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8X4 Digital Audio Routing Switcher
The DAS 8.4 PLUS provides digital audio routing switching of any one of 8 AES
inputs to 4 AES outputs. Routing switching allows any one input to be assigned to
any/or all outputs. The DAS 8.4 may be controlled via front panel switches, contact
closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. This new
‘PLUS’ version adds VU meters to the front panel and allows easy VU meter selection
to monitor any of the four outputs. The front panel is equipped with push buttons,
output assignment LEDs and a headphone jack. Internal audio activity/silence
sensors monitor all four-output channels. Each is equipped with front-panel ACT
LED indicators; alarm delay and restore duration are adjustable. Additional features:
24-bit/96 kHz D/A converter with analog balanced stereo output, 16x16 GPIO port,
screw terminals.
DAS8.4PLUS List $899.00
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Versatile Passive Audio Switchers
Broadcast Tools switchers offer local and remote control and status via contact
closures and RS232 serial ports.
The SS2.1BNCIII offers passive switching/routing with two composite audio or
AES/EBU inputs to two composite audio or AES/EBU outputs. Features: last selected
source memory; BNC connectors; 1/3-rack size. Optional RA-1 rack shelf.
SS2.1TERMIII/SS4.1PLUS offer passive switching/routing with two stereo inputs to
one stereo output or vice-versa (or four stereo inputs to one stereo output for the
SS4.1+). Pluggable screw terminal connectors; 1/3-rack size.
SS8.1II passively switches or routes any one of 8 stereo inputs to a single stereo
out. Features include front panel selection switches with LEDs; output muting and
remote step input; last source selected memory; 8-input GPI port; 1/2-rack size
mountable on optional rack shelf.
The 16X1 passively switches or routes any one of 16 stereo inputs to one stereo
output or vice-versa. Connections are via removable screw terminals.
2x2 composite switcher
2x1 stereo switcher
4x1 stereo switcher
8x1 stereo switcher
16x1 stereo switcher
List $209.00
List $209.00
List $299.00
List $449.00
List $709.00
The Broadcast Tools SS 16.4 provides true matrix audio switching of 16 stereo inputs
to 4 stereo plus 4 monaural outputs, for incredibly versatile audio switching. Matrix
switching allows any/or all inputs to be assigned to any/or all outputs. The SS 16.4 may
be controlled via front panel switches, contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic and/
or the multi-drop RS-232 or RS-485 serial port. Installation is simplified with removable
screw terminals (Euro).
• True matrix switching
• 3 switching modes: interlock, overlap and mix
• Logic functions via microprocessor and non-volatile memory
• Internal audio activity/silence sensors monitor all four-output channels, and each is
equipped with front panel "ACT" LED indicators
• Adjustable alarm delay and restore duration
• Power-up selection of inputs to outputs, mute or last source selected
• 16 user-configurable macros; 24 input GPI port (PIP) with LED indicator
• 16 open collector channel status outputs or programmable via burst commands
• 8 SPST relay outputs, programmable via burst commands
• Balanced stereo inputs and stereo/mono outputs
• Multidrop RS-232 or RS-485 serial port with data activity LED
• Multiple units may be cascaded to expand input
List $1,299.00
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4x4 Active Stereo Matrix Switcher
The Broadcast Tools SS 4.4 provides matrix audio switching of 4 stereo inputs to 4
stereo outputs. Matrix switching allows any/or all inputs to be assigned to any/or
all outputs. The SS 4.4 may be controlled via front-panel switches, contact closures,
5-volt TTL/CMOS logic and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port. It provides a
headphone monitoring jack.
• Three switching modes: interlock, overlap and mix
• 4 open collector channel status outputs programmable via burst commands
• 4 SPST relay outputs via burst commands, and 16 input GPI port with LED
• Multi-turn input and output level controls
• Balanced stereo inputs/outputs;
depluggable screw (EURO) terminals
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Accessories: RA-1 rack mount shelf $49.00
SS4.4 Analog and Digital Matrix Switcher
8X2 Active Stereo Matrix Switcher
This feature-packed matrix switcher sports four stereo AES and four stereo analog
inputs along with two independent stereo analog and AES outputs in one rack
space. Each input is equipped with a 3-band EQ, five types of filters, and a leveler
function for maximum sonic flexibility. The ADMS 44.22 provides both word clock
in and word clock out signals for synchronization to external digital equipment.
Additionally, the four stereo AES inputs support high-quality real-time sample rate
conversion for connection with asynchronous digital sources. Each output channel
is equipped with an automatic level control circuit and parallel stereo analog
and stereo AES outputs. The ADMS 44.22 can be controlled through RS-232 serial
command. The ADMS 44.22 has four programmable relays and nine programmable
open collector outputs for controlling external device, and can transmit unit status
and GPI information to the controlling device for incorporation into broadcast
automation systems. 16x16 GPIO port; USB port, expansion port.
ADMS44.22 List $1,299.00
16x4 Active Stereo Matrix Switcher
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List $529.00
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The ACS 8.2 PLUS cleanly provides matrix audio switching of 8 stereo inputs to 2
stereo plus 2 mono outputs. You can assign any or all inputs to any or all outputs,
with any input assigned to output one having fading capabilities. It features
connections plug-in Euroblock screw terminals for all audio and GPIO connections,
and it conforms to the Studio Hub format. A front panel monitor selection switch
lets you choose which stereo output the VU meter and headphone amplifier
monitors. Truly flexible, the ACS 8.2 Plus can be controlled via front panel switches,
contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic, and/or the multi-drop RS-232 serial port.
ACS8.2PLUS List $899.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
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To Interface
Dependable Digital Audio Switcher
The 3DRX AES digital audio switcher has two stereo digital and one stereo analog
input (on XLRs) plus a stereo digital output. The 3DRX will automatically switch to
the secondary digital input if the primary digital source fails (loss of lock, data error,
etc.) and then switch to analog input if the two digital streams fail. Features: 32 kHz,
44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sample rates; local, remote or automatic control; up to 24 bit, 96
kHz stereo digital audio for all digital inputs and outputs.
High Quality Interface Modules
The RDDA 4x4 is capable of distributing the same format AES and/or Word Clock
around your facility. Each input may be configured to feed any one or all of the four groups of
4 transformer-balanced outputs. Inputs, outputs and status are supplied on removable Euro
block connectors. Powered by a surge-protected internal power supply, its half-rack profile
lets it sit on a desktop, be mounted on a wall or rackmounted on the optional RA-1 rack shelf.
List $319.00
RDL Flat-Paks are higher-quality modules for your most demanding audio
applications. The unique Flat-Pak case can be directly screwed or bolted to cabinets or
easily racked to the back of a specially-made RDL rack rail adaptor (looks like a blank
front panel with room for up to three Flat-Paks on the back side, #FPRRA). Each unit
dimensions 3.25"H x 5.75"W and typically less than 1.5" deep. Each of these products
require the 24V power supply sold separately (#PS24A). For specs on each product go
The FPALC1 is a single-channel (mono) automatic level control featuring detachable
terminal block input and output. The gain adjustment is set as high as possible
with the loudest source without the Input Overload indicator flashing. Common
applications include paging outputs from telephone systems, music-on-hold feeds for
telephone systems, background or foreground amplifier inputs in sound systems and
more. The FPALC2 is a two-channel (stereo) module featuring phono jack inputs and
The FPMP1 microphone preamp uses RDL’s exclusive low noise discrete circuitry to
produce studio quality, low-noise performance in an economical preamp. The XLR
and plug-in terminal block connections make the FPMP1 perfect for both hardwired
installations and remote use with standard audio cables. Select phantom power 24V,
12V or Phantom Off. The FPMPA2 is a dual mic preamp each with its own XLR I/O.
Choose 12, 24 and 48V phantom power.
The FPMX4 is a single channel audio mixing module featuring four identical inputs.
Each input accepts either a mic or line level source. The output section provides four
mixing potentiometers corresponding to the four inputs, and a level indicator. The
output section provides both a balanced line (+4 dBu) and balanced microphone
level (-45 dBu) output. Both outputs may be used at the same time.
The FPPA20 is a 20-watt power amplifier with adjustable gain control and an output
for 8 ohm speaker.
The FPBUC2 converts two channels from balanced to unbalanced audio. This module
features two identical active (transformerless) channels. Gold contact XLR jacks are
utilized for the balanced input channels. Each output is unbalanced, connected
through a gold-plated phono jack. A level trim potentiometer is provided for each
channel. The FPUBC2 is a two-channel unbalanced-to-balanced converter. The
FPUBC6 is a six-channel unbalanced-to-balanced converter.
FPALC1 Automatic level control, mono, terminals
List $284.09 $219.99
FPALC2 Automatic level control, stereo, phono jacks List $316.81 $190.70
FPMP1 Mic preamp with phantom – terminals & XLR List $285.49 $220.99
FPMPA2 Dual mic phantom adaptor – 12, 24, 48V, XLR List $278.09 $219.95
FPMX4 4 mic or line input mixer – mic and line out List $443.29 $307.99
FPPA20 Power amplifier – 20 watts into 8 ohms
List $186.85 $149.95
FPBUC2 Balanced-to-unbalanced converter – 2-chnl List $224.04 $173.99
FPUBC2 Unbalanced-to-balanced converter – 2 chnl List $222.94 $172.98
FPUBC6 Unbalanced-to-balanced converter – 6 chnl List $484.24 $354.99
List $1,250.00
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Silence Is Not Golden
The Silence Monitor III PLUS is
designed to monitor any stereo or
two independent monaural sources,
generate alarms and transparently
switch to back-up source equipment when silence is detected. Now with LED
indicators for left/right audio, audio and external alarms, power and more.
• Front-panel/remote control and relay monitoring
• Removable screw terminals
• Built-in stereo/monaural program switcher
• Precise time delay from 2 seconds to 93 minutes
• Precise restore timing delay
from off to 46 minutes
• Relays for remote functions
• Selection of detection of -23,
-25, -35 and -45 dB
SMIIIPLUS List $279.00
Feature-Rich Digital
Monitor Switcher
The Digital Monitor Switcher III is
designed to switch two AES signal
sources. It’s the digital answer to an analog silence sensor/switcher. Features:
switch to backup source can be triggered by loss of clock, digital error flags,
external switch contact and/or the internal analog silence sensor; headphone jack,
balanced stereo monitor output; remote control; removable screw terminals.
List $499.00
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Rackmount shelf
4-In/16-Out Digital
Audio System
Rackmount shelf
24V switching power supply
RDL Flat-Pak series rack rail adaptor
Comprehensive Stereo
Audio Monitoring
The Henry Engineering Stereo Audio
Monitor (SAM) stereo level and phase
meter provides a visual indication of the levels and phase relationships of a stereo
audio signal. It indicates the usual Left and Right channel levels, and also displays
the Sum and Difference components of the stereo signal. SAM comes in two
versions, one with analog inputs and one with analog and digital inputs.
Analog inputs List $550.00
SAM-D Analog and digital inputs List $695.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Dual-Channel Stereo Level
Converter with Flexible I/O
The ART CLEANBoxPro provides two channels of
unbalanced to balanced level conversion (and
vice-versa) while offering stereo level controls to
optimize signal levels. It sports balanced XLR I/O
and unbalanced RCA and stereo mini jack I/O.
Essential Loudness Meter
The Dorrough 40A2 displays
both the peak and average of the
audio signal. The unique metering
ballistics accurately present loudness
variations on an easy-to-read scale. Dual inputs allow sum and difference metering.
Peak Hold functions are standard along with a DB9 connector to access various over
and under parameters. The 40A2 has a scale showing 14 dB headroom in 1dB steps
from +14 to -25. The 40A2 can be rackmounted in a dual-channel configuration with
the 40D rack kit. The 40C2 has a scale allowing for 20dB of headroom in 1dB steps.
The headroom scale is identical to the AES/EBU Digital Standard.
Single meter, 14 dB headroom List $475.00
Single meter, 20 dB headroomList $475.00
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Rackmount for two meters
1·800·426·8434 • • [email protected]
Smooth, Transparent Balanced/Unbalanced Interfacing
The Henry Engineering Matchbox HD provides bi-directional stereo interfacing between unbalanced and balanced
audio. The TwinMatch interfaces two unbalanced consumer stereo outputs with professional balanced equipment.
• Matchbox HD:
Bi-directional stereo interface between -10 dBv
unbalanced and +4 dBu balanced
• True signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB, with 22 dB
of headroom
• Total dynamic range of 122 dB
• Ideal for 24-bit sound cards and other digital
audio sources
• 4 independent amplifiers
• Built-in AC power supply, 1/3 rack width x 1RU
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA I/O
• TwinMatch:
Ideal for use with a pair of stereo CD players or
other "play only" sources
• Accepts 4 channels (2 stereo pairs) of -10 dBv
unbalanced audio and converts to professional
600 ohm balanced lines
• Adjustable gain to accommodate either +4 or
+8 dBm systems
• All circuitry is direct-coupled and transformerless for sonic transparency
• Unbalanced RCA inputs,
balanced XLR outputs
The Twinmatch is similar to the Matchbox, but provides unidirectional connection of two unbalanced stereo
signals to professional balanced systems. Signal/noise is >80 dB typical.
MATCHBOXHD Bi-directional interface amplifier List $225.00
TWINMATCH Unbalanced-to-balanced amplifier List $250.00
Rackmount kit for 1-3 units $55.00
Multi-Format Audio Interface Panel
The MultiPort facilitates interface between a
studio and external audio equipment, providing
convenient access to a studio's analog and digital
audio inputs and outputs, and allowing connection
to both professional and consumer gear. It offers
both balanced and unbalanced analog stereo Line
outputs, plus two monaural balanced Mic outputs,
and it accepts balanced or unbalanced analog stereo
Line inputs. Digital I/O is transformer isolated, and
can be via either the AES/EBU or S/PDIF standard.
XLR, TRS, 3.5mm TRS and phono jacks are provided
for interface. MultiPort also sports two “pass-through”
connectors for convenient access to USB and RJ45
circuits. It can be mounted in studio cabinetry or rackmounted using the included Rack Adaptor panels.
List $495.00
Bi-Directional Interface
Amp w/ USB
Stereo Output Multiplier
The PatchBox II is a passive “output multiplier” that
can be used to distribute the output of a professional
audio mixer to the inputs of peripheral equipment.
It accepts both balanced and unbalanced sources.
From a stereo source, PatchBox creates twelve stereo
outputs: six balanced stereo and six unbalanced stereo
output pairs. PatchBox balanced outputs, on XLR and
1/4" TRS connectors, provide a “unity gain” signal with
a 600 ohm source impedance.
PATCHBOXII List $150.00 $
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The Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II is a professional
USB-to-XLR multi-mode stereo audio codec offering
superb audio performance with the ease of USB
connectivity. Ideal for any situation where computer
audio needs to interface with a professional analog
or digital audio system, the USB Matchbox II provides
balanced analog inputs and outputs, an AES/EBU digital
output, plus a headphone output for monitoring.
The heart of the USB Matchbox II is Burr Brown's new
generation phase coherent Delta Sigma 8X Oversampled
codec with SpAct audio clock recovery architecture.
The codec's superb performance is further enhanced
with proprietary L/C pre-filtering and analog circuitry,
fine-tuned to eliminate the transient intermodulation
products that plague the typical sound card. Front panel
trimmers allow precise adjustment of input and output
levels. Connections include XLRs and the AES/EBU digital
output. A headphone output is included.
List $550.00
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3-Input Stereo Audio Switcher
The Henry StereoSwitch II is a handy 3-input audio
switcher for remotely selecting between three stereo
sources. It features front panel pushbuttons for
local control, plus remote control via GPI. With no
circuitry in the audio path, it offers transparent source
selection. It can also be used in reverse, as a router, to
send a source to one of three destinations.
List $295.00 $
Failsafe AC Power Switcher
The Henry Engineering PowerSwitch is an automatic
AC power controller that can be used to switch AC
power between Main and Backup devices, or to simply
turn AC power on or off. It provides an audible alarm,
as well as remote status indication.
List $250.00 $
Rackmount kit for 1-3 units $55.00
Rackmount kit for 1-3 units $55.00
Multi-Purpose Audio Switcher​
This multi-purpose stereo audio switcher and silence
sensor can be used to manually or automatically select
between two stereo audio sources. It also features an Alarm relay
output, plug in euroblock connectors and a built-in power supply.
AUTOSWITCH List $295.00 $
Rackmount kit for 1-3 units $55.00
Flexible Control Interface
The Henry Logiconverter is a general-purpose control
interface that eliminates the incompatibility between
various audio and video equipment remote control
circuits. It has 4 opto-isolated inputs that control 4
isolated relay outputs and can be programmed to
provide either latched or momentary outputs with up
to 24 combinations. Inputs can provide single or dual
flip-flop outputs.
LOGICONVERT List $250.00
1·800·426·8434 • • [email protected]
Interface EquipmentINTERFACE
- Distribution
Affordable, Dependable Stereo
Distribution Amp
The Broadcast Tools 2x6 DA boasts a stereo
line level high-Z input (accepts a balanced or
unbalanced source) and six active balanced low-Z
output amplifiers with individual level control.
2X6DA List $199.00 $
2x8 or 1x16 Distribution Amplifier
A top seller at BSW, the Radix DA1600 is a heavy-duty distribution amp with 8 stereo
or 16 mono balanced outputs. Level control and selectable pads accommodate a
wide range of input levels. Features: removable, plug-in connectors that allow wiring
changes to be made quickly and effortlessly with the distribution amp still in the
rack; THD .01% max @ +20 dBm out, SNR 90 dB.
List $520.00
Summing Distribution Amp
The U.S.D.A. can be used as a 1X4 or 2X4
DA, or to combine a stereo input to a mono
output. Two inputs (one stereo pair) accept
balanced/unbalanced sources; four 600 ohm
balanced outs (two stereo pairs); mono/
stereo switches; euroblocks.
List $250.00 $
Rackmount kit for 1-3 units $55.00
Distribution Amp
The Digimatch 2x6 is an AES/EBU-to-S/PDIF
interface and distribution amp for digital
audio signals. It has one AES/EBU input and
three AES/EBU outputs, plus one S/PDIF input
and three S/PDIF outs.
DIGIMATCH2X6 List $395.00
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RMA Rackmount kit for 1-3 units $55.00
High Performance Distribution Amp
The Aphex 120A is a high-performance 1x4 audio distribution amp. It features one
high impedance input and four low impedance outputs, all electronically servobalanced; half-rack steel chassis; THD < .002% @ +4 dBm; hum and noise better than
90 dB down.
120A List $399.00 Drives High Level Balanced Lines
The Rolls RA63s is an 8-channel mono/4-channel stereo distribution amplifier. The
outputs are designed to drive high-level balanced lines in a sound distribution system.
The screw terminals on the rear panel are for input and output, and each output may
power more than one line. Input impedance: 100 K ohms balanced ; max input level:
+22 dBV, Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced; max output level: +24 dB.
List $188.00
2x16 Distribution Amplifier
The Rane DA216S is a 2-input, 16-output splitter/distribution amplifier, capable of
providing 16 discrete balanced outputs from one or two balanced mic level or line
level inputs. The level of each output is individually adjusted via one of the sixteen
level controls. Each output may be assigned to either or both inputs via accessible
slide switches. The Master A and B Level controls affect the overall level of each
input. LEDs indicate an overload at either the inputs or at the internal gain stages.
Input gain switches provide a mic input with +60 or +40 dB of gain, or a line input
with +20 or 0 dB. Euroblock connectors, and an internal universal power supply.
List $519.00
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2x8 (Stereo) Distribution Amplifier
The Audioarts SDA-8400 is a 2x8 rackmount distribution amplifier. Features: LED
status lights for all input and output channels; extremely flat frequency response;
separate 3-conductor connectors for each input and output.
List $540.00
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Active Balanced Outputs
The DA208 is a dual 1x4 DA and the DA416 is a quad 1x4 DA. Features: outputs
are active balanced and individually adjustable; inputs can be paralleled on rear
connectors for 1x8, 2x8 or 1x16 operation; barrier block input and
output connectors. The DA208 and DA416 have clipping indicators. The DA208S
version adds signal-present indicators to the DA208.
Easy Composite
Switching, Audio
The Dixon CS200 dual mode composite switcher and
distribution amplifier is ideal for FM stations with two transmitters and two
composite sources. It will easily interface with most any plant control system, and
offers flexible performance tailored to your needs.
List $1,100.00
DA208 Dual 1x4 dist. amp barrier I/O, clipping indicators DA208S Dual 1x4 dist. amp barrier I/O, signal indicators DA416 Quad 1x4 distribution amp barrier I/O
List $569.00
List $589.00
List $789.00
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Full-Featured Digital Distribution Amp
XLR Inputs and Outputs
The Rolls RA163 eight-channel mono, or four-channel stereo distribution amplifier
designed for the contractor/install market. The outputs are designed to drive highlevel balanced lines in a sound distribution system. The XLR jacks on the rear panel are
for input and output, and each output may power more than one line.
List $200.00
The ATI DDA-212XLR distributes digital audio (AES3) at up to 192kHz sample rates
with incredibly low jitter and ultra-short propagation delay. Switchable inputs
(2 Input 1X12 or Dual 1X6, XLR I/O) let you choose from multiple input streams.
Selectable re-clocking lets you precisely regenerate a pristine input signal or handle
Surround-encoded audio. Sample Rate, Word Length, Fault Diagnostic and Pro/
Consumer displays tell you your audio is clean or let you know why it's not. Pushbutton Input EQ optimizes for long input cables.
List $1,399.00
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4-Input Stereo
Utility Mixer
Status Monitor
The Status Sentinel is
a robust, full-featured
Ethernet based data
acquisition device
with three optically isolated
status (digital) inputs. It may
be monitored over any IP network
including private networks, IP-based
industrial control networks, and the Internet using
web browser or web-enabled mobile device, while
email notification may be configured to alert up to
four recipients when alarms are detected. The user
may also enable a sound effect to play when an alarm
is generated. Logging of input status, along with the
site ID may be emailed from once an hour to once a
day. The Status Sentinel 16 gives you 16 status inputs.
STATUSSENTINEL List $169.00 $149.00
STATUSSENTINEL16 List $199.00 $239.00
Serial Remote
The tinyTOOLS
SRC-2 interfaces two
optically isolated inputs
and two SPST relays to a RS-232
or USB port. It can notify a PC software
program that any of two inputs have been
opened or closed and allows
your software to control two SPST, 1-amp relays.
The SRC-2X interfaces via Ethernet.
SRC2 List $139.00 $129.00
SRC2X List $209.00 $199.00
4 GPS TimeReferenced
The Time Sync Plus
provides four GPS
time referenced outputs. The
first is an SPST relay, which pulses
at 12:00, 22:00, 42:00, and 54:30 and is
user-programmable in each of four locations for any
minute and second. The second is an active high driver
with a 100 ms pulse each second, while the third is a
4800-baud, RS-232 serial port providing a time zone
adjustable time code. The fourth provides an active
high driver in the ESE TC-90 serial time code format.
List $399.00
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Relay Sentinel
For many applications,
the Relay Sentinel
is the easiest and
least expensive way
to remotely control
equipment over the Internet
using a web browser. It has
three low-signal SPDT relays that can
individually switch up to 1 Amp at 28V. Each
relay can be turned on, off, pulsed or timed latched
using the built in web pages. In addition, each relay
can be configured to open and close remotely when
used with the Status Sentinel. The Relay Sentinel 16
gives you 16 relay inputs.
List $169.00
List $199.00
The SUM-4 features
four line level high-Z
inputs, which accept
a balanced or
unbalanced source; stereo and monaural balanced
low-Z outputs; individual level controls; stereo
mixing/link port for input expansion.
SUM4 List $199.00 $
This web based dual channel stereo silence monitor
monitors two independent stereo analog audio
sources and switches to a back-up analog audio source
when silence is detected. The Audio Sentinel can be
controlled and/or visually monitored over the Internet
using a web browser. Email alarms may be generated.
List $459.00
The tinyTOOLS
DTE16 by Broadcast Tools is a feature-rich DTMF tone/
sequence encoder that is programmable to encode
up to four tone sequences or a single tone via any one
of 16 contact closure inputs and/or the RS-232 serial
port. The DTD16 is a DTMF decoder.
DTE16 DTMF encoder List $199.00
DTD16 DTMF decoder List $199.00
Auto Answer Coupler
tinyTOOLS Rack Shelf
The RA-1 fits up to four tinyTool products. It comes
supplied with filler panels and mounting hardware.
tinyTools rack shelf
List $55.00 $
Silence Monitor
The Broadcast Tools
Silence Sentinel Basic stereo
silence sensor monitors any stereo or
two independent monaural sources and
generates alarms when silence is detected. It may
be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or optional RA-1
rack shelf for mounting up to four units in 1-RU.
List $169.00
The TT-1 is a compact auto-answer and autodisconnect telephone hybrid. A multi-turn hybrid
NULL trimmer achieves 20+ dB separation. The rear
panel is equipped with a RJ-11 jack for the telephone
line. A minijack (3.5mm) and screw terminals are
provided for balanced send and caller audio.
TT1 List $139.00 $
Interfaces 16 GPI
to Serial/USB Port
The Broadcast Tools GPI16 interfaces 16 generalpurpose logic inputs to
your PC COM or USB port,
and lets you select from two preprogrammed serial formats. The GPI-16
is supplied with a Smart USB to RS-232 adapter
cable, DB-9 male-female straight-through serial
cable and 7.5 VDC @ 800 ma wall power supply.
Easy Conversion
List $139.00
Need to convert a DB-15
connector to euroblock
removable screw terminals?
The Broadcast Tools
Connect O' Adapter 15 MAX
will do the job. It is specially
designed to plug into the
male 15-pin D-Sub connector on the WW1 IDC
"MAX" or StarGuide II/III.
COA15MAX List $29.00
Flexible Circuit
The Broadcast Tools LR-5 is a
mechanical latching relay with
one set of four-pole double throw
contacts and one set of singlepole normally open contacts. It can switch all types of audio,
AES and AC/DC circuits. It also features a five-volt DC 100ma
power supply to power external equipment, removable
euroblock screw terminals and LED indicators to display
power and relay ON.
LR-5 List $59.00
Web-Based Silence Monitor
Silence Monitors
Silence Sense Jr. features adjustable silence detect
time duration with switch-selectable momentary
or continuous relay contact closure output. It can
be installed at studio or transmitter locations and
interfaced with auto-dialing remote controls for
instant notification of studio, STL, or phone line audio
failures. The Silence Sense Sr. adds a pager-dialer
module for more alert options.
SILENCESENSEJR List $109.00 $109.00
SILENCESENSESR List $229.00 $229.00
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Digital Audio Conversion, Switching, Distribution
Radio Design Labs’ HR series offers high quality digital audio conversion, selection and distribution at
up to 24-bit/192 kHz with plenty of I/O flexibility.
The HR-ADC1 is a broadcast quality A/D converter that provides exceptional audio accuracy and clarity,
offering very low distortion, exceedingly low noise and extremely flat frequency response. It also boasts
unparalleled metering flexibility and programmability with average mastering level monitoring and peak
value storage. It accepts balanced or unbalanced stereo audio through rear panel XLR or RCA jacks or through
a detachable terminal block. An external AES/EBU, AES-3ID or S/PDIF sync source can be connected through a
rear panel XLR, RCA or BNC jack. Digital audio outputs are provided in AES/EBU, AES-3ID or S/PDIF formats. The
rear panel switch-selected output format is available on the corresponding XLR, RCA or BNC jack.
The HR-DAC1 D/A converter delivers high quality analog audio from an AES/EBU, AES-3ID or S/PDIF digital
audio source. It automatically detects a valid input on any of its four input jacks: S/PDIF optical, S/PDIF coaxial,
AES-3ID or AES/EBU. A front-panel LOCK LED indicates the presence of a valid digital audio source without any
phase-lock or bit errors. Balanced audio outputs are provided on a rear panel detachable terminal block and on
XLR jacks. Unbalanced outputs are provided on phono jacks.
The HR-DDA4 1x4 digital audio distributor offers high quality distribution of a digital audio signal. The input
and each of the four outputs support AES/EBU, S/PDIF or AES-3ID formats. It automatically detects a valid
input on any of the four input jacks: S/PDIF optical, S/PDIF coaxial, AES-3ID or AES/EBU. The input is decoded,
re-clocked and retransmitted to four individually buffered outputs. Front-panel LEDs display the digital audio
format and sample rate of a valid source received without any phase-lock or bit errors.
The HR-DSX4 4x1 digital audio selector provides solid-state switching to select one of four inputs. Each input
may be fed through one of three jacks: S/PDIF optical, S/PDIF (or AES-3ID) coaxial or AES/EBU. The output is
switch-selectable to provide an AES/EBU, S/PDIF coaxial, S/PDIF optical or AES-3ID output. The switch enables
the appropriate output jack and any required electrical and data format conversion. Proprietary Sure-Lok auto
recovery supervision monitors possible causes of latch-up and reinitiates signal lock to provide highly stable
operation in the variety of conditions encountered in professional environments.
The HR-UDC1 converts digital audio signals between consumer and professional formats. The input and
output support AES/EBU, S/PDIF and AES-3ID formats. It automatically detects a valid input on any of the
four input jacks: S/PDIF optical, S/PDIF coaxial, AES-3ID or AES/EBU. The input is decoded, re-clocked and
retransmitted to the output. All pro/consumer, emphasis, and sampling frequency bits common to both S/PDIF
and AES/EBU standards are inserted in the output data stream.
A/D converter D/A converter Digital audio distributor Digital audio selector Universal digital audio converter List $793.10
List $608.75
List $811.22
List $837.88
List $626.10
Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Dual Channel Audio Meter
The RU-SM16 offers precise audio level metering.
Features: 16 segment display for 2 audio
channels; selectable peak or average metering;
peak L+R/L-R metering; 1/3 rack width.
List $295.12
Dual 1x4 Balanced
Distribution Amplifier
The RU-DA4D is a dual 1x4 amplifier, with
two independent channels with one input
to 4 outputs; can be configured for 8 mono outputs from single source; balanced or
unbalanced I/O via barrier strip connectors; and screwdriver level controls.
List $320.78 $
Balanced Audio Switch
The RU-SX4 is a mono 4x1 audio switcher for
either local or remote control. It features 4
line level bridging inputs to a single line level
output; front panel multi-turn trims; solid state audio switching; multiple switching
control points; remote source selection via normally open momentary switch; frontpanel LED indicators show selected source.
List $342.83 $
4-Channel Mic/Line Mixer
This compact, 4-channel mixer is only 1/3
rack space wide. Features: four balanced/
unbalanced main inputs (4-mic/line via XLR
or RCA); a mix input for combining multiple
mixers; balanced mic or line output, plus unbalanced line output; LED VU meter; 24V
phantom power for each mic input; built-in switchable soft-knee compressor.
List $409.54 $
RDL STICK-ON Series Audio Interfaces
Radio Design Labs Stick-Ons are compact, high-quality audio interface devices that
can be directly and discreetly mounted on equipment, under counter tops, or
combined in rackmount systems. Active units require a 24-volt power supply such as
the PS24A (sold separately). Go online under each model, plus see additional models.
1x3 line level distribution amp
1x3 mic level distribution amp
10K ohm divider/combiner
150 ohm divider/combiner
600 ohm divider/combiner
1x2 audio routing switcher
4x1 audio switcher
2-channel mic/line mixer
Line level mixer
Interface amplifier
Audio line amplifier
Line amplifier
2 ch. unbal to bal convertor
Microphone preamplifier
2-watt utility power amplifier
6-watt utility power amplifier
Audio gain control amplifier
Dual attenuator (passive)
Voice-over module
Stereo phone preamp
Audio control relay
Non-latch logic control relay
12-unit rackmount kit
Power 5 units from one supply
1·800·426·8434 • • [email protected]
List $170.22
List $87.52
Interface Equipment
No-Nonsense Passive Direct Box
Level Matcher with Dual XLR
and Stereo RCA I/O
Passive doesn't mean wimpy. Built rugged on the
inside and outside, you'll find this direct box in
pro systems everywhere. It converts a line or
instrument level unbalanced signal to a low
impedance mic level balanced signal quickly,
efficiently and quietly. Features: 1/4" parallel wired
in/out jacks, Ground Lift switch to help isolate hum
and buzz, impedance ratio (input to output): 133:1.
List $47.82 $
The Rolls MB15 ProMatch converts consumer
level stereo RCA signals to balanced XLR
professional line level, and back. One side of the
unit has two XLR inputs and stereo RCA outputs.
The other side has stereo RCA inputs and two
XLR outputs. Each side has stereo level controls.
MB15B List $90.00 $
Kills Buzz Dead
Passive Direct Boxes
The PRO-DI is a full-range single channel passive
direct box equipped with custom-made audio
transformers for exceptional signal handling without
saturation and low phase distortion in the bass and
mid regions. Its brilliant clarity and definition make it
ideal for acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards— live or
in the studio.
The Pro-AV1 is a passive direct box that sports a variety
of stereo inputs that are merged via a resistive mixer to
mono, simplifying signal management. It offers a 1/4"
for instruments, RCA and 1/8" connectors for consumer
electronics, and a +4 dB XLR input for pro systems. Its
custom-wound transformers can withstand exceptionally
hot levels while maintaining linearity from 20 Hz-18.5 kHz.
PRO-DI Passive direct box
List $115.00 $99.99
PRO-AV1 Passive stereo direct box List $140.00 $119.99
The 2-channel Rolls Buzz Off eliminates
virtually all ground hum and buzz by simply
inserting it into the audio path. It also
will convert an unbalanced signal into a
balanced signal (and vice-versa).
Versatile AC Transformer
The Philmore ST-200 is a step-up or step-down AC
transformer (110V AC to 220V AC or 220V AC to 110V
AC) with a maximum wattage of 200 watts.
Keeps Hum at Bay
Handy 8-Channel Transformer/Isolator
ART’s Transformer Eight is a totally passive audio interface that uses eight
transformers to separate input and output signal grounds, thereby isolating two
systems and reducing hum and ground-loop noise. Balanced XLR, 1/4" phone, and
RCA type phono connections on all inputs and outputs simultaneously. Perfect as
an interface between your DAW and your monitor system, isolation on long cable
runs, etc.
List $189.00 $
The 2-channel Ebtech Line Level Shifter increases or
decreases signal voltage (-10dBV and +4dBu) without
adding noise. It also converts back and forth between
balanced (+4dBu) and unbalanced (-10dBV) signals
automatically. It boasts Ebtech’s Hum Eliminator technology
to break ground loops that cause AC hum and sports 1/4"
TRS inputs and outputs.
The Ebtech Hum X filters out unwanted voltage and
current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum
while simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground.
Simply place the Hum X on the end of the power cord
of the equipment that has a Ground Loop and plug the
Hum X into the wall outlet.
HUMX List $105.00
Automatically Handles
Signal Voltage
Easiest Way to Get Rid of
Ground Hum
LLS-2 List $110.00
The ART DTI (Dual Transformer/Isolater) is a
passive audio interface that uses a pair of high
performance transformers to separate input and
output signal grounds, for isolating two systems
and reducing hum and ground-loop noise. Its
audio transformers have an extremely flat and wide
frequency response and can handle high signal levels
while maintaining an isolated balanced output. It works with
impedances from 600 Ohms to 100k Ohms and sports XLR, 1/4"
phone, and RCA connections on all inputs and outputs.
DTI List $75.00 $
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wife or upgrade
my RAM?
Eliminate Hum
The Ebtech Eliminator HE2 (2-channel model)
eliminates 60 Hz cycle hum caused by ground loops
and also converts back and forth between balanced
and unbalanced signals at either end. It sports
balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS I/O.
HE2XLR List $125.00
"If you have questions, we'll
have the answers!"
— Gary Beebe, Sales Engineer /Broadcast Veteran
Depend on BSW for the Best Selection and Lowest Prices
StudioHub+ Broadcast Interconnect Made Simple
StudioHub+ from Radio Systems
is designed to be the broadcast
industry's first prewired cabling system
for digital ready operation. With CAT-5
rated shielded twisted pair cables,
StudioHub+ efficiently routes both
analog and digital signals throughout
a facility. StudioHub+ features premade source cables for all types of
studio gear and quick-connect blocks
and peripheral amplifiers to easily
harness all studio gear together.
On-site wiring time is dramatically
reduced due to the true plug and play
nature of StudioHub+. Every system
component quick connects with RJ-45
jacks, and all peripheral products are
phantom powered with the built in
DC-link system.
Complete Console Kits
These convenient and economically
priced console kits boast all the
CAT-5 cable and adapters you'll need
for a large (18-channel), medium
(12-channel) or small (6-channel)
analog or digital console.
Here is a small listing of some of the most popular StudioHub+ Items
SHHP Headphone Amp SHMIC Mic Pre Amp
SHTALENT Talent Panel SHGUEST Guest Panel MJIN Matchjack Input MJOUT Matchjack Output MJSPDIFIN AES/EBU to S/PDIF Converter MJSPDIFOUT S/PDIF to AES/EBU Converter PSWWSH AC Wall Adapter Supply PSEXTU External Power Supply PSCUBE Power Supply Cube Power Inserter
PSWWCUBE Power Supply for PS-CUBE SH1BUT Push Button Panels SH2BUT Push Button Panels
SH3BUT Push Button Panels PATCH48 48 Channel Patch Panel HUB12 12 Channel Break out Box for ASI Cards
HUB16DC 16 Channel RJ-45 Hub MJAD A to D AES/EBU Converter MJDA D to A AES/EBU Converter List: $85.00
List: $80.00
List: $292.00
List: $159.00
List: $75.00
List: $75.00
List: $85.00
List: $85.00
List: $20.00
List: $295.00
List: $65.00
List: $20.00
List: $75.00
List: $100.00
List: $125.00
List: $695.00
List: $195.00
List: $295.00
List: $145.00
List: $145.00
• 4 open collector channel status outputs programmable via burst commands
• 4 SPST relay outputs via burst commands, and 16 input GPI port with LED
• Multi-turn input and output level controls
CONSOLE-KITSM Console Kit Small
CONSOLE-KITMD Console Kit Medium
CONSOLE-KITLG Console Kit Large
List: $295.00 $269.00
List: $375.00 $349.00
List: $495.00 $449.00
BSW now stocks StudioHub+ patch cords and adapters! See us on the web:
Shielded RJ-45 Patch Cords
All StudioHub+ cabling is shielded and CAT-5 certified. Choose from a wide
range of lengths of RJ-45 patch cords for all StudioHub+ connections.
StudioHub + Adapters For Every Need
Use these female adapters in combination with any length of RJ-45 to RJ-45
patch cables to create connector/cable combination of any length.
ADAPTXLRF RJ-45 Female to XLR Female – 8-inch 20.00
ADAPTXLRM RJ-45 Female to XLR Male – 8-inch 20.00
ADAPTTRS RJ-45 Female to 1/4" TRS – 8-inch 20.00
ADAPTM-RCAM RJ-45 Female to RCA – 8-inch 20.00
ADAPTPIGTAIL RJ-45 Female to Pigtail – 8-inch
ADAPTRCA RJ-45 Female to RCA Male – 8-inch
These RJ-45 Male 6-foot adapters are designed for use with Axia Nodes,
Wheatstone Blades, Radio Systems' Platform and Logitek JetStream audio
ADAPTM-XLRF RJ-45 Male to XLR Female – 6-foot 20.00
ADAPTM-XLRF RJ-45 Male to XLR Male – 6-foot 20.00
These adapters are designed for specialized applications.
ADAPT-SUM ADAPTMONO ADAPTST In-line summing adapter
In-line mono adapter Stereo Tee splitter adapter 20.00
1-foot 2-foot 3-foot 5-foot 7-foot 10-foot 12-foot 15-foot 20-foot 25-foot 125-foot $4.00
Convenient Under-Table Mount
Keep your desktop clear with this StudioHub
+ under-table moon mount (headphone amp
shown not included).
BSW Offers Low
Package Pricing!
Call or Email Us with
Your Quote Today for
Discount Pricing!!
1·800·426·8434 • • [email protected]
Handheld Audio Generator and Analyzer
The MR-PRO is a powerful analog audio generator that gives you a full range of analog test signals, including Sine
waveforms, sweep signals, white noise, pink noise and more. With its rotary settings wheel, fast access function keys, a
backlit LCD, illuminated mute button, safety hand strap, jack for external DC power supply and a USB interface for firmware
updates, it delivers versatile, efficient performance every time. Measurement functions include continuous monitoring of the
impedance, signal balance and phantom power of a connected load, and it also functions as a cable analyzer when needed.
The NTI Minilyzer ML1 analyzer continuously measures the audio signal and displays the results on an illuminated highresolution graphical LC-Display. Optional MiniLINK USB interface and software (sold separately) allows data acquisition onto
a PC. Measures: Level RMS, relative; sound pressure level; distortion analyzer (THD+N), k2 - k5 harmonics; VU & PPM meter;
speaker polarity test (for all speaker types); signal balance error; 1/3rd octave spectrum RMS & SPL; and Scope.
List $761.00
List $818.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
USB Link/PC Software for ML1 $419.00
Soft pouch with belt clip
Compact carrying case
Tests 10 Cable Types
The Rolls CS1000 tests ten cable types
including banana, balanced/unbalanced
1/4" and 1/8”, RCA, Neutrik Speakon, XLR
female, XLR male, MIDI (7 or 5 pin DIN), RJ11
(telephone), and RJ45 (Ethernet and CAT-5),
with LED indicators. In addition, the CS1000
features a 1 kHz test tone oscillator and
checks phantom power voltage and polarity
(signals present).
Complete Stereo Signal Test Set
The Dorrough 1200 Stereo Signal Test Set lets you take stereo measurements of
level, balance, cross-talk and signal-to-noise over the entire dynamic range of
your audio system from noise floor to clipping. The set includes a pair of input
amplifiers, a 30 dB step precision attenuator, two B scale VU meters (measured in 1
dB increments over a 40 dB range) and two buffered monitor outputs.
The 1200 is a 2U rackmount instrument, allowing instant dynamic monitoring of
audio levels, balance, cross-talk, system gain, signal-to-noise ratios and program
"center-channel build-up". Verifying proper polarity and balance of stereo
broadcast lines is a primary application. Two Loudness Meters are provided. Each
feature backlit scales, a dB scale, with 1 dB increments from -36 to +3 dB, and a
separate scale for Modulation, from 0 to 125%. Peaks are simultaneously indicated,
with lightning speed, as a single LED which rides the crest of the waveform.
List $160.00
Handy Cable Testers
With the Whirlwind Qbox, you can
send a tone or signal over any XLR line.
This battery-powered unit has a mic,
speaker, test tone generator, headphone
jack, a 1/4" jack for line in and LEDs for
confirming phantom power. The Tester
provides cable testing with XLR, 1/4" and
phono plugs.
List $195.02 $179.00
List $71.94
Function, Range, and Attenuation controls are set in tandem with the meters
to achieve all measurements. Left and right channels are input via loop-thru
XLR connectors or a parallel barrier strip. The back-panel also sports a line-level
1/4" stereo output for connection to a scope. A front mounted amplified, stereo
headphone jack is also provided for monitoring.
1200 List $1,650.00 Contact BSW For Lowest Prices
Fully Loaded Cable Tester
With a connection set that includes XLR, 1/4",
RCA, 1/8”, TT and MIDI, the Ebtech Swizz Army
can be used to tell the exact wiring of any cable
or adaptor. It also features test tone generation,
phantom power detect and grounded XLR
shield detect.
Advanced SPL Meter
The Galaxy Audio CM150 sound pressure level meter features
a built-in electret condenser microphone and offers an RS232 interface, graph indicator, auto ranging (30-130 dB), AC/
DC signal output and more.
CM150 List $339.99 $
Low Tack Console Tape
Knowing who's who while recording them is always a good
thing. So is not having ugly residue on your channel strips. This is
what you need. Low tack. Bright white. Write on it, and peel it off
with no side-effects when you're done. White, 1" wide.
Gaffer’s Tape in Assorted Colors
On every gaffer's wish list: high quality 2-inch wide tape in a
180-foot roll. Available in white, black and yellow.
GFT-447WH White $19.95
GFT-447BK Black $19.95
GFT-447YE Yellow $19.95
5% spray DeoxIT
contains a fast-acting
deoxidizing solution
designed for use as a
general treatment for
connectors, contacts,
and other metal
surfaces. More than a
contact cleaner, DeoxIT
chemically improves
electrical connections.
List $15.95
Depend on BSW for the Best Selection and Lowest Prices
List $199.00 99
Fader Lube
DeoxIT FaderLube
spray contains a
precision lubricant
designed for use
on conductive
plastic and carbon
compound controls.
It is also ideal for
use on conductive
membrane switches
and components.
List $15.95
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