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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Open CASCADE Technology and Products ver. 6.9.0

Release Notes


Open CASCADE Technology and Products version 6.9.0 is a minor release, which includes about 400 improvements and bug fixes over the previous release 6.8.0.

Version 6.9.0 is binary incompatible with the previous versions of Open CASCADE Technology and

Products, so applications linked against a previous version must be recompiled to run with this Version 6.9.0. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s


Modeling algorithms:

Fuzzy Boolean operations - possibility to specify global tolerance for a Boolean operation;

Support of multiple arguments for a single Boolean operation;

Improved performance and thread safety;

Shape proximity detector;

Revised usage of Closed flag in shapes;

Precise evaluation of edge tolerance;

Additional options to tune BRepMesh algorithm;

More robust algorithms of surface-surface intersection and curve on surface projection;

Improved support of user feedback messages in Shape Processing;

New tool to eliminate small solids in ShapeFix;


Redesign of selection mechanism for better performance;

OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility improvements;

Support of OpenGL viewer on iOS and ray tracing on OS X;

Robust implementation of immediate mode using FBO;

Option to disable automatic re-triangulation of shapes on display;

Data Exchange:

Reconstruction of p-curves optimized to accelerate import from STEP;

Colors of edges and faces are written to IGES 5.3;

Orientation of faces is preserved on export to IGES 5.1;

Export to STL and VRML 2.0 corrected;


Support of parallelism without TBB library;

64-bit mode becomes default on Windows;

Improved stability of performance measurements in tests;


Express Mesh : improved quality of mesh near face boundary;

C# and Java wrappers: Support of SWIG 3.x;

DXF Import: Reading of the recent DXF versions with ACIS data encoded in binary form;

ACIS SAT Import: Reading of SAB (Standard ACIS Binary) files.


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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Table of Contents


Foundation Classes

Modeling Data

Modeling Algorithms


Application Framework

Data Exchange



Shape Healing







Advanced Samples

Express Mesh

Mesh Framework

Surfaces from Scattered Points

Collision Detection

DXF/ACIS SAT Import / Export

New features

Shape Proximity Detector

Fuzzy Boolean Operations

Boolean Operations with Multiple Arguments

Porting to version 6.9.0

Changes in Selection

Changes in Adaptor3d_Curve class

Changes in V3d_View class

Supported Platforms and Pre-requisites

































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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s


Foundation Classes








Summary: Impossible to open files containing localization characters in the name.


has been corrected to allow opening and saving files containing localization characters in the name.

Summary: Wrapping of parallelization algorithms.

Simple primitives have been implemented to parallelize loops of types for and foreach

. The primitives encapsulate complete logic for creating and managing parallel context of loops. They can also serve as wrapper for TBB library primitives.

To use them, is necessary to implement a TBB like interface based on functors. If a parallelized loop iterates on the collections with direct access by index (such as Vector or Array), it is more efficient to use the primitive ParallelFor because it has no critical section.

Summary: Updates of PLib::EvalPolynomial for code acceleration.

The functions PLib::EvalPolynomial and PLib::NoDerivativeEvalPolynomial have been refactored to work faster:

Iteration by degree is made in the outer loop;

Pointer arithmetic is avoided;

Recursive templates are used to expand loop by dimension in specific cases.


: TKernel, OSD_Timer running state.

- do not accumulate error in timer within queries in

The methods OSD_Timer::ElapsedTime(), OSD_Timer::Show() and


have been fixed to avoid accumulation of error due to queries in running state.

Summary: SIGSEGV in TKMath when computing max tolerance of curve on surface.


class has been corrected to avoid trying to compute a function out of domain of definition. math_Recipes::LU_Decompose

now works with arguments NaN, Inf and Ind.

Summary: TKernel, NCollection_UtfIterator - fix iteration of surrogate pairs in


Iteration of surrogate pairs in UTF-16 has been fixed in NCollection_UtfIterator.

Summary: Possible memory leaks in BRepGProp_Vinert and BRepGProp_Sinert.

The classes RepGProp_Sinert and BRepGProp_Vinert have been refactored:

All static variables have been removed.

Common functionality connected with Gauss integration has been moved to the new BRepGProp_Gauss class. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s



Summary: Non reentrant (and hence non-thread-safe) math_RealRandom /


Classes math_IntegerRandom and math_RealRandom and method math_Recipes::Random2

have been removed. Class math_BullardGenerator is used instead.

Summary: Define HashCode() for an unsigned int within armv7 target.


has been modified to avoid using _NSGetEnviron() on iOS.

Modeling Data








Summary: SplitShape produces shape with incorrectly parameterized periodic 3D curve.

Additional flag theAdjustPeriodic has been added in constructors and methods


of classes Geom_TrimmedCurve and Geom2d_TrimmedCurve to indicate whether adjustment of the range on the periodic curve to be inside the first period is necessary.

Summary: BRepTools::Clean() cleans all edge polygons, even related to different shapes.

The method BRepTools::Clean() has been modified to iterate on edges and clean associated polygons only on triangulations related to faces composing the given shape.

Summary: GCPnts_TangentialDeflection gives incorrect distribution of points.

Handling of the last point has been improved in method


. Now the interval is checked with this point instead of adding it to the output set of points.

Summary: TopLoc_Location::Transformation() provokes data races.

The class TopLoc_Location has become thread-safe. Unused methods have been removed.

Summary: The command crvtpoints return wrong deflection in output.

The algorithm PSO + Newton Minimum has been implemented for deflection computation in GeometryTest_CurveCommands.

Summary: Specification of semantic of Closed flag of an edge.

The use of Closed flag has been unified throughout OCCT:

This flag is meaningful for TopoDS_Wire and TopoDS_Shell only, because these entities may hedge an area in 2D space or a volume in 3D space correspondingly;

Other types of TopoDS shapes should not have this flag;

The change of this flag is controlled by high-level algorithms (not



The check of closed state of edges is added in method BRep_Tool::IsClosed(). An edge is closed if and only if its first and last vertices are the same. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s





Summary: SIGSEGV after making a BSplineCurve rational.

The exception arising after conversion of a non-rational B-spline to rational has been eliminated in method Geom2d_BSplineCurve::ValidateCache().

New command setweight has been implemented in DRAW to change weights of Bsplines.

Summary: Buffer overrun in TopTools_ShapeSet::Read.

The method TopTools_ShapeSet::Read has been corrected to avoid reading/writing out of array bounds.

Summary: Close B-Spline knots are merged after save/restore or export/import.

The minimum precision used to consider B-Spline knots as identical has been increased to Precision::PConfusion() in method Geom2d_BSplineCurve::Segment().

Summary: BRep_Tool::IsClosed failed to judge a closed edge on



The argument TopLoc_Location has been added in the signature of method


. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Modeling Algorithms









Summary: ShapeFix projector makes 2d curves with oscillations.

The case of uneven point distribution is now taken into account in class



Summary: BRepBuilderAPI_Copy (and possibly other similar tools) create new shape in Frozen state.

The flag Frozen is now set to false for top-level shapes created by



Summary: Approximation of p-curve by 2D line.

The new method ShapeConstruct_ProjectCurveOnSurface::getLine() checks if the projected p-curve can be approximated by a straight line. This is done before full-scale projection, to improve the performance.

If it is straight, a pcurve is created as Line only if it will have the same range parameterization as a 3D curve; otherwise a Bspline of degree 1 is created.

Re-approximation of linear pcurves by Bsplines has been removed from



Summary: Boolean operation hanging.

The walking algorithm has been fixed in method IntWalk_Pwalking::Perform() to improve work of Boolean operations with mirror solids.

Summary: No section curve between plane and cone.

The tolerance of solution point has been increased according to the precision of intersection in method IntStart_SearchOnBoundaries::PointProcess().

Summary: Wrong result done by Boolean Operation algorithm.

The following improvements have been introduced in Boolean Operations algorithm:

Creation of intersection vertices is now avoided in class


if the intersection lies ON the face boundary.

New method IntTools_Context::IsPointInFace() has been implemented to check if the point is IN the face.

Method IntTools_EdgeEdge::FindBestSolution() now processes the touching cases.

Summary: Exception is raised during projection of the curve on the surface.

The algorithm trimming periodic curves has been changed in method


. Now the curve is trimmed in the surface boundaries.

Improve the result of v/v interference for two vertices case.

The case of vertex/vertex interference is now taken into account by method



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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










Summary: Wrong result done by projection algorithm.

The projection algorithm ProjLib_ComputeApprox has been modified to project the whole curve without extension of the result.

Classes AppCont_Function and AppCont_FunctionTool have been united into class AppCont_Function, which also provides information about periodicity.

Summary: Removal of continuity checks for offset geometries.

It has become possible to create an offset curve/surface with C0-continuity if it actually has a G1-continuity. The checks for curves or surfaces, which are defined as C0 but have G1 continuity, have been added in methods SetBasisCurve and


from Geom_OffsetCurve class.

The flag isNotCheckC0 has been added to constructors of classes

Geom2d_OffsetCurve, Geom_OffsetCurve

and Geom_OffsetSurface to disable check of continuity (i.e. an offset can be built from a C0-curve/surface); however an unexpected or even invalid result can be obtained. Use this option carefully.

Summary: Bad Intersection curve obtained by Surface/Surface Intersection Algorithm.

Condition on exit from loop has been corrected in method



Tolerance of confusion for vertices on curve has been increased in method


to avoid loops on curve.

Summary: Test case hangs in Debug mode on Debian60-64 platform.

Infinite loop arising during projection of a curve on surface has been eliminated in method Approx_ComputeCLine::Perform().

Summary: Provide shape proximity detector.

Shape proximity detector has been implemented in new classes


and BrepExtrema_ShapeProximity – see


Features section.

Summary: Wrong section curve.

The following improvements have been introduced to obtain better section curves:

Restriction line is processed in IntTools_FaceFace using methods of



It is now checked in IntPatch_ImpPrmIntersection class if Restriction- and

Walking-lines (or Restriction-Restriction lines) coincide.

It is now checked in IntPatch_ImpImpIntersection class if Rline and



New class IntPatch_PointLine inherited from IntPatch_Line has been implemented.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by MakerVolume operator.

The method BOPTools_AlgoTools::FindPointInFace now starts binormal calculation from the point located outside of the tolerance circle of the edge. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s












Summary: Excess vertex in result of General Fuse operation.

The parametric size of the contact zone between vertex and face has been changed in method IntTools_EdgeFace::CheckTouchVertex.

Summary: Common operation returns wrong shape.

The face index has been added in post-treatment map in method


Summary: BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet fails on customer’s shape when a small radius of fillet is given.

The confusion tolerance is now defined taking into account the edge tolerance in the local function isTangentFaces of ChFi3d_Builder.

Summary: SIGSEGV in BrepFill_Sweep::BuildShell.

The problem with exception caused by the degenerated first edge in the generated sweep has been fixed in BrepFill_Sweep.

Summary: BOPAlgo_CheckerSI reports an error on the given shape.

The value of testing parameter has been changed for cases of infinite curves in method



Summary: BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections fails on a wing with 11 sections.

The algorithm inserting new knots has been corrected in method


to avoid different processing of confusing knots from section to section.

Summary: Excess vertex in the result of CUT operation.

Methods ClearVertexes(), RemoveVertex(…) and InsertVertexBefore(…) have been added in class IntPatch_Wline.

Summary: GeomConvert_ApproxSurface should have a constructor for adaptors.

Constructors for Adaptor3d_Surface objects have been implemented in classes and

GeomConvert_ApproxCurve, GeomConvert_ApproxSurface



Summary: Wrong result of COMMON operation.

The method BOPAlgo_BuilderFace::PerformAreas() has been fixed to correct splitting of infinite faces.

Summary: Boolean Operations with additional tolerance – Fuzzy Boolean operations.

Fuzzy Boolean operations allow performing Boolean operations on the shapes with close coincidence between the entities of these shapes, i.e. between shapes in which some entities from one shape are intended to coincide with some entities from the other, but

the coincidence is not precise. See also New Features section.


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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s











The optional additional tolerance (Fuzzy Logic) been added to the following classes:

BOPAlgo_ArgumentAnalyzer, BOPAlgo_BOP,BOPAlgo_Builder,

BOPAlgo_MakerVolume, BOPAlgo_PaveFiller,BOPDS_DS,

BRepAlgoAPI_BooleanOperation, BRepAlgoAPI_Check,

BRepAlgoAPI_Common, BRepAlgoAPI_Cut, BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse


. and

Two new classes BRepAlgoAPI_Algo and BRepAlgoAPI_BuilderAlgo have been introduced to provide the root interface for algorithms.

Summary: Incorrect result of BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipe.

The algorithm of elimination of inner locations of profiles has been corrected in method



Summary: Extrema_GenExtPS needs to be optimized.

Cache usage has been improved in class Extrema_GenExtPS.

Summary: Wrong result of two trimmed cylinders intersection.

New function IntSurf_PntOn2S::IsSame returns TRUE if 2D- and 3D-coordinates of theOuterPoint

are equal to the corresponding coordinates of me (with given tolerance). It is forbidden to insert additional points if the existing Wline contains only two coinciding points.

Summary: BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset algorithm crashes on a shape with a big offset value.

Method BrepFill_OffsetWire::UpdateDetromp has been modified to provide correct processing of GeomAbs_Intersection mode.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by projection algorithm.

The calculation of the last parameter of curve projected to a surface of revolution, if the curve is intersected with the axis of revolution has been changed in method



Summary: Exception raised during projection curve on surface.

The method ProjLib_PrjResolve::ProjLib_PrjResolve has been modified to avoid moving the projected point to the surface boundary.

Summary: General Fuse produces self-intersection shape.

A misprint has been fixed in method BOPAlgo_BuilderSolid::PerformAreas().

Summary: Wrong shape considered as valid by checkshape.

New class BrepCheck_Solid has been implemented. It checks the following features of solids:

Shells that overlap each other;

Detached parts of the solid (vertices, edges) that have non-internal orientation

Shells containing entities of the solid that are outside of the shells

Shells that enclose other Shells www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s











Summary: Difference in intersection result on Windows and Linux platform is very significant.

New method ApproxInt_MultiLine::Dump provides dump of multi-lines. The method IntPatch_Wline::Dump() has been modified to show dump of Wlines with more precision.

Summary: Wrong result of classification of a point relative to solid.

It is now checked in BrepClass3d_Sclassifier and


if the point found by Extrema is placed inside the face.

This avoids searching for an additional inner point.

Summary: Draw command openoffset fails on the shape with big values of offset.

Trimming of newly created edges has been corrected in some functions of



Summary: It is impossible to restore attached shape.

The condition at which the last knot is added has been corrected in method



Summary: SIGSEGV in thrusections with edge without 3D curve.

BrepFill_Generator now sets the algorithm flag NotDone if there is a nondegenerated edge with an absent 3D curve.

Summary: SIGSEGV in BrepSweep_Rotation in case of singularities.

The check for degenerated edges has been added in method



Summary: SIGSEGV in thrusections of circle segments.

Creating a loft between the two circular edges causes a SIGSEGV.

Use of trimmed circular curves has been implemented in method



Summary: Wrong result obtained by PerformInfinitePoint Test.

Periodicity of B-spline surfaces when calculating UV-bounds is now additionally checked in method BrepTools::AddUVBounds.

Summary: Command mkshell produces wrong shell.

New method BrepLib_MakeFace::IsDegenerated has been implemented to check whether the edge is degenerated or not. The produced degenerated edges are checked by method BrepLib_MakeShell::Init.

Summary: Bad result of Fillet operation.

The method Blend_Walking::InternalPerform has been improved to precise the construction of fillet surface near its boundaries. www.

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opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s






Summary: Number of intersection points for 2d curves depends on the order of arguments in command 2dintersect.

The command 2dintersect has been modified to make the results of creation of polygons independent from the order of arguments.

Summary: GCPnts_TangentialDeflection creates wrong point distribution for visualization.

The check of small step after adding a new point has been implemented in method


to prevent possible jump over the local splash.

Summary: Invalid curve on surface in the result of General Fuse operation.

The following features have been implemented to improve the results of General Fuse operation

New class BrepLib_CheckCurveOnSurface allows calculating the maximum distance between 3D curve and its 2d representation on the face (previously it was done by static methods in BOPTools_AlgoTools class).

The method BOPTools_AlgoTools::ComputeTolerance and


have been implemented for easy access to this functionality.

The case of Plane/Bspline intersection now can be processed by method



Method BOPAlgo_PaveFiller::UpdateFaceInfo now takes into account new vertices created in PostTreatFF to update Face Information.

Summary: Wrong result of Boolean FUSE operation.

The algorithm BOPTools_AlgoTools::FindPointInFace finding a point in the face now works correctly in the case if the start and projected points are close to each other.

The min 3D step has been increased for spherical faces in method



Summary: Provide API access to the new functionalities of Boolean Components.

The following methods have been implemented to provide API access to new functionalities of Boolean Components:


BOPAlgo_PaveFiller::SetArguments and set arguments through




provides object construction using BOPAlgo_PaveFiller object.


allows setting arguments.


provides access to the arguments.

BRepAlgoAPI_BooleanOperation::SetTools provides access to the tools.



BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse::BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse and provide object

BRepAlgoAPI_Section::BRepAlgoAPI_Section construction using BOPAlgo_PaveFiller object.

Classes QANewModTopOpe_Glue and QANewModTopOpe_Intersection have become consistent with modifications in BRepAlgoAPI package. www.

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opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 12 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










The method BRepAlgoAPI::DumpOper has been removed. Its functionality is now provided by the file BRepAlgoAPI_BooleanOperation.cxx

Methods BOPTest::APICommands and BOPTest::OptionCommands provide the following tcl commands to launch the algorithms implemented in BRepAlgoAPI package using DRAWEXE application:

 bapibuild r

performs General Fuse algorithm. r is the result of the operation;

 bapibop r type

performs Boolean Operation algorithm: type can take the following values: 0 – common, 1 – fuse, 2 – cut, 3 –cut21, 4 – section;

 boptions

dumps the state of current options;

 brunparallel [0/1]

switches between the parallel [1] and sequential [0] mode of computations;

 bfuzzyvalue

value sets the fuzzy value.

Summary: Boolean COMMON cannot be built.


now performs projection with the tolerance of the edge.

Summary: Bounding box is too big for the face.

Start and finish indexes of poles have been fixed in case of trimmed Bspline surface in method BndLib_AddSurface::TreatInfinitePlane.

Summary: Wrong result of 2D-extrema between two ellipses.

Lipschitz constant evaluation in case of co-parametrized objects has been corrected in the class math_GlobOptMin.

Summary: Bad result of Fillet operation.

The method ChFi3d_Builder_C1::Update has been corrected to obtain correct 2d curves built by fillet algorithm.

Summary: Project command produces a wrong 2D curve.

The starting point of Newton optimization has been changed in method



Summary: Project command produces a wrong 2D curve.

The concatenation algorithm in class ProjLib_ComputeApproxOnPolarSurface has been fixed to work with periodic Bspline surfaces.

Summary: Expand math_PSO class description.

The description of class math_PSO has been extended with information about “step by step” algorithm, which helps to determine its domain of applicability.

Summary: Improvement of Boolean operations.

The method IntPolyh_MaillageAffinage::TriContact() now avoids creating local objects for detailed analysis if the algorithm exits by simple conditions checked at the beginning. www.

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opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 13 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s













Summary: Problem with fillet symmetry on two perpendicular cylinders.

Classes ChFi3d_Builder and Blend_Walking now bind the boundaries of the fillet surface with boundaries and geometric form of the initial shape.

Summary: BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset: incorrect processing.


function from BrepFill_OffsetWire now enlarges offset edges as much as possible in GeomAbs_Intersection mode to provide their intersection.

Summary: GeomAPI_ExtremaCurveCurve does not return all intersection points.

The class Math_GlobOptMin has been improved to expand coefficients between neighboring indexes and to change the starting condition of local optimization.


in Get rid of static variable islambdadefined


The static variable islambdadefined has become a non-static field member in class



Summary: Intersection between cylinders produces excess vertices.

New function IsSeamOrBound from class IntPatch_Intersection allows checking if a point lies on a seam-edge (if exists) or surface boundaries.

Summary: Unstable work of tests.

Stable work of the algorithm BrepAlgo_Loop has been provided by replacing DataMap collections with List and/or IndexedDataMap, which makes iterations independent on the memory addresses.

All fields have been initialized in the default constructor of Extrema_PonSurf.

Summary: Boolean operations crash.

Class math_BFGS has been modified to avoid calling Perform() in its constructor. It must be called explicitly.

Summary: Incorrect code of math classes can lead to unpredicted behavior of algorithms.

The constructors & destructors of classes math_BissecNewton, math_BrentMinimum, math_FRPR, math_FunctionSetRoot, math_NewtonFunctionSetRoot, math_NewtonMinimum

and math_Powell have been modified to avoid calling virtual methods.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by Common operator.

Processing of internal edges has been added in method BOPTools_Set::Add.

Summary: BrepOffset_MakeOffset() produces wrong result for join type


Functions Correct2dPoint and DefineConnectType have been added in class


to improve processing of intersection cases by the offset algorithm. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 14 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s












Summary: Wrong solid is considered as valid by checkshape.

Processing of shells with INTERNAL faces has been added in method



Summary: Partition of 2 shapes stresses a performance issue.

The following changes have been implemented to improve the performance of partition algorithm in class IntPatch_ImpImpIntersection:

The algorithms computing aStepU1 and a point in V-boundaries computing have been improved.

The situation when the intersection line walks along V-boundary of a cylinder is processed better.

The intersection lines are created with their individual step along U1 parameter.

Processing of points has been moved to the assembly level.

The interface to convert gp_XY(Z) has been added in class math_Vector.

New option [-d], which allows storing the intermediate result of the operation, has been added for commands bfuseblend and bcutblend.

Summary: Excessive memory use in math_Matrix.

The class math_DoubleTab has been modified to statically allocate only 16 items for local buffer. Indirection table has been removed from math_DoubleTab.

Summary: Distmini returns wrong solution for ellipse/vertex.

Analytical handling of degenerated cases has been added in method math_TrigonometricFunctionRoots::Perform


Summary: Exception in BrepAlgo_Section.

Protection from null wlines has been added in method



Summary: Replace BOPCol_Array1 with Ncollection_Vector.

New method Ncollection_BaseVector::SetIncrement allows setting the size of increment dynamically (not in the constructor). Class BOPCol_Array1 has been removed. Classes from BOPDS package have been modified accordingly.

Summary: Checkshape raises an exception Standard_OutOfMemory.

Memory leak has been fixed in method BrepCheck_Wire::Propagate.

Summary: The result of intersection between two cylinders is incorrect.

The algorithm computing the intersection line (in case of cylinders with two parallel axes) has been changed in method IntAna_QuadQuadGeo::Perform.

Summary: Parallelization of BOP Builder algorithm on the second level.

Method BOPAlgo_Builder::FillIn3Dparts has been modified to provide parallel processing. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 15 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s









Summary: Exception in extrema operation.

The algorithm computing the number of analytic intersection points has been corrected in method Extrema_ExtElCS::Perform.

Summary: IntTools_FaceFace throws Standard_ConstructionError with two unbounded planes.

Processing of infinite planes has been corrected in method



Summary: Bad result of BOP cut on valid shapes.

The algorithm adjusting parameter to the surface boundaries has been changed in class



First and

Last parameters are controlled in function



Summary: BRepAlgoAPI_Section fails for a solid and a face depending on order of arguments.

Additional analysis is performed in the class IntPatch_PrmPrmIntersection to decide if it is necessary to reject the current line.

If Walking-lines coincide, the longer line or the one containing more points is kept

(because it is most likely to be more precise).

Summary: Wrong result obtained by General Fuse operator.

Method BOPTools_AlgoTools::GetFaceOff has been modified to compare angles using the angular tolerance value.

Summary: Incorrect edge displaying.

Handling of cases when the chordal deviation of the displayed edge is much greater than the deflection has been improved in methods

GCPnts_TangentialDeflection::PerformCurve and



Summary: Wrong intersection 2D-curves obtained for pair of faces.

Handling of degenerated parametrization (such as sphere) has been added in method



Summary: Wrong result obtained by General Fuse operator.

The following improvements have been implemented in General Fuse operator:

Intended set of VE interferences has been refined in method


to avoid unwanted overlaps of pave blocks.

Increment of VE and VF interferences can be initialized in methods

BOPAlgo_PaveFiller::ForceInterfVE and


correspondingly. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 16 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










Summary: Incorrect result of open offset on single edge based on Bspline curve.

A particular case of single Bspline curve is now properly processed in function


from BrepFill_OffsetWire.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by projection algorithm.

Handling of trimmed analytical surfaces has been added in method



Summary: Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve returns only one intersection point instead of two intersection points.

The domain of circle has been extended in method


to include all possible solutions.

Summary: Fuzzy Boolean operations fail with multiple tools.

New method BOPTools_AlgoTools2D::AttachExistingPCurve has been added to attach P-Curve on face from one edge to another. This mechanism is now used for processing of E/E common bocks in method



Summary: BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell produces invalid result.

The field myMaxSegments is now initialized in the class BrepFill_PipeShell in the same way as in constructor of BrepFill_Pipe.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by projection algorithm.

The current iteration approximation is now used in method


if necessary.

Summary: Invalid pipe construction.

Recognition of a particular cylindrical has been added in local function


from GeomFill_Sweep.

Summary: Intersection algorithm produces overlapped curves.

New function IntImp_Int2S::ChangePoint() has been implemented to return the intersection point enabled for changing.

The walking algorithm tries to forbid breaking WLine if it goes along surface boundary.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by projection algorithm.

The following improvements have been implemented in the projection algorithm:

Method ProjLib_CompProjectedCurve::Init() now can process the case when the algorithm of projection to Bspline surface returns a null 2d curve;

Approximation of the next step has been changed in the default projection algorithm;

Special handling of a surface of revolution has been added in method


. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s












Summary: BRepOffsetAPI_NormalProjection fails to projection an edge on a face.

Method ProjLib_CompProjectedCurve::Init() has been fixed to improve processing in case of trimmed parameters.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by intersection algorithm.

The walking algorithm has been improved in method IntWalk_Pwalking::Perform.

Summary: BSpline (U2 < U1) in HLRBRep_HLRToShape.

The hidden line removal algorithm has been improved to provide correct projection.

Summary: Failed Cut Edge or Face by HalfSpace.

The following modifications have been introduced to improve cutting of edges or faces by


New method IntTools_Context::BndBox returns a reference to the bounding box of the shape.

New method IntTools_Context::IsInfiniteFace returns true if the face has infinite bounds.


BOPAlgo_BuilderFace::PerformAreas() and


now include unrestricted faces in the list of areas and loops correspondingly.

Summary: BRepBuilderAPI_Transform is not thread safe.

The method BRepBuilderAPI::ModifiedShape() now returns a shape by value, not by reference.

Summary: Exception in intersection operation.

Processing of overlapping curves has been improved in method



Summary: Variable BRepMesh_PairOfIndex::Prepend assigned twice.

Index assignment has been corrected in method BrepMesh_PairOfIndex::Prepend.

Summary: Formatting/logic mismatch in GeomPlate_Surface::SetBounds.

A sequence of condition statements has been expressed more logically in method


Summary: Wrong result obtained by 2D classifier algorithm.

The method IntTools_Fclass2d::Init now checks if derivative angles are near to

PI and avoids express treatment of such wires.

Summary: Conversion of an offset face from a spline into a spline face hangs-up the application.

The algorithm of offset surface approximation has been improved in method


. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s











Summary: Wrong result obtained by projection algorithm.

The algorithm ProjLib_CompProjectedCurve::Init() now takes into account the cases when projection cannot be performed for non-analytical and non-spline surfaces.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by General Fuse operator.

New method BOPTools_AlgoTools2D::AdjustPCurveOnFace uses the reference to BrepAdaptor_Surface object as parameter to avoid redundant computations such as BrepTools::UVBounds().

Summary: Method Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve::Segment() requires a revision.

The method Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve::Segment() has been has been fixed to return correct 2D curves in many cases.

Summary: Wrong intersection 2D-curves obtained for pair of faces.

The method ProjLib_ComputeApprox::Function_SetUVBounds has ceased to adjust to the interval boundaries the points of 2D curve found by the intersection algorithm.

Summary: BRepPrimAPI_MakeRevol crash.

Processing of the case when the line of a body of rotation is a trimmed curve has been corrected in method BrepSweep_Rotation::SetGeneratingPCurve.

Summary: Wrong result done by extrema for the circle and plane.

The Extrema algorithm has been corrected in class Extrema_ExtElCS for the case of intersection between a circle and a plane.

Summary: GeomLib_Tool::Parameter method fails.

The formulas for calculation of hyperbola have been improved in class GeomLib_Tool.

Summary: Distmini of two edges locks up.

The method Extrema_GenExtCC::Perform() has been refactored to avoid an inefficient algorithm of duplicate points removal. Instead, duplications are checked when new points are added.

Fields are now initialized in constructors of the class Extrema_GenExtCC; unused classes Extrema_ELCC and Extrema_ELCC2d have been removed.

Summary: Correction for Canonical Recognition product.

A case of empty handle usage has been fixed in class BrepTopAdaptor_TopolTool.

Summary: Wrong result obtained by General Fuse operator.

The minimum of two available values is now used in class


for classification. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s




Summary: The result of General Fuse operation is a self-interfered shape.

The method BOPTools_AlgoTools::IntersectCurves2d now checks the validity of 2D intersection before applying the result.

Summary: Exception is raised during perform of General Fuse operation.

The method BOPAlgo_WireSplitter::RefineAngle2D has been protected against null vector.

Summary: Implement fast sewing algorithm.

A special “fast sewing” algorithm, which is much faster than the general-purpose sewing, has been implemented in class BRepBuilderAPI_FastSewing and Draw command fastsewing


The fast sewing algorithm works as follows:

Since all sewn faces use natural restriction, only a list of surfaces


is required at input.

If the information about neighbors for each patch is available for your application, then it can be used to join faces. If not the algorithm restores this information from a flat list of surfaces by geometrical comparison of some points on patch borders.

For each surface in the list, the algorithm directly constructs 4 valid edges that join it with the neighbor faces.

New method BrepLib::EnsureNormalConsistency() provides an algorithm allowing to ensure that shape triangulation has consistent normals at the connections between faces. The algorithm computes all normals, stores them in


objects in the faces, and checks the edges between each two faces. If the angle between normals at the same point is less than the threshold (0.1° by default) the normal is replaced by average.

This functionality is accessible in Draw via command correctnormals. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s















Summary: Prevent multiple triangulating of a shape that already has been triangulated.

New flag IsAutoTriangulated has been added to Prs3d_Drawer. If this flag is


(by default) automatic re-triangulation will be applied with deflection-check logic.

If it is disabled, the application can handle triangulation by itself avoiding possible side effects of automatic procedure.

New parameter –autoTriang has been added in vdefaults command to control the new functionality within Draw.

Summary: TKOpenGl – primitive arrays to become the only way to render geometry.

The packages TKOpenGl and TKV3d have been revised to make primitive arrays

(hardware-accelerated when VBO support is available) the only way to render geometry

The old code drawing some objects (e.g. a capping plane or a trihedron in wireframe mode) without using primitive arrays has been removed.

Summary: Redesign of selection mechanism.

New efficient selection algorithms including a 3-level BVH tree and calculation of selection in 3D space have been implemented for 3D selection instead of the old resource-consuming mechanism based on software projection of sensitive entities onto the current screen plane (updated on each rotation). The following modifications have been introduced:

Intersection checks have been moved to SelectMgr_BaseFrustum descendants;


are now shared between local and global contexts;

Transformations of sensitive entities are now stored in


only. Sensitive entities are independent from to transformations, which are


instance only; applicable

Connected and multi-connected interactive objects are now represented by their child objects only for SelectMgr_SelectionManager;

If an interactive object has child objects, they are now stored as separate objects in SelectMgr_SelectionManager.

Two modes of rectangular selection are now available: selection of only the objects that are fully included in the rectangle and selection of all objects overlapped by the triangle.

The method StdSelect_ViewerSelector3d::AllowOverlapDetection allows switching between these modes. The corresponding option -allowoverlap has been added to command vselect.

In Draw, the interactive rectangular selection is available in 2 modes:

If the user starts selection from upper corners, only fully included objects are selected;

If the user starts selection from lower corners, both partially and fully overlapped objects are selected.

See also Porting to version 6.9.0

section for some useful recommendations.


opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s























Summary: Implement a more general way for rendering of immediate objects.

The application is now able to define its own immediate objects in neutral context by assigning them to a predefined Z-layer.

Summary: Use FBO for layer with immediate objects.

The new implementation of immediate mode (for temporary and highly-interactive objects) based on FBO usage eliminates possible artifacts caused by the previous implementation and allows using this functionality on a system without the possibility to draw directly into front buffer (e.g. Android).

Summary: Fix multiple Aspect_ColorScale usage issues.

The following changes have been introduced in class Aspect_ColorScale:

The methods SetColor() and SetLabel() now work with 0-based index.

Method SetColor() now checks the length of myColors.

Methods GetCurrentColor() and GetCurrentLabel() now can be used to get user-specified and default colors / labels.


() – shows labels even for one interval

Summary: OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL 3.2+ core profile.

Text rendering, object texturing, environment map texturing within built-in GLSL programs have been implemented. Global trihedron presentation has been fixed.

OpenGL parameters stack usage has been eliminated.

Misprints in detection of high precision floats within OpenGL ES 2.0 have been fixed.

The new option OpenGl_Caps::contextCompatible allows requesting either compatibility or core OpenGL profile (compatibility profile is requested by default).

Summary: TKOpenGl – suppress annoying verbose messages from NVIDIA OpenGL driver

OpenGL package has been revised drop functions unrelated to OpenGL 4.2 core functionality.

Summary: AIS_InteractiveContext::HilightPreviousDetected() should switch from first value in the list to the last.

Method AIS_InteractiveContext::HilightPreviousDetected() now properly returns to the last detected entity after reaching the first one.

Summary: AIS_ColoredShape::SetMaterial() should not reset custom colors.

The custom color assigned to sub-shapes within


method is now preserved.

Summary: Impossible to change the display mode when a local context is opened.

Irrelevant check has been removed from method

AIS_InteractiveContext::SetDisplayMode(). www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 22 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










Summary: TKOpenGl – fix memory leak due to unused stack in


Memory leak caused by unused stack in OpenGl_StateInterface has been fixed throughout the OpenGl package.


Group sub-shapes with the same style in


Performance regression arising after migration of XCAFPrs_AISObject class to


has been fixed.

Summary: The selected subshape does not have topological relationship with the original shape.

The method SelectMgr_EntityOwner::SetLocation() has been fixed to return identity owner location if the selectable object has identity transformation.

Summary: The method V3d_View::Place() is incorrect.

The incorrect result of method V3d_View::Place() has been fixed. The y coordinate passed to Pan() method has been replaced by (height – y).

Summary: Drop redundant viewer option V3d_View::Transparency().

Confusing viewer option V3d_View::Transparency() has been removed.


now activates texturing by default.

Summary: Exception on removing an interactive object from a local context.

The method AIS_LocalContext::Remove() has been corrected to unbind the argument from myActiveObjects.

Summary: Fix cross-references between AIS_ConnectedInteractive and connected presentation.

The method AIS_ConnectedInteractive::Connect() has been fixed to properly release memory after AIS_Interactive_Context::RemoveAll().

Summary: Discretization of the circle differs in shaded and wireframe modes.

The following modifications have been introduced to improve the visualization of circle discretization:

HilightDrawer() method has been added to


. Its value replaces static drawer in


Computed relative deflection is stored as absolute deflection and can be used for sub-shapes.


object now uses for sub-shapes the relative deflection computed for the main shape. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 23 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: TKOpenGl – support grayscale textures.

The following improvements have been implemented to support grayscale textures:

Enumeration Image_PixMap::ImgFormat has been extended by ImgAlpha and ImgAlphaF.


is specified in OpenGl_Workspace::setTextureParams() for one-component textures with disabled modulation.


returns GL_LUMINANCE format for


format and GL_ALPHA for ImgAlpha.

Command vmarkerstest now uses ImgAlpha instead of pixel format for grayscale images.

Summary: Provide the way to hide the object in specified view of the viewer.

It has become possible to hide an object in the specified V3d_View without creation of a dedicated V3d_Viewer. For this purpose:

The number of Views within a single Viewer instance has been limited to 32 in



New method AIS_InteractiveContext::SetViewAffinity() has been added to define object affinity and to hide object within specific views.

Summary: Improve design and implementation of graduated trihedron.

The interference caused by simultaneous display of Z-buffer and graduated trihedrons has been fixed.

The following modifications related to visualization of graduated trihedron have been introduced:

Method V3d_View::GetGraduatedTrihedron() now returns configuration structure directly instead of a long arguments list.

Global variables have been eliminated in method



Summary: Selection is incorrect in perspective mode in a specific case.

The scaling for perspective projection matrix is now done by class


The computation of picking line for perspective camera has been corrected. of



) and HasSelectedShape()


class do not work as expected.

The algorithm calculating location in method


has been corrected. New method


does not take shape decomposition into account.

Summary: AIS_Line::ComputeSelection() should not ignore the selection mode argument.

From now on, the method AIS_Line::Compute() supports only selection mode 0. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










Summary: TKOpenGl – Ray Tracing initialization failures are not properly reported.

Logging of GLSL warnings have been added in ray-tracing core to allow providing sufficient information about Ray-Tracing initialization failures.

Summary: AIS_InteractiveContext::Load() is not symmetric to the local context.

The method AIS_InteractiveContext::Load() now registers theIObj in the selection manager to prepare further activation of selection.

Summary: Dynamic highlighting should not be discarded on re-displaying independent object.

The list of immediate presentations is now properly cleared in instead of



V3d_View::Convert doesn’t work as expected in GRID active mode.

The conversion of coordinates to grid has been removed from methods

V3d_View::Conver t and ::ConvertWithProj.

The following draw commands have been added:

 vconvert

for testing the conversion methods;

 vprivilegedplane

for setting/printing the coordinate system of the grid plane.

Summary: Fix problems and inefficiencies with frustum culling.

Unnecessary overlap check of layer items has been removed in method



The calculations in overlap detection methods in class OpenGl_BVHTreeSelector have been optimized.

Summary: TKOpenGl – View frustum culling clips wrong objects.

The algorithm calculating area for degenerated bounding boxes has been corrected in class BVH_Box.

Summary: XCAF – eliminate visual artifacts at the edges of faces.

The following improvements have been introduced to eliminate visual artifacts:

The algorithm splitting input shapes into Closed and Open volumes has been improved in method AIS_ColoredShape::Compute() enabling back-face culling whenever possible.

The last argument of method StdPrs_ShadedShape::Add() has been changed from Boolean to enumeration StdPrs_Volume, which controls parsing of Closed/Open volumes within the input shape.

The method StdPrs_ShadedShape::ExploreSolids() has become public.

Draw command vaspects has been provided with option –setvisibility to hide subshape (using AIS_ColoredShape).

Summary: TKService – fix font corruption in FreeType 2.5.4.

The method Font_FTFont::RenderGlyph() has been fixed to avoid artifacts caused by FreeType version 2.5.4. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










Summary: TKOpenGl – Decrease number of samplers used in ray-tracing mode.

The samplers myObjectNodeInfoTexture, myObjectMinPointTexture and myObjectMaxPointTexture

have been removed.

Serialized data contained in texture buffers has been added to global scene buffers: and mySceneNodeInfoTexture, mySceneMinPointTexture mySceneMaxPointTexture


Summary: TKV3d – the center of rotation should be calculated taking into account structure visibility and selection flags.

V3d_View::Gravity() computes the bounding box of a scene only including highlighted objects, if there are any, to provide a context-oriented center of rotation.

Draw command vrotate has been extended with new flags –mouseStart and – mouseMove

, which emulate rotation by mouse.

Summary: TKOpenGl – back face culling should not affect textured font rendering.

The method OpenGl_TextFormatter::Result has been corrected to orient triangles in normal counter-clockwise order (GL_CCW).

Summary: TKOpenGl – texture initialization fails on Intel HD 4600 in ray tracing test.

The method OpenGl_Workspace::DisableTexture() has been modified to unbind global texture sampler right after its usage.

Summary: Graphic3d_Structure – Stop using invalid bounding boxes of empty groups.

The following improvements have been introduced to avoid use of invalid bounding boxes of empty groups:

Creation of an empty group is avoided in Prs3d_WFShape::Add();

Uninitialized bounding box is not used in



The precision factor in method Graphic3d_Camera::ZFitAll has been tweaked to avoid hiding objects on a near or far plane in some cases.

Summary: Remove AIS_Drawer class and transfer its Link() logic to



class has been removed and all its logic was transferred to


. Drawer object and methods SetAttributes(), Attributes() and UnsetAttributes() have been transferred from AIS_InteractiveObject to




is not auto-created, so its attributes should not be used before setting of Link to Drawer (before Display call by default). It is necessary to set custom aspects explicitly with SetApsectX methods. If attributes are not set, the default value or value from Link() will be used. The method ClearLocalAttributes() removes all own attributes.

Draw Harness command vaspects has been extended by the parameter –defaults.

If this flag is specified, the presentation properties will be assigned to all objects that have not their own specified properties and to all objects to be displayed in the future. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s







Summary: Allow Z-layer to draw 2D objects and to make it alternative to Overlay and


Displaying objects in 2D now works using Z-layers and transform persistence. The following corresponding features have been implemented:

Pre-defined Z-layer Graphic3d_ZlayerId_BotOSD has been added to draw the underlay.

Transformation persistence flags Graphic3d_TMF_2d_IsTopDown and


have been defined for displaying objects in screen coordinates.

Method BeginTransformPersistence() has been updated to transform matrices for drawing 2d objects.

Anchor point defines angle of the screen to display the object in similar way as for



Draw command vdisplay has been extended with new options:

-overlay and –underlay to display objects in overlay and underlay;

-select and –noselect were added to control selection; selection for 2d objects is turned off by default;


and –tppos was added to set a translation point for transform persistence.

-dispMode and –highMode to define displaying and highlighting modes;

-2d and 3d to display object in 2d or 3d;


to make the Y axis of the view point down (for 2d objects);


to set a transform persistence mode for the object.

Summary: Gradient background will cut view if there is ClipPlane defined.

The method OpenGl_View::DrawBackground now renders the capping plane with a primitive array.

Summary: TKOpenGl – disable GL_DITHER explicitly.

The obsolete feature GL_DITHER has been disabled by default.

Summary: TKOpenGl – fix texture mapping in capping.

The capping plane coordinates have been reversed to preserve a natural texture orientation (e.g. to make text readable).

Summary: Prs3d_WFShape::AddPolygon() – always use polygonal representation from edge regardless from requested deflection.

The method Prs3d_WFShape::AddPolygon() has been modified to always use polygonal representation from edge regardless of the requested deflection.

Summary: Error message if texture loading fails.

The error message is now shown if the texture cannot be loaded from file. The corresponding messages have been provided in method Image_AlienPixMap::Load. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 27 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s












Summary: TKOpenGl – front material should be used instead of back material in GLSL when distinguish mode is turned off.

The method OpenGl_ShaderManager::PushAspectFace() now uses front material instead of back material in GLSL when distinguishing mode is turned off.

Summary: TKV3d – skip infinite presentations when computing gravity center of the view scene.

The method V3d_View::Gravity() has been modified to skip infinite presentations when computing center of the view scene for interactive rotation.

Summary: Ray Tracing – fix problems with the backside of triangles.

The calculation of reflections on the backside of triangles has been corrected by implementing a two-sided lighting model. Ray-tracing shader has been optimized (up to

25% performance increase).

Summary: TKOpenGl – fix misprint in transformation persistence math.

A misprint has been fixed in method OpenGl_Utils::Project().

Summary: Ray tracing – Improve layer processing.

The ray-tracing core has migrated from OpenGl_Workspace to OpenGl_View.



– do not use uninitialized memory to track Clipping Planes state.

The method OpenGl_View:Render has been modified to avoid using uninitialized memory to track the state of Clipping Planes.

Summary: V3d_View::Rotation() eliminate erroneous viewer redraw within disabled immediate update.

The redundant view update of V3d_View::Rotation method has been removed.

Summary: Possibility to initialize an environment texture by Image_PixMap instance.

It has become possible to initialize Graphic3d_TextureEnv object with an instance of



Summary: TKV3d, Exception when displaying shell in the viewer.

The processing of double precision numbers has been fixed in method



Summary: TKOpenGl – compile RayTracing shader without texturing when no textures in use.


code paths are now disabled even when bindless textures are supported by driver.

Summary: TKOpenGl – support EAGLContext as alternative to NSOpenGLContext.

Compatibility with iOS has been provided. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 28 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: Setup font aliases for Android.

System fonts Droid Sans Mono, Droid Serif and Roboto have been implemented as Android aliases to Courier, Times new Roman and Arial in class


. These Android system fonts have been added in directory



The method OpenGl_Text::FindFont() now prints an error message if some fonts are missing.

The method OpenGl_Text::render() allows straightforward font rendering on

OpenGL ES.

Summary: TKOpenGl – stereoscopic output does not work.

The following modifications have been implemented to improve the stereoscopic output:

The target FBO is passed as parameter in method OpenGl_View::Render().

Read/Write buffers management logic has been revised in class


taking into account FBOs.

Lprojection and

Rprojection are now set up in


class in the same way as

Mprojection in case of Projection_MonoLeftEye /


to provide API consistency.

Summary: Poor performance of connected objects

The problem with performance of SelectMgr_SelectableObjectSet has been fixed.

Summary: Ray tracing with reflections is poor on rotated presentation.

The problem with incorrect generation of secondary rays in case of non-identity viewer transformation applied to AIS shape has been fixed by handling such transformations in ray-tracing shaders.

Summary: Empty bounding box of a shape after closing local context.

Handling of invalid bounding boxes has been fixed in method


Summary: TKOpenGl - rebuild vertex attributes in order to not render large index arrays in OpenGL ES.

To provide compatibility with OpenGL ES 2.0 devices, which do not support index arrays larger than 64K elements, class OpenGl_PrimitiveArray has been modified to drop the index buffers above the supported threshold and to duplicate the vertex attributes instead.


Add method


ChangeAxisAspect(int) to

New method Graphic3d_GraduatedTrihedron::ChangeAxisAspect allows setting axis parameters. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s





Summary: Segmentation fault in AIS_Selection.

NULL-pointer checks have been added in methods


and AIS_Selection::Single().

Summary: TKOpenGl - fix misprint in external GLX context initialization.

The warning about missing caps in window Visual has been added in class


. Initialization of an alien GLX context is now allowed.

Summary: Revise tolerance implementation for selection.

Max tolerance is now applied to all objects and entities by default. If there is an entity with a lower tolerance, selecting frustum will be recalculated for it.

New function AIS_InteractiveContext::SetPixelTolerance disables the mechanism of adaptive tolerance calculation implemented in


and sets the given tolerance for ALL activated sensitive entities.

New method SelectBasics_SensitiveEntity::SetSensitivityFactor allows managing the sensitivity of each entity individually.

Summary: AIS_LocalContext - locally selected object should not stay in the viewer after deactivation in the local context

The method AIS_LocalContext::ClearOutdatedSelection() has been fixed to deselect the entities which belong to a deactivated mode. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 30 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Application Framework








Summary: Store/retrieve the list-based attributes containing no items.

It has become possible to store/retrieve list-based attributes containing no items.

Summary: Tnaming::Displace calls itself recursively with default parameter.

A misprint has been fixed in method Tnaming::Displace().

Summary: XmlTObjDrivers_ModelDriver::Paste causes crash when saving a model.

A misprint has been fixed in method XmlTObjDrivers_ModelDriver::Paste.

Summary: Backup() is not efficient in TDataStd array attributes

The implementation of Backup() methods of the standard array attributes has been changed to decrease memory consumption.

Summary: Tnaming_Selector crash in select method.

Tnaming_Localizer has been protected against unexpected input arguments.

Summary: Tnaming, CurrentShape: order of shapes in Modification compound is unpredictable


has been replaced with TopTools_IndexedMapOfShape in Tnaming package to get a fixed order of shapes in resulting compounds. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 31 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Data Exchange









Summary: Importing VRML files with scaleOrientation not possible.

Recognition and interpretation of key-words scale and scaleOrientation have been corrected in method VrmlData_Group::Read.

Summary: IGES writer loses face orientation.

The method BRepToIGES_BRShell::TransferFace now reverses surfaces for writing faces with a reverse orientation.

Summary: Unwanted spheres shown after Step-Import.

The method StepToTopoDS_TranslateFace::Init has been modified to check for the outer boundary before creating a wire from Vertex Loop on spheres.

Summary: STEP Reader – no error report if the referenced entity has a wrong type.

The method Interface_CheckTool::CompleteCheckList() is corrected to not reset the Check added to CheckList.

Summary: Different result of reading operation from *.igs and *.stp file for

WINDOWS and LINUX platforms.

Symbol SUB (ASCII-code 0x1A) is now considered end-of-file on both WINDOWS and

LINUX systems.

Summary: OCCT fails to read VRML file created by OCCT.

The following improvements have been introduced in processing of VRML files:

The parameter corresponding to VRML format version has been added to


and VrmlAPI::Write() to allow using both versions of VRML by the same writer.

The command writevrml now can write VRML files of both versions v1.0 and v2.0, in wireframe or shaded mode, or both. Useless parameter Deflection has been removed.

Meshing has been removed from writers of both versions. Shaded representation is skipped if a mesh does not exist. Wireframe representation checks the existence of a mesh before. If the mesh exists, deflected edges are taken from the mesh; otherwise, they are generated with default deflection.

Drawing of redundant edges has been removed in wireframe representation of

VRML version 1.0 (mesh on non-planar surfaces does not match real edges of


or the representation in version 2.0).

Summary: STL writer does not check the given shape for existing triangulation and meshes it again using BrepMesh in force mode.

Meshing functions have been completely removed from StlTransfer. Now


can return error status, for example, if a mesh of the passed shape is empty. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 32 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s










Summary: Colors are not written to IGES 5.3.

Writing of colors to IGES Face (510) and Solid (186) entities has been enabled in method IGESCAFControl_Writer::MakeColors since this feature is used by CAD systems (even if not allowed by IGES standard).

Summary: Fail to read back solid written to STEP.

A step file reading exception has been fixed in method


Summary: Checking of compliance of vertices and pcurve fails.

The method ShapeAnalysis_Edge::CheckVerticesWithPCurve() has been modified to properly take the location of a face into account.

Summary: IGESCAFControl_Writer crash in constructor.

IGESData_BasicEditor is now initialized after the initialization of


, so that BasicEditor could always find template


Additionally, IGESData_BasicEditor now can be initialized via Init() method.

Summary: Change STEP exporter to use AP214 IS by default.

The default value of write.step.schema parameter has been changed to AP214IS as this schema is the current standard for writing STEP files.

Summary: Crash while importing STEP file.

Try-catch block has been added in StepToTopoDS_TranslateEdgeLoop::Init() to catch Standard_ConstructionError during the Curve conversion.

Bspline curve degree is checked to prevent construction error when converting edges to



Summary: VrmlData_Scene::WriteArrIndex() writes extra point indices.

The writing of extra point indices has been fixed in method



Summary: Bad IGES file after import and export with different units.

The problems with scaling the radiuses of ellipse and hyperbola curves, cylinders, cones, spheres and toruses as well as scaling plane surfaces have been fixed in



Summary: IGES export – edges within compound are lost if BREP mode (IGES 5.3) is used.

Writing wires, edges, and vertices inside a compound has been enabled in IGES in

BREP mode.

An IGES group is created for a compound even if it contains a single shape. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 33 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s






Summary: Wire containing degenerated edge is not written to IGES / STEP.

Check for edges with null 2D and 3D curves has been added in



The problem with wires having several invalid edges and only one valid edge, which is not the last, has been fixed in BRepToIGES_BRWire ::TransferWire.

Summary: The material with 0-density causes errors during writing STEP files.

The method STEPCAFControl_Writer::WriteMaterials now properly processes

0-density materials and creates STEP density structures if and only if the density is >0, however, already mapped structures are preserved.

Summary: Exception while reading STEP files with GD&T.

Missing “break” statements have been added in method



Summary: Problems with writing periodic Bsplines into IGES.

The algorithm writing periodic Bsplines into IGES has been modified in methods

GeomToIGES_GeomSurface::TransferSurface and



Now Bspline surfaces are not converted into rational ones. P-curves are shifted to periodic Bspline surfaces and segments are cut from them.



Summary: Add possibility to remove a text drawn by the command vdrawtext

New public class AIS_TextLabel has been implemented to display simple text labels instead of private MyTextClass. It allows to easily clear labels from the Viewer.

A reliable replacement for VDisplayAISObject() with no viewer update flag has been added in ViewerTest::Display().

The command vdrawtext now uses the new AIS_TextLabel class. Additionally:

Parameter name and value syntax are used instead of a strict list of mandatory arguments.

A redundant argument isMultiByte has been dropped.

New argument –noupdate allows skipping the Viewer update.

Summary: Incorrect handling of comma and period keys pressed in a 3D view.

The unexpected effect of pressing comma and period keys in a Draw 3D view has been corrected. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 34 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s









Summary: Dimensions demo fails.

The following improvements have been introduced in Dimensions demo:

 vdimparam

help string has been corrected;

 section model file has been added to prevent changing of subshapes order after explode


Summary: Section obtained after command bsection in Test Harness is incorrect.

The interface of command bopcurves has been extended. Now it is possible to obtain:

 only 3D-curves;

3D-curves and 2D-curves on one of intersected surfaces (the surface can be selected);

3D-curves and 2D-curves on every intersected surface.

Summary: Ensure uniform control of the Boolean operations algorithm at the level of

DRAW application.

Parameter [-s] providing the sequential mode of computations has been removed from commands bopcheck, bfillds, bbuild and bbop. The mode of computations is now set by the command: brunparallel [0/1], where 1 sets the parallel mode of computations and 0 sets the sequential mode of computations.

Summary: Some commands in BOPTest package show the execution time without –t key.

Unnecessary output of the execution time has been removed in commands bopcheck, bfillds, bbuild

and bbop.

Summary: Drop command tovrml.

The command tovrml duplicating the functionality of writevrml has been removed.

Summary: Tool for comparing curves.

A set of commands has been implemented to debug intersection curves and already created projected curves.

 xdistcc

checks distance between two 3d curves;

 xdistcc2ds

checks distance between 3d curve and curve on surface (projected curve);

 xdistc2dc2dss

checks distance between two curve on surface (projected curves).

These commands are print 3d distance between input objects built on even grid. It is supposed that curves have the same parameterization.

Summary: Do not turn on Z-clipping implicitly by mouse ring

Possibility to switch the clipping planes implicitly by Ctrl + mouse ring has been disabled to avoid confusions.

Summary: Length dimension can’t be built between two vertices in Draw

The command vertex has been corrected to properly draw the length dimension for the following objects: two vertices, face-point, point-face, edge-vertex/point and vertex/pointedge. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 35 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s









Summary: Integration of API to control addition of vertices from the Face into mesher.

Additional parameter InternalVerticesMode (-int_vert_off for incmesh Draw command),

which controls if the internal vertices of a face can be added into mesh, has been introduced in BrepMesh_IncrementalMesh.

Summary: BRepMesh_CircleTool produces bad circles

The function BRepMesh_CircleTool::MakeCircle now calculates the radius of circumcircle as the maximum difference between its center and the vertices of the reference triangle.

Summary: Triangulation for distorted surfaces takes a very long time using


New parameter MinSize has been introduced to BrepMesh and


to limit amplification of tessellated representations of edges and surface mesh in case of highly distorted surfaces.

The length of remaining curve part is additionally checked in method


using min size parameter instead of distance between two points, which allows avoiding large gaps if Bspline surfaces are highly distorted.

Summary: BrepMesh corrupts triangulation of another not connected shape.

The method BrepMesh_IncrementalMesh::update now avoids cleaning polygons that are created for different faces not connected with the current shape.

The changes producing additional points for Bspline curves with C1 continuity have been reverted.

Summary: BrepMesh – IncrementalMesh always re-meshes the shape even if the existing triangulation satisfies the given deflection.

In method BrepMesh_IncrementalMesh::update(), extraction of all triangulations and polygons by index has been replaced by iteration over faces pertaining only to the given shape and sharing an edge passed as argument.

The classes BrepMesh_FaceChecker and BrepMesh_EdgeChecker have been removed.

Summary: BrepMesh can break mesh regularity for Bspline surfaces.

The method BrepMesh_FastDiscretFace::insertInternalVerticesBSpline now properly computes intervals to produce regular grid for Bspline surfaces and adds new internal points according to calculated values.

Summary: Static class methods are not exported in BrepMesh_GeomTool.

Static methods of BrepMesh_GeomTool class have become available from outside of


package. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 36 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s




Summary: Introduce the possibility to disable adaptive reconfiguration of triangles in


New flag ControlSurfaceDeflection (-surf_def_off for incmesh Draw command) enables or disables checking of mesh deflection from surface. This modifier prevents automatic rebuilding of the final mesh, performed to achieve a more precise result, however, its result can be worse than the initial one in case of Bspline surfaces.

Summary: Stack overflow during meshing.

The method BrepMesh_Delaun::meshPolygon has been fixed to prevent stack overflow during meshing of thin oblong polygons consisting of thousands of segments.

Summary: Option for drawing MeshVS_Mesh as closed object.

It has become possible to draw MeshVS_Mesh as a closed object, which enables such features as back face culling and capping. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 37 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Shape Healing





Summary: Wrong status returned by ShapeFix_Wire::FixGaps3d() operation.


now checks the gap on adjacent points before trying to convert curves.

Summary: ShapeFix_Wire tweaks for better results.

The method ShapeFix_Wire::FixEdgeCurves() has been modified to recalculate the tolerance before edge cutting and to try to increase it before splitting in singularity during Pcurve adding.

Summary: Fixshape works at the second attempt.

New method ShapeFix_Shape::FixVertexTolMode has been added to check and fix tolerances of all vertices after performing all fixes (its default value is equal to -1).

This avoids the situation when a vertex point belonging to a few faces is changed for the current face but the edges containing this vertex are not taken into account.

Summary: Improvements in Shape Process and Shape Fix.

The following improvements have been introduced in Shape Process and Shape Fix:

The class ShapeCustom_Modification has been added as a base of

BsplineRestriction, ConvertToBSpline, ConvertToRevolution and DirectModification

from ShapeCustom;

ShapeCustom_Modification has been modified to hold


from ShapeExtend where the descendant classes enumerated above can SendMsg();

Optional argument ShapeExtend_BasicMsgRegistrator has been added to


ShapeFix_FixSmallFace, ShapeFix_SplitCommonVertex and


have been modified to call SendWarning();


has been protected from accessing to NULL myMsgReg


All operators of ShapeProcess_OperLibrary have been instrumented with



Optional argument ShapeExtend_MsgRegistrator has been added to


and RecordModification();

The problem caused by the fact that ShapeBuild_ReShape can bind shapes with locations in its maps but RecModif() always asks for shapes without locations has been fixed. Now shapes with and without locations are checked

(though only when recording messages);

ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide has been modified to hold


from ShapeExtend where it SendMsg() during



Virtual methods GetFaceMsg(), GetWireMsg() and GetEdgeMsg() have been added to ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide to allow


to redefine them and to send appropriate messages. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 38 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: ShapeProcessAPI: introduce DropSmallSolids operator

New class ShapeFix_FixSmallSolid, which processes small solids, has been implemented. It provides the following methods:


allows removing small solids;


allows merging small solids to adjacent larger solids. Merging cannot be performed on shapes containing only small solids;


sets or clears volume threshold for small solids;


sets or clears width factor threshold for small solids;


sets the working mode for the operator: If theMode = 0, both


and VolumeThreshold parameters are used; if theMode = 1

only WidthFactorThreshold parameter is used; if theMode

= 2

only VolumeThreshold parameter is used.

Summary: Non-deterministic behavior of ShapeFix_Solid.

In class ShapeFix_Solid use of TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape has been replaced with TopTools_IndexedDataMapOfShapeListOfShape to avoid different results after the healing.

All methods in class BrepTools_ReShape and subclass ShapeBuild_ReShape have become virtual. This feature helps to trace modifications stored and replayed in



Summary: Self-Intersecting wire translated from STEP file.

The number of points used for computation of a bounding box of an edge has been increased in method ShapeFix_ComposeShell::SplitByLine to improve tolerance and the resulting bounding box.

Summary: Calling ShapeFix_FixSmallFace::RemoveSmallFaces() always leads to stack overflow

Unused methods RemoveSmallFaces() and SplitFaces() have been removed from class ShapeFix_FixSmallFace. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 39 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: New custom-built Tcl causes of distribution problems.

The option to link to MS run-time library statically has been added in the description of

Tcl/Tk building from sources.

Summary: Porting to Android

OCCT has been ported to and now supports Android platform.

Summary: Cmake refuses to build OCCT without any 3 rd

party libraries.

Guards for empty Cmake variables have been added in CmakeLists.txt.

Summary: Porting to iOS

OCCT has been ported to and now supports iOS platform.

Summary: Impossible to generate projects for Foundation Classes without


using Cmake.

Redundant variables have been unset in CmakeLists.

Summary: Installation procedure fails to find *.pdb files in debug mode in case of projects generated using Cmake.

The path to .pdb files has been corrected in osutils.tcl.





Summary: Error at the start of QT OCCT sample.

Separate msvc.bat files have been created for each Qt sample to avoid errors.

Summary: New Tcl sample scripts created for CAD Assistant.

New sample scripts have been created in frame of the development of CAD Assistant for


 cpu.tcl

creates a colored model of Intel i-4790 CPU;


creates a Penrose triangle made of boxes resembling the ones from OCC logo;

 pencil.tcl

creates a colored pencil model;

 snowflake.tcl

creates a 2d snowflake drawing.

Summary: Geometry Sample crashes.

The unacceptable usage of quantity coefficient has been fixed in Geometry sample. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 40 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: Make methods Intervals and NbIntervals const in


and its descendants.

Qualifier const has been added to functions NbIntervals and Intervals in the following classes: Adaptor3d_IsoCurve, Adaptor3d_Hcurve,

Adaptor3d_Curve, Adaptor3d_CurveOnSurface, BrepAdaptor_CompCurve,

BrepAdaptor_Curve, ChFiDS_ElSpine, GCPnts_TangentialDeflection,

GeomAdaptor_Curve, GeomFill_SnglrFunc,


and ProjLib_ProjectOnPlane.


Summary: Remove unused methods and classes from package Aspect.

The following unused items have been removed from package Aspect:

Global methods Aspect::ToCString(), Aspect::ValuesOfFOSP() and




Aspect_Edge, Aspect_Array1OfEdge




Aspect_TypeOfFont, Aspect_TypeOfText,

Aspect_CardinalPoints, Aspect_TypeOfRenderingMode,


and Aspect_FormatOfSheetPaper.

Summary: OCCT cannot compile with OCCT_DEBUG flag.


from class ProjLib_PolarFunction has been restored with the signature used in OCCT_DEBUG block.

Summary: Remove V3d_Static.hxx.

The class V3d_Static has been removed.

Summary: Avoid classes using new to allocate Instances but not defining a copy


The following classes have been protected against copying: Select3D_PointData,

BSB_T3Bits, IntPatch_InfoPD, LDOM_StringElem, BinomAllocator,


and Standard_MmgrFactory.

Summary: CAST analysis: Avoid classes with a non-empty destructor and not implementing both an assignment operator and a copy constructor

The destructors have been removed from the classes tsee_entity,

Select3D_PointData, Standard_MmgrFactory, ProjLib_OnSurface,

BinomAllocator, OSD_PerfMeter, StorageInfo,

OpenGl_UnpackAlignmentSentry, IntPatch_InfoPD, TableauRejection,

Draw_View, BOPTest_Session, BOPCol_MemBlock, BSB_T3Bitsand




opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 41 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s






Summary: CAST analysis: Avoid constructors not supplying an initial value for all nonstatic data members.

The constructors of the following classes have been fixed to provide initialization of all

Adaptor3d_IsoCurve, non-static fields: Adaptor2d_Line2d,

Adaptor3d_OffsetCurve, AdvApp2Var_ApproxAFunc2Var, AIS_Dimension,

AIS_InteractiveContext, Aspect_DisplayConnection,

BiTgte_CurveOnEdge, BiTgte_CurveOnVertex, BrepAdaptor_CompCurve,

BrepMesh_Circle, BrepMesh_Delaun, BRepToIGES_BREntity,

ChFi2d_AnaFilletAlgo, ChFi2d_ChamferAPI, ChFi2d_FilletAlgo.cxx,

ChFi2d_FilletAlgo, Extrema_ExtPExtS, Font_FTFont,

GccEnt_QualifiedCirc, Geom2dAdaptor_Curve, IGESData_IGESEntity,

IGESData_DefSwitch, IGESToBRep_CurveAndSurface, LDOM_XmlReader, math_TrigonometricFunctionRoots, Ncollection_ListNode,

ProjLib_CompProjectedCurve, ProjLib_ComputeApproxOnPolarSurface and Select3D_Box2d.

Summary: CAST analysis: Avoid invocation of virtual Methods of the declared Class in a

Constructor or Destructor.


methods have been removed from the following classes:

Adaptor2d_Curve2d Adaptor3d_Curve, Adaptor3d_Surface,

AppBlend_Approx, AppCont_Function, AppParCurves_MultiCurve,

AppParCurves_MultiPoint, ApproxInt_SvSurfaces, BrepPrim_OneAxis,

BrepSweep_NumLinearRegularSweep, BrepSweep_Translation,

BrepSweep_Trsf, DBC_BaseArray, GeomFill_Profiler,

HatchGen_PointOnHatching, math_BFGS, math_FunctionSet, math_FunctionSetRoot, math_FunctionWithDerivative, math_MultipleVarFunction, math_MultipleVarFunctionWithHessian, math_MultipleVarFunctionWithGradient, math_Powell, math_NewtonMinimum math_NewtonFunctionSetRoot math_BissecNewton

(a virtual destructor added) math_FRPR, math_BrentMinimum (a virtual destructor added), OSD_Chronometer and ProjLib_Projector.

Summary: AIS_InteractiveContext – code clean up.

The following changes have been introduced in class AIS_InteractiveContext:

Confusing method AIS_InteractiveContext::Clear() doing the same as


has been deleted.

Double viewer update on first display of presentation has been fixed in method



Retrieval of objects from local contexts has been


The object is not bound twice in method



Summary: Extend Tcollection_ExtendedString with method IsEmpty()

The method Tcollection_ExtendedString::IsEmpty has been implemented to return True if the string contains no characters.

Summary: GCC warnings in Android build.

OCCT code has been revised to eliminate compiler warnings produced by GCC 4.7, mostly on unused or uninitialized variables. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 42 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s









Summary: GCC warning –Wunused-but-set-variable in gp_GTrsf2d.cxx for

Android build.

Exception conditions of macros have been fixed in methods gp_GTrsf2d::Trsf2d() and gp_GTrsf::SetForm().

Summary: Coding rules – clean up code from obsolete macro checks.

OCCT code has been revised to get rid of obsolete macro checks GER61351,

BUC60688, IMP160701, ALE70590, CTS17340, CSR577, PRO8619,


Summary: Possible invalid memory access.

Memory usage issues have been fixed in methods Approx_SameParameter::Build and GeomInt_LineConstructor::TreatCircle. from


Drop unimplemented method ShallowCopy()


Unimplemented method ShallowCopy() has been removed from


Summary: Warnings on OCCT and PRODUCTS in 64-bit.

Some warnings have been fixed in method IVtkOCC_Shape::GetSubIds.

Summary: Get rid of _Handle classes

OCCT has been revised to remove the explicit definitions of handle class in addition to the corresponding class itself. This is not necessary anymore as CDL syntax now imports classes inherited from Standard_Transient.

Summary: Coding rules – eliminate –Wlogical-not-parentheses Clang warnings in


The package GeomToStep has been revised to avoid warnings about comparison statements that are logically correct but defined in a weird way.

Summary: Coding rules – eliminate –Wdeprecated-register Clang warnings

The warnings about deprecated register storage class specifier have been eliminated in classes AdvApp2Var_MathBase, GeomLib and AdvApp2Var_SysBase. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 43 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: Documentation for local sewing with BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing is missing.

An example of use of local sewing has been added in the documentation. Comments referring to the old location of sewing algorithm have been corrected.

Summary: Redesign of the Technical Overview

The Technical Overview has been redesigned for consistency with User Guides: duplicated information removed, images updated.

Summary: Redundant references to OpenCL.

Redundant references to OpenCL have been removed from the Overview.

Summary: Misprints in the documentation.

Some misprints in the documentation have been fixed.

Summary: BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections fails for a case with open sections

The description of method


has been updated.






Summary: add Standard_Override to redefined methods.

WOK has been improved to add Standard_OVERRIDE in generated C++ headers for class methods declared in CDL as “is redefined virtual”.

Summary: Procedure of CMakeLists generation must be improved to make VTK product fully optional.

Generation of CMakeLists for toolkits has been improved to make VTK product optional. If USE_VTK toggle is OFF during CMake configuration, VTK toolkits are not compiled.

Summary: Some WOK projects are generated as executable instead of library.

The configuration type has changed from application to dynamic library for the following

WOK projects on Visual Studio 2010 or later: wokcmd, wokdeliverysteps, wokdfltsteps, wokobjssteps, wokorbixsteps, woksteps, woktoolscmd and wokutilscmd.

Summary: Xcode projects generator – add extraction options.

The following extraction options, which build generated xcode project, have been added:

For Mac Os X: wgenproj –target=xcd –static, which builds generated xcode project;

For Ios: wgenproj –target=xcd –static –ios. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 44 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s


Advanced Samples









Summary: Update QT product samples.

Voxel Demo has been updated to correspond to the current state of OCCT.

Summary: Add BrepMesh package in C# wrapper.

C# wrapper has been added for class BrepMesh_IncrementalMesh.

Summary: Improve C# wrapper to support SWIG 3.x.

C# and Java wrappers have been improved to support SWIG 3.x.

Parameter –DSWIG2_CSHARP can be used to include statements for System and


for compatibility with SWIG 3.0.x;

Summary: Contribution to C# Wrapper.

Minor refactoring and improvements of C# and Java wrappers.

Summary: Some product samples hang if the License is not found.

Output information about missing license has been added in MFC and QT OMF samples.

Summary: Small fixes in installation procedure for samples.

Access to the resources has been provided to SSP Sample.

Summary: Shape Healer cannot be compiled in 64 bit mode.

The compilation of Shape Healer in 64 bit mode has been enabled.

Summary: References to enumerations are wrapped wrong in SWIG Java.

Java wrapper compilation has been provided with a workaround in


to avoid name conflicts with OCCT methods. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 45 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Express Mesh







Summary: The requested deflection is not satisfied.

New tcl command surface_deviation has been introduced to check for deviation of the mesh from the real geometry.

New functionality checking deviation of quad interior from face geometry has been implemented on level of quad tree division in case of Bspline surfaces.

Summary: Express Mesh goes to infinite loop while checking of mutual intersection.


parameter is now used instead of geometrical check in methods

QMShape_EnrichDiscrCurves::insertPoint and



Summary: Express Mesh raises exception during meshing of face consisting of a single straight edge.

The method QMShape_Tessellator::ComputeQuadTreeOnFace now checks if a discrete face has an outer wire consisting of at least one edge.

Summary: Express Mesh produces bad triangles near face boundaries.

The classification of nodes produced by QuadTree algorithm has been extended by additional check in 3d space, which is necessary in case of thin oblong faces.

Summary: Express Mesh produces triangulation with free node.

The following changes have been implemented in post processing of inner nodes of a quad tree in method QMBgr_QuadTree::PostProcess():

 the shift of 3D point has been removed;

 the shift of 2D point has been decreased, NextAfter value of X coordinate is applied instead of the ratio of 2D sizes of the face.

Summary: Discretizing a two-point wire that consists of two same edges ends up with exception.

A condition for the wires with same edges has been added in the method


. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 46 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Mesh Framework






Summary: Collect all connected mesh parts separately.

The types OMFBool_SplitElement and OMFBool_BooleanOperation have been modified to collect the connected parts of any operation mesh separated by the split links. Each connected part is connected only by common links and collected separately from the other connected parts.

Summary: Improve processing of coincident mesh parts.

The following modifications have been implemented to improve processing of coincident mesh parts in Boolean operations:

The method OMFAlgo_MeshIntersect::Compute now calculates the orientation of the loop for each of the elements.

The contour mesher OMFBool_MeshContour now provides specific processing of several first fixed contours.

The splitting of an intersected element into polygonal parts has been corrected in type OMFBool_SplitElement to provide presence of the polygonal parts corresponding to the other mesh elements intersecting this element by a nonzero area.

New method OMFAlgo_IntEF::SingleError allows estimating the calculation error of a simple arithmetic operation on coordinates of a mesh;

The method OMFAlgo_IntPoint::Compute now allows calculating the maximal shift of each mesh intersection point;

The algorithm OMFAlgo::PolygonNormal calculates the normal of a polygon and an estimation of the calculation error of this normal based on the vertex tolerance. If the topological algorithm is not applicable, it is possible to calculate the orientation of the loop for each element using the geometrical algorithm



Summary: Improve the consistency of the intersection of any element with any link in the element internal points.

Type OMFAlgo_IntEF has been modified to improve consistency of intersection of any mesh link with any element of the other mesh. Now the intersection point is not calculated if the link intersects the element in more than one point or if both ends of the link are not located inside the element.

Summary: Calculate only the bound links of any surface mesh

A new optional parameter theIsBoundOnly of type OMFControl_BoundaryEdges allows calculating only bound links.

Summary: Improve calculation of common intersection points of any two elements of different meshes

The types OMFAlgo_IntEF and OMFAlgo_MeshIntersect have been modified to avoid non-common intersection points among the calculated common intersection points of two elements that belong to different meshes.’ www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 47 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s








Summary: Improve the classification of the location of each section element relative to the other mesh

New method OMFBool_BooleanOperation::classifySection classifies the location of each section element with a split link relative to the other mesh, basing on the location of this element relatively to the visible side of the other mesh. The bounding box of the other mesh is not used anymore for this purpose.

The improved classification extends the BO to infinite closed meshes and intersected unclosed meshes.

Summary: Convert the degenerated common parts of any intersected elements of the different meshes to polylines

New method OMFAlgo::PolygonToPolyline converts any polygon to a polyline if the polygon is not degenerated to a point.

It can be used by method OMFAlgo_MeshIntersect::Compute to convert the degenerated common parts of any intersected elements of different meshes to geometrically coincident polylines.

Summary: Make the removal of unclosed contours in the intersection of the meshes optional

The types OMFBool_ErrorStatus and OMFBool_BooleanOperation now can optionally check for unclosed contours in mesh intersection and remove them.

Draw commands Mfmeshcommon, Mfmeshfuse and Mfmeshcut now output a message about presence of such contours if this option is used.

Summary: Extend Draw command Mfhidesel to output the element identifiers

Draw command MFhidesel has been extended to output the identifiers of hidden elements.

Summary: Extend Draw command MFfindnode to the full precision

The Draw command MFfindnode now can output the node position in full precision. Its behavior is managed by the parameter, which can be equal to 0 (short) or 1 (full). This feature is useful to access the precise position of a node.

Summary: Create Draw tests for a mix of surface and solid objects

Draw commands MFmeshcommons and MFmeshcuts have been added for testing of a mix of surface and solid objects.

Summary: Measurement of the area and the bound length of a surface mesh

Methods Area and BoundLength, which measure the area and the bound length of a surface mesh, have been implemented in type OMFControl_MeshCharacteristics.

These methods are available in Draw using commands MFmesharea and


. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

Copyright © 2015 by OPEN CASCADE Page 48 of 55

O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s






Summary: Classify all outer points for any triangle as such

The algorithm ClassifyPointOnFace of type OMFAlgo now distinguishes between inner and outer points located on the straight line defined by a triangle side.

Summary: Create an algorithm to calculate the surface mesh closeness

The algorithm IsClosed has been implemented in type

OMFControl_MeshCharacteristic s to calculate the surface mesh closeness.

Summary: Create a defined Boolean operation

New operation OMFBool_DEFINED allows defining the mesh parts included in the result and their orientation. The corresponding command MFbo has been added in Draw.

The mesh parts and their orientation in the result are defined by four integer values, which are interpreted according to type TRelativeLocation of type



Summary: Revise all Draw tests with status BAD

The Draw tests for Mesh Framework Kernel have been revised and improved.

Surfaces from Scattered Points


Summary: Too coarse shaded representation of the approximated surface (regression).

The overlapping field has been removed from SCATexturedShape.hxx.

Collision Detection


Summary: Bug and exception in the ColDet sample.

The algorithm of collision detection has been fixed to avoid using in one thread the objects that have been deleted in another thread.

DXF/ACIS SAT Import / Export






Summary: Fixes for ACIS Entity Reader and DXF Reader.

DXF Import interface can now read the recent DXF versions, with ACIS data encoded in binary form.

ACIS SAT interface can now read SAB (Standard ACIS Binary) files.

Other features

It has become possible to read AcDsRecord and cyl_spl_sur;


and ReadRecord functions have been introduced;

Support of SURFACE and PLANESURFACE has been added;

Reading of version 21200, SkinSplSur, OffSplSur and LoftSplSur has been corrected. www.

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opencascade .org

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

New features

Shape Proximity Detector

The algorithm that computes intersections by generating tessellation (triangulation) of the source shapes and detecting overlapping of resulting meshes has been implemented to quickly detect intersecting pairs of subshapes.

In contrast to Boolean Operations, Partition and Self-intersection algorithms that compute topological intersections, new algorithm is based on mesh intersections and is expected to work much faster. However, the quality of the result depends on the quality of tessellation.

In addition, the result of this operation cannot be represented as a topological shape. A list of sub-shapes from each shape that localize the intersection is returned instead. This result might be helpful to the user for further analysis of the initial shapes.

By default the tolerance of intersection has negative value, which allows detecting intersections. A non-zero positive value allows detecting small gaps between shapes with a minor loss of the algorithm performance

(as it is necessary to compute and take into account bounding box for each elementary triangle of the meshes). www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Fuzzy Boolean Operations

Fuzzy Boolean operation is the option of Basic Operations to use additional tolerance. This option allows handling cases of touching and nearly coincident arguments.

The Fuzzy option is useful on the shapes with embedding or gaps between the entities of these shapes, which are not covered by the tolerance values of these entities. Such shapes can be the result of modeling mistakes, or translating process, or import from other systems with loss of precision, or errors in some algorithms.

Most likely, the Basic Operations will give unsatisfactory results on such models: the result may contain unexpected and unwanted small entities, faulty entities (in terms of BRepCheck_Analyzer), or there can be no result at all.

The Fuzzy option allows getting the expected result - it is only necessary to define the appropriate value of fuzzy tolerance for the operation. To define that value it is necessary to measure the value of the gap (or the value of embedding depth) between the entities of the models, slightly increase it to make the shifted entities coincident in terms of their tolerance plus the additional one and pass it to the algorithm.

Fuzzy option is included in interface of Intersection Part (class BOPAlgo_PaveFiller) and application programming interface (class BRepAlgoAPI_BooleanOperation).

Consider the example of the cylinder (shown in yellow and transparent) is subtracted from the box

(shown in red). The cylinder is shifted by 5e

-5 relatively to the box along its axis (the distance between rear faces of the box and cylinder is 5e



The following results are obtained using Basic

Operations and the Fuzzy ones with the fuzzy value



As it can be seen, Fuzzy option allows eliminating a very thin part of the result shape produced by Basic algorithm due to misalignment of rear faces of the box and the cylinder.

Result obtained with Basic Operations

Result obtained with Fuzzy Option www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Boolean Operations with Multiple Arguments

Previously the Boolean Operator of Open CASCADE allowed processing of two and only two argument shapes: Object and Tool.

Now the Boolean Operator is able to process two groups of arguments with an arbitrary number of shapes, possibly having intersections with each other.

So, the updated API takes on input a list of shapes on each side, Object and Tool provided that each shape from the list meets usual requirements.

In the image below 30 tool shapes (shown in silver) are cut from the Object shape (shown in gold)

See the result of the operation:

The class BRepAlgoAPI_BooleanOperation contains the corresponding API. The methods


and SetTools(…) provide the possibility to pass multiple arguments.

This feature gives the following benefits:

Possibility to perform the operation in a single pass;

Simplification of the caller procedure;

Performance improvement due to usage of a common data structure;

Performance improvement for the cases with a little number of actual intersections. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Porting to version 6.9.0

Porting of user applications from the previous 6.8.0 OCCT version to 6.9.0 requires the following issues to be taken into account:

Changes in Selection

In OCCT 6.9.0 selection mechanism of 3D Viewer has been redesigned to use 3-level BVH tree traverse directly in 3D space instead of projection onto 2D screen space (updated on each rotation). This architectural redesign may require appropriate changes at application level in case if custom Interactive Objects are used.

Standard selection

Usage of standard OCCT selection entities would require only minor updates.

Custom Interactive Objects should implement new virtual method



Now the method SelectMgr_Selection::Sensitive() does not return


. It returns an instance of SelectMgr_SensitiveEntity, which belongs to a different class hierarchy (thus DownCast() will fail). To access base sensitive it is necessary to use method SelectMgr_SensitiveEntity::BaseSensitive(). For example:

Handle(SelectMgr_Selection) aSelection = anInteractiveObject->Selection

(aMode); for (aSelection->Init(); aSelection->More(); aSelection->Next())


Handle(SelectBasics_SensitiveEntity) anEntity = aSelection->Sensitive()->BaseSensitive();


Custom sensitive entities

Custom sensitive entities require more complex changes, since the selection algorithm has been redesigned and requires different output from the entities.

The method SelectBasics_SensitiveEntity::Matches() of the base class should be overridden following the new signature:

Standard_Boolean Matches (SelectBasics_SelectingVolumeManager& theMgr,

SelectBasics_PickResult& thePickResult), where theMgr contains information about the currently selected frustum or set of frustums (see SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum,

SelectMgr_TrangularFrustum, SelectMgr_TriangularFrustumSet

) and


is an output parameter, containing information about the depth of the detected entity and distance to its center of geometry.

In the overridden method it is necessary to implement an algorithm of overlap and inclusion detection (the active mode is returned by theMgr.IsOverlapAllowed()) with triangular and rectangular frustums.

The depth and distance to the center of geometry must be calculated for the 3D projection of user-picked screen point in the world space. You may use already implemented overlap and inclusion detection methods for different primitives from SelectMgr_RectangularFrustum and SelectMgr_TriangularFrustum, including triangle, point, axis-aligned box, line segment and planar polygon. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Here is an example of overlap/inclusion test for a box: if (!theMgr.IsOverlapAllowed()) // check for inclusion


Standard_Boolean isInside = Standard_True;

return theMgr.Overlaps (myBox.CornerMin(), myBox.CornerMax(), &isInside) && isInside;


Standard_Real aDepth; if (!theMgr.Overlaps (myBox, aDepth)) // check for overlap


return Standard_False;

} thePickResult =

SelectBasics_PickResult (aDepth, theMgr.DistToGeometryCenter


The interface of SelectBasics_SensitiveEntity now contains four new pure virtual functions that should be implemented by each custom sensitive:


– returns a bounding box of the entity;


– clears up all the resources and memory allocated for complex sensitive entities;


– builds a BVH tree for complex sensitive entities, if it is needed;


– returns atomic sub-entities of a complex sensitive entity, which will be used as primitives for BVH building. If the entity is simple and no BVH is required, this method returns 1.

Each sensitive entity now has its own tolerance, which can be overridden by method


called from constructor.

Changes in Adaptor3d_Curve class

All classes inheriting Adaptor3d_Curve (directly or indirectly) must be updated in application code to use new signature of methods Intervals() and NbIntervals(). Note that no compiler warning will be generated if this is not done.

Changes in V3d_View class

The methods V3d_View::Convert and V3d_View::ConvertWithProj() have ceased to return point on the active grid. It might be necessary to revise the code of your application so that


was called explicitly for the values returned by V3d_View::Convert to get analogous coordinates on the grid. The methods V3d_View::Convert and


convert point into reference plane of the view corresponding to the intersection with the projection plane of the eye/view point vector. www.

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O p e n C A S C A D E T e c h n o l o g y & P r o d u c t s

Supported Platforms and Pre-requisites

Open CASCADE Technology is supported on Windows (IA-32 and x86-64), Linux (x86-64), Mac OS X (x86-

64), Android ARMv7 and x86, and iOS ARMv7 platforms.

The table below lists the product versions used by OCCT and its system requirements.

The most up-to-date information on Supported Platforms and Pre-requisites is available at .

Linux Operating System

Windows Operating System

Mac OS X Operating System

Mandriva 2010, CentOS 5.5, CentOS 6.3, Fedora 17, Fedora 18,

Ubuntu-1304, Debian 6.0*

MS Windows 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks / 10.8 Mountain Lion / 10.7 Lion / 10.6.8

Snow Leopard

Android Operating System iOS Operating System

Minimum memory

Free disk space (complete installation)

Graphic library


For Linux:

For Windows:

Android 4.0.2 and above iOS 7

512 MB, 1 GB recommended

650 MB of disk space, or 1,4 GB if installed with reference documentation

OpenGL 3.3+, OpenGL ES 2.0+

GNU gcc 4.0. - 4.7.3.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1 with all security updates

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1**

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

Intel C++ Composer XE 2013 SP1

XCode 3.2 or newer (4.x is recommended)

For Mac OS X:

TCL (for testing tools)

For Linux:

For Windows:

For OS X:

Tcltk 8.5 or 8.6

ActiveTcl 8.5 or 8.6

Built-in Tcl/Tk 8.5

Qt (for demonstration tools) Qt 4.8.6

FreeType (OCCT Text rendering) FreeType 2.4.11-2.5.3

FreeImage (Support of common graphic formats)

FreeImage 3.16.0 gl2ps-1.3.8 gl2ps (Export of OCCT viewer contents to vector graphic file)

TBB (optional tool for multithreaded algorithms)

TBB 3.x or 4.x

Doxygen 1.8.5

Doxygen (optional for building documentation)

• * Debian 60 64 bit is a permanently tested platform.

• ** The official release of OCCT for Windows contains libraries built with VC++ 2010. www.

opencascade .com


opencascade .org

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Key Features

  • Improved support of user feedback messages in Shape Processing
  • New tool to eliminate small solids in ShapeFix
  • Redesign of selection mechanism for better performance
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility improvements
  • Support of OpenGL viewer on iOS and ray tracing on OS X
  • Reconstruction of p-curves optimized to accelerate import from STEP
  • Support of parallelism without TBB library
  • 64-bit mode becomes default on Windows
  • Improved quality of mesh near face boundary
  • Support of SWIG 3.x

Related manuals

Frequently Answers and Questions

What improvements have been made to visualization in this release?
This release includes a redesign of the selection mechanism for better performance, improvements in OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility, and support for OpenGL viewers on iOS and ray tracing on OS X.
What are the key enhancements to data exchange in this release?
This release optimizes the reconstruction of p-curves for faster import from STEP, and improves the export of colors of edges and faces to IGES 5.3.
What improvements have been made to the Shape Processing module?
This release offers improved support for user feedback messages in shape processing. It also includes a new tool for eliminating small solids in shape fix.
Are there any changes to the Express Mesh product?
Yes, this release includes improvements to the quality of mesh near face boundary.
What are the major changes related to parallelism in this release?
This release introduces support for parallelism without the TBB library. The 64-bit mode has also become the default on Windows.