com party-line (using the
Eclipse PiCo is a highly functional and compact 36-port
matrix frame for small to medium size venues or studios. The
Easi-PiCo is a fixed configuration version of a standard Eclipse
PiCo with 16 ports.
Eclipse Omega
Facilities that have expanded communication needs or with
limited rack space may consider the midsize Eclipse Median
that combines a 112-port frame with built-in interface slots.
The largest matrix is the Eclipse Omega, providing a
240-port matrix frame for large facilities with a high quantity of
users located in either one or multiple sites.
Furthermore, Clear-Com offers the entry-level Easi-PiCo
solution, a preconfigured matrix package which comes with
a scaled-down 16-port Eclipse PiCo frame, interfaces and a
choice of beltpacks and panel options.
Eclipse Median
Eclipse PiCo
Eclipse Easi-PiCo Package
IP Communications
VoICE 2.0
SOFT-VoICE Screenshot
Concert Screenshot
Clear-Com offers the most advanced solutions to link
matrix-to-matrix and matrix-to-panels over large distances.
Concert provides PC to PC intercom with an option to
communicate directly with Eclipse users. The VoICE 2.0 IP
interface takes advantage of Internet Protocol and leverages
the growing availability of VPN and the Internet to lower
operating costs for wide area linked matrices. SOFT-VoICE,
a virtual panel application on your PC, connects back to VoICE
2.0 to provide IP based remote panel connections to the
home matrix.
Wireless Intercom Solutions
Clear-Com carries the broadest range of wireless intercom
selections on the market to address the ever-increasing needs
for wireless mobile communication in large production venues.
All Clear-Com wireless offerings are full-duplex, enabling
beltpack users to talk and listen simultaneously.
Each beltpack provides users with the flexibility of one-to-one
or group communication. Available as standalone systems or
linked with traditional wired intercom systems such as party-line
or matrix systems, these solutions allow operators to “cut the
cord”, offering unrestricted mobility and unparalleled ease of
Clear-Com includes the following wireless offerings:
CellCom®/FreeSpeak® – License-free digital transmission
wireless intercom that provides roaming wireless beltpack
connections seamlessly in a large coverage area. CellCom®,
trademarked in the US, operates in 1.921- 1.928 GHz range;
FreeSpeak®, for all non-US markets, operates in 1.881- 1.916
GHz range.
WBS-670 (single-channel) or WBS-680 (two-channel)
analogue wireless intercom systems operates in frequency
bands between 518-740 MHz, ideal for crowded venues with
potential frequency or environmental challenges.
WBS-670 and WBS-680
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