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Holiday & Gift Catalog
A new full-color catalog of selected fun stuff is
available each year in October. Request yours!
000002 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FREE
and sound, draw with just lights, or draw with
no lights or sound. Because you’re misplacing
the gel to “draw” your picture, the gel will seep
back, so simply smooth it out to erase. 3 AA
batteries required but not included.
037024 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32.22 21.95
Peek ‘n Peep Eggs (ages 1+)
Toys for Ages 0-3
Also see Early Learning - Toys and Games for more. Match the faces, match the shapes…hear them
peep and see them peek! Six cute and colorful
chicks are nestled inside their own eggshells.
Activity Books
Lift off the top shell to reveal each chick, then
press down to hear him squeak. The bottom
Cloth Books (ages 6 mo.+)
These adorable soft cloth books are sure to of each egg contains a unique shape sort to
intrigue young children! In Dress-Up Bear, find the egg’s home in the carton. Match each
the “book” unbuttons into teddy bear’s outfit chick’s eyes to his respective eggshell top, or
for the day. The front features a snap-together swap them around. Everything stores easily in a
buckle and a large button, inside you can open sturdy yellow plastic egg carton with hinged lid.
a pocket, zip and unzip, practice tying a shoe, 005998 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.95 10.95
and slide a cloth strip into and out of a “buckle”.
What Should I Wear features a cute little soft OBALLS
doll that you can slide out of her bunny slippers ☼Oball Grip & Play Rattle (ages 0+)
on the front cover and slide her into various An Oball for the really young ones, this brightly
outfits sewn on to each of the 6 pages, appro- colored rattle ball is mounted on a pedestal with
priate to the weather or type of activity. Each a suction cup at the bottom to hold it securely
page pictures colorful and engaging scenery. on baby’s tray. The rattle Oball spins and pivots
Both books are machine washable, line dry, an for plenty of grab-able, moveable fun.
022166(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.99 10.75
added bonus for young kids! ~ Megan
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
Rattle & Roll (ages 3 mo+)
063477 Dress Up Bear
Part O-Ball, part vehicle, these super-grabba063478 What Should I Wear?
ble cars offer lots of play for little crawlers and
teethers. The top portion of the car is like an
Baby Handling (Dexterity Toys)
O-ball, while the tough-looking wheels feature
rattling beads inside for additional noise and
Caterpillar Gear Toy (ages 1+)
This wavy, wooden board features an ador- fun. Two styles (red/yellow and (green/blue); if
able, colorful caterpillar. Each colored space of you order more than one, we’ll assort.
the caterpillar contains a peg for the matching 007663Original . . . . . . . . . . 9.00
colored gear. Place all the gears on the board 033735 Pink & Purple . . . . . . 8.49
and turning any one will spin them all. Board
Oball Rattle (ages 1 mo+)
measures 14.25” x 1.75” x 6.”
This little Oball has all the lovable features of
052254 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
the regular Oball, but with built in rattles and
My First Crayola® Mess-Free Double Doodle a smaller 4” diameter, it’s even better for tiny
hands! Available in assorted colors. If you order
(ages 1+)
This versatile art board lets young artists draw more than one, we will pull different colors.
and doodle on the white wipe-off surface on 021466 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.50 6.75
one side and practice the feel of fingerpaints
Stacking & Building Toys
on the other side, which contains a sealed gel
surface. Hours of creative colorful play without
any clean up. The double-sided art board comes ☼Bird Tower (PK-2)
Build a tower from red, yellow, green and
with three ultra-clean washable crayons (red,
blue, green) that are triangular shaped and easy teal wood blocks (2” x 3/4”) and then set the
to grip for little hands. And they wipe off the matching birds (approximately 1 1/2’” x ¾”) in
white surface with a cloth making for an endless their places. Set contains 12 wooden pieces
supply of drawing “paper” whether at home or and 4 birds. From Plan Toys, this set is made of
sustainable and eco-friendly materials.
on the road. Materials are non-toxic.
037020 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.31
9.95 022548 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.00 10.80
My First Crayola® Mess-Free Touch-Lights (ages 2+)
Little ones can have their own art light show
to music. Create drawings with your finger or
the included easy-grip stylus that snaps into the
back of the art board. The sealed gel surface
gives a feel of fingerpaint without the mess
while the bright color of light shines thru their
drawing. The light and song art board has 12
colors and 12 tunes and a big button at the
bottom for little ones to select what they want.
Unit has three play settings: draw with lights
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Build-a-Zoo (PK-2)
Build a zoo and develop motor skills, color
recognition and counting—simultaneously. The
colors of the zoo rooms coordinate with each
animal (bird, sheep, horse, kangaroo and crocodile) so that each one has a “home.” The set
includes 16 smooth, stained wooden building pieces and 5 animals. From Plan Toys,
these toys are systainable and eco-friendly.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
022562 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 13.50
☼Build & Spin (PK-1)
These chunky gear sets contain 17 pieces. Both
sets include eight (3.5” diameter) gears which
click onto a plastic base (8”x11”x1/2”) and will
stay put while your young one turns the plastic
handle to spin them. Two set options each provide 7 additional character pieces to decorate
the gear set in various combinations (garden or
ocean creatures). Young ones learn fine motor
skills and causal relationships by building and
watching the cute characters spin.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.95
064392 Flower Garden
064395 Ocean Wonders
☼Gears and Puzzles (PK-2)
It’s a puzzle; it’s a gear set; it’s a lot of fun!
Build an ever-changing gear board out of individual, oversized puzzle pieces, and then add
the colorful gears on top. Each of the floweresque, 3” diameter gears can be turned via a
wooden handle, inserting a finger into a gear
divot, or turning the entire gear by hand. The
Deluxe Set also contains a 5 1/2” diameter gear
for a total of 24 pieces (12 gears and 12 puzzles
pieces). The Standard set contains 12 pieces (6
of each) and is a great starter set. The sets are
compatible with each another and made from
organic dyes and systainable materials. From
Plan Toys. Oppenheim Best Toy Award.
022581Deluxe . . . . . . . . . . 40.00 36.00
022589 Standard (B.) . . . . . 25.00 22.50
pipSquigz (ages 6 mo.+)
Squigz for the littlest members of your family! Not familiar with Squigz? Let me introduce
you: Squigz are fun silicon shapes that feature
suction cups, allowing you to suction pieces
together. pipSquigz is the adaptation for littles,
with 3 brightly-colored, quality silicone suction
toys of diverse textures and sounds. They attach
securely to strollers, high chairs, and anywhere
else your little one needs to be kept busy, even
wet surfaces like the side of your bath tub.
Dishwasher safe. BPA Free. ~ Deanne
037192 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 18.95
Spin Again Toy (ages 1+)
Forget the original stacking toys, Spin Again
takes stacking to a whole new level! Slide the
colorful gear shaped pieces onto the corkscrew
pole and watch them twirl smoothly to the base.
The center pole can be fitted on the domeshaped base in one of two ways, so the whole
toy is stable or it wobbles back and forth. Still
as simple to operate as other stacking toys, but
with the benefit of a lot more movement and
excitement! ~ Megan
062516 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 27.95
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Teethers & Rattles
Baby Banana Brush (0-12 mo)
Although marketed as a “teething toothbrush
for infants,” this is an all-around great teething
item! I’m a little picky on baby teethers, because
there are a lot of them that babies will hardly
glance at, let alone chew on. I did have the
opportunity to test this one out on my daughter,
Gemma, and she loved it. The Baby Banana
Brush is made of 100% food-grade silicone, and
resembles a banana with two pieces of the peel
folded over to form handles. The “banana” in
the middle has little silicone nubs like a baby
toothbrush. It’s flexible, dishwasher-safe, and
even “freezer friendly.” It’s also BPA, latex and
phthalate-free. This National Parenting Awards
winner is even made in the USA. – Jess
021642Yellow . . . . . . . . . . . 8.95
066523 ☼Blue . . . . . . . . . . . 8.95
☼Rubbabu Aniwheelies (PK-3)
You might know that snakes don’t have legs,
but how about wheels? These adorable animal
vehicles for young children are brightly colored
and completely soft and squishy – even the
wheels! Assorted styles.
010909(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
Green Teethers (ages 6 mo.+)
These teething toys are perfect for little ones
to grip and will surely soothe sore gums. The
wooden ring is made from maple wood. The
outer rubber ring and rubber keys are made from
cornstarch and are easily detachable for cleaning. Made in the USA and dishwasher safe. No
BPA or phthalates. 3 ½”. ~ Gina
059435 Green Keys . . . . . . 14.99 12.59
059436 Green Ring . . . . . . . 9.99
☼Rubbabu Little Vehicles (PK-AD)
An assortment of 8 brightly-colored planes,
trains, cars, and trucks made from soft but strong
natural rubber foam. At either 3.5” (Micro) or 5”
(Little), these little vehicles are small enough
to be rolled around with one hand, yet large
enough to be safe for even the youngest drivers,
pilots, and conductors.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
016073 Little Vehicle Set A
016076 Little Vehicle Set B
☼Grip & Teethe Keys (PK)
I think we all had toy keys when we were 016090 Micro Vehicle Assortment
little – you know those hard plastic keys on a
Toys for Ages 3-6
white plastic ring. These are Oball’s take on that
classic toy. These keys are made of soft, flexible
Active Toys
plastic for your young teething child – great for
See our website for Active Toys
sore gums. There are 3 brightly colored round
keys, each with various textures and handholds,
Bathtime Fun
attached to a bright orange hexagonal ring.
008018(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
BathBlocks (ages 3+)
BathBlocks combine classic building blocks
with the fun, watery environment of the tub and
Toy Vehicles
pool. Thanks to the “sticky” viscosity of water,
these special foam blocks cling together and to
Little Chubbies Vehicle (ages 1+)
At 2.75", these Little Chubbies are great for tub walls naturally when wet, and the movethe littlest hands! The boxed gift set has seven ment, buoyancy, and flow of water allows kids
assorted primary-colored vehicles. More colors to build floating towns, bridges, and more. Add
and vehicle styles are available as singles. If soap or shampoo suds and they stick even better!
052196 Castle Set (20 pc) . . 20.00 18.00
ordering more than one, we'll assort.
20-piece set includes castle blocks, prince,
038278 Single, assorted . . . . . 1.95
princess, knight, dragon and hound.
023613 Gift Set . . . . . . . . 12.95 10.95
050110 Coast Guard Set (20 pc) 20.00 18.00
20-pieces to build towns, bridges, towers,
Chubbies Boats (ages 1+)
etc; includes reusable storage bag
6" boats come in a variety of colors and link
056262 Seaport Set (13 pc) 20.00 18.00
together for use in the bathtub.
Seaplane, helicopter, door, windows and more.
022346 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.75
052192 Ball Run & Waterfall 20.00 18.00
15 pieces, neatly packaged in a gift box
Green Toys Vehicles (ages 1+)
These quality vehicles are all made in the Floating Cook Set (ages 3+)
Combine kitchen play with water play! This
U.S. – and out of 100% recycled milk jugs! The
recycled plastic is thick, has a great texture and realistic play kitchen set includes a floating
contains no BPA, phthalates, PVC or any exter- foam cook top, stock pot with lid, frying pan,
nal coatings. And did we mention that they’re strainer, ladle, spatula, cookie sheet and egg
super-sturdy? You might keep these around for pan. The plastic cookware has a metallic look
with primary color accents. Just add water and
the grandchildren!
059737 Dump Truck & Dog 16.99 12.95 soap bubbles to pour, mix and “cook” your own
059738 Scooper & Dog . . . 16.99 12.95 sudsy recipes. Great for play both in and out of
017102 ☼Sport Boat . . . . . 11.99
9.75 the tub. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
017737 Tractor & Wagon . . 19.99 15.25 056261(C.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 18.00
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Lil' Fishy’s (PK-AD)
Bath time, pool time—any time you have a
sink, bucket or something bigger filled with
water is a great time for Fishys! These water
toys are simple to use and super entertaining!
Twist the head off, pop in some batteries (not
included), twist the head back on, and away
they zoom. The propeller in the fin (safely
enclosed in plastic and stainless steel) zips the
fish around at high speed. Set the angle of the
tail fin to make the fish swim anywhere from a
straight line to a tight circle. Lil’ Fishys are 5”
long, and Mini Fishys are smaller. Additionally,
if your Lil’ Fishys or Mini Fishys need a home to
call their own, there are habitats that look like
fish tanks available! Batteries required: 2 AAA.
All fish, sharks and habitats are assorted styles.
035122 Fish Assorted Style 10.95
022680 Mini Fish/Shark (Asst) 9.95
022682 Spraying Whale (Asst)16.95 14.75
022681 ☼Micro Habitat . . . 16.95 13.75
Includes a Mini Fishy, and comes with
decals for decoration.
Instant Animal Sponges (PK-AD)
Drop the capsules in warm water and BAM! A
new foamy friend has appeared! Each of these
packs contain six capsules.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.95
021353 Insects 021434Zoo
☼Nixies Swimming Mermaid Doll (PK-AD)
Beautiful mermaid dolls bring enchanting fun
to the pool or tub! Similar to Lil’ Fishys (from the
same manufacturer), these intricately adorned
little mermaids swim, dive, and flip under the
water. Simply adjust the position of the tail to
change the way they swim. These little dolls are
pretty robust and hold up to lots of use! Assorted
style; if you order more than one, we will assort.
Requires 1 AAA battery, not included. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
004129(D.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.95 13.75
Draw in the Tub Crayons (ages 2+)
Kids will love bath time when they get to draw
with these six crayons - all over the tub walls!
Crayons are pink, red, green, blue, yellow and
red. A plastic casing surrounds each one, and
as the crayon wears down, a side button allows
you to push more up. The crayon markings are
very bold and bright and wash off easily.
020195 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.50
USA Map in the Tub (PK-1)
This is a colorful toy/puzzle for kids to enjoy in
the bath. There are 75 pieces shaped like states
and other things (vehicles, the Statue of Liberty,
the Golden Gate Bridge, the St. Louis Arch and
more). They fit together to form a 21” x 11”
map of the USA. Also included is a suction cup,
mesh bag for storage.
035523 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.50 12.95
(Not) Just for Fun
Fisher Price Classic Toys
See our website for Fisher Price Classic Toys.
Pegs & Pegboards
☼Action-Stackers Builder Sets (PK-2)
Based on the popular Tall-Stackers™ line,
these building kits add a dose of construction
and engineering to the pegboard mats. Each
kit includes standard Tall-Stackers pegs and a
crepe rubber pegboard, along with a host of
other objects like wheels, connectors and more
to construct structures and vehicles. Activity
guides direct children through simple builds
such as tricycles, silly cars, and more.
009881 Little Set . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.95
40 Tall-Stackers Pegs, 4 wheels, 2 octagon
connectors, 12 square connectors, pegboard, and activity guide.
009868 Big Set . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 30.95
75 Tall-Stackers Pegs, 6 wheels, 5 octagon connectors, 30 square connectors, 14 crepe rubber
tower mats, pegboard, and activity guide.
Sorting & Matching Toys
032754 Activity Center . . . . 39.99 29.50
Includes a white activity board with 100
holes, 120 bolts in five colors, and 20 pattern cards. Includes wrench and power drill.
020991 Take-Along Toolkit . 29.99 22.50
Take your Design & Drill anywhere with this
board that folds up to a 9 ¼” x 7 ½” carrying
case. Inside you’ll find the power screwdriver, 3 bits, 60 bolts in five colors and an
activity guide with 10 patterns.
037176 Flower Power Studio 34.99 25.95
The "pink" version of the Take-Along Tool
Kit, this one opens up to a flower-shaped
work table. The power drill features a
flower bit and a the Philips bit. Start drilling!
Includes 6 pattern plates and 60 bolts.
050889 Power Drill only . . . 10.99
One drill (batteries not included), 1 socket
bit, and 1 flathead bit.
050890 Fun Bolts . . . . . . . . . 9.99
25 bolts in 5 shapes and colors.
037173 Brightworks . . . . . . 39.99 29.50
Similar to the classic light-up board with
pegs, this version has a black activity board
and 80 translucent colored bolts in five colors. Use the drill (included) to create the 12
designs included or go free-form! Requires 3
AA and 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Lock & Roll Rescue Truck Garage (ages 3+)
Emergency! We need a firetruck, ambulance,
and police car, stat! With this solid wooden
Rescue Garage, your little one can be in control
of all three. The garage has three separate doors
that “lock” with plastic keys that attach to the
included key ring. Unlock the doors to reveal
the colorfully painted wooden cars, then hit the
levers to activate the ramp underneath each car
and send to racing off to rescue people. When
the day has been saved, lock up the cars and ☼Design & Drill Power Play Vehicles (PK-2)
attach the key ring to the metal handle on top
Power Play vehicles are as much fun to take
until it’s time to be the hero again. – Laura
apart as they are to build! Use the motorized
014055 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.50 mini drill (3AAA batteries, not included) to
tighten the plastic bolts and watch as your
☼Flower Match Garden Patch (PK-1)
vehicle takes shape! Customize your vehicle
The combinations seem endless - eighteen dif- with the included stickers and play with your
ferent flowers, twelve different pots, six stems, sturdy vehicle for hours. When playtime has
five bright colors. Choose your four-flower ended, put the mini drill in reverse, remove the
garden card (six double-sided cards total), sort bolts, and pack it away. Power Play vehicles
through the different pieces to find those that and components are a nice size for little hands
match, and then build your own garden on the and introduce STEM at a young age.
stand-up plastic frame. This attractive set offers ▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
good training in visual discrimination and hand- EACH VEHICLE . . . . . . . . . . 21.99 16.95
eye coordination as well as “same” and “differ- 043870 Helicopter (A.)
ent.” All components are sturdy plastic. Frame 043872 Race Car
is 12.75” x 6.25” (.25” thick) and slips into two 043871 Monster Truck
holders with non-slip “feet.” Flowers are 4.5”
tall and the cards are presented at 100% size in
relation to the pieces.
▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
Play Cars
038939 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95 33.56
SmartMax (ages 3+)
Toy Tools & Toolsets
Construction has never been easier – or safer!
These fun-filled sets are composed of large
Design & Drill (ages 3+)
magnetic pieces, so assembly is a snap! Basic
These sets fulfill two childhood: the desire to pieces include colorful bars (in a couple of
create beautiful patterns or build, and the desire different lengths – long bars are almost 5” in
to use "grown-up" tools. The big plastic bolts length) and large metal balls (1.8” in diameter),
wouldn't be that hard to screw in the playboards with a variety of specialized pieces (wheels,
by hand, but what's the fun in that? Use the containers, cabs, panels, etc.) in different sets.
"power tools" (with forward and reverse mode). While each set is self-contained with all the
When you're done with the suggested designs, pieces necessary for its purpose, the pieces are
come up with your own! Power tools require also interchangeable with the other sets. All the
3AA batteries, not included. Additional power pieces are very durable and adhere to the stricttools and bolts are also available separately.
est safety regulations. See below for the set that
CHOKING HAZARD (3). Not <3yrs.
is perfect for you!
(Not) Just for Fun
038867 Start (30 pcs) . . . . . . . 39.99 34.50
038763 Start XL (42 pcs) . . . . 59.99 51.25
12 long bars, 18 short bars, and 12 balls.
028919 Basic Stunt Set (46 pc) 59.99 49.95
Pieces to build 2 cars and a structure with ramps
028938 Power Vehicles Max . 29.99 26.25
26 pieces to build a variety of vehicles
028944 Power Vehicles Tow & Go 22.99 19.25
13 pieces to build vehicles (up to 2 at a time).
028978 Tommy Train Pull-Back19.99 16.95
11 pieces to build a pull-back train & more.
SmartMax Discovery (PK-K)
023404 My First Circus Train 29.99 25.50
023440 My First Safari . . . . . 19.99 16.95
Doodle-Track Car (PK-AD)
When my sisters and I were young, we had
a robot that would follow a black line, and we
were amazed by it, although it got confused
at intersections and stumbled along somewhat
awkwardly at times. Well, line-tracking technology has come a long way since then and
toys like the Doodle-Track car are so much
easier and more enjoyable to use! The DoodleTrack Car set includes an illustrated race track
play mat, a black marker, sticker decals, and
the small, plastic Doodle-Track Car. You can
customize the car with the decals, then draw a
track with the black marker (or any other black
marker) on paper, switch on the car, and it will
follow the line! The car will slow down at an
intersection then proceed to follow the line it is
currently on. If it comes to a broken or checkered line, it will pause. You can draw your
own neighborhood with streets and roads, test
its capabilities by creating a black-line obstacle
course, or visit www.doodletrackcar.com to
create customized racetracks! The car runs on
2 AAA batteries, not included. - Jess
046243 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 14.95
☼RC Mini (3-AD)
Mini RC is a fun, easy way to enjoy remotecontrolled vehicles! All vehicles are both controlled and recharged by the battery-operated
remotes. Just plug the vehicle into the remote to
charge it up. Remotes use AA batteries, which
are not included. The race car is approximately
3”, and the boat 5.25”. All have forward and
reverse action as well as steering to the left and
right. The car also has working lights.
002881 RC Mini Racer . . . . 15.99 11.95
016941 RC Mini Boat . . . . . 19.99 17.50
Balloon Powered Wooden Vehicles (PK-5)
No batteries required for these air-powered
toys! Each vehicle is constructed from sturdy
wood and comes with three blue balloons. Just
inflate the balloon, attach to the vehicle and
watch it go for a retro spin. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
030890Boat . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
030895Car . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
Hot Wheels Car Tins (PK-AD)
The ideal way to store or carry your best Hot
Wheels® cars. While these tins have the look
of classic lunchboxes, they feel tough and travel
great. The ABS plastic dividers keep the cars
organized and damage-free, making your collection even more impressive on the go.
055014 18 Car Tin . . . . . . . 12.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Melissa & Doug Wooden Vehicle Sets (PK-3)
Not only are these chunky, brightly-colored
vehicles fun to roll around, but they’re also perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and
fine motor skills. They feature moving parts like
dump truck beds and ramps (on the car carrier)
and are about 5" long x 3" x 3.5" (carriers with
trailers are longer).
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
033741 Car Carrier
Includes four cars to load and a ramp that
unfolds from the trailer. 12" x 6" with 3" cars
037616 Construction Set
037635 Emergency Set
034208 Horse Carrier
Red truck with detachable trailer. Unload
the two flocked horses (dapple gray and bay)
with the pull-down ramp. 14" x 5" x 2.5"
037658 Race Cars
☼Melissa & Doug Boxed Vehicles &
Accessories (PK-3)
These wooden vehicles come in a wooden box
for convenient storage and have working wheels
for endless fun. Vehicles are approx. 3.5-4" long
and 2"-2.5" tall. Perfect for roadway rugs!
EACH BOX . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
037606 Construction Site
037724 Town Vehicles
037741 Train Cars
037746 Vehicles & Signs . . . 19.99 15.50
037647 My Town Play Set . 29.99 23.25
32 pieces of traffic signs and wooden buildings.
EACH VEHICLE . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00
021635☼Petitie Plane
050384Pickup Truck
050304 Bulldozer 050661 Police Car
050306Fire Truck 027075Racer
021627 ☼Helicopter(B.)027126 Twin Turbo
Play Aircraft
Balsa Wood Gliders (Guillow) (1-AD)
We loved these classic gliders when we
were kids – they are amazingly light, easy-toconstruct, and most importantly, they fly really
well! Each consists of a few simple pieces that
assemble with slots, and then they’re ready to
fly! Jetfire gliders are basic, consisting of a body,
nose-clip, wings, and a tail; while the Sky Streak
is more complex with a wind-up propeller.
Just wind the propeller up, toss it, and watch
as it zips across the yard. Both planes have a
12” wingspan, are ready to fly in seconds, and
feature thin balsa wood that can be decorated
any way you like! The only downside is that the
balsa wood requires a gentle hand to assemble
or it may crack. Made in the USA
012194Eagle . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.99
Named after the F-15 Eagle, this 9”x 9”
glider allows for fore-aft wing placement for
straight flights or loop-the-loop stunts.
018653Jetfire . . . . . . . . . . . 2.49
048211 Jetfire Twin Pack . . . 4.59
034811 Reverso SuperHero . . 2.99
This unique-looking glider looks like it’s flying backwards!
018654 Sky Streak . . . . . . . . 3.39
048212 Sky Streak Twin Pack 5.99
012195Starfire . . . . . . . . . . 2.79
11.5” long / 12” wingspan glider is somewhat heavier for longer flights.
Mini Models (8-AD)
These little balsa wood flyers assemble to about
10” long and fly over 50 feet. Simply punch out
the precision-cut pieces and follow the directions to assemble the plane. Illustrations are
included in the directions; assembly takes about
an hour, depending on the type of glue you use.
Each plane features a rubber band-powered
motor for maximum distance! ~ Megan
EACH MODEL . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
015979 German Fighter
015983 Rockstar Jet
015999 Stunt Flyer
016002 U.S. Hellcat (C.)
016018 U.S. Warhawk
☼Melissa & Doug Play Rugs (PK-AD)
The classic play rug is updated with detailed
scenes that encourage counting, color-recognition, story-telling, and more. Each rug comes
with 3-4 vehicles or animals, but there’s plenty
of room on the sturdy 39” x 36” rug for multiple
kids to bring other toys, too! Machine-washable.
EACH RUG . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.25
037092 City / Rescue
037093 Construction Zone / Work Site
037098 Horse Farm / Ranch
X-stream Flyer (K-AD)
037113 Race Track / Speedway
These internal wing air037121 Road / Town (A.)
crafts have a unique wing
037096 Train / Railway
configuration that creates
energy by converting buoyMighty Minis (ages 3+)
ancy to thrust. Made with
These 4” vehicles are small and mighty. The EVA foam, they are soft and
bamboo bases are lightweight, yet strong— strong, 5" or 9" from nose to
so they zip quickly around a room. Wheels tail, and glide through both air and water. Use
are made of rubber with metal wheel joints. the enclosed holder and rubber-band to send
Windows, hoods, headlights and other accesso- the colorful flyers gliding and soaring. These
ries are made of clear sturdy plastic. They come safe flying toys are perfect for those who love
in a wide variety of models from monster trucks aircraft and making things fly. CHOKING
to Indy cars and airplanes, each with its own HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
color scheme. Collect them all!
039996 Single Flyer (5") . . . . 6.00
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
017958 Twin Pack (5") . . . . 13.00
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Tim Bird (7-AD)
Wind it up and let it fly! This fun, colorful bird
really flaps its wings (based off the ornithopter
designs by Da Vinci himself!) and can fly up to
150 feet! Simply wind the enclosed rubber band
50 times, then release the trigger under the right
wing as you give it a gentle toss (it propels itself,
so don’t throw it like a glider!) Once you get
the hang of it, try changing the position of the
tail to see what kind of interesting flight patterns
this bird is capable of! The plastic construction
is lightweight and sturdy enough to take a rough
landing. A spare rubber band is also included,
just in case. Happy flying! – Laura
064608 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
Railway Sets & Accessories
See our website for railway sets.
Track & Playtape
See our website for track and playtape.
Playsets & Figures
Although a toy staple in Europe, Playmobil toys
seem to take a backseat here in the states behind
other popular playsets. However, their superhigh quality, appealing design and open-ended
play value have made us fans of this line, and
we’ve had multiple customer (and employee!)
requests to carry Playmobil. If you like them,
we’ll add more! Please see our website for
features/contents of each set.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Playmobil 1-2-3 (ages 18 mo+)
017998 Car With Horse Trailer 19.95
017723Countryside . . . . . . . . 29.95
018420 Construction Truck . . . 14.95
018845 My Take Along Ship . . 29.95
019179 Take Along Zoo &
Aquarium . . . . . . . . 29.9927.75
019185Tractor . . . . . . . . . . . 7.95
019200 Worker With Wheelbarrow 4.95
☼Playmobil® Carrying Cases (K-5)
What could be more engaging than playsets in
little carrying cases? Playmobil® figures (2.95”
tall) have their own distinct appeal, but it’s
the accessorizing details of these playsets that
set them apart. For instance, the barbeque set
with the miniature kettle grill, the fire set with a
workable water pump, and the policeman and
his handcuffs. The princess and the fashion sets
provide interchangeable outfits [princess (2);
fashion (4)] as well as detailed scene “props.”
The Fashion set even includes a miniature laptop and digital camera. The plastic snap-closure
carrying cases are just right for little hands.
Large cases are 9.75” x 7.5”; small cases are
8.25” x 6.5” ~ Janice
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
EACH LARGE CASE . . . . . . . 14.99 12.95
009696 Dragon Knights
049303 Family Picnic
009716 Fantasy Horse
018044 Fashion Designer
049312 Horse Grooming
049450 Space Exploration
(Not) Just for Fun
EACH SMALL CASE . . . . . . . . 9.99
049294 Fairy Boat
049339 Knight’s Catapult
018749 Knights Duo Pack . . . 5.99
049439 ☼Princess & Handmaid Duo Pack . . . . . . . . . 5.99
EACH MYSTERY FIGURE . . . . . 2.95
Which figure will you get? It’s a surprise
until you peek inside! 1 of 12 possibilities.
017752 ☼Boy018652
City Action (PK-5)
018509 Dump Truck . . . . . . . 24.99 23.95
010877 Fire Truck Ladder Unit 59.99 49.95
010912 Police Car . . . . . . . . . 24.99 23.95
015896 Remote Control Set 2.4 GHz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 46.25
Knights (PK-5)
010876 Hawk Knights’ Castle . 99.95
062193 Great Dragon . . . . . 29.99 26.95
062194 Hawk Knights’ Battle Cannon19.95
018761 Large City Zoo . . . . . . 49.95
Country (K-5)
033820 3 Foals with Feed . . . 6.99
018690 ☼Horse Paddock SuperSet
010861 Pony Farm . . . . . . . . . 009858 Vet with Pony and Foal 020417 Take Along Horse Stable
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99
Other Figures & Sets
Playmobil® Play Boxes (PK-5)
Unlock the fun with these fantastic, selfcontained play sets! Each adorable and detailed
set is housed inside a small (6.7” x 4.7” x 5.1”)
case that unlocks with the enclosed key and
opens up into a larger (13” x 4.7” x 9.4” play
area. Sets include one or more figures and lots
of accessories.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95
034171 Fairy Garden
009763 ☼Flower Shop (C.)
034154 Horse Stable
067793 ☼Hospital
009772 ☼Knights’ Armory
009828 ☼Royal Knights
☼Playmobil Dollhouse
009692 Deluxe Dollhouse . . . . 009680 Baby Room (A.) . . . 19.99
009684 Children’s Room . . . 19.99
009688 Country Kitchen . . . 19.99
009808 Living Room . . . . . . 19.99
009813 Master Bedroom . . . 19.99
009863 Vintage Bathroom (B.) 19.99
Playmobil Starter Sets (PK-5)
Playmobil® Figures & Duo Packs (PK-5)
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95
Expand your Playmobil® sets with these ver- 049310 Gladiator Arena (History) (D.)
satile figures. Each low-priced set includes one 049311 Go-Kart Garage (City Action)
person figure and several accessories. Great 049353 Orchard Harvest (Country)
stocking stuffers!
049568 Wedding Celebration (City Life)
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH SET (except noted) . . . . . 3.95 ☼Playmobil® Space Mission (K-5)
049289 ☼Boy with Go-Kart
Blast off in a rocket. Orbit the earth on the
018429 Cowboy With Foal
space shuttle. Destroy a meteor. Now, you can
049290 ☼Dog Walker
go “to infinity and beyond” with Playmobil®.
034101 Dragon Knight
Used by themselves or combined, these sets
018576 Fairy With Deer
provide imaginative play in a whole new dimen018618 Fireman With Hose
sion. ~ Janice
049305 ☼Garden Princess
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
049306 ☼Gem Hunter
019106 Rocket & Launch Site . 49.99 44.95
018651 Girl and Guinea Pigs
019035 Satellite Meteoroid Laser 19.99 18.95
018686 Handy Man With Bike
019124 Space Shuttle . . . . . . . 29.99 28.95
049313 ☼Ice Hockey Practice
049320 ☼Ice Sculptor
Fairies With Toadstool House (K-5)
034101 Knight with Shield
Set includes adorable toadstool house, 1 adult
018814 Model With Clothing Rack
fairy, 2 child fairies, unicorn, 2 unicorn foals,
018829 Mother & Child w/Changing Table
and lots of accessories.
033954 Pirate with Cannon
018566 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95
019007 Princess With Weaving Wheel
019154 Surfer With Surf Board
☼Take-Along Sets
019157 Tactical Police Dog Unit
Take Playmobil® fun on the go, with these
049549 ☼Tooth Fairy
adorable sets that promise hours of fun – wher019189 Viking With Treasure
ever you are! Case transforms into the main
049641 ☼Wolf Warrior
play structure and includes figures and lots of
049686 ☼Young Explorer with Otters
fun accessories!
017724 Beachgoers Duo Pack 4.95 EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 36.95
049293 ☼Elf & Dwarf Duo Pk 5.99 5.75 019175Fire Station 019177Schoolhouse
(Not) Just for Fun
Meet the Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners!
These adorable, posable animal figures stand
about 3” tall (adults) or 2” tall (kids), have fuzzy
“animal” skin, and are dressed in detailed fabric
“people” clothes. Each family set includes four
critters (mother, father, girl, and boy), (except
the families marked with an (*) which include
mother, father, and little girl), , and each twin
set includes a baby girl and baby boy. The bottom of the family and twin packages lists each
animal’s name and provides a short biography.
For added play fun, several realistically detailed
accessory sets are available (see details below).
Please see our website for more! ~ Lisa
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH FAMILY (except noted) . . 19.95
051213 Buckley Deer
028029 Chocolate Labrador
028058 Cuddle Bear
002272 ☼Ellwoods Elephant (E.)
063450 Fluffy Hamster* . . . . . 14.95
063453 Red Panda* . . . . . . . . 14.95
051647 Hazelnut Chipmunk
027002 Hopper Kangaroo
051651 Hopscotch Rabbit
063452 Hopscotch Rabbit Grandparents
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95
002461 ☼Mango Monkey* . . . 14.95
028078 Outback Koala
005947 Pickleweeds Hedgehog
028105 Sandy Cat
018972 Wilder Panda
EACH SET OF TWINS (except noted) 7.95
028059 Cuddle Bear Twins . . . 8.95
002308 ☼Ellwoods Elephant Twins (F.)
018864 Fisher Cat Twins . . . . . 8.95
063451 Fluffy Hamster Twins
051652 Hopscotch Rabbit Twins
005981 Pickleweeds Hedgehog Twins
028117 Sandy Cat Twins
Calico Critters Families and Twins (PK-8)
EACH SET OF TRIPLETS . . . . . . 9.95
028015 Baby Friends Triplets
Boy chipmunk, girl rabbit, and girl cat.
028036 Chocolate Labrador Triplets
Please see our website for contents
051644 Bunk Beds . . . . . . . . . 018546 Children’s Bunk Beds . 018719 Deluxe Bathroom . . . . 018755 Deluxe Kitchen . . . . . . 018785 Deluxe Living Room . . 018866 Kozy Kitchen . . . . . . . 027020 Let’s Go Camping (G.) 018948 Master Bedroom . . . . . See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Breyer® Classics® Equipment and Accessories
Please see our website for features/contents
Take your horse farm to the next level with
026905 Adventure Tree House 49.95 these fun “extras”! Two different stables and a
028014 Adventure Tree House corral will house your horses in comfort. Outfit
Gift Set . . . . . . . . . . . 99.95 your expensive horses with blankets, halters,
062538 Country Tree School . 49.95 shipping blankets and boots. See below for the
018636 Cozy Cottage . . . . . . 29.95 specifics of each add-on. ~ Megan
027006 Lakeside Lodge . . . . . . 39.95 CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028077 Luxury Townhome Gift 038964 Vet Care . . . . . . . . 29.99 22.95
Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99.95
Veterinarian doll dressed in blue scrubs with
063454 Seaside Cruiser Houseboat 69.95
a bay foal, dog, cat, foal blanket, medical
063456 Secret Island Playhouse 39.95
bag, bucket, and stethoscope.
033124 Horse Corral . . . . . . 5.99
Ten 7”-long sections of brown fence.
No Critters are included with these sets. Please 033123 Blanket & Halter Set 9.99
see our website for features/contents
038149 Stable Cleaning Set 12.99 11.69
026954 Calico Family Camper 79.95 72.95
Wheelbarrow, pitchfork, shovel, rake, hay
029759 Cherry Cruiser . . . . . . . 24.95
bale, muck bucket, and manure.
018550 Convertible Car . . . . . . 17.95 038154 Stable Feeding Set . 12.99 11.69
028074 Family Seven Seater . 29.95 29.50
Trough, bucket, feedbag, bag of feed, hay
002357 ☼Hot Dog Van . . . . . . 29.95
bale, scoop, grooming tote, and curry comb.
002498 ☼Seaside Ice Cream Shop
002510 ☼Seaside Restaurant . . . 39.95 Breyer® Classics® Horse and Farm Playsets
002516 ☼Toy Shop . . . . . . . 29.95 29.50 032745 3-Horse Stable
This cute little white barn sports a pink roof
and windows. With stalls for 3 horses, the
stable is enclosed on 3 sides and the front is
Breyer® Classics® Model Horses (1:12)
open with stall doors. Windows and doors
Young horse-lovers can bring their fantasies
open and close; stable measures 17.75”H
to life with these detailed horse models. Each
x 12.25”W x 13”H. A plank jump is also
model in the Classics® line is 1:12 scale
included. Assembly required.
(approximately 9” x 6”) and intricately detailed 033046 Country Stable w/ Wash Stall with the aspects of each breed. Breyer® is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 31.95
known for their quality products, from the duraPamper your horses with this cozy 2-stall
bility of materials to the hand-painted, realistic
barn. This stable is blue with a gray roof
touches. Horse and foal sets each include 1
and white trim. It features a loft (roof
adult horse and 1 foal. Dolls measure 6” tall
swings open for access) with a moveable
and each includes several accessories. Choose
ladder, doors that open and close, a slideyour favorite breed from the list below, or put
out wash stall with a hose, saddle racks and
together your own dream horse-farm with an
bridle hooks, and 4 corral pieces (make an
assortment! ~ Megan
attached pasture or a separate paddock).
EACH HORSE (except noted) 19.99 15.50
Stable measures 15”L x 9.5”W x 12"H. Easy
032774 Appaloosa (Black Semi-Leopard)
snap-together assembly required.
032797 Appaloosa (Chestnut)
020727 West Wind Stable . . 49.99 37.95
033489 ☼Bay Pinto Pony
This natural wood barn houses 3 Breyer®
020675 Bella (Appendix QH)
Classics® scale horses (not included) and
2017 Horse of Year
features stall windows and doors that open
033524 ☼Chestnut Sport
and close. The stable measures 18.5”L x
032791 Paint (Buckskin)
12”W x 13”H with a cupola on the roof.
032775 Thoroughbred (Black)
Adult assembly required.
EACH HORSE & FOAL SET . . 26.99 20.50
033092 ☼Chestnut Arabian (A.)
Breyer® Stablemates Series (1:32) (PK-AD)
033121 ☼Grey Thoroughbred
While these horses are smaller than the
033118 ☼Palomino Quarter Horse
Classics, they are every bit as intricate and
020611 Barrel Racing Set . . 29.99 22.95 detailed as their larger counterparts. At 1:32
Appaloosa horse, 3 barrels, 6 fence sections,
scale, the grown horses measure approximately
Western saddle, bridle, and saddle pad
3.5”H x 4”L and are available in several differ022684 Best Friends Set . . . 29.99 22.95 ent assortments. Barns and accessories are also
Includes Fleabitten Grey Morgan mare,
available; see below for details. ~ Megan
Shetland Sheepdog, matching horse and dog
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
blankets, water trough, and fencing.
Horse Sets
022687 Competing at the Games 14.99 11.95
Breyer® Classics® Riding Dolls & Horses
Includes 4 horses (Sport Horses and
Dolls are 6" tall and include tack for one horse
Warmbloods), that are great for show jumpas well. Sold with horses or individually.
ing, dressage, and three-day eventing.
EACH DOLL/HORSE Set . . . . 29.99 22.95 020688 Gentle Giants . . . . . . 14.99 11.50
038962 English (palomino Appaloosa)
4 draft horses: Red Roan Clydesdale, Grey
038966 Western (red road Quarter Horse)
Percheron, Sorrel Belgian, and Black Friesian.
022685 Race Horse & Jockey (dark bay)
022691 Horse & Foal . . . . . . . 6.99 6.50
EACH DOLL ONLY . . . . . . . 15.99 12.95
One horse and foal; assorted breeds (Grulla
038938 Abigail, English Rider (B.)
Grey horse with Chestnut foal, Bay, Leopard
032748 Chelsea, Show Jumper
Appaloosa, our choice; if you order mul033155 Kaitlyn, Cowgirl
tiples, we’ll assort.
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
033327 Horse Lover’s Collection 26.99 20.95
Ten Breyer Stablemates including nine different breeds and one foal. 15” x 13” x 2”.
033346 Mystery Foal Surprise . 9.99 8.99
Contains a mare and stallion of different
breeds and one "surprise" foal. Style/breed
will vary.
020711 Super Sporty . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
Includes a Chestnut Arabian, Leopard
Appaloosa Sport Horse, Bay Hanoverian,
and Dark Bay Thoroughbred.
Play Sets
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
022690 ☼Deluxe Stable (C.) 99.99 76.95
Classy looking red, black and gray barn is
made of natural wood and features a tack
room and 7-stalls to comfortably house
your Stablemates horses. Roof lifts back for
accessible play; windows, doors, and stall
doors open and close. Set includes barn,
grey Peruvian Paso Fino, red roan pony,
fencing, feed bag, water trough, hay bale,
and stickers. Measures 28”L x 16.34”W x
8.625”H when assembled.
038968 Horse Crazy Barn . . 26.99 21.95
Who says barns have to be red! This barn
is decorated in pink, purple and teal, with
white trim. Features attached paddock,
working doors, and two roof sections that
open for easy access. Includes Stablemates
Horse Crazy horse.
033322 Horse Crazy Truck and Trailer . . . . . . . . . . 31.9924.95
Pink, purple and white with horse designs
on the sides. Truck has working doors, tailgate and rolling wheels. Gooseneck trailer
holds three horses and has working doors.
033368 Red Stable Set . . . . 29.99 23.95
Cute stable features 3 stalls with swinging
doors, storage area with working door and
windows, water trough, racing barrels, a
jump, fencing and two horses. 11.5” x 7.5”
x 9.25” when assembled.
033372 Riding Academy . . . 26.99 21.50
Green and tan barn features working doors
and two roof sections that open. Includes
English and Western saddles and bridles,
horses and more. 9.75”L x 7.5”W x 8.25"H.
033347 Pick-Up Truck & Gooseneck
Trailer . . . . . . . . . . 31.99 24.95
The blue and white pickup truck features
working doors, drop-down tailgate and
rolling wheels. The large trailer contains
3 slant-load stalls, storage area, ramp and
working doors. The trailer has two hinged
roof pieces for easy access and pretend
play. No horses included.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Little Friends (PK-6)
Everyone could use a few more friends, right?
These cute 4" dolls each has her own personality and style. The dolls are made from flexible
soft plastic, are dressed in a cute and colorful
outfit and and are bendable. The furniture is
made of colorful and sturdy printed plywood.
EACH DOLL (except noted) . . 8.50
007104 Elise (Adventurer) (A.)
007125 Feli (Trendy) . . . . . 10.00
Includes extra clothing, accessories, and hairdos
007126 Felicitas (Cheeky)
007144 Imke (Dancer)
007176 Lilli (Sassy)
007210 Mali (Sweet)
007216 Matze (Sporty)
007233 Milla (Funny)
EACH ROOM SET . . . . . . . . 10.00
007098 Beauty Corner
007262 Parlor (B.)
007268 Dining Room
007345 Complete Furniture Set 50.00 40.95
Includes bedroom, kitchen, dining room,
parlor, and beauty corner sets.
007359 Pillows & Blankets . . 6.00
Includes four pillows and two blankets total,
in pink and blue.
☼Farm Playsets (PK-5)
Sized for little hands (the largest horse is 7”)
and designed for play (thick plastic construction), this set will bring the farm into your
home. The Animals set includes 4 horses, 3
cows, 2 goats, 2 sheep, and a donkey; all
stand upright. Farm Building set includes a barn
(14”x10”x16” high), stable (13”x7”x7”), feeder
shed (6”x5”x5”), trough and barnyard.
064998 Farm Animals (12 pcs) 19.45 15.95
064999 Farm Buildings (5 pcs) 29.95 24.50
Fold & Go Wooden Playsets (PK-AD)
Let your imagination go wild with these quality
wooden playsets! Each set features an attractive
folding building measuring 13.5” x 10.5” x 7”
with working doors. Appropriate figures and
accessories accompany each structure. Kids
will spend hours in pretend play – especially on
those long winter days!
EACH PLAYSET . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 35.95
Includes 7 animals, corral and ladder.
Includes 2 horses, 4 figures, and furniture.
Includes 11 pieces of furniture and 2 figures.
With 4 horses, 4 hay bales, ladder and corral.
Wooden Horse Corral (PK-3)
Looking to corral those runaway horses in your
room? This wooden fence by Melissa & Doug
comes fully assembled and unfolds to nearly 9'
long! Create a 30” diameter enclosure with a
fence height of 3.5” for herd containment.
034685 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
KwikSand (PK-AD)
Here’s a new twist on the classic sandbox play
sets! KwikSand is moldable, it never dries out,
it does not stick or make a mess if it touches
skin or fabric, and it can be used over and over
(Not) Just for Fun
again for creating numerous sculptures. Sets are
themed (the colorful, sturdy box bottom doubles
as the play tray) and include a couple of micro
molds as well as other toys to add playability
to the sand sculptures. Mini sets include sand,
micro molds and toys, but the box is not suitable as a play tray. We also have sand refills
(approximately 1.25 pounds per pack) in case
you want to add (or replace!) sand to your
boxes. Colors of sand noted in parentheses for
matching sets and refills.
EACH SET BELOW . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.95
062706 Brick Builder (Natural)
062707 Dino World (Red)
062708 Fairyland Flowers (Purple)
062711 Princess Palace (Pink)
062712 Space Station (Black)
EACH MINI SET BELOW . . . . 12.99 10.95
062713 Brick Builder Mini (Natural)
062715 Egyptian Mummy Mini (Natural)
062717 Knight’s Castle (Natural)
EACH REFILL BELOW . . . . . . 12.99 10.95
☼Grow It Sets (PK-AD)
These sandbox-like playsets start as a hand-full
of water-reactant dust and a set of toys based
on the theme. Mix the dust with two cups of
water inside the box, and it rapidly expands into
a wet and fluffy snow-like substance, perfect
for pretend-play. Depending on temperature
and humidity, the dust will last a few days to
a couple weeks, but add more water at any
time to refresh the dust! Each set includes a
10”x10”x2” play tray, a 20”x20” no mess play
mat, and instructions.
018011 Pixie Playland (yellow) 31.99 26.50
018030 Swamp (green) . . . . . . 31.99 26.50
☼My Fairy Garden (PK-AD)
More versatile than most tiny dollhouses, these
are miniature live garden playsets perfect for
teaching kids about nature and responsibility
while giving them a ‘real’ toy to play with! Each
kit comes with a different pack of plant seeds
(which quickly germinate and are easy to care
for) and soil to grow them in. The plants require
only regular watering to grow after planting.
While kids are waiting for plants to grow around
their miniature garden, the included themed
fairy play sets are perfect for playing with and
decorating the scene. Once the plants grow, the
scene will represent a beautiful garden, complete with fairies, woodland critters, and accessories! All kits include an activity guide to help
kids along and make sure their gardens grow as
well as possible. Note: activity guides reference
“mystical fairies” as being real, but invisible for
most people..
009916 Fairy figure (Assorted) 9.99 8.25
009938 Lily Pond . . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.95
Teacup house, 3 leaves and stem, bridge,
stream, base, seed packet, soil, watering can,
4 gardening tools, Calla (fairy), and squirrel.
009943 Magical Cottage . . . . 29.99 25.95
Flowerpot “Cottage”, tray, toadstool, umbrella table, 2 chairs, seeds, soil, watering can, 3
gardening tools, Freya (fairy), and chipmunk.
009945 Tree Hollow (D.) . . . 16.99 14.25
2-piece tree hollow, base, table, 2
chairs,porch light, chandelier, seeds, soil,
watering can, 4 gardening tools, Willow
(fairy) fairy stand, flying cord, and the bunny.
Storytime Toys Play Sets (PK-3)
Get more out of reading time with these
interactive play sets! These sets contain a storybook, cute characters and props. You and your
children could act out the stories as you read
together--or maybe even create your own tales.
These durable, beautifully illustrated sets are
made of EVA foam and cardstock. ~Janine
Play Scenes
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 22.95 Magnetic Playsets (PK-5)
055980 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
These playsets have a 14" x 18" playboard
055981 Hansel and Gretel
surface with a clear, resilient coating to make
055982 Three Little Pigs
clean up easier. The boards fold in half to 14"
x 9" for easy storage. Each set includes several
☼Foam 3-D Puzzles (1-5)
washable, durable vinyl magnets to use on the
Bring puzzle building to the next level with playboard surface. The magnets are thicker
these 3-D puzzles. Each set includes over than most for greater holding power. The sets
100 detailed foam pieces that connect firmly also include a re-usable storage pouch to help
together without the use of glue or scissors. prevent losing pieces. Children will have hours
The pieces are number, shape and color-coded of fun creating endless combinations of scenes.
for easy, enjoyable building. Once the puzzle Great for travel too! ~ Phyllis
is completed it can be used as a dollhouse or CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
castle set with the included figures and furniture EACH PLAYSET . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99
for hours of fun! ~ Rachel
024493 Construction Site
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
024498 Doll House
EACH PUZZLE . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
7.95 024516 Ocean Adventure
036794 Medieval Castle (C.)
044776 Solar System
036994 Pink Palace
032877 USA Puzzle (w/ 45 state pcs)
036996 Pretty Purple Dollhouse
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Magnetic Play Books (PK-4)
These magnetic board books each contain ten
blank faces for you to decorate with 30-40+
magnetic pieces including eyes, noses, mouths,
and more. You can match the correct features to
each character, or mix up the pieces to create
silly faces. Now the rabbit can have the crocodile’s teeth, or the fish can have the lion’s nose!
Silly Animals has animal faces, Funny Families
features human faces, Dressing Up features
cartoon characters (human and make-believe) to
dress in various outfits. ~ Lisa
CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not <3yrs.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
063091 Dressing Up - Fairies
063092 Dressing Up - Princesses
008607 Silly Animals
028932 Funny Families . . . . . 4.99
Magnetic Double-Sided Lapboard (PK+)
This white 8 3/4" x 12" board is double-sided
and made of laminated cardboard with a metal
sheet inside. Great for portable magnetic play.
031774 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.50
Make Your Own Pop-Up Scenes (K-4)
Create fun paper dioramas with these clever
books! Each book has three parts: the colored
cardstock cover that serves as your scene, the
figures that are characters in the story, and the
story/information sheets. Follow the simple
directions to assemble your 3D stage or scenery
using front and back cover of the book. Cut
out and color the figures to tell the story. Each
book includes several pages of information
about the topic or a story based on the theme.
For example, the Cinderella book assembles
into a theatre stage, the actors and props can
be cut out and colored, and the included story
is a guide for retelling the tale. For Castle, the
cover becomes a castle, the figures are knights
and weapons, and a few pages about castle life
are included. A fun rainy day activity or school
supplement. Approx. 20 pgs, pb. – Laura
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 7.99
063441 Fairy Garden . . . . . . 8.99
063444 Pirate Ship
063445 Princess Palace
063447 Roman Arena
☼Nighttime Shadows (PK-AD)
If you have ever made a bunny shadow puppet hop, then you have the idea of this clever
yet simple set of shadow “puppets.” Each set
has a theme with 8-10 silhouette cut-outs made
of sturdy black cardstock attached to a wooden
stick. The idea is to make up a story, original or
familiar and, with a light behind you, hold the
puppets up and make them act it out. Hang up
a sheet on a clothesline or project your shadows
onto a wall. How fun for a bedtime story or
sleepover! It really is a charming and imaginative playset. Even the packaging is sweet, a
parchment envelope approx. 6x9.5x1”, Made in
France. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
015039Dinosaur . . . . . . . . . . 18.50
015034Castle . . . . . . . . . . . . 18.50
015037Circus . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.00
015044 Paris Rooftops . . . . . . 21.00
Play Figures
Anamalz (ages 3+)
These fun, sturdy and pose-able animals are
handmade from all environmentally friendly
materials, such as schima superba (needlewood)
and formaldehyde-free glue. Plus, Anamalz
uses their extra income to support many child
and wildlife organizations. Good for your kids.
Good for animals. Good for the world. See our
website for even more Anamalz!
Safari Ltd.® Figures & Toobs (ages 4+)
We love Safari, Ltd.® for their persistent efforts
to create extremely detailed and authentic
figures inspired by nature! Each plastic replica
is hand-painted, safety-tested and is lead and
phthalate-free. There are so many delightful
collections to choose from; read on to browse
their collections from animals to dinosaurs to CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
mythological creatures. Please see our website 046611Elephant . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
for all of our awesome Safari figures!
000464Toucan . . . . . . . . . . . 7.95
EACH BELOW . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
Safari, Ltd. Toobs (PK-AD)
046613 Giraffe
These toobs have approximately 12 colorful 046615 Gorilla
detailed pieces made of solid plastic, and are
the perfect size (2-3 inches) for make-believe Canine Companions (PK-3)
fun. Go for a long, cold ride with the characters
Care for the "Best in Show" with these pups
in the Arctic Toob! Or put on your scuba gear from Melissa and Doug! Each set comes with 12
and plunge into the deep blue sea with the fuzzy figurines in a storage tray with breed info
Ocean Toob! Wherever you take them, you’re on the back. You’ll love playing with a French
sure to have fun! Toobs are recommended for Bulldog, West Highland Terrier, Chihuahua,
ages 3+. The Mega Toobs have the same great Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Pomeranian, Akita,
figures but with twice as many items (approxi- Labrador Retriever, Saint Bernard, Dalmatian,
mately 24).
German Shepard, and Husky. – Laura
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
062131 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
EACH TOOB (exc noted) . . . 11.99 11.39
010806 Ancient Rome . . . . 19.99 18.99
029685 ☼Antarctica
Magnetic Dolls, Figures, & Playsets
016264 Army Men . . . . . . . 13.99 13.29
012772 Around the World
Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Sets (PK-3)
055641 Backyard Birds
These magnetic girls are
021257 Bundles of Babies
just waiting for a good
friend! Each doll is made out
035139 Coral Reef
of quality painted wood and
has its own stand. They also
029942 ☼Fairies & Dragons 19.99 18.99 come with 23-30+ pieces of
029958 ☼Fairy Tale Animals
colorfully-painted magnetic
010945 Family Designer . . . 13.99 13.29 wooden outfits and acces035159Farm
sories that attach securely to
013038 Horses & Riders
the doll. Now you just need
011227 Human Organs
to pick which doll you want! Nina Ballerina,
039619 In the Sky
Princess Elise and Maggie Leigh feature a bold,
039620 In the Water
cartoon-like design with more contemporary
031096 In the Woods
clothes; while Petal Fairy, Princess Olivia and
My Horse Clover feature a more delicate, whim030084 ☼Knights & Dragons 2
sical "medieval/fantasy" design. Within each
021834 Lair of Dragons 1 . . 13.99 13.29 set, articles of clothing and accessories can be
021879 Lair of Dragons 2 . . 13.99 13.29 mixed and matched to create tons of unique
036709 Land Down Under
looks. When your children are done playing,
017445 Mythical Realms
they can store their doll and her clothing in the
8 mini-replicas Mythical Realms collection.
included storage box. The durable wood con024278 ☼Nativity Super (A.) 19.99 18.99 struction will outlast many paper dolls!
Thirteen hand-painted figures include: baby
EACH SET (except noted) . . . 12.99
Jesus in manger, Mary, Joseph, donkey,
016836Nina Ballerina
three wise men, camel, angel Gabriel, a
016841Princess Elise
shepherd boy and shepherd, sheep, and ox.
036267 Maggie Leigh
034259 Lila & Lucky . . . . . . 24.99 19.50
035160 North American Wildlife
☼Magnutto Magnet Activity Kits (K-3)
021759 On the Road
Role play emotions, moods and feelings with
a darling set of magnets, 2 activity cards and a
box that opens to use as a tabletop easel. Make
011297 USA Super . . . . . . . 19.99 18.99 a Mood kit shows various people faces (in various shades), while the Make a Pet kit has critter
faces (cats & dogs.) The activity cards are multilingual (Eng/Fren/Span) and have questions like,
“Have you felt that way? What do you do when
you feel like that?” Each set contains over 100
low-strength, thick foam magnets.
029462 Make a Mood Kit . . . . 24.99
029497 Make a Pet Kit . . . . . . 24.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Paper Dolls, Books, & Activities
Fairy Tale Princesses Paper Dolls
Four beautiful princesses are depicted on two
double-sided, reversible paper dolls: Sleeping
Beauty/Cinderella and Rapunzel/Snow White.
Dress them in gorgeous gowns and accessories.
The laminated inside cover play scene shows a
"Once Upon a Time" landscape, with a cottage,
stream, tower, and castle in the background.
005296 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
Press-Out & Make Dolly Dressing (K-4)
Each book contains two easy-to-punch-out,
reversible paper dolls, for a total of four girls
with a variety of skin and hair colors. With over
seventy paper accessories and one page of stickers these dolls have every outfit they need for
fancy events, exercising, and all the work and
play in between! The front and back covers of
the book can also be cut out and used as a play
scene. Each doll is about 7.5” tall. – Rachel
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
031749 Fashionable Friends
☼Press-Out Books (K-5)
Take paper dolls to the next level with these
Usborne hardcover books. All press-out pieces
are printed on heavy cardstock – bright and
colorful with a glossy finish. No glue or scissors are needed; simply press the pieces out on
the perforated lines and follow instructions to
assemble. Paper Dolls includes 4 dolls with over
50 mix and match outfits. Assemble a wardrobe
to store the outfits; then, with pages removed,
the book cover can be transformed into a room
for your dolls. Children build a complete farm
with the Paper Farm featuring a farmhouse,
barn, henhouse, windmill, fences, animals,
people, and more. Build your own little town
with Paper Town – town hall, flower shop, café,
market, and sweet shop. Populate your town
with little people and adorn with flowers and a
tree. Let your children use their imagination to
create even more parts for their little paper play
places. When playtime is over, they can fold
down and disassemble their people and places
and store them between the covers of the book
until their next appearance.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 16.19
☼Doll’s House: 3-D Foldout Book (PK-5)
I love it when something is open-ended and
requires a bit of imagination. These are usually
the things you keep around the longest. The
book doesn’t have any words, instead, it unfolds
to reveal a kitchen, living room, bedroom and
garage! When you open them up in a line, the
middle 2 rooms have 3 walls and a floor and the
end rooms have 2 walls and a floor. You can
also circle them around for a different type of
house play. Illustrated by Finnish designer Annu
Kilpelainen, the colors are bold and cheerful (lots of pink, green, yellow, orange.) The
scale is perfect for 2-4 inch figures, like Calico
Critters. Folded up, the book measures about
10”x8”x.5”. When open, it is about 41” long.
009338 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.95 14.95
(Not) Just for Fun
They are repositionable and can stand up on their
own (no tippy toes or high heels!) which is great
for pretend play. Dolls measure 7.5” tall and are
available in several different styles, with a couple
of additional outfit choices available as well. ~
Megan CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH DOLL . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.95
056402 Autumn Leaves (blonde)
055942 English Country Garden (blonde)
031142 Muddy Puddles (blonde) (C.)
031167 School Days (brunette)
055946 Pony (D.) . . . . . . . . 34.99 26.50
Dark brown pony with four white stockings.
Includes saddle, bridle, and saddle pad.
055947 Snow Queen (blonde)
055948 Spring Celebration Ballet (brunette)
EACH OUTFIT . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
055941 Blue Velvet (dress & accessories)
Realistic Dolls & Outfits
055945 Raspberry Ripple (dress & accessories)
031128 Super Hero Accessories (E.)
Real Baby Size Infant Doll (PK-5)
The perfect sibling for your tiny humans, this 055949 Sweet Dreams
life-size 17.5" baby doll can even wear hand-meD.
down newborn clothes. The eyes and features are
realistic, the body is vinyl (made in Spain), and it
comes with its own diaper. Girl outfits and boy
outfits are sold separately in sets of 3.
064997 Caucasian Doll (A.) . 44.95 37.95
064996 Boy Outfits - Set of 3 29.95 24.50
065000 Girl Outfits - Set of 3 29.95 24.50
Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups (PK-6)
Paper dolls, step aside! The paper pups have
arrived! This book contains 5 small breed dog
cutouts (Poodle, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese,
and Pug), 5 clear plastic stands, and over 135
outfits and accessories. Each piece is precut;
just punch it out of the background and you’re
ready to play. Some pieces are a little unclear
about how to apply, but the easy-to-understand
directions to help you figure it out. As a bonus,
many of the outfits are reversible, giving you
even more fabulous options. Dress up for a day
at the beach, a night on the town, the football
game, bedtime, parties, and more! A fun, furry
spin on the traditional paper doll. – Laura
061933 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 12.75
Soft Dolls & Playsets
Groovy Girls (PK-3)
These 13” tall soft dolls are at the very tip-top
of the fashion chain! Your young girls will love
the Groovy Girls soft bodies, friendly faces,
awesome yarn hair and cool and varied wardrobe possibilities. These dolls are a fabulous
cross between stuffed animals and Barbies®
(with some Muppet-ish characteristics as well!).
Each Groovy Girl has her own name and unique
look and comes with one outfit. A variety of
other outfits are available separately. Please see
our website for more images. ~ Megan
EACH DOLL . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.99 17.95
052236 Princess Ariana
(brown/pink hair, tan skin)
052237 Princess Isabella
(orange/pink hair, fair skin)
052238 Princess Seraphina
(blonde/pink hair, fair skin)
054990 Princess Crystelle (B.)
Lottie™ Dolls (PK-4)
Fun to say and for play, Lottie™ dolls are the
perfect friends for your young children. While
many dressable dolls are adult-like with very
mature bodies, outfits and ornamentation, Lottie
dolls represent a typical 9-year old body with age
appropriate yet very cool and detailed clothing.
☼Press ‘n Dress (ages 18 mo+)
Press ‘n Dress sets combine the fun of paper
dolls and fashion dolls! First, the dolls are large
(12.5” tall) and padded for easy handling.
Secondly, the clothes attach to the dolls with
Velcro, which makes it very easy to change the
clothing and for the clothing to stay fastened
securely during play. These have been a big hit
with the Rainbow grandkids! The Travel Doll
set includes a soft fabric carrying case with two
built-in pockets, one for the doll (included) and
one for the five fabric outfits. Additional dolls
(one blonde and one brunette) are also available, and each includes two outfits. A wedding
set is also available, which includes a bridal
gown, veil, bridesmaid dress and flowers.
032165 Travel Doll Set . . . . 29.95 24.50
032213 Wedding Set . . . . . . 9.95
032149 Heather (blonde) . . . 9.95
032151 Lauren (brunette) (F.) 9.95
Sticker Paper Dolls
Sticker Paper Dolls (1-5)
All the fun of stickers and paper dolls rolled
into one! Each of these small paper doll books
features one young lady paper doll and four
pages of gorgeously-illustrated outfits and accessories. Dolls are printed on slick, shiny cardstock, and the high-quality, full-color stickers
can be reused many times, as long as they are
returned to their pages.
028280 ☼Back to School
026769 Best Friends Pajama Party
044486 Cat & Dog
033773 Christmas Princess
028401 Design Your Own Outfits
015013 Fairy Princess
027969 Glitter Bride
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
028509 ☼Glitter Cinderella
012037 Glitter Mermaid
021911 Glitter Princess
031709 Glitter Rapunzel
031716 ☼Glitter Sleeping Beauty
064132 Kitty & Kid
017044 Puppy & Pal Dress Up
032328 Storybook Princess
014952 Ballerina Friends
028355 ☼Freddy the Fireman
021750 Glitter Ballerina
045429 Glitter Snow Princess
030156 Glitter Snow Queen
030159 Glow in the Dark Fairy Princess
064117 Grumpy Cat
029662 Native American Princess
Sticker Dolly Dressing (PK-3)
Let your fashion imagination run wild with
these sticker paper doll style books. Each book
features three girls who need help picking out
the appropriate outfit for the activity they are
doing on each page. For example, the three
ballerinas need help getting their costumes on
for their performance of “Cinderella,” the three
doll-like girls have been chosen to be bridemaids for a friend wedding, the fairies are out
chasing snowflakes on a wintery day, and the
princesses have a masked ball to attend. Each
book features twelve events for you to dress
and accessorize the characters using the 400+
re-usable fashion stickers that are on the pages
in the middle. Feel free to mix and match to
your hearts desire and give the girls your own
creative flair! Activity Packs come in a boxed set
with a handle. – elise
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 8.99
054892 Back to School
050846 Dream Jobs
059685 Emergency Services
030535 Extreme Sports
013795 Fashion Long Ago
041454 First World War
064200 Pilots & Aviators
004086 Rescue Missions
059686 Sailors & Seafarers
055197 Second World War
002838 Special Forces
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . 9.99
020875 1920s Fashion
002648 1950s Fashion
011046 Around the World
059681 Best Friends
020891 Costumes Around the World
002701 Fashion Designer (Fall)
030503 Fashion Designer (Spring)
002729 Fashion Designer (Winter)
062676 Fashion Designer Home Designer
064199 Fashion Designer London Collection
001897 ☼Fashion Designer - New York
067897 ☼Fashion Designer - Paris
059682 Fashion Designer Wedding
064195 Historical: Hollywood and the Golden Age of Glamour
030507 Ice Skaters
046550 On Vacation
055196 Travel
030554 Victorian Fashion
062677 Wartime Fashion WWII
067898 ☼Winter Sports
EACH COMBINED VOL (exc) . 14.99 13.49
002655 Country Estate/1920s 15.99 14.39
002766 Vacation & Travel
059684 Weddings & Bridesmaids
EACH ACTIVITY PACK . . . . . . 19.99 17.99
002686 Sticker Dolly Activity Pack
Fairies, Dolls, Ballerinas and Princesses
002768 Sticker Dressing Activity Pack
Knights, Soldiers, Sports and Pirates
062675 Dolly Dressing (Red)
Dancers, Movie Stars, Popstars, and Parties
☼Sticker Dolly Dressing Design Studio Kit (2-8)
Perfect for young designers, fashionistas and
general creative kiddos! Unlike the books by
the same name, these aren’t sticker books, but
fashion kits where you dress the models with
the help of stencils, patterned paper, stickers
and more. Learn how to play with colors &
patterns, make a mood board, and accessorize.
Each kit includes 25 sheets of patterned paper,
200 stickers, 3 clothing stencil sheets, 100 ruboff designs & 2 pens to add your own flair to
an idea book full of models to dress with your
unique creations. 64pp, 6.5”x8.75”, pb.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
064198Fashion . . . . . . . . . 22.99 20.69
001875 Party Clothes . . . . . 22.99 20.69
☼Djeco Stickers & Paper Dolls (1-6)
These paper doll kits are incredibly shareable
and make a great small group activity for siblings or friends. Each kit includes two each of
the four figure cards (for a total of eight per kit)
and four sheets of reusable plastic cling stickers
featuring clothes, accessories, and background
accents. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH KIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
017589 Dress for the Seasons
017593 Massive Fashion
Dress-Up Costumes
Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Sets (PK-1)
Now kids can try the career of their dreams on for
size! These realistic costumes are available in many
different styles to make pretend play even more
fun. Costumes include other accessories pertaining
to the career like name tags and tools. Each costume is available in one size which generally fits
kids ages 3-6, unless otherwise noted. Please see
our website for more styles. ~ Megan
EACH COSTUME (exc. noted) 29.99 23.95
007924 Construction Worker
014372 Cowboy (ages 3-5)
007938 Fire Chief
007952 Police Officer
037033 Race Car Driver . . . 29.99 28.95
☼Junior Doctor Scrubs & Lab Coats (PK-AD)
These life-like doctor scrubs and lab coats
will give your children that professional image
as they perform “surgeries” on their stuffed animals, dolls, and siblings! Crafted from a polyester and cotton blend, these sets are available in
a range of sizes including 3/4 length lab coats
for adults. Junior Doctor Scrubs are two pieces
– top and bottom- with a chest pocket and pant
pocket; also included are booties, a mask and
a surgical cap. Add a doctor kit or single-head
stethoscope to complete the clinic!
EACH SCRUB SET BELOW . . 29.95 23.95
063934 Size 4/6 (Blue) 063935 Size 4/6 (Pink)
063936 Size 6/8 (Blue)063937 Size 6/8 (Pink)
EACH SIZE 8/10 SCRUB SET 29.95 25.50
EACH LAB COAT . . . . . . . . . 23.95 19.50
063941 Size 4/6
063940 Size 12/14
063942 Size 6/8
063945 Adult Small
063943 Size 8/10
063944 Adult Lg
☼Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Pad (PK-5)
The child who loves to put together fun outfits
will enjoy all of the fun sticker clothing and
accessories in this giant sticker book! There are
27 sheets (14x11”) to decorate and 3 sheets
of stickers to add, many which you can color
yourself. Each page has a lovely theme with 3
models: masquerade ball, springtime walk, nautical theme, animal prints, Christmas sweaters
and more! Their outfits are somewhat complete,
a nice feature for the littlest designers. A suggested color palette is on each design page too
if they need some inspiration! This would make
a darling birthday gift for someone special.
014126 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 13.49 ☼My First Career Gear (PK-1)
These machine-washable, polyester tops have
☼Little Sticker Dolly Dressing (PK-3)
simple hook and loop closures in front and fun
Similar to the original
details printed on the fabric. Personalize each
Sticker Dolly Dressing
uniform by writing your child’s name on a piece
books (although about 25%
of paper and slipping it into the clear chest
smaller), dress up balleripocket. Sizes 3-6.
nas and fairies with reusEACH TOP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.95 11.75
able stickers. Pull out the
back cover to “park” spare
stickers while you work. 24
pages plus stickers.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99
8.09 019686 Road Crew
001651Ballerinas 067895Mermaids
019726 Train Conductor
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Career Accessories (ages 4-8, exc noted)
Durable plastic accessories to enhance play!
016545 Astronaut Helmet . . 16.95 14.25
Go for a spacewalk in this realistic helmet
with a movable tinted visor, a NASA logo,
U.S. flag, and a microphone decal to keep
in touch with ground control.
019601 Construction Helmet 6.95
063640 Fire Power Super Fire Hose with
Backpack (ages 5-9) 13.50 11.25
Holds about 1 liter of water. Pump the
nozzle to shoot water as far as 35ft!
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016556 Fire Chief Helmet . . 10.95
Pretend fires don’t stand a chance against the
flashing red lights and siren of this helmet
019610 Pith Safari Helmet . . 6.95
019611 Police Helmet . . . . . 6.95
☼Teddy Bear Doctor (2-6)
Who do you take your dearest stuffed animals to when they are “sick” or “injured”? This
unique and adorable book helps kids transform
their home into a classy vet clinic! Part pretend
play, part crafts, this book directs kids in creating a vet kit with tools, setting up waiting, exam,
and recovery rooms, making animal cages, and
more. The book contains paper punch-outs,
cut-outs, and stickers to enhance and decorate
your clinic and accessories along with simple
directions for creating everything you need from
common household items. Once the clinic is up
and running, the fun will never end! 52 pgs, pb,
plus stickers and punch outs. ~ Megan
016334 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.95
☼Medical Case (PK-3)
Is there a doctor in the house? This smart
black case contains 8 medical tools in preparation for everything from a standard check-up to
impromptu surgery.
011340 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 12.95
Little Adventures Costumes (PK-4)
From personal experience, we know that
favorite dress-ups are a hot commodity, worn
over and over and OVER again. While we have
wanted to offer reasonably priced dress-ups for
awhile now, we have kept our eyes open for
the most practical selection. These beautiful,
durable, and modest costumes fit the bill. They
are all designed by moms, constructed out of
durable and comfortable fabrics, and machinewashable (but hang dry). Unlike much of what
you see around the stores in October, these are
made to last, and most feature a looser, stretchier fit for flexible sizing. So, if Mom’s time is at
a premium and those repurposed formals from
the thrift store are torn and grungy, you might
consider one of these as a special treat for your
dress-up-loving child. Please see our website for
more styles and accessories.
Approximate Sizes: S = 1-3 yrs, 2T; M = 3-5
yrs, size 4; L = 5-7 yrs, size 6; XL = 7-9 yrs,
size 8 Please see each group below for more
specific size information.
Sizing on Princess costumes: S=1-3 yrs, 2T
(27" total length); M = 3-5 yrs, size 4 (32"
total length); L = 5-7 yrs, size 6 (37" total
length); XL = 7-9 yrs, size 8 (42" total length)
EACH COSTUME w/(*) . . . . . . . 24.95
EACH 18" DOLL DRESS . . . . . . 15.99
(Not) Just for Fun
S (2T)
☼Beauty Day Dress*002984
Ice Queen Coron.003333
☼Mermaid Gown003514
☼Mermaid Day Dress*
☼Polynesian (A)
Royal Pink011903
☼Scandinavian Coro. 003733
Scottish Princess027523
☼Sleeping Beauty Day*
☼Spanish Princess (B)
Winter Beauty054817
☼Yellow Beauty067059
M (4)
L (6)
XL (8) 18" Doll
☼Beauty Day Dress* (C) 002989
046988 003031
Ice Queen Coronation 003480 003283
☼Mermaid Gown (D) 003516 003503 (F)
☼Mermaid Day Dress*067050
011858 003607
☼Polynesian Princess 003677 003627
Royal Pink Princess
011911 003714
☼Scandinavian Corontn003734 003742
Scandinavian Princess*046282
Scottish Princess
027526 003885
Sleeping Beauty Day* 067053
Snow White
☼Spanish Princess
Winter Beauty
054818 003969
☼Yellow Beauty (E) 067060 003977 (G)
EACH FULLNESS SLIP . . . . . . . . 5.99
S=1-3 yrs, (13" length); M=3-5 yrs, (19"
length); L=5-7 yrs, (21" length); XL=7-9 yrs,
(23" length).
EACH CLOAK BELOW . . . . . . . 19.99
S/M 3-5 yrs, 28” from neckline to hem; L/XL
5-9 yrs, 32” from neckline to hem.
Black 046978046977
White 047008047007
EACH CLOAK BELOW . . . . . . . 24.99
062010 Ice Princess (S/M)
062009 Ice Princess (L/XL)
062012 Scandinavian Princess (S/M)
062011 Scandinavian Princess (L/XL)
☼Dragon Wing & Mask Sets (PK-3)
Made of soft foam, these dragon accessory sets
are both sturdy and comfortable enough for any
aspiring dragon-child! Scaly screen print gives
each set an appealing reptilian style. Wings and
masks are attached via a stretchy black elastic
strap which can fit a wide range of children.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99
☼Dragon Cloaks (PK-3)
Created with similar metallic reptillian prints
as the Dragon Wing & Masks, these cloaks will
turn your child into the cutest dragon on the
block! Each has soft foam spikes attached to the
center of the hood and upper back, completing
the look. A Velcro frog closure around the collar
allows kids to quickly put the cloak on or take
off. Large enough to wear over regular clothing.
EACH CLOAK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99
003152Black/Silver 003168Green/Gold
003181Pink/Silver 003195Red/Black
Creative Education of Canada Costumes
☼Reversible Dress-Up Aprons (PK-2)
These attractive dress-up aprons transform
any outfit into something fit for a princess!
The reversible aspect means you can easily
transform into two different characters (or two
different versions of the same character!). The
Cinderella apron features a maid-dress on one
side, while the opposite side shows a ball-worthy gown. The Crystal Queen lets you choose
between playing the Snow Queen or her lovable
sister. Aprons are machine-washable and fit
children sizes 4-7. ~ Megan
005247 Cinderella (H) . . . . 27.00 20.95
005339 Crystal Queen (I) . . 24.00 18.50
Reversible Dragon/Knight Costume (PK-1)
Feeling chivalrous or mischievous? With a flip
of the cape or hood, kids can switch from daring
knight to reptilian dragon. Both sides are sparkly
metallic and the fabric is washable.
007282 Dragon/Knight Cape 25.00 19.95
007322 Dragon/Knight Hood 15.00 11.95
☼Color-A-Costume (PK-2)
Customize your costumes with color-able
accessories! Each item is reversible with a “traditional” side and a side with black outlines to
color with the included markers. Kids will love
coloring these in colors they love! Machinewashable; colors will fade when washed but not
disappear completely. Size 5-6. ~ Megan
005248 Butterfly Wings . . . 25.00 19.25
005289 Knight Cape . . . . . . 24.00 18.50
005328 Knight Tunic . . . . . 20.00 15.50
005271 Super Hero Cape (J) 22.00 16.95
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Crusader Play Sets (PK-5)
Dress your kids up and send them off to battle
the evil of this world with this realistic - but
plastic! - weaponry of the Crusader times. The
armor will cover your kids' chest and head, and
there is a shield and a 21" sword. There is even
a choice between silver or black so your kids
can either compete against each other or join
forces to attack stronger armies - like their father
or older siblings! When I was younger, my
brothers and I fought with sticks and sometimes
hurt ourselves. Now, with this full-body plastic armor and plastic weapons, they'll feel like
knights and maybe play a little safer, too. - Jon
024226 Black Set . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.95
024227 Silver Set . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.95
Princess Gloves
What little princess doesn't automatically feel
more fabulous wearing long gloves? Child-size
elbow length gloves are a perfect accessory
to any of our beautiful princess dress ups and
come in three colors. They also work well for
parties, weddings or special occasions.
EACH PAIR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
060245 Pale Pink
Raccoon Tail Cap (PK-AD)
Back in the day, my brother and I loved to
wear coonskin caps like Davy Crockett while
we pretended to blaze trails in the wild frontier.
This realistic replica lets you carry on the tradition in style—no trapping or skinning required!
This raccoon tail cap is made from faux fur with
a tail firmly attached to the back. It might be a
bit large for your littlest explorers, but of course
they will grow into it. Don’t get caught trying to
"grin a bear" without one! – Chad
006689(C.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.70 13.95
Gladiator Set (PK-5)
If you were a barbarian fighting against the
Romans in ancient times, you could be captured, sold as a slave, and trained to become
a Roman gladiator. Kids can pretend to be this
intimidating menace of war with this five-piece
play set complete with a golden helmet, sword,
breastplate, and shield. Doubles as a fantastic ☼Deluxe Foam Sword/Shields (PK-3)
Halloween costume!
These harmless foam weapons may not look
032106 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.00 18.95 sharp, but they’re enough to vanquish those
imaginary dragons and “slay” your foes! Each
Knight Set (PK-2)
item is decorated with stitched gems, metallic
Defend the kingdom with this colorful sword spangle and liquid knit to give a shiny metallic
and shield! The 14” long sword and shield with appearance. Assorted colors (gold, silver, and
adjustable backing are both made from sturdy silver blue), our choice. If you order more than
EVA foam and feature a fun, cartoon style with a one, we will try to assort. ~ Megan
green, fire-breathing dragon on the shield.
005435Shield . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 11.95
030801 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
7.95 005369Sword . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 11.95
Dress-Up Accessories
☼King Crown (PK-2)
These durable, soft crowns will make you look
like the royalty you are! With a mix of metallic
and velvety fabrics as well as added embellishments, these crowns will enhance any kingly
costume. Machine washable, assorted colors
(gold/red and silver blue). If you order more
than one, we will try to assort. ~ Megan
005451(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00
Soft Crowns (PK-3)
These shimmery fabric crowns are as beautiful
to wear as they are comfortable! They feature
a soft, wrap-around front and a sturdy elastic
back, and are machine washable. Crowns are
available in several colors and styles, each with
a large “gemstone” in the middle. No more
hair-pulling or headaches from those stiff plastic
tiaras with the “teeth,” and these are much more
durable as well!
EACH CROWN (except noted) . 4.99
060215 Diva – Gold
060216 Diva – Hot Pink . . . . 2.99
060217 Diva – Light Pink
060218 Diva – Silver
027499 Princess – Gold
027501 Princess – Pink
027509 Princess – Silver
003285 ☼Ice Princess (silver)
003884 ☼Scandinavian Princess (gold) (B.)
Special FX Saber (PK-AD)
Fight futuristic bad guys with this awesome light-up saber. The 28” long sword features color-change lights that are motion- and
touch-activated and are accompanied by sound
effects. The rubberized black handle helps you
get a grip during imaginary combat and the
included stand holds it in place, allowing it to
function as a night light too! Requires 3 AA batteries (included).
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063581 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.00 11.95
Wooden Sword & Shield Set (PK-AD)
Made of strong wood, this set is very durable
and will equip your young knight for years
to come. The blade is over 14" long, and the
shield fits right onto your arm with straps. Learn
the moves of King Arthur and the Knights of the
Round Table, bring chivalry and honor back to
the modern ages, and save the princess from the
fire-breathing dragon! – Jon
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 17.95
024263 Lion of Flanders (black/yellow)
024264 Richard the Lionheart (yellow/red)
Dress-Up Shoes (PK-K)
Is your little girl stumbling over Mommy's
shoes when she plays dress-up? This set contains
4 different pairs of kid-sized dress-up shoes (all
the same size) in pretty colors fit for a princess,
bride, or ballerina – whatever strikes your little
one's fancy. Unlike Mommy's shoes, these have
slip-stopper soles for safety. Fits ages 3-5 years.
014465 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.25
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Princess Dress Up Shoes (PK-6)
Four pairs of sparkly, fabulous shoes to go with
your sparkly, fabulous dress up clothes! Hard
plastic shoes measure 7” long, 2.25” at the widest with a 1.5” heel (and a grippy bottom.) The
uppers are soft, flexible and decorated with ribbons, glitter & gems in pinks, silver & purples.
Slide them on and go!
002560 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 16.95
☼Handcuffs (K-5)
These polished metal handcuffs will help you
apprehend any local desperados foolish enough
to test the law—and, once they’ve mended their
evil ways, a special pair of keys to help ease the
way back into just society. Should the keys be
lost, safety releases can be used.
031059 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
☼Train Whistles (4+)
These fun 4-tone train whistles are made from
real wood here in the USA. They’re sturdy and
smooth, so they’ll hold up to years of play. The
single whistle would fit perfectly in a stocking,
or enter the land of make believe with one of
the play sets! Each set comes with a 22x22”
bandanna and a cute engineer cap, both are
cotton. One set has a traditional blue and white
striped cap with a bright red bandana, while the
pink set has a pink and white striped hat with a
pink bandana. All aboard!
052802 Single Train Whistle . 6.50
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 15.75
052466 Pink Set
052805 Traditional Set
Simply Crafty Hats & Masks (PK-3)
Perfect for a party, crafty time
or playing dress-up, each set
comes with four die-cut cardstock hats/tiaras or masks and
all the fixin's! Each hat has an
adjustable hook & loop closure to fit noggins from 17-20”
in diameter. It fit me, so I
wanted to test it on the kids here at the office.
It fit the 6 & 5 year-olds nicely, but when I put
it on the younger children (ages 8 mos-3yo), it
stayed on too! Each set includes stickers, sticky
foam squares and decorative shapes for decorating. These would be great for birthday parties,
Easter baskets, rainy days and times when you
need a quick, fun craft. ~ Sara
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
009061 Adventure Hats . . . . 4.99
009078 Terrific Tiaras . . . . . 4.99
037197 Marvelous Masks . . . 4.99
037206 Safari Masks . . . . . . . 4.99
Pretend Play Sets
Junior Helper Broom Sets (PK-3)
Young kids love to be just like Mom and Dad
and “help” around the house. Unfortunately,
adult-sized equipment can be somewhat
unwieldy (and disastrous!) in those little hands.
Encourage your helpers with these cute and colorful broom sets. Sets include 34” tall broom, a
dustpan, and a brush. A single push broom is
also available separately.
054744 Primary Colors Set . 11.99
055952 Pink Set . . . . . . . . . 11.99
055953 Push Broom only . . . 8.99
(Not) Just for Fun
My Own Mailbox (PK-5)
Sure, the big blue postal mailbox is fun for
gathering household mail, but for those personal
deliveries My Own Mailbox is the perfect fit.
The classic blue-and-white mailbox sits on a
wooden stand and features a small red flag. It
also comes with two plastic reusable postcards,
one reusable ruled letter and envelope, letter
and number stickers (to personalize the mailbox
or letters), three wipe-off crayons and a small
pencil. And with its compact size (4”w x 8”h
x 7”d), it’s also a fun size to leave on a school
desk for returned assignment “deliveries!” – Jess
053252 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.75
Lemonade Stand / Market Stand (PK-5)
Imagine how much fun your children or students could have with their very own market
stand! Set up a pet shop, maybe a snack stand or
a farmer’s market stall. Add a play cash register
& actually sell cookies & lemonade! This is very
solidly built from UV coated Baltic birch wood.
It measures 40”W x 20”D x 52”H. Chalkboard
surfaces on front panel and overhead sign lets
kiddos personalize their shop name & list their
prices. So many good lessons in this sort of play!
Cleans easily with a damp cloth. ~ Sara
039770 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.00 154.99
Let’s Play House! Dust Sweep & Mop (PK-2)
Stamp & Sort Mailbox (PK-3)
Is your little one eager to “help” with the
When you’re young, there
housekeeping? Hand them this set, and they’ll be
are few thrills like getting your
ready to tidy up alongside you. This set includes
own mail. If your kids are the
a broom, mop, duster, dustpan brush, and dusttype that will ask you for old
pan. All of the items have sturdy natural-colored
junk mail they can “deliver”
wooden handles (except for the plastic dustpan).
around the house, they’ll be
The color scheme is primary and gender neutral.
super-excited about this set!
Loops are attached for easy hanging, and the
The hand-painted wooden
dustpan clicks onto the broom handles. To top
mailbox includes three slots
it off, the set includes a tall wooden pole stand
for inserting mail and a door on the front for with knobs for hanging the tools when not in use.
removing it. Six painted wooden pieces of 014021 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.95
“mail,” including postcards and letters come
with the mailbox, each with a removable stamp Pretend Play Shopping Carts (PK-3)
that attaches with hook-and-loop fasteners. Kids
These mini metal grocery carts look and feel
can put postage on their mail, drop it in the box, just like the real thing with pivoting front wheels
then remove it (with the aid of the wooden key), and folding seats so dolls or stuffed animals can
sort it, and deliver it. Oh, and if the wooden join in on the shopping fun. Melissa & Doug
mail pieces aren’t “realistic” enough for them, it cart is 23.25” x 15” x 11.75”. Schylling version
will accommodate plenty of Mom’s “real mail” measures 22.5” high and has plastic bumpers on
too. Mailbox measures 7.5” x 14” x 7.5”.
the front corners. Some adult assembly required.
036268 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.25 014758 Melissa & Doug(A) 69.99 52.95
011512 Schylling cart . . . . . 64.99 52.25
☼Pretend Play Kits (PK-3)
These are fun little sets of themed props to add Torch in My Room (K-5)
to your children’s creative play. Made of sturdy,
Any adventurer knows there will probably
colorful cardboard & paper with delightful come a time when you need a good torch to
printed images, these items will bring the expe- light the way, and this dual-purpose, batteryrience to life with the little details that reinforce powered torch/night light is just the tool for the
imagination-driven play time. Diner set includes job! The plastic is crafted to look like the real
2 menus, a guest check pad, 2 plates, 17 food thing, with a grip that looks like a branch and a
cutouts and play money. Showtime contains flame shaped top. The light-up “flame” flickers
4 show posters, stage door and box office to add authenticity to your torch-lit explorations,
signs, 90 tickets, popcorn boxes, programs, and it also comes with a wall mount for hanging
microphone and bouquets, and play money. on your wall when your adventures are limited
The World Traveler packet holds passports, 10 to your room. Features an auto shut-off. Two
postcards, pretend postage and passport stamps, AA batteries required, but not included. - Laura
ID card, blank cards, identification stickers, 40 004749 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 13.95
tickets, and a world map.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH KIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
020921 Best Pals Diner
020927 It’s Showtime
020933 World Traveler
☼Deluxe Wooden Toolbelt Set (PK-3)
Great for all young builders, this tool set
includes a wooden hammer, saw, screwdriver,
wrench, and ruler that can be stored in the
adjustable tool belt. It also contains building
pieces that can be stuck together and “sawed”
apart or screwed and nailed together with safe
wooden pieces. The belt includes a nametag
that can be personalized with a pencil or dry
erase marker. This set helps build hand-eye
coordination and fine motor skills and encourages role play. ~ Rachel
036439 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.75
(Not) Just for Fun
Play Food, Dishes & Kitchen Sets
☼Plan Toys Food Sets (PK-3)
Slicing a wooden knife through Velcro to separate the halves of beautifully painted wooden
food makes for excellent hand-eye coordination
practice and the wooden cutting board makes it
easy to pretend that you’re really helping out in
the kitchen. This feel-good toy is also sustainably manufactured with sustainable materials.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 18.00
New Sprouts Play Food (PK-3)
If you’re working hard to put healthy food on
your children’s plates, shouldn’t they be playing with healthy food? These sets provide lots
of healthy food for lots of creative play. Food
pieces vary with the set but might include fancy
slices of carrots, celery, lettuce leaves, onion
wedges, tomato slices and wedges; all with a
satisfying weight and just-enough pliability. The
grill set includes meat pieces but the other sets
are all fruits and veggies. The dishes are adorable – and “realistic” for little hands. What wellstocked kitchen doesn’t need a soup tureen,
salad bowl or serving platter? Each set includes
the cooking and serving dishes appropriate to
the theme: tongs, ladles, spoons are all there –
just what you would need for serving soup or
salad or grilling dinner. I have to admit, though,
that my favorite is the grill set with its bundles of
asparagus and ears of corn. The plastic bushels
introduce a nice variety of fruit and vegetables,
sized comfortably for little hands and just begging for creative play involving trips to the
farmer’s market.
061994 Bushel of Fruit . . . . 14.99 11.20
061995 Bushel of Veggies . . 14.99 11.20
061996 Garden Fresh Salad 24.99 18.95
061997 Grill It! . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.50
014263 Healthy Breakfast . . 19.99 14.95
014302 Healthy Classroom Set (100 Pieces) . . . . . . 149.99 103.95
014313 Healthy Dinner . . . 19.99 14.95
014314 Healthy Lunch . . . 19.99 14.95
061998 Soup’s On! . . . . . . . 24.99 18.95
Pretend Play Food (PK-3)
These food sets are great for all little chefs and
grocers! Made out of hand-painted wood, these
delectable food items are durable and charming.
A huge step up from the flimsy cardboard boxes
and containers in most sets! ~ Rachel
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
036686 Food Groups (21 pc)
014733 Fridge Food (9 Pc)
014745 Pantry Products (9 Pc)
Sandwich Making Set (PK-3)
Another great wooden food set, this one
allows kids to make realistic-looking sandwiches. Sixteen “sliceable” pieces are included. The
pieces are connected by hook-and-loop fastener
circles; kids can use the safe, wooden knife
included to cut them apart. The fastener also
keeps stacked sandwiches together. With fullcolor sliceable bread, rolls, tomatoes, cheese,
lettuce, meats, an apple, and more, this set will
provide tons of imaginative entertainment. All
pieces are stored in a wooden box measuring
13.25” x 9” x 1.75”.
039278 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Cutting Food (PK-3)
Perfect for your future chefs, these sets are tons
of fun! The realistically-painted foods are presliced into several pieces, but are held together
with circles of hook-and-loop fastener that provides the perfect amount of resistance to make it
actually feel like you’re cutting the food!
017339 Food Box . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
Includes 33 total pieces: bread, a carrot,
watermelon, tomato, cucumber, apple,
green pepper, knife and cutting board.
039272 Fruit Crate . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
7 pieces of fruit (banana, kiwi, melon,
lemon, orange, pear and strawberry) can be
cut into 17 total pieces. Includes knife.
Wooden Slice and Bake Cookie Set (PK)
Is your little one anxious to help in the kitchen
but not quite old enough to actually assist the
process? Get their little hands busily occupied
“baking” their own Christmas cookies with this
wooden slice and bake set. The set includes 12
cookies with magnetic centers so they can be
“sliced” apart, 12 yummy-looking icing toppings,
a knife, spatula, kitchen mitt, and cookie sheet.
044713 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
Wooden Triple Layer Party Cake (PK-3)
The perfect dessert for any little princess, this
cake looks almost yummy enough to eat! Set
includes a “sliceable” cake in three layers, 8
mix-and-match rose and heart toppings, cake
plate, cake server and candle. Cake sections and toppings attach with hook-and-loop
fasteners for “real” slicing. Play at having an
extravagant party, be the bride at a wedding, or
become a world-famous cake creator!
052262 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
☼Wooden Steep & Serve Tea Set (PK-3)
One lump or two? This adorable 22-piece set
allows children to serve six different types of tea
in two cups with milk, sugar, and cookies, all
while practicing skills like color identification
and word recognition.
037721(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.25
Tin Tea Sets (PK-3)
These charming metal tea sets are available
in several beautiful designs. Each 15-piece set
contains 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers, a teapot
with lid and a serving tray (except the Rose Tea
Set which does not include a tray). Most of the
sets come packaged in a box; the Tin Tea Set
comes in a cardboard travel carry case (looks
like a little suitcase). The pieces are all miniature sized; cups are 1.125” tall, serving tray
measures 9.5” x 6.25” for dainty pretend play.
031908 Tin Set in Travel Case 24.99 18.95
050024 Flowers & Stripes . . . 19.99 15.95
031165 Owl Tin Tea Set . . . . 29.99 18.50
“Whoo” is coming to tea? This set features
owl motifs in pink, blue, lime and purple.
004225 Very Berry . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.95
Flip & Serve Pancakes Set (PK-3)
Who wants pancakes? Kids will love cooking
up a batch of their favorite breakfast treat with
this yummy-looking play food set. The set
includes 2 large pancakes, 9 round toppings
(bananas, blueberries and chocolate chips),
sliceable butter, skillet, knife, and spatula. The
colorful wooden pieces are painted realistic
colors, with hook-and-loop fasteners to hold
toppings in place. Each pancake has a bubbling
side and a cooked side. Sturdy cardboard packaging has a built-in cooktop (on the bottom of
the box) and a place setting inside. ~ Lisa
013996 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.75
Glow in the Dark
In the daylight, this putty is pale white and acts
like regular putty. But when the lights go out, it
becomes vibrantly hued and full of life! You can
even draw on it with the Blacklight Keychain
(sold separately).
EACH LARGE TIN (exc. noted) . 10.99
060801 Northern Lights . . . . . 14.99
000796 Blacklight Keychain . 6.00
An ultraviolet light on a keychain. Draw on
Glow in the Dark putties, use it to inspect
the legitimacy of currency, or use it to read
invisible ink.
Let’s Play House! Sets (PK-5)
EACH SMALL TIN . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
Pretend kitchen play just got even better with 000637Amber
these sets from Melissa & Doug! Each includes 000791Aura
items that look “just like the real thing” but
sized for small hands and play kitchens. The can Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor
opener really opens the cans, the condiments Based on the temperature of the surroundings,
“squirt” colored string, and the pots and pans this putty will change to darker or lighter colors.
and utensils are durable stainless steel. Dishes, You can use hot or cold objects (such as a blow
utensils and pots and pans are also dishwasher dryer or CO2 pressurized air) to precision-paint
and food safe, so if pretend play gets a little too the putty.
real, cleanup is easy.
EACH LARGE TIN . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
024755 Can Opener & Cans . 9.99
7.95 000650Amethyst 001194Sunburst
Two plastic resealable cans and can opener.
000836Chameleon 001278 Twilight (C.)
036703 Condiment Set . . . . 16.99 13.25 EACH SMALL TIN . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
Metal caddy with six condiments.
000693Amethyst 001196Sunburst
036729 Wash & Dry Dishes 19.99 15.75 000865Chameleon 001305Twilight
Set includes four each of cups, plates (6”
diameter), forks, knives and spoons as well
Phantom Putty (PK-AD)
as squeezable soap bottle, mesh covered
This version of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
sponge and metal drying rack with utensil
is UV reactive and comes with a black light
tray. Dishes are BPA-free plastic.
keychain packed separately in the tin! It appears
036713 Pots & Pans . . . . . . 29.99 23.25 to be a pale, sparkly, glow-in-the-dark, but you
8-piece set includes colander, a pot and
can actually use the light to draw on the putty
two pans (5” diameter) with interchangeand it changes color - see titles below for how
able lid, two wooden utensils and a metal
each one changes! After a few minutes, the
storage stand.
color fades away like a phantom. Take your
036728 Cooking Utensils . . 12.99
9.99 putty outside for a more dramatic change. The
Includes seven pieces approx. 7” long.
putty levels itself in the container for a flat drawing surface. ~ Sara
☼Wooden Brew & Serve Coffee Set (PK-3)
EACH LARGE TIN (3.2 oz) . . . . 14.99
Little baristas can run their own coffee shops 007957 Arctic Flare (Bright Magenta)
by taking requests for flavored or iced drinks 007958 Foxfire (Bright Blue) (D.)
and pretending to prepare each of the two cups 060800 Mystic Glacier (Deep Purple)
with a realistically-designed machine, sugar
packet, milk carton, ice cube, spoon, and mugs. Precious Gems Putties (PK-AD)
037565 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.95
More glamorous options for the discerning
putty collector! These 3” tins contain rich &
Puppets, Plush, & Theater
royal colors (red/blue/green) that are full of glitSee our website for our puppet selection!
ter & shimmer.
EACH 3" PUTTY TIN . . . . . . . . 9.99
063815 Burmese Ruby (E.)
Also see ART for more moldable items like
063816 Ceylon Sapphire
Wikki Stix, Bubber and ShapeIt! Sand
063818 Persian Emerald
Stretchy, breakable yet malleable… Putty is so
simple, so diverse, and so much fun to handle.
But there’s a whole lot more to putty these days!
Enter Crazy Aaron’s Putty. Step aside, pink
putty, and get ready for these wild deviations.
Large tins have 1/5 lb of putty while Medium
tins have 1/10 lb and Minis have 1/34 lb.
Crystal Clear
This putty is clear as glass! Once you start
molding it, it will become cloudy, only to turn
transparent again when you’re done.
000982(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Precious Metals
Gorgeous & glittery, this is a new-size tin
of putty (3.5” diameter and 3/4” high). The
tin itself has rounded edges and a glamorouslooking label. Inside is 1.6 oz of soft, shimmery,
glimmery putty. This is half the amount in the
larger tins. If you want to give putty as a gift to
a more mature kiddo or even an adult, these
vibrant metallics are an elegant option. ~ Sara
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH LARGE TIN . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
060797 Copper Crush
060798 Good as Gold
060802 Pure Platinum
Super Illusions
The metallic, shiny surface appears as many
colors based on thickness and light, creating
a wonderful exposition of colors (especially in
the sunlight).
EACH LARGE TIN . . . . . . . . . . 13.99
001200 Oil Slick
041025 ☼Super Fly
EACH SMALL TIN . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
060804 Oil Slick
066271 Super Fly
066272 Neon Flash Electric
Kinetic Sand (PK-AD)
“Moon Sand is for builders, Kinetic sand is for
destroyers.” This is what a company representative once told me, and I couldn’t agree more.
This 98% pure sand compound acts as a sort of
“sand in motion”, never retaining its shape for
long before it falls apart. As you play with it, it
feels almost like wet sand, but it’s completely
dry. It doesn’t stick to any surface (other than
itself), including your hands. It never dries
out and it permanently retains its feel without
leaving residue. Hold it firmly and watch it
slowly crumble after a short time. Run the soft
sand through your hands. It’s porous enough to
crumble in a soothing display of falling sand,
but solid enough to cut like bread. Play with it,
mold with it, have fun with it!
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
055989 1 Kilograms . . . . . . 14.99 13.50
060630 2.5 Kilograms . . . . . 24.99 22.95
055990 5 Kilograms . . . . . . 44.99 37.95
039668 T-Rex Dino Dig . . . 24.99 22.95
Combine the fun of kinetic sand with a dino
fossil excavation! This set includes 1 Kg of
kinetic sand, a 3-D T-Rex skeleton and tools
for excavating. Scrunch the sand around the
dino skeleton and let the kids dig ‘em out and
put it together. And the best thing about this
activity? Do it again and again and again!
EACH 5LB PACK . . . . . . . . . 42.40 35.95
064693 Blue & Green 064696Purple
064694 Blue 064697 Red & Purple
Super Magnetics
What’s better than regular putty? Magnetic
putty, of course. Simply apply the included
magnet to the surface to align the putty, turning
it into a magnet.
EACH PUTTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99
044315 ☼Gold Rush
☼Kinetic Sand – Gem and Metallic (4+)
This play sand has all the unique motion
001169 Strange Attractor
qualities of regular Kinetic Sand, but with added
001277 Tidal Wave
shimmer and color. Not only are these colors
more fun than your typical brown sand, but they
Crazy Aaron's Seasonal Putties
also have a very fine glitter for some sparkle.
See our website for current availability.
The Gem tones come in assorted colors with
059215 ☼Jingle Holiday Putty 14.99 gold glitter: Amethyst (a beautiful, deep plum
059214 ☼North Star Putty . . . 14.99 color), Emerald (a vibrant green that is reminis067430 ☼Liberty Bell . . . . . . . 14.99 cent of St. Patrick’s Day décor), and Sapphire (a
059213 Holiday 2” Tins (asstd) 2.99 rich, gorgeous dark blue). The Metallic shades
These small tins of festive holiday cheer
come in either silver and gold, with the gold
come in three styles
being a darker yellow with gold glitter and the
silver being a gunmetal grey with subtle silver
Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit (PK-AD)
shine. While it is important to note that the
If you are a putty
packaging does not quite reflect the real look of
enthusiast who has been
the sand, the product itself is gorgeous and will
known to mix your magbe enjoyed by kids and adults alike. – Laura
netic with your glow in
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
the dark putties just to
EACH 1LB BOX (exc noted) . 14.99 11.25
see what happens, then
066050 Gem (assorted color)
have I got the set for
066051 Metallic (assrtd silver/gold) 14.75
you! This kit includes
6 putties: red, yellow &
Kinetic Sand and Tool Sets (PK-AD)
blue, glow in the dark,
065305 ☼Construction Set . 14.99 11.25
glitter, & a pearly white.
Build homes, offices, and more with this
Also included are 5 small tins of clear putty.
fun set. Includes 10 oz. of blue sand, three
Your job is to mix them & make your own origidifferent plastic brick molds, pretend mini
nal thinking putty! The 1.5” tins have a white
jackhammer, and an 8.75”x10.5” play tray
"Crazy Aaron's" label ready to customize with
with printed interior.
the 6 colored pencils! A mixing mat to work on 065306 ☼2lb. - Brown . . . . 14.99 12.95
shows color formulas. As a putty connoisseur, I
Original sand color, now in a 2lb. volume
give this kit 5 crazy stars! ~ Sara
065307 ☼Sand Box (A.) . . . . 4.99
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
Keep playtime orderly with this cute
060799 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99
10x10x2” sand box. Comes in assorted
colors: salmon pink, blue, or lime green,
our choice.
065308 ☼Neon Sand . . . . . . . 14.95
These 2lb boxes come in assorted colors for
(Not) Just for Fun
added fun: cyan blue, green, magenta, and
orchid purple, our choice, but we will assort
if you order more than one.
065309 ☼Roller Set (B.) . . . . 6.99
This fun tool comes with three rollers and a
handle. Simply pop in the roller of choice,
flip the handle over to rake your sand
smooth, then flip it again to roll a variety
of sea-themed patterns featuring ocean life,
mermaids, ships, shells, and more.
065310 ☼Tool Set . . . . . . . . 6.99
Carve fun designs in the sand with this
kit. Includes a trowel with textured edges,
double ended rake/shovel, double ended
stylus, and a circular tool/fork.
☼Mad Matt*r (PK-AD)
What is it??? It’s modeling dough that never
dries out. It is easy to shape and can be used
with molds or cutters. But, it’s also stretchy and
fascinating to watch as it cascades down off
your hand. Cleans up easily, is wheat/gluten/
casein free, and comes in vibrant colors you can
mix! Each resealable bag is 10 oz. Not edible.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH 10 OZ. BAG . . . . . . . . 12.99 11.75
☼Cubebots (PK-AD)
Part wood, part string, and entirely awesome,
these adorable little guys are the most flexible
robots on the block. Each one begins its life as
a perfect cube, but it can be unfolded into virtually limitless configurations. Every component
(head, torso, arms, hands, etc.) is connected to
the adjoining limb by elastic string, and there
are grooves cut into the wood around the string.
To reposition any part of the Cubebot, just take
the piece you want to move and loop it around
a nearby notch until it’s in place. In this manner, you can put the Cubebot into just about
any pose imaginable—running, waving, crabwalking, tangled up… Once you’re done, it’s
a puzzle in itself to twist and fold the Cubebot
back into a cube. Durable, cute, fidget-friendly,
and endlessly entertaining, Cubebots are perfect
children’s toys, dresser knickknacks, stocking
stuffers, and desk toys!
EACH SMALL (C.) . . . . . . . . . . 18.00
Small Cubebots start as a 2.5” cube, but
measure 6.75” tall by 9.25” wide when the
bot is standing with arms outstretched.
EACH MICRO . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.00
Micro Cubebots start as a 1.5” cube but
measure 4.25” tall by 5.5” wide with arms
outstretched. Facial expressions vary.
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Hit Mit Paddle Ball Game (PK-Adult)
Blend tennis and ping pong and you have
Balls & Ball Games
a whole new ball game! These lightweight,
waterproof foam paddles are made to fit like a
Playground Balls (PK-AD)
mitten with a paddle on the front and back and
You may be just a regular ol’ homeschooling
a place to slide your hand into the middle while
family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a
securing your thumb for control. Bounce the
cool set of playground balls just like your local
included ball back and forth in the air for hours
schools. These sturdy latex-free balls are 8 ½”
of exercise, hand eye coordinating skills, and
inflated, and have a thick, textured, rubbery
pure fun. This game would be great for indoor
surface. We like them because they’re available
use too. Note: paddles are approximately 8”x
in every color of the rainbow. Use them for all D.
7” and may be a bit big for smaller hands. Sets
kinds of outdoor activities and games, even as
include 2 paddles, 2 balls, and a drawstring
basketballs or volleyballs for informal games in
mesh bag for storage.
the yard. Balls ship uninflated; you can inflate
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95
them with an air compressor or bicycle pump.
☼Waboba Extreme (Assorted Colors) (3-AD) 062803Green
Add some pizzazz to your P.E.! – Jess
EACH BALL (A.) . . . . . . . . . . . 7.00
6.25 The amazing ball that bounces on water! While
this may seem like a rudimentary concept, the OgoSport Sports Disks (PK-AD)
things you can do with the Waboba are incredi- So simple, yet you can use these lightweight,
ble. It’s a pool toy for simple games like catch or grippable sports disks in so many ways! It’s
monkey in the middle (where having to bounce like holding a little trampoline in your hands;
it off the water instead of throw over everyone use ‘em to fling or catch balls - even water balPOOF Foam Sports Balls (K-AD)
Great for learning ball handling skills plus spices up gameplay). However, it’s also perfect loons – up to 150 feet! Don’t have a ball? Use
easier on your home when kids bring outdoor for more extreme activities: our family used the disk like a Frisbee – it flies pretty well! In
toys indoors, these colorful foam balls are easy our Waboba extensively on summer vacation the pool? They float too! I can’t even begin to
to grip and soft enough not to hurt. They’re to play crazy variants of catch, make trick imagine all the fun pool games you could play…
water-resistant and make a great toy for pool shots into sand buckets, through inner tubes, to The OgoSport disks’ design is great for young
parties or beach vacations. The Pro Gold Pack people sun-tanning on the beach, and more! If kids or adults, and it’s more open-ended than a
has authentic colors but all others come in a you’re looking for a new addition to pool play or racket, mitt or water balloon launcher. Young
variety of bright colors. If you order more than a beach vacation, consider this awesome water kids can even play by themselves, developing
one, we will assort but we can't guarantee color toy. Colors available: Green & Black, Orange & hand-eye coordination as they bounce and
Black, Bright Colors & Black, Orange & Blue, catch balls. Try one or two! I have no doubt
choice. .
006607 Football (9.5") (B.) . . . . . 8.00 6.75 Green and Orange, and Yellow & Orange. Jess, you’ll find hundreds of uses for them! Sports
006632 Soccer Ball (7.5" diam) . 11.00 8.25 Do we choose? If so sentence needs restructured Disks are 15” in diameter, and both the Single
006635 Power Spiral Football . . 8.00 6.75 to our standard “our choice but will assort if and Super include one OgoSoft ball. – Jess
more than one” sentence.
8.5” long with aerodynamic grooves
047022 Single disk . . . . . . . 17.50 14.95
8.25 047024 Super (two disks) . . 35.00 29.75
006593 Home Run Bat & Ball Jr.12.50 9.25 024788(D.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99
2 1/4" foam balls and foam-covered 27"
047023 OgoSoft Ball (each) . 2.99
Rubber Band Ball – Make It Yourself (2-AD)
plastic bats with handle grips
Looking back, I’m amazing at how much of
006636 Pro Gold Mini Pack . . . 13.00 9.50
my childhood was spent playing with bouncy
Work on coordination and sport skills with
balls (or at least looking for ones that had
easy-to-handle, regulation-sized balls. Each
bounced astray). I would have loved this kit,
pack includes a soccer ball, football, and
which allows you to make your own rubber
basketball that look just like the real thing!
band ball that can bounce up to 40 feet! The kit
includes a large rubber ball (measuring about Ogo Ballooza (1-AD)
Rubbabu Stress Balls (PK-AD) (ages 3+)
Perfect for small children or special needs kids, 1.5” in diameter) to use as the center and lots Three fun balls in one package! Pack includes a
these soft, safe foam balls come in a variety of of colorful rubber bands that you simply wrap Flux Ball, a Micro Copter Dart, and the Ogosoft
around the rubber ball until the desired size is Ball. The Flux Ball is small, squishy, and riddled
fun textures. Each ball is 4”.
010937 Bubble Ball . . . . . . . 7.99
7.25 accomplished. Kids will be able to make their with holes. It comes with three detachable cloth
010939 Bumpy Ball . . . . . . . 7.99
7.25 own colorful rubber bouncy ball that they will strips for varied speed and flight patterns. The
010942 Crater Ball . . . . . . . . 7.99
7.25 then have a blast playing with. ~ Rachel
Micro Copter Dart spins through the air and
4.50 lands standing. It can be broken apart and re010944 Golf Ball . . . . . . . . . 7.99
7.25 038105 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00
011021 Naval Mine Ball . . . . 7.99
assembled, and the fins can be pressed down for
011061 Standard Ball . . . . . . 7.99
7.25 Rebound Ball (PK-AD)
more spin. The Ogosoft Ball is soft, bristly, and
The rebound ball is simple design at its fin- has short bungee lanyard attached. All balls can
011095 Set of 3 2.5” Balls . . 7.99
011108 Torpedo Ball . . . . . . 7.99
7.25 est (and aren’t simple toys often the best?). It be used with the Ogosport Disks, on their own,
consists of a soft rubber ball attached to a hook- or with other sports equipment. ~ Janine
and-loop fastener wrist strap by four or five 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
☼Foxtail Softie Foam Ball (PK-AD)
The rules are simple. Grab the foxtail and give feet of elastic band. Once the strap is securely 062168(E.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 11.25
the large soft mesh ball a spin and toss. As your fastened, throwing the ball with sufficient force
co-player catches the foxtail, the closer to the will result in it snapping back towards you, Pop ‘n’ Catch (PK-AD)
soft mesh ball, the more points received…but either to be caught or dodged. Despite its
Fun and easy-to-use, this activity will provide
don’t grab the foam ball or you will receive 0 uncomplicated function, even as an adult I find hours of entertainment whether you’re playing
points. For ease of scoring, the foxtail is clearly it fun to play with – especially indoors. So long alone or with a partner. Simply press the trigger
sectioned off by color with an easily viewable as there isn’t anything breakable nearby, having on the hand-held launcher to blast a lightweight
point system. The tail measures approximately plenty of items for the ball to bounce off of and ball into the air. Then use the launcher to
31” long and the foam ball has an 11” cir- get hung up on makes the activity much more catch the ball before it hits the ground. This
cumference. A great activity for developing entertaining, and the soft ball won’t damage any set includes two launchers and one ball. ~ Anh
eye- hand coordination, but more importantly, hard surface. Available in two styles: a sports CHOKING HAZARD (3). Not <3yrs.
a game your entire family will enjoy! ~Deanne ball and a metallic ball with stars.
052134 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
063655(C.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95 047145 Sports Ball . . . . . . . . 4.50
025735 Catch a Star Ball . . . 4.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Bicycle Accessories
Brightz Bike Accessories (PK-AD)
Safety may be the obvious goal, but don’t
overlook the “wow” factor you’ll gain when
your bike is festooned with these eye-catching,
brilliantly bright LED lights! All components are
waterproof and mounting hardware is included.
10-foot rope with 60 LED lights to wrap
around your bike frame. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).
EACH GO BIKE LIGHT (except) 12.99
A bar containing 6 LEDs with super wide
beams. 4 Modes can be set: 1 constant and
3 flashing speeds. Requires 2 AAA batteries
(not included).
036336 ☼Yellow
004653 Color Morphing . . . . . 19.99
Each package includes a 20-LED light rope
for one 20” or bigger wheel. Requires 3AA
batteries (not included).
036696 ☼Orange
036554 ☼Gold
036596 ☼Multi
036701 ☼White
004663 Color Morphing . . . . . 19.99
Classic Skill & Dexterity Games
Bounce-Back Paddle Ball (Classics) K-AD)
A classic toy for developing the hand-eye
coordination. A rubber ball on an elastic cord is
attached to a 10” paddle. Try to hit the ball right
on the bull’s eye. How many times in a row can
you bounce the ball?
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
035263 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.95
Kendama - Toss & Catch Skill Game (3-AD)
The goal of Kendama is simple: toss the ball
into the air and attempt to catch it in one of the
cup-shaped surfaces or the spike. The plastic
Kendama’s cupped surfaces vary in size, allowing players to gradually move up in skill level.
It takes a good deal of hand-eye coordination
(and practice) to catch the ball, particularly on
the spike!
035394 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.95
☼Dynamic Disc Golf (PK-AD)
Has your family entered the Frisbee® Disc Golf
craze yet? The rules are simple: fly your disc
into the different baskets on the 9- or 18- basket
Disc Golf course in fewer attempts than your
peers. Similar to golf, each basket has a stated
goal of how many throws it should take (ideally). This is one of our favorite family activities
over the warmer months, and we are fortunate
to have numerous courses of varying challenge
levels available in our area. Dynamic Disc provides entry level sets and individual discs for
families wanting to develop their own disc golf
skills. The Dynamic Disc Starter Set includes the
putter, mid-range, and driver disc (three of the
most popular discs), selected for their comfortable grip and smooth glide. Also available is
the Starter Set with Cadet Bag, which contains
(Not) Just for Fun
the same discs (colors may vary) and a nylon
carrying bag with a shoulder strap. The Cadet
Bag offers a main compartment, putter pocket,
inside mesh pocket (with zipper) and outside
pocket. Measuring approximately 5 ½“ wide x
9” long and 8” tall, it is roomy enough for 8-10
discs and 2 putters. Available individually are
the Prime Escape and Fluid Escape discs. For the
novice, the Prime Escape is an entry level, basic
driver for those unsure this sport is for them,
while the Fluid Escape driver provides more
flexibility and a better grip for increased control, allowing you to play in colder weather or
showcase your fancy disc flying skills! ~Deanne
035288 Fluid Escape . . . . . . 16.99 14.50
035289 Prime Escape . . . . . . 8.99
035306 Starter Set (3 Discs) . . 24.99
035327 Starter Set w/ Bag . 39.99 39.00
juggle. Juggling for the Complete Klutz takes
you one step at a time to being able to juggle
fairly well. You start off with tossing and catching one beanbag in a nice arc. By the end of
the book you could be juggling 4 or 5 bags!
(Hey, anything is possible.) This 52-page book
includes everything you need to get started:
instructions, encouragement, and 3 juggling
bags so you can practice, practice, practice!
010098 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 11.50
☼Bunch O Balloons (3+)
Water balloon wars are great, but filling and
tying ammunition is the worst. Give your splashbattalion the upper hand (or make it easier on
yourself, parents!) with this clever tool. Each
“bunch” consists of a hose connector with over
30 straws, each attached to a balloon at the
other end. First, grab a large bucket or kiddie
pool and fill it about half way with water. Screw
the device onto your hose and keep the balloons
in the water as they fill. When the balloons
reach a good size, lift the hose out of the water
and the weight of the balloons will cause them
to come off the device. As they come off, the
little rubber band will snap the end closed – no
more tying! It’s a little tricky to get every single
balloon to come off perfectly, but getting so
many filled balloons at once is definitely worth
it. Each pack comes with three tools in different
colors, so you get about 100 total balloons per
pack. Great for birthday parties or any outdoor
A. summer fun!
Lumi-Niter (PK-AD)
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Here’s a disc that keeps you Frisbee-ing into 011671 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
the night! What looks like a normal Frisbee
by day is easily converted to a light up disc F.A.S.T. 201 Yo-Yo (PK-AD) 
when the sun goes down. Simply activate the
Ah, the classic yo-yo. It may be low tech, but
included glowsticks, secure them into the four enthusiasts continue to find ways to improve
grooves on the top of the disk, and you’re good upon the original design. Both beginners and
to go – up to 8 hours, which will get you close yo-yo aficionados will enjoy this fresh, modto dawn! Discs are made of sturdy, translucent ern take on the toy. The FAST is maintenance
polyethylene, which enables the light from the free, utilizing a ball-bearing to prevent age-old
glowsticks to light up the surrounding area of problems (like tangling). It also has a sharper
the disc. Discs come in a variety of colors with feel than traditional yo-yos: Movements are
refill packs of glowsticks also available in a more precise, the yo-yo spins faster, and it is
variety of colors; mix and match to make your easier to manipulate. The hallmark of the FAST
own favorite combination! Each disc comes is its three levels of adjustable response, which
with 16 glowsticks; 4 each of red, yellow, blue tweak response time and tension characteristics,
and green. Refill packs include 40 glowsticks.
producing the perfect conditions for tricks or
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 general use. ~ Stephen
027965 Green (16 glowsticks)
043921(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.99
027986 Orange (16 glowsticks)
027991 Raspberry (16 glowsticks)
‘ONE’ Yo-Yo (PK-AD) 
028002 White (16 glowsticks)
There can only be one… yo-yo. The butterfly
028005 Yellow (16 glowsticks)
shape makes it easy to hold, the ball-bearing
028007 Glowstick Refills: Blue (40)
improves the durability, and it comes in a vari028012 Glowstick Refills: Green (40)
ety of colors. It’s good for beginners, yet tough
028017 Glowstick Refills: Pink (40)
enough to withstand any tricks yo-yo enthusiasts
028054 Glowstick Refills: Red (40)
wish to try. Whether you’ve been using them for
028079 Glowstick Refills: Yellow (40)
a long time or are just getting started, this is a
solid stand-alone yo-yo. ~ Stephen
Retro Juggling Balls (K-AD)
043922 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
Impress your friends with your juggling ability
using these Retro Juggling Balls. Comes in a set Art of YO (1-AD)
of three for basic juggling. Balls are about 2”
While the Yo-Yo has come a long way from
and bright red, yellow, blue, and green.
being America’s first “fad”, it is still a great toy
030825 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
5.60 to build hand-eye coordination. The Art of YO
kit includes a solid maple balanced YO, plus a
Juggling for the Complete Klutz (all ages)
handbook that shows you how to do tricks—
So, you think juggling is only for super-coor- from beginning to advanced. A hand-crafted
dinated people? Nope. This book proves that canvas bag is included for easy storage.
anyone - even if you are a complete klutz - can 053101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.90
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
ONEstar Yo-Yo (Assorted Colors) (3-AD)
A sort of “in-between” yo-yo model, the
ONEstar is a great choice for intermediate
yo-yo enthusiasts looking for something betterperforming than the ONE model. It includes a
response pad and bearing system from higherquality yo-yos and is made out of incredibly
durable material. If you want a modern yo-yo
that feels solid and has some of the features of
more expensive models without paying the price
of a professional yo-yo, this is a solid choice.
039531 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
Velocity Yo-Yo (Assorted Colors) (3-AD)
True to its name, the
Velocity is all about speed.
A dial on the side can adjust
the speed from the more
moderate pace of a classic
yo-yo to the performance
level of a modern trick
yo-yo. Instead of starting
with a low-quality yo-yo which is liable to break
or tangle, beginners can get the same feel out
the well-built, modern Velocity. Once you master the basics on a slower speed, the dial can
gradually be turned up to a faster, more difficult
style for advanced tricks.
039536 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99
Retro Yo-Yo (PK-AD)
Be the coolest kid in the room when you
show off your skills with this classic metal yo-yo
from Schylling. The yo-yo is well balanced for
easier throw and play. Measures: 2”x 2”x 1.5”.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
030886 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
☼Geoflux Interactive Spring Toy (1-AD)
Made up of a continuous band of metal,
Geoflux is an entertaining kids toy, desk distraction, and fidget tool. When you stick something
through the rings (say, an arm) the Geoflux
rolls rapidly up and down whatever it’s caught
between. For example, if you link your arms
together via interlocked fingers, the Geoflux
will “roll” from one arm to the other and back
again. You can even mix it up by linking hands
with any suitable object and passing the Geoflux
off to broom handles, curtain rods, and other
people! It’s even possible to make a game of
it, creating a chain of pass-offs from person-toperson and object-to-object. Folds flat for storage in included travel pouch.
016916 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 15.50
Skytrix – Amazing Stunt Glider (3-AD)
This awesome plane can sail up to 200 feet
– and the fun doesn’t stop there. Combining
elements of boomerangs, Frisbees, kites, and
yo-yos, the Skytrix is great fun for several people
at once or just to play with by yourself. The
plane is attached to a cord for easy launching
and swinging. With some practice, you can
do pretty sweet tricks with it. Or you can just
launch and watch as it does entrancing dips,
glides, and swirls in the air – almost as if it has
a mind of its own. ~ Janine
031438 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.00 13.25
Coordination, Balance, & P.E.
Jump Ropes (PK-AD)
Jump ropes were, without a doubt, one of
our most invaluable toys growing up, so we’re
offering these high-quality ropes that will last for
years to come. These jump ropes are made in
the USA of double braided rope and are 3/8” in
diameter. They come in solid colors or "confetti"
colors (one main color accented by several contrasting colors). There are no painful or breakable handles, just knots. Additionally, the ropes
are well weighted for a good “throw”, and they
are kink-resistant, and machine-washable. You
may need to invest in a couple of these guys!
We offer both 8’ and 16’ sizes, so you can find
the right size rope for everyone on your list,
whether they enjoy jumping solo or in groups.
Great for adult exercise as well!
EACH 8’ CONFETTI ROPE . . . 6.99
EACH 8' RAINBOW ROPE . . . 6.99
037825 ☼Blue
037855 ☼Purple
037831 ☼Green
037858 ☼Red
037854 ☼Orange
EACH 16’ ROPE . . . . . . . . . . 13.99 11.75
☼White Cotton Jump Ropes (PK-AD)
Hop into fun with these durable cotton jump
ropes! The braided, heavyweight cotton gives
these jump ropes a great weight for an ideal
toss, and the 4 5/8” smooth wooden handles fit
comfortably in your hand. Jump ropes come in
a variety of lengths, so you can get the perfect
rope for your height. ~ Rachel
025166 6’ L (up to 4’5”) (A.) 2.15
025176 7’ L (4’5” to 4’10”) . . 2.15
Swingy Thing Spinning Game (1-AD)
025179 8’ L (4’11” to 5’3”) . . 2.50
Prepare to be challenged with this seemingly 025189 9’ L (5’4” to 5’10”) . . 2.40
simple game of hand coordination, concentra- 025164 10’ L (over 5’10”) . . . 2.50
tion, and patience! Picture a metal rod with
three pendulums hanging in the middle, and Anna Banana: 101 Jump-Rope Rhymes (K-5)
three hanging “u” shaped pieces of three dif- Jumping rope is more fun if you use rhymes to
ferent sizes around those. Each pendulum and keep rhythm and lend some poetry and humor
u-shaped piece can spin independently around to the jumping, so kids will love the little ditthe bar, or with other pieces, the trick is mas- ties included here. This book by Joanna Cole
tering that manipulation! With instructions and includes over 100 traditional jump-rope rhymes,
over 50 increasingly difficult challenges, swing including counting rhymes, rhymes for jumping
your way to from spinning a single piece in very fast, rhymes for jumping in and out of the
one direction all the way to achieving the “Big rope, future-telling rhymes, and more. Most
Bang Slam”, where all pieces spin in alternating rhymes go with some kind of jumping game like
opposite directions! A unique way to occupy when the rhyme tells you things you have to do
busy hands and minds! ~ Deanne
while jumping, or you jump to find the letters
037194 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 13.95 that spell out your future sweetheart’s name.
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Funny black and white sketches illustrate the
rhymes in the book. 64 pages, pb.
041509 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
Chinese Jump Rope (PK-AD)
Jumping rope is great, but if you want something a bit different and have three or more
players, Chinese jump rope is a classic activity
that kids love! Instead of moving the rope and
jumping over it, the rope remains stationary and
the jumper moves around the rope in a variety
of jumps. When I was young, my friends and
I used to do this to fun chants, and we always
had a lot of fun. This rope is a good value;
it’s a continuous thin loop made of stretchy,
durable material. The two rope holders stand
with their legs about a foot apart, and five or so
feet away from each other with the rope around
the outside of their legs at about ankle height.
You want the rope taut, but still loose enough
so it can stretch. The jumper starts with both
feet inside the two sides of the rope and jumps
in and out.
033996(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.49
☼Jump Rope – Adjustable Length (PK-AD)
These jump ropes are truly “one size fits all”
with slidable connectors that allow you to adjust
the rope to your preferred length, from 7’ to 9’.
Jumpers 4’5” to 5’10” can enjoy skipping rope
at the perfect length without needing to buy
separate jump ropes for different people. Great
for families with lots of kids! The plastic handles
fit comfortably in your hand. These jump ropes
come in a variety of bright colors. (Cannot guarantee a specific color, but we will try to assort if
you order more than one.) ~ Rachel
025141 Assorted color (C.) . . 3.67
Jump Rope Kit – Make It Yourself (3-AD)
Jumping rope is one of the easiest, healthiest
activities out there and now you can customize
your own jump rope with this fun kit. You won’t
be making an ordinary jump rope though – with
the tons of bright and colorful rubber bands in
the kit, you’ll make a rubber band jump rope
that will last for years. Easy instructions are
included and you simply braid the rubber bands
together until your robe is the desired length.
A metal “puller” is included in each kit to help
with the braiding of the rubber bands. Then you
attach the handles to the rubber band robe in a
very secure way. The kits has a 1.25” wide foam
handles with a solid plastic core. You’ll have
tons of fun constructing your own rubber band
jump rope – not to mention the satisfaction
you’ll have using it for years to come. ~ Rachel
038095 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.00
Retro Jump Rope (K-AD)
Even before opening the box you get the
1950’s feel from this jump rope. It features
wooden handles and is approx. 82” long.
030838 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
(Not) Just for Fun
☼L’il Lariats (1-AD) 
Not just a cute costume accessory, this juniorsized lariat is the real McCoy! These high-quality lariats made of heavy woven polypropylene
blend rope have the correct stiffness to have
you swinging like a lasso master in no time. The
pre-tied eye loop and 20’ of sturdy rope makes
lassoing your target--both near or far--a breeze.
With a bit of practice your little ones will be
coiling, swinging, and throwing like the true
cowboys or cowgirls! Made in USA. ~ Emily
EACH 20’ LARIAT . . . . . . . . 13.99 11.95
037865Black/Blue 037859Black/Tan
037943Black/Red 037903White/Rasp.
bounce, while helping you go higher. Made of
steel with rubber grips and a replaceable rubber
tip, this pogo stick will last a long while. Kids
(and adults!) up to 180 lbs can use it. About 41”
tall, and weighs 6 lbs.
007956Black . . . . . . . . . . . 69.99 59.99
003471 Blue . . . . . . . . . . . 69.99 59.99
Parachutes (PK-AD)
These large, high-quality parachutes feature
rip-stop nylon material, a reinforced mesh center, and double-stitched handles. You can use
these colorful parachutes for all kinds of outdoor
games, or just to have fun experimenting with
air and the wind! Parachutes include a drawstring carry bag.
018667 6’ Diameter (8 Handles) 18.50 15.95 GROM Pogo Sticks (1-6)
The GROM pogo stick is perfect for kids
018663 12’ Diameter (12 Handles) 46.00 38.95
weighing up to 90 lbs. It’s made of steel with
rubber grips and a replaceable tip. The hidden
☼Parachutes (PK-AD)
Children of all ages will find a variety of games low-friction spring makes this one of the quietto play with these parachutes. Parachute Tag, est, smoothest pogo sticks you’ll ever bounce
See Saw Pull, and Air Waves are just a few on. Approximately 36” tall. – Chad
games children can play to develop coopera- 007983Purple . . . . . . . . . . 59.99 49.99
tion and, build gross motor skills and muscle 008001 Red (B.) . . . . . . . . . 59.99 49.99
tone, and make memories with their families
and friends! Each parachute is made from 100 Jackhammer Pogo Jumper (9-AD)
One look at this pogo stick will convince you
% flame retardant polyester with reinforced web
handles for safe and fun play. Includes storage it is like none other! Using patented bow spring
technology, the manufacturer claims jumps up
sack. ~Deanne
065190 Funchute (6’) -(A.) . 20.80 16.25 to 4 feet. And having spent a little time on this
bad boy (although limited by the office ceiling),
Perfect for smaller areas: 9 handles, for 3-4 kids.
065198 Kaleidochute (12’) . 59.60 46.50 I believe it! After having tried this one, when I
climbed on other pogo sticks I was shocked by
Larger size perfect for group play: 12 hanthe lack of spring and durability, comparatively.
dles, red/yellow/blue/purple ringed pattern.
065205 Playchute (10’) . . . . 36.00 27.95 The Jackhammer is made of high-grade aluminum, is highly durable, features a rubber “foot”
Red/blue/yellow/orange with 12 handles.
for gripping, and weighs less than 8 lbs. While
the price tag is higher than the other models
Air Pogo Jumper (1-AD)
we sell, we believe the Jackhammer is worth
Super challenge – super
the price for your older and more serious pogo
workout! This simple toy
jumpers! Supports riders from 120-176 lbs;
requires fierce concentratwo models in different weight limits available.
tion. Insert the tough rubMinimal simple assembly required. ~ Megan
ber ball into the plastic
019528 120-154 lbs . . . . . . 199.99 119.95
foot plate and inflate it
019536 154-176 lbs . . . . . 199.99 119.95
using the supplied hand
pump. The ball is shaped
in such a way that its inflated shape will keep Skippers (PK-3)
When my sisters and I were young our friends
it in place, and allow the jumper to hold up to
220 pounds! Just stand on the foot-plate, grip had a “Skip-It,” with a plastic loop, a plasthe ball with your feet, and jump away. A real tic shaft, and a round counter on it. You’d
start it spinning around one ankle, skip over
cardio workout!
001886 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 22.50 the shaft and and it would count how many
hops you could do before you messed up!
Unfortunately, the counter would always break.
Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper (PK-AD)
This primary-colored jumper squeaks with But you wouldn’t have to worry about that with
each hop! It has a soft, durable foam block to a Skipper! Skippers are a more “traditional”
stand on with a bungee cord and comfort grip version of the toy, consisting of a loop of rope,
to hold. Holds up to 250 pounds—so even Mom a length of rope, and a brightly-colored ball on
the end. Just place it around your ankle, start
and Dad can join in the fun.
005996 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 12.95 it spinning, and skip over it with your other
foot. Unlike jumping rope, it gets both feet
coordinated to a different rhythm, and takes up
Flight Pogo Sticks 40 (5-AD)
If you’re used to noisy, creaky pogo sticks, less space than swinging a jump rope. Great for
you’ll love having this quiet one around. Low- active play, developing coordination, and burnfriction spring technology gives it a smoother ing off those extra calories! – Jess
(Not) Just for Fun
EACH SKIPPER . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
Slackline Classic Series (K-AD)
Walk the tightrope with Slackline! The
Slackline is a nylon tightrope which is tethered
at two ends. It’s held slightly slack to prevent
“rolling” of the feet or rope as with traditional
tightrope cables. Typically used for teaching and
learning to control balance, this kit can also be
used for building core strength, tricks, or as an
outdoor game supplement. Start slacking!
055999 40’ Beginner . . . . . 79.99 67.00
Rubberized print makes this Slackline ideal
for beginners or for focusing on balance.
055991 Teaching Line . . . . . 69.99 62.99
This classic Slackline also comes with a
teaching line-a suspended cable that allows
you to support yourself with your hands
when you lose your balance
Slackers NinjaLines (1-AD)
Start your training to be a Ninja Warrior with
these slackers obstacle course elements! Each
component provides a unique challenge, but all
take strength and agility to conquer. Incorporate
individual pieces into your own backyard obstacle course or try the kit options for a diverse
and all-encompassing ninja experience. Each
individual apparatus features a steel delta clip
that can be attached to eye bolts or hooks; lines
contain the apparatus’ and the slackers line, just
attach the ends to trees or posts. Slackers lines
feature steel ratchets for a safe, tight fit and easy
up and down. Pieces can be placed in any order
and spaced closer or further apart to increase
difficulty; customize yours by adding the individual apparatuses below. These pieces take
old-fashioned monkey bars up several notches!
025303 Balls – Set of 2 . . . 24.99 22.49
Just what it sounds like – no ring, no bar,
just a 2.5” diameter ball to grip. 2 balls +
hardware included.
025313 Climbing Rope . . . . 19.99 17.99
8-foot climbing rope with several footholds
025316 Cones – Set of 2 . . 29.99 26.99
Try to hang from these 4” long cones! Set of
2, includes hardware.
025362 Rope Ladder . . . . . 24.99 22.49
An 8-ft rope ladder with six wooden rungs.
025375 30’ Intro Kit . . . . . 99.99 89.99
Includes 30’ slackline with 6' ratchet line,
two 16” monkey bar holds, two gymnastic
rings with textured grip, and three monkeyfists (knotted nylon rope), plus storage bag.
025410 30’ Pro Combo Kit . 139.99 125.99
Includes 30’ slackline with 6' ratchet line,
two 4” cones, three 2.5” balls, two 8” pipes
along with seven clips plus a storage bag.
E-Z Steppers (K-5)
A fantastic way for kids to improve their balance and coordination. These low rise junior
stilts are made of brightly colored durable plastic and feature a 4” rise. Safety features include
a slightly flared base, anti-slip top, and adjustable rope handles. Available in six colors. -Enh
EACH STEPPER . . . . . . . . . . 11.99 10.25
004231Blue 004256Raspberry
004232Green 004307Red
004240Purple 004325Yellow
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
WalkAroo Stilts (PK-AD)
Stilts are one of those classic toys that children of all ages (and adults!) continue to enjoy.
WalkAroo stilts are ergonomically-designed,
durable, and easy to use with many great features. Not only are they adjustable and able to
accommodate a range of heights, but they also
non-slip foot rests and rubber “feet.” These are
great toys for developing physical balance and
038933 Walkaroo Stilts (4-AD) 57.99 49.95
The original steel WalkAroo stilts can
accommodate anyone between 4’ 6” – 6’
6” and up to 210 lbs. and offer S-shaped,
foam-covered shoulder rests.
018956 Walkaroo Jr Stilts(K-AD)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.99 38.95
Lighter-weight aluminum WalkAroo Jr.’s
are intended for children as young as 5 and
up to 110 lbs. and offer S-shaped, foamcovered shoulder rests.
061369 Walkaroo Wee Stilts (PK-AD)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44.99 37.95
With durable, yet lightweight, steel tub construction, these stilts don’t have the shoulder
rest, but have a C-shaped handle with grippable foam, and are easier to balance on
which makes them great for younger riders.
For children and adults from 3’ – 5’10” and
up to 180 lbs.
052135 Walkaroo Extreme (2-AD)
(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 68.99 59.95
With an available 17” of lift, your average
child can easily become adult size. Made of
lightweight steel, with foam-covered shoulder rests and handles, and adjustable to let
the user change the height from 5” to 17” by
using extensions as they become comfortable. Riders up to 210 lbs. and ranging from
4’ to 6’6” tall.
☼Swurfer (Swing Reinvented) (PK-AD)
Find a good branch and unleash the Swurfer!
Made of solid maple, these handcrafted swings
are designed to offer more versatility. The
curved board, with handles incorporated into
the ropes, allows for more power and a greater
range of tricks and ways to swing. The Swurfer
is a 33” x 10” board that can support 250 lbs
and comes with two 40' lengths of rope, two
handles, and installation instructions. **Tree
not included! The SwurfGrip is a set of 2 traction pads – one for each side of the board. This
leaves the middle of the board clear for sitting
while providing a non-slip surface for standing
and performing tricks. Pad sets are red or green
(subject to availability).
063632Swurfer . . . . . . . . . . . 129.99
063744SwurfGrip . . . . . . . . . 24.99
☼Playzone-fit Shape Up Twist N Spin (PK-AD)
Similar to the classic “sit and spin” toys of old,
the Twist N Spin rotates when sat or stood upon
but has no central column to rotate around. The
disc instead spins in nearly-frictionless motion
via ball bearings, so riders must support and
balance themselves with their own muscles,
making the Twist N Spin a bit of an abdominal
workout as well. The toy’s small size of only
12” in diameter and 3” in height allows for easy
storage. Supports up to 175 lbs.
019747 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 13.49
Flying & Gliding Toys
Ram-Air Pocket Sled Kite Kit (PK-AD)
This fun kite kit makes a child's first kite decorating, making, and flying experience a pleasant
adventure! The tough, all white, Tyvek sail is
easy to decorate with Sharpie makers, acrylic
paints or crayons. The pre-cut parts make it
quick and easy to assemble. What a great project or giveaway for birthday parties!
Kite kit includes: Pre-cut Tyvek sail parts,
plastic threading needle, bridle line attachment
reinforcement circles, card bobbin with 100' of
soft polyester flying line, and detailed assembly
instructions. You will need to use your own
ruler, scissors, transparent tape, and crayons,
paints, or colored markers during assembly.
045136 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.95
Parachute Rocket (K-AD)
Set up the rocket on the included launcher,
pull back the rubber band, and watch it fly.
After launching, the 8½” rocket deploys a 13 ¾”
parachute and drifts back to the ground.
035291 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.50
Stunt Flyer (1-AD)
One of the more durable foam gliders around,
this 7” wide stunt flyer works just like it sounds.
Throw it just like any glider, and watch it perform aeronautical feats of fancy. Loops, dives,
barrel rolls, and other maneuvers are no trouble
for the little plane, making it far more than a
☼Playzone-fit Stepping Stones (PK-AD)
Convert any flat surface into a tricky stepping- simple glider!
stone path! These durable plastic “stepping 035297 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
stones” can be set up in any safe-to-play environment, turning a simple walk across the liv- Micro Pocket Kite (PK-5)
ing room into a balancing journey. These five Have you ever been enjoying a breezy day and
stepping stones come in two sizes, large and wished you brought a kite to fly? This pocketsmall, and can be set up in any order to create sized kite is ready to go when you are! The
a variety of courses indoors or out. Each plastic aerodynamic design requires no extra assembly
stepping stone is light enough for kids to place and comes with over 40 feet of string on an
and pick up but supports up to 175 pounds. Far easy-wind handle, and everything fits inside the
less dangerous and inconvenient than hopping keychain storage container. A fun addition to
across a real river, they offer an opportunity for the beach bag. – Laura
031130(E.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.49
fun, balance, and motor skills.
019788(C.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 35.99
Tangle Free Parachutes (PK-AD)
Kids love these little parachute men that you
☼Yardboards (6+)
Part snowboard, part sled, this sturdy, plastic throw high in the air (or drop from up high!)
riding toy is meant for all seasons and surfaces. and watch gently float to the ground. With these
The 11.25x34” board is made from thick, dura- well-designed models, your child won’t have
ble plastic and has a rope handle. Not only is to worry about untangling the little man from
it made for sliding on sand, but you can ride it the parachute…ever! One thick strap attaches
down grassy hills, snow, or that dirt/gravel pile your 3.5” tall skydiver to his 20”-in-diameter
your child has had his eye on! A multi-season parachute. The colorful parachutes are even
toy the whole family can enjoy thanks to a made out of real parachute material. Choose
500lb weight limit. Comes in assorted red or from either the regular version or the “glow”
version with glowing paratrooper. Colors vary.
blue. – Laura
032234(D.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99.00 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
056919Glow . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.50
056920Regular . . . . . . . . . . . 4.50
019701 Flashing Light Up (F.) 5.95
The paratrooper has a small, flashing light
in its chest that flashes blue, red and green.
☼HoneyBee SwingEase (PK)
If you’ve ever been to a playground with a
baby or toddler, you’ve probably dealt with
the frustration of seeking out a baby / toddler
swing that was not dirty, wet, uncomfortable,
ill-fitting, occupied, or—the worst—completely
absent. This toddler-swing conversion seat is
convenient, clean, and always available! It’s
designed to clip onto the chains of any standard
swing set, turning it into a secure baby / toddler swing in no time flat! An adjustable strap
helps to fit children securely, while the soft
padding between them and the swing ensures a
comfortable and hygienic ride. The SwingEase
is designed for children between 6-36 months
and 15-40 lbs. and is small enough to be easily
stored in a diaper bag, purse, or stroller.
019742(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 26.99
Retro Paratrooper (PK-AD)
Toss them up high and watch your trooper
glide down to safety. Each trooper features a 17”
tangle-free parachute for frustration-free play
D. every time. Comes with folding and throwing
tips. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
030843 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.69
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Force Flyer Helicopters (7-AD)
Pilot a chopper with the flick of a wrist! These
awesome RC copters arent steered with touchy
joysticks, but by the motion of your hand and a
thumb controlled throttle, all contained within
the included glove. While these copters fly in a
similar manner to small quad copters (ie: somewhat sensitive and requiring some patience and
practice), the kinetic controls make these flyers
much easier to control. Get to the chopper!
7.64" x 1.57" x 4.33" Charge time: 25-35 minutes. Flight time: 6-10 minutes. Remote control
distance: 25-30. Laura
060312 Falcon (3 Channel) . 29.95 26.95
060313 Raptor (4 Channel) 39.95 35.95
PowerUp Electric Paper Airplane Conversion
Kit (3-AD)
Add power to your paper airplane with this kit.
Fold your paper airplane, then attach the motorized propeller. With the added boost, your
plane can now fly up to 30 seconds. Can be
removed and attached to new planes for continued use. Requires 3AA batteries (not included).
We also offer a smartphone controlled version: the PowerUp 3.0. Assemble the Smart
Module, attach it to your paper plane, open
the smartphone app, and link it via Bluetooth.
With your smartphone, you can launch, steer,
and increase or reduce throttle. Check out the
Templates kit for custom paper to create fancier
paper airplanes. ~ Janine
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.­
039640 2.0 Conversion Kit . . . 16.99
059235 3.0 Smartphone Conv Kit 49.99
039662Templates . . . . . . . . 9.99
16 sheets of paper in four different designs
(Leonardo Da-Vinci, Red Baron, Space
Shuttle, and Stealth Bomber), plus folding
instructions to build three types of planes.
011775 ☼DuPont Templates . . 11.99
Includes 5 Leonardo da Vinci template
designs on custom DuPont Tyvek paper so
it is waterproof and tear resistant for flying in
a variety of weather conditions. Can be used
with PowerUp 3.0 and 2.0.
011776 ☼Stealth Bomber Templates 9.99
Includes 10 stealth bomber templates; can
be used with PowerUp 3.0 and 2.0.
those who want to explore the many different
configurations real planes have utilized over the
years, or who want to try an idea of their own,
this kit is the perfect fit. ~ Steve L
012192 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28.99 21.25
Arrowcopter (3-AD)
Whoosh! Use the slingshot-like stick and rubber band to fly your Arrowcopter up to nearly
200 feet! And then try to catch it as it slowly
helicopter-twirls down. Lots of fun for all ages!
020865 1 per pack . . . . . . . . 4.50
0090482-pack . . . . . . . . . . . 8.00
Arrowcopter Flying Light (3-AD)
They've put a new twist on this favorite flying toy - a glow stick! Now you can fly your
Arrowcopter during the evening, or whenever
visibility is a little limited, and not worry about
losing your Arrowcopter. The slim glow stick
fits into the body of the Arrowcopter, allowing
you to visually track it a little easier.
029464 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.75
CopterToys Helicopters (3-AD)
These helicopter toys are a cross between a
wind-up airplane and a puddle-jumper. They’re
easy to build and so inexpensive! Pop the
Styrofoam copter out of the mold, attach it to the
stick with a small rubber band, then assemble
the prop. In under a minute or two, you should
be ready to wind it up and watch it hover. You’ll
get one of three assorted styles: military, search
& rescue, and police. If you order more than
one, we’ll assort.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
014839 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
Straw Shooter Jets (3-AD)
Make over 60 paper and straw jets that fly and
do stunts! It’s simple: cut out one of the five
designs in one of the five color schemes, fold
and tape tabs and wings, attach to a straw, add
the nose cone, and you’re ready to soar! The
black straw your plane is attached to slides over
a colored straw which pilots blow into to send
the jet flying. Each design comes with a sheet
of information about the real-life plane that the
paper jet was based on, giving it real world
application. There’s also a stencil of the Spitfire
design, so you can trace and create with your
own color combos. This 60-page book and the
included supplies will have you commanding
your own paper fleet in no time!
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
062862 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 12.75
☼Radar Copter (3-AD)
Use the remote to put the copter on auto
pilot, then attach the remote to one of two card
paddles to play a game of “keep up” as the
copter senses solid objects below it and moves
away. For indoor use only (or it may fly away!)
Instructions get you flying right away. Requires
Play / Training Weapons
4 AA batteries, not included.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Mashoonga! Warrior Pair Sabers (K-AD)
019480 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 18.95
Many foam weapons are a lot of fun to play
with, but either include hard pieces that can
Airplane Design Studio (3-AD)
hurt, or tend to break apart easily. I am pleased
Enjoy flying through the many possibilities of to report Mashoonga weapons are neither! In
the Airplane Design Studio as you experiment addition to being soft and durable, each weapon
with over 35 different parts, creating planes that is also fairly light to almost nullify accidental
have up to four propellers! This kit is great for injury. Kids— or even adults— will have tons of
experimenting with many different designs for fun using these foam weapons.
gliders and propeller-driven balsa wood planes. 053641Lime-Green/Black . . 36.00 25.95
As you create planes using the high quality balsa
wood and other sturdy parts supplied in this kit, Whombatz & Shields (K-AD)
it’s easy to imagine you are working to create
Attention all young warriors – this is your call
the first machine that takes man into the air. For to arms! These durable, padded foam weapons
(Not) Just for Fun
are perfect for indoor and outdoor battles. All
weapons are lightweight, waterproof, and thickly padded (even the handgrips are padded so
there are no hard areas on the weapons). Most
are “swords” but all feature rounded “blades”
designed to bounce and minimize injuries!
Choose your weapon! The Avenger is a 36”
long sword. The Bolt is a shorter, more versatile
24” sword. The Rift is a dangerous looking 20”
long battle axe. At 17”, the Thorn is the shortest
sword, perfect for lightning quick dagger action
or smaller children. The Torrent is the longest
weapon, a double-sided staff measuring 48”
long. Defend yourself from Whombatz attacks
with the Shield which measures 17” in diameter,
sporting fierce looking marks across the front
and armbands to attach it to your arm, leaving
your other hand free to fight! Each weapon is
available in blue or red. Defeat your opponents
with a satisfying “WHOMP”! ~ Megan
EACH AVENGER . . . . . . . . . 29.99 25.50
If a long sword is your forte, this is the pick
for you. The Avenger is 3 feet long, starts
narrower and widens to 2.5” at the tip, and
weighs less than 12 oz.
EACH BOLT (A.) . . . . . . . . . 17.99 15.25
A versatile short sword ideal for any age or
skill level, the Bolt measures 2 feet long, has
a diameter of 2.2” at the tip, and weighs in
at 4 oz.
EACH RIFT (B.) . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 15.25
Although seen less often in battles, the Rift
is a diverse, hatchet like weapon with a
unique skill set. Those that wield it have the
power to slice with one blow, block enemy
thrusts, and use the curved head to disarm
their enemies. 20”long, 3.5oz.
EACH SHIELD (C.) . . . . . . . . 24.99 21.25
024882Blue 024899Red
Even the most skilled fighter appreciates the
value of a good shield. This 17” diameter
shield weighs a bit over 2 lbs and will protect you from enemy attacks that manage to
bypass your own blade.
EACH THORN (D.) . . . . . . . 14.99 12.50
The shortest sword in the line, the Thorn
makes the perfect sword for young warriors or acts as a dagger for the older, more
experienced fighter. Designed for speed and
agility, the Thorn is 17” long, measures 2.2”
wide at the tip, and weighs just 3oz.
EACH TORRENT . . . . . . . . . 34.99 29.75
Martial artists will appreciate this 48” long
bo staff. With two fighting ends, they can
unleash double the fury, blocking and
attacking from all sides. 2.2” diameter at
ends, just under 12oz.
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Rody (ages 3+)
A huggable, squeezable toy good for bouncing, racing, and riding. Aside from just being
fun, Rodies also develop coordination and
balance. Made of heavy-duty vinyl, Rodies are
able to withstand quite a bit of weight and rough
play. They can be inflated to fit both younger
and older children
The perfect riding toy! Rodies are huggable,
squeezable, adorable, and great for bouncing
and racing. While they are lightweight, they are
also made of heavy-duty vinyl to withstand quite
a bit of weight and roughhousing. They can be
used around water for some splashy good times
too! Aside from just being fun, these toys also
develop balance and coordination. Inflatable to
adjust to both younger and older kids, Rodies
are great companions for any child who loves
to ride.
For ages 3 and up, the Rody measures 21
inches tall (including head) by 18 inches long
and has a maximum saddle circumference of 27
inches. Supports up to 100 lbs.
EACH RODY . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.95
048160 ☼Choco (brown) (A.)
Rody Max (K-8)
Just like the regular Rody, the Rody Max is for
riders 5 and up (it may also support adult-sized
riders, not that I would know anything about
that…). It measures approximately 26 inches
tall (including head) by 26 inches long and has
a maximum saddle circumference of 38 inches.
EACH RODY MAX . . . . . . . . 109.00 85.95
006974 USA Red With White Dots,
Blue saddle
006978 Blue W/ Yellow Dots, White Saddle
Rody Rocking Base
A racing horse by day, a rocking horse by
night. This removable base attaches to any regular Rody so it can rock your kid’s world.
007024 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.00 29.95
Hoppy Ball with Pump (PK-5)
Kids love the idea of hopper balls – but sometimes they are just too big for short legs. Well, the
Hoppy Ball is the perfect size for young children.
Inflates to a diameter of 18” and holds up to 175
lbs. Handy pump included. Colors vary.
054896(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 14.50
BounceaRoo Hopper (3-AD)
This 32” diameter ball is excellent for exercise and fun, inside or out. Blow it up with the
included foot pump, insert the plug, grasp the
handles, and bounce away! Made of resilient
vinyl, the ball can be used on almost any open,
even surface, and can carry riders up to 240 lbs.
To bounce, you sit on the ball with the handle
between your legs, hold on, hop, and use the
ball to cushion the fall and propel you into
the next bounce – which is higher as a result.
Hopping works out the legs, while keeping
your balance makes good use of the abs. Fun,
simple, and a good workout to boot! ~ Mark
033353 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.99 27.75
Spooner Board (PK-AD)
The ultimate in freestyle boarding, the Spooner
can be used inside or out, on snow, grass, sand,
dirt, or anywhere else you dare to try. So what,
exactly, is it? Well, think of it like a spoon without the handle. The gracefully curved board
is easy to spin, flip, slide and lift for tricks and
can zip down any incline subject to the rules of
gravity. The Spooner comes in 2 sizes: 24” for
kids aged 4-8 and 28” for older riders. Made
from durable plastic and available in 8 assorted
colors (contact customer service to request a
specific color), the boards come equipped with
non-slip strips to ensure a full experience.
You'll likely need a steeper hill if you're going
on grass; on our small hill outside the office I
wasn't moving much!
006351 24” Freestyle (C.) . . . . 44.95
006356 28” Pro Model . . . . . . 54.95
Scooter Boards (PK-AD)
Our meager contribution to your P.E. curriculum - rugged, durable, and FUN! We’ve had
ours for years and they’re still rolling! Use outside on a flat surface, down in your basement,
and even on your not-too-plushy carpets. We
chose models with handles for added stability
(Our children like to attach jump ropes to the
handles and give each other rides). Wheels are
non-marring and seat is a generous 12” square.
Large Scooter Boards are 16”x 16” and do not
have handles. We’ve even used them to move
furniture and other heavy objects around the
house. Did I say they were strong and durable?
A favorite toy-tool in our house - hopefully in
yours, too!
EACH SCOOTER (D.) . . . . . . 23.00 19.95
018835 Assorted Color . . . . 22.67 19.95
☼Foam Scooter Paddles (set of 2) (PK-AD)
Row, row, row your… scooter, wherever you
want to go! These foam paddles allow kids to
navigate the house without any damage to the
floors (or each other!). Each paddle features
a capped plastic tube with foam grips at two
different intervals and a foam ball covering
the end. Paddles measure 26.5” long. I’m sure
you’ll think of many other uses for these paddles
as well (I can think of an RRC Christmas party
where they may have debuted as jousting lances
for employees on PlasmaCars…)! ~ Megan
025102 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.95 17.50
Foam Scooter Paddle Set of 2 (PK-AD)
A little confused? So was I! These paddles are
meant to be used with scooter boards, allowing children to sit on the board and maneuver
around the room using the paddles. Each one is
basically a stick with a comfortable foam grip
and a foam ball at the end that provides traction
so children can push off the floor to turn and
move. Now are you getting some crazy scooter
board games in your head? I am – watch for
these at the next Rainbow Christmas Party!
025102 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.95 17.50
Skyline Ziplines (K-AD)
You don’t have to go to exotic locations to go
ziplining – set up this simple kit in your own
backyard! Then you can fly through the sky anytime you want! Kit includes a galvanized steel,
weather-resistant cable, an easy-glide, heavyduty steel trolley with comfort grip handles,
tree-protection to protect your tree bark, anchor
cable, quick-release pieces for the trolley (if you
don’t want the kids using it while you’re not
monitoring), and u-clamps and a turnbuckle to
secure your zipline firmly and safely. Holds up
to 250 lbs.; fun for kids and adults alike!
007077 60’ Kit with Seat . . 89.99 80.99
Eagle Flyers Zipline (K-AD)
What a rush! The wind in your hair, tears
in your eyes, and the feeling of flying as you
race down a zipline! Bring the fun right to your
backyard with this fun and easy-to-assemble kit.
High-quality and super-sturdy, the zipline can
be used by children and adults up to 250 lbs.
The sturdy steel trolleys come fully assembled
and feature good hand grips for a more comfortable and safer ride. Requires about 30 minutes
of set up time, which can be followed by hours
of outdoor fun for riders of all ages. Includes
seat which allows for comfort and reduces the
required height of the zipline.
Scooters [Assorted Colors] (PK-AD)
055994 90’ Zipline Kit . . . . 179.99 161.99
Hang on tight, and get ready for some fun! 055993 70’ Zipline Set . . . . 149.99 134.99
These scooters are made from sturdy plastic and
have quality castors to let you roll around in
any direction. There are two versions: a 12” x
12” with two rounded handles, and a 16” x 16”
with two squared handles. A scooter link is also
available which lets you connect two scooters
together (any size). Make a train out of them, or
go tandem side-by-side! If multiple scooters are
ordered, we will assort colors. Holds up to 175
lbs. Comparable with the Dick Martin scooter
boards we carry (i.e., #018835), with the same
weight limits, wheel sizes, and sturdy plastic.
036965 12” Scooter . . . . . . 17.00 13.95
036967 16” Scooter . . . . . . 25.95 20.00
003501 Scooter Link . . . . . . . . 1.90
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Jump Rockets (PK+, 1+)
Jump Rockets are a hit at our house! (Just ask
my four-year-old son!) Kids jump or stomp on
the launcher to shoot compressed air into the
launch pad and send the foam rockets soaring
up into the sky. Try to catch them as they float
back down, or use the inflatable ring target to
adjust the position of the pivoting launch base to
see who can land them inside. This set includes
six rockets in two different sizes, so there are
plenty of rockets for several people to play at
a time. The base lies flat on the ground unlike
the tripod types that tend to break. I haven’t
personally see these go quite as high as advertised on the box (300 feet for the Original size),
but they go plenty high to captivate my kids!
Replacement rockets are the same as those for
the Pump Rocket listed below. – Steph
035233 Original (PK+) . . . . 17.99 15.50
Includes air pump, launch pad and 3 soft
foam rockets.
035226 Mini Set (PK+) . . . . . 8.99
Includes 3 small foam-tipped rockets,
launch pad, and foot pump.
035214 Deluxe Set (1+) . . . 24.99 21.95
Includes air pump, launch pad, 3 soft foam
rockets, 3 mini-size rockets and an inflatable ring target.
FireTek™ Rocket (3-AD)
With the same great look and concept of
the Sky Ripperz® Rockets, simply attach your
rocket to the thick elastic cord of the launcher,
and with a flick of the wrist send the screaming
arrows up to 250 feet in the sky! This special
set included the launcher and 2 light-up rockets
for outdoor fun day or night. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028395 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18.99 14.95
☼FireTrek Rocket Copter (3-AD)
Similar to the regular FireTek Rockets, with the
same launch sequence and screaming whistling
light-up rockets, this set sends rocket copters
up to 150’ into the air. As the rocket turns to
begin its descent, the copter rotors cause it to
rotate and spin back to the earth, to your waiting
hands! ~ Megan
038341 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18.99 14.95
X-6 Zoom Rocketz Six-Shooter Launcher (3-AD)
Stomp rockets are fun, rapid launching weapons are awesome; combine those things together and you get the X6 Zoom Rocketz! This set
contains a launcher with a rotating base that
holds 6 rockets. Tilt the base to the angle you
(Not) Just for Fun
desire, then jump or stop on the launch pad to
send your rocket flying up to 100 feet. The base
automatically rotates so you can immediately
stomp it again and again to send all 6 rockets
into the sky, rapid fire! The rockets slide easily
onto the base and are designed with a durable
foam nose-cone for damage free landing, reflective foil so you can keep track of your rocket in
the sky (and on the ground!), and fins to help
gain altitude and spin. Set includes launch pad,
base and 6 rockets. For outdoor use. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028473 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28.99 22.95
Sand / Water Play
Miniland Sand Toys (ages 2+)
The sturdiest sand pails on the market, these
will outlast any discount-store version. They’re
7" tall and 6" wide at the top and are brightly
colored. The contrasting color handles are
securely attached to withstand many treks back
and forth between the beach or sandbox. Go
ahead: fill these with rocks, sand, and toys. Or
flip them over and stand on them. These buckets can take it! Kids will also have hours of fun
as they sift through the sand in search of hidden treasures. The sieves are about 6” across.
The 19 5/8” Super Spade gives you a longhandled shovel option, the 10” Scoop moves
a lot of sand, and the 6” rectangular Mason
Trowel lets you smooth the edges on your sand
castle. Watering Cans have a fun, easy-to-hold
design and hold one liter of water (they measure approximately 8" x 9¼"). Junior Sand Set
includes a bucket, a hand-held rake, shovel and
scoop now in trendy, non-primary colors. Baby
Sand Bucket & Accessories includes tiny 4”H x
4 ½”W bucket, and small 5” long tools (shovel,
rake & scoop).
EACH BUCKET . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.98
037906 Junior Sand Set . . . . . 11.98
037856 Baby Sand Bucket Set . 6.98
EACH SIEVE (A.) . . . . . . . . . . . 1.98
EACH SCOOP (B.) . . . . . . . . . . 3.20
EACH MASON TROWEL . . . . . 1.38
060293 Super Spade . . . . . . . 4.40
EACH WATERING CAN (C.) . . . 6.98
Landmark Sand Molds (PK-AD)
There are so many tools out there to build great
sand castles, but perhaps it is time to move on!
These inexpensive molds assist builders in creating mini-sized famous landmarks such as the
Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House, the Taj
Mahal, and others. Molds range in size from
5.5” – 7” x 5.5”-7” x 3” (approximately) and are
constructed of sturdy, brightly colored plastic.
EACH MOLD (exc noted) . . . . 2.99
050302 Eiffel Tower
027027 Great Castle Walls . . 7.00
050303 Leaning Tower of Pisa
027040 Mayan Pyramid
027155 Opera House
027165 Taj Mahal
☼Sand Ice Cream Cone Dream (PK-3)
Now you can play ice cream parlor on the
beach! Use the scoop to serve up tasty sand ice
cream treats in bright pastel cones. Set includes
three 4½” plastic cones and one plastic scoop.
The scoop even has a star mold in the top to
adorn your sand cones with a little decoration!
021530 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.00
☼Mini-Castle Molds (PK-AD)
An 8-piece set of sand molds with everything you need to make a detailed sand castle. Includes circle towers, square towers, cone
peaks, spiral staircases, walls, and a detailadding carving knife. Due to the relatively
small size of the kit, it is perfect for the sandbox
or table-top sand sets in addition to the beach.
064699 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
Sidewalk Chalk
Crayola® Sidewalk Chalk (PK-AD)
Decorate sidewalks, buildings, and chalk
boards with this washable sidewalk chalk.
Each pack contains a variety of different vibrant
Crayola® crayon shades. Yes, even the 48 count
of colored chalk contains 48 different colors!
Another unique feature of this sidewalk chalk
is that it is formed into a square shape so that
sticks won’t roll away from you. We’re also adding a few other fun variations this year, including Glitter, Multi-Color, Color Core and Neon.
This brand is a favorite among our employees
with young children. Buy a bigger pack so there
is more to share! – Laura
036993 Neon (5 Count) . . . . 4.33
036750 Glitter (5 Count) . . . 4.33
036954 Multi-Color (5 Count) . 4.33
Each stick is composed of four layered colors (red, yellow, green and blue).
037011 Tie Die (5 Count) . . . 4.33
Each stick is made up of two different colors, swirled together.
063811 Washable Neon 3D
(6 Count) . . . . . . . . . 7.67
035277 Colors (12 Count) . . . 2.96
006131 Summer Fun (16 Count)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.49
035300 Colors (24 Count) . . . 5.31
035315 Colors (48 Count) . . . 7.67
044299 ☼Washable (64 ct) 15.49 11.95
Egg-Shaped Sidewalk Chalk (PK-AD)
Pack includes 4 pieces of sidewalk chalk shaped
like eggs. Pastel colors (pink, purple, green, &
yellow). Easy grip shape means hours of outdoor
fun. Great basket stuffers and party favors!
006586 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.50
Tub of Sidewalk Chalk (PK-AD)
Your sidewalks will never be the same once
your kids get a hold of this! The set consists of
twenty large pieces of chalk in bright assorted
colors, and comes in a handy bucket for easy
storage. Whether you plan to let your kids
doodle the day away, or organize a group sidewalk mural, your kids will have a blast! – elise
038715 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Two 11” pistols, & badge. 12 shot ring caps.
054310 8 Shot Ring Caps . . . 2.50
160 single-action shots.
Parris Cap Guns & Gear (1+, 3+)
The West: the frontier of America. From 054334 Roll Caps . . . . . . . . . 3.90
2 rolls per package, 1200 shots total.
the shores of the Atlantic America spread, to
Kentucky to Texas to California, and everywhere it went, it brought a little bit more into Western Cap Pistols (K-AD):
the American tradition. Whether it’s the larger- 011780 Big Tex Pistol (C.) . . 17.9014.95
11" long, solid die-cast metal, fires 12-shot
than-life heroes like Davy Crockett, the indering caps.
pendence and adventure of the cowboys, the
hard, rough work of the frontier lawman, or the 034759 Crossfire Pistol . . . . 11.80 10.25
12.25” long, composed of wood-looking
humble hardworking rancher, the West has capplastic and metal featuring western designs;
tured the American imagination and soul more
fires 8-shot ring caps.
than any other region. These quality replica cap
guns and accessories tap into that imagination,
and let your young adventurer become part of
that proud tradition. Well-made, they are pieces
that any child will be proud of. Type of cap
used in gun is noted below each one. Saddle
up, partner! Please note some general rules for
cap gun safety: never point or shoot at anyone;
do not fire closer than 1 foot to ear; hold gun at
arm’s length when firing; unload gun when not
in use; store ammunition separately from gun;
treat every gun with respect; never carry caps
in a pocket; do not remove caps from package
until ready to use, and use only under adult
supervision. ~ Mark
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3 yrs.
Cowboy Collection (1-AD):
054317 Grizzly Rifle (A.) . . 27.50 22.95
Western Rifles (K-AD):
29” long, plastic stock, fires Strip Caps.
054329 Old Tex Rifle . . . . . 29.00 24.25 054316 Double Barrel Shotgun .23.60 19.75
31” long, one piece stock with two barrels
30.5” w/ plastic stock; fires 12 Shot Ring Caps
and hammers, fires pull off caps.
054307 12 Shot Ring Caps . . 2.50
054335 Saddle Gun . . . . . . . . 23.60 19.75
144 single action shots in 12 rings.
31” w/ lever action, steel barrel, wood stock
054340 Strip Caps . . . . . . . . 3.00
034767 Li’L Ranger Rifle . . . . . 15.90 13.50
208 single action shots.
27” long, fires 8 shot ring caps.
034760 Crossfire Rifle . . . . . . 15.90 13.50
Cowboy Accessories (1-AD):
30.5” long, composed of wood-looking
054318Handcuffs . . . . . . . . . 5.10 4.50
plastic and metal featuring western designs;
054337 Sheriff Badge . . . . . . . 3.40 3.25
fires 8-shot ring caps.
054341 Texas Ranger Badge (B.) 3.40 3.25
Pistol Cap Guns & Holster Sets (1-AD):
Pistol cap guns made of solid die-cast metal.
Sets include vinyl holster and belt.
011764 Big Tex . . . . . . . . . 21.50 17.95
11" long, fires 12-shot ring caps.
016143 Billy the Kid . . . . . . 19.90 16.75
8.5” long, fires 8-shot ring caps.
054311BillyYank . . . . . . . . 21.00 17.75
9.5” long, fires 8 shot ring caps.
011786Cowgirl . . . . . . . . . 17.00 14.25
8" long, fires 8-shot ring caps.
011846 Doc Holliday . . . . . 22.00 18.50
10.5" long, fires 12-shot ring caps.
054322 Johnny Reb . . . . . . 21.00 17.75
9.5” long, fires 8-shot ring caps.
054344 Western Girl . . . . . 15.90 13.50
8.5” long, fires roll caps.
011902 US Marshal . . . . . . 13.50 11.50
9" long, fires 8-shot ring caps.
Western Pistols – Double Holster Sets:
Pistol cap guns made of solid die-cast metal.
Sets include vinyl holster and belt.
054328 Li’l Ranger . . . . . . . 15.00 12.75
5.5” long, shoots roll caps.
054336Scout . . . . . . . . . . . 25.90 21.75
Two 8.5” long pistols, shoots roll caps.
054342 Texas Ranger . . . . . 39.90 33.50
Frontier Rifles (K-AD):
054313 Civil War Musket . . . 17.90 14.95
37.5” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
054315 Crockett’s Old Betsy . . 20.90 17.50
37.5” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
054327 Kentucky Rifle . . . . . 17.90 14.95
37.5” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
Frontier Pistols (K-AD):
054314 Civil War Pistol (D.) 11.10
13.5” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
054320 Hex Double Barrel
Pistol . . . . . . . . . . . 15.20 12.95
10” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
Flintlock Cap Guns (3-AD):
054324 Kentucky Flintlock
Pistol . . . . . . . . . . . 11.16
13.5” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
054325 Kentucky Flintlock
Rifle . . . . . . . . . . . 18.40 15.50
37.5” one-piece wood stock, fires pull off caps.
054332 Pull Off Caps . . . . . . . 2.35
160 single shot caps.
8 Shot Luger Pistol (1-AD)
Die-cast pistol, fires 8 shot ring caps.
022326 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.90 14.95
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Upland Hunter 12 Gauge Side by Side Shotgun
022345Shotgun . . . . . . . . . 59.98 50.25
Solid metal with wood-grain plastic.
Working break action with removable
shells. Fires plastic pull off caps (#022361).
Measures 33” long.
022361 ☼Caps (40 caps) . . . 4.98
Parris Replica Dart Guns (1-AD):
Howdy, partner. I been hearin’ some rumors
down yonder about some cattle rustlers, an’ I
don’t think a sheriff can do it all by his own self.
What do ya say - wanna be my deputy? ‘Course,
you’ll need a good, safe gun for this business.
I m’self am partial to the Western Dart Guns—
they’re quick, clean, and they get the job done.
I’ve seen a man get stuck with a suction dart
from up to 15 feet away! Ol’ Jesse James himself
couldn’t do that, I reckon. ~ Stephen
011737 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.00
Comes with 10 darts.
014836 Western Sheriff Air Dart Gun
Adventure Set (rifle) 17.00 14.95
24” plastic rifle. Comes with 10 darts, an
11.5” plastic pistol with holster, two dart
holders, a badge, a belt, and handcuffs
014832 Western Air Rifle . . . 9.00
24” plastic rifle, with 10 darts, two dart
holders, and a badge.
Non-firing Replica Guns (3-AD):
054308 270 Bolt Action
Rifle . . . . . . . . . . . 29.90 25.00
28”, solid wood and steel bolt action rifle,
holds four imitation bullets. Ejects bullets
when bolt cycled.
054323 Kadet Trainerifle . . . 25.50 20.95
29.5” long, modeled after the 1903
Springfield. Bolt action, break away sling.
022136 Pump Shotgun . . . . 27.00 22.75
Feels, looks, and sounds just like the real
thing! Shotgun is made of solid wood and
steel, with working pump action. Measures
30.25” long.
Parris Replica Air Soft Guns (9-AD)
The older deputies might enjoy these classic
air soft guns, such as the 12” 44 Magnum or
the 33” Speedy Kid Rifle- it can shoot rubber
bullets over 50 feet! Hoo-ee! Some also prefer
the Hawken Rifle- a 33” musket, firin’ the same
ammo and makin’ a real musket sound. Have ya
made yer choice yet? C’mon, let’s get out there
and catch us some outlaws!~ Stephen
Recommended for children 14 years and older.
Do not load gun with any objects other than those
made specifically for the toy gun, shoot at target
only. Unload when not in use. Never aim or shoot
at any animal. Do not aim at eyes or face. Please
read warnings carefully and retain for reference.
054309 44 Magnum . . . . . . 12.50 10.75
12” long, with a working hammer and an 8
shot cylinder. Shoots rubber ammo up to 20'.
022154Shotgun . . . . . . . . . 39.90 33.95
35 1/4" long, side lever action, 1 magazine
054339 Speedy Kid Rifle . . . 50.00 41.95
33” long, lever action with a five shot magazine. Shoots rubber ammo up to 50 feet.
054338 Soft Rubber Ammo . 2.50
20 Soft Rubber Rounds.
(Not) Just for Fun
your sights, so even if you release it at a group
of people it will single out your unassuming
victim. Then, just pull back on the handle and…
GUST-O! A formidable – but harmless! – rush
of wind will assail them. Great for air-fights,
target shooting, and surprising your family and
EACH AIRZOOKA (A.) . . . . . 22.00 16.75
☼Sheriff Shotgun Kit (3-AD)
Howdy Partner. Let’s round up our little posse
and head over yonder to the hills and catch us
a bona-fide outlaw. Setting this rubber band
gun apart from the horde is the animated, “I
made it myself” enthusiasm. Children will build
their rubber-band gun from the included laser
cut wood pieces and plastic fasteners. Detailed
pictorial instructions are included. The kit also
contains 100 rubber bands and 3 cardboard
targets for practice, plus instructions for 3 styles
of shooting: single shot, rapid fire and shotgun
blast. The only thing missing is your sheriff star!
Made in the U.S. ~Deanne
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs. 022096 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 23.95
FireTek™ Bow & Arrows (3-AD)
With the same great shape and features of the
Zing Air Legends Longbow, the FireTek™ Bow
takes things up a notch. Instead of the woodlook, the Firetek™ Bow is black and red or
green and red with Fire-Glow LED lights to light
up the night. And if that’s not cool enough, the
bow comes with 3 red Zonic® whistle arrows
that also light up! Simply hook the arrows into
the stretchy loops and watch them soar up to
145 feet! Great for outdoor play during the day
or night. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028365 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38.99 29.95
FireTek™ Zeon Bow (K-AD)
This younger-child sized, neon green and
orange bow is just the thing for great indoor
or outdoor fun! It measures only 15.5” long
and comes with 3 small, light-up, suction cups
arrows. Just right for smaller hands, this cool
little bow shoots arrows up to 35 feet. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028405 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.95
Z-X Crossbow (2-AD)
While a lever on the body holds the arrow, two
large rubber bands give the arrow its launching
power. Pull the trigger of this plastic crossbow
to release the lever, and unleash a barrage of
safe, foam suction cups which stick to almost
any surface. Simply reload the launcher in true
crossbow fashion, and launch another arrow
over 45 feet away! Includes 3 short-range Zartz
037687Crossbow . . . . . . . . 28.99 21.50
037698 Arrows Refill (set/3) 11.99 10.50
Airzooka (1-AD)
Whoosh! Not a typical sound for a bullet –
but then, this isn’t your standard shooting toy.
This awesome hand-held air cannon delivers
a miniature squall to your target, who can be
up to 50 feet away! It will only hit the target in
(Not) Just for Fun
Foamstrike Pocketshot (1-AD)
This little slingshot is much smaller than some
of the Foamstrike shooters but still offers a satisfying shot. The slingshot is about six inches tall
and features a soft grip handle, a foam hammer,
and three soft foam balls. Simply load a ball
between the pegs at the top of the slingshot,
pull back on the hammer, aim at your target,
and release the hammer to send the ball shooting up to 40 feet. A worthy addition to any
arsenal! - Melissa
050164 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.00
Zing-Shot (2-AD)
Zing-shot, sling-shot… Wonderful! This compact sling shot will send the soft foam balls over
45 feet. Turn your front yard into a perfectly safe
war zone with the Zing-Shot. Includes one sling
shot and three RedX foam balls.
037660 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.95
Marshmallow Straight Shooter (3-AD)
There is nothing better than a simple toy that
shoots mini marshmallows! With no parts to
malfunction and range depending on the user’s
ability to project air, this toy is all about fun.
This marshmallow shooter will excite a novice
user while allowing the more advanced user to
perfect their aim and range up to 30 feet.
EACH SHOOTER . . . . . . . . . . . 5.50
EACH 4-PACK . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 16.95
Retro Spud Gun (3-AD)
Never run out of ammo again (unless mom
needs to go to the grocery store) with this classic
toy that shoots edible pellets. Simply punch the
barrel into a potato, break off a chunk with a
downward motion, and you’re ready for action.
The plastic 6” gun easily pulls apart for thorough
cleaning. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
030845 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.49
Tents, Forts, Play Structures, & More
See our website for tents, forts, and more!
Water & Bubble Play
Wooden Paddle Boat (PK-5)
Set sail for battery-free fun with this rubber
band-powered boat! Simply wind the paddle
and let loose in a puddle, bath tub, fountain, or
pool. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
031191 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
☼Slackers Water Slides (K-8)
Escape the heat of the summer with your very
own water slide! Inflate the slide (standard
bicycle or raft air pump – not included) and
connect the garden hose for a continuous flow
over the durable vinyl surface. All the while,
misters along the inflated edge will keep plenty
of water in the air to ensure nobody dries off!
The launch end of the slide has a 4ft long padded section for added safety. Also works with
skimboards! Recommended for children under
110lbs and 5ft tall. Includes 2 anchor steaks and
vinyl repair kits.
020215 30’ Slide . . . . . . . . 79.99 71.99
Bizzy Bubblz (PK-AD)
Instead of a few mediumsized bubbles, this device
produces a whole flurry
of tiny bubbles with each
breath. Coat the end of
the blowing tube with the
included bottle of bizzy
bubblz liquid, then gently blow to surround
yourself with bubbles of very small proportion.
Try to catch them as they float down to the
ground; they will even stack on top of each
other like bubble snowmen. A little more durable (and sticky!) then regular bubble solution,
many of the bubbles won’t even pop when they
land on the ground. We like this because if you
listen carefully, you can hear a little squeaking
sound as you pop them! - Steph
000504 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95
☼Candylicious Bubbles (K-AD)
Okay, not that you couldn’t eat a few regular
soapy bubbles, but these delicious flavored
bubbles are meant to be gobbled up! Each
packet contains 20mL of bubble solution with
a bubble wand. Assorted scents include grape,
cherry, bubble gum, and tutti-frutti (our choice);
if you order multiples, we’ll try to assort.
017196 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
Touchable Bubble (Mini Test Tube) (PK-AD)
Blow a few of these bubbles, wait five seconds, then catch them and attach together to
make bubble constructions! Super cool!
033126 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.50
Ultra Bouncing Bubble (PK-AD)
Reminiscent of trying to keep a balloon up in
the air, this one takes a bit more finesse and
skill. The Ultra Bouncing Bubble solution is
more durable than your typical bubble solution, allowing you to use the included gloves
to bounce them back and forth with a friend or
break your own record for number of bounces.
Set includes one 2 oz. bottle of bubble solution,
one pan, one bubble tube and two gloves (one
large and one small). – Steph
016892 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
building units that allow for the cultivation of
hands on creativity and ingenuity. ~ Enh
023815 100 Pieces . . . . . . . . . 40.00
Blocks & Wooden Construction Toys
025113 200 Pieces . . . . . . . . . 60.00
☼Blockitecture Architectural Building Blocks (K-AD) 025114 280 Pieces . . . . . . . . . 50.00
Design your own cityscape with these high- 016275 ☼Kapla Octocolor . . . 100 blocks in 8 different colors.
quality architectural building blocks! Made
from New Zealand pine, the hexagonal shape
and cutout sections allow for unique designs KEVA Contraptions Plank Sets (ages 4+)
KEVA planks now come in two versions, with
using nesting and cantilevered overhangs. The
blocks were originally designed as visuals for the option to choose between two precisionuse in a professional setting.
Habitat set cut, natural woods: pine or maple. It’s all about
includes 10 colored pieces in a variety of shapes balance and stability with any set you choose
and sizes. Garden City set contains 20 pieces – no glue, no connectors - just a steady hand,
consisting of modern-looking white buildings patience, and a vivid imagination!
with garden terraces. ~ Bob
005177Habitat . . . . . . . . . . . 25.00 Contraptions:
Each “Contraptions” set includes planks, an
005060 Garden City . . . . . . . . 75.00
idea book and 2 bouncy KEVA balls (roughly
the weight and shape of ping pong balls)
Citiblocs Building Bloc Sets
to roll down paths, drop down shafts, and
When imagination needs an outlet, nothing
deflect around U-turns that you build.
quite compares to wooden building blocks or,
in this case, Citiblocs. These perfectly-milled, 007761 50-Plank Set Pine . . . . . 49.95
light-weight Radiata Pine blocs measure 11.8 016074 200-Plank Set Pine . . . . 6.95
x 2.3 x 0.8 cm and come in both natural and 065161 ☼Extra KEVA balls . . . Two red and two blue KEVA balls.
colored sets. Their uniform size and shape make
for very open play that is limited only by the
number of blocs in your set. Well balanced, Structures:
The “Structures” sets are intended more for
with perfectly cut edges, these sets can also be
static architectural design - build bridges,
used in conjunction with any other building
monuments, towers and more. “Structures”
block set on the market. Sets are also available
sets include planks and idea books, but no
in eye-catching “hot” and “cool” colors! “Hot”
rubber balls.
sets include a mixture of red, orange, yellow,
pink, and natural blocs while the “cool” colors 037196 50-Plank Set Maple . . . . 49.95
assortment consists of blue, green, turquoise, 022954 200-Plank Set Pine . . . . 89.95
dark green and natural. The Camouflage Colors 039093 200-Plank Set Maple . . . 149.95
set contains pieces in green, olive, brown, khaki 045494 400-Plank Set Maple . . . 14.95
and natural. A CitiTrees Set is also available and 037191 Brain Builders . . . . . . . The goal is to use up to twenty wooden
includes 11 assorted trees in a variety of greens,
KEVA planks to replicate the chosen puzzle
yellows, and browns for landscaping your struccard. Each of the thirty cards shows a threetures. Using water-based stains, these colorful
dimensional object from a two-dimensional
blocks are safe, non-toxic, and completely
perspective: the front, side, and top. Your
“green”! – Zach
challenge is to build an object or structure
045973 Natural 50 pc Set . . . . 16.00 11.75
which looks identical to the angles on the
018462 Cool Colors 50pc Set . 17.00 12.25
card. Solve puzzles in three difficulty levels
018466 Hot Colors 50pc Set . 17.00 12.25
050036 Camouflage 100pc Set 3 0 . 0 0 21.95Includes green, olive, brown, khaki plus
natural color blocks (20 blocks of each color).
Building guide included.
Kapla World Block Sets (PK-AD)
The story behind Kapla is truly an inspirational one. As a young child, inventor Tom
van der Bruggen dreamt of someday having a
castle in France. A highly improbable dream
you would think, but his childhood aspiration
ultimately did become reality. This experience
was the driving force behind the creation of
Kapla. He wanted a versatile building set that
could be built and rebuilt into a variety of different designs. Taken from the Dutch words
Kabouter Plankjes, Kapla means “small planks.”
This is what these building sets are comprised
of; not your traditional cube-shaped building
blocks but instead long, thin planks specifically
designed with proportions (approx. 4 5/8” x
15/16” x 5/16”) that balance the two principles
of building and sculpting. Exclusively manufactured in France, each piece is made of French
Marine Pine and is precisely cut to identical
dimensions which allows for great stability in
the completed projects. Kapla sets are premier
KEVA Bot Maze (PK-AD))
This set provides KEVA planks and plenty
of creative supplies to design your own maze
with blocks held together by KEVA connectors.
Then comes the fun part; customize your own
toothbrush-head robot with the craft supplies
included and let it tumble through the maze!
You can even add obstacles for your bot to
buzz around by using the supplies in your kit or
items you find around your house. Includes 30
Keva planks, 8 half-planks, two bots, six tumble
blocks, 3 balls, craft supplies and glue dots.
063484 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95
☼KEVA Connect Sets (PK-AD)
Take your KEVA building to the next level!
Special connectors lock the planks in place
which allows for angles, sideway extensions and
even additional height. Children (and adults!) of
all ages will be challenged as they experiment
and problem solve to create designs using scale,
proportion and the physics of balanced forces
through the principles of STEAM. Sets include
KEVA pine planks, connectors and a guide book
in a cardboard storage box. ~Deanne
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
037975 Builder Set . . . . . . . . . 49.95
Contains 90 planks and 54 connectors.
037976 Starter Set . . . . . . . . . 24.95
Contains 40 planks and 24 connectors.
Lincoln Logs Sets (PK-AD)
Now here is a truly timeless favorite. Established
in 1916, this classic toy is an “original experience with memories from the past.” Remember
all the fun you had as a child building, knocking down, and building again. Now you can
pass all of that imagination and creativity along
to your children with these Lincoln Logs sets.
Each set includes the trademark real-wood logs,
colorful figures and accessories, and everything
else you need for each structure.
015784 Frontier Cabin . . . . 44.99 42.95
023914 Horseshoe Hill Station 29.99 26.50
Cowboy-themed 83-piece set includes a
horse, cowboy, roof with flag, door and lots
of wooden logs. Packaged in a sturdy box.
063465 Collector’s Edition Village
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109.99 99.95
328 logs, roof pieces and chimneys in a
sturdy storage tin.
063466 Country Meadow Cottage
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 33.95
137-piece set includes new purple and pink
roof, window and door pieces, wooden
KEVA Contraptions: Construct & Launch (2-AD)
logs, a sheet of stickers, a frontier woman
Why is demolition so much fun? Perhaps the
and her pony.
opposite of the KEVA construction plank sets, these
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
sets include all of the wooden parts (including
KEVA pine planks) to build a permanent model
designed for action and demolition. Simply follow
the illustrated step-by-step directions to assemble, using the pieces and wood glue (included).
Happily, no other tools are necessary. After your
structure dries, it is ready to fire – or - swing!
007765Catapult . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95
Includes mini beanbags to fire, firing instructions, and target. 9.5” x 12” x 15”
052270Trebuchet . . . . . . . . . 29.95
Includes ping-pong sized balls, firing instructions, and target markers. 9.5” x 15” x 11”
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Plastic Brick-Building Systems
Cars Guideo & Luigi's . . 022073 Foal’s Washing Station
Pit Shop (10732) . . . . . 9.999.75 (5-12) (41123) . . . . . . . 9.998.95
Cars Mater's Junkyard . . CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
(10733) . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.999.75 038418 Heartlake Gift Delivery ☼LEGO® Sets
Demolition Site (10734) . 29.99 26.50 (41310) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95
We are so excited to once again offer a
Emma’s Ice Cream Truck 038423 Heartlake Summer Pool . customer favorite! We now stock a selection
(10727) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95 (41313) . . . . . . . . . . . 49.9944.95
of LEGO brick sets, including LEGO Classic
Fire Patrol Suitcase (10740)
022028 Hot Dog Van (41129) 29.99 29.25
bricks, LEGO DUPLO® sets, LEGO Friends sets
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 17.95 038426 Olivia’s Creative Lab (K-7)
and even LEGO Star Wars™ items. See more
Mia’s Farm Suitcase (10746)
(41307) . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.998.95
information on set contents on our website.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 17.95 022036 Park Roller Coaster (3-7) CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Mia’s Vet Clinic (10728) 29.99 26.50 (41130) . . . . . . . . . . . 99.9989.95
Police Helicopter Chase .
038431 Puppy Championship (K-7)
LEGO® DUPLO® (ages 1½ -5)
(10720) . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.998.95 (41300) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95
Larger than LEGO bricks, these sets are perfect for
Police Truck Chase (10735)
022135 Puppy Daycare (41124)29.99 26.50
younger children with developing fine motor
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 17.95 038438 Puppy Pampering (K-7) . skills.
(41302) . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.994.25
045400 Cars Piston Cup Race . LEGO® City (K-7, unless noted)
038439 Puppy Playground (K-7) . (10857) . . . . . . . . . . . 29.9929.75
Build your own city with these sets.
(41303) . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.994.25
041786 Creative Chest (10817) 29.99 29.25 037980 ATV Race Team (60148) 19.99 17.95 038444 Puppy Treats & Tricks . . 045392 Mater's Shed (10856) . 19.99 19.75 037991 Buggy (60145) . . . . . . . 9.99 8.95 (K-7) (41304) . . . . . . . . 4.994.25
021736 Number Train (10847) 19.99 17.95 021176 Ferry (6-12) (60119) . 29.99 26.50 022146 Riding Club (41126) . . 59.99 56.95
My First...
037996 Fishing Boat (60147) 19.99 17.95 022037 Space Ride (41128) . . 19.99 17.95
038281 Carousel (10845) . . . . 24.99 21.95 021238 Fun in the Park City People
038455 Stephanie’s Friendship . 021682 Cars & Trucks (10816) 19.99 17.95 Pack (60134) . . . . . . . 39.9933.95 Cakes (K-7) (41308) . . . 9.998.95
041823 Truck (10818) . . . . . . 19.99 17.95
CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
038456 Stephanie’s House (41314)
038061 Race Plane (60144) . . . 9.99 8.95 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69.99 62.95
LEGO DUPLO Town (ages 2-5)
021266 Service Station (2-7)
. 022176 Supermarket (41118) . 29.99 26.95
021738 Big Construction Site . . (60132) . . . . . . . . . . . 89.9976.95
(10813) . . . . . . . . . . 49.9944.50 038077 Sweeper & Excavator . . 038270 Birthday Picnic (10832)14.99 13.95 (60152) . . . . . . . . . . . 29.9926.50
038274 Cinderella’s Magical Castle
021202 Van & Caravan (60117)20.0017.95
(10855) . . . . . . . . . . . 34.9933.95 Airport:
038275 Family House (10835) . 39.99 33.95 021103 Starter Set (60100) . . . . 9.99 8.95
021755 Push Train (10810) . . . 29.99 27.95 021014 Cargo Plane (60101) 24.99 21.95
041824 Truck & Tracked Excavator
021085 Passenger Terminal
(10812) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95 (60104) . . . . . . . . . . . 99.9989.95
LEGO® Classic (PK-AD)
021143 Starter Set (60106) . . . . 9.99 8.95
Open-ended building at its best! Creative sets 021127 Ladder Truck (60107) . 24.99 21.95
include bricks in a variety of colors and styles 021149 Station (60110) . . . . . 99.99 89.95
along with special pieces.
CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
021281 Creative Bricks (10692) 16.99 15.95 Police:
021303 Creative Supplement (10693) 038016 ATV Arrest (60135) . . . 6.99 5.95 LEGO® Creator (2-7, unless noted)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 17.95 038032 High-speed Chase (60138)
These versatile sets can each be built three
021304 Creative Supplement Bright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 35.95 ways! Instructions for three models included.
(10694) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95 038041 Starter Set (60136) . . . . . 9.99 8.95 038159 Air Blazer (1-7) (31057) . 9.99 8.95
022367 Large Creative Brick Box 038043 Tow Truck Trouble (60137)
045478 Beachside Vacation
. (10698) . . . . . . . . . . . 59.9952.95 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 21.95 (31063) . . . . . . . . . . . 29.9926.50
022374 Medium Creative Brick Box 021236 Station (60141) . . . . . 99.99 89.95 038161 Blue Express (1-7) (31054)
(10696) . . . . . . . . . . . 34.9929.95
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99 4.25
022193 Gray Baseplate (10701) 14.99 13.95 LEGO® Disney Princess (K-7)
021407 Fast Car (31046) . . . . 19.99 17.95
022238 Green Baseplate (10700) . 7.99 7.45 038235 Anna’s Snow Adventure . 038165 Green Cruiser (1-7) (31056)
022608 Sand Baseplate (10699) . 7.99 7.45 (41147) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99 8.95
EACH CREATIVITY BOX . . . . . . . 4.99 4.25 038265 Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace . 021415 Lakeside Lodge (31048) 29.99 26.50
038110 Blue (10706)
(41148) . . . . . . . . . . . 79.9978.95 021431 Lighthouse Point (3-7) . 038115 Green (10708)
038269 Moana’s Island Adventure
(31051) . . . . . . . . . . . 59.9952.95
038139 Orange (10709)
(41149) . . . . . . . . . . . 24.9924.75 038189 Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) 038148 Red (10707)
041755 Belle’s Enchanted Castle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 13.95
(41067) . . . . . . . . . . . 49.9947.95 021448 Ocean Explorer (31045) 14.99 13.95
LEGO® Juniors (PK-2)
041758 Rapunzel’s Best Day . . CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
Although LEGO Juniors bricks are the same Ever (41065) . . . . . . . . . 19.95 038190 Park Street Townhouse . size as regular LEGO bricks, these sets are
(3-7) (31065) . . . . . . . 49.9944.50
designed with easy-to-build components and LEGO® Friends (1-7, unless noted)
021471 Propeller Plane (31047) 19.99 17.95
fewer small parts for beginning builders.
These sets feature predominantly female miniCHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
038481 Andrea & Stephanie’s Beach figures, pastel bricks and cute building projects. 038222 Red Racer (1-7) (31055) 4.99 4.25
Holiday (10747) . . . . . 29.9926.50 038385 Andrea’s Musical Duet . . 038224 Robo Explorer (31062) 19.99 17.95
038482 Anna & Elsa’s Frozen . . (K-7) (41309) . . . . . . . . 9.998.95 021570 Treehouse Adventures . Playground (10736) . . 24.9924.75 038417 Emma’s Photo Studio (K-7)
(31053) . . . . . . . . . . . 34.9929.95
045326 Cars Lightning McQueen Speed (41305) . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.998.95 038228 Turbo Track Racer (4-7) Launcher (10730) . . . . . 9.999.75 022113 Cupcake Cafe (41119) 39.99 36.95 (31070) . . . . . . . . . . . 59.9952.95
045327 Cars Cruz Ramirex Race . 022183 Horse Vet Trailer (41125)
021633 Twin Spin Helicopter (3-7) Simulator (10731) . . . . . . . . . . . 9.999.75 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 36.95 (31049) . . . . . . . . . . . 29.9926.50
(Not) Just for Fun
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
LEGO® Elves (2-7)
022590 Lighthouse Siege (70594)
Building Idea Books
038336 Naida’s Gondola & the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69.99 67.95
Goblin (41181) . . . . . . . 9.998.95 022549 Ninja Bike Chase (2-9) LEGO® Adventure Books (5-AD)
038331 Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave (70600) . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95
Follow Megs on her adventures as she visits
(41175) . . . . . . . . . . . 39.9935.95
CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
different Lego® lands and admires the different
038362 Queen Dragon’s Rescue .
038497 Vermillion Attack (1-9) creations constructed by some of the world’s
(41179) . . . . . . . . . . . 69.9962.95 (70621) . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95 top Lego® creators. With a lot of cool Lego®
038380 Water Dragon Adventure 038506 Vermillion Invader (70624) 29.95 designs to inspire your inner creator, these
(41172) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95
bright and colorful books have somewhat of a
LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ (3-9, unless noted) graphic novel feel, mixed with Lego® projects
LEGO® Star Wars™
Build the weapons, vehicles and characters to complete. Projects range from fairly simple
038519 Duel on Naboo (2-7) . from the popular animated series featuring these to complex and are accompanied by pictorial
(75169) . . . . . . . . . . . 24.9924.75 high-tech knights.
step-by-step directions. Approx. 200 pgs, hc.
022636 Eclipse Fighter (3-7)
022523 Glob Lobber (2-9) (70318)
9.95 EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 18.95
(75145) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 022498 Macy’s Thunder Mace 027199 Vol 1 (Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs)
022649 Encounter on Jakku (3-9) (70319) . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95
Contains nearly 200 Lego® models and 25
(75148) . . . . . . . . . . . 59.9957.95 022414 Aaron Fox’s Aero Striker projects to assemble.
041825 First Order Battle Pack . V2 (70320) . . . . . . . 29.9929.75 027204 Vol 2 (Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons)
(1-7) (75132) . . . . . . . . . 12.95 022519 Fortex (4-9) (70317) 99.99 94.95
Contains 100 Lego® models and almost 40
022651 First Order Snowspeeder CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
projects to assemble.
(1-7) (75126) . . . . . . . . . 9.95
065710 Vol 3 (Robots, Planes, Cities)
038522 Imperial Trooper Battle LEGO® The Batman Movie (3-9)
Contains nearly 140 Lego Models and 40
Pack (1-7) (75165) . . . 14.9914.75 037978 Batmobile (70905) . . 59.99 57.95
projects to assemble.
038542 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle 037969 Minifigure Mystery Pk . . 3.95
(1-7) (75163) . . . . . . . . . 9.95
☼Awesome Lego Creations with Blocks You
022671 Millennium Falcon (4-9) Already Have (3-AD)
(75105) . . . . . . . . . . 149.99141.95
There is a whole lot to love about Legos, and
022686 Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor now motivating our children’s creativity and
(2-7) (75135) . . . . . . . . . 24.95
craftsmanship just got easier. Part step-by-step
CHOKING HAZARD (1,4). Not <3yrs.
projects and part inspiration, this book contains
038556 Phantom (2-7)(75170) . 29.99 29.75
a mix of easy and challenging projects. With 50
022700 Poe’s X Wing Fighter (3-9) projects to choose from, there truly is something
(75102) . . . . . . . . . . . 79.9978.95
for everyone in this great book - projects include
022711 Resistance X Wing Fighter robots, dragons, tigers, a catapult, fighter jet,
(1-7) (75125) . . . . . . . . . 9.95
or a Formula One race car. Also included are
022708 Resistance X Wing Fighter creative concepts, which list key building ele
(3-9) (75149) . . . . . . . 79.9978.95
ments with sample pictures but do not give
041872 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack step-by-step instruction, allowing children the
(1-7) (75133) . . . . . . . . . 12.95
opportunity to investigate and develop personal
038546 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack and unique projects. Concept samples include
(1-7) (75164) . . . . . . . 14.9914.75
a playground, candy dispenser, marble run,
038557 Tie Striker Microfighter and a variety of tabletop games. Written by a
(1-7) (75161) . . . . . . . . . 9.95
homeschool mom with input from her 4 boys
038564 U-Wing Microfighter (1-7)
and 1 daughter, these tried-and-true projects are
(75160) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
sure to captivate the enthusiastic Lego creators
041876 Wookiee Gunship (1-7) LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 (31313) (5-AD)
in your family. 192 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne
(75129) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
Combining LEGO Technic elements with 015014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 13.95
038573 Y-Wing Microfighter (1-7) servo motors, a remote control unit, sensors
(75162) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95 and a free app, young builders can create mul- ☼Birds from Bricks: Amazing LEGO Designs
038576 Y-Wing Starfighter (3-9) .
tiple robots and program their creations. The That Take Flight (K-AD)
(75172) . . . . . . . . . . . 59.9957.95 core of the set is the Intelligent EV3 Brick with a
Amaze even the most avian-challenged skep038570 Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter . processor, USB port, Micro SC card reader, and tics with these incredible LEGO® birds! This
(3-7) (75168) . . . . . . . 24.9924.75 motor ports. You will need an internet connec- full-color book offers step-by-step instructions
tion to download the programming and instruc- for constructing detailed, beautiful birds from
LEGO Technic (2-9)
tions software. Set includes specific instructions around the world. Instructions for each bird
038588 Roadwork Crew (42060) 29.99 26.50 for one robot, and four more can be downloaded. include a parts list and some facts about
038594 Stunt Bike (42058) . . . 19.99 17.95 022405 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 349.99 the bird’s habitat and characteristics. A truly
038604 Stunt Truck (42059) . . 19.99 17.95
delightful book! 144 pgs, pb.
038606 Ultralight Helicopter . . . . LEGO® Build Your Own Adventure Kits (K-AD) 064279 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 16.95
(42057) . . . . . . . . . . . 19.9917.95
The Brickmaster sets got a makeover! Each of
these sets comes in a hardcover slipcase and ☼Brick Constructions: 40 Clever & Creative
LEGO® NINJAGO™ (3-9, unless noted)
contains a colorful 80-page hardcover book Ideas (3-AD)
Featuring ninjas, pirates and dragons from the as well as enough pieces to build a minifigure I remember many hours spent with my brothers
popular TV show.
and vehicle. The box containing the pieces also around a large communal bin of building bricks,
038491 Desert Lightning (2-9)
doubles as a play base! Each book contains building anything that came to mind. I also
(70622) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 assembly directions for included pieces as well remember wishing that there were instructions
038496 Destiny’s Shadow (2-9) .
as lots of ideas for other things to build and to follow for building cool designs, but new
(70623) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 unique ways to use pieces. Perfect for breathing sets only came with directions for one model.
022582 Green NRG Dragon (70593)
new life into your family’s bin of LEGO bricks! Problem solved! These books each contain 40
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 47.95 EACH KIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 17.50 designs to build. Flipping through the book, I
022545 Jay’s Elemental Dragon . 046037City
found myself thinking how neat it was to see
(2-9) (70602) . . . . . . . . . 29.95 029436 ☼Friends
traditional pieces being used in inventive ways.
022553 Rock Roader (70589) . . . 39.95 046070 Star Wars
Some building idea books hinge on having very
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
specialized pieces from licensed sets, but as I
flipped through these, I saw only one especially
unique piece. Everything else was built from
pieces I know I can easily find, even in slightly
older bins of bricks. The step by step directions
are computer-generated illustrations, just like
the ones that come in brand new sets. Choose
from 40 animal designs like a horse, lion, and
fox; or build 40 things that go like a tow truck,
concrete mixer, model T, or moon buggy.
Breathe new life into that big box of bricks with
these fun, colorful books. 96 pgs, pb. – Laura
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.99 11.25
000511 Cars & Trucks
of the items. Beginners will appreciate Cool process, recreating details from actual building
Creations in 35 Pieces, with relatively simple exteriors, building interiors and furniture, and
models (ie. robots, animals, home accessories, complete step-by-step instructions for 4 multivehicles) that use some of the most common story buildings. Plus they added a photo gallery
pieces. Each volume is a visual treat to browse of their own modular building masterpieces for
through and is sure to inspire your own unique further inspiration. LEGO® fans beware…this
LEGO® models. Suddenly I have this strong book is addictive! 200 pgs, sc.
urge to pull out our big LEGO bin from the attic! 063546 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 14.95
Approx. 32 pgs. each, hc. Compilation is 90 +
pgs, pb. – Chad
LEGO® Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks
EACH BOOK (exc. noted) . . . 12.99
9.75 to Life (2-AD)
054972 Cool Cars and Trucks
If you have a stash of LEGO pieces from vari057822 Cool Castles
ous sets and aren’t sure what to build, this is the
054973 Cool City
perfect book for you! This book gives sugges057824 Cool Creations in 35 Pieces
tions for fun things to build as well as clever
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 10.75 ways to reuse your pieces. For example, black
☼Brick History: Amazing Historical Scenes to 057823 Cool Creations in 101 and white grille pieces are now piano keys for
Build from LEGO® (3-AD)
Pieces Book II . . . . 14.9910.75 a LEGO piano. Perfect to get the creativity flowSometimes, you just need to build something 057846 Compilation . . . . . . 19.99 13.95 ing! 200 pages, hardcover. - Laura
out of LEGO® to get the full picture! And that’s
Includes Cars and Trucks, City, and Robots.
036864 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 17.50
just the idea with this visually appealing book.
Scenes from history are re-imagined using our LEGO® Crazy Action Contraptions (3-8)
LEGO® Star Wars: Visual Dictionary (2-AD)
favorite plastic bricks. There are pictures show- The Klutz team decided it was time to see what
From the holographic cover with an exclusive
ing over 40 large scenes for history and brick they could do to enhance the basic LEGO® brick minifigure enclosed to the detailed photofans alike to study, and 30 smaller projects construction sets. After getting the go-ahead graphs and descriptions, this newly updated
accompanied by fully detailed building instruc- from LEGO®, they came up with a collection and expanded book will have LEGO® Star Wars
tions. The scenes are varied and are arranged of LEGO® contraptions that “clanked, clunked, fans captivated until the last page. Characters,
chronologically: the big bang, invention of rolled, spun, flopped over or launched things”. weapons, transportation methods and more are
the wheel, Terracotta Army, Viking invasions, Newly revised, this edition now features 16 pictured and explained across the large-format
Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, Salem "high-performance" projects, each of which can pages. Timelines and indexes show sets and figwitch trials, battle of Waterloo, Underground be made with only the LEGO® parts included. ures from 1999 to 2014. 141 pages, hardcover.
Railroad, RMS Titanic, discovery of penicil- While the old version featured 10 projects and 056982 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.99 15.25
lin, fall of the Berlin Wall, wedding of Prince required additional LEGOs® for some projects,
William and Catherine Middleton – just to name this revision contains six more projects and ☼LEGO® Technic Idea Books (5-AD)
a few! Includes 2 fold-out posters. 254 pgs, pb. is packaged with more than 100 LEGO® eleProjects with LEGO® bricks can be complex,
041942 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18.99 15.25 ments! So even if you don't own any additional but throw in LEGO® Technic parts, and you
LEGOs®, you can build a LEGO® Launcher, have real engineering going on. These books
LEGO® Chain Reaction (3-9)
a Supercharged Speedster, or a Squeezeclaw are authored by Yoshihito Isogawa, a graduWhat sort of crazy chain reactions can you Grabber. The step-by-step instructions are are ate of the Faculty of Engineering at the Tokyo
create with LEGO®? Probably more than you largely non-verbal and include detailed illustra- University of Science. Other than a Table of
think! Much more elaborate than falling domi- tions of the contraption in progress.
Contents and a brief introduction, the books are
noes, this book provides instruction for building 001150 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.95 16.50 wordless, relying on clear, colorful pictures to
a Flag-Waving Marble Kicker, a Barbell Spinner
progressively show the construction of a project.
and more – in total, 9 contraptions that “swing, LEGO® Ideas Book (4-AD)
Where larger parts are depicted, the relative
bounce, spring.” Not only will kids have a blast
If I could sum up this book in one word, size of the photo is indicated as a scaled ratio.
putting these machines together by following the what would it be?
Hmmm…Inspirational? Often the same part comes in a variety of colors;
step-by-step instructions, they will also learn Imaginative? Challenging? Not sure which one colors chosen for the photos are for artistic effect
the physics behind the concepts…and put it to to choose! This book features so many ideas and contrast between parts. Simple Machines
use as they mastermind their own inventions! (500+) created by builders from all over the demonstrates basic configurations of gears,
Book includes 30 necessary specialized LEGO® world. Let them stimulate your own creative shafts, pulleys, turntables, and connectors that
pieces; kids will also need some basic LEGO abilities – or even try to copy their designs. become cranes, operable doors, cars, rocket
bricks to complete the constructions.
From automobiles and buildings, to space launchers and musical instruments. Fantastic
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
themed constructions and castles, to fantasy / Contraptions takes it to the next level, showing
057077 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.99 16.50 adventure, and practical projects you can make catapults, crawlers and bipedal walkers, powfor your home – ideas for every building style ered by fans, propellers, springs, magnets and
Cool LEGO® Books (PK-4)
are packed into this 200 page hardcover book. vibration. You can even add lights, pneumatics
Legos were one of my favorite toys growing up! Glossy and colorful, you might even find a few and solar panels. Although hundreds of models
We had a huge bin of them, which was officially new uses for some of those unusual pieces!
are shown in each book, the goal is to “fire the
banned from use during our daily quiet hour. 052083 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 17.50 imaginations of LEGO® builders young and
A wave of nostalgia came over me as I looked
old.” Approximately 160 pages. ~ Bob
through these Cool LEGO Books that truly live The LEGO® Neighborhood Book: Build Your 014810 Simple Machines . . . . 19.95 14.95
up to the name. Learn tips and gain inspiration Own Town! (5-AD)
014809 Fantastic Contraptions 19.95 14.95
from the Lego master Sean Kenney on building
If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own
cities, buildings, and cars. You’ll never look LEGO® town and don’t know where to start, ☼Tiny LEGO® Wonders (4-AD)
at one of those little 1” x 1” three-way “head- then you’ve found the answer. Meet two brothBuild 40 (surprisingly realistic) small-scale
light” bricks the same way again after you see ers (authors Brian & Jason Lyles) who decided to model vehicles using these detailed picture
some of the clever uses for it. SUV’s, airplanes, pull their building blocks out after years of being directions. Reproductions of real vehicles are
skyscrapers, and subway stations are just some stored in the attic when they fell in love with the organized by theme: trains, aircraft, fire, conof the creations you can build with the help of amazing mini-scale buildings that were being struction, cars, race track, water, military and
these books. As an added bonus, the Cool City built since LEGO® released their first modular space. Also included are 2-page backdrop
book includes a sheet of brick-sized stickers that building set in October 2007. This book fea- scenes showing the models in their “environyou can use to make signs for your LEGO city. tures tips and ideas of how to get started, where ment.” 8 ¾” x 11,” 199 pgs, hc.
Color diagrams demonstrate how to build some to buy individual parts and pieces, the design 065714 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 18.95
(Not) Just for Fun
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
LEGO® Accessories
☼LEGO Storage Boxes (3-AD)
Keep all your LEGO pieces together in one
place! Each box includes a clear frosted storage tray for organizing minifigures or specialty
pieces (you know, the really cool ones that
you can never find?) with storage space under
the tray for base plates and general bricks.
Lids and bins match in color, though the lid
is opaque while the bin is semi-transparent.
Small boxes are 11.6x14.7x3.3”, Medium
boxes are 11.6x14.7x6.2”, and Large boxes are
11.6x14.7x9.2.” Matching lid sizes makes these
great for stacking and neat storage. – Laura
EACH SMALL BOX . . . . . . . . . . 14.99
EACH MEDIUM BOX . . . . . . . . 17.50
EACH LARGE BOX (A.) . . . . . . . 19.99
☼LEGO Storage Bricks (3-AD)
The fun doesn’t have to stop when playtime
is over – why not make storage part of the
fun? These storage containers are shaped like
jumbo sized LEGO bricks and interlock like the
real thing, but open up to reveal lots of storage
space. Use several different bricks to separate
out different kinds of LEGOs, or use them to
organize art/school supplies or other kinds of
toys. Brick 2 boxes are 4.9”x9.8”x7.1”, Brick
4 boxes are 9.8”x9.8”x7.1”, and Brick 8 boxes
are 9.8”x19.7”x7.1.” Build the perfect storage
for your family! – Laura
EACH BRICK 2 BOX . . . . . . . . . 14.99
EACH BRICK 4 BOX . . . . . . . . . 19.99
030609Stone Gray
EACH BRICK 8 BOX (B.) . . . . . 29.99
☼LEGO Minifigure Display Cases (3-AD)
LEGOs aren’t just a toy – they’re a collector’s
item. Why not show off your favorite minifigures? These fun cases are shaped like LEGO
bricks and can even be stacked like the real
thing. The tops and bottoms are black plastic,
while the body is clear with a hinged door. Each
slot has a grey 4x4 plate so your minifigure can
stand up and be stored with their accessories.
Not a big minifigure collector? These would
also be great for storing and organizing those
awesome specialty pieces that always sink to the
bottom of the bin. Holds either 8 or 16 minifigures, and has hanging slots on the back for wall
mounting (hardware not included). – Laura
030363 8 Figure . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99
030362 16 Figure . . . . . . . . . 29.99
LEGO® LED Head Lamp (PK-AD)
Never face the dark alone again! Little kids and
big kids alike will be looking for any excuse to
wear these super cool LED head lamps. Each
lamp features a 2.75” LEGO® mini-figure that
shines a bright light out of the bottom of its
adjustable legs and includes a stretchy Velcro
headband that’s adjustable…even for the big
kids (aka: Dad). With hands-free illumination,
don’t be surprised when you find your little
ones sneaking books into bed to read after the
lights go out! Mini-figures have a clip on their
back and can be attached to other items such
as a backpack and clothes. Includes (2) CR2025
042598 ☼Classic (C.) . . . . . . 9.99
062785 Police (Lego City) . . . 9.99
EACH HERO/STAR WARS . . . 17.99 16.19
022858Superman 062786Darth Vader
BrickStix Stickers (PK-AD)
Some brick-building sets (like LEGOS®) come
with stickers, but have you ever tried peeling
them off? Not only are they difficult to remove,
but they leave a sticky mess. Enter BrickStix
stickers! They are colorful, removable, repositionable stickers that fit most building bricks. (As
the manufacturer touts, there’s no “ick on your
brick” when you remove them.)
The BrickStix sets include “Stix” clothes to put
on people figures, as well as signs or objects
related to the set’s subject. For instance, the
WWII set includes uniforms for American soldiers and paratroopers, German soldiers, some
bombs and insignia, faces, signs, a shot-up
window, sandbags, fire, and more. The Comic
Series set includes some speech bubble Stix
which can be written on with dry-erase pens.
Each set includes between 38 and 64 Stix.
Stix Storage is a 14-page book for organizing
your BrickStix. Use the themed pages to arrange
them however you wish. A pocket in the back
holds additional BrickStix Sheets. – Chad
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.­
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
032927Apocalypse 031046 Special Forces
025632 Dino Lab
025641 Mad Scientist
Brick Warriors (9-AD)
The founder of Brick Warriors felt that the
accessories that were included with his LEGO®
minifigures were just… lacking. After experimenting with stickers and decals, he designed
custom weapons and headgear molded from
the same ABS plastic as LEGOS®. We offer four
themed accessory packs, each with 7-9 accessories including headgear, weapons and armor.
Guaranteed to grant your minifigures new looks
– and fighting abilities – these will be a hit with
your kids who play with the figures more than
the blocks! (Although officially noted for kids
14+, any children who are old enough to play
with LEGO® can use these.)
EACH PACK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.00
040899 ☼Colonial Soldier Army Pack
000508 Greek Mythology
040902 ☼Knight Army Pack
000527 Modern Military
040918 ☼Redcoat Army Pack (D.)
000536 Wild West
Brictek® Building Bricks
Please see our website for Brictek items.
COBI® Building Bricks (K-AD)
☼Small Army COBI Sets (K-AD)
If action is what you are looking for, these brick
construction sets are great for adding excitement
to any collection. Build a quick scene with
some of the smaller sets, or challenge yourself
with sets that include hundreds of pieces. The
high quality sets in the Small Army World War II
series are all modeled off actual equipment used
at various points, and on both sides, throughout
WWII. Some post-WWII vehicles and aircraft
are also available. Join multiple sets together to
create your own authentic battlefield extravaganza! COBI sets are compatible with other
brick construction brands and come with one or
more figurines (figure sets also sold separately).
Piece counts are in parentheses.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Ground Equipment
026478 1942 BMW R75 (55) . . . 6.95
026553 3 Figures . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99 6.75
026663 M16 Half-Track (400) 34.99 28.95
026669 M24 Chaffee (350) . . . 29.99 23.95
026717 M26 Pershing (450) . . 39.99 29.25
026728 M4A1 Sherman (400) . 34.99 30.75
026890 Panzer I Ausf B (350) 29.99 23.95
WWII Aircraft
026768 Messerschmitt BF 109E 29.99 22.95
026844 Mitsubishi A6M2 “Zero-Sen”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 22.95
026885 P51 Mustang . . . . . . . 29.99 22.95
026925Spitfire . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.95
037477 ☼Vought F4U Corsair . (245) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.95
☼Brick Forge Minifig Accessories (1-AD)
Post-WWII Vehicles
Transform minifigures into soldiers from 026864 Mobile Ballistic Missile . ancient times, myth, or modern history with the Launcher (300) . . . . . . 26.9921.95
addition of helmets, shields, or weapons. Each 026875 P4 Armoured Car (200) 19.99 15.75
set contains enough themed accessories for 1-2
Mini Egg Block Sets (K-AD)
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
035812 Animals (12 Pc) . . . . . . 2.99 2.65
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
5.75 041445 ☼Dino Egg Small Set . . 3.99 3.50
065452 Fantasy Series 1
035813 Dinosaur (12 Pc) . . . . . 5.99 5.25
065453 Historical Series 1
035904 Space Series (12 Pc) . . 3.99 3.50
065454 World at War Series 1
035905 Transportation (12 Pc) . 3.99 3.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Nativity Scenes (K-AD)
Don’t just look at your nativity, build it! After
building your scene, use the characters to act
out the different parts of the Christmas story.
Everything is included to model your own
nativity – people, animals, star, angel, manger,
stable, and accessories. Use with other building brick sets to make your nativity even more
elaborate. An instruction guide offers assembly
instructions with pictures.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
026867 Set 2 - 200 Pieces . 23.99 18.95
Bible Construction Block Sets (PK-3)
Recreate events from the Bible with these
plastic building block sets. Each set includes a
baseplate, building blocks and people figures
with accessories (Nativity Scene also include
4 animals.) The back of the box has an illustrated backdrop to place behind your creation.
Compatible with other building blocks (LEGO®,
Brictek®, Sluban®, etc.).
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
032266 Nativity Scene . . . . 32.99 25.50
032263 Last Supper . . . . . . 44.99 39.95
Other Brick-Building Systems
Nanoblocks (3-AD)
Think big, build small. Nanoblocks fit together
just like any other plastic building block sets –
but as the name implies, they are much, much,
much smaller. The smallest piece measures 4 x
4 x 5 mm. Size is no inhibitor, though, as these
sets prove. From something basic, like a gray
wolf (130+ pcs) to something incredibly unique,
like the grand piano (150+ pcs) or the Sydney
Opera House (430+ pcs) to something out of
this world, like the Space Shuttle (580+ pcs),
these sets pose no small challenge. A great gift
for your construction or craft enthusiast with a
penchant for detail.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH BELOW . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
054280 Grand Piano
060997 Gray Wolf
028120 Great White Shark
055041 Green Parakeet
028252 Red Guitar
028278 Sea Turtle
EACH BELOW (except noted) 19.99 15.95
028111 Christmas Tree
054297 Sagrada Familia
054299 Space Shuttle
028288 Sydney Opera House
028245 Red Baron Tri-Plane
015875 Standard Color Set 39.99 29.95
This open-ended nanoblock building set
creates unlimited possibilities! Set includes
over 800 assorted pieces; you can run wild
with your own creations or follow the color
instructions to build a chicken and chick,
high-heeled shoe, excavator, camera, tempura, motorcycle, and iguana.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼UNIBlock Light-Up Bricks (K-AD)
Add a little spice to your brick-building sets
with some light-up bricks! Using a small switch
on the side, each individual brick can be turned
on or off. Add a lightshow to a castle, or add
some flashing lights to cars to make them even
more stylish! All bricks are universally compatible with major brands, lights last for over 48
hours, and they have replaceable batteries.
033003 Flashing bricks (set/8) . 10.00 8.95
Six white bricks and two red/blue bricks.
033004 Non-Flashing (set of 8) 10.00 8.95
Two each of red, green, yellow, and blue.
architecture with Sophia and Brianna (Home
Designer, 433 pcs). Each set includes directions
for two objects to build, online directions for
two more creations to construct, a figure and
her pet (except for the Home Designer set which
comes with 2 figures), and directions. All K’Nex
rods and connectors are made in America,
about 75% or more of most sets. Please note
that the first two items below are only available
in ASSORTED styles and we cannot guarantee
which of the two sets you will receive.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063459 Fun Ferris Wheel OR Deep Sea Dive (Assorted) 34.9931.95
☼UNIBlock Pullback Car Kits (K-AD)
063463 Up, Up, & Away OR Going Using universally-compatible building bricks, Green (Assorted) . . 19.9917.95
each of these kits contains detailed instructions, 063460 Home Designer Set . 49.99 46.95
a pull-back motor, and all the pieces you need
to make and race an iconic car. These kits K’Nex Education Robotics Building System
include pre-labeled bricks instead of stick-on- (725 Pieces) (5-AD)
decals, allowing the finished vehicles to look 064350(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 399.99 314.95
even more professional when put together by
young children. The pull-back motor base and ☼K’Nex K Force™ Build & Blast (3-AD)
all pieces can be fully integrated and modified
Build your own weapons that fire soft foam
with other brick-building systems. No batteries darts up to 75 feet! Using K’Nex rods and conrequired.
nectors along with other custom pieces, you can
032992 Blue 84 Pieces . . . . . 7.99
7.25 build some pretty serious looking weaponry!
Builds a blue police cruiser.
Assorted style, you’ll receive either the K-10X
033000 Red 73 Pieces . . . . . 7.99
7.25 building set or the Mini Cross building set (our
Builds a red sports car.
choice, if you order more than one, we’ll try
033001 Red 74 Pieces . . . . . 7.99
7.25 to assort!) which each contain about 90 pieces
Builds a red Formula 1-type race car.
and 5 soft darts. You can even combo build
033002 Yellow 74 Pieces . . . 7.99
7.25 both of these sets into a much larger and more
Builds a yellow sports car.
impressive looking weapon! Compatible with
the entire K’Nex Build & Blast line. ~ Megan
Traditional Building Sets
063694 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 13.95
K’NEX (2-AD)
Open the lid to hours of engineering and construction fun with these colorful building sets
from K'NEX. The individual sets are all complete, and each includes detailed instructions for
constructing all manner of vehicles, structures,
machines, animals, and gizmos. K'NEX sets can
used interchangeably.
CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not <3yrs.
K’Nex Ultimate Building Sets (2-AD)
Sometimes it’s just hard to beat the classics!
The 35 model box contains 480 K’Nex pieces
and ideas for building 35 different models (usually one at a time). If your creativity needs an
even greater outlet, you can always consider
the 52 model set: with 618 pieces and building
ideas for every week of the year. Or if you have
multiple builders, consider the 70 model set,
with 705 pieces! Sets have a mixture of 2-D and
3-D models to choose from, and the ideas are
different between the sets.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
052865 35 Model Set . . . . . 27.99
000659 52 Model Set . . . . . 39.99
000661 70 Model Set . . . . . 39.99
K’Nex Combat Crew 5 in 1 Building Set
Build five military vehicles with this 539 piece
set! Your Helicopter, Tank, Drone, Anti-Aircraft
Vehicle, and Armored Personnel Carrier will be
ready to roll with battery-powered motor and
missile launcher with 3 foam missiles. All K’Nex
rods and connectors are made in America,
about 98% of this set. Includes military K’Nex
figure. 2 AA batteries required, not included.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063458 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 43.95
K’Nex Blizzard Blast Coaster (2-AD)
Construct a crazy coaster! Use the 561 pieces
to build a coaster that’s almost 3 feet tall.
Explore gravity and kinetic energy as the car
travels through 16 feet of track. Motor requires
2 AA batteries, not included. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063464 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.95
K’Nex Mighty Makers (2-7)
Girl power building sets that model careers
in STEM? I’m in! Explore engineering with
Emily (Fun Ferris Wheel, 324 pcs), marine biology with Marissa (Deep Sea Dive, 317 pcs),
aviation with Ava (Up, Up, & Away, 140 pcs),
botany with Zoe (Going Green, 127 pcs), and
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
imagination run wild as you construct your own
3-D structures! - Melissa
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
026783 Starter Set (15 pc) . 24.99 22.49
007937 Deluxe Set (30 pc) . . . 38.69
Includes 30 pieces and design idea booklet.
014699 ☼Junior Set (A.) . . . . . 22.49
This set includes 15 pieces and an idea
booklet – the progressive rhombus sizes
include 1 red, 2 blue, 3 yellow, 4 green,
and 5 small white diamond shapes for the
point on your creation. There are ideas for
5 block structures (great for the youngsters),
and fifteen block structures. This set can be
used with other Wedgit sets, so the idea
booklet offers suggestions for more blocks.
This is a good starter set.
017426 Explorer Pak . . . . . . 99.99 89.99
Includes 125 pieces and instruction guide.
EACH CARD SET . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
007934Regular Set 026780Advanced
026782 Starter Set
Each deck of 48 cards offers building challenges ranging from simple to complex.
Cards are in color on one side, and black
and white on the other. Regular Card Set
works with Junior, Deluxe, Class-Pak, and
Explorer Wedgits Sets. The Starter Card Set
Tinkertoy Essentials Value Sets (PK-AD)
works only with the Starter Set. Advanced
This might be billed as a “classic since 1913”,
Deck works with the Junior, Deluxe,
but Tinkertoys have been jazzed up a bit! I
Explorer Set, and Expansion Combo Sets.
don’t remember having bendable pieces in my
childhood, but there are some here – along with
bright colors and some interesting variations in
the plastic pieces. These pieces also seem just
a tad larger. That being said, the buildability
and playability are the same even if the satisfying snap of pieces coming together is new. The
small instruction flyer shows possible projects
with steps to follow and although the projects
are few, it’s enough to get the creative juices
flowing. What has been built can be unbuilt,
and you’re ready to go again. Take a step back
in time – out of the techno world. Made in the
USA. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
060204 65 Pieces . . . . . . . . . . 24.95
060205 100 Pieces . . . . . . . 39.99 34.95 ZOOBS (1-AD)
A classic, colorful building set for the zany
063467 150 pieces . . . . . . . 49.99 47.95
builder! ZOOBs are color-coded plastic rods
063468 Wild Wheels . . . . . 2 9 . 9 9 28.5076 sturdy, colorful pieces that easily snap with combinations of closed spherical connectors and open "clamp-like" ends which attach
together, even for little ones. Zoom zoom!
to the connectors. Using this simple system of
connections, ZOOBs focus on making flexible,
Tinkertoy Classic Wooden Sets (PK-6)
067934 Tinkertoy Basic . . . . 29.99 23.95 unique creations of all shapes and sizes!
067935 Tinkertoy Deluxe . . 49.99 39.95
ZOOB Challenge (1-AD)
The Challenge includes 175 classic Zoob
Wedgits (PK-AD)
Wedgits are geometric puzzle toys, their pieces, wheels, elastic bands, and 25 challenge
3-D shapes making them oh-so-touchable and cards. The cards pose a scenario and your goal
appealing for people of all ages. Basic Wedgits is to construct a Zoob device to accomplish
blocks resemble square, 3-dimensional dough- the task. Challenges to be solved will involve
uts in different sizes, designed so each smaller- hitting targets, bouncing balls, and the like. A
sized piece fits perfectly on top of the next larger unique twist for a classic Zoob set!
sized block, with the smallest Wedgit block an 052183 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.00 35.95
8-sided diamond (like two 4-sided pyramids
stacked on top of each other). Their sloping ☼ZOOB Deluxe S.T.E.M Challenge (1-8)
For the keen ZOOBist ready for a challenge,
sides, corners, and central square holes makes
it possible to “wedge” pieces of different sizes here’s an excellent kit to put your child’s ZOOB
together, hence the name! Their unique shape building skills to the test. The kit is designed to
also makes built structures durable and solid - help kids learn, understand, and apply S.T.E.M.
not likely to easily fall apart if you try to move principles by building functional contraptions.
them. Each set includes a storage rack for stor- Included in the kit is everything needed to solve
ing the pieces and a design idea booklet. Try to various physical challenges, such as making
construct the figures in the booklet, or let your balls bounce and hitting targets. Additionally,
Playstix Construction Toys (PK-AD)
This simple stacking construction toy is easy to
use and remarkably versatile. Remember how
those log house construction sets fit together at
their notched-out ends? Well, this design has a
similar idea – only these pieces are grooved all
the way down their length (rather than just at
the end). And once enough pieces have been
fit together at right angles around two specific
points, their “snap and lock” feature kicks in,
which creates a very strong frame capable of
supporting quite a bit of weight. There are
seven different color-coded lengths of grooved
stix, which make the projects in the idea books
easy to follow at a glance. Please see our website for details and contents of each set.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
053508 150 pc Set . . . . . . . 24.99 19.95
053507 130 pc Vehicle Set 24.99 19.95
053509 Deluxe 211 pc Set . 47.99 35.95
033597 Flexible Set . . . . . . 19.99 14.95
014554 ☼Super Set . . . . . . 84.99 62.95
014611 ☼Translucent Set . . 24.99 19.95
014486 ☼Light Board . . . . . 17.99 13.95
014485 ☼Base . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
014664 ☼Wheels . . . . . . . . . 3.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
a guidebook aids you in constructing advanced
builds like a catapult, a zip line, a trampoline,
and more! Includes 255 ZOOB pieces, 2 foam
building pads, 4 wheels with tires, 1 rubber
ball, 1 nylon string, 23 rubber bands, 14 challenge cards and instructions for multiple builds.
019292 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100.00 67.95
☼ZOOB Z-Strux (1-AD)
An extension of the noteworthy ZOOB
line, these build-specific kits create a series of
operational construction buildings and vehicles. Beyond the many standard ZOOB pieces
included in each set are custom pieces such
as wheels, treads, axels, tow lines, and more
to create each kit’s builds. These advanced
pieces allow the completed ZOOBs to operate
as expected—the Lift N’ Loader can raise and
lower its buckets, the Sky Crane lifts objects,
and the Scorpion Driller rolls on treads and
can raise or lower its drill. Each kit comes with
instructions for four total builds. Alternately,
kits can be combined with other ZOOBs or used
separately to create unique, custom builds apart
from the specified designs.
019298 Lift N’ Loader . . . . 88.00 62.50
Includes 158 ZOOB pieces, 4 monster
wheels, 2 smoke stacks, flip top cab, scoop,
loader, excavator bucket, platform, 2 road
cones and a construction worker. Builds a
Loader, Plow Truck, Excavator and a Lift’N
019311 Lift Sky Crane . . . . 140.00 94.95
Includes 372 ZOOB pieces, 8 wheels, flip
top cab, reel assembly, tow hook with
clamp, tow line, rotating axel, 3 platforms,
2 road cones and 2 construction workers.
Builds a Hauler, Tow Truck, Rolling Crane,
Container and a Z Lift Sky Crane.
019331 Scorpion Driller . . . 53.00 36.95
Includes 73 ZOOB pieces, 2 monster tank
treads, flip top cab, auger drill, 2 road
cones, and a construction worker. Builds
a Scorpion Driller, Tunnel Driller, Vertical
Driller and a Mine Cart.
Mechanical / Motorized Building Sets
Long known as durable, detailed, high quality
construction toys, we are happy to offer Eitech
model sets through our catalog! We added
a selection of sets from a number of different
series to the catalog. Pieces are interchangeable between all sets and every box includes a
set of tools.
Classic Series (3-AD)
The Classic Series sets have a little more variety. The Basic Set has instructions for 8 models
and includes seats and soft tires. The Gearwheel
set details 6 models of gearboxes to build and
also has soft tires and a battery case for motorization (requires 3x AA batteries, not included).
061832 Basic Set (270+ pcs) 99.99 69.95
061836 Gearwheel (250+ pcs) 99.99 69.95
R/C Series (3-AD)
This coupe set has instructions for building
2 different models, includes a 2-way remote
control, and requires 2 AA and 4 AAA batteries
(not included).
061837 R/C Coupe . . . . . . . 59.99 46.95
(Not) Just for Fun
Gears! Gears! Gears! (PK-6)
Turn your budding engineer loose! Nearly
100 colorful plastic pieces are included in this
set, including cranks, connectors, interlocking
plates and, of course, lots of same-size gears.
Pillars enable the child (or Dad) to design vertical as well as horizontal combinations. A winner of the Best Toy Award from Oppenheim.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
020284 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 25.95
Gears, Gears, Gears Super Set (PK-6)
The biggest Gears set yet! This 150-piece
package comes with gears, pillars, six-way
axles, bases, and a crank handle. Pieces come
in a large, sturdy storage bucket and are compatible with pieces from other Gears sets. ~ Anh
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
011276 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 36.95
Other Building Sets
Squigz (PK-AD)
Who would’ve thought
you could build things
with suction cups? Squigz
are colorful silicone rubber pieces that take the
lowly suction cup to a
whole new level. Each
piece consists of a ball
with at least one post
and suction cup attached to it. They’re flexible and stick well to a variety of surfaces (and
each other). Stack them vertically to build a
tower, horizontally to make a bridge, or use a
combination of both to invent your own wacky
creatures. Use them in the bathtub, on walls
or windows, or even on your forehead if so
inclined! There are 8 fantastic shapes with a
variety of suction cup “sides” and colors. Kick
off your collection with the Starter or the Deluxe
Set, then add more pieces with the 5-piece addon sets (see our website). You’ll be building all
kinds of weird and wacky constructions! –Chad
001880 Starter Set (24 Pcs) . 24.95 22.95
001762 Deluxe (50 Pcs) . . . 49.95 46.95
059229 Squigz Benders . . . . 24.95 22.95
All the fun of bendy straws and suction cups
combined, these twistable toys can latch
right on to other Squigz for grandly silly
constructions. The set includes six blue 4”
Benders, six green 6” Benders and six original Squigz pieces.
037189 Mini Squigz (75 pcs) 19.95 18.95
Measuring 1-2 ½”, these mini Squigz are just
plain mighty! Perfect for older children or
smaller spaces in five bright colors
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
Zome System (1-AD)
More than a building set, the
Zome system is designed to
explore the worlds of mathematics, chemistry, biology,
art, architecture, and more,
allowing children to play with
concepts in a tangible way.
The system integrates the concepts of shape,
number, and vector into a mathematical system
designed to duplicate the basic molecules and
growth proportions of cells, crystals and other
natural forms. The basic parts of each Zome
set are round connector nodes which allow the
builder to build in any of 62 different directions.
The bars or struts of different lengths that connect to the nodes are based on the numbers 2,
3, and 5 and each features that number of sides.
Each of these bars features a different connector
shape related to the shape of the bar, which corresponds to one of the three types of connecting
holes on the node. These unique aspects allow
the students to create 3-D models of DNA,
geometrical forms, multi-carbon chemistry molecules and detailed architectural structures with
accurate angles and scale. Don't be intimidated
by all that though - the set can be enjoyed just
as a fun construction set!
The Creator set contains building instructions
for suggested models. If you register your set
online, you can also utilize their software,
additional models to build and replacement for
broken parts. The smaller ScienceZone project
set contains enough pieces to build models of
structures found in science, and some information on these structures as well. All in all, these
versatile and diverse sets will come in handy
not only to explore more "academic" concepts,
but also for children to explore construction in
a way similar to how natural forms are constructed. What a unique concept! - Jess
025795 Lesson Plans 1.0 . . . 21.00 16.95
Basic Zometool Set:
025778 Creator 1 . . . . . . . . 65.00 49.95
This 246-piece set includes 60 nodes, 90
pieces of '2' struts (30 in each of three
lengths), 60 pieces of '3' struts (20 of each
length), and 36 pieces of '5' struts (12 pieces
in each length).
025787 Creator 3 . . . . . . . . 165.00 119.95
This 738-piece set includes 180 nodes and
558 struts: 270 pieces of blue struts (90 of
each in 3 lengths), 180 pieces of yellow
struts (60 of each length), and 108 pieces of
red struts (36 of each length).
060643 Basics . . . . . . . . . . 29.00 22.95
This set has 30 balls, 15 blue struts in three
sizes, 10 yellow struts in three sizes and 6
red struts in three sizes for a combined 93
struts. Parents should note that the included
manual is the general manual from the creators, and not all of the designs presented
will be buildable with this basic set.
Strawz (1-AD)
Take bendy straws to a whole new level! Build
a network of straws between several glasses.
Make long, meandering lengths of drinking tub- ScienceZone Model Set:
age. Create a needlessly complex way to share 025786 DNA Kit (71 pc) . . . 30.00 23.95
a beverage just because you can. Whatever you
Explore the 'blueprint for life' by building a
come up with, these 44-piece dishwasher-safe
simplified approximation of an actual DNA
sets allow for incredible works of strawchitecture.
molecule. Detailed instructions are included
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.00
in a 2-page pamphlet, as well as some inter062383Blue
esting facts about DNA. A fun and an easy
way to give your child a visual understand062385Orange
ing of the molecule's geometric design.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Pop Em’z Suction Craft (5-11)
These fun little hexagonal suction cups have
a slew of uses. Use these as manipulatives for
patterns, matching, or sequencing. Attach a
few to a dry erase board or glass surface, then
have kids use a piece of string to connect them
to make letters. Use them for tic-tac-toe in the
car, but use colors instead of x’s and o’s. The
applications are only as limited as the imaginations of you and your child. They stick to any
non-porous smooth surface like windows or dry
erase boards, and have a pretty decent amount
of stick. The set comes with 42 pieces in each
color (hot pink, orange, teal, yellow, purple,
and lime) for a total of 252 suction cups. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
064967 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 18.95
☼RAMI: Create Infinite Trees (ages 3+)
A unique construction toy for building trees colorful, whimsical, beautiful trees! There are
no blocks in this building set; it consists of 31
colorful branch pieces about the size of a thick
marker. Each of these has holes in interesting
places that let you place them a certain way
as you build up your tree. Mine looked like a
sort of fan-coral that could have been in a Dr.
Seuss book! Create a quirky plant or a massive
oak! One set will make a nice size tree (approx
20x20” or so), but 2 would be even more fun to
build with. This is a fun and fascinating toy that
combines nature and engineering. ~ Sara
065142 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 22.50
Magnetic Construction Sets
☼Geomag Kor (K-AD)
Kor: a magnetic construction system with endless possibilities! The basic
sets are the 55-piece sets,
which include a metal core,
26 inner shell pieces, 26
outer shell pieces and 2
eyes. These easily assemble
into an egg shape about
the length and width of
an adult’s hand. Start rearranging the pieces
and you can create shapes or characters in so
many different forms! The inner shell pieces
(with encased magnets) and outer shell pieces
(with pin-type connectors) fit snuggly in numerous combinations. Those variations can be
expanded even further with the Kor Cover sets,
which include 26 outer shell pieces in 4 different shapes. Tazoo sets are more themed, and
include special pieces to create the suggested
creatures – or to use however your imagination
pleases! Swiss made.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH GEOMAG KOR EGG . . 39.99 35.99
EACH KOR COVER SET . . . . 14.99 13.49
EACH TAZOO SET . . . . . . . . 54.99 49.49
021455 Beto (Aquatic) (68-pc)
021464 Dina (Mythical) (71-pc)
021465 Jelo (Polar) (70-pc)
021508 Paco (Nature) (71-pc)
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Magformers (K-AD)
This is not your typical building set! You
can construct all kinds of 3-D figures with
these super-powerful magnetic sets. Magformer
pieces (square and triangle shapes) are included
in each set and have encapsulated (tube-shaped)
magnets within them that strongly pull the
pieces together. The pieces always connect
and never reject so you can easily build spheres,
houses, towers, and more. Assembled creations
are held together securely so they don’t easily
fall apart, but when you wish to create something new, simply pull the pieces apart and
begin afresh! Please see our website for contents
of each set.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
052938 62-pc Standard Set . . 99.99 79.99
039538 62-pc Designer Set . . 99.99 79.99
064419 Carnival (46-pc Set) . 79.99 59.99
027630 Dinosaur Set . . . . . . 99.99 79.99
029366 Inspire (30-pc Set) . . 49.99 39.99
064422 Inspire Design (62pc) 99.99 79.99
064421 Inspire Set (100-pc) 199.99 159.99
004742 Light Show . . . . . . . 119.99 95.99
029417 Pentagons 12pc Set . 29.99 23.99
064425 Power Construction (47pc)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99.99 79.99
039539 Rainbow 14-pc Set . . 24.99 19.99
039540 Rainbow 30-pc Set . . 49.99 39.99
027722 Safari Set . . . . . . . . 149.99 119.99
004818 Transform Set . . . . . . 99.99 79.99
027725 Wow Set . . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.99
053235 XL Cruisers Set . . . . 69.99 55.99
☼My First Magformers (PK-AD)
Children are never too young to experience the joy and inspiration from building
with Magformers! Each entry level set includes
brightly colored, molded, one-piece magnetic
shapes (BPA Free); a play book; and model
cards to stimulate creative thinking for young
minds. Compatible with all MAGFORMERS®
shapes and accessories.
064423 30 Piece Set . . . . . . 49.99 39.99
064424 54 Piece Set . . . . . . 99.99 79.99
☼Magformers Edu Puzzle Set (7 pcs) (PK-AD)
Magformers for the littlest innovators in your
family! This 7”x 10” board book contains 7
colorful Magformers - 3 triangles, 1 big triangle, 1 diamond, 1 trapezoid and 1 hexagon.
Magformers are brightly colored, molded one
piece magnetic shapes (BPA Free) Each side
by side puzzle page contains a friendly animal
shape and tidbit about a shape used to build the
puzzle. For example: Kitty on the wall is waiting
for someone. Which shape is Kitty’s ear? Ten
different puzzles are included. Suggested puzzle
answers are located in the back. Compatible
with other Magformers. ~Deanne
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
003993 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 27.99
Magformers RC Custom Set (2-AD)
Build your own remote-controlled custom vehicles with Magformers. Like other Magformers
sets, the panels attach magnetically to each
other so you can create any combination, limited only by your imagination and the pieces
you have. This set has 52 pieces, including
three sets of wheels, two single wheel pieces, a
remote controller, two people figures, a bunch
of panel pieces, and some traffic sign stickers.
The RC body and controller each use 3 AAA
batteries, which are not included.
018817 52 Pieces . . . . . . . . 124.99 99.99
design with magnetic foam tiles on a sturdy
frame. The large orange frame slants towards
you. There is a place to slide in a pattern sheet
or you can simply design directly onto the surface. When you push a button on the frame,
all the magnetic tiles are released. The pattern
sheets are shiny 2-sided paper and show a
photo-type background with a figure outlined in
various geometric shapes (triangles, half circles,
tear drops, swirls, etc.). Each shape is numbered
and pertains to a particular size/color of tile.
Complete a flamingo on a beach, a chameleon
on a tree branch, a rocket in outer space and
more, for a total of 16 pattern/images. Use it on
your lap or as an easel. It is really quite thick
and solid. The surface measures 8.5” x 9.5”
and the orange frame surrounds this space. A
great gift for quiet play and creativity too! Add
your own magnetic letters and use it for spelling
practice. ~ Sara
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
062736 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95
☼Magformers Power Gear (PK-AD)
Take your love of Magformers to the next level!
Connect the power blocks to create automatic
spinning creations as you learn how gears and
magnets work together. Also includes LED lights
for a greater WOW factor! 60-piece set includes
a variety of 8 geometric shapes and 11 specialty
accessories to unleash your personal innovation, along with a step-by-step activity guide
Magsnaps 48-Piece Set (PK-AD)
booklet. ~ Deanne
Shapes, colors, and magnets – all the necesCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
064426 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159.99 127.99 sary ingredients for fun two-dimensional and
three-dimensional building projects. Similar to
other magnetic building piece sets that have
Magformers Magnets n’ Motion Sets (1-AD)
Add movement to your Magformers with encapsulated magnets, these pieces always
Magnets n’ Motion! Accessory Sets include attract along the edges, coming together with
colorful plastic gears of various shapes and a satisfying snap. This set has 48 brightly colsizes, a hand crank, and plastic squares with ored (red. yellow, green, purple, and blue),
inserts. Fit the gears together, then snap the translucent pieces – 18 squares, 5 trapezoids,
crank handle onto a big gear to crank your 8 equilateral triangles, 8 right-angle triangles,
creations. Combine the gears with your exist- and 8 isosceles triangles. A one-page insert is
ing Magformers structures (sold separately) to packed with illustrations for suggested 2D and
set your creations in motion. High-performance 3D building projects.
magnets ensure a strong grip. Power Sets 033553 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74.99 54.95
include electric add-ons so you can build creMarble Runs / Marble Sets
ations with lights, power and movement at the
touch of a button. Each set includes a power
generator (rechargeable via computer or USB Amaz-N-Marbles Basic Builder (K-AD)
Kids love marbles. Kids love mazes. Kids
charger adaptor), with a power gear that fits
into the side. Interlock standard gears with the love building. Kids are going to love this set of
power gear; then press the button to watch large, easy-to-manipulate hardwood pieces with
them spin. Collect one set or several to enhance a non-toxic finish. The pieces all have holes,
your Magformers in a way that is one of a kind. grooves, or slots in them that are big enough for
Please note: Magnets ‘n Motion sets are not marbles to pass through. Just build the blocks
compatible with XL Cruisers Sets. Please see our up and try to get a marble from the top of your
maze to the bottom. Make marbles zigzag from
website for contents of each set.
side to side and fly through the air. Endless comCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
bination potential makes this set a ton of puzzle027659 Gear Accessory Set (20 pcs)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.99 like fun. A few marbles are included in each set.
Available in 45- piece or 60-piece sets. These
027704 Medium Gear Accessory
Set (37 pcs) . . . . . . 49.99 39.99 durable sets really are fun for the whole family.
039514 45 pieces (tube) . . . 42.50 27.95
064420 Gears (61 Pc Set) . . 9 9 . 9 9 039515 60 pieces (box) . . . 53.00 36.95
79.99027708Power Accessory Set
(27 pcs) . . . . . . . . . 119.99 95.99
Blocks & Marbles (K-5)
027695 Large Power Set (83 pcs)
Think of this set like a sturdy, wooden marble
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 179.99 143.99
run! Blocks and Marbles sets are made up
of wooden blocks, some of which are carved
☼PowerClix Construction 3-in-1 Vehicles into long or short gutters, while others are
designed for marbles to be dropped in the top,
This 55-piece set comes with directions for where they change direction and come out the
three yellow and black construction vehicles side. Because there are no connecting pieces,
including a front end loader, dump truck/hauler, children can play with them, stack them, and
construct just like blocks, then drop a marble
and skid steer.
at the top and see where it goes! (Please note
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028367(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 59.95 50.36 that proper alignment is critical to the flow of
the marble; younger children may have some
difficulty.) Components are simple, so combiMagna Mix Magical Magnetic Play (K-AD)
Follow the patterns or freestyle your own nations are nearly limitless, and marble run pos-
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
sibilities can be as creative as the builder! All
sets below contain the same kinds of pieces, so
it’s easy to add on! Additional marbles are also
available – we know how easy they are to lose!
CHOKING HAZARD (4). Not <3yrs.
037183 Super Set . . . . . . . . 64.00 44.95
45 blocks, 14 marbles, and a storage bag.
037180 Master Set . . . . . . . 140.00 99.95
80 blocks, 20 marbles, a 15” x 18” playboard, and a storage bag.
037179 Bag of 30 Marbles . . 3.00
☼MaBoRun (1-AD)
Marble runs are a classic, entertaining way
to explore mechanics, energy, and movement.
MaBoRuns are desktop-sized, motorized runs
that are easy to assemble and fun to watch.
There are two sizes of runs available: the
Amazing runs have the motor and gear system
in full view and contain steel balls approximately 10mm in diameter while the Mini runs
have the motor and gears hidden in the base and
contain balls approximately 8mm in diameter.
Amazing runs are also interchangeable – as in
compatible with each other? Is interchangeable
the right word?. Each run requires a single AAA
battery (not included). Some assembly required,
colors may vary.
CHOKING HAZARD (4). Not <3yrs.
064334 Amazing Big Wheel . . 19.99 16.95
064335 Amazing Climber . . . . 19.99 16.95
064336 Amazing Combo 2 . . . 29.99 24.95
064337 Amazing Shooter . . . . 19.99 16.95
064338 Amazing Stair Climber 19.99 16.95
064339 Mini Scissor Lift . . . . . 14.99 12.75
064340 Mini Spinning Discs . . 14.99 12.75
064341 Mini Tornado Twist . . 14.99 12.75
Rails Builder Set . .
Spin Stunt Set . .
Starter Stunt Set .
Spectrum Set . . . .
Ultimate Stunt Set .
Slide-Maker Marble Run (K-5)
Design possibilities are limitless with this 68
piece marble run. It’s made of sturdy, colorful
plastic that’s easy for younger kids to use and
includes 12 marbles to run through the flippers,
funnels, ramps, twists, and into the catch-all hoppers at the bottom. It will take quite a while for
your kids to get bored of redesigning their marble
run and watching the marbles travel through
their creations. If you want to build even bigger
marble runs, check out the Accessory Set with
36 additional building pieces (spirals, wheels,
funnels, and cylinders) and 6 marbles.
CHOKING HAZARD (1, 6). Not <3yrs.
008476 Marble Run . . . . . . 35.00 31.00
033701 Accessory Set . . . . . 27.00 21.95
Techno Gears Marble Mania Mini Series (6-AD)
The fun of a gear toy and marble run rolled
into one! These slimmed-down versions of previous Techno Gears kits each contain about 100
pieces and require no batteries! The Catapult
features and elevator-type lift to get your marbles to the top with a push of a button and two
scoop-turned-lever drops. The Crankster has a
gear and crank powered lift with little marble
cups on a belt that dump the marbles when they
reach the top. The Zoomerang uses a gear and
crank to turn an auger-type lift to bring marbles
to the top. All pieces with the mini series are
interchangeable, allowing children to come up
with creative builds of their own. Construction
is a little tricky with these sets, so these might be
better suited for an older builder, a marble-run
loving parent willing to assist, or a child who
enjoys the challenge of building. – Laura
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.95
Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 (1-AD)
These sets take marble runs to a whole new
level and kids as well as adults will enjoy putting structures together and watching the small
steel balls make their way through the creation.
You have transparent interlocking cubes that
piece together. Some cubes have holes in them
for the balls to fall through, some have slopes
that allow balls to exit out either side, and some
have slopes that allow balls to exit just one side
of the cube. Attach the cubes however you Eitech Fun N’ Roll Series (3-AD)
want, then see how the balls travel through the
Quite an interesting variation on your tradimaze you’ve created! Cubes are color-tinted but tional marble run. The included instructions
transparent so you can watch the balls the entire detail two separate marble runs (the tallest one
time and they’re made of polycarbonate so you measuring 80cm) using metal frames and plastic
know they’re durable. The 50-Pack sets include marble rails. The overall course length is 3.5
36 cubes and 14 balls while the 92-piece set meters (about 11.5 feet). 5 marbles included.
includes 72 cubes and 20 balls. Stunt Sets take 061835 Marble Run (340 pcs) 69.99 54.95
Q-Ba-Maze to a new level with more twists
and turns, new pieces and variant pathways. Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run (K-AD)
The open-ended creative fun with these sets
Drop the marbles and watch them tumble
will make them a treasure at your home. Please down your track design. Use any flat steel surnote that these '2.0' sets from MindWare are not face – refrigerator, file cabinet, magnetic white
compatible with the original Q-Ba-Maze sets. board, etc. - and arrange the magnetic track
Please see our website for contents of each set. pieces in a pattern that will allow your marbles
CHOKING HAZARD (1, 6). Not <3yrs.
to reach the end. The activity cards offer some
043308 50-Pc Cool Colors
good starter ideas, but your imagination is the
(36 cubes, 14 balls) . . 24.95 limit. Experiment with the arrangement of the
020000 92-Pcs (Hot & Cool) . . 39.95 pieces to see what works to make the marbles
028327 Big Box Bright Colors . . 39.95 go faster or to keep the marbles from jumping
014614 Bounce Stunt Set . . . . . 16.95 your track. The set includes 14 magnetic track
014643 2.0 Zoom Stunt Set . . . 16.95 pieces, 4 plastic marbles, and 10 activity cards
014618 2.0 Mega Stunt Set . . 79.95 for hours of creative fun.
037222 Cascading Marble Refill . . 14.95 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
017626 Marble Catchers . . . . . 6.95 062006 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 18.95
(Not) Just for Fun
Model Kits
☼Paper Nano (8-AD)
Similar to the Metal Earth models we sell,
these beautiful figures are laser cut and ready
for you to assemble with just a few tools. The
thin cardstock sheets are incredibly detailed and
assemble with tab and slot construction, but you
will need a little bit of glue (not included, but
we recommend #042597), and a utility knife
and tweezers are recommended for assembly.
Construct a beautiful Eiffel Tower or a kitchen
scene from a quaint cottage. Build your own
Kyoto or Taj Mahal too! Most of the pieces are
off-white, but some kits do include colored or
metallic pieces. The instructions are mostly
graphics, so they might be tricky for some to
follow and given the delicate nature of the
paper pieces, these kits would be best for older
children or experienced model builders. The
finished results are absolutely fantastic! - Laura
EACH PAPER NANO . . . . . . 11.99
023106 Eiffel Tower 023122 Music Room
023123Taj Mahal
023116 Kyoto (A.)
☼Robots: 6 Robots to Make and Decorate (1-5)
Build three different robot designs (RODOT,
LUNETIC, ER48) without glue or scissors.
Printed on heavy cardboard pages, just punch
out the pieces and assemble. Each robot comes
in a color version that you can customize with
the included stickers and a white version that
you can color and design for yourself. Assembly
instructions are included inside the covers and
robots measure from 7.5” to 8.5” tall.
017915 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 12.95
Paper Airplane Books / Kits
200 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly (1-5)
Forget those other paper airplane books with
only a couple dozen planes to fold—how about
200? This book contains 200 patterned tearout sheets, with cool designs like space ships,
jets, and camouflage. There are seven models
to make: the Dart, Coaster, Bug, Mantis, Jet,
Shuttle, and Glider. Follow the tips to fold the
perfect paper plane, launch it, and have a successful landing. Guidelines are provided on the
patterned paper, but the folding instructions for
the seven plane types are located on fold-out
flaps on the book cover (so you can keep on
folding, even when you run out of the patterned
paper). With so many patterns to choose from,
you can create an entire fleet of high-flying
planes! – Chad
020821 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.99 12.59
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Fold & Fly Paper Airplanes (3-AD)
Make over 180 paper airplanes! This kit comes
with a 72 page full-color book with directions
for 12 styles of planes to be made on 48 designs
of pre-printed paper with over 180 sheets in
total. Multiples of each sheet allow you to
make more of that same design. Many of the
sheets have pre-printed lines for easy folding,
while some are just fun patterns for funky fliers.
Everything fits inside the clear plastic storage
box to keep your papers from getting torn or
lost. ~ Laura
063543 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.99 11.50
Go Fun! Paper Airplanes (2-6)
Build 26 crazy, colorful planes and decorate
them with 80 stickers! Each plane type comes
with an instruction sheet as well as a tear-out
sheet of colorful paper that makes it super easy
to know where to make all the folds. I appreciate that the instructions stay in the book even
after you tear out all the planes so you can make
them over again with your own paper. - Laura
062885 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
Star Wars Folded Flyers (3-AD)
Who doesn’t want to make and fly their very
own Millennium Falcon? Star Wars lovers will
definitely enjoy this full-color Klutz book, which
provides information about the pilots, weapons
and defense, and battle performance of 6 different Star Wars starships. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to fold, cut, and assemble
each folded flyer. This book includes enough
paper for 5 of each ship (30 starships altogether)
so more than one family member can fold their
own fleet! ~ Anh
052198 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.25
At the beginning of each round, all players
simultaneously choose one of their own cards to
play and place it face down on the table. When
all of the players have chosen, everyone flips
their cards over and plays them on the rows,
starting with the player who played the lowest
card and so on up to the highest. The cards
are placed in the central columns according
to a simple rule – each card is played into the
row that has the closest preceding number. If a
card is lower than all of the ending cards in the
middle rows, that player chooses one of the four
rows of cards to take and their card becomes the
new starting card for that row. The twist – and
the name, which translates to “6 Takes” - comes
from the rule that only five cards can be in each
row. Thus if a player plays a card that would
belong in a row that already has five cards in
it, they are forced to take the row and their
card becomes the new starting card (thus gaining unwanted points). Because you never know
what everyone else is going to do, you may end
up taking rows you never expected. The more
players, the more unpredictable the game! 2-10
players, 45 minutes. ~ Steph
018341 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.00 10.40
☼10 Down Game (3-AD)
Cards are numbered one through ten in five
different colors – green, red, purple, yellow,
and orange. Collect a sequence of one to ten
and be the first to yell “10 Down,” and you
win a token. Have a run of 3 or more cards of
the same color in your sequence and you win
a bonus token. The first person to collect ten
colored tokens wins the game. Once you have
mastered the basic game, add the Mission Cards
for another dimension. Following the same basic
rules, the Mission Cards dictate which color of
tokens you have to collect. For example, you
may have to collect 4 orange, 2 green, 2 yellow,
and 2 purple for a total of 10. The game can be
played quickly (in about 20 minutes), with 3 to
5 players.1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016816 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 12.95
Whoosh! Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids (PK-2)
Geared towards younger kids, this whimsical
book by Dover shows kids how fun paper airplanes can be, especially when you get to color
in your own custom design, then fold it and
watch it fly! Designs include a space shuttle,
princess plane, monster machine, and more.
Twelve designs are printed twice for a total of 24 ☼12 Days Game (2-AD)
On the first day of Christmas, my true love
planes. Pages are perforated for easy tear out,
gave to me... In the spirit of Christmas, playand simple folding instructions are included.
063017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
5.75 ers pass beautifully-illustrated gift cards to the
player on their left before presenting their gift
card to try to win the day. The lowest played
(See a '' symbol? Check out our website to value card is considered the best gift and wins
the day. At the end of 12 days (rounds), the
see an accompanying video!)
game ends and the final scores are tallied and
the winner declared. Strategy tips and examples
Card Games
are included, giving children of various ages
and abilities the opportunity to win the day! For
Family Card Games
3-5 players. ~Deanne
025675 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.00
6 Nimmt! (3-AD)
Though the name may get lost in translation,
the fun lives on in this German card game that ☼Cardventures Games (3-AD)
has been around for over 20 years! The cards Choose the course of your story with this game!
are numbered 1-104, and each has a number of Start by reading a card and then choosing from
bullheads in the top center, ranging from 1-7. various options which lead to more cards and,
The goal is to score as few bullheads as pos- thus, more story. Continue building the story,
sible; when someone reaches 66 the game is all the while collecting special points until your
over. Players each receive a hand of 10 cards, story ends. Each game offers multiple options for
and then 4 cards are flipped face-up on the table play either as one player or cooperatively in a
in a column to start four rows. Though actual group. These Gamewright games come in a 3”
gameplay is extremely simple, the fun comes in x 4.5”, sturdy, drawer-like box.
trying to figure out what everyone else is going EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
to do and choosing your own cards accordingly. 021137Stowaway 021146Jump Ship!
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Dead Man’s Draw Game (3 -AD)
Arrrrrr ye’ ready to push yer’ luck out on the
high seas, sonny? In this easy-to-learn, piratethemed card game of luck and loss, the object
is to collect cards from 10 different suits and
get the highest score. Each card has a “suit”
and a point value. During each round, players
flip over cards from the draw pile until one of
two things happens - either they choose to stop
drawing and collect the cards they’ve flipped
over, or they “bust” by flipping over two cards
with a matching suit and they are forced to
discard all of the cards in the playing area.
While this can make for a pretty dicey card
game by itself, there’s a catch: each of the 10
different suits has a unique “suit ability” which
activates whenever the card is revealed. These
abilities may allow you to steal or destroy other
players’ hard-earned cards or even force you
to play several extra cards without a choice to
stop! Once the draw pile is depleted, all players count up their highest-value card of each
suit and the player with the most points wins.
To spice things up, there are special character
cards (which influence certain suit abilities
and even other players!) and Game Variants,
which change how the game is played/scored.
If you’re looking for a fun family game for all
ages or a simple party game, Dead Man’s Draw
is a great choice. Just be warned—thar be no
safe havens in these treacherous waters! 10-15
minutes. For 2-4 players. (Note: one of the character cards, Madame Margot, has a somewhat
revealing neckline on her dress. If deemed
inappropriate, feel free to dress the character
more modestly via permanent marker.)
024988 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 12.50
Dutch Blitz Card Game (3-AD)
If you like double solitaire, you‘ll love Dutch
Blitz! Each player has a set of 40 cards, numbered 1-10 and in four colors. Players lay out 3
base piles, and stack 10 cards in their “wood”
pile. Everyone plays at once in this fast-paced
card game, moving cards to the communal colored piles in the center, as they compete to be
the first to use all of the cards in their “wood”
pile. The first player to eliminate their woodpile
and yells “Dutch Blitz!” wins the game. Easy to
learn, fun to play, and contagious, this has been
one of our favorite games to play at home and
on the go. For 2-4 players.
For bigger families or more friends, you can
now add the Expansion pack – and four more
players! Almost identical to the original game,
the rustic illustrations on the card backs are
in different colors than the original, allowing
another four players to play and identify their
cards for scoring in the end.
008863 Dutch Blitz . . . . . . 11.98
031820 Expansion Set . . . . . 11.98
DCHBLZSet of both Decks . . 23.96 14.00
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Fast Flip (2-AD)
Reminiscent of Spot It! with more twists, Fast
Flip challenges players to not only be the first
to spot a match, but to note how many times it
appears on a card. In the original game, the tin
holds 54 cards and ten tokens. You flip over one
card to reveal either a number between 1-5 or
a type of fruit. If it shows a number, be the first
to shout out which fruit appears in that quantity
on the face-up card, and if it is a fruit, be the
first to say how many times that fruit appears.
For a quieter game, use the tokens in place of
shouting out answers. There’s only one of each
token, so be the first to grab it to win the point!
Holidays and Pizza are smaller versions of the
original Fast Flip and do not include tokens.
063975 Fast Flip . . . . . . . . . 12.99
000634 Holidays (mini) . . . . . 7.99
000692 Pizza (mini) . . . . . . . 7.99
locomotive and 7 railcars). There is a variety of
railcars, which just makes the game more visually appealing – coal cars, carriers, tankers, etc.
Numbers on the cards are written like a puff
of smoke – very cute! Throughout the game of
drawing and discarding, players may draw an
abilities card that lets them swap cards, move
cards, or remove cards. For 2 to 4 players, the
first person to get their numbered train cars in
ascending order wins. Play is fairly quick (20 to
30 minutes) and can be played by anyone who
recognizes numbers and proper sequencing.
Some strategizing might help you win the game
more quickly. 88 cards (4 locomotives and 84
railcars) and an instruction sheet. ~ Donna
023216 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95 11.50
Get a Life Card Game (5-AD)
Ever wished for a life that’s different than
the one you have? This game may make you
appreciate the things you take for granted now
– and give you a lot of laughs along the way!
You and other players will compete to make
the best or worst life for another player (this is
a rotating role!) with the cards you are dealt.
Lifestyles are composed of 5 areas: location,
accommodation, transportation, occupation,
and companion. How would you like to live in
the Arctic, in a Tool Shed, with some chickens
for company, riding a tricycle, and working
as a Street Performer? Additional cards allow
for a bit of strategy and instigate trading cards
or drawing new cards, but winning this game
will rely mostly on luck…and on how well you
know the other players! 3-8 players, game time
is approximately 30 minutes. ~ Megan
062872 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
Fitz It Game (7-AD)
What fits in a car or trunk, doesn’t need a plug
or battery, is usually unwanted, is used mostly
by seniors, and usually has curves? A walker,
perhaps? This creative game will really get you
thinking! Each player starts out with fifteen
description cards and draw a hand of five. On a
turn, he can lay down as many of them as possible to describe the same object, then names
the object. The next player plays crossword
style with the first row of cards, using one of the
previous player’s cards to describe his object. As
the crossword grows, more options emerge for
places to play. Other players are free to challenge you if you try to take your descriptions too
far! After each turn, refresh your hand of five;
the first player to play all his cards, wins! Game
contains 256 cards with lots of fun descriptions
like “best held while wearing gloves” or “didn’t ☼Iota (3-AD)
exist 50 years ago” – so it will be a completely Tuck this cute little tin into a backpack or purse
different game every time you play! 2+ players. and have on-the-go fun anywhere you have two
000596 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
7.75 to four people with 30 minutes or so to spare.
There are two wild cards plus 64 unique cards
(2” x 2”) each with three different properties: a
Five Crowns (3-AD)
Another fantastic game by Set Enterprises! shape, a color, and a number. Holding a hand
Adding a fifth suit to a deck of playing cards, the of four cards, players add 1, 2, 3, or 4 cards to
star, brings a new dimension to playing cards. a single line following specific guidelines (all
The game is made up of 11 hands. Similar to cards must either be all the same or all different
rummy, you may lay down sets of three, called in each individual property). A four-card line is
books, or runs of three or more cards. There’s called a lot. Scoring is based on the face values
a twist to the game, though - in the first round, of the cards in a line plus extra points for creatyou get three cards, in the next round four, etc., ing lots. As the pattern grows, playing options
all the way to the 11th round, in which you get become more limited. Tin is 2.25” x 2.25” x 1.”
13 cards. When a player plays his last cards, 021159 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
each other player has one more turn to play.
Karma (3-AD)
For 2-7 players.
What comes around goes around in the game
The mini round version of this game provides
an option for quick play for 2 to 4 players. The of Karma! The goal is to get rid of your cards
deck has only 58 cards (half as many as the full without getting stuck with the discard pile!
size game), and you can finish a game in about There are 60 game cards numbered 1-16 (three
15 minutes. The same Five Crowns fun, but in a of each number) and four different “karma”
cards (also three of each). Each player must play
mini version. ~ Steph
004343 Regular Game . . . . 12.99 10.25 a card that is equal to or a higher number than
028776 Mini Round Tin . . . . 4.99
4.50 the previous one discarded. If a player cannot
match or beat the previously discarded card, he
must pick up the entire discard pile. If a player
☼Game of Trains (3-AD)
This easy-to-play card game can be enjoyed has a “karma” card, it can be played at his turn.
by the whole family. The concept is similar to These “karma” cards might include giving the
that of Rack-O (arrange your number cards in whole discard pile to another player or taking
ascending order) with some exceptions. Set with the card at the bottom of the discard pile and
a train theme there are some abilities cards that placing it on the top. The more players, the
can change the course of play. Begin by having more fun the game becomes! Illustrated instruceach player lay out their dealt cards in a line (1 tions are included. 2-6 players (can be played
(Not) Just for Fun
with up to 12 by combining 2 games). By the
makers of SET. ~ Gina
001072 Original Game . . . . 12.99 10.25
028791 Mini Round Tin . . . . 4.99
40 round cards in a small 1¾” tin. Game
takes only about 15 minutes to play.
Nertz Card Game (3-AD)
A fun, fast-paced card game similar to Dutch
Blitz and Double Solitaire. Each player or
team deals out 13 cards to the Nertz pile, lays
four cards face-up on the table, and then goes
through the rest of the pile 3 at a time. There
are four different colors of cards, two light and
two dark, numbered from 1-13. They can stack
cards (alternating light and dark) on their four
face-up cards (like in Solitaire) and are always
looking for “1s” to put in the middle, or cards
to add sequentially on cards in the middle. The
goal is to run out of the cards in your Nertz
pile and shout out “Nertz” first. You get one
point for every card in the middle and have to
subtract 2 points for each card left in your Nertz
pile after each round. The first player/team
to reach 100 points wins. While this game is
much enhanced by three or more singles/teams,
this game comes in two-deck packs which are a
good introduction to get you going. A pack can
accommodate 2-4 players (if you have 4 players
they function as two teams – one player is the
dealer and the other plays the Nertz pile). If you
would like to play with up to 4 players/teams,
you should order two of the 2-deck packs which
come with blue and white, or yellow and red
card decks (if you order two, we’ll send one of
each, which would give you 4 different decks).
046025 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.50
☼No Thanks Game (3-AD)
If you say “no thanks” and pass it’s going to
cost you, but will it cost you more to take the
card in this simple game of chance and strategy?
The game is composed of 33 cards numbered
3-35 (point value of each card is equal to the
number on the card) and pass tokens; the player
with the fewest points at the end, wins. To
begin a round, the cards are shuffled and nine
are blindly removed. The rest of the deck is
placed face-down in the center of the play area.
One by one, cards are turned up and players
can either pick up the card or pass by placing
a token on top of it. To pass, you must pay a
token, but no other cards are overturned until
each previous card is taken. If you run out of
tokens, you could end up with a lot of highscoring cards that nobody wants! Cards you take
end up in front of you; if you make sequential
runs, only the lowest card is scored. You can
play defensively or offensively, and it’s a different game every time you play. 3-7 players,
game time is approximately 20 minutes.
018409 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.00 10.40
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Phase 10 (3-AD)
Here’s a game we’ve enjoyed for years. The
thick deck contains several each of the numbers
1-12, a handful of skips, and a bunch of wilds.
Each round, every player gets ten cards. There
are ten different phases to go through, starting
with two sets of three. For example, before you
can lay down cards, you have to collect three
6’s and three 12’s. Then you have safely completed that phase, and you can try and add the
remaining cards in your hand to other people’s
sets. Once someone has run out of cards, that
round is over. Whoever layed down goes onto
the next phase, and anyone who didn’t stays on
that phase. Everyone except the person who ran
out counts the points left in their hands, and the
cards are mixed and dealt out again. The phases start to get trickier, one calling for a run of 9,
and another for a set of 5 and a set of 3. The
winner is the person who makes it through all
the phases first with the least amount of points.
For 2 - 10 players. As you get more players, it
get’s more challenging to complete the phases
and go on, which leaves some people way
behind in phases - and points. An old stand by
for those nothing-to-do evenings. ~ Mel
009998 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.50
Ninety-Nine or Bust (3-AD)
Keep the discard pile from exceeding 99 on
your turn; that’s the goal. Every player discards
a card, and with a few exceptions, they all add
to the total count. But there are a few special
cards – some subtract from the total, some
reverse the count so that new cards subtract
from the total, and some can be used as two
different numbers, depending on what you want
to do. A fun party game that requires quick addition and subtraction skills. 2+ players. ~ Mark
CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not <3yrs.
022502 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
Pickles to Penguins Game (3-AD)
Quick! What do a pen and a squid have in
common? Hopefully, this wasn’t an association
you had to ink much about! Each player starts
the game with an equal deck of cards beside
them and five picture/word cards face up in
front of them. Two cards are placed face up in
the middle of the playing surface. Race to be
the first player to come up with a connection
between one of your five cards and a center
card! If you succeed, place your card over
one in the center and say why the two objects
are linked. You card becomes a new card that
players try to form an association with. Then fill
the empty space in front of you with a card from
your deck. The first player to correlate all of
their cards wins! For 2 or more players. Game
time: approx. 30 minutes.
062757 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26.99 20.50
Quao (9-AD)
Don’t skip over this one just because you can’t
say the name – “Quao” is pronounced “cow”
and she is “…an evil bovine with secret rules.”
This unique card game will have players laughing non-stop as they seek to be the first to empty
their hand and become the new “Quao” of the
next round. There are many arbitrary rules,
known only by and enforced by Quao, that
bring lots of fun and maybe some confusion as
other players try to avoid being penalized. Each
player is dealt 5 white cards, with the rest of
the deck becoming the “draw” pile. The deck
is composed of 5 “suits” each with a different
type of answer or action to be performed. Some
cards require you to reveal something personal
(like naming something you’re afraid of), some
require an action (challenging another player to
a thumb war, for example), others change play
for a specified amount of time, some help you
avoid penalties from Quao (which always result
in drawing an additional card into your hand),
and others allow you to pick another player to
perform an action for the rest of the round (i.e.
they may have to tell a joke punchline at the
beginning of each turn). When the round is
over, a new Quao comes into power and adds
a new “Quao Rule” from the black deck. Game
consists of 4 rounds – whoever wins the last
round wins the game. The sparsely-but-humorously illustrated cards give this game a lot of
character, and while it is a little off-the-wall, it
all adds up to great fun. Please note: one of the
characters or “suits” is a donkey named JaQuas
– while his name appears on all the cards of that
type, players are never asked to say it. ~ Megan
048439 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
RACK-O (3-AD)
Growing up playing Rack-O, I was super
excited to see this classic family game added to
this year’s catalog! Each player is dealt 10 cards
to place in a rack with slots numbering 5-50
(counting by fives). The first card that is dealt
is placed in the 50 slot, the second 45 and so
on down the line until you reach the number 5
slot. The remainder of the deck is then placed
face down in the middle to be used as the draw
deck. Each card pictures a number ranging
from 1-60, making the object of the game to be
the first to organize your cards from the lowest
number to the highest. Numbers need not be in
consecutive order (although additional points
can be rewarded for runs), but each card must
be lower than the one that follows. An example
of a “Rack-O” might look something like this: 3,
12, 13, 32, 36, 41, 48, 49, 52, 60. To achieve
this players take turns drawing cards from the
deck to replace other cards currently in their
rack. Game includes 4 plastic racks and 60
cards. 2-4 players. - Tasha
050256 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.45
for all ages! – Jess
063115 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.99
Ring It! Game (2-AD)
Who doesn’t want to ring one of those little
hotel bells? The young and young at heart will
have plenty of opportunities in this game. There
are rules for multiple games included, but in the
basic version all players have a stack of round
cards, and everyone flips their top card over at
the same time. If a player is the first to spot a
match by color, number or two cards with a bell
symbol, they clap and ring the bell. If they’re
right, they win the cards, but if they acted too
quickly they have to give up some cards. As
players run out of cards they are out of the
game, and the last one with cards is the winner.
The 90 cards and bell fit neatly into a round tin.
035771 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.75
Scattergories: The Card Game (3-AD)
In this outtake on the classic game of
Scattergories, players must think even faster
than in the original version! The game consists
of two decks of cards – one containing categories, and one containing letters. One of each is
flipped, and the first player to slap the “I Know”
card and shout out their answer gets to take one
of the cards. For example, the category card
says animal, and the letter is T. If you happen to
shout out “tuatara” before someone else thinks
of “tiger,” then you win a card. A replacement
card is then flipped, and play continues until
one of the decks is gone. Whoever has the most
cards at the end wins the game. The combinations are endless – just shuffle the decks and
start again! Game play takes 15-25 minutes for
two or more players.
046277 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.95
☼Slapzi (3-AD)
From the makers of Tenzi,
this game is all about speed!
Turn over a clue card from
the deck and be the first
to slap down a card from
your hand that fits the clue
(e.g. “wheelbarrow” would
fit the clue “You put things
in it.”). The cards feature
everyday items and display
large images, as well, so even younger kids can
Rat-a-Tat Cat (1-AD)
join in on the fun with a little reading help from
Another Rainbow Game Night winner! 2-6 older players. Be the first to match all five of
players are each dealt four cards, which they your cards and earn a slap…on the back!
place face-down in a row without looking at 023142 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95
them. At the beginning of the round, players
look at only the two outside cards in their row. Sleeping Queens Game (3-AD)
The remaining deck makes up a draw pile, with Queens, kings, knights and dragons! This card
the top card flipped over to start a discard pile. game requires some strategy and some luck as
The cards are numbered 0-9 with 0-5 depict- you try to awaken sleeping queens, stop your
ing cats and 6-9 depicting rats. Several “Power opponent’s knights with a dragon, put another’s
Cards” – Peek, Swap and Draw 2 – add a few queen back to sleep with a potion, or defend
twists to the game play. Players compete to have yourself with a magic wand. The directions are
the lowest score in their hand, and keep draw- clear and the game is quick to learn, just how I
ing cards, replacing any of their cards they wish, like them! Your goal is to collect queens and the
and discarding until they think they have the winner is the one with the most points when all
lowest score at the table. Then they knock on of the queens are awakened. 2-5 players, ~ Sara
the table and shout “rat-a-tat cat!” While great 027662Original . . . . . . . . . 11.99
for practicing simple addition skills for younger 021237 Deluxe Edition . . . . 13.99 10.50
player, the challenge of not always knowing
This anniversary edition includes new kings
what you have in your hand – or what anyone
and queens as well as fun sticker sheets in a
else has - keeps this fast-playing game exciting
colorful, collectible tin. 85 cards.
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Spot It! (1-AD)
If you have child who loves to play “I Spy”
then this card game is for you. Spot it! is really
four games in one, well maybe five games since
I invented my own solitaire version while looking it over. Cards have eight images on them
that you try to match with another card. One of
those eight images will match on any two cards.
As you lay your cards down, you want to be the
first to find the matching images. It could be a
cat, a dinosaur, a moon, or a wedge of cheese,
among others. Kids will recognize the shapes so
reading is not necessary to play. This game is
fast and fun and does not take up much space.
I even like that it is round and comes in a little
tin, so it's a little different! ~ Sara
050476 Spot It! . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.50
053091 On the Road . . . . . 12.99 10.50
Stop signs, taxis, American flags, airplanes,
bicycles and more; this one is for road trips!
001219Holidays . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.50
Christmas themed symbols include candy canes,
snowmen, ornaments, wreaths and more.
025962Splash . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.99
Play this one by the pool! Spot-It Splash has
55 plastic-coated, waterproof cards illustrated with pictures of beach-themed items.
035871 Sports Game . . . . . 12.99 10.50
55 round cards, each with 8 images or
words associated with a variety of sports.
☼Thieves (3-AD)
In this fast-paced card game, there is no honor
among thieves. 3 to 6 players vie to be the thief
least likely to be caught by the police while ending the game with the most loot. Loot cards can
be kept secret in your stash or publicly given to
another player. Why give away your ill-gotten
gain? During a police raid (triggered by event
cards), the player with the highest total loses
his stash. Special Ring, Horseshoe, Roadblock
and Getaway cards add to the unpredictability
of the game. Games move quickly, completed
in about 20 minutes. So try to lay low until the
time is right! ~ Bob
025700 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00
Top Trumps Card Games (PK-AD)
This card game brings “war” into the 21st
century while featuring beautiful pictures, and
amazing facts and statistics on each card. Simply
deal out the deck of 30 cards to players, choose
the best stat on your top card and try to beat
your opponent’s card. Win the deck by being
the first person to win all 30 cards. Facts on
the cards include things such as height, weight,
speed, and more. An American Alligator weighs
500kg, a Polar Bear weighs 800kg – who takes
the card? Simple to play and educational, what
more could a parent want?
EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
064676 30 Best Tractors
051489 Ancient Egypt
047131 Baby Animals
053849 Countries of the World
047136 Creatures of the Deep Sea
064677 Farm Animals
047133 Greek Mythology
064679 Horses & Ponies
(Not) Just for Fun
047141 Loveable Dogs
064680 North Amer. Wildlife
047138 Sky Scrapers
058962 Space Phenomena
017290 Sports Cars
047140 Star Wars Episodes IV-VI
040521 Star Wars Ep: 1 Phantom Menace
064684 Star Wars Force Awakens
011190 Star Wars Rebel
068038 ☼Star Wars Rogue One
047142 Ultimate Military Jets
029049 United States
029051 US Presidents
047144 Wonders of the World
064681 Space Collectors Tin 14.99 11.95
UNO: Fast Fun for Everyone (2-AD)
An easy to learn card game that is fun for
the whole family. Set down cards matching by
color or number. Play a wild card to change
color or another action card to slow down your
opponents. Be the first to empty your hand of
cards, but don’t forget to yell “Uno” when you
get down to one card in your hand!
060262 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.50
Zeus on the Loose (3-AD)
Become familiar with the Greek gods and practice mental math while playing this strategic card
game. Each player is dealt four cards that will
have either a number or a Greek god on them.
Players take turns playing a card on “Mount
Olympus” and add it to the previous total number. If a number is played by another player that
matches a number in your hand, you can do a
“same number sneak” playing that card and skip
other players that would have been next. Greek
god cards have powers such as playing Aphrodite
and rounding the total to the nearest multiple of
0 or Ares sending the Mount Olympus total to
50. Throughout the game, take control of Zeus
by getting to a total of a multiple of 10 (10, 20,
30…), stealing Zeus, or doing a same number
sneak. Get to 100 points while holding on to
Zeus and win that round, earning a letter of Zeus.
Win 4 rounds to spell out Z-E-U-S.
063116 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.99
Strategy Card Games
☼7 Wonders Duel (5-AD)
Similar in concept to the original 7 Wonders
game, but redesigned for 2-player competition.
As in the original, each player is leading a
civilization and constructing Cities of Buildings
and Wonders over the time span of three Ages.
During each Age, each player can play 10
cards to earn coins, strengthen their armies, and
make scientific discoveries, all in the name of
developing their city. Unlike the original, the
game can end at any time if a player can claim
military or scientific supremacy. Do you go
for the quick victory or gradual domination? A
full-length game takes about 30 minutes. ~ Bob
025274 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.99
☼Castles of Burgundy (7-AD)
You are a noble in 15th century France, specifically the Loire valley which is full of castles!
Up to 4 players use their cards like dice to
maximize their victory points through strategically building cities, trading/buying livestock,
mining and gaining scientific knowledge. There
are 240 small (1.75”x2.5”) cards, all color
coded. You determine what path to take to
earn the most victory points over the course of
5 rounds. Games take about 30 minutes. There
is even a solitaire version you can play. Your
strategy enthusiasts will enjoy this one. From
Ravensburger. ~ Sara
030070 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
☼Machi Koro Game (2-AD)
The town of Machi Koro
is a dismal sight: a single
wheat field, a bakery, and
some coins. But, under its
newly elected mayor (you!),
the town is ready to grow!
The game starts with a
series of 15 cards placed
in the middle. Each card
represents an establishment, from wheat fields to
stadiums, with an associated dice value (such as
9-10) and an effect, such as “get one coin from
the bank on anyone’s turn.” Some let you earn
money from the bank, while some force other
players to pay you! Players take turns rolling
the dice, check to see if they earn money from
their cards, and build more cards to make more
money. As the game progresses, players can
build fancier, more expensive buildings which
provide more income, effects, and cover a wider
range of die rolls. The goal is to construct all four
unique starting cards, which are expensive but
provide a significant bonus to your other establishments. The first player to build all four wins!
For those looking for a more casual strategy
game with fun and replayability, this one fits the
bill. ~30 minutes. For 2-4 players.
019735 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 25.50
☼San Juan Game (7-AD)
Based on the popular board game Puerto Rico,
this card-based version allows for a more fastpaced, smaller-group play. 2 to 4 players vie to
earn the most victory points by building cards,
producing goods and collecting more cards
along the way to construct your city. Cards are
multi-faceted, acting as currency when in hand,
a trade good when produced, and as a functioning building when played. Each card has
an associated building cost to construct. Cards
are divided into two types: colored production
buildings, which produce valuable trade goods,
and beige city buildings, which give you certain
bonuses (i.e., drawing more cards, producing
extra goods, and additional victory points).
Once built, each card earns that bonus each
round during the game and the victory points at
the end. Everyone takes turns in various roles
(like Builder, Producer, or Trader), allowing
each player to take the associated action when
selected, while giving the selecting player a
bonus. Players quickly build up both their cities
and their revenue stream by producing and trading goods, allowing everyone to start building
better and more expensive buildings. The game
ends immediately when someone has constructed twelve buildings, sometimes disrupting
longer-term strategies! The player with the most
victory points wins. 45-60 minutes.
020396 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.99 28.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Chess & Checkers
has gone into this program is terrific, and its
incremental approach is perfect for anyone
who wants to learn chess from the ground up
and is serious about developing their strategic
skills. - Jess
Please see our website for full description and
specifics about each book/DVD.
EACH WORKBOOK (except) . 22.50 18.95
EACH DVD (except noted) . . 15.00 12.95
012386 Chess Basics Workbook
012385 Chess Basics DVD
012468 Chess Openings I Workbook
012446 Chess Openings I DVD
012498 Endgame Strat I Wkbk . 23.95 19.95
012493 Endgame Strategies I DVD
025028 Chess Tactics 1 Wkbk
025013 Chess Tactics 1 DVD
Chinese Checkers (1-AD)
This classic game has entertained generations
of people since it was first introduced around
1884. The 7” round wooden game board is
about ¾” thick and contains 121 small peg holes
arranged in the pattern of a six-pointed star. Also
included are 60 colored wood pegs (in 6 different colors - black, blue, green, white, red and
yellow), a cloth pouch for storing the pegs, and
instructions. To play, each player places all their
colored pegs into one star point. Then, players
take turns moving their pegs (in any direction,
moving only one hole or jumping only one peg
at a time) to reach the star point opposite of their
starting destination. The first player to get all
their pegs across is the winner. ~ Lisa
046278 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.75 21.25 Batsford Book of Chess for Children (3-7)
023658 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 10.95
No Stress Chess (2-AD) 
If learning to play chess seems too complicated Usborne First Skills: Starting Chess (K-6)
Short? Check. Colorful? Check. Good for
or stressful, this game’s for you. The secret is an
innovative deck of action cards, which depict children? Check. With colorful illustrations and
chess pieces and how they move. Once you kid-friendly writing, this book will get your kids
become comfortable with the moves and pow- playing chess in no time. Covering the bare
ers of each piece, you can flip the board over basics, you will learn how to move the pieces,
and play standard chess. The game includes the point system, some basic strategies, as well
rules for two variations of play using the action as special moves: castling, en passant, and so
cards, 56 action cards, 2-sided chess board, forth. Meanwhile, cool little knights and pawns
standard chess pieces (white and black), a card decorate the sides of the pages, and occasionally illustrate a point (like the armored knight
tray, and standard rules.
010758 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.95 13.50 jumping over enemy pawns, while they gaze
up with a mixture of fear and awe). These little
things help kids take an interest, enabling them
Tournament Chess Sets (K-AD)
These high quality chess sets are ready to to learn faster. While not for those that already
hit the tournament circuit. The tube version have basic knowledge, it will jumpstart a child’s
contains all the necessary plastic playing pieces interest in chess. ~ Mark
(with a 3” tall king) and a 17” x 17” vinyl chess 002512 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
board rolled into a cardboard tube. The tube
Children's Games
has a shoulder strap for easy transport. The bag
version contains a 20” x 20” vinyl chess board,
Children's Action Games
with all the pieces made out of heavy, weighted
plastic (the king is 3 ¾” tall). Both colors have
zippered storage pouches within the canvas BugaLoop (1-AD)
bag, and a third pouch comes empty. The 22” Look out! There’s a HEXBUG in the yard and
x 7” canvas bag unzips the long way down the it’s coming after you! Players take turns rolling
middle; the three pouches and loops for the the die and moving their bugs peacefully across
rolled-up board are on one side and a hook- the yard, until the HEXBUG emerges from the
and-loop fastener sealed pocket with a pen and tunnel and tries to bump them off. Stay standing
ID holders are on the other side. The black bag and continue down your path – get bumped and
has carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder you’ll have to start from the beginning again!
The first player to transport all of their bugs to
strap and looks very professional. – Zach
044853Tube . . . . . . . . . . . 18.99 15.25 safety wins this surprising buggy scramble!
044852 Canvas Bag . . . . . . 52.75 37.95 066276 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.95
Championship Chess (3-AD)
Serious about your chess game? So is chess
coach Stephen Schneider, who has been coaching and teaching kids how to play chess since
1974. As a result, he has developed a complete
educational system that takes children from the
basics to using specific openings and endgame
strategies. Each book is set up in workbook format, with instructional text and workbook activities that test the player’s knowledge and thinking.
The corresponding DVDs feature segments with
the author, in which he shows players examples
of moves and strategy on a demo chessboard.
The DVDs give visual learners a chance to “see”
the moves in action and maybe pick up a bit of
Coach Schneider’s chess wisdom.
The amount of thought and structure that
Bugs in the Kitchen (K-AD)
Simple enough for young players, this lively
game may also become a favorite of teens and
adults! Game play is fast-paced but simple, and
the playing surface is self-contained inside the
box. The star of the show is the HexBug Nano
(with batteries included). You place it in the
center of the board and switch it on. The “bug”
bumbles and zips around the board, which is a
maze built from plastic kitchen utensils. Players
take turns rolling the die and pivoting the utensils
on the board, trying to guide the bug into their
corner trap. The player who traps the bug wins
the round, and the first player to trap five bugs
wins the game! It’s a new game, but it’s already
one of our absolute favorites!
042087 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 21.00
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Cheese Louise (1-AD)
The premise is simple: grab a piece of cheese
and cover all the condiments on your bread.
Each slice of bread contains a different combination of condiments-peanut butter and jelly,
pickles and ketchup, mustard and olives. Grab a
piece of cheese and cover the toppings so none
of the fixins’ can be seen through the holes in
the cheese. 24 double-sided pieces of bread and
22 slices of cheese provide multiple scenarios to
build visual spatial coordination and speed. Fun
for group or solitary play. ~ Deanne
037188 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
Crocodile Dentist (PK-AD)
If you didn’t have this classic toy during your
childhood, you’ve missed out on a lot of fun.
The cute crocodile opens his mouth wide to
reveal thirteen teeth. Players take turns pushing
down the teeth, not knowing which one will
make the croc’s jaw snap shut. The last player
to get chomped wins the game! With no loose
parts and no batteries required, this simple game
is huge fun for the whole family.
041813 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
☼Cup-A-Cup (1-AD)
The premise of this fast-paced grabbing game
is simple: each player takes turns rolling a dice
with a colored shape on each face. The goal is
to quickly identify the missing colored shape,
then be the first to grab and collect the matching cup from the table. However, no cup is safe
(even those in front of you!); if a color of a cup
held by a player is rolled again, any player can
take it for themselves. The first person to collect
three cups wins. For 3-8 players; 20 minutes.
064595 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.99 11.99
☼Don’t Be Greedy (K-AD)
Try to get the most jewels, but don’t be too
greedy or you may lose your treasure! Players
take turns drawing jewels out of the pouch.
If the bottom of the jewel is blank, the player
must choose to continue drawing or place the
jewel in the treasure chest and end their turn.
If a jewel with a sad face on the bottom is
drawn, the player must put all of the jewels they
have collected in that turn back in the pouch.
Includes 33 jewels, 4 treasure chests, and a
jewel pouch. For 2-4 players. ~ Rachel
036556 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.75
☼Don’t Rock the Croc (PK-AD)
This whimsical 7.9” x 1/2” x 4.3” wooden crocodile wants to stay balanced! Roll the colored dot
die to put the next cylindrical piece on the upsidedown crocodile. The 18 cylinders come in 3 different sizes and in vibrant colors of red, yellow,
green and blue. Be careful to keep it steady! Tip
the crocodile over and you’ll have to start again.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
064987(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 12.50
(Not) Just for Fun
Neck of the Woods Game (PK-AD)
Try and make your giraffe the tallest without
toppling over! Your goal is to get points by reading the leaves on the tree. Higher leaves have
more point value. Each player builds up the
neck of their giraffe by rolling a die which shows
different-shaped neck blocks. Players take turns
rolling the die, adding blocks to their giraffe and
collecting leaves for points. The winner has the
most points when all the leaves are eaten. The
rules are simple to follow and explain various
possibilities clearly, something I always look for
in a game! The die and giraffe pieces are made
of dense foam, while the tree is made of heavy
cardboard. They are all colorful and charming
and your kiddos will love the feel of the foam as
they stack their giraffes taller and taller. The foam
also makes for a nice quiet game. The leaves are
numbered 1-5, so there is a bit of math as you
total your scores. Average game takes about 15
minutes to play. 2-4 players ~ Sara
037190 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25.95 22.95
1CHOKING HAZARD (1) Not <3 yrs.
022579 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99
Roll & Play: Child’s First Game (ages 18 mo+)
Start playing games at an early age. Roll the
plush cube and identify the color on top. Then
pick a card with the matching color. Each color
has a different category (emotions, counting,
colors, body parts, actions, and animal sounds).
For example, if green is rolled, the green card
tells you to quack like a duck. Once your child
feels comfortable with how to play, create new
variations together, so that the game grows with
your child.
060556 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.95
☼Skill Ball (1-AD)
Combine marbles and skee ball and what do
you get? Skill Ball! Shoot marbles towards the
7” plastic tray. If your marble sinks in one of
the holes, you win the amount of points noted,
ranging from 10-100. Includes 12 marbles in 4
colors and is full of nostalgic family fun. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (5). Not <3yrs.
☼Pick-A-Berry (PK-3)
Use the 3 ½” x 1 ½” wooden “pickers” (resemble 011567 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
ceiling fan blades) to remove your red or purple ☼Swipe Out! Game (1-AD)
berries from the wooden tree (looks a lot like a
mug holder). Helps reinforce fine motor, coordination, and concentration and skills. Good for a
multi-generational household! Wooden berries
are two sizes: ¾” and 1” diameter. From Plan
Toys, these sustainable toys are chemical-free,
kiln-dried pieces made from no longer producing rubber trees using water-based, organic dyes
and non-formaldehyde glue.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
022639(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 23.00 20.70
☼Pick a Brick Game (PK-3)
A game that is fun both in the setting up and
in the playing (which results in it falling down).
The goal is to keep the hen from tumbling to
the ground – no matter how precariously she
is balanced on the wall, which is composed
of 40 natural wood blocks held in place by
two wooden ends. Players take turns removing
blocks one at a time. The play continues as long
A simple game involving 2-4 gridded boards,
as the hen balances. When she falls, the game is
over and the player who removed the last piece several chips, and pattern cards, Swipe Out! is
loses. Play is fast, and the good news is that all about pattern matching and flinging chips.
practice means you will get better at choosing Players begin with a stack of colored chips
sitting next to their board; each round, a patand removing pieces. For 2-4 players.
tern card is flipped up, revealing a particular
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
064989 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 16.75 chip layout that needs to be replicated on each
player’s board. The first person to discard or
add chips and match up their board with the
Raccoon Rumpus Game (PK-3)
Children will love to help these raccoons get pattern card wins the round! For 2-4 players.
dressed with a variety of creative costumes to 20 minutes.
choose from! Each player chooses a raccoon 065235 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 14.99
card with a 3-D head and races to be the first
one to collect five outfits for their little critter. ☼Stick Six Game (1-AD)
A fun new take on the classic connecting
By rolling the dice, players discover what costume they can choose, but if they roll “under- game, players must strategize to either conwear”, they will lose all their costumes! This nect six suction cups in a row, diagonal, or
game can also be played as a matching memory in a circle – while blocking the other player(s)
game by placing the costume cards face down. from connecting their pieces on this transluIf the top or bottoms match the color on the cent, honeycomb-shaped board. Board sticks
die, then they may keep the card. If the top up vertically from the base and can rotate, so
or bottom doesn’t match, the player turns the each player can get the perfect look as they take
card face down, and the next player takes his a suction cup out of their slot in the base and
turn. Each card is 3”W X 5”H and each dice stick it on. Gently wash the suction cups with
is approximately 1 inch, making it easy for little soap and water to renew their stick! 2-4 players.
ones to handle. Tested to be loved by kids right 064968(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 27.95
Tips Ahoy!: Pirate Ship Balance Game (K-AD)
here in the Rainbow nursery! ~ Gina
(Not) Just for Fun
Set sail with Captain Carl, Barrel Bess, and the
rest of the crew. But as the sea gets choppy, will
all of them be able to stay on board the ship?
This game has two variations of play, one where
you must carefully place pirates on the ship and
one where all the pirates start on the ship before
carefully removing one. Each turn pick up the
map tiles to see what pirate you are adding/
removing and the type of sea the pirates are
sailing across. Slide the sea board that matches
your map tile in hopes of keeping all the pirates
on. The 4 different sea boards range from calm
seas to rough seas with big waves that will rock
your ship dramatically. This easy-to-learn game
takes from 5-15 minutes and can be played with
up to 4 players.
063479 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
Children's Board Games
☼Candy Land Game (Current Edition) (ages 3+)
Played like the original, Candy Land is still a
great beginner game for fun, color recognition,
and counting. The current edition takes you
through the Peppermint Forest, past Nana Nutt’s
House and the Licorice Lagoon, alongside the
Lollipop Palace and the Frosted Palace, and you
win when you reach the King Kandy’s Castle.
Still played with gingerbread moving pieces,
choose one of four colors (red, blue, green, yellow), draw one of the 44 cards from the pile,
and move your gingerbread man on the rainbow
path to the matching color or piece of candy. If
you land on a licorice square, lose a turn. Use
any color card to arrive at the castle – you win!!
061347 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.25
Candy Land Game Retro Ed. (PK-AD)
Even if your childhood was decades ago,
you’ll remember this favorite “first” game. It’s
“sweet” – in the old-fashioned meaning of the
word rather than the newer colloquial meaning.
The colorful playing board includes peppermint
stick forest, crooked old peanut brittle house,
molasses swamp, gumdrop mountains, lollypop
woods, candy hearts, and my personal favorite, ice cream floats. The plastic gingerbread
men playing pieces follow the path by drawing
a color card and going to the next available
color patch. When a picture card is drawn, the
player moves to the space matching the picture
(all those sweets). The winner is the first one
to reach home sweet home (you guessed it - a
candy house). It’s the perfect first game because
no reading is required, and something you may
have not known, this favorite was developed in
the late 40s by a retired schoolteacher as a fantasy game to help cheer young children recovering from polio. This version is a reproduction of
the original game. For 2-4 Players.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
042871 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 12.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Flashlights & Fireflies (1-AD)
Subtitled, The Game of Shine and Seek, this
game reminds me of flashlight tag and other
games played as a child. Contains 36 woods
tiles, 20 firefly tokens, 6 pawns with stands, 6
player tiles, 6 flashlight cards, 1 game board and
1 wooden die. Cardboard pieces are approximately 1/16” thick: sturdy. Hide your pawn in
the woods with the wood tiles (some of these
are trees and some are actually pests). Then
catch fireflies to power up your flashlight in
order to find other players. If you find a player,
he/she is frozen for that round. Anyone found
is “frozen” but anyone else will sneak home. If
your flashlight discovers pests, your turn stops
immediately. It takes several rounds to “sneak
home” and takes approximately 20 minutes to
complete the game. To win, be the first player to
reach home. Instructions in English and Spanish
and the game itself contains no text, making it
a great bilingual or ESL game. For 2-5 players,
ages 6-AD. Game board is 22” x 7 5/8”. ~ Ruth
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
002297 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.99 11.95
Hi-Ho! Cherry-O Classic Edition (PK-AD)
It all looks just like I remember it! Four trees
full of small, stemmed cherries, bucket spots for
picked cherries, and a spinner marked with 1,
2, 3, or 4 cherries plus a cherry-snatching bird
and dog, and an upset bucket. A child doesn’t
even need to be able to count to ten to play this
adorable “first” game. Play is simple and quick
(about 15-30 minutes); just spin and follow the
pictures, adding cherries from the tree to the
bucket or putting them from the bucket back
onto the tree. First one to get all his tree’s cherries into his bucket wins. Three generations and
counting in our family – I wonder how many
future generations will play? For 2-4 Players.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
029446 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.95 12.95
☼Hi Ho Cherry-O Kids (ages 3+)
In the most current version of Hi Ho Cherry-O,
there are a few changes from the original. The
game includes a gameboard, spinner, ten each
of cherries (red), blueberries (blue), and apples
(green), instead of just red cherries. The game
board is slightly different, there is only one ‘basket’ in the gameboard rather than one for each
player, and there are three trees, not four (2 to
3 players). The object is the same – each player
attempts to be the first to pick all of the fruit
and put it in their basket. Remove one, remove
two, remove three, remove four, put two pieces
of fruit back on your tree, or spill the basket
and put all your fruit back on your tree. This is
still a favorite for families with young children.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
061348 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.99 10.50
Ocean Labyrinth Game (3-AD)
Join the race for treasure in a moving, underwater maze! Players place maze cards to change
the underwater landscape and make it easier
to collect their treasures and harder for their
opponents! Players take turns drawing treasure
cards and making their way around the aMAZEing board to collect them as quickly as possible.
The first player to return to the undersea starting
square wins the game.
066277 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.99 24.75
☼Little Prince: Rising to the Stars (1-AD)
Whether you’re a fan of the classic children’s
tale (and the recent movie) or not, this exciting game will unite the whole family in a way
that only The Little Prince can. Playing order
changes as the game progresses so that whoever
is farthest behind (closest to the start) is the one
who plays. Although there is a game route, the
first one to reach the end is not necessarily the
winner as whoever collects the most stars wins
(which can be accomplished with multiple
strategies). 2-6 players, playing time is ~ 20
minutes. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016607 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 27.99 ☼Ready, Set, Woof! Game (PK-K)
Get doggone-good at visual discrimination
☼Piggies on the Run Game (PK-3)
skills with this unique matching game! The
Help the piggies find their way into the corn- game board shows over 30 color combinations
field for a delicious snack in this great introduc- of puppies and collars. Shake the dog bowl rantory game that uses visual cues on cards, no domizer and it will show you what color puppy
reading skills required! 2-6 players, playing time and collar you are looking for. Players race to
10-20 minutes.
find the match and cover it with a 2”x 1/2”
045248 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 13.25 sturdy cardboard bone. The first player to get rid
of all five of their dog bones wins.
☼Piggyback Brigade Game (PK-3)
044241 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
Race colorful, cute pigs through a field to
be the winner! First set up the 8 different path Spot it Jr.! Animals Game (PK-2) 
boards to make a unique path every time. Next, You’ll have to sit on the edge of your seat and
roll the die to see how far your pig moves in keep your eyes peeled if you want to win this
a turn. Remember: you can’t pass other pigs, game that’s fun and simple for the whole family!
but you can leap frog over or start a piggyback The goal is to find an animal match between
if you land on their spot! This game promotes cards, and each of the 31 circular cards portrays
basic numeracy and fine motor skill develop- 6 colorful animals. Every card has one matchment for your littlest players, and family fun for ing animal with any other card. The matching
all. – Laura
animals will be the same shape and color;
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
only the size may be different. Age differences
014949 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 18.95 between players are irrelevant – whoever has
the sharpest eyes will win the game! For 2-6
players, five game variations included, game
play is approximately 15 minutes.
054690 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
Classic Games
☼Vroom Vroom Game (PK-3)
Young players develop counting and motor
skills as they move their snail game pieces
around the board in this exciting game in which
both the playing order and the number of dice
rolled changes each round. The first snail to
cross the finish line with one of each type of
treasure wins the game. 18 track pieces lay out
differently each time, creating a unique track
every game – no “home track advantage” for
these snail racers!
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
013733 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.50
Children's Matching Games
☼Mix & Match Robbers Game (PK-3)
In this fast-paced matching game, players try
to earn the title of “Honorary Commissioner” of
the Forest Police Force by nabbing the most robbers. Roll a die to reveal the current most-wanted character and be the first to grab the rascal
from the pile of cards. You’ll need sharp eyes
and quick hands to beat out the other hopefuls!
2-4 players, playing time 10-15 minutes.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
017153 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.00
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Family Charades (PK-AD)
Not only is the classic game of charades hilarious, but it’s also a great opportunity to think
on your feet and really hone those acting skills!
The cards each feature three possible charades
of varying difficulty. To play, the players divide
up into teams, and on the team’s turn one actor
will choose one of the three charades, then try
to get their teammates to guess the phrase on the
card within an agreed-on time. The harder the
charade, the more points you get! For charade
novices, standard charade signals (such as the
type of charade, how to indicate a color, or
how to let your team know they are close) are
included in the instructions. Family Charades
contains 60 cards featuring characters, phrases,
actions and objects that should be familiar
to most ages (ex., Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer, sorting the laundry, skunk), a scorepad, a timer, and an instruction booklet. For
maximum charades fun, the Charades In-a-Box
set includes six decks of cards for all different
age groups: Picture (4+), Kids (7+), Family (8+),
Animal Party (10+), Hollywood (12+) and Time
Capsule (70’s-90’s, 14+)
036754 Family Charades (3-AD) 8.99
054828 In-a-Box Set (PK-AD) 26.99 20.50
Includes six decks of Charade cards, three
timers (30-, 60-, and 90-second), a die, a
score pad and a pencil.
(Not) Just for Fun
Magnetic Dart Game (3-AD)
Throwing darts can be a lot of fun, especially with the many different variations to play.
Unfortunately, the sharp points on most darts
make it unsafe for younger children (and unprotected walls as well). This product provides a
safe alternative without taking away from the
game. The set includes six magnetic darts without tips that are shorter than a regular dart but
have been professionally weighted. A reversible magnetic mat made out of fabric is also
included. The two different styles of dartboards
featured provide dozens of game possibilities.
The mat measures 18.25"x14.75" and is black
with a medieval font to give the board a renaissance feel. A thin rope is attached to the top
of the mat with a plastic bar so it can easily be
hung on any surface (and is easily stored in the
rare case when it is not in use). We were sure
to take time out of our busy schedules here at
Rainbow to ensure the quality of this product,
and I am happy to report that the magnetic force
of the darts and mat is quite strong and we had
no problems with darts not sticking or falling
off throughout the games (of which there were
several… never let it be said that our Rainbow
employees won't go to any length for our customers). Instructions on how to play different
games and the proper technique for throwing
are included. ~ Rachel S.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016962 Dart Game . . . . . . . 24.99 21.95
016958 Refill Darts (set of 3) 6.00 5.65
Old Fashioned Metal Jacks (1-AD)
Bring out the jacks for some classic family
fun! This set includes 10 gold and silver diecast jacks, a rubber ball, a wooden ball, a cloth
pouch, and game instructions. ~ Lisa
050026 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
☼Tiddly Winks Tin (1-AD)
Tiddly winks is a classic, enjoyable game for
all that has been around for generations. The
object of the game is to launch your “winks”,
small plastic circles, into the divots in the tin
by shooting them with a larger circle. This set
comes with a booklet which explains the history
of the game and provides rules for various ways
to play. It comes in a sturdy tin box for easy
storage, with 6 “shooters” and 36 “winks” in 6
different colors. For 2-6 players. ~ Rachel
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
064001(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.90
☼Tiddley Winks (3+)
A classic game of skill, precision, and a little
luck! Flip the plastic chips onto the game board
to score points. Easy to learn, tricky to master.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
011577 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.49
Pick-Up Sticks (PK-AD)
This classic game has entertained children
(and adults!) for generations. This set contains
25 wooden birch pick-up sticks, each measuring approximately 9 ½” long and with a tapered
end. Some of the sticks are natural, unstained
birch, while others are stained various colors to
represent different point values. An instruction
card is included, and everything is conveniently
stored inside a canvas pouch. ~ Lisa
018352(C.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Memory Palace Game (K-AD)
Based on an ancient Greek memory technique,
this game teaches players how to visualize and
organize information for better recall. Players
create silly stories to help them remember in
which room of the memory palace game board
they place face-down animal tokens (e.g the
smiling shark brushed his teeth in the bathroom). Everyone works as a team to go back
through the board and use the memory palace
technique to name each token before turning
them over. If players forget about the memory
monster tokens and reveal them by mistake,
then the game starts over. 2-4 players, 15 minutes. 1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063871 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.99
Cooperative Games
We love this collection of quality co-operative
games from Peaceable Kingdom. Created in
"cooperation" with Family Pastimes, each one is
colorful, engaging, and simple to play. Although
☼Old Fashioned Metal Jacks (6+)
each is unique, most combine luck of the draw
Bring back this classic game with your own set with the simple strategy of working together,
of jacks! This set includes a red rubber ball, 10 and all are either won together or lost together,
gold and silver die cast jacks, instructions, and fostering an early love of games in a non-coma cloth pouch for storage. – Laura
petitive environment. The perfect introduction
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
into the enjoyable world of games!
011485(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Dinosaur Escape Game (PK-4)
Classic Marble Mat (K-AD)
A disastrous volcano is threatening to erupt on
If your kids love to play with marbles, hand the dinosaurs’ homeland. Work together to get
them this all-in-one set. The 14" x 14" mat is the dinos to safety before it does! The game
printed with a tournament grid so you’ll be begins with 12 fern tokens face down in three
ready to roll. The mat is soft, lightweight, and different terrain areas. There are three desert
wrinkle-resistant. Set includes 15 marbles, 2 areas as well, where no tokens are placed.
shooters, rules, technique tips, and information Three dinosaurs on the mainland are in need of
on the history of marbles. Made in the USA.
rescue, and players collectively try to get them
CHOKING HAZARD (1, 5, 6). Not <3yrs.
to Dinosaur Island. To give a dinosaur asylum,
003583 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.90
8.95 a fern token matching a dinosaur must be
flipped over when the dino is walking through
Marble Shooting Games (1-AD)
the habitat the token is in. A die is rolled each
Truly a classic, marbles have been around for turn. If a volcano is rolled – beware! You must
thousands of years and are common in American add a piece to the volcano.When all five pieces
households. While we always had marbles, I have been added, it’s gonna blow! If a number
never knew how to play any games or even how is rolled, a dinosaur piece may be moved that
to shoot them correctly. This simple set contains number of spaces in either direction on the
48 marbles, 4 larger ‘shooter’ marbles, a pouch board. Then a player flips over a token of their
to carry them in, and an instruction booklet with choice. If the token does not match a dinosaur
a variety of games. Rules are included for chase currently walking through the token’s terrain, it
type games, enclosure games, and hole games. is flipped back over. Try to remember what has
Inexpensive fun! ~ Mark
been revealed and where, but watch out for the
CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not <3yrs.
T-Rex token! If this token is revealed, dinosaurs
018344 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.90
7.95 are returned to their starting positions. Everyone
shares game pieces, and any player can aid the
player whose turn it is in remembering which
tokens are where. This game fosters cooperation, memory, and basic counting. For 2-4 players. Game time: 10 minutes.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
055524 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99
Our family has long enjoyed playing cooperative games from Family Pastimes. We play
competitive ones, too, but enjoy fostering team
spirit as we all work toward achieving a goal.
If you haven’t tried this alternative to playing
together, here’s an assortment of some of our
favorites from this company.
Harvest Time (PK-2)
Hurry, hurry! Winter’s coming! With your
family or friends have a great time trying to
harvest your field and help the neighbors (other
players) harvest theirs before winter comes. Up
to four players roll the die, determining whether
they may harvest an item from the garden, hinder the progress of winter, or hasten the arrival
of winter.CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
010124 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 11.95
The Secret Door (K-2)
A large mansion sets the stage - together we
must search for clues and find the stolen valuables before midnight (when the thieves plan to
slip away). A cooperative mystery game - we’re
all part of the team discussing ideas, sharing
strategies. Can we figure out the mystery of
what’s behind the Secret Door? Each game
is different, exciting, and tricky - and a race
against the clock! A wonderful workout for
those memory and thinking skills! For 1-8 players. A Parents’ Choice Award winner.
010125 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 11.95
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Castle Panic (3-AD)
Goblins, orcs, and trolls
are attacking the castle,
and it’s up to you and
your fellow generals to
defend it! In the center
of the board is a sixtower castle, bordered
by six walls. Each wall
faces a different 60-degree arc of the board,
numbered 1-6 and colored either red, green, or
blue. Surrounding the castle are four rings that
determine distance from the castle: Swordsmen,
Knights, Archers, and the Forest, from which
monsters and other unwanted baddies emerge.
Each player is dealt 4 to 6 cards (depending
on the number of players). Each turn, players
can discard, trade, and play cards. These cards
allow players to draw extra cards, rebuild walls,
or attack the monsters advancing on the castle
(for example, if a goblin was in the green Archer
arc, a player could use a green archer card to
attack it). At the end of each player’s turn, two
things happen: all monsters advance towards
the castle, destroying walls or towers if they
are close enough, and two extra monster tiles
are drawn and placed on the board. And when
a special tile is drawn, like the Goblin King, a
boulder, or the dreaded “draw 4 more monster
tiles,” it’s time to panic! The goal is to make it
through the entire monster pile without losing
all the towers. Once you feel confident enough
to fend off the hordes of enemies, you can try
upgrading the difficulty with variants—including
one that lets a single player become the dungeon
overlord and control the monsters. A decent bit
of strategy and a whole lot of cooperation is key
to ensuring your castle’s survival! The game is
quite difficult at times (hence the name!), but can
be enjoyed by anyone 8 and up. A perfect family/friends game for 1-6 players. ~ 60 minutes.
023679 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35.00 29.95
☼Star Trek Panic Game (8-AD)
Similar to the popular Castle Panic game,
this challenging themed version is based on
the incredible adventures of the original U.S.S.
Enterprise. A scaled cardboard model of the
Enterprise resides at the center of the board,
with its hull and shields taking place of castle
towers and walls. The game plays similarly
to the original with several key differences.
Instead of simply trying to eliminate all enemy
tiles, players are trying to accomplish five iconic
missions inspired by original Star Trek episodes,
which mix up rules for the game and must be
completed within a time limit. Additionally,
there is less distance between enemies and
the Enterprise, and they can fire at the ship at
any time. Several unique events, enemies, and
cards can drastically change how quickly the
game can go from ‘smooth sailing’ to ‘absolute
disaster!’ To aid players against the seemingly
impossible odds are special character cards
the players choose at the outset of the mission
and the ability to maneuver the Enterprise. The
game perfectly recaptures the anxiety and the
do-or-die moments Star Trek is so well known
for. More difficult than Castle Panic, Star Trek
Panic is designed for an older audience. For 1-6
players. Approximately 90 minutes.
020604 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95 32.50
☼Dragon Dash Game (K-AD)
In this cooperative game, all the players are in
it together – either everyone wins or everyone
is defeated! Players take turns drawing from the
pile to determine whether to add on to the path
across the kingdom or fight a dragon instead.
Fend off the dragons long enough to build the
path across the entire game board to win. 2-6
players, playing time 10-20 minutes.
065180 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 13.25
Eat,” remove one of the food tokens from Picnic
Island and spin again. If the spinner lands on
Goldbug, flip over the top Goldbug card and
all players work together to find as many of the
item depicted on the card, on the gameboard,
and everyone moves that number of spaces.
With sharp eyes and a little bit of luck, players
can get to the picnic before the food is gone!
Different every time you play; for 2+ players.
055054 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22.99 17.50
☼Disney – Eye Found It! Game (PK-AD)
Join Mickey and his friends as they journey
through 12 different Disney realms to find
the hidden Disney objects. Children will love
searching through Radiator Springs, Pooh’s
Hundred Acre Wood, and Never Land on the
expansive 6-foot game board. As you search
together, use the cute little mouse-eared markers to remember where you found your objects.
For 2 to 6 players, this is a fun family game that
sharpens observation, identification, and matching skills. “Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to play
we go!”1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016293 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27.59 20.75
Forbidden Island / Forbidden Desert (5-AD)
Band together with your fellow players and
race around to accomplish your mission and
escape before you succumb to the perils that
await you! These innovative cooperative games
consist of beautifully illustrated, double-sided
tiles, Adventurer cards, pawns, and other cards
and accessories. Players are randomly dealt
Adventurer cards, each of which has a slightly
different role and abilities. Players are able to
take several actions on each turn; it’s a race
against time and danger to complete your goals
and get your entire team to safety. Truly unique,
these heart-racing, pulse-pounding games are
slightly different every time you play! Highly,
highly recommended. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
048359Island . . . . . . 19.99
Players race around a sinking island, trying
to capture the hidden treasures and escape
before it disappears under the churning sea!
Players gather treasure, shore up flooded
tiles, and (hopefully!) keep everyone on
stable parts of the island. After each turn,
players draw Treasure and Flood cards. If
tiles aren’t shored up and a Flood card
matching that tile is drawn, the tile is permanently removed from the island. If you
lose a treasure or a teammate to the water,
the game is over. 2-4 players.
025933Desert . . . . . . 26.99
Players are on a quest to excavate a buried
city and find the ancient flying machine.
After crashing their plane in a sudden sand
storm, players must band together and battle
excruciating thirst, the hot desert sun, and
the sand storm that threatens to bury them
alive. Meanwhile, they are excavating the
city in search for the parts of the legendary
flying machine that they hope will allow
them to escape. More intense with fastermoving game play than its predecessor,
Forbidden Desert is a challenge the whole
family will enjoy. 2-5 players.
☼Journey Through Time Eye Found It! (PK-AD)
Become a member of the “Oddity Society”
and travel through time from the prehistoric
age to present day before you run out of fuel.
You can move by using the special ability of
your character or using the spinner, then work
your way through the maze of spaces including
wormholes, one way spaces that dictate the
only direction you can go, and search spaces
that allow you an opportunity to search for hidden objects – from 1,000 hidden treasures. Find
the hidden objects on the expansive game board
(measures six feet total!) to earn additional
moves. Everyone wins if you can get back to the
Oddity Mansion in the present without running
out of fuel, but be careful – you don’t want to
journey into the future!
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016294 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26.49 20.75 Outfoxed! Game (K-AD)
It’s a collaborative crime-solving game for
Richard Scarry’s Busytown Eye Found It! some of your youngest gamers! The crime? A
missing pot pie. The suspects? Sixteen nearly
Game (PK-AD)
In this adorable game, kids work together as identical-looking foxes, thankfully each weara team to win the game. Featuring Richard ing different accessories. On each player’s turn,
Scarry’s beloved characters and familiar art- they decide whether to travel around the board
work, the colorful game board is six feet long and search for clues or accuse a fox. A special
and contains tons of details in the illustrations. “evidence scanner” reveals clues about what the
The goal of the game is for all the players to suspect is wearing, helping players hone in on
reach Picnic Island for a picnic before the pigs the guilty fox. As players rule out suspects, the
eat all of the food. Players take turns spinning fox figurine is also gradually making his way to
the spinner and moving their character along the the end of the gameboard, so you need to figpath. The spinner contains moving spaces, pigs ure it out quickly! A fun cooperative game that
eating spaces, and Goldbug mystery spaces. If challenges observation and deduction skills. 2-4
you spin a “Move,” simply move your pawn players.
the number of spaces designated. When “Pigs 027692 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18.00 13.95
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Pandemic (5-AD) 
If you think cooperative games are just for kids,
this brilliant game will change your mind! 2-4
players work together as members of a highly
skilled task force as they try to cure four infectious diseases spreading throughout the different
regions of the world. Each player may perform
four actions per turn including treating a disease, traveling to another city, or passing a card
to another player. Randomly chosen role cards
assign occupations to each team member at the
beginning of the game and provide different
advantages to the basic actions, based on the
unique skill set of that member. With outbreaks
looming and epidemics increasing the rate of
infection at unknown intervals, you’ll need
seamless teamwork and careful planning in
order to discover the cures and save the world.
Built-in features such as random shuffling, five
different role cards, and a flexible amount of
epidemic cards provide a different game every
time and allow for easier to harder levels of
play. A very cleverly designed game that will
take all your wits – and may still beat you!
034499Pandemic . . . . . . . . 39.99 35.95
034501 On the Brink . . . . . 34.99 31.95
3 challenging twists to the basic game play
with six new and one redesigned role card,
eight new special event cards, rules for
adding a 5th player, and the hardest difficulty level yet! An absolute winner for any
Pandemic gamer!
Dice Games
Dino Dice (1-AD)
In this fast-paced dice game, players race to
establish herds of dinosaurs before the T-rexes
come! There are five dice, each featuring five
numbered herbivores (valued at 1, 2, 4, 5, and
6) and one T-rex (numbered at 3, but with no
real value) on their faces. On each player’s turn,
they get up to three rolls to establish herds.
Herds can be any group of two or more of the
same dinosaur. On each roll, players can set
aside matching dinosaurs to start herds, but
watch out! For every T-rex rolled, an herbivore
must be taken out of play for the rest of that
player’s turn. That can take quite a toll on
your population! When the player has rolled
three times and has a herd, they score bonus
points according to the number of dinosaurs
in the herd and their face value. Easy to learn
and inexpensive, it’s a great way for kids to
hone their math skills! An unlimited number of
people can play - depending on how long you
want the game to take!
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
036026 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.70
☼Farming Dice Game (2-AD)
Crops are flying, the bank is collecting, and
farmers that have lost it all are being eliminated in this dice game! Will you be the last
farmer with crops? In this simple dice game,
each player starts with their own home crop
(apples, corn, wheat, onions, carrots, or broccoli) and receives the 4 matching color-coded
tokens. Every turn, players roll the number of
dice corresponding to the number of tokens in
front of them; the dice rolls determine the play.
Players may have to pass tokens to the left, to
the right, to the bank, move a certain colored
(Not) Just for Fun
token from one pile to another, or do nothing.
The lead quickly shifts depending on the rolls
of the dice! As players run out of tokens and
all 4 of their tokens are either in the bank or in
front of a single other player, they are out of the
game. Play continues until only one player (or
the bank!) has tokens remaining. Play offense or
defense; it’ll probably take a little strategy and a
lot of luck to win! 3-6 players. ~ Megan
018666 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
Go Nuts! Completely Cracked-Up Dice Game
This dice rolling game is nuts! Five dice are
rolled, each with the options of squirrel, acorn,
and car to come up. The goal is to roll as many
acorns as possible without rolling all cars. Keep
rolling until you choose to stop and record the
acorns collected or you roll all cars and have to
pass the dice with no points collected. If all of
your dice land with squirrels, shout “Go Nuts!”
and it’s a dice rolling frenzy. Roll the squirrel
dice you rolled and keep rolling counting how
many acorns you get before all the other players
can roll a dog on their die to stop the squirrel.
When all the players have gotten a dog, the total
amount of acorns rolled during the “Go Nuts”
becomes your total for the round. Play continues until someone scores 50. The game lasts
about 15 minutes and is great for 2-4 players.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063114 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
places three cards face-up in the middle of the
table. Each player rolls two of their dice, the
player with the higher number goes first. On
your turn, roll all your dice, and place those that
match any of the dice images next to the card
it matches. You only get one roll on your turn,
so if you have dice that don’t match, take them
back and the next person rolls. When you can
match all numbers on a card, it’s yours – collect enough cards to equal 40 points and you
win! Game play takes about 20 minutes for a
whole game, but go for a goal of fewer points
for a quicker game. Put both decks together (red
and purple) for more number combinations and
more players. You can use either edition as your
starter: the red edition has translucent dice in
purple, yellow, red, and turquoise; the purple
edition has pearl dice in blue, green, red, and
white. Get Rolling! ~ Donna
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 11.95
☼Rolling America Game (3-AD)
Visual strategy and planning come together
with good ole’ fashioned luck of the dice in this
fast paced race to fill the most state shapes with
a number from the die. Sounds rather simple,
doesn’t it? Beware - the other players are simultaneously seeking to fill their maps. The great
play challenge presented to all players is that
bordering states can have only 1 number difference between them, plus you have to strategize
when to change the regions of play, which
states to guard, or if you’re going to dupe a roll!
A sturdy cardboard storage box, colorful dice
in a cloth pouch, 100 game sheets, and rules
for single or multi-player rounds are included.
~Deanne CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
021189 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
☼Qwixx: Fast Family Dice Game (3-AD)
Unlike other quick-playing dice games, this
one keeps players constantly engaged with
opportunities to score during every turn. There
is also more of a strategy element involved as
players must choose between earning points
early in the game at the risk of missing out on
more later or waiting in the hopes of a bigger
pay-off. 2-5 players, playing time 15 minutes.
Tenzi Game (3-AD) 
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Simple, fast, engaging, addictive – that win
017025 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
8.75 might always be just out of reach, or you might
find yourself king of the pile every time. The
basic rule is this: give everyone 10 dice, yell
“GO!” and be the first to have all your dice
showing the same number. There are instructions for 8 other variations of the game, which
is stored in a plastic tube that is portable enough
to go anywhere. Get rolling!
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
054865 Tenzi Original . . . . 14.95 13.95
Four sets of dice for up to four players, in a
plastic storage case with instructions.
☼Roll For It! Game (3-AD)
024898 77 Ways to Play Tenzi 9.95
Fun, fast, and easy – that’s what I look for in
A deck of oversized cards with 77 variations
a game! Roll For It! is a dice and card game
on the game of Tenzi. No dice included.
rolled into one – roll the dice, match the card, 024902 Tenzi Party Pack . . . . 24.95
and score some points. The first person to score
Six sets of dice and instructions in a plastic
40 points wins the game – pretty fast and easy!
storage case for larger groups and even
Each set includes a rule sheet, 30 cards, and 24
more speedy, competitive fun!
dice (six each of four colors). Cards have dice
images on them in different combinations along Classic Yahtzee Game (3-AD)
with point values – blue cards are 2 points and Play Yahtzee, retro-style! This nostalgic version
have two dice images to match, yellow cards uses the game design from way back in 1956.
are 5 points with 3 dice images, green cards are The score sheets have a classic 50’s styling to
10 points with four dice, and purple cards are them, and the dice-rolling cup reminds me of
15 points with 6 dice to match. Color-coding one of those cans of instant biscuits you get
and point values are the same in both decks, from the store. Other than that, game play is
but the number combinations are different the same. A fun way to “travel back in time” on
from deck to deck. To begin play, each player family game night.
chooses their dice color, shuffles the cards, and 042538 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.45 10.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Yahtzee: National Parks Travel Edition (3-AD)
Play Yahtzee on the wild reserves! This version has two special features besides the rustic
design: a dice cup with a lid for worry-free,
convenient travel, and dice depicting both park
and nature icons alongside small numbers.
Woohoo! I just got a Moosetzee!
019630 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.95 14.50
Family Games
Family Action Games
☼Dr. Eureka (3-AD)
A great combination of puzzle solving ability
and manual dexterity. 1 to 4 players race to
complete each “formula.” Players start with
three test tubes, each with a pair of purple, red,
or green marbles. The “formula” card shows
the desired arrangement of the marbles in the
test tubes. “Pour” the marbles back and forth
between the test tubes without touching the
marbles and be the first to match the pattern.
All players compete every round, so the 54
challenge cards are usually completed in about
15 minutes. ~ Bob
013682 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.75
Dr. Beaker (3-AD)
066873 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99
Dr. Microbe (3-AD)
066874 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99
Fastrack (K-AD)
Ready, set, score! You must have fast fingers,
speed, and good aim to slingshot the wooden
disks through the center hole into your opponent’s court. Both players face off with five disks
on their side of the partitioned 14”x8½” wooden
board. The goal is to get all ten disks into the
other side while your opponent is likewise
attempting to get them all into yours. Play is
fast and furious and the best of three rounds is
the winner! Reminiscent of the classic Crossfire
game, but more action-packed, this game will
put your manual dexterity, coordination, and
aim to the test. How about a friendly, family
Fastrack tournament?
050028 Original Fastrack . . 19.99 15.75
000767 Fastrack Mini . . . . . 13.99 10.50
Take the intense fun of Fastrack and shrink
it down into a mini-size. Both players face
off with four disks on their side of the partitioned 9” x 6” wooden board.
☼Kaboom (1-AD)
Try your block-stacking skills while under
attack! Players take turns being the Master
Builder, who attempts to build the structure
shown on the card, while all other players use
their teeter-totter type catapults to try to knock
down the tower in 30 seconds. A fast-moving
game with lots of action! 2 – 5 players. ~ Bob
013719 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.50
the journey made by Bilbo, Gandalf, and the
dwarves. The game eventually ends when the
players reach Smaug’s hideout under the Lonely
Mountain and attempt to defeat the dragon himself. Through each of the six regions, players
attempt to answer riddles, sing songs, encounter
mystical secrets and find hidden treasures. Once
all is said and done, treasure and adventure
points are tallied up and the most adventurous
(successful) player will find himself crowned as
King under the Mountain!
Q-bitz Game (3-AD) 
Crack those knuckles and dust off the mind – 022385 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35.00 26.95
it time to test your visual speed and memory!
Each player (up to 4) gets a tray with 16 cubes. The a-MAZE-ing Labyrinth (3-AD)
The cubes all have the same arrangement of pat- This game has seen plenty of use at our house
terns on each ride: dots, solids and triangles. In over the years. A unique board features maze
round 1, the top pattern card is turned over and cards which are alternately fixed or movable.
players race to match the pattern. First player to On each turn, a player slides the “extra” maze
correctly do so wins the card. Round 2 is slight- piece into a moveable row, which opens or
ly different: flip the card over and then roll all of closes passageways on the board. He can then
your cubes like dice, using only the side that’s move his marker to, or closer to, one of his
rolled up. You can re-roll as much as needed, treasure cards. The goal is to collect each of the
but only the fastest player will win! In round treasures, in order, pictured on cards dealt him
three, players get 10 seconds to memorize the at the beginning of the game. It’s not easy to
card, and then must use any side of their cubes plan, though, as each move changes the layout
to recreate the pattern from memory. The player of the maze! A player must visualize how each
with the most cards after 3 sets of 3 rounds wins of his 12 possible moves will most advantathe game. Speedy and challenging, it is easy geously affect the maze. Games take only 20
to learn, but challenging to play. 120 pattern minutes or so and are for 2-4 players. Another
Parents’ Choice Award winner.
cards are included.
048421Game . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 Note: Some of the symbols used may suggest
014644Extreme . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 magic or mysticism. For this reason, we include
two identical sets of stickers for you to place
Adds curving patterns and a special round of
over any objectionable symbols. Also, you can
game play where you create the pattern in
easily swap out the 4 "wizard" pawns with playreverse! Includes 80 pattern cards, 4 wooding pieces borrowed from other games in your
en trays, 4 sets of 16 cubes, & instructions.
014648 Solo Magenta . . . . . . . 9.95 closet (or your toy chest). This is such a well014657 Solo Orange . . . . . . . . 9.95 designed and unique game that we would hate
to see it overlooked for this reason.
Small-format version ideal for playing solo
012925 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.99 22.95
or with others. Includes 20 pattern cards,
a wooden tray, & 16 wooden cubes with a
☼Monopoly: National Parks Edition (3-AD)
white/magenta pattern. Stored in a square tin.
Get a little outdoorsy with this camp-themed
version of Monopoly! Everything about this
Family Board Games
twist on the classic game recalls the best in park
experiences, from the “railroads” (which are
Guess Who? Game (1-AD)
Deductive reasoning disguised as fun! There actually rock climbing, hiking, bicycling, and
are 24 mystery faces (each with a name and a rafting) to the adorable ranger-themed game
bit of personality). The two players each choose pieces! Best of all, players will have the chance
a face. The goal is to guess your opponent’s to own such beautiful national parks as the
face before he guesses yours. But you don’t Everglades and Yellowstone.
randomly start shouting names! Each player has 019625 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95 32.50
a plastic game unit that includes all 24 faces
(think collection of little card holders that fold ☼Monopoly: Star Wars Game (3-AD)
True to theme, two teams of players play as
up and down). Then the questioning begins.
By asking yes/no questions of your opponent either Imperial or Rebel agents in this twist on
you gradually eliminate possibilities. (Does the the classic game of Monopoly. The goal is to
person have blue eyes; dark hair, bald, glasses, travel around the Star Wars galaxy, buying secetc?) As quickly as possible, make a guess. The tors (properties) of planets like Endor, Hoth, or
game has a retro feel since all the original art- Tatooine and building bases (houses) on them.
Force cards (which work similarly to Chance
work has been preserved. For 2 Players.
and Community Chest cards) are picked up
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs
029443 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.95 13.50 throughout the game, helping or hindering players. There are a few differences between this
Hobbit: The Defeat of Smaug Board Game and the standard Monopoly, such as a round
Star Wars themed board, shorter game play,
Based on The Hobbit novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, fewer players, no bankruptcy, etc. Overall,
The Hobbit: Defeat of Smaug centers around up it has a few more unique features than most
to six players reclaiming their lost treasure from themed Monopoly games. Includes playable
the evil dragon Smaug. The path of the board figures for Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Finn,
game loops around through six colorfully-illus- and Kylo Ren. 2-4 players.
trated regions, including the Edge of the Wild, 005813 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.95 28.75
Misty Mountains, Mirkwood, etc., representing
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
The Settlers of Catan® (4-AD)
This game is the perfect blend of strategy and
luck. What really makes this game unique is
that the game board is different every time you
play which keeps the game fresh and the strategy ever-changing. The primary contention in
the game comes from settling around various
resource tiles. Each tile on the board represents
one of five different resources. Number tokens,
ranging from 2-12, are placed on each tile. The
game begins with an initial settlement phase,
where each player gets to place two settlements
on the corners of the resource hexagons. Any
player who has settled on a tile whose number
is rolled receives resources. Each player’s turn
typically consists of three “phases”: rolling the
dice to produce resources, trading (for needed
resources), and building (using the resource
cards in their hand to build roads, settlements,
cities or buy development cards). The object
of the game is to be the first player to reach
10 points, which are accumulated through
developments like settlements, cities, having
the longest road or largest army, etc. There are
many different routes to victory, and those who
conquer them will successfully settle the isle of
Catan. 3-4 players (extensions allow for up to 2
additional players), game time is approximately
60 minutes. Expansion sets require the original
Settlers of Catan game to play. The game is now
in its 5th edition with several updated features.
Included are a streamlined, case-oriented rulebook (including special cases), standardized
cards with similar visuals and sizes for all 5th
edition sets, and new artwork for all tiles &
060268 Settlers of Catan . . . . 49.00 39.25
060269 Replacement Cards . . 11.00 9.95
060267 5-6 Player Extension . 25.00 20.00
Allows for two additional players.
060266 Game Expansion . . 49.00 39.25
060265 5-6 Player Extension 25.00 20.00
Cities & Knights:
053585Expansion . . . . . . . . 49.00 39.25
053586 5-6 Player Extension 25.00 20.00
Traders & Barbarians:
053588 Expansion  . . . . . . 49.00 39.25
053589 5-6 Player Extension 25.00 20.00
Explorers & Pirates:
060264Expansion  . . . . . . 55.00 44.00
060263 5-6 Player Extension 32.00 25.60
(Not) Just for Fun
I favor!), each item to build is marked with
a value of victory points that you receive for
building it, with the values getting progressively
higher as you move further around the map.
Each player gets 15 turns to make as much
progress as he can by rolling the six dice up to
three times per turn in hopes of tossing the right
combination of resources to build items. The
second scenario has the same map but there are
no values on the building items; the point system is the same as the board game, and you can
also achieve largest army and longest road as
you try to be the first player to reach 10 victory
Catan Scenarios (4-AD)
If you play Catan regularly, these add-on sce- points. Includes 6 dice; pen/pencil for scoring
narios are a great way to change up the original not included. Includes a QR code for playing
game a little bit for just a few dollars! See our directions. - Steph
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
website for details of each scenario!
032399 Frenemies . . . . . . . . 5.00
4.50 032398 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.00 10.95
000786 Helpers of Catan (7-AD) 5.00
053584 Oil Springs . . . . . . . . 5.00
4.50 ☼Catan Family Edition Game (4-AD)
Unlike the regular edition of Catan, the Family
Edition features a six-piece pre-arranged board
Rivals for Catan Card Games (5-AD)
Not quite a card game in the traditional sense, (picture a really easy jigsaw puzzle) instead of
Rivals for Catan is more of a board game created separate tiles. Each double-sided piece features
and played with cards. Each player begins with a different combination of resources & number
a “principality” consisting of resource fields, values. The emphasis of this version is on simsettlements, and roads which are organized in a plicity and ease of understanding; the limited
grid-like fashion. Similar to the standard game, combinations available reduce the “random”
a die is rolled to determine which resources factor intrinsic to Catan, but also make the game
are produced at the beginning of each turn; easier for kids or new players. It is faster to set
however, an event die is also rolled, incurring up, there are always a certain number of “good
brigand attacks, improved harvests, and more. first spots,” and reduced variability makes the
Each player is also allowed an “action phase” game more predictable and easier to catch on
to play building & action cards from their hand. to. This version is stand-alone and not expandThe end goal is to have as many victory points able with 5-6 player Catan extensions. For 3-4
as the given scenario calls for through settle- players; game duration is 60-90 minutes.
ments, cities, trade, and strength advantages. 020903 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 24.00
Three “themes” are included, each introducing new concepts and adding challenges to
the game. Once players have mastered each Take It Easy! Game (3-AD)
In this game, players are each responsible for
theme, the scenario “The Duel of the Princes”
can be played, incorporating all event cards and their own board but are competing against the
extending replayability even further! 2 players. other players for the best score. Each board is
a flower-type shape composed of 19 hexagons.
45-60 minutes.
Each player chooses a board and then takes the
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <5yrs.
037774 Rivals for Catan . . . 25.00 20.00 27 hexagonal tiles of the same color. These tiles
037796 Age Darkness Exp . . 15.00 12.50 feature three colored stripes each; each stripe
037797 Age Enlightnmt Exp 15.00 12.50 has a different point value and runs a different
direction. In total, there are 9 different colors
of stripes, ranging in value from 1-9. To play,
Struggle for Catan (3-AD) 
In this card-based adaptation of the popular one person is the caller. This person shuffles all
game, up to four players attempt to win by of their tiles face down, while the other players
getting ten victory points. However, several sort their tiles face up. The caller chooses a tile
key mechanics are swapped in the change to and reads the numbers off of it; the other players
a board-less game. Roads are used to trade find their matching tile, and everyone places it
resource cards, knights are used to take resource anywhere on their board. The caller then chooscards, and all building cards have certain abili- es a second tile, and so on and so forth, until 19
ties. Cities and city expansions also have events tiles have been chosen and the boards are filled.
on them which change the game or help the Players may place each tile wherever they want,
player. If you’re looking for a unique, mobile, but they must place them as the caller picks
and faster Catan game, perhaps this is for you. them and they may not be moved once they are
011067 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 12.50 placed. The goal is to match the colored stripes
in as many directions as possible. Any stripe
that runs the length of the board in any direcCatan Dice Game (4-AD) 
Now you can enjoy Catan with dice! A double- tion (vertical or across either diagonal) and is all
sided, color maps with score tracks features of the same color scores points, but if there is
two different ways to play. Each sheet holds a segment of a stripe that is of a differing color
a map of Catan at the bottom and a building no points are scored for that stripe. Because the
guide and scoring area at the top. The maps tiles are chosen randomly and there are more
show a pre-set path of roads, settlements and tiles than spaces, the game will be different
cities, which have to be built in order, though every time. Additional variations included. For
you can choose different routes, and six knights 1-6 players. – Melissa
around the outside. On the first scenario (which 050090 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.95
Catan Junior (1-AD) 
In this easier-to-play version, the island of Catan
is replaced by a string of islands where players
build pirate hideouts instead of settlements and
cities, and make ships to expand their borders.
Players use the resources of wood, goats, molasses, and swords and collect gold. The robber is
replaced by the dreaded Ghost Captain. Create
7 pirate hideouts and win! Games take 45-60
minutes for 2 - 4 players.
055081 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 24.00
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails (3-AD)
Ticket to Ride has gone international! This
mega version of Ticket to Ride adds a new
dimension to the game: boats. Players now must
calculate their routes with the added necessity
of collecting “Sail” cards (the boat equivalent of
Train cards). While this may seem like a minor
change at first, boats allow players to cross continents and connect tickets in unexpected ways!
Harbors and Tour Tickets (tickets which require
several cities to be connected in a row) add
another way to gain points, making the game
quite a bit more strategic. Play either side of
Ticket to Ride (3-AD)
Across the exotic lands of Asia, from Africa, to the double-sided board: the whole world or the
Germany, and all the way to the Northern face Great Lakes area. ~ Stephen
of Europe, the rumble of locomotives can be 040710 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79.99 63.99
heard around the world. Explore wildly different
Family Matching Games
locations and circumstances around the globe
as you expand your train lines in these new
Ticket to Ride editions. The gameplay is similar CountDown & SpellUp! (1-AD)
Around here, we like things that are multipurto the original Ticket to Ride, but each map
It just makes sense! That’s why we love
has its own challenges to overcome, including
mountains, valleys, ferries, rough terrain, tolls, this portable, double-sided game. Two to four
and other unique regional challenges. Despite players can play either CountDown or SpellUp,
the varying climates, treacherous landscapes, just by flipping the board over and using the
and locational nuances, your goal is the same. other pair of dice. The board features four rows
Create the best route, collect the most valuable of double-sided foam “keys” one side depicting
tickets, and connect cities to beat your com- numbers 1-10, and the other side featuring the
petition! Games listed as Expansions require letters B, C, D, F, G, H, L, N, W and Y. To
Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe to play. play CountDown, players take turns rolling the
Other editions are stand-alone and require no dot dice then adding, subtracting, multiplying
other Ticket to Ride games to play. Games last or dividing to get an answer matching a number on their keys. In SpellUp, players roll the
roughly 30-60 minutes.
letter dice, making words using the letters on
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
020663Game . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.99 the dice and those on the keys. In both cases,
020669 USA 1910 Expansion 19.99 15.99 players get to push down the letter or number
keys that they can use in their equation or word,
TTREXP Game & 1910 Expansion Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . 69.9854.95 trying to push all 10 of them down before their
020689 Europe Game . . . . . . 49.99 39.99 opponent(s). The instructions are simple, there
are very few loose parts, and players of all ages
018774 Asia Map Collection/
Expansion (Vol 1) . . . 34.9927.99 can participate – all other good qualities we can
also appreciate! – Jess
Double-sided board. One side boasts a
047062 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.00 18.50
standard “Asia” board, meant for team play
and 4-6 players. The other is a 2-5 play☼Match Madness Game (2-AD)
er “Legendary Asia” map, which includes
Get your neurons firing in this fast-paced
Singapore, Turkey, and Southern Russia.
game! Scramble to arrange your set
018808 India Map Collection/ Expansion (Vol 2) . . . 29.9923.99 of 6-sided, colorful blocks to match the pattern
shown on the card. The first player to complete
Double-sided board, including the entirety
their pattern grabs the card and everyone immeof India and Switzerland. 2-4 players.
diately races to match the pattern on the newly
018885 Heart of Africa Map Collection/
Expansion (Vol 3) . . . 24.99 19.99 revealed card. Includes 60 pattern cards. For
1-4 players; 20 minutes.
Includes the majority of Africa from Nigeria
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
to Madagascar. Features terrain-card bonus006000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 23.95
es. 2-5 players.
018849 Nederland Map Collection/
Expansion (Vol 4) . . . 24.9919.99 SET Game (1-AD)
More flexible than attribute blocks! More fun
Features the Netherlands with bridges and
than Venn diagrams! It’s fast-paced. It’s chaltoll routes. 2-5 players.
lenging! It’s...fun! I fell in love with this game
000373 UK & Pennsylvania Map Collection/Exp (Vol 5) 39.99 31.99 the very moment I saw it. It sounds simple;
players race to see which three cards (of the
018794 Europa 1912 (TTR Europe Expansion) . . . . . . . . 19.9915.99 twelve showing) form a “set”. There are no
turns, no waiting - the quickest to deduce a logi55 new tickets for 3 new variants: Europe
cal set wins the point. There is no age advanExpanded, Big Cities, and Mega Europe.
tage; your children can beat you if their visual
018873 Nordic Countries Game
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.99 perception in sharper than yours. Even when
played alone, the game is a mental challenge.
Expand your train line all the way from
With opponents, the heat is on! MENSA chose
Denmark to the northern frontier of Europe,
this game as a top mind game in 1991 - chosen
building throughout Norway, Sweden,
for originality, intellectual challenge, aesthetics,
Finland, and a small portion of Russia and
quality and longevity (you won’t quickly tire of
Estonia. 2-3 players.
018878 The Card Game . . . . 24.99 19.99 this game!). So... are you ready to get Set?
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
008706SET . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.25
028821 SET (Mini Tin Ed.) . . . 4.99
The deck of twenty-seven, 1¾” cards (in
diameter) can be used to play a quick
10-minute version of the game.
Hands-on Games / Active Games
☼Box & Balls Game (K-AD)
This game combines wooden nesting boxes
with classic bouncy balls to create an open-ended game the whole family can enjoy together.
With a game suggestion on the side of each box,
such as bouncing the ball on two boxes before
landing it in a third or bouncing it off one box,
over a stack of three, and into the box on the
other side, you’ll soon be inspired to create your
own challenge courses. Families can challenge
each other to do more difficult arrangements as
everyone works on critical thinking, eye-hand
coordination and spatial reasoning, while having a lot of fun! Includes 8 bouncy balls and 8
different sized boxes.
064966(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 32.95 29.95
Knot So Fast Game (3-AD)
While this game is super easy to pick up and
play, the challenges might leave you in knots!
The 40 challenges really test your spatial reasoning and manual dexterity. In head-to-head 2
player mode a double sided card is inserted into
the slot on the top of the scorekeeper. Players
must then race to be the first to complete the
pictured knot. The winning player gets to pull
the “Tug-o’-War” rope through the scorekeeper
one notch in their direction to signify a win. The
first player to pull the rope all the way through to
their side is the winner of the game. Challenge
cards progress from beginner to expert. Game
includes 4 ropes, 4 rings, a 30-second timer, 40
cards, scorekeeper, and instructions. Single and
4-player instructions are included.
022360 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.95
Knot Tying Games (3-AD)
These neat little games introduce players to
knots used for a variety of purposes, then test
them on tying these knots as quickly and accurately as possible to win points. Each playing
card within a deck features
a different knot, its name and use, and a point
value. As soon as a knot card is turned over,
players race to be the first to tie the knot and
then toss it in the center of the player’s circle.
If the knot is tied correctly, the player wins the
card. If two players “tie” (no pun intended), then
the card is replaced in the deck to be used later.
Each game includes knot cards, a rule card and
two small wooden “posts” – enough for two
players. The boater’s and fisherman’s games test
50 knots each and include one rope while the
camper’s (44 knots) and combined (80 knots)
games each include two ropes. You can, however, add more players by supplying more rope
(Not) Just for Fun
and some round sticks or blocks. Several additional cards explain the importance of knots,
the strengths of different knots and the parts of
a rope. Although knot tying books abound, the
competition, speed, and variety of knots in these
games will definitely promote memorization of
the knots for practical use - or for the next round
of play! - Jess
006767 Boater’s Game . . . . . 6.95
029906 Camper’s Game . . . . 6.95
006780 Fisherman’s Game . . 6.95
006783 Fisher’s / Boater’s . . . 9.95
Suspend! Game (K-AD)
This unique game is great to play alone or
in any size group, and all ages will enjoy the
strategy and fun. It’s composed of 24 specially
notched metal rods that come in 6 bright colors
and a base. Players take turns adding rods to
other rods on the base’s hook, trying not to
knock the entire structure over. The patented
U-shaped notches make for loose connections
and the rods can easily pivot, so you have to
consider wisely before placing your rods. You
must think about physics, gravity, and balance
because the entire structure can shift and traps
Maze Racers Game (3-AD)
can be set. The first to hang all of their pieces
If you like to construct challenging mazes or without knocking anything over is the winner.
seek the thrill of a timed speed event, this game CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
is for you! Each player/team starts with a blank 027281 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 13.25
maze board, plans a challenging maze, and
then races to see who can build it first. Then T-Rexcavator Game (K-AD)
pass each maze off to your opponent to see who
Similar to the well-known operating game,
can run their ball from start to finish and back use the tweezers to excavate the dinosaur bones
again to win. Hopefully you made your oppo- from the holes, but be careful not to touch the
nents scramble to figure the maze out. Then the edges or the T-Rex will roar! The harder the
planning, building, and racing starts all over bones are to remove, the more points you earn.
again. The player/team that wins the first 2 out Dinosaur lovers will really enjoy this version,
of 3 rounds is victorious. You can play with 2 or it would make a fun extra to a dinosaur or
players or 2 teams of 2 players, and the game archeology study. - Laura
time runs 20 minutes. Includes 2 maze boards, 004756(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.50
152 maze walls, 2 start pieces, 2 end pieces,
2 spacers, 2 wooden balls, 1 sand timer, and
game rules.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1, 4). Not <3yrs.
062855 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.95 29.95
Slotter (3-AD) 
Just add coins! This simple game contains a
wooden block with two slots: one for rolling
coins, and one to hold the included coin shooter card. Load it up and flip away! Instructions
show how to play Slotter baseball, hockey &
soccer, football, and basketball – but with a
smidge of imagination, you’ll quickly find a ☼Top That! Game (6-AD)
myriad of other ways to use this pocket-sized Race to be the first person to match your stack
toy. – Chad
of items to the ones on the card and win! For
000966 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
5.75 2-4 players, this game comes with 55 challenge cards and four sets of “magic props”: a
Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling (5-AD) white bunny, an orange cylinder, a red cup, a
May the force be with... your thumbs? That’s green coin, and a black top hat. When a card
right! These game books include two 4” long is flipped over, players must match the items
lightsabers that Velcro onto your thumb as well shown to create a stack. If an item is grayed out
as 7 different game scenes to play in. You can on the card, it must be hidden within another
recreate classic battles from the films such as item (the bunny inside the cylinder, the cylinder
Obi-Wan and Darth Maul’s duel in the reactor inside the cup, etc.). If the item is not on the
just after Qui-Gon’s death, Rey and Kylo Ren on card, it must be removed from the stack altoStarkiller Base, or the classic scene where Luke gether. For optional additional play, some items
Skywalker confronts Darth Vader in Cloud City. are surrounded by stars. Depending on how you
Another fun element is that each of these scenes choose to play, the starred item must be empty,
has its own rules to keep each battle fresh. Rules or must contain a hidden object. This simple
determine things like the amount of times you game encourages visual recognition and can be
can be disarmed, ways to beat your opponent, taught to a child in minutes, but will provide
and length of battle. The back cover of the book lots of fun to your family game night. For ages
has slits for your thumb-sabers while not in use. 6 and up. – Laura
So which will you choose? Will you master the 063979 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.75
Force with the Jedis, or will you join the Sith
and learn the ways of the dark side? – Laura
Wooden Balancing Games (ages 3+)
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.75
These simple, yet beautiful wooden games
from Plan Toys are made from preservative-free,
Includes blue and red lightsabers and feachemical-free wood and non-toxic stains. In
tures duels from the first six films.
Balancing Cactus and Tree games, players build
007470 ☼ Force Wars
a tree or cactus by adding pieces. Cactus pieces
Includes a green lightsaber and Kylo Ren’s
attach with pegs and small holes while Tree
light saber, with seven different duels spanis made up of a trunk, planks and birds. The
ning all seven films.
Balancing Boat game features a rocking boat
(Not) Just for Fun
and a colored die. Players roll the die to see
which animal needs to go on the boat, and take
turns adding them. With two each of 6 different
animals, just imagine that it’s Noah’s Ark! 1-4
players. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
058765 Balancing Boat . . . . 20.00 18.00
058766 Balancing Cactus . . 30.00 27.00
058767 Balancing Tree . . . . 15.00 13.50
Outdoor Games
8 Activity Cones (PK-AD)
What a staple! From the obvious uses of cones
as boundaries in a game to tricycle slaloms,
these cones add excitement and legitimacy to
every winding course a child could conceive.
With their sturdy construction, affordable price,
and compact size (1 foot in height), these cones
are a must have for active play. The included
guide shows tons of games and activities for
even more cone use.
052252 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.75
Traffic Cones (10 pieces) (PK-AD)
Perfect for games both outdoors or inside, this
set contains 2 cones each of five colors – red,
lime, neon orange, bright yellow and blue. The
material is a somewhat soft plastic, making it
better able to take a hit. The cones are approx.
9” high and have 4 holes in the base so they
could be staked into the ground for a more
resilient setup (stakes not included). What are
you waiting for? Your obstacle course/relay race/
game field is waiting! – Laura
060926(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 16.95
☼Kubb (2-AD)
This family-friendly outdoor game consists of
throwing wooden sticks at wooden blocks—
couldn’t be simpler, right? Each team (made up
of 1-6 players) sets up five wooden base “Kubb”
(pronounced ‘KOOB’) blocks at opposite ends of
a 25’ x 15’ rectangle, with a King block in the
center of the field. Teams then take turns tossing six throwing sticks at the opposing team’s
Kubbs. Any Kubbs knocked over by a team can
be moved to their own side of the field to serve
as defense—opponents must knock these over
before attacking the five Base Kubbs. Once a
team knocks over all their opponent’s Kubbs,
they can attempt to knock over the King Kubb,
winning the game! While the idea is simple,
the throwing stick must be tossed underhand,
end-over-end, and the distance between teams
makes the game difficult. The game itself is
quite versatile, and can be played on any flat
outdoor surface (grass is ideal, but snow, sand,
and gravel are also workable). For 2-12 players. Comes in a cardboard travel box.
019493 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 25.95
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Molkky (1-AD)
Another family-friendly outdoor game, Molkky
consists of 12 pins (or ‘skittles’) numbered 1-12,
a throwing pin, and a detailed set of rules. All
12 pins are set up about 10-14 feet away from
players in a special formation in a roughly hexagonal pattern next to each other. Players take
turns tossing the throwing pin underhand. The
goal is to either knock down several pins—scoring a number of points equal to how many pins
were knocked over—or knocking down a single
pin, which scores the number of points shown
on the pin. Pins which have been knocked over
are then set up exactly where they landed; this
means that over time, the playing field becomes
quite spread out as players seek out high-point
pins to knock down. The goal is to achieve 50
points exactly, but players have to be careful;
anyone who goes over this limit is immediately
knocked back down to 25! Adding to the challenge is that anyone who fails to knock over a
pin three times in a row is entirely eliminated
from the game, though this is quite rare. If
you’re looking for a simple, unique, skill-based
lawn game, this is definitely for you! For 2 or
more players. 15+ minutes. Note: a scoreboard
is not included, so it is recommended to grab
paper and a pencil or a dry-erase board and a
019500 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 25.95
Party Games
Apples to Apples Junior (4+)
Apples to Apples is a hilarious game in which
players try to have the best matching noun card
for random adjective cards. Players all start
with seven red apple cards featuring a wide
variety of nouns ("mud," "worms," "doing the
dishes," "your hair," etc.) and they play whichever card in their hand that is the best fit for the
green apple adjective card that is flipped over
("creative," "funny," "perfect," etc.). The judge
decides which one matches best. The results are
hilarious, as sometimes none of your cards really fit the adjective at all, and you end up with a
far-fetched comparison. With the same rules as
the great original Apples to Apples game, this
game set is for kids who are not yet ready for the
grown-up version. Contains 216 red apple cards
and 72 green apple cards. 4-8 players
025450 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25.99 16.95
☼Bring Your Own Book Game (7-AD)
Grab your favorite book and gather around
for lots of laughs! This game contains 100
prompt cards (each containing 2 prompts) and
a 60-second timer. That’s it! Each player supplies a book, and it can be any type: cookbook,
novel, textbook, travel guide, etc. In each
round, one player is designated the “Picker”
and they begin by picking a prompt card and
choosing one of the two prompts. Examples of
prompts are “The meaning of life is…” or “Text
on a warning label” or “A good warning to children.” Players all race to find a word, phrase,
sentence, or several sentences in their book that
they think will best satisfy the prompt. Once the
first player finds their match, the timer is turned
and all other players have just 60 seconds to
pick something. Once the time is complete,
players take turns reading aloud their selection
and the “Picker” chooses their favorite answer.
The “Picker” role rotates, and sometimes the
books do as well! The first player to earn a predetermined number of cards wins the game. 3-8
players; game time is approximately 20 minutes.
~ Megan
066275 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
☼Codenames (9-AD)
This competitive game pits two teams against
each other in a race to uncover their secret
spies, using only code names. Each team votes
one player to be the "spymaster." Twenty-five
code name cards are laid out in a 5x5 grid on
the table. These cards each show one word,
such as helicopter, day, string, fire, red, or
honey. The two spymasters sit beside each
other and are the only two players who can
see the key card, which uses a simple color
code to show which cards belong to the red
team, which cards belong to the blue team,
and which cards are "innocent bystanders." The
trick is for the spymasters to think of a one-word
clue which relates to as many of their clues as
possible and then tell it to their team, revealing
only that single word and how many cards it is
linked to. However, you have to keep your wits
about you to make sure your clue doesn't also
link to one of your opponent's cards! The rest of
your team works together to decide which card
or cards they think you are trying to have them
guess. Each time they point to a word card, you
cover it with the corresponding agent card - red
for the red team, blue for the blue team, and
white for innocent bystanders. As long as they
keep guessing correctly, they can keep going,
but if they make a mistake the turn is over and
the other team begins their turn. Whichever
team finds all of their secret agents first wins.
It's a fine balance between wanting to give a
very obvious clue linked to only one or two
cards and finding a link that's a little more of
a stretch but could get you three or four cards.
Further complicating things is the "secret assassin," a randomly selected card which is coded
black on the key card and both teams are trying
to avoid. If either team guesses the assassin,
they lose the game instantly. 200 double-sided
code name cards and 40 different key cards
mean this game can be played over and over
again without getting old. Great for a wide
range of ages as young as grades 4+ (younger
players can participate even if they aren't ideal
"spymasters") and for a variety of group sizes
(4-8+), it's no surprise this one was voted the #1
Party Game on BoardGameGeek.com.
067225 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 16.50
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Duplik (3-AD)
Your art skills aren’t at stake here, but your
attention to detail is! One player acts as the “Art
Director” each round, and describes a drawing
on a card while the timer runs. All other players
try to replicate the drawing that the Art Director
describes while the Art Director describes it.
When the timer stops, it’s pencils down! Then
players swap drawings while the Art Director
reads a list of what must be included in each
drawing to win points. Did you draw the tray
in the waiter’s right hand? Can you see both
of his legs? Is there steam rising from the food?
Each artist wins points for including these
necessary details in their drawing. The game
continues until everyone gets a chance to be
the Art Director, and the artist with the most
points wins! Reminiscent of the game Portrayal,
this game is hilarious and addictive! For 3-10
062488 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 15.99
☼Escape the Room Game (5-AD)
If a good mystery is right up your alley and
you are up for a challenging cooperative game,
try out Escape the Room! For those of you who
aren’t familiar with the concept, this is a game
that began as a digital version, transformed into
real-life events around the country, and is now
also available as a game you can play at home.
The scene in Mystery of the Stargazer's Mansion
version is an old manor in the year 1869. There
are mysterious happenings that you and your
friends decide to investigate, but you end up
locked inside a room in the old manor. Can you
Escape the Room in time? The game is packed
into sealed envelopes, in which you and your
fellow players must find clues and solve puzzles
to unlock and reveal. Unlike some mystery
events where one player sets everything up and
cannot participate, even the host doesn’t have
the answers here! Get ready for an evening of
fun! 3-8 players, approx. 90 minutes. ~ Megan
032838 Stargazer's Mansion 21.99 18.75
030945 Secret of Dr. Gravely's Retreat . . . . . . . . . 21.9918.75
Happy Birthday: The Game of Giving Funny
Gifts (PK-AD)
A pet pig, a hovercraft ride, Grandpa’s crutch
collection, an invisibility potion: what would
be the best gift, and what would be the worst?
It depends whose birthday it is! Similar to the
very popular Apples to Apples game, players
are dealt 5 cards, and one person is the judge
for each round. Keeping in mind the judge for
that round, everyone else chooses a picture card
from their hand, and then the receiver picks the
best gift and the worst gift. The players who
gave those gifts each score a point, and the first
person to get five points wins. What will you get
on your birthday? (Please note that there are a
few cards that some parents may want to remove,
such as Trip to Hogwarts, Caveman Skull, Stay at
a Haunted Hotel, and the Shorts card.) Includes
150 full-color cards in a box. -Laura
003474 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
☼Imagine: Animated Guessing Game (7-AD)
How would you portray the Capitol Building or
Kermit the Frog with a bunch of cards filled with
random shapes, lines and objects? Would they
even be recognizable by somebody else? This
(Not) Just for Fun
game challenges players to create objects with
any combination of the 61 transparent cards.
Because of the transparency, you are able to put
items together or stack them to create endless
combinations. You are also allowed to move
the cards and hide parts of the cards if you need
to. 65 Enigma cards offer up the challenges,
with 8 challenges in various categories on each
card. The player that is creating gets a random
number, reads off the category description (i.e.
movie, character, object, scary things, object,
famous building, etc.), and then proceeds to
choose and compile cards for everyone to see.
The first person to correctly guess the answer,
as well as the creator, each score a point. 3-8
players, ~ 20 mins to play. ~ Megan
066274 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
☼Man Bites Dog Deluxe Edition Game (3-AD)
Just like the Man Bites Dog card game, build
your hilarious headline, earn points, and get
a lot of laughs. This edition has over twice as
many cards for more headline fun - it includes
260 headline cards (55 verb cards and 165 subject & adjective cards plus 10 create-your-own
cards), a game board, pawns, and a dry erase
marker. Use the pawns to keep track of your
score around the outer edge of the game board
– first person to 500 wins. The game board provides spaces on which to lay out your headline
cards for all to see. If you like the original,
you’ll love this expanded version.
▲CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
016283 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 14.95
PicWits! (5-AD) 
In PicWits, each of the 4+ players are dealt
several picture cards at the beginning of the
game, while the judge for the round plays a caption card. Players then pick a picture from their
hand and place it with the caption, attempting to
make it funny, realistic, or absolutely ridiculous.
The judge then decides whose captioned image
they like best (which may be influenced by how
convincing the players can be), and that player
scores. A new judge is selected at the beginning
of the round, and play continues. Play your cards
right and keep your wits about you!
018967 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95
☼Pie Face (K-AD)
Playing games as a family while sneaking
in a little learning is always a win–win in my
opinion…but sometimes, you just have to enjoy
some good, clean fun together. Let Pie Face
bring out the fun in your family game night! The
rules are simple. The youngest player positions
his face through the mask and rests his chin
on the chin rest. Then they spin the spinner to
determine how many times to turn the handles,
and once done, it’s the next player’s turn. Watch
out! As the handle tension builds, beware the
SPLAT! - the exact moment when the tension
builds and the hand releases the whip cream at
you. Whipped cream not included (but if you
want to avoid the mess, you can just soak the
sponge insert in water). Be prepared for gales
of laughter! Children and adults of all ages will
find this game to have the right amount of risk
and silliness! ~Deanne
007065 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 24.95
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Shaboom! (3-AD)
If your family enjoys the competition of speed
and skill games, they will love Shaboom! At first
glance, the game looks like a chip and dip tray
full of game parts like dice, checkers, letter tiles,
dominoes and pawns. Up to four players receive
a tray of pieces, and the deck of cards are
stacked face-down. The cards feature challenges
like “toss an 8-sided die and a black checker
into the bowl” or “roll one 2 and two 3’s on any
color of dice” or “stack four dice on a cube.”
Occasional “Boom Laws” make play more interesting, requiring players to pat their head with
one hand while completing challenges. The first
player to complete the challenge wins the card
and the first to collect ten cards wins the game!
017200 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 17.99
Telestrations (7-AD) 
One of our favorite new games of the year!
You probably remember the telephone game
where, one by one, each person whispers a
word to the next person in the circle. By the
time it reaches the end, the word is completely
different. In this clever take on that game,
each player starts off with a dry-erase coiled
sketchbook, dry-erase marker, and a card with
6 words or phrases on each side. To start, each
player writes their word on the first page of the
sketchbook, turns the page, and has 60 seconds
to sketch the word/phrase. Then players pass
the sketchbook to the player on the left who
guesses what the sketch is, then passes it on
to the next player who sketches the guess, and
so it goes, with players around the circle alternately sketching or guessing. As everyone has
a sketchbook and different card, there is very
little sitting around waiting; every turn each
player is either sketching or guessing (some may
just take a little more time than others!). Once
your notebook completes the circle and comes
back to you, it is hilarious to see the course
the words have taken. From “Blood Bank” to
“Lasso” or “Athlete’s Foot” to “Duck Worship,”
you are guaranteed a lot of laughter. The regular game can accommodate up to 8 players with
142 cards for over 1700 total words/phrases;
the 12-Player Party Pack can accommodate up
to 12 players with an additional 50 cards for
over 2300 words/phrases. Each game includes
☼Skiwampus Full-Tilt Brain Game (5-AD)
sketchbooks, dry-erase markers, erasing cloths,
Play a fast-paced, “cattywampus” thinking cards, die, timer and instructions. ~ Megan
game that will sharpen your visual, spatial, 006620Telestrations . . . . . . 29.95 22.95
number, and thinking skills while having lots 006628 12-Player Party Pack 39.95 32.50
of fun. Every player gets 12 diamond-shaped
tiles, and each tile has colored pie-slice shapes
with numbers at each point. Challenge chips are
placed in the middle of the table, and everyone
works simultaneously to conquer the challenges
– a sum less than 12, even numbers, two colors,
same color more than 30, etc. Place your tiles
appropriately to match your colors or numbers
to complete as many challenge chips as possible
in each round. Play for 3 rounds and the person with the most points wins. The instructions ☼TopScent (6 -AD)
show several variations to the game – there is
Follow your nose to victory with this fruity
more than one way to look at each challenge! game! Sort out the entire deck of cards to 3-6
021235 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 13.95 players, then choose one of the twelve scent
canisters. After everyone has had a chance to
☼Skribble Head (3-AD)
take a whiff (without peeking at the name on
Are you always the master of Drawing on Top the bottom!), the dice is rolled to establish the
of Your Head? This game may be a little easier number of fruits to be found. Players take turns
– because at least you know what you’re trying flipping over a card from their hand until the
to draw! The question is whether anybody else number of fruits matching the scent are visible.
will be able to make sense of your blind draw- For example, if the player thinks the scent is
ing! In this fun, simple-to-pick-up-and-play lemon and the number rolled is four, they must
game, players take turns drawing a card with wait until enough cards are played that four
5 items listed on it, rolling the die to deter- lemons are visible. Once the right amount of
mine which object they will draw, and then fruits are visible, players race to tap the stack of
strapping a dry-erase board to their forehead played cards. The first person to tap the stack and
(effectively making it impossible to see what correctly identify the fruit scent wins the stack of
they are drawing!). The player has 20-seconds cards. The player with the most amount of cards
to sketch the object, and whoever guesses it when someone is empty handed is the winner!
correctly receives 2 points (as well as the art- Although the game says ages 6 and up, any child
ist). If time runs out, don’t panic, simply take a who is able to count to six would be able to play.
peek at your drawing and either continue with You may want to give players a chance to smell
it or start anew. If anyone guesses this time, all the canisters before play to give them a frame
that player and the artist receive 1 point each. of reference. Scent canisters should hold their
You’re guaranteed lots of laughs with this one! smell for up to three years. – Laura
3+ players. ~ Megan
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
013748 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 064622 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.98
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Wink (3-AD)
If you’re looking for laughter at your family
game night, just throw in some sneaky winks.
Reminiscent of other informal games where two
players try to wink at each other without getting
noticed, this game is easy to learn and keeps
the winking partners switched up throughout the
game. Start by placing the 36 numbered cards
with fun cartoon faces in a 6x6 grid. A matching set of numbered cards are shuffled and distributed to the players. Players put their tokens
on a card in the center and then announce the
number they are on. If another player at the
table holds the matching card, they wink at the
player with the token on that number and try not
to get caught. But it’s tougher than it looks with
everyone trying to catch the wink! If other players think they see a wink exchanged, they can
throw down an accuse card and win the number
cards themselves! The winner is the player who
accumulates the most points by winning cards.
This is a fun one to play with people of different ages – you might be surprised how sneakily
Grandma can wink! For 4-8 players. – Jess
062842 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.75
Wits & Wagers (5-AD)
Named “Party Game of the Year” by Games
Magazine, this hilarious trivia guessing game is
truly fun for all - trivia buff or trivia phobe! To
play, just lay out the football-field inspired mat,
and each player receives two betting tokens, a
dry-erase answer card, and a dry erase marker.
Assign one player to be the Banker and one
player to be the Question Reader. Each round,
the Question Reader reads a trivia question, and
then each player or team guesses at an answer
and writes it on their answer card. Now, all 700
trivia questions has a numerical answer, such as
“How many miles long is the Mississippi River?”
so all players can guess at an answer. Answers
are placed on the playing mat, from lowest to
highest, and then players/teams place their two
betting chips on the answers that they think are
closest. In this case, if you had no idea how
long the Mississippi River was, but you’re playing with your brother who’s a geography buff,
you might bet on his answer. After everyone
has placed their chips, the answer is revealed,
and players who bet on the answer that is
closest (without going over) receive additional
chips. Then it’s on to the next round! Games
are pretty short, consisting of 7 questions each,
and the player/team with the most points at the
end of the 7th round wins! We like this one
because everyone plays at the same time, and
everyone can enjoy it, regardless of knowledge
or age! For 4-20 players; play duration is about
25 minutes.
026088Game . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 24.95
019405 Family Game (3-AD) 19.99 15.50
 While we like the original Wits &
Wagers, we understand that the betting
aspect would be a negative for some families. Surprisingly, the manufacturer listened
to similar feedback and made over their
excellent “trivia guessing game” – with
a lower price too! In this version, 3-5
players (or teams) receive a large and a
small “Meeple” (wooden person-shaped
marker), a matching dry erase card and a
dry erase marker. Players write down their
best guess on their dry erase card, and the
cards are arranged from lowest to highest
value. Everyone places their Meeples on
the guesses they think are best. Players can
score points for either writing the winning
guess, or for placing a Meeple on the winning guess. Includes 300 new questions (not
found in original game), but can also be
used with questions from the original. – Jess
Playing Cards, Games, & Books
101 Best Family Card Games (4-AD)
I didn't even know most of these 101 card
games existed, but it looks like they are all great
fun! Learn secret tips of each game while also
learning sportsmanship, teamwork, and even
math! This book has it all - Casino, War, Card
Dominoes, Stops, Rummy, Solitaire for when
there is no one else around to play with, and
that's just the beginning. The book opens with
games that very young children can enjoy with
their parents and progresses to introduce more
complicated games for older players. The
directions for each card game are explained
clearly by Alfred Sheinwold, "one of the world's
top authorities on card playing," so that both
children and their parents can understand the
games and rules of play. Sheinwold also gives
useful tips, which you can pass on (or just keep
to yourself). Black-and-white illustrations are
included to show game play. Keep this one
handy for family game night! 128 pgs. ~ Jon
014825 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.95
benefit other than victory points; military cards,
which each player assembles to “fight” against
their neighbors for additional points; and guild
cards, which appear only in the last age and are
generally worth a lot of points. In the first age,
the cards are cheap to buy and players will build
up their resources and lay the foundation for the
game. By the third age the cards are fairly expensive and it’s crucial to make the best decisions
regarding which cards you build, and which ones
you allow to be passed on to your neighbors! At
the end of the third age, players tally their points
in each category and add them together to reveal
who got the most victory points to win the game.
With a lot of variation between games due to the
differing boards, randomness of the card decks,
broad variety of strategies that can win the game,
and even the difference made by the strategy of
whoever you happen to be sitting by, this one
offers a lot of re-playability. 2-7 players.
053990 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.99
055831 Wonder Expansion 14.99 11.99
4 new wonders to add to the original game.
☼Adventure Land (5-AD)
Think chess meets adventure. Between randomly shuffled cards that determine the placement of tiles and deciding how far and in which
direction to move your multiple figures forward
across the game board, this game is different
each time it’s played! Use the tiles you’ve accumulated to battle fog creatures as you encounter
them and collect companions and gold to help
you on your quest. But watch out for the water
Standard Playing Cards (K-AD)
sprite who can take your figures and their comA traditional set of 52 coated playing cards panions out of play for the rest of the game! Two
with four suits will handle a multiple of uses. alternate scenarios are also included with addiNote: Jokers are wizards holding staffs. Would tional rules to make the game more challenging.
be a great accompaniment with item #014825. 2-4 players, playing time 45 minutes.
040950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.99
2.75 017114 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 31.95
☼Sharks 3D Playing Cards (PK-AD)
This is a regular deck of playing cards, but
on the face of every card is a 3D holographic
image of a shark. 52 different holographic shark
images – look at them from one angle and then
another to see different views or objects. Play
your favorite card games or create your own
– pick out all the great white sharks, see how
many different sharks can you find, etc.
026347(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.95 12.95
Strategy Games
7 Wonders (5-AD)
This intriguing game is designed around several
unique factors. First of all, each player begins
with a different board featuring one of the Seven
Ancient Wonders – the Hanging Gardens of
Babylon, Great Pyramid of Giza, etc. The boards
share similar features although each one maintains its own distinctive characteristics. On each
board are coins, points, 2-3 benefits, as well as
one resource it produces. There are three rounds
in the game, referred to as ages. Each age has
its own deck of cards, and at the beginning of an
age players are dealt seven cards. They pick a
card to play and then pass the remaining cards
to their neighbor, strategically choosing cards
from each hand that will benefit them the most.
There are seven different types of cards, including
resource cards, which are needed to buy most
of the other cards; point cards, which give no
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Agricola (8-AD)
Now up to 4 players, Agricola will be a test of
your skills to grow your family, feed them, and
care for them. Start in your two-rom wooden
house and earn points to upgrade your home to
clay or even stone. Plant more grain and vegetables, raise more animals Insure your family's
upkeep with 48 occupations and 58 different
improvements. Game play can take from 30 to
120 minutes and game components are made of
wood. Game cards in this updated and revised
edition are a selection from the base game as
well as its expansions.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
040140 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60.00 48.00
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Alhambra (3-AD)
Granada, 1278. You
and up to five other
architects have been
commissioned to create the most splendid
palace and fortress
complex in all of
Spain: the Alhambra.
Master builders and
workers from all over have come to show off their
skill and aid you in this project—for substantial
fees, of course. To make matters worse, all workers wish to be paid in their national currency!
The objective of the game is to construct
the most of certain types of buildings in your
Alhambra: Pavilions, Gardens, Towers, and so
on. Each turn, players perform some combination of buying building tiles, taking money, or
redesigning the Alhambra. The trick is that all
building tiles come with a variable currency
and cost, and you don’t get change (or get to
keep buying) if you pay more than the necessary amount. Once you acquire tiles, you
can add them to your existing palace. Tile
walls represent another hazard to construction:
certain building tiles include sections of wall
which must be connected to other walls in the
Alhambra. Making things more complicated are
mid-game scoring rounds; throughout the game,
randomly-placed scoring cards will be drawn
from the money pile. These initiate a round of
scoring, rewarding each player who currently
has the most of a certain type of building. Once
all building tiles are exhausted, the game ends,
and a final scoring round takes place. Make
sure to manage your resources carefully, lest
a more successful architect snatch victory out
from under you! Game time?
062487 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 31.99
Blokus (K-AD)
A tactical game of strategy. Board looks like a
blank Scrabble board. The colored game pieces
are all different shapes - like the game pieces
in the computer game Tetris - which players
take turns playing so their color game pieces
are only touching at the corners, not ever along
a flat side. The object of the game is to block
the other player's pieces while protecting your
own - and end the game with the lowest remaining total surface area for your game pieces.
Instructions are straight forward, and the rules
are easy to learn. 2 to 4 players. Europe’s 2002
Game of the Year!
024111 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 18.95
Aztack (2-AD)
Journey back to the Aztec civilization as you
build strategic pyramids in this fun game. First,
the base of a pyramid is created. Then players
continue building a pyramid by matching their
stones with the colors or glyphs on the base;
you can also get a bonus by matching both the
color and the glyph. When no more stones can
be played and all the players pass, the player
with the fewest remaining stones wins the game.
The playing pieces are of good quality and the
designs are nicely done. This engaging game
is for 2-4 players and average play time is 15
minutes. Just a note: in the instructions, there
is a reference made to “gaining the blessings of
the gods”, although the game itself has nothing
to do with that reference. ~ Gina
062840 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 19.50
Dragonwood (3-AD)
Are you brave and bold? Then dare to enter
the enchanted forest of Dragonwood. Build
a handful of adventure cards to earn dice to
roll and gain Enhancements or defeat with
Strike, Stomp or Scream. Includes grumpy trolls,
angry ogres, fiery ants, dragons and more. Just
when you have your strategy figured out, the
landscape of Dragonwood changes again. The
player with the most victory points at the end
of the game wins. This beautifully illustrated
and designed fantasy game by Gamewright®
combines thought, strategy, and a bit of luck
into a card and dice game the whole family
will enjoy. For 2-4 players. The game takes an
average of 20 minutes to play and contains 108
cards, 6 custom dice, and rules of play.
062857 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
☼Black Fleet (9-AD)
Who will pay the ransom to rescue the governor’s daughter? Each player controls three types
of ships, with which they can work towards the
goal of paying the ransom: merchant ships to
trade and earn gold, pirate ships to steal from
other players’ merchants, and Royal Navy ships
to sink your opponents’ pirate ships. You can
use your earnings to improve your ships’ abilities or save it to pay the ransom. Beware – fortune cards can turn the tide unexpectedly! 3-4
players, 60+ minutes playing time.
064786 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.99
Empire Builder (4-AD)
(See full series and individual descriptions
Establish your place in the world as a railroad
baron and create an empire of iron and steam!
Evenly spaced mileposts cover each of the 4-6
jigsaw-shaped maps, featuring plains, mountainous terrain, and small, medium and major
cities. Other geographical features include rivers
and deserts—every milepost has an associated
cost to build to based on how rough the terrain
is (mountains, rivers, and others increase the
price). Small illustrations next to cities show
(Not) Just for Fun
The Builders (5-AD)
Put your resource management skills to the test
while trying to become the greatest builder! In
Middle Ages, you select workers and buildings
carefully to optimize the talents of your laborers
with the requirements of the building, while also
balancing your budget, to work your way from
building lowly pig-sties to prestigious cathedrals!
In Antiquity, game play is similar with builders
facing architectural challenges including the
hanging gardens of Babylon, Greek temples
and Egyptian pyramids. The quality pieces are
packaged in a great little 4.75" square tin, and
simple rules combined with a playing time of 30
minutes means you can enjoy it just about anywhere. This game takes many concepts from
more complex, time-consuming strategy games
(such as Stone Age or Agricola) and brings them
to a level where anyone can enjoy and play in
a fraction of the time. Highly recommended by
our strategy game fanatics! 2-4 players.
EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.99 14.39
005464 Middle Ages
what goods are produced there.
The essence of the game is simple: a city
requires goods (listed on players’ demand
cards), other cities produce those goods, and
you‘re attempting to fulfill those demands. By
building track between cities, you can move
your train from city to city, picking up goods
and dropping them off. To begin, each player
is given starting money, 3 demand cards drawn
from the deck (and placed face up on front of
you), a locomotive card with room for loads,
a pawn, and a crayon. The demand cards are
the heart of the game. Each one displays three
cities; beneath each city is a good and the price
paid upon delivery of that good. Plan and build
your track wisely, connecting mileposts with
your crayon to lengthen your rail and transport
goods from city to city.
Floods, derailments, earthquakes, storms,
strikes, and dozens of other setbacks all appear
from time to time, providing a steady amount
of uncertainty. Gameplay ends when someone
has 250 million at the end of their turn and has
connected the required number of Major Cities.
The geography and reality of every map is spoton, showing where cities are and which goods
are produced by a city, making the game geographically educational, even when it comes to
learning about foreign countries. Empire Builder
requires plenty of scheming, risk assessment,
foresight, investment management, and strategy
to be successful. Cleanup is simple - just rub
the track marks off with a cloth, paper towel,
or napkin.
.1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
027681 North America . . . . 42.00 33.60
037767 Empire Express . . . . 30.00 24.00
037748 Australian Rails . . . 38.00 30.40
037764 China Rails . . . . . . . 40.00 32.00
037768 Nippon Rails (Japan) 42.00 33.60
062103 India Rails . . . . . . . 38.00 30.40
035266 Crayola Dry Erase Crayons
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.93
☼Gobblestones (5-AD)
Gobble up the
stones like a hungry
little goblin to be the
player with the most
points. This game is
easy to play and is
different each time
you play. The game
includes 9 double-sided board squares (5 x 5
colored and numbered grid squares), 100 colored tiles (20 each of 5 colors), a score pad,
4 tile racks, and a tile bag. Place the 9 board
squares randomly in a 3 x 3 pattern to form one
large playing board. Each player draws 5 colored tiles from the bag and places them on their
rack. The first player (the youngest) places as
many matching colored tiles as they can on the
squares on the board either vertically or horizontally (a row of 2,3,4, or 5) and then draws
new tiles so they have 5 again. Each square they
covered is a stone that’s been “gobbled.” All
other players then build off of the played tiles in
Scrabble-like fashion. Simply add up the numbers on the squares you covered to determine
how many points you got. The game ends when
the tiles run out and one person is able to play
their last tile.
018754 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 14.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
☼Gold Ahoy (3-AD)
Thar be treasure on the horizon! When
Blackbeard’s infamous treasure is revealed on
the anniversary of his demise, it is up to you
and another fortune-seeking pirate to make a
path to his treasure chests! Players take turns
randomly drawing a tile and placing it on the
board, eventually creating a 6x6 grid of interconnected tiles. Each tile has land and sea on
it and a treasure chest on one or the other; one
player tries to build a route on land, the other by
sea. The goal is for each player to complete as
many treasure-laden paths as possible from one
end of the board to the other. While it may be
helpful to build paths advantageous to yourself,
it can be even more rewarding to sabotage your
opponent by cutting off his routes! A quick, light
strategy game relying on both luck and planning. ~ 15 minutes.
018379 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 15.95
Isle of Skye (3-AD)
Take on the role of chieftain of a clan competing to build the best land in this thoughtful game
of buying and selling land. The main strategy
in this game lies in the buying and selling of
land tiles. At the beginning of each round,
players receive their income based on their current landscape, and then each player randomly
draws three landscape tiles from the bag. Once
everyone has drawn and all of the new tiles are
visible, each player secretly chooses one to discard and sets the prices for the other two from
their money supply. Players then each have a
turn to buy a tile from another player. The goal
is to purchase landscape tiles from other players
that complement your landscape (which may
include water, roads, plains, and mountains)
while profiting from tiles others wish to buy
from you. As with most great games, there is a
good balance between resources, causing you
to choose your purchases wisely. Each player’s
landscape is scored at the end of every round,
but only certain factors (like number of sheep,
amount of gold, or castles) are scored each
round, meaning you have to be careful about
what tiles you place when. After the final scoring, the chieftain with the best kingdom wins!
018382 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37.00 29.60
☼Karuba (3-AD)
Forge your way to be the first to secure the
most valuable treasure in this strategy game
that changes each time you play it. Everyone
starts with an identical game board set up and
receives their jungle path tiles in the same order,
but each player decides where to place the tiles
on their individual game board and when to
move their adventurers towards one of the long
lost temples, collecting gold and gems as they
go. 2-4 players, playing time is 40 minutes.
017133 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.00 28.00
Kingdom Builder Game (3-AD)
Board game of the year in 2012, this one
does not disappoint! It boasts a good blend of
luck and strategy, plenty of variation built in
to randomize every game, and easy to learn
gameplay that will appeal to the serious and
light gamers alike. The goal of the game is to
earn the most gold at the end of the game;
however, the path to doing so is different every
time. To set up the game, players choose four
of the eight possible quadrants, each of which
can go in any spot, and three of the ten possible
Kingdom Builder cards, which determine how
players earn gold. Each quadrant of the board
is divided into hexagons of seven different terrain types, so the board looks like a birds-eye
view of land - varoius patches of flowes, forests,
mountains, etc. Each grouping of terrain is a different size and shape. Each quadrant also holds
a couple of hexes with a unique landmark.
Basic gameplay is simple - each turn, draw a
terrain card and place three settlements on that
type of terrain. The golden rule of the game:
each settlement has to be adjacent to another
one of your settlements if possible, so choose
your starting point wisely! What adds strategy
to the game is that settling next to a landmark
earns you a special action for each turn for the
rest of the game, such as moving a settlement
two spaces, or building a fourth settlement on
the end of a three-settlement line. Also keep in
mind the Kingdom Builder cards as you plan
your placements; depending on which three
you have on the table you may earn points for
the largest settlement, the most settlements in
one line, or settlements surrounding a landmark
hex. Maximize your special actions to complete
settlements according to the Kingdom Builder
cards to earn the most gold! 2-4 players, 45
minutes. - Steph
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
061275 Base Game . . . . . . 59.99 47.99
062490 ☼Nomads Expansion 34.99 27.99
Adds 4 new boards, 4 new landmarks,
3 new objective cards, 2 replacement
objective cards, and 15 all-new nomad
tiles. Nomad tiles are special one-time use
actions which players must use the turn after
discovering them! Also adds an extra set of
Red playing pieces to add a 5th player!
014934 ☼Crossroads Exp. . . 39.99 30.50
Adds 4 new boards, 8 new landmarks, 6
"task cards" (additional objectives for players
to meet), 10 warriors (for blocking opponents), 5 wagons and 5 ships (which can
be moved and built next to), and 5 city hall
tokens (which can be played as 7 adjacent
☼Kulami (5-AD)
The first step in this game is to build the gameboard from the 17 different wooden pieces,
each of which has 2, 3, 4, or 6 divots (and is
consequently worth 2, 3, 4, or 6 points). Then
you and your opponent take turns placing
marbles in the divots following 3 simple rules
(you must place in the same vertical or horizontal row as the last marble, but you can’t put it
on the same exact piece as either you or your
opponent last played on). The goal is to take
over the most tiles (by having a majority) while
limiting your opponent’s movements. The game
ends when all marbles have been played or
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
when a player can’t play their next marble; the
player with the most points wins. MENSA Select
Award winner. 2 players, 20 min.
065571 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 23.95
☼Last Mouse Lost Game (1-AD)
Finally! A game that satisfies that universal love
of popping bubbles. This
simple game has just one
piece - a small, round,
soft silicone board composed of 28 “bubbles” in
six different rows. Each
bubble is marked with a
picture of a small mouse, and the object of the
game is to force your opponent to be the one
to press the last mouse into its hole. The playing board (looking remarkably like a piece of
cheese) sets on any flat surface or could travel
easily in the car. Did you send the last mouse
into its hole? Just flip the “cheese” over and
start again. Game play takes approximately 5
064988 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.95
Mancala (K-AD) 
A simple and quick strategy game originating
in Africa. Move your colored stones from hole
to hole (dropping one in each hole) and into
your store (point-bin). Gain more stones by
dropping the last stone in one of your empty
holes. Then scoop out all the stones opposite
that hole and add them to your store. Players
take turns until all the stones are gone from one
side of the board. The wooden board folds in
half for more compact storage, and two colors
of glass stones are included. - Stephanie
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
005834 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.99
4-Player Mancala Game (K-AD)
Have twice as much fun with twice as many
people with 4-Player Mancala. This beautiful
wooden board measures 16” x 16 ½” when open
for playing and folds in half for storage – with
the glass playing pieces, playing guidelines,
and die neatly tucked inside. The rules are
the same, but you get to collect from 3 other
players when capturing pieces rather than just
one. The included game guidelines also offer
some game variations for different twists on the
original game.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
028955 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36.95 28.95
Mine Shift (3-AD)
In this two or four player strategy game, your
goal is to navigate your four gems through a
mine tunnel to your opponent’s home area. To
begin, select the tiles (10 for a two-player game
and 12 for a four-player game) and arrange
them according to the included instructions.
Each player then chooses the gem color they
prefer. Through the course of the game, players
maneuver their gems over the tiles. Players can
also turn and shift tiles as they work their way
through the maze toward their goal. Game play
is short, about 10-20 minutes. Player strategy is
constantly changing throughout the game, as the
tiles shift and their gems get closer to the goal.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
054998 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95
(Not) Just for Fun
Memoir ‘44 (3-AD)
The sound of gunfire echoes across the living
room. A sudden crash- the dice deliver a death
sentence to two more men in Bravo squad.
Under a hail of bullets, the plastic figurines dive
for cover, running back toward the crashing
waves. The Allies won’t be taking Omaha Beach
without a fight.
16 scenarios are included in the base game,
with one player taking on the role of the Allies
and the other the Axis in each mission. The
board is set up according to each scenario with
rivers, trees, hedgerows, villages and other
obstacles and features making up the terrain.
Infantry, Armor, and Artillery are then placed for
each side according to the historical scenario.
Three sectors run across the board: Right Flank,
Center, and Left Flank. Each turn, players will
choose a command card from their hand detailing how many troops can move and which
section they can move in (for example, move
three units on the Right Flank). Once close
enough, units can engage in combat with the
opposing forces and attempt to secure victory
in each scenario! Victory medals are awarded
for destroying enemy units, taking bridges, and
more, according to the mission.
Apart from being a unique strategy game,
Memoir ‘44’s application as an interactive historical supplement is unparalleled. Every historically-accurate scenario has its own description
detailing the planned events of that day, including the outcome- though depending on which
player wins the game, you may end up rewriting
history! For 2 players. 30-60 minutes.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063508 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59.99 47.99
One Up (3-AD)
Players must strategically maneuver 16 pieces
over 20 spaces until their four matching pieces
are in a winning position. What makes this
game interesting is that you can move another
player’s pieces if they are in your way, making it
trickier to plan your moves. The sturdy wooden
game board has a sleek black finish and pieces
are made of metal and plastic, making this game
of quality build. A great new addition to family
game night. 2-4 players. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063030 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 29.95
☼Patchwork Game (3-AD)
Inspired by patchwork quilting, this quickto-play strategy game pits two players in a race
to complete as much of a quilt as possible. To
begin, a series of colorful cardboard “quilting
fabrics” (in a wide variety of sizes and shapes)
are laid out on the table around a central board.
Each patchwork piece has an associated ‘button’
and ‘time’ cost—buttons are the currency and
victory points of the game, while time forces
players to move their tokens forward a certain
number of spaces. Certain pieces also give
players a valuable ‘button income’, triggered
by specific spaces of the board. Players take
turns (based on board position) moving forward,
making money or buying patchwork pieces and
assembling them on their 10x10 gridded boards.
The trick is to assemble the oddly-shaped fabrics
together in a sensible manner, avoiding ‘holes’
in the quilt which cannot be filled. But there’s a
catch—the first player to assemble a perfect 7x7
(Not) Just for Fun
square on their board wins a valuable 7-button
reward. Once players reach the end, they add
up their buttons and subtract any empty spaces
on their board. The player with the most points
wins! Perfect for strategists young and old. ~30
020286 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28.00 22.40
Plunder (5-AD)
Avast ye, scallywags! Where be yer’ hidden
treasure? In this fun, deductive reasoning type
game, be the first pirate to figure out where all
the other pirates have hidden their buried treasure – and steal it! The game is composed of
pirate cards, clue cards, map cards, a treasure
chest, dry erase markers and solution grids.
Each player is dealt 3 map cards that determine
their treasure’s location (island, marker, and
trap). In the course of the game, clue cards
are flipped and players indicate yay or nay to
whether they hold any matches. Keep track on
your solution grid of the cards played and the
answers given to locate each pirate’s treasure.
When you think you know the location of a
buried treasure, mark it on that pirate card and
put the card in the treasure chest. At the end of
the game, if you were the first to correctly guess,
you get the lion’s share of the treasure! 2-6
players, game time takes approximately 30-45
minutes. ~ Megan
062874 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.99 11.99
☼Pyramix (3-AD)
Who will collect the most points in this easy to
play strategy game? You won’t know until points
are tallied at the end! Each cube features one of
three point-scoring symbols on it (Ankh, eye, or
crane) in one of 4 colors, or it may be a dangerous Cobra cube. Stack all of the little cubes in
the specially shaped tray, and take turns drawing them. You can only draw a cube if you can
see at least two of the sides, and it’s not adjacent
to a cobra. You can draw cubes from the bottom
of the tray, as long as there are other cubes that
will slide into its place, but you can’t leave the
tray exposed. The rules are simple, but play can
become more complex as you develop strategies. Is it better to collect more Ankhs (which
may result in you collecting extra cubes at the
end) or go for the higher scoring cranes and eyes
when you can? Watch out for the cobras! 2-4
players, approximately 15 minutes. ~ Megan
065577 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 18.50
Qin (3-AD)
The Era of Warring States sets the stage for
ferocious competition. The land of China is
sparsely settled, and remote villages have not
yet fallen under anyone’s influence. It is up to
you to establish the Qin (pronounced ch’in)
dynasty by undermining your opponents’ efforts
across the land!
With one of the simplest strategy-game rule
sets I’ve seen, Qin is simple to learn and almost
as easy to master. Players are randomly given
three province tiles with a combination of two
red, yellow, or blue settlements on them. Every
turn, players place one of their tiles on the
board next to an existing tile and draw a new
one. This can trigger several effects: founding, expanding, or creating a major province,
connecting villages, conquering villages, or
absorbing provinces. A province is any region
of 2 or more same-colored settlements. Once a
region is expanded to 5 settlement spaces, the
player owning the province places a doublepagoda there, which can never be conquered or
absorbed! This gives players a heavy impetus to
block opponents from creating major regions (or
at the very least, to create their own as quickly
as possible!). In other cases, if you connect a
province to one of the non-aligned villages on
the board, you can take it over, placing an extra
pagoda there. But be on the lookout—if an
opponent’s larger province is connected to one
of your own, or a player has more pagodas next
to one of your villages, they can replace your
pagodas with their own! The first player to get
rid of his or her pagodas wins. Don’t be afraid
to go on the offensive. The future Qin dynasty
demands the strongest conqueror! For 2-4 players. 20-30 minutes.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
063562 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 22.49
☼Quadropolis (3-AD)
With simple rules and well-balanced mechanics, this city-building game will satisfy a variety
of crowds. Players’ individual boards are in
a 4x4 grid pattern, with rows and columns
marked 1-4. Each player receives 4 architects,
also numbered 1-4. During the course of four
rounds, players take buildings from a communal “construction site” by playing one of their
architects next to a row or column, taking the
corresponding building tile, and then placing
it on their own board. Each type of building
has its own way of scoring points; parks, for
example, flourish when apartments are placed
nearby, and apartments themselves benefit from
having multiple floors. To add to the complexity, each building requires either an inhabitant
or energy unit to be “activated” (and thus score
points). The combination of resource needs,
limited building space, and a variety of buildings requires a carefully planned city—but even
the best-laid plans are difficult to see through!
Allows between 2-4 players and takes approximately 30-60 minutes.
013579 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.99
☼Quartex (3-AD)
Quartex is a great matching and thinking game
with a twist. The 55 double-sided square tiles
have ¼ of a shape on each corner – yellow
circle, purple cross, red square, and blue star.
Each person draws five tiles from the draw bag
and places them behind their shield (folded
cardboard stand), out of their opponents’ view.
The youngest player places a tile on the table
and then each player, in turn, has to play a tile
that matches at the corners. When you complete
one of the colored shapes by laying the 4th
tile in the pattern, you get to take a token that
matches that shape. The game ends when there
are no tiles left to draw. Now for the twist –
count to see how many tokens are left in each of
the four colored token piles; this is the amount
that your tokens are worth. If there are 4 tokens
left in the blue pile, each player who has blue
tokens can count them for 4 points each. If there
are no tokens left of a particular color, you get
no points for those tokens. In this game you
want to win a variety of colors, so be cautious
about the shapes you complete.
016868 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 17.00
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Qwirkle (1-AD)
What could be simpler than matching colors
and shapes? True, it’s an easy game to
learn, but it only becomes more strategic as the
game progresses. The game includes 108 black
wooden tiles with a variety of colored symbols
printed on one side. The idea is to create rows
of shapes and rows of colors – without duplicating shapes within the color row or colors within
the shape row. Points are received for adding to
existing rows or creating new rows. The more
tiles you play each turn, the more points you
can score – so keep an eye out for the best
match. For 2-4 players.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
017835 Original Qwirkle . . . . 24.95
052269 Travel Qwirkle . . . . . . 14.95
Identical game play to the original version,
with 108 tiles and instructions packaged in a
handy zippered black travel pouch
063487 Expansion Boards . . . . 14.95
Use the four double-sided game boards and 12
star tokens to play in a whole new way! Qwirkle
tiles and bag sold separately.
☼Risk: Star Trek (50th Anniversary Ed) (5-AD)
“Captain’s Log, Stardate 306391.6. Q has
abducted five captains from Starfleet and has
transported us to a mysterious alternate dimension to play a game of wits and battle. We are
all to try and prove who the best captain is by
fulfilling three of his arbitrary goals— whoever
does so first will receive the somewhat trivial
title as ‘Q’s favorite captain.’ It is unclear what
Q has in store for us, but one thing is sure: it
most certainly won’t be easy.”
Play as Captains Kirk, Picard, Archer, Sisko, or
Janeway in this unique take on the classic game
of Risk. There are three game modes. Easy is
essentially normal Risk for those who haven’t
played before. 2-Player is a customized variant
of Advanced for fewer players. Advanced is
for veterans and is the heart of Star Trek Risk
- features include the ability to choose crew
members, each with special abilities; command
tokens used to take actions, fulfilling three arbitrary goals given by the erratic space-jester Q to
win the game; and preparing for his unpredictable events. These goals may entail taking over
certain sectors of space, destroying alien species, or attacking opponents. Thrown into the
mix are the aforementioned events: these shake
things up by helping or hindering players (such
as increasing a player’s attack power or limiting the number of moves they can make), or
such randomness as spreading deadly Tribbles
throughout the galaxy!
All components included are very high-quality,
with 225 custom plastic starships and shuttles,
a beautifully-illustrated Star Trek playing board,
along with captain, crew member, and planet
cards illustrated in a similar style to the TV
shows. 14 Q’s Quest and 30 Q-Vent cards keep
gameplay interesting and change objectives up
every time, allowing for plenty of re-playability!
For 2-5 players.
012320 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.95 39.95
☼Risk: Star Wars Game (5-AD)
Despite its monolithic heritage, this version
of Risk has been developed far beyond its
“Continental Occupation” roots into a shorter,
more Star Wars-esque game. Two or four players
take sides as either the Imperials or the Rebels,
fighting the final moments of Episode VI: Return
of the Jedi. The main battle is between fleets
of Rebel ships and Imperial TIE fighters near
the Death Star. Simultaneously, Luke confronts
Darth Vader, and Han Solo and company
attempt to destroy the shield generator on Endor.
The Rebel player can gain important bonuses
by defeating Darth Vader, but the Rebel fleet
can only hold out so long against the Imperial
fleet while waiting for the shield generator to
be destroyed. The Imperial player must focus
on destroying the Rebel fleet, but allowing the
Rebels to defeat Darth Vader and destroy the
shield generator will certainly turn the odds
in the Rebels’ favor. Colored plastic ships
(X-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings, and TIE fighters)
and pictures of scenes from the movies add a
very real feeling to the board. Do you have
what it takes to save the galaxy, or bring the
Rebels to heel? Can be played with 2 players or
as teams with 4 players. 30-45 minutes.
005815 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49.95 31.95
Sequence Cats / Dogs (2-AD)
Match your cards to a space on the board,
place a token, be the first to make a sequence
of 5 tokens in a row, and you win! This fun
variation on the classic board game makes it
easy to play for kids, but unlike Sequence for
Kids, these versions are about your favorite furry
friends. Each space has a picture of a dog or
cat instead of a playing card face or other icon.
Each space has a matching card that features
that animal’s picture as well as a fun fact about
the breed, so as you try to get five markers in a
row, you can learn about the breeds also!
Each set contains 45 chips for each of the three
colors (135 in total), game cards, a game board,
and instructions. Although the box says the
game is for ages 7 and up, I think kids as young
as 3 could play with a little extra instruction. For
2-6 players. – Laura
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.90 18.95
☼Sheriff of Nottingham (9-AD)
The fact that Robin Hood doesn’t play a role
in this game doesn’t make it any less fun. Three
to five players are merchants, transporting goods
into the city of Nottingham to sell. Each round,
one of those players takes on the role of the corpulent Sheriff, whose duty is to ensure that only
legitimate goods are making their way into the
city… or at least, that he gets compensated to
ignore any contraband among the goods. Each
round consists of five steps: players discard and
choose new cards for a total of six, then choose
1-5 cards to pack into their sack. Now it’s time
to take turns declaring your goods hidden in
the sack. The Sheriff may decide to search your
sack… or not. If you’re smuggling contraband
with your goods, you may opt to pay him rather
than lose the contraband and pay a penalty,
but if you were honest and telling the truth,
the Sheriff pays you! Players take turns acting
as Sheriff, and the game is over after everyone
has played the Sheriff twice (or three times in a
3-player game). This one was heartily enjoyed at
game night, as everyone enjoyed balancing the
risks of smuggling with the rewards – and using
their best poker faces!
016600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34.99 29.75
☼Sapphiro (3-AD)
As you might guess from the name, the goal
of Sapphiro is to accrue sapphires and other
valuable jewels placed around the game board.
Players attempt to capture jewels by taking turns
placing color-matching diamond shapes around
the jewels. Each diamond shape is divided
into two colors, so each end can be matched
to a different color. The player who places the
last diamond shape to completely surround a
jewel gets to collect it from the board. The
tricky part is that each diamond shape points to
two different jewels, so any diamond you place
may leave an opening for your opponent! The
first player to capture one of each type of jewel
wins. While the concept is simple, planning
your moves to effectively capture gems without leaving opportunities for your opponents
is tricky. Requiring only basic strategy with a
hint of luck, Sapphiro is a great family strategy
option! For 2-4 players, game play approx 30
mins. CHOKING HAZARD (3). Not <3yrs.
023145 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.95 ☼Skyliners Game (3-AD)
It’s not about who has the most skyscrapers;
Scotland Yard (3-AD)
it’s all about your point of view! In Skyliners, up
Sherlock Holmes would have loved it! Mr. X to four players take on the role of city planners,
tries to elude capture on the streets of London attempting to perfect the game board’s skyline
as detectives (other players) pursue him via taxi, from their own perspective. Each player sits on
bus, and subway. The net tightens as Mr. X one side of the board, facing the 5x5 city grid
must reveal his position periodically throughout from a different angle. The ultimate goal is to
the chase. Ahh, but he has a few tricks up his create the perfect skyline for yourself, planning
sleeve and deftly slips through the “holes” by out in advance how many buildings you want
playing his special cards or catching a boat ride to see from your side of the board. Each player
on the river Thames. Detectives must work takes turns placing skyscraper roofs, floors,
together to thwart his escape and determine or stand-alone parks on the board, and then
how best to trap the elusive Mr. X. Will they playing hidden ‘planning cards’ to predict how
make brilliant deductions, or will the clever many skyscrapers or parks they’ll be able to see
Mr. X outwit Scotland Yard’s best? From 2 to in each of the five rows by the end of the game.
6 players, the game is more exciting with more Every played planning card with the correct
detectives in pursuit. The game also offers an number of “seen buildings” counts for points. Be
easier variation for beginners, so kids as young careful, though: other players are just as eager
as eight can join in on the fun.
to reach their goals, and if an opponent places
CHOKING HAZARD (3). Not <3yrs.
a skyscraper in the wrong place, your skyline
050218 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 29.95 may be ruined! Antennas and Skyscraper Cards
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
(which denote where the tallest building should
be located) earn you points too, and are a steady
source of fierce competition. Regardless of who
wins, one thing is certain: the sky’s the limit! For
2-4 players. 30-40 minutes.
033644 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54.99 47.95
☼Slideways Game (3-AD)
Tic tac toe, four in a row! This game has a
unique set-up. There are four bars, each inlaid
with four colored tiles, laying side-by-side on
a platform. The four bars have magnetic dots
on the bottom and there are magnetic dots on
the platform – this allows you to slide the bars
smoothly. The four colored tiles on each bar are
triangular in shape and suspended so that you
can only see one side of them at a time – yellow, red, or blue. This game is for 3 people, and
on each turn the player can either flip a tile to
their color or slide a bar to line up their color.
The goal is to flip and slide your way to four of
your color in a row, but your opponents will be
doing their best to block you.
019373 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.95
☼Splendor Game (5-AD)
A light, casual strategy game for 2-4 players,
Splendor is all about collecting shiny gems and,
well, the splendor associated with lots of shiny
objects. The premise is simple: three series of
mine cards are laid out, each labeled with an
associated gem cost, the type of gem it produces, and a number of prestige points the card is
worth. The goal is to get 15 prestige points. On
his or her turn, each player can either take a few
gems from the stockpile, buy a card, or reserve a
card for future use and take a wild “gold” token.
Since each card produces one of the five gems
available, cards purchased by the player also
count towards future purchases. Each player
thus quickly amasses a large number of production cards, allowing them to by higher-tier
purchases (which cost more gems, but are worth
more prestige). The primary struggle comes
from what types of gems to buy. Certain cards
are cheaper, but have no prestige value. Others
are expensive, or cost a lot of a single type of
gem, but are worth several points. Thrown
into the mix are nobles, which are given to the
first player who gets the corresponding number
of produced gems. The number of nobles is
limited, and they provide quite a few points—
it’s a constant challenge to ensure your mines
provide the gems you need, while still achieving the quota (and racing others) to acquire a
noble. Gameplay is easy to pick up, easy to
teach, and only lasts about 20-30 minutes; so it
is ideal for small groups of casual gamers.
016610 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.99 31.99
can then win the game in either of two ways:
1) collecting each of the spy items (password,
disguise, code book, and key) for your spy's
country and then safely getting your game piece
to your country's embassy, or 2) looking at the
evidence on your opponents' scorecards and
removing other players from the game by guessing their spy identity. Players receive money,
with which they can buy spy items when they
get the opportunity, and the scorecard, for
keeping track of what spy items they have. The
scorecard has all six spies listed and players can
collect items for any of these countries - that's
where you strategize about what you collect,
trying to throw other players off the scent as
they endeavor to figure out, from what you have
collected, who your spy is. Moving around the
board, you have opportunity to buy spy items,
collect free spy items, confiscate materials from
other players, and take guesses as to the spy
identities of your opponents. It's a simple game
but be careful - that doesn't mean it's a walk in
the park. 2 - 6 players. ~ Zach
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
008077 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.99 23.99
Stratego Original (3-AD)
As the name implies, Stratego is the ultimate
game of pure strategy. Each side is given forty
single-sided pieces, either blue or red, representing different ranks of military officers, six
bombs and a flag. The ranks of the officers are
1-10, with the higher ranks being the stronger
pieces. Certain pieces also have special advantages; the Spy (rank one) can defeat the Marshal
(rank ten) if the spy attacks, the scout can move
any distance in a straight line, and the miner
can diffuse bombs. When starting the game,
each player sets up all forty units in a secret
configuration across four rows of the illustrated
10x10 board. Pieces are revealed as the players
converge on each other, with the weakest officer being removed from the board on contact.
Bombs cannot move, and they destroy any piece
which comes into contact with them (except for
the miner). The end goal is to either capture the
enemy’s flag, or to eliminate so many of their
pieces that they cannot win. The only other
obstacles in the game (besides the opponent)
are two 2x2 bodies of water in the center of the
board which impede movement. To defeat your
opponent will not only require tactics, but also
cunning… Secrecy is as important as strategy!
037256 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.49 24.25
nent’s war zone wins the game, proving their
strategic superiority! 15+ minutes.
063499 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.95
Takenoko (3-AD)
As one of the up-and-coming gardeners of
the Emperor’s royal bamboo plot, it is your job
to shape and maintain the land. The Emperor
has discerning tastes and has given you unique
conditions to be met. Manipulate the garden to
fulfill those conditions, and you could have the
greatest honor bestowed upon you. But it won’t
be easy – the weather changes every turn, you
are competing against other caretakers, and a
hungry panda stalks the crops!
Although this is a competitive game, the garden is collectively cared for by all gardeners.
As such, any player can change the farmland or
reap the rewards when the terrain reflects their
specific goals. The colorful garden is built from
the earth up by the players and is different every
game. The player who has completed the most
objective cards by the end of the game becomes
the Emperor’s most prestigious gardener. For
2-4 players. Game time: 45 minutes. ~ Janine
000166Takenoko . . . . . . . . 49.99 39.99
041894 Chibis Expansion . . 29.99 23.99
This expansion adds a charming lady panda
and nine baby pandas to the garden, along
with 6 new plot tiles, 18 new objectives,
and 17 extra bamboo sections.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
Travel Games
Games on the Go (PK-AD)
Looking for some fun and engaging activities to
while away those endless hours of travel? This
collection of ideas is perfect for your family, and
is handily composed of 50 game and activity
suggestions on cards, thoughtfully punched so
you can slide them on the included ring clip and
snap it on your purse, in the car, or anywhere
else convenient. Ideas include word, searching,
guessing and trivia games, memory challenges
and more. Pull it out in the car, while you’re
waiting at a restaurant, or just around the supper
table for some good family bonding time.
054695 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
Laminated Re-Writable Games (1-AD)
These traditional games cards are perfect for
travel whether in the car, airport, restaurant, or
any other location. There is no need to bring a
bunch of paper, just the card and a wet or dry
☼Tak-Tak (3-AD)
erase marker. 4" x 6" ~ Alissa
A fast-paced two-player strategy game for the EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.50
Tak-tical mind, Tak-Tak is a simple game of 020332 Dot to Dot 020516 Tic Tac Toe
offense and defense. Each player starts by plac- 020384Hangman
ing 12 stackable, rectangular playing pieces into
their respective 2-row “safe zone.” Pieces are Magnetic Travel Game Tins (PK+)
labeled 10, 20, 30, and 40 in blue, green, or
These old favorites are ready to go! The
yellow. The goal is to move your pieces across pieces inside until game time, then folds open
the 3-row “war zone” and into the other player’s to expose the playing surfaces and instructions.
safe zone. Danger is ever-present in this area Playing pieces are a good size, and stick pretty
of the board: each player can attack an oppo- well on their magnetized side. Tins measure 6
nent’s pieces with any like-colored or numbered ¾” x 6 ¾.” CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
piece. That 40-green you were just about to get EACH TIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99
to the end of the board? It’s been taken over 032574 Car Bingo
by the opponent’s 10-green—now they control 032680Checkers
Spy Alley (3-AD)
the stack! The game ends when all chips have 032695Chess
It's spy vs. spy in this game of secrets and strat- been moved into the end-zones. Whoever has 032755 Hangman (1-AD)
egy. Each player gets a spy identity card and the highest numeric value of chips in their oppo- 044778Tic-Tac-Toe
(Not) Just for Fun
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Travel Bingo (PK-AD)
”Are we there yet?” Instead of lending the kids
your tablet or smartphone to pass the time on
long car trips, why not hand them these oldfashioned travel games? Each set contains two
6 ½” x 7” cardboard cards with a grid of small
cutout windows. Inside each window is a blackand-white illustration of an object or symbol to
spot on the road. When you see the items, mark
them by sliding the clear red plastic windows
over the squares. The first player to mark a complete Bingo row is the winner!
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.90
000244 License Plate
000249 Traffic Safety
Simon® Game (2-AD)
Think fast in this original game of flashing
lights and sounds! The round console has four
large buttons in green, red, yellow and blue.
One by one, the buttons light up accompanied
by electronic sounds. Your challenge is to
repeat the ever-increasing sequences of flashing
lights and sounds. The longer you stay in the
game, the harder it gets. Simon® has thousands
of random sequences to test your powers of
concentration. It features the original game play,
plus a digital screen with counter to guide you
through each game. 1-4 players. Requires 3 AA
batteries (included).
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
056403 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.99 16.95
Electronic Sports Hand Held Games (3-AD)
Retro mini electronic games play like the originals—lights, sounds, and all. These measure 8”
x 5.25” and offer one or two-player modes. 3
AAA batteries included.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH GAME . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.99 16.95
Trivia Games & Books
☼American Trivia Travel Edition Game (4-AD)
Featuring mostly knowledge-based content
questions rather than random trivia, this family
edition offers 2 levels of play - Junior and Expert
- which allows family members of all ages to
play together. The board game includes 1,440
expert level questions in four categories (geography, history, arts, and general) and 1,080 junior
level questions in three categories (geography,
history, general). Questions range from multiple
choice to true/false. Great history supplement
for families and co-ops to reinforce learning or
for family game night! Proudly made in the US.
065177 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.99 12.50
Christmas Trivia Game (7-AD)
Cozy up in the living room on those cold
snowy nights and play a quick game of
Christmas Trivia! What is Santa’s postal code
in Canada? How long must a snowstorm last
before it can be considered a blizzard? What
two parties are reconciled in the Christmas carol
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing? There may be
a LOT of about Christmas (and the Christmas
season) that you don’t know! The game is
comprised of over 200 trivia cards – each with
four questions (1 of each category). The question categories are “Christmas Carols,” “Holiday
Traditions,” “Xmas Entertainment,” and “North
Pole.” Simply pull out the game and start asking
questions – the first player to correctly answer 2
questions of each category is the winner. Some
pop culture content is included that you may
not be familiar with, but in all there is a great
variety of questions that range from common to
obscure. Learn something with every game!
000986 Christmas Trivia . . . . 9.99
065179 ☼Card Game . . . . . . 6.99
If you’re looking for a smaller version that’s
easier to take on the go, the card game version includes 71 cards.
Adventurous Boy's / Girl's Handbooks (4-AD)
These guides will help
enhance their time outdoors. The Boy's book is
full of detailed explanations
and instructions for various
activities in the following
categories: camping, hunting and fishing, hiking,
water sports, winter activities, field science, survival,
defensive fighting skills, classic baseball, and
a few other things that boys should know. The
Girl's book holds chapters on arts and crafts,
nature, sports, dance, and much, much more.
Written in a style reminiscent of turn-of-thecentury books but with useful, up-to-date information, these books are a great resource to help
parents spend some time with their children!
Both feature black and white illustrations, conversion tables, supply lists, diagrams and charts.
196 pgs, pb. – Zach
058936Boy's . . . . . . . . . . . 17.95 12.75
006696Girl's . . . . . . . . . . . 17.95 12.75
Yes & Know Invisible Ink Trivia (2-AD)
Each 48 page book is filled with Sudoku, trivia,
hangman, bingo, lineup, tic tac toe, and more.
No flipping to the back for answers. Just make
your best guess, color with the magic ink, then
watch as the answer magically appears before
your eyes! – Laura
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
063039 Ages 7-77
063036 Ages 10-110
063040 Ages 8-88
063037 Ages 11-111
063041 Ages 9-99
063038 Ages 12-112 American Boy’s Handy Book (5-AD)
If you were to hear me extol the virtues of this
Word & Language Games
book to someone, the phrase that you would
(See our Spelling & Vocabulary section for
most likely hear would be, “You can’t find
word games!)
books like this anymore!” And it is information that you are unlikely to learn even in Boy
Game Components / Customizable Games
Scouts. Flipping randomly through the pages,
See our website for extra game components.
I find things like: War Kites, How to Stock a
Fresh-Water Aquarium, How To Make Puppets
and Puppet Show, Practical Taxidermy for Boys,
See our website for our puzzle selection.
Traps and Trapping, and my personal favorite,
Home-Made Hunting Apparatus (whip bow
looking the coolest of these). It’s contains the
high-interest activities that an adult remembers
Activity / Outdoor Adventure Books
doing in their childhood, and parents wish that
their kids would get out-of-doors to try out.
☼101 Things for Kids to Do Outside (K-AD)
Also, it is handily divided into Spring, Summer,
This book is written to
Fall, and Winter activities, so they never have
those kids (particularly
an excuse to stay inside and watch TV.
ages 4-11) who love to stay
Of course, a 19th century book is going to
inside. Really! 101 widehave some outdated information and materials:
ly creative and fairly low
it’s hard to find a barrel stave these days. It also
prep ideas guide kids to
has 1800’s regard for safety; were safety glasses
be more active and access
even available back then? Since you’re experithe potential of the great
menting with whip bows and working with
outdoors. Practical, simple and fun ideas span sharp glass for war kites I’m guessing you’ll want
seasons and locales. Take a matchbox chal- some basic protection. This book also assumes a
lenge - what interesting things can you find in good deal of room for some activities: it is hard
15 minutes that will fill a matchbox? Play shark to build and sail a raft without some space.
and have a blindfold shootout with your water
But the shortcomings are few, with the outguns. Trail ants or build a human sundial. Make dated terms easily deciphered, old materials
a mini solar cooker, a hanging lettuce ball or a fairly substitutable, and a pair of work gloves
snow labyrinth with your boots. Activities vary and eye protection being all that most projects
from single person to group; contemplative to require in the way of safety. All in all, any boy
active; little/no supplies to medium amount (but who has some space and maybe a little parental
practically all are found around the home) and guidance will have a blast all through the year
little/no to medium construction time. Supply with this book. It should give electronics a run
lists; large, colorful, demonstrative photos and for their money, and help kids remember that
drawings and the clear directions will help all the outdoors is fun for any adventurous boy. As
ages get outdoors. Kids can self-direct for most the author says in the preface: “Let boys make
projects--at least an older child who can read their own kites and bows and arrows; they will
directions is necessary. In the back is a supply find double pleasure in them, and value them
resource list, a traditional index and a well- accordingly, to say nothing of the education
organized list that helps you find specific activi- involved in the successful construction of their
ties based on theme, season, location, age, or home-made playthings.” ~ Mark
project length. 224 pp, pb. ~ Ruth
026930 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
064228 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 15.75
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Books of Adventure (3-7)
Adventure should never be limited to explorers, scientists, artists, or even adults! Kids need
just as much opportunity to explore the world
around them. These books of adventure fill a
very necessary gap in schooling—arts, crafts,
education, science and nature rolled into two
books. Each book is divided into roughly 40
two-four page lessons, craft activities, or general
information about select topics. An informational lesson in the Boy’s Book may talk about
“First Aid,” covering several minor injuries (such
as stings, cuts, heatstroke, and small burns) and
how to treat them quickly. Other topics include
craft projects—one example from the Girl’s
Book is an in-depth craft activity about making
tire and board swings. Every topic is accompanied by fun, full-color cartoon illustrations to
help guide kids and hold their interest.
The majority of Boy’s Book focuses on outdoor
exploration, crafts, and tips, while the Girl’s
Book tends to involve more household and artistic activities. While these are topics traditionally
associated with boys or girls, don’t let semantics
hold your child back! If you have a girl more
interested in hiking and the great outdoors than
cooking and fashion, or a boy interested in gardening and photography, ignore the cover and
let them go wild!
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 12.25
004569 Boy’s Book of Adventure
004570 Girl’s Book of Adventure
Boxcar Children Guide to Adventure (2-8)
Whether it’s solving mysteries, enjoying the
great outdoors, road trips, telling spooky stories,
cooking, crafting, helping out, playing games,
or any other kind of adventure, this guide has
everything you need for hours of active and
engaging play for little and big kids alike,
making it great for sibling bonding time. This
book is formatted as if the Alden gang wrote
it themselves, giving it a fun, notebook-y feel
that makes you feel a part of their adventures.
Parents, there is a small chapter dedicated to
Halloween. While it is very light and kid friendly (and even includes directions for leaving a
surprise gift on a friends front porch, kind of
like a Halloween themed May Day basket), you
might choose to skip over this part of the book.
This is a book that I would have enjoyed very
much growing up with my brothers. The simple
crafts and clever activities could even be used as
supplements to other areas of study with a little
directing from a parent. 135 sc pages.– Laura
059391 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.25
(Not) Just for Fun
Balloon Modeling
rateness of your plan. A fun, family project book
for all ages! In fact, I love the adult tree house
ideas and may just suggest building a relaxing
Balloon Animal Kit (3-AD)
Make your own balloon animals and be a hit tree house getaway to my husband! 127 pgs,
at your next party! This kit includes 20 tube- sc. ~ Deanne
shaped balloons, a pump, and an 80-page 061483 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 14.25
instruction booklet with over 175 step-by-step
Craft Project Books
photos. Refill kit holds 24 balloons. ~ Lisa
050021Kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
050022Refills . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
3.75 Handy Projects for Boys (5-AD)
These are not your little brother’s projects!
Based upon a collection of projects compiled
Retro Balloon Kit (3-AD)
A great incentive or party favor, this balloon from the editors of Popular Mechanics in the
modeling kit from Schylling features classic early 1900s, these projects are for the serious
packaging, 40 colorful balloons, one 7” hand- craftsman. At a time when precision and labor
held pump, and balloon animal instructions on were of utmost importance, the authors of this
text have taken care to provide step-by-step
the box back.
instructions and detailed black and white illus1CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not <8yrs.
030812 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.95 trations. Provide the boys and men in your life
with the methods and techniques to create a
quality, handcrafted piece. Projects include: a
Building How-to Books
guitar, catapult, miniature volcano, telescope,
How to Build Treehouses, Huts and Forts (3+) phonograph, hammock, aquarium, canoe, a
This book holds instructions for lots of great variety of animal traps, sleds, igloos, optical
treehouses and the like. This book was designed illusions, ‘old time magic,’ and much more. A
for dads (or moms!) to use alongside their kids, treasured resource for multigenerational learnas all of the projects do require some carpentry ing for the men in your family and a delightful
as well as a working knowledge of tools and way to preserve a time in history when precision
building materials (most of what you need to and care were integral to our way of life. 187
know is included in the book, but unless you pgs, sc. ~ Deanne
have someone with experience helping it might 062799 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95 10.95
be difficult to understand). While some of the
projects could be weekend projects (with a little Handy Dad (AD)
Curriculum, supplements, fun stuff for kids,
preparation), some of the more impressive plans
might turn into a summer project (if you are what about dad? If you are looking to round out
under the time constraints of most families!). your order to make sure there is something for
Either way, simple directions are given in pro- everyone, this is the perfect item for a creative
gressive steps, with black and white illustrations or handy dad. The projects in the book range
aiding in the process. Designs for a couple small from an extremely simple way to turn used pop
additions like a catapult and some snow ideas bottles into water rockets, to building elaborate
are given in the back. This would also make child’s play structures. While it is unlikely
a wonderful project for a father/child course anyone reading this book will be able to create
in carpentry after the child has completed a all of the inventions contained therein, the brilsimpler woodworking course. 96 pgs. - Melissa liant illustrations and plans are likely to spark
034788 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.95 13.95 the imagination into embarking on all sorts
of cooperative family building projects. Each
project comes with a materials list and detailed
Tree Houses You Can Actually Build (5-AD)
Tree houses offer a respite from the hustle and instructions making it likely you will complete
bustle of everyday life for children, teens and the project in the timeframe the book estimates
adults alike. While plans abound for creating it will take. If you’re looking for ideas to build
a perfect tree house, this book gives you a dif- things together as a family, make sure dad has
ferent perspective. Take the basic, foundational a copy of this book before his next trip to the
treehouse and adapt it to your own situation and hardware store. - Steve
needs. Designed for the inexperienced or expe- 051093 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95 19.25
rienced builder, the book begins with evaluating
the best place for your treehouse before moving ☼How to Amaze Your Child (AD)
into the basic tools necessary for success. Basic Get creative with more than fifty crafts, experisafety measures are covered as well as clear, ments, recipes, and projects that will amaze
simple instructions and non-technical line draw- your children. Make edible art, recycle bottles
ings to illustrate every step of the project from to make doll cars and a little doll house, make
imagination and early sketches to the final shin- slime, magic milk, and much more. Some of the
gle (if you chose to roof). Full color photographs projects are very complex and will need both
highlight a variety of tree house projects to stir parent and child to complete, but some of the
your creativity, or feel free to create your own projects are simple enough that a child can do
space using the five basic designs provided. This them with minimal help. There is some overlap
book also includes instructions for a variety of between the projects found in the two books –
tree house accessories for complete tree house Kokedama, sandwich cookie moon phases, etc.
experience –for example: furniture, installing If you’re looking for some new ideas to spice
a fire pool or emergency escape hatch, slides, up your day, these books will help you add that
swings and even a rope bridge! The author little extra something that you might be missing.
states the basic tree house can be completed in 144 pages, not reproducible. ~ Donna
one weekend. I suspect the time needed may EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 15.75
extend depending on builder skills and elabo- 064229Daughter 064230Son
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Outdoor Skills, Hobbies & Activities
Bounty Hunter Junior - Metal Detector (1-AD)
Kids aren’t fooled. They’d rather use mom or
dad’s keys, cell phones - even flashlights - over
a “kiddie” model! That’s why I love this metal
detector from First Texas Products (a real metal
detector company). It looks like a tool, not
a toy, with a tough black 6.5” search coil, a
telescoping shaft (up to 2’) and a no-nonsense
control panel. The detector will pick up coinsize objects up to 5” deep and larger objects
up to 1.5’ deep, and the volume varies with
the target depth. The straightforward and very
readable booklet gets kids started right away,
including an explanation of the elimination
knob to bypass iron or nickel objects, and how
to adjust the sensitivity. The durable design and
simple operation should last for years. Requires
one 9-volt alkaline battery. – Jess
037491 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69.99 65.95
Campfire Cooking (6-AD)
Okay, so maybe you’ve mastered the hotdog
and are ready to tackle a slightly bigger challenge. Or maybe you get tired of eating the
same thing every night on a long camping trip.
Either way, this book will bring a lot of variety
to your fare! Whether you prefer cooking on a
stick, wrapped in foil, in a pie iron, in a skillet,
in a Dutch oven, or on the grill – this book has
plenty of recipes. The book is divided into six
different sections, by cooking method, with at
least seventeen recipes in each (except On a
Stick which only has seven) ranging from breakfasts to desserts and all meals in between. It
also includes a Before You Leave Home section
featuring seven different recipes for trail-mix
type snacks, flavored coffees and a couple others. The book is laid out in a very simple, easyto-use manner with each page featuring its own
recipe and including the number of servings,
ingredients, directions, equipment needed and
other tips that apply (such as preliminary work
you may want to accomplish before you leave
home). A handy index lists all the recipes by
section so you can easily flip back to your favorites. Don’t be surprised when other campers,
intrigued by the mouth-watering scents wafting
about, wander into your campsite wondering
what’s cooking! ~ Megan
046501 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00
Secret Codes & Spy Activities
Morse Code Signal Set (K-AD)
Kids will have a blast sending codes back and forth to
each other with this fun set.
Included are two Morse Code
flashers and two cards that
display the phonetic alphabet
and Morse Code. The flashers measure 2.5” x 2.5”, are
made of durable white and
black cardstock, and also display the international Morse Code on the back for easy reference when you’re signaling. Simply squeeze
the flashers to display white signals and communicate in code! A fun way to help kids learn
the phonetic alphabet used around the world
and keep them quiet at the same time. ~ Rachel
043988 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.95
☼GeoSafari Jr. Sneak &
Peek Periscope (PK-3)
Exploring the environment in its natural,
undisturbed state is
essential to understanding our world, and
honesty time, I would
say most of our children struggle to observe
nature quietly. With
this handy periscope,
younger children will
be captivated watching
the living things around
them without risk of
frightening them away. Periscope measures 14”
long and can be turned vertically or horizontally, for observing from four different directions.
Attached wide angle goggles (for two eye viewing) are lightly cushioned for comfort, along
with the 2 easy grip handles make a perfect fit
for smaller hands. Added bonus-includes a LED
light for night time viewing, requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Unleash your child’s inner
curiosity with this quality periscope. ~Deanne
043880 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 14.95
Knot Tying for Campers Game (3-AD)
This neat little game introduces players to 44
different knots, then tests them on tying these
as quickly and accurately as possible to win
points. Each playing card in the deck features
a different knot, its name and use, and a point
value. As soon as a knot card is turned over,
players race to be the first to tie the knot and
then toss it in the center of the player's circle.
If the knot is tied correctly, the player wins the
card. If two players "tie" (no pun intended),
then the card is replaced in the deck to be used
later. The small game includes knot cards, a
rule card, two lengths of nylon cord and two
small wooden "posts" which is enough for two
players. However, you can add more players
by supplying more cord and some round sticks
or blocks. Several additional cards explain the
importance of knots, the strengths of different
knots and the parts of a rope. Although knottying books abound, the competition, speed,
and variety of knots in this game will definitely
promote memorization of the knots for practical
use - or for the next round of play! - Jess
029906 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.95
"Knot" Just String Games & More
Coloring Books
Klutz Cats Cradle Book with String (K-AD)
My dad always says, “Busy hands are happy
hands.” Now I know why! When I discovered
Cat’s Cradle at my cousins’ house, I couldn’t
put it down! Five string manipulation games
are presented. It was so much fun I just had to
play it until I could do all five by memory. It
includes a sturdy, tie-dyed loop of colorful string
that’s just the right size! Enjoy!
020287 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
Color Blast! (PK-2)
Need a no-mess activity to entertain the children while you run errands, go on a trip, or take
a nap? Color Blast! On the Go activity books
feature 24 pictures to color with a “no-mess”
marker. Simply color over each picture with
the marker to reveal colors and patterns. For
added fun, each picture lists three things to find
once it’s colored. Each book includes a built-in
marker storage pocket.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Knots (Pocket Tutor Guide) (K-AD)
013904Dinosaur 013906Princess
Interested in knowing how to make some basic 013905Fairies
013907 Sea Life
knots, but don’t want to invest in a huge knottying guide? Check out this laminated pamphlet- Usborne Color by Numbers (PK-2)
type guide that covers the most popular and
These color by number
used knots. Various knot styles are covered: books are just gorgeous—
Join ropes (like a square knot and sheet bend), even before you color them.
tie your shoes, tie a rope to a post (clove hitch, Designs are creative and
constrictor knot, etc.), handcuff someone, knots start out with My First,
that stop a rope from running (overhand, figure which features simplified,
8), fishing knots, knots to tie up a boat, tie a partially colored designs.
package, tying a tie, climbing/caving knots, and These designs are larger and
more are included. There’s a quick description require fewer additional colof each knot and full-color illustrations with ors. Then, the series’ following volumes progarrows that show how each knot is tied. With ress in difficulty, intricacy and design. Layouts
about 45 of the most used knots shown in an range from 1-2 pages and include nature, geoeasy to reference form, this small guide will be metric and interwoven (verging on tessellations)
useful. Guide unfolds to 22” x 8.5.” ~ Rachel
patterns. Each layout includes a color code
046592 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.95
6.25 to guide the artist: either numbers coordinating with specific colors or colored dots. Big
Klutz Book of Knots (3-AD)
Color (80 pp) combines the patterns from the
We're so happy to see this Klutz "classic" back Color and the More Color by Numbers books.
in print! Why? Well, because knot-tying is a Individual volumes contain 32 pp and are
useful skill when camping, boating, or just as also softcover. Although the publisher suggests
the occasion to “tie one on” arises; it increases younger ages, I know that older kids (including
manual dexterity; and it is satisfying to master yours truly) would have lots of challenging fun
the skill. Comes complete with four feet of with these. ~ Ruth
nylon cord in two different colors and instruc- EACH BOOK (except noted) . . . 5.99 5.39
tions for tying 23 knots right through the die-cut 063020 My First Color by Numbers
holes on the sturdy card-stock pages.
062679 Color by Numbers
010099 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 11.50 063019 More Color by Numbers
063018 Big Color by Numbers 9.99 8.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼All About Marvelous Me! (PK-3)
Get your children to write with this fun journaling book about themselves. 62 pages of writing,
drawing, and designing will get them to write
while keeping a journal all about themselves.
Each page is a different activity – put a picture
of someone very important in their life and write
something about them, fill in their family and
friends tree, dream about what they would like
to do someday, as well as many other activities.
The pages are all blackline, so children can
color them as well as complete the activity.
028647 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
☼Night House Bright House Find & Color (PK-3)
A rhyming storybook, hidden picture and
coloring book all in one! Every page spread
has a funny rhyme like “Crash, boom!” said the
broom and “Don’t look!” said the book. The
book and broom are among the 8 objects you
have to find on the facing page. Your children
will love the rhymes and the silly mice and cat
as they frolic from room to room in the middle
of the night. Try finding all 10 mice in each
picture as you go! I liked the combination of
counting, searching and rhymes for children.
Solutions are in the back. 27 pgs, pb. ~ Sara
062664 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
Dover Coloring Books for Young Children (PK-4)
Read along as you color! These coloring books
for younger kids have captions for each blackand-white illustration that tells you what is
happening on the page you are coloring. Read
and color fun stories about a construction site,
Mother Goose, animals, and more! Markers,
colored pencils, and crayons would all work
on these illustrations as they are simply drawn
without too much fine detail. Each paperback
contains thirty illustrations. Boost™ editions,
subtitled "seriously fun learning," are aligned to
the Common Core with specific standards noted
at the bottom of each page. A free teacher's
manual can be downloaded from the Dover
website. ~ Elise
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
032281 At Construction Site
064078 Awesome Animals
064164 Pretty Princess
014086 ☼Storyland: Mr. Rodento Cleans House
064168 Things That Go
page spreads. One page of the spread is a dry
erase picture for kids to color using dry erase
pens or crayons. The other page is a pre-colored
version of the same picture for kids to copy as
they color the other side and for them to decorate with the reusable stickers as they please.
Dry erase crayon wipes clean with a soft cloth.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.00
024487 Dinosaur World
024488 Enchanted Princesses
024502 Fox & Woodland Animals
024510 Magical Mermaids
Magic Velvet Coloring Scenes & Stickers (K-2)
Pop your markers out of the built-in storage
pocket, choose a picture, and color away – patterns and textures “magically” appear as you
work! Each scene uses soft black velvet for its
outline, and they can be separated from the
book in case you’d like to display your art after
it’s done. The scene kits include 6 designs, and
the sticker kit includes 100 stickers; all include
6 markers. Great for fun on the go!
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH SET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
☼Coloring Puzzles (1-4)
Combine fine motor skills, coloring fun, hidden
pictures, mazes, following directions, answering
questions and solving puzzles and you get a lot
of bang for the buck with 76 colorful activity
pages! The variety will appeal to boys and girls.
For example, on one page, color all the shells
which shows shells with hermit crabs inside
them. Then, help Herman the Hermit Crab find
a shell that will fit him. On another page, follow the color coding (1 is blue, 2 is black, 3 is
gray, etc.) to fill in a numbered grid and find
who is lurking in the creepy hideout (not scary!).
Other pages give you clues to solve a “What
am I?” question and you draw your answer. All
the little outline drawings to color in and the
cartoons around them are quite cute. The challenges are age appropriate and achievable, but
not too easy. Give a page to a younger sibling
while they are waiting their turn with Mom or
Dad. They will love the engaging puzzle pages!
9”x10”, 96 pgs, pb. ~ Sara
013631 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
Dover Coloring Books (2-6)
Dover has coloring books for all topics and
interests! Here are a few of their titles that don't
fit anywhere else in our product lineup. Like
their science, history, and literature coloring
books, the blackline illustrations are realistic
and detailed, and often include informational
text that provide more background on the picture. Vehicle-related coloring books feature one
car or truck on each coloring page, with some
brief, relevant information about the vehicle at
the bottom of the page. Ballet coloring books
introduce readers to the various scenes and
plots of the featured ballets. Great for colored
pencils, crayons, and markers that don't bleed
too much. 26-44 pgs each.
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 3.99
013455 American Muscle Cars 4.99
024599 Classic American Cars of the Fifties
030522 Favorite Ballets
067474 ☼Let’s Build a House!
041458 Luxury Cars
032318 Nutcracker Ballet
005816 Trucks . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
028276 Famous Fairy Tales
030389 World of Dragons
☼DIDACTOS: Create Amazing Designs!
This is a game called
Cellular Automata invented by mathematician
Stephen Wolfram who
noticed that nature has
many mathematical patterns. It is a pad of graph
paper (5mm) with 8 rules
to follow shown graphically at the bottom. You begin by filling in
several squares in the bottom row, as many as
you feel like with a pen or pencil. Be very neat!
Move to the next row, and this time you will use
the 8 rules to tell you which squares to fill in.
You look at them in groups of 3 and move left to
right across the row. Repeat this until you have
moved up the entire page to reveal a pattern! It
takes patience, discipline, and a love of mathematical logic! It’s also really pretty when you
are done. There are 4 notebooks with varying
patterns. You may request one in the comment
box when you order and we will try to accommodate, or we will choose one for you. If you
buy multiples, we will assort. 80 pgs each,
065141 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.00
☼Mix and Match Coloring Books (1-5)
Color the pages, carefully tear along the perforation, then mix and match! These fun coloring
books divide eight animals or princesses into
three sections – head, torso, and legs. Create
princesses who share a wardrobe of pretty
dresses, or a zoo full of crazy critters. The combinations are up to you! 24 pgs. – Laura
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
043656Princesses 043713Zoo Animals Dot-to-Dot Activity Zone Workbook (PK-1)
This is a creative way to let your child practice
his skills at letter and number sequence. By
correctly completing the sequence, your child
will complete the picture which can then be
used as a coloring page. The letter sequences
cover up to the entire alphabet while the number sequences reaches up to the number 25.
☼Dry Erase Coloring Books (PK-AD)
Connecting the dots also works to develop the
Coloring and stickers – two words that kids
child's hand-eye coordination. ~ Enh
love! Reusable – music to parents’ ears! These
023230 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
8” x 10” coloring books have six different twoAnimal Alphabet Coloring Book (PK-7)
From angelfish to zebra, this coloring book
features animals to color for every letter of the
alphabet. Each page contains detailed, labeled
illustrations of five or more animals whose
names begin with a specific letter of the alphabet. The animals are a mix of well-known and
“exotic.” For example, the “Q” page contains
the following animals: queen butterfly, quail,
Queensland grouper, quokka, quuah, and quetzal. For an additional challenge, the back of the
book shows some of the animals again, without
their names. Can you write the first letter of the
animal's name on the line? 31 pgs. ~ Lisa
002521 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.95
(Not) Just for Fun
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Nature Dot-to-Dot Activity Books (PK-2)
Perfect for little hands, these little dot-to-dot
books measure approximately 8.5” x 5.5”. Each
book begins with a contents list and a quick fact
about each. Simplified images will help children
easily identify the numbers (1-50) and the letters
(A-Z) to complete their picture. Children can
color the black and white picture once completed. Ideal to keep little ones busy when working
with older siblings. 23 pgs, sc. ~ Deanne
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.95
060435 Alphabet Pets
060436 Alphabet Animals
the individual books (from connecting numbers
1-11 to 1-39), but each book is geared toward
the same grade and has the same difficulty level
overall. Pages are in black and white, reproducible, and include solutions. The finished puzzles
are also fun to color. 64 pgs, pb. - Jon
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
037140 More Dot-To-Dots
Dover Dot-to-Dot Activity Books (K-4)
These activity books come with various dot-todots to complete and color! Animal Dot-to-Dot
includes 26 puzzles and requires child to connect anywhere from 10 to 20 dots; Cars and
Trucks has 30 puzzles and number of dots to
connect range from 20 to 28; Who’s Who in the
Zoo has 30 puzzles that include anywhere from
30 to 50 dots to connect. All are paperback and
have full-page illustrations. - Tasha
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 3.99
046519 Cars and Trucks
030135 Dot-to-Dot Fun . . . . 4.99
003010 Who’s Who in the Zoo
☼Super-Fun Dot-to-Dots (PK-3)
Super colorful dot-to-dot pictures to complete,
with 100 or less dots, and bigger dots for easier
connecting – far from typical! About 85 pictures
to finish, these puzzles provide practice for
numbers and fine motor control. Themed dot-todots are on heavier paper, so they will stand up
to the pressure of a heavier hand. Solutions are
found in the back of this 95-page book.
013665 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
7.50 Extreme Dot to Dot Stickers (K-AD)
Everything is more fun with stickers! Reveal the
hidden object by connecting the dots, then add
The Ultimate Dot-to-Dot Book (PK-3)
Connect the dots and create a picture! Just the coordinating stickers and color in the rest
looking at the dots you may not know what the of the picture. Each book includes 18 puzzles
picture will be, but once you start to connect (ranging from 90 to 230 dots) and over 80 colorthe dots, you’ll reveal illustrations of animals, ful stickers that help add more dimension to the
buildings, vehicles, and sea life. There are forty- finished images.
five different black-and-white puzzles for you to EACH BOOK (except noted) . . . 017345 Book 3
solve. The full-page brainteasers combine letters 037138 Book 1
of the alphabet and numbers to complete the 037139 Book 2
illustrations. Some puzzles count all the way up 068384 ☼Rainbow Fish . . . . . into the hundreds, so this might not be ideal for
really young children. Overall, the puzzles are Incredible Dot-to-Dot Book (1-AD)
This book takes the simple dot-to-dot puzzle
relatively simple to solve, but keep in mind that
the straighter your lines, the nicer your finished to a whole new level. The 44 detailed outlines,
picture will be! Don’t stop after you’ve con- some with 190 or more dots, will keep children
nected the dots – grab your crayons and color interested until the final image is revealed. The
pictures could then be colored for more activity
the illustrations! – elise
023448 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
4.25 time. Great for car trips, waiting rooms, or other
opportunities to pass the time. - Laura
030249 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Little Follow-the-Dots Books (PK-AD)
These cute 4” x 6” books use connect the dots Creative Haven Dot-to-Dots (3-AD)
activities to introduce children to all kinds of Add these books to your
animals. 58 different puzzles reveal all sorts of ‘must-have’ list for hours
animals including different kinds of dogs, cats, of dot-to-dot fun. 30 combirds, rodents, reptiles, and more. Once you’ve plex puzzles printed on
connected the dots, identify what the animal is. a bit heavier pages, perComplete the black-and-white puzzle by color- forated, and only printed
on one side. The number
ing the picture! Solutions provided. – elise
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 1.99
1.75 of dots in each puzzle is
printed right on the puz018561Alphabet
zle page and completed
038748 Animal Alphabet
018658Dinosaur . . . . . . . . . 1.50
1.35 designs can be found in the back of the books.
These are not beginner puzzles; sizes range
from 249 to over 700!
Art Masterpieces includes 30 famous works of
art by da Vinci, Michelangelo, Gauguin, Degas,
Cassatt, and more. Wild Animals includes both
common and exotic animals. For additional fun,
Dot-To-Dots Activity Books (K-1)
Each of these books holds 50 fun dot-to-dot color your completed puzzles. ~ Donna
puzzles that improve skills in number recogni- EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
tion, hand-eye coordination, drawing, word 028270 Art Masterpieces
skills, and more. Connecting all the dots makes 066454 ☼Rain Forest Animals
a picture of an animal or other kid-friendly 066456 ☼Sea Life
object and completing these pictures builds 064172 Wild Animals
self-esteem. Puzzles get more advanced through 067482 ☼World-Famous Landmarks
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Dots! Super Connect-the-Dots Puzzles (3-AD)
Looking for a little more excitement from your
dot-to-dot puzzles? These puzzles add color and
a few other elements to make things interesting.
Six colored pencils (with erasers) are included
in a pouch in the front of the book. The dots in
the puzzles are all different colors. After picking a puzzle, start with the pencil that matches
the first dot and keep using that color until you
reach a dot of a different color, when you will
switch to the pencil that matches the color of
the dot. With several color-switches in each
puzzle, you’ll have lots of fun creating pictures
that are colored appropriately. Another feature
of this book is that some puzzles include stars
among the dots. When you reach a star, pick
up your pencil, find the next number, and start
drawing again from there. The 84 puzzles have
anywhere from 100-300+ dots and answers provided in the back. 96 pgs, pb, spiral. ~ Rachel
007612 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
Extreme Dot to Dots (3-AD)
These dot-to-dot books will keep kids busy—
but they’re challenging enough for teens and
adults, too. Each puzzle includes anywhere
from 500-1,400 dots mapped out over 1-2 page
spreads. - Tasha
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.95
053595 All Around the USA
053596 All Around the World
028198 Amazing Science
053597 Animals 2
037143 Christmas Traditions
066592 ☼Endangered Animals
014556 Extreme Animals
022994 Legends & Lore
014558 Legends & Lore 2
066593 ☼Oceans
037149 U.S. History
Extreme Dot to Dot 3D Books (3-AD)
These are not your typical dot-to-dot books—
they’re in 3D! Put on the included 3D glasses
to see the pictures leap off the pages while you
connect the dots. Puzzles range from 250 to
800+ dots for varying detail levels, and when
you finish them, why not color them in? A
black marker’s included, and each book has 20
puzzles (including several that fold out).
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
005084 Amazing World
005105 Astounding Feats
(Not) Just for Fun
Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books in the World (3-AD)
Now, I realize that a lot of you teens and
parents have probably moved on from dot-todots. Those are for kids, you probably think.
Well, I bet you just might change your mind
and grab a pencil yourself if you pick up one of
these! Each of these books contains 48 pages
of fun, complex, and rewarding dot-to-dots.
They’re not just your basic 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and
so on. Nope, after warming you up with a few
“ordinary” dot-to-dots, they change it up. Some
dot-to-dots will ask for only specific sets of numbers to be connected (or odds and evens), while
others give stop signals at specific points to pick
up your pen and start a new line. Others ask for
a line to connect letters and a separate line to
connect numbers, while still others are hidden
in a grid, and only by following the grid directions will you “unmask” the dot-to-dot solution.
Whatever the rule, most dot-to-dots features
over 100 dots, and often the “finished product” is not obvious from the dots alone. Final
pictures include animals, vehicles, buildings,
insects, and much more. Tips are offered along
the way on such difficulties as drawing straight
lines and using the right type of pen tip. I can’t
recall doing a dot-to-dot in years, but I have to
admit, I’m really tempted to start marking up
this sample copy! - Jess
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 7.95
031861 Book 1
036299 Book 3
031862 Book 2
036300 Book 4
GDTDIW Set of Books #1-4
Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge! (3-AD)
Books Five and Six in the Greatest Dot-toDot Book in the World series, these amazing
puzzle books are just as fun as the rest of the
line, but perhaps even more challenging! With
new dot-to-dot variations like arrows, compass,
sequence, alpha dots (not your typical ABCs),
double-page puzzles and old favorites like fields
of dots, no dots, crazy dots, and stars, this could
well be the most difficult, diverse, and fun dotto-dot book we carry. No clues are given about
the final images, many of the puzzles have
over 1000 dots, and the completed pictures are
amazingly detailed.
Book 7 includes the same great challenging
puzzles as books 5 and 6 with the addition of
a new variation. Numbers is a puzzle which
begins with 001 and ends with a designated circled number. Connect the numbers in sequential order, passing through extra numbers along
the way. You will have no clue what the picture
is going to be since the page is literally covered
in columns and rows of 3-digit numbers. This
new puzzle is among some of the most challenging the author has created. In each book,
42 puzzles are included. 48 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 8.95
038309 Book 5
021371 Book 7
017850 Book 6
027825 Book 8
GDTDSCSet of Books #5-8 . . 35.80 27.50
029509 Adventure: Book 1 . . 9.95
New puzzles, hidden clues and a recordbreaking 2,600-dot puzzle!
008502 Adventure: Book 2 . . 9.95
Features a four-page foldout with over 2600
dots, a new adventure story, new styles and
new variations.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Extreme Dot-to-Dot Spectacular Places (3-AD)
When this book says “Extreme”, it isn’t joking! Each dot-to-dot puzzle involves over 1,200
dots which reveal a wonderful feature of the
ancient or modern world when completed. The
book includes such marvels as the Golden Gate
Bridge, Roman Colosseum, Great Sphinx and
Pyramid of Egypt, Mount Everest, and much
more. You don’t have to wait to complete
it before you know what it is—riddles at the
beginning of each dot-to-dot will reveal the
answer. The primary feature of these puzzles is
the incredible drawing accuracy that 1,200 dots
give the completed image. With a bit of time
(and patience!), each puzzle reveals a beautiful
013668 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.75
Spot-the Differences (K-5)
Learn about the world’s landmarks while practicing visual discernment skills with this coloring
book. Each two-page spread includes illustrations of 20 famous sights. The Eiffel Tower, Taj
Mahal, and the Great Wall of China are some
of the landmarks featured in the World book,
while the Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore, and
the Grand Canyon are a few of the scenes in
the USA book. The left hand side of the page
contains the original picture, while the right
hand side contains a similar picture – except
that fifteen things are different! Can you spot
and circle the differences between the two
pictures? Solutions are included in the back in
case you get stuck, and whether you solve the
puzzle or not, you can enjoy coloring the pages.
Informative captions explain the significance of
☼ColorArt Dot-to-Dot Pictures (7-AD)
each landmark. 48 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
Use your number brain to complete the tricky EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
dot puzzles, then use your color brain to finish 046537 Across the USA
up your creation and make it really pop! This is 012247 Around the World
a really nice spiral bound book with perforated
pages and designs on only one side of the page Hidden Pictures Super Deluxe Workbook (K-5)
(all things I look for in a good coloring book!)
This colorful book contains hidden picture
It comes with a set of double-ended colored puzzles covering a variety of themes. There
pencils (10 colors.) Some of the dots go up are puzzles for each letter of the alphabet,
to the 500s, though many are in the 200-300 plus many other whimsically illustrated scenes.
range. They are challenging, but not the kind of Pioneer Town, A Boy’s Room, Fun at the Fair,
puzzles that are sooooo hard they are not enjoy- and Pool Party are just some of the many scenes
able. Some of the immediately recognizable in this book. Some of the scenes feature animal
designs include: a zebra, the Statue of Liberty, characters, and all of the scenes contain plenty
a hot air balloon, a castle, the Eiffel tower, but of objects to find (usually about six to eight difthere are many which I can’t identify the final ferent items). 96 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
product! This would be a great gift item for a 045200 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
puzzle or coloring enthusiast since it comes
with a set of pencils. 8”x10”, pb, 128pgs. ~Sara Hidden Pictures Super Challenge (K-6)
064588 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.00 10.95
Black and white pictures do double duty as
coloring books and for finding hidden images.
Hidden Pictures / Visual Challenges
From the people at Highlights comes this fun
pair of work books. Children can color the
Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles (PK-3)
items they are searching for first and then color
Simplified spot the difference puzzles are made the whole page. There is a lot of detail in each
of clean black and white illustrations. Find all picture so it will be a challenge to find the hidthe differences, then color them in! The mini den items. Some puzzles are on one page and
size of this book (4.25”x 5.75”) makes it perfect others go across two pages. Answer key is in the
for slipping into a pocket or a stocking and is back, in case they are really well hidden. Nongreat for on the go play. Contains 27 puzzles reproducible, 144 pgs each, pb. ~ Sara
with solutions. 64 softcover pages. – Laura
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
060885 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.99
1.75 020854 Into the Wild 051610 On the Move
051609 Music Mania 020940 Splish Splash
Invisible Magic Picture Books (PK-8)
These small booklets (4” x 5.75”) include 16
pages of puzzles. Each page has some black and
white background illustrations, a clue hinting at
what the invisible picture will be (for example,
“I am a small green or yellow bird that loves to
sing”), and then a blank area on the page. After
you guess at the object, simply rub the blank
area with either a coin or a pencil, and the animal will magically appear! ~ Rachel
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.50
046528Animals 018781Pets
Favorite Hidden Pictures Puzzles (K-AD)
Hidden Pictures Activity Zone (K-3)
Find the hidden objects in over 120 black-andFind the hidden objects (pictured on the bot- white puzzles of varying detail, and then color
tom of the page) cleverly located within the in the scenes! Check off each page in the table
brightly colored scenes. The first half of the of contents to track your progress and find the
book covers the letters of the alphabet with answers in the back.
pictures dedicated to one or two letters. The EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
second half of the book covers many common 030793Discovery 030802Outdoor
everyday scenes. ~ Enh
023233 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
3.45 030800Friendship 030813Wildlife
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Sticker Hidden Pictures Puzzles (K-AD)
This hidden picture book combines traditional
puzzles (colorful pages with the objects-to-find
displayed in the margins) with a fun sticker
version. First find the objects on the black-andwhite puzzles, then place the matching (but
colored) stickers over them and color in the rest
of the page. 80+ puzzle pages with answers.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
030840Adventure 030869Nature
066940 ☼Barnyard 030842Playtime
☼Hidden Pictures Silly Sticker Stories (1-5)
This series by Highlights adds a new dimension
to the traditional hidden picture activity books.
There are 59 full-page pictures in each book, a
mix of color and blackline, with a corresponding story. There are 12 stickers that correspond
to the hidden objects in each picture and 12
blanks within the story. As the child discovers
each hidden picture they put that sticker into a
blank line - in the order in which they find the
pictures. The result is a hilariously silly story. I
found the paintbrush first, so I placed the paintbrush sticker in the first blank. My story now
reads, “Aviary is a fancy word for a big ‘paintbrush’ where birds from all over the world live.”
Find them, stick them, and then read your story!
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
015576 Ticklish Tales
015572 More Ticklish Tales
and intricate without being overwhelming. The
inside cover reveals pictorially all the items to
search for throughout the book (4 beetles, 6
orchids, 4 frogs, etc.). These objects are placed
around the scenes as part of the background of
the coloring pages, and they are fun to look for
but not necessarily difficult to spot. Each book
contains 25-28 designs. From Dover.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
064119 Amazon Animals
064121 Dream Doodles
064122 Wondrous Nature Mandalas
Mazes Activity Zone Workbook (PK-1)
These colorfully illustrated, animal themed
mazes are great for developing your young
learner's hand-eye coordination, attention to
detail, and thinking skills. Several more challenging mazes are found at the end of the book
for after the simpler mazes are mastered. ~ Enh
023235 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
Mazes - Super Deluxe Workbook (PK-1)
This colorful book contains mazes covering
a variety of themes. Summer Vacation, On the
Farm, and Snowy Skating are just a few of the
many fun, colorfully illustrated mazes found
within this book. Some of the mazes feature
cute animal characters, and there is a variety of
maze formats, such as blocks, tunnels, lines and
circles. 96 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
Dover Hidden Pictures (2-7)
These fun books are coloring books as well as 045201 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
hidden picture books. Each one contains fullpage scenes with many objects hidden in the My First Maze Book (PK-3)
Mazes are just fun. But they also build eyebackground. The scenes have different themes
and can be colored in with crayons, colored hand coordination, visual perception and much
pencil, or marker after finding the 12-20 hidden more. Start your children out with this Usborne
objects, although it’s easier to find the objects book of 24 bright and introductory mazes.
beforehand. Objects to be found are shown It’s also a search-and-find book; each 2-page
and labeled next to the scene so kids will know spread asks your child to spot 3 different things.
exactly what to look for. The hidden objects can Instruction is included in the front. A wonderful,
be quite tricky to find and older puzzle-lovers a-maze-ing way to introduce your child to fun.
may enjoy looking for them too. Solutions are 8.5” x 10”, 32 pp, sc. ~ Ruth
included in the back of each book. pb. ~ Rachel 062671 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 3.99
Little Maze Activity Books (PK-3)
015520 Hidden Pictures
These are great first books of mazes for your
017613 Hidden Picture Challenge
028407 Fairy Tales . . . . . . . . 4.99
4.25 children. These cleverly illustrated mazes are
not only fun, but they help develop puzzle-solv032333Wildlife
ing skills, too. Simple rhymes accompany each
maze, telling you what you need to do to reach
Great Animal Search (3-6)
This book is full of challenging puzzles that each goal. Your kids will enjoy finding mittens
your children will love! Each puzzle is a beauti- for kittens, showing the spider the way to his
ful full-color illustration of a scene that spreads friend who is waiting for him at the cobweb's
across two-pages. Each puzzle is a scene of a end, and much more. The books' small size (4
unique location with over 100 items for you to 3/16" x 5 3/4") is also perfect for little hands and
find! Around the illustration is a border that would be easy to pack for car trips and other
contains a detailed picture of each object you excursions. Books have 64 black-and-white pgs;
need to find within the scene. To make it even solutions provided; pb. ~ elise
more challenging, you often have to find several EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 1.50
of the same item within the illustration! In case 018696Dinosaur 015201People
you get stumped, answers are included. Of 038782Jungle
course, you won't want to stop your search until 018792Nature
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 1.99
you've found every last item! - elise
032714 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
8.99 066451 ☼Animal Friends
032295Easy Mazes
018598 Bug 018848 Sea Life
☼Hidden Picture Twist (3-AD)
These creative pages are designed for experi- 018631Christmas 041457Zoo Animals
enced colorists who like an added challenge. 018705 Easy Animals
The designs on each of the 33 pages are themed
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Nature Mazes Activity Books (PK-3)
These inexpensive maze books are perfect for
amusing little ones during school time, drive
time and just about any time they need to be
occupied. Each page has a simple black and
white drawing along with the maze outline with
the start and finish clearly marked. Approx. 8.5”
x 5.5”, these are perfect for ‘on the go’ families.
23 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.95
060440Dinosaur 060448Shell
Zoo Animals Mazes Coloring Book (PK-3)
In these 30 simple mazes, children can help
a lion find shade, a rhinoceros find a patch of
grass, and a giraffe get to the nearby watering
hole. This book is ideal for younger children, as
the drawings are not incredibly detailed.
032336 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
Animal Friends Mazes (PK-3)
Head down to the farm or zoo to help these
little lost animals. This book contains 60 fullpage mazes to complete, then double the fun
by coloring the pictures! Great for car trips or
waiting rooms. – Laura
030066 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Mazes Activity Books (K-1)
These books hold 50 kid-friendly, exciting
mazes. They both have the same difficulty level,
but the mazes in the second book are slightly
more complex. From start to finish, up and
around, back and fourth, kids will enjoy completing these fun puzzles. Some of the mazes are
in the shape of letters, while others sport shapes
like cars and animals. The books are black and
white, reproducible, and include solutions. The
mazes and graphics are also fun to color. Books
measure 8.5”x11”, 64 pgs, pb. - Jon
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
037141More Mazes
Big Book of Mazes (1-3)
Challenge yourself with this book of Animal
Mazes, Monster Mazes, and Treasure Mazes.
Each of the three sections feature 12-14 colorful
mazes, often on a two-page spread, other times
with just one maze per page. Each maze comes
with a little storyline about the main characters,
Cat and Mouse, and you must help them find
their way wherever they are going or help them
solve different puzzles. Their adventure takes
them to many different scenes and lots of different challenges. Will you help them get all the
way from the beginning to the end of the book
(and their big adventure)? Answers are included
at the end of each section. ~ Megan
006688 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
(Not) Just for Fun
Usborne Big Maze Pad (1-4)
Mazes help kids develop skills they don’t even
realize. Add to the fun with these 30 tear-off,
fun mazes to solve. The top cover is detached
to easily tear the sheets from the pads. Pages are
multicolored and mazes are varied. In addition,
each big page features things to spot and places
to fill in with drawings. The back is made of
sturdy cardboard so it can be used just about
anywhere. Scenes include a range: outer space,
nature, modern and ancient, etc. Note: includes
one spooky streets scene with zombie-like characters. In the back, you’ll find smaller, full-color
images pictured with answers. Keep some on
hand in the car; they'd make great placemat
activities at restaurants. 14”x11”. ~ Ruth
060900 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.99
Usborne Big Maze Books (1-5)
These maze books contain full color designs,
lots of challenges and, truth be told, they are
just lovely to look at. Sometimes these mazes
follow a traditional format, following a lined
path. Sometimes mazes use negative space or
follow outlines of shapes. Answers are shown
small scale in the back. Individual volumes are
softcover and 64 pages. The Very Big Maze
(128 pp, sc) book contains over 100 mazes and
combines the mazes from the Second and Third
books into one volume. ~ Ruth
062681Second . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99 8.99
062683Third . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99 8.99
059689 Very Big . . . . . . . . . 14.99 13.49
Adrian Fisher’s Quick Mazes (1-AD)
Don’t be duped by how simple the title of this
book sounds! Enjoy 84 pages of mazes of 5 different types: Puzzle, One Way, Color, Cell, and
Toll Gate Mazes. Each of the mazes has their
own theme with each category dictating how
the maze is completed. This would be a great
book for road trips or other downtime, but they
can be a little tricky! Softcover. – Laura
062657 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.95 12.75
Maze Craze (2-4)
Each of these themed maze books will take you
on one fantastic adventure after another. You
will wind your way through medieval times,
a crime investigation, and a pirate ship at sea!
There are 27 mazes in each book and every
maze has a different goal. Mazes are difficult
enough to solve on their own, but creative and
colorful illustrations make these mazes even
more challenging! The answer keys for each
maze are provided in the back of the book. But
don't give up! If you hit a dead end, just retrace
your steps, and try a different turn! Getting lost
has never been more fun! ~ Elise
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.95
034701Detective 034705Pirates
(Not) Just for Fun
☼Nature Trivia Mazes (2-5)
If you like to do mazes and you like trivia, this
is a wonderful combination of the two. Journey
through each maze to find the answer to the science/nature trivia question. There are 35 mazes,
some more challenging than others: trivia question at the top of the page, follow the maze’s
path to one of the answers within the maze
(might be a word or picture) – only one of them
is correct! Black and white illustrations; answers
are found in the back of the book. ~ Donna
006791 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Cars and Trucks Mazes (2-6)
Hit the road with these motor-themed mazes!
Find your way through taxis, racecars, semitrucks, double decker busses, and more!
Younger children might encounter a speed
bump or two as these are fairly detailed mazes.
36 mazes with solutions, 45 sc pages. – Laura
060850 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
World of Mazes (3-6)
Add a bit of fun to your
world geography studies with
this book of mazes.
pages feature a twisting, turning maze, winding around
and around inside the outline
of a country. Wander your
way through the maze to end
up at the country’s capital.
Then, color in the little pictures surrounding
the map and learn interesting facts about the
people, food, and other special items found
primarily in that region. ~ Rachel P.
043742 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
United States Maze Craze (3-8)
Learn about each of the 50 states as you wind
your way through challenging mazes! Arranged
alphabetically, each page contains a large maze
in the shape of the featured state. The top of
the page lists the state’s official nickname and
an illustration of the state’s flag. Surrounding
each maze are approximately eleven labeled
illustrations of various landmarks and symbols associated with that state. For example,
the Ohio maze features Mennonites, Amish,
Underground Railroad, Cardinal (state bird),
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and more. Each
maze ends at the state’s capital, and a complete US map is located in the front. Solutions
included. 62 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
014097 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Extreme Mazes (3-AD)
These books take mazes to a whole new level!
If you’re bored and tired of the “average” maze
books, and ready for a challenge, these books
will make you smile! With a nice variety of
interesting drawings, these complex mazes are
a fantastic way to boost your brainpower and
have fun at the same time. A few mazes are 10”
x 15” foldout designs. This would be an excellent way to pass your time on a long car ride or
while you’re waiting for an appointment. Each
book contains about 23 mazes. Solutions are
included in the back. Not reproducible. ~ Gina
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.95
028209 Book 1
017363 Book 4
028213 Book 2
066594 ☼Book 5
017360 Book 3
066595 ☼Book 6
Amazing 50 States Maze Book (4-AD)
This maze book is filled with 50 intricate
mazes - one for each of the United States. The
cool thing about these mazes is that each is in
the shape of a featured state. Capitals and large
cities are labeled, and the actual maze is contained inside the outline of the state. Puzzlers
must make their way from the state’s capital
to one of its major cities. The passages in the
mazes are fairly thin and somewhat challenging,
so older students won’t be disappointed with
overly-easy solutions. Answers are included at
the end. 60 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel
009030 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
Ultimate Maze Book (5-AD)
Who says mazes are easy to complete? This
reproducible book contains 30 maze puzzles
that older students and adults will find mighty
challenging. There are a few typical mazes to
warm you up, but then a variety of difficult
mazes are included. There are 3-D mazes,
mazes with paths that go over and under other
paths, mazes with transparent surfaces of cylinders and cubes, mazes with designated stops
along the way, key mazes, directional arrow
mazes, and path arrow mazes. Some mazes add
a few restrictions to make things even more difficult. Easier mazes may take only 5-10 minutes
to solve, but the harder ones can take hours.
Answers are provided. 46 pgs, pb.
041465 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
See our website for our sticker selection.
Sticker Activity Books / Kits
Build Your Own…Sticker Books (1-4)
Feed their curiosity for all “things that go” with
these high-quality, high-octane sticker books
that will provide hours of engaging quiet time
activity. Each sticker book not only has tough
contents on the inside—from monster trucks
to supercars to far-out spaceships—but also an
impressive size on the outside, measuring 9.5”
x 12”. Each book in the series has 10 pages of
detailed, full-color stickers to complete the 22
color pages of vehicles inside. In addition to
building these powerful vehicles, each page
also has interesting facts and statistics about the
vehicle, plus there’s a glossary at the back of the
book for further educational reading.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99
067887 ☼Superheroes
EACH COMPILATION . . . . . 15.99 14.39
064189 Cars & Trucks
064190 Robots & Spaceships
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Make-A-Meal Sticker Pad (PK-2)
Create yummy pretend meals with this sticker
pad. This 14” x 11” pad contains realistic illustrations of 5 different place settings (3 of each
style, for a total of 15 settings). Each setting
includes a plate, cup, napkin, and silverware.
Two settings are formal, two are casual (picnic
and cafeteria tray), and one is a confetti-covered
party setting. Decorate the place settings with
over 225 food stickers. Make plenty of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! Tacos, pizza, steak,
pasta, fruits, veggies, donuts, waffles, sandwiches…what’s on the menu for today? ~ Lisa
052259 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
Puffy Stickers (PK-3)
Decorate your very own sticker scene with
these 3D stickers. Arrange and rearrange the
reusable stickers on the included background
scenes – dress up the characters and decorate
the scenes. Each pack contains a variety of
stickers ranging in size from a few inches to half
a centimeter. Fold the background scenes back
up and grab the die-cut handle to take your
stickers on-the-go. Backgrounds unfold to 11”
x 17”. – Rachel
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH PACK BELOW . . . . . . . 4.99
014329 Chipmunk House (74 stickers)
014330 Dress-Up (2 girls, 74 stickers)
024847 Fairy (2 fairies, 73 stickers)
034337 On the Farm
014335 Pirates (2 pirates, 49 stickers)
014342 Princess (2 princess', 65 stickers)
037420 Tis the Season
EACH PACK BELOW . . . . . . . 6.99
033757 Cool Careers Activity Book
024848 Deluxe Album – Day of Glamour
Play dress-up with 196 stickers on 10 background scenes in a spiral-bound book.
024856 Deluxe Album – Riding Club
Includes 196 horse-themed stickers and 10
background scenes in a spiral-bound book.
034440 Pet Place Activity Book
Reusable Sticker Pads (PK-5)
Bring scenes to life with stickers! Each 14” x
11” sticker pad contains five colorfully illustrated scenes and over 150 reusable, repositionable
stickers. Habitats features several outdoor settings (ie. under the sea, on the farm) with animal
stickers. Play House shows interior rooms of a
house with stickers of people, furniture, and
household objects. ~ Lisa
EACH PAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
037017Adventure 035025 Play House
024769 My Town
Seasons Sticker and Activity Books (PK-3)
Loads of color-photo stickers (over 500) and
illustrations make for seasonal fun for your little
ones! I loved all the baby animals in the spring
book! Activity pages include mazes, coloring pages, hidden pictures, matching, spotting
differences, patterns & sequencing, connecting dots and more. The stickers can be used
throughout, both over faded images to match
and just free-stylin’. 96 pgs. ~ Sara
062798Spring . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
063565Summer . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
063566Winter . . . . . . . . . . . 7.99
Sticker Stencil House (1-4)
This could keep a kiddo busy for a long time!
Pages are laminated with bright and colorful
houses on them (cutaways, so you can see the
rooms). Using a 2-page spread, houses included
are a modern home, farmhouse, mountain
resort, island villa, city townhouse, beach
house, country house, castle (with pink turrets),
Spanish style house, French country house, & a
blank 2-story house. The book lies open nicely
with its spiral binding. Each house has a page
of vinyl stickers you can move around. The
stickers are of furniture, people, animals, flowers, rugs & other fun stuff. A cardboard stencil
in the back can be removed (it’s perforated)
and your child can use it with markers to add
details. Of course they can freestyle the details
too! If you used wipe-off markers, they could
change their design again and again. Perfect for
kiddos who constantly wants to rearrange their
room. Here is a creative outlet for them! This is
a large hardcover book (9" x 11.25”) with 500
stickers. ~ Sara
062838 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
Sticker Stories (PK-3)
Stickers are lots of fun, and even more so when
you can use them several times. Each two-page
spread in these books presents a colorful backdrop for the stickers, with a caption and lots of
space for stickers. The included stickers are very
colorful and ready to go on the pages to create
lots of different scenes. A most enjoyable children's sticker book, especially for children with
a fascination for one of the topics below. ~ Zach
032839 Doll’s Tea Party . . . . 6.99
032868 Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
055463 Stories from the Bible 5.99
Usborne First Sticker Books (PK-3)
High-quality Usborne sticker books include
several colorful backgrounds, usually 8-10 twopage spreads. Each book contains lots of stickers
(usually a page of stickers for each scene in the
book), and children can use the colorful stickers
to fill-in the backgrounds as they see fit. There
is a wide range of animal stickers in the Animal
book, and various trucks and tractors for outdoorsy scenes in Trucks. Because the pages are
glossy, the stickers can be placed on a scene
and then peeled away to be placed somewhere
else if they are handled carefully. All the stickers are labeled so kids can read and identify the
items. With multiple scenes and between 100150 stickers in each book, kids will love these
colorful and fun Usborne titles. 16 pgs (plus 8
sticker pgs), pb. ~ Rachel
CHOKING HAZARD (1,5). Not <3yrs.
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
043492 Animals
067891 ☼Museums
050833 Building Sites 002084 ☼Nativity
050834 Diggers
050835Dinosaurs 020842Trains
001649 ☼Dollhouse 046556Trucks
030486 Fairground
050841 Under Sea
055194 Fairies
064192 First English Words
067890 Ice Skating
Usborne Sticker Books (PK-4)
Kids will be entertained
for hours with Usborne
Sticker Books! Each 9” x
12” sticker book contains
many colorful scenes, ready
for adorning with stickers.
Each Dollhouse book has
over 200 stickers (except
the Dollhouse Sticker Book
which has over 100 stickers), including furniture, clothing, pets, toys, and accessories galore
to place within the many rooms of the stately
dollhouses. Stickers can be reused a few times
before losing their stickiness. ~ Lisa
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.99
059668 Country House Dollhouse
064194 Grand Hotel Dollhouse
Variety / Miscellaneous
My Big Time Book of Fun (PK-3)
These non-reproducible books hold 220 colorful pages that practice basic skills through
fun activities. Though more fun than school (is
there a difference?), activities like word searches
based on geography terms and dot-to-dots with
skip counting numbers (book for 7+) encourage
basic knowledge. The table of contents lists
titles for each page which is perfect if you’re
looking for a fun way to reinforce a specific
theme (e.g. seasonal, letters of the alphabet,
animals, farm, shapes, etc.). A key at the back
of the book provides clear answers for each
page. Types of activities include: dot-to-dot,
mazes, word searches, matching, etc. – Rachel
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
000544 Ages 4+
000614 Ages 6+
000588 Ages 5+
000626 Ages 7+
Scribble Down (PK-4)
These no-mess activity packs are great entertainment for long car rides or waiting at doctors’ offices and restaurants. Simply choose an
image from the sheet and rub it with a writing
utensil or coin to transfer it onto the fold-out
background. Drawing tips are also featured on
the back. Background is 8 ¼” x 11 ½” – Rachel
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
EACH PACK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.59
037676 Dinosaur Encounter
037677 Enchanted Castle
037699 Fairy Cake Factory
037717 Farmyard Friends
037720 Pirate Adventure
037735 Wild Adventures
037749 Woodland Fairies
(Not) Just for Fun
Ultimate Factivity Collections (PK-AD)
Puzzles and mazes and
stickers – oh my! These fun
sticker activity books from
DK contain facts that are
reinforced through fun sticker
projects. The books break all
the activities into four categories: Create, Challenge,
Games, or Quizzes. Fill the
jungle with all its native animals or assemble a
sticker puzzle of dinosaurs as you learn about
the different types! The matte paper is perfect for
crayons and pencils, and each book has over 500
stickers. Perfect for fun learning, rainy days, or on
the go. Approx. 95 softcover pages each. – Laura
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
Over 1000 stickers with mazes, quizzes,
puzzles, and more.
047556 Human Body
061067 LEGO City
047558 LEGO Star Wars
061068 Rocks and Minerals
061069 Star Wars
Travel Fun Activity Book (K-4)
Whether you’re going on a quick errand or an
extended trip, keep little ones entertained with
this mini activity book. The forty-eight travelthemed activities include: drawing, matching,
mazes, word puzzles, and simple math problems. Bring along crayons to color in the pages
after completing the activities. Solutions are
found in the back. Printed on partially recycled
materials. 62 pages, paperback – Rachel
001607 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.99
Dover Mini Activity Books (K-5)
These pocket-sized (4.2” x 5.75”) books feature mazes, connect the dots, crosswords, word
searches, decoding messages, and many other
fun activities. Interspersed throughout is a bit of
information about the featured topic. Pages are
black and white and can be colored with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. 64 pgs each,
answers included pb. ~ Jon
EACH BOOK (except noted) . . 1.99
066919 ☼Add Ups: My Day! 1.50
021426 Butterfly Fun
021630 Fun on the Go Travel
063014 My Airplane Trip . . . 1.50
066453 ☼My Busy Backyard
042749 Outer Space
Creativity Books (K-5)
These books are perfect for children who love
to put their imagination to good use. The pages
are full of things to draw, pictures to color, dotto-dots to complete, mazes to go through and
much more. Each book also comes equipped
with decorative paper, stencils, stickers, foldout sticker scenes, games to play and a certificate for completing the book. 95 pages. - Tasha
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 10.75
040731 ☼Fairy
007318 Horse and Pony
(Not) Just for Fun
Big Activity Books from School Zone (1-3)
Page after page of fun colorful puzzles for little
kids to do and enjoy. Loads of silly animals and
cartoon people engage young learners. They
won’t even realize they are using skills like
deduction, reasoning, hand-eye coordination,
fine-motor, perception and problem solving.
Both books include hidden pictures, mazes,
math puzzles, color by numbers, and games.
Answers are in the back if your child needs a
hint. These activities should be rewarding, not
frustrating. Inside the back cover is a list of outside-the-book activities to take what your child
is learning to the next level. I like how these
books don’t feel like work, although kids are
using many cognitive skills. 320 pgs, pb. ~ Sara
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99
048100 Big Codes, Puzzles & More
053386 Big Hidden Pictures & More
053387 Big Mazes & More
have now each been updated to have multigender appeal. Each book contains approximately 200 stickers to use on the pages; answers
to activities are in the back. Consumable, not
reproducible. 96 pp, sc. ~ Ruth
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 11.69
002141 Fabulous (2-6)
Big Book of Fun (1-7)
Quizzes, jokes, hidden pictures, mazes and
more! From the National Geographic Kids
magazine (including its famous nature photography), this fun, colorful book is filled with 80
pages of nature and science-related activities to
keep your little ones busy on a rainy day or on
the go. Softcover. – Laura
059966 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
Dover Activity Fun Kit - Horses (1-8)
If you love Dover coloring books, tattoos, and
activity books, you’ll love this kit filled with
their high-quality products (36 stickers, 12 tattoos and stencils, 3 coloring books, an 11” x
16 1/2” Color Your Own Poster, and Learning
About Horses – a fact-filled book with additional stickers). – elise
038018 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.95 12.75
All You Need Is A Pencil (1-4)
Ok, I know what you’re thinking: another “In
The Car” book? Hear me out – these books have
a really fun variety of activities that are usually not in this type of book. There’s definitely
your typical On The Road bingo, but have you
ever played truck stop “battleship” or futoshiki
(similar to Sudoku)? While there is some overlap
between each book in this series making them
useable interchangeably, there are also car or
indoor-specific games that make each book
special for its intended use. These are definitely
some of the best books of this type that I have
ever seen, and since so many games involve
more than one player, these would be great for
kids to share amongst themselves instead of having to buy each kid a book. All they do need is
a pencil! 144 pages, pb. – Laura
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.95
5.95 Where’s Waldo? Totally Essential Travel
Collection (1-12)
062545 Rainy Day
Waldo sure does get around, doesn’t he? This
062546 Stuck in a Car, Plane, or Train
was the first Waldo book I have ever looked at.
He is so hard to find!! The book is small format,
☼Highlights Puzzlemania Puzzles (1-4)
Take a look at these themed puzzle books by so you may want to add a magnifying glass if
Highlights. Over 100 brightly colored puzzles you are giving this as a gift. Seriously! This coland activities – mazes, word searches, cross- lection has all 7 Waldo books in one volume.
words, what’s wrong, hidden pictures, and At the beginning and end of each adventure is
more. Books are bound in such a way that they a flap with a checklist of all you have to find:
lay flat when open, which makes it easier to hundreds more things, actually! Not just Waldo!
do the puzzle pages. Answers are in the back I can see where a kid would find this a fun chalof the book. These books will provide hours of lenge. Maybe my eyes are too old to find poor
puzzling fun in true Highlights fashion! ~ Donna Waldo. The compact version makes a great
EACH PUZZLES . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
7.25 book to keep in the car or a backpack, even a
purse. It has a sturdy soft cover with an elastic
place holder. 170+ pages will keep kids looking
for what’s-his-name for a long time! ~ Sara
062843 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99 10.95
064919 What’s the Word?
☼Highlights PuzzleMania Puzzle Pads (1-AD)
These little 6” x 9” puzzle pads will keep
Usborne Activity Books (1-6)
These are not your typical activity books. Kids kids entertained (and their brains occupied!)
will learn interesting things about a wide variety for hours. Each pad contains about 60 pages of
of topics and use their math and logic skills, puzzles (codes, picture/visual, word searches,
too. Each book contains engaging multi-col- or brain teasers) accompanied by fun jokes and
ored illustrations packed with doodles, mazes, riddles to keep kids smiling. Each page is colorpuzzles, games, and even recipes. Activities ful and engaging with tons of cute illustrations.
vary from quickly done to more involved and Answers are included in the back. ~ Megan
also include some “get active” ideas so kids EACH PAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.99
can have fun beyond the book. Amazing (origi- 064213 Brain Teasers
nally for boys) and Fabulous (originally for girls) 064214 Crazy Codes
span a variety of themes including flowers, sea 064215 Picture Puzzles
creatures, fairies and princesses, race cars; they 064216 Word Searches
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
Two Player Big Fun Book (1-AD)
It’s a puzzle book for two! Some activities
are cooperative, others are competitive and
they are all FUN! I’ve never seen a book that is
actually designed for two people to use at the
same time. It’s very clever really. Some games
have you sitting side by side, others have you
facing each other with a page up between like
a screen, so you can’t see the other person’s
page. Sometimes you take turns in the book;
other times you write simultaneously. There
are mazes where you each start at your end
and work towards the middle & the dot game
where you make a square and put your initial
in it. Some pages have you taking turns drawing
a picture where you say “tag!” and trade off.
There are games like hangman, and something
like a MadLib and even a Battleship take-off.
Some are just coloring pages and making a
mandala together. This is great for siblings who
like to work together (or maybe even those who
don’t!). In a classroom, this would be fun pair
work. It certainly requires kids to communicate
effectively. Author Lydia Crook is an artist and
paper engineer. 112 black & white pages ~ Sara
062839 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.99
☼Cut & Color Playbook: Seasons (2-6)
Looking for a unique
way to teach through the
seasons and inspire your
child’s creative juices?
Look no further! The
process is simple really. Each 2 page spread
provides 1-2 sentences
about the simple picture
to color. Once the coloring is finished, simply cut out the shapes on
the corresponding page by following the dotted
lines. As your child completes a seasonal picture
it is added to the other seasonal pictures, creating a unique, multi-layer image of the season.
One multi-layered picture is created for each of
the four seasons, with instructions for a creating,
“Make your own 3-layered scene” at the end of
the book, allowing children to express their own
style and personality. As a bonus, because the
words are few in the multi-layer images, you
can use their pictures as a creative story starter.
Wonderful Science or Art supplement, as well
as a makes a fun family project to give grandparents! You supply craft scissors and crayons. 96
non-reproducible pages, pb. ~ Deanne
014136 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.99 11.69
☼Great Big Puzzle and Activity Book (2-6)
Suitable for hours of quiet time or travel, this
large-format activity book caters to children
with diverse interests. Each colorful, fully-illustrated activity takes up an entire 8.5x 11” page,
allowing plenty of room to work (and some
space for mess-ups!). The activities themselves
are mostly standard puzzles—matching, math,
mazes, word searches, Sudoku-type, and more.
However, interspersed between them are more
free-form and non-standard activities, including
drawing, direction puzzles, perspective challenges, and deductive reasoning. The activities
are mixed thoroughly, ensuring kids are always
presented with a variety of challenges to solve.
175 pgs. pb. ~ Stephen
013659 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
☼Super Cool Puzzle and Activity Book (2-6)
Defeat boredom! Challenge young minds!
Experience what it means for your children to
thank you for teaching them. Ok, so maybe
the last sentence is wishful thinking. Teeming
with activities, this brightly colored activity
book will keep your children busy for hours.
Fun pages include crossword puzzles, drawing
and decorating, word scrambles, spot the similarities, spot the differences, solve puzzle clues,
Sudoku, mazes, etc. Worth noting, there is one
activity using the word sorceresses. Answers are
in the back. 144 pgs, pb. ~ Deanne
028188 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
Word Puzzles
Crossword Puzzles (2-4)
Your child might not be ready for the crossword puzzles found in your daily newspaper,
but they’d probably love to tackle the puzzles
in these books! These age-appropriate puzzles
are designed to challenge your child but not
frustrate them. Each puzzle has a theme, such
as “Abbreviations,” where children fill in the
long forms of the abbreviations given; or “Zoo
Animal Scramble,” where they have to unscramble the names of animals. 55 puzzles in all,
reproducible. Answers included. – elise
EACH BOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
037114 Grades 2-3 037115 Grades 3-4
Lay-N-Go (PK-AD)
If your toy collection is anything like ours,
you have a myriad of play sets, each containing lots of pieces, and, when simultaneously
dumped out on your toy room (every room?)
floor, it looks like a tornado tore through. No
doubt you will see the benefit of these playmats
instantly! Lay-N-Go activity mats provide a
place to play, quick cleanup, and storage, all
in one convenient product. Each mat is circular
when opened and lays flat, creating a contained
space to play with all those little pieces. When
your kids are done playing, they simply pull
the drawstring to tightly close the mat into a
knapsack like storage bag. Clean-up couldn't
be easier! With a diameter of 5-feet, the large
Lay-N-Go's provide ample playing space, and
can hold large collections of building blocks,
cars, etc. - Steph
EACH 60" LAY-N-GO . . . . . . 64.95 58.45
This extra-durable Lay-N-Go has backpack
straps for toting on outdoor adventures.
Pack toys, outdoor gear, or even a picnic
lunch! Measures 44.”
003410 Black with Blue Interior
☼Everyday Princess Playsets (PK-4)
Anybody can be an everyday princess! These
cute little playsets allow you to take fun on the
go – and clean-up is a snap if you store inside
the separate backpack or ZipBin. The doll sets
each include a 4.5” doll and accessories related
to their interests.
(except noted) . . . . . . 12.99
008348 Emma (Adventurer)
008407 Haley (Hairstylist)
008416 Julia (Artist)
008498 Sophie (Gardener)
008273 Bianca Outdoor Activity Set 16.99
008455 Lucky the Pony
Scratch & Solve Hangman (3-AD)
The classic game of Hangman can now be 019424 Backpack Playset . . . . taken anywhere and played solo. These hand- 062150 Pony Rainbow Park ZipBin
(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.998.95
held pads measure 3.25” x 5.75” and flip open to reveal fun, scratch-off games. All the letters of
the alphabet are presented with 26 scratch-off,
gray circles. Pick a letter, rub off the circle with
a fingernail or coin, and find out if the letter is
in the puzzle and where. Complete the word
or phrase given beneath the circles before you
have to fill in the 6 body parts (that’s six wrong
letter guesses) and you win! There are 93 games
in each booklet. Puzzles do not get harder as
the series progresses, there’s just more of the
same, but Tough Hangman games provide more
complicated words or phrases that may stump
even the best player.
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 6.95
039913 Original #1
Star Wars™ Character Storage Bin (PK-AD)
039914 Original #2
May the Force be with you when organizing
034213 Spelling Bee
all your special toys! Add style and class to any
062805 Tough in the Moon
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 7.95
5.95 standard modular storage unit with this durable
storage cube that’s open at the top. Features a
032388 Deep Water
dramatic design of a different Star Wars charac032401 Piece of Cake
ter on every side. Approx 10.5”x 10.5”x 11”.
032409 Tough Cookie
062153(B.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.99
032418 TV Time
Word Searches - Super Deluxe Edition (3-6)
This colorful book contains word searches covering a variety of topics: animals, geography,
games and toys, food, careers and more. Each
word search puzzle is accompanied by a paragraph with history and fun facts pertaining to the
topic, and eye-catching graphics and maps contain more interesting information. Most of the
activities are word searches, but there are a few
other activities (code games, matching games,
mazes) as well. 96 pgs, pb. ~ Lisa
045206 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.99
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
(Not) Just for Fun
Cosmetics & Soap Kits
☼Cosmetic Lab (8-AD)
Create custom scented lotions in colorful jars!
This kit requires everything you need to make
at least three small jars of body lotions in two
scents – just add water. Here’s what you get:
30 ml each of sweet almond oil, avocado oil,
and rice oil; 10 ml of emulsifying agent (this
allows you to make creams quickly and without heat), 10 ml each of citrus scent and floral
scent, three lotion jars with colored lids, two
mixing beakers, measuring spool, stirring stick,
and labels. Follow the included recipes to create massage cream, scented lotion, light creams,
and more. The recipes require different amounts
of ingredients so finished volume of cream may
vary slightly. A fun sleepover project or science
supplement, and the finished result is a custom
scented, usable moisturizing cream! – Laura
064618 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.98
Kiss Natural Craft Kits
These do-it-yourself kits are 100% natural and
100% fun! Each kit includes all the ingredients
and supplies to make your very own natural
products. Use them for yourself or give them
away as gifts! The directions are very easy to
follow. Adult supervision may be required for
younger children.
CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
DIY Glycerine Soap Kit (1-8)
Kits include clear glycerine soap, molds, fragrance, color, measure cup, and stir stick.
029328 Large Kit . . . . . . . . 14.95 11.95
Makes 16 soaps with a 4-shape silicone
mold (butterfly, teddy, daisy, heart).
005700 Mini Kit . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
Makes 4 soaps, mold is of 4 heart shapes.
Lava Lip Gloss Craft Kits (1-AD)
You get to make lip gloss that resembles a
mini lava lamp! The gloss rolls on smoothly,
giving your lips a healthy shine, and a
yummy scent. Kits include safflower oil,
castor oil, colored glycerines, 2 scented
essential oils & roll-on lip gloss containers.
003126 Gloss Kit . . . . . . . . 19.95 15.75
4 colored glycerines and 8 containers.
003146 Mini Gloss Kit . . . . 11.95 10.95
2 colored glycerines and 4 containers.
Lip Balm Craft Making Kits (3-AD)
You can have smooth lip balm in just one
hour. Kits include shea butter, safflower
oil, beeswax, 2 bottles of pure essential
oils (grapefruit and orange), empty lip balm
containers and mixing utensils.
037563 Lip Balm Kit . . . . . . 19.95 15.75
Supplies and containers for 6 lip balms.
037566 Mini Lip Balm Kit . . 11.95 10.95
Supplies and containers for 2 lip balms.
(Not) Just for Fun
☼DIY Bubble Bath Making Kit (1-AD)
Includes bubble bath base, 2 scents, 1
colorant, 4 empty bottles, measuring cup,
and stirring rod. Create four 30oz. bottles of
bubble bath (2 baths per bottle).
065119 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95 15.75
☼Mon Atelier de Parfums (My Perfume
Workshop) (3-8)
Ooh la la! Experiment in perfume-making with
9 deliciously scented herb, flower, and wood
oils. Example combinations are given only in
French, but both French and English names
are printed on each bottle of oil. Kit includes:
8 pipettes, 3 empty bottles, 3 perfume spray
bottles, and smelling papers/test strips.
1CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.
064620 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.98
Spa Labs: All-Natural Soaps (3-AD)
Create fun soaps to keep or give to friends!
Simply melt the glycerin in the microwave, add
color and/or scents, pour in the molds, and let
cool. This kit comes with three 50g blocks of
clear glycerin soap base, three 50g blocks of
white glycerin soap base, 45g of purple, green,
and red glycerin soap colorant (15g of each
color), two stirring tools, 5 punch out and fold
gift boxes, three plastic molds with 4-5 designs
on each, and a directions/recipe book. Because
the kit uses melt and pour glycerin, there are no
potentially dangerous chemicals to work with.
Each of the 50g blocks of glycerin is enough
to make 3-5 soaps depending on which mold
is chosen. The booklet shows how easy it is to
melt the glycerin, but it also comes with lots
of recipes for scents, exfoliation additives, and
other ingredients to make skin healthy. While
these are not included, many of them are probably available in your own kitchen if not the
local grocery store. Such items include dried
flower petals, cocoa butter, espresso beans,
honey, Epsom salts, aloe vera, vanilla extract,
and so much more! The booklet also explains
the science behind how soap cleans, packaging ideas, and ideas to get you hooked on soap
making. Perfect for your crafty child or as an
intro into soap making. – Laura
028122 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19.99 16.95
043732 Glow-In-The-Dark Fairies
064116 Glow-in-the-Dark Snowflakes
060882 Sea Animals Finger Tattoos
060890 Zoo Animals Finger Tattoos
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 1.99
000507 Birds of Prey
015032 Glitter Henna
014062 Glow-in-the-Dark Dragons
012067 Glow-In-The-Dark Lizards
012080 Glow-In-The-Dark Snakes
066448 ☼Happy Birthday!
022207 Henna Butterflies
006608 Henna Flora
022209 Henna Hearts
066457 ☼Silly Sea Animals
Temporary Tattoos (PK-AD)
With so many themes, you’re sure to
temporary tattoo that’s just your style.
tattoos in fun cartoon designs.
EACH SET (except noted) . . . . . 055517 Big Jungle Cat
005648 Rainbow Bugs . . . . . . 005651 Rainbow Fairies
055536 Rainbow Nails
005661 Rings & Bracelets
055543 Unicorns & Rainbows
find a
☼Metallic Tattoos (4-AD)
Two sheets of ~ 40 metallic temporary tattoos
in assorted designs. Some can be wrapped to
wear as bracelets and rings, others are smaller
designs. Quick to apply using water, they last
about five days, or use baby oil or rubbing alcohol to remove yourself.
018834(A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.99
Face Paint / Play Makeup
See our website for Face Paint / Play Makeup
Nail Art / Clothing Decoration
See our website for Nail Art / Clothing
Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos (PK-AD)
These easy-to-apply-and-remove tattoos are
fun to wear and the detailed drawings look
almost like a real painting! They do not fade
quickly, but remove easily with rubbing alcohol
or baby oil. Number of tattoos per book varies
depending on the designs, with "big" designs
having fewer tattoos (2-6) and smaller designs
often having 8 or more tattoos.
EACH BOOK BELOW . . . . . . . 1.50
013464 Big Dinosaurs
013030 Christmas Fingernail
001731 Glitter Ballerinas
015030 Glitter Ballet
☼Temporary Tattoo Earrings (K-4)
These are about the cutest things ever! You
apply them to a child’s ears with water, like
you would any temporary tattoo. They stay on
for 3-4 days, unlike sticker earrings, and are
made with vegetable dye. Each pack has 15
pairs of earrings. Mix and match several at a
time! Put them on little fingers as pretend rings!
They would fit into a birthday/holiday card, too!
Glitter collection: hearts, horses, gems, magic
wands in pinks/green/white. Holidays collection: winter, spring, summer & fall occasions.
Island collection: flowers, turtles, mermaids,
seahorses. Let’s Party collection: hearts & stars
in pink/purple/green.
EACH PACK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.99
013465 Let’s Party
See page vi for key to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act warning labels.
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