2 x 2 Mic/Line Preamp and VCA The Atlas Sound TSD

2 x 2 Mic/Line Preamp and VCA The Atlas Sound TSD
2 x 2 Mic/Line Preamp and VCA
The Atlas Sound TSD-ML22VCA is a 2 input, 2 output true
VCA with enhanced features including a high quality microphone
pre amplifier. VCA's inserted prior to amplification provides a far
more efficient solution than transformer-based attenuators for
volume adjustment in high power music applications. The
dual channel design can provide level control for two separate
discrete zones or stereo sources and is perfect for use in sports bars,
restaurants, hotels or other installations. The TSD-ML22VCA also
provides two high quality, low noise mic pre-amps, which allows
simplification of designs that require remote microphone level
adjustment. Switchable phantom power is provided for powering
condenser microphones and a 12dB/octave @ 125Hz high pass filter
is available on each mic input to minimize bass rumble and low
frequency feedback in the system ensuring focus and clarity for the
voice spectrum. The TSD-ML22VCA is highly efficient and meets
Energy Star standards as one 24V DC power supply can power
multiple Atlas Time Saving Devices (available separately)
True VCA For Remote Volume Control of Mic or Line Sources
Two (2) Mic/Line Inputs
All I/O Via Phoenix Style Connectors
High Quality Microphone Preamp with Switchable 24V Phantom
12dB/Octave Low Cut Filter @ 125Hz
Input Signal & Peak LED's
High Gain Output for Driving Long Balanced Lines
Separate Ground Connections
Security Covers Included for All Front Panel Controls
Meets Energy Star Standard
Input Impedance
1.2K ohms Balanced, 600 ohms Unbalanced
Phantom Power 24VDC Defeatable, Low Cut Filter 125Hz/12dB
Defeatable Line Input Level 1V (0dBV) Balanced 2V (+6dBV) Balanced
Mic Input Level 46dB Gain 10mV (-40dBV) Balanced = 2V(+6dbV)
Balanced Output. Output Impedance 300 ohms Balanced, 150 ohms
Unbalanced Line Output Level 1V (0dBV) In = 2V (+6dBV)
Mic Output Level 10mV (-40dBV) In = 80mV (-21dBV)
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