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access management performance security
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Wick Hill - More than just a Distributor
At Wick Hill, we pride ourselves on our market making, value added services. We help our VARs stand out from the
crowd and gain a competitive edge, by delivering pre and post-sales support, training and marketing assistance,
supporting revenue growth and increasing margin. We work with end-users in helping them identify their product
need and source of supply, as part of our 100% channel value proposition. All of this is backed-up by our highly
experienced professional services team, delivering technical support, training, installation and consultancy
Technical Support
At Wick Hill we know that efficient and responsive technical
support is critical to our customers’ on-going business operations.
Our support is based on sharing information, as well as
responding quickly to the changing needs of our customers and
the industry as a whole. By working through problems together
with both our customers and vendors we believe that we are
able to make a significant difference by ensuring that any fault
or issue is resolved in a professional and timely manner. Wick
Hill offer, 1st and 2nd line technical support for every product
purchased and maintained through Wick Hill. All calls are logged
and proactively resolved by our engineers, and where necessary,
they are resolved in conjunction with the vendor in accordance
with our online SLA. Telephone and e-mail support is provided
between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. Wick
Hill Technical Support is also available 24x7 for customers
requiring this option
Next Business Day Replacement and
Enhanced Service
Wick Hill offers a next business day replacement service for any
customer who has purchased this option. Products diagnosed as
being faulty by our engineers, we will ship a replacement, the
same day, for prompt next day delivery. This option is especially
relevant for security devices and compliance where outages must
be kept to a minimum
Wick Hill Training Services delivers flexible, vendor-accredited
training courses aimed at value added resellers and their end user
customers. We provide flexible training schedules, both in our
training centres and on-site. Resellers are able to gain product
knowledge, fulfil vendor certification requirements, and better
serve their customers, who learn how to manage and report on
the solutions they buy. Wick Hill provide a total training solution
- instructor, courseware and technical environment, and provide
training courses for the majority of our products. Our instructors
are highly skilled engineers with real-world experience as well
as having vendor designed “Train the trainer” accreditation
courses. Our fully certified and experienced trainers are
available to give training at customers sites wherever in the
world they are located. A major international organisation based
in America recently rated our instructor as 5 out of 5 for both
product knowledge and Training style. We are also happy for our
trainers to attend either your location, or a customer’s location,
and host the course on your company’s behalf.
The Wick Hill Difference
By utilising Wick Hill’s Training Services, VARs greatly enhance
their offerings, generate additional revenue, and ensure their
competitive edge.
Outstanding Value:
Wick Hill does not sell directly to end users. All of our service
offerings are delivered through our channel partners and
represent excellent value to both end-users and resellers
Added Flexibility:
Coordinating training schedules can be difficult. That’s why
we normally offer each course at least once per month at our
training centre, or can offer training at your site - whatever
works best for our resellers and their customers.
Extensive Offerings:
Installation & Consultancy Services
Wick Hill engineers provide installation and consultancy
services for the majority of products within our portfolio. Our
dedicated Professional Services team are highly skilled and, just
as importantly, have hands-on product experience. Whether
it be the Installation and Configuration or Consultancy and
management of your chosen product solution, Wick Hill can help.
Classes are conducted in a professional training environment
that enhances the student’s learning experience.
All courses held at our on-site training centre include lunch
and refreshments.
Students are encouraged to actively participate in the
training process, and we work hard to ensure a high
examination success rate is attained and maintained.
If your clients cannot attend a class at Wick Hill’s training
centre, training can be arranged at your offices
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Wick Hill Cloud Services. In today’s business climate organisations
need to do more with less, especially smaller organisations without
dedicated IT personnel. Wick Hill’s Cloud offerings allow you and your
customers to take advantage of industry leading solutions including
anti-virus, firewalls, backup services, voice solutions and 2FA without
the costs traditionally associated with supporting these technologies.
Wick Hills Cloud and Convergence division offers an array of leading
solutions that can be offered to your customers as the alternative to
traditional on premise solutions, with the added benefit of a monthly
billing model on some products, which enable you to offer a true OP-ex
Anti Virus & Email Security in the cloud
Hosted Web Security
Hosted Email Security is an integrated system that provides
security for mail traffic and protection from all email-borne threats
- viruses, spam, hacker attacks, and phishing attacks - before they
reach the company network, scanning all incoming SMTP traffic for
viruses, spam, Trojans, and phishing attacks. Quality is ensured by
the latest antivirus technologies, layered scanning of email, and
a resilient infrastructure of servers and data processing centres.
Web Security-as-a-Service gives you and your customers the
advantage in the fight against spyware, Web viruses and phishing.
Blocking malware threats and unwanted content before they reach
their network, we eliminate the burden of purchasing, maintaining,
supporting and updating security infrastructure in house, freeing
you to focus on your business opportunities.
Offsite Backup Services
Combining local and offsite storage provides the best of both
worlds - onsite backups for the fastest restore times and secure
offsite storage for disaster recovery. These appliances are installed
on-site to provide full local backup of current and historical data,
high backup performance and fast network-based local restores,
while replicating the data offsite for fast, effective disaster
recovery. Data is de-deuplicated at the origin to minimise the
unnecessary storage of the same file, while providing efficient and
secure offsite transfer using compression and encryption.
Mobile Device Management
Cloud Two Factor Authentication
Cloud-based encryption services are the alternative to traditional
on-site server-based solutions and offers two-factor
authentication with:•
Simplicity - A managed authentication service offering
unrivalled service levels and support options
Affordability - Requires zero up-front investment, uses
quarterly payments and is backed by low total cost of
Flexibility - Easily integrated and completely scalable
IT organisations today need visibility into and control over the
mobile devices that are entering the enterprise, whether they
are employee owned or provided by the corporation. Mobile
device management provides a comprehensive set of capabilities
to get devices configured for enterprise access and makes sure
corporate data stored on these devices is secure. It streamlines
the configuration and device enrolment process to make life simple
for IT and mobile employees. With automatic default policies for
Exchange ActiveSync- and Lotus Notes Traveller-connected devices
as well as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android devices (including
the Kindle Fire).
Hosted Firewall and Unified Threat
UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances are particularly
suited to delivering hosted services. With threat response updates
delivered automatically, and with powerful central management,
these are ideal solutions for channel partners to deliver and
manage a range of security solutions in a single appliance.
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A10 Networks is the technology leader in Application Networking, making awardwinning, high-performance products that help organisations accelerate, optimise
and secure their applications. A10’s flagship AX Series platforms are designed from
the ground up, with a 64-bit shared-memory and multi-process, multi-core, multiCPU architecture that leaps the competition in performance, scalability, efficiency
and flexibility.
The AX Series
Why is A10 needed?
The AX Series platform offer solutions for Application Delivery/
Server Load Balancing, IPv6 Migration and Cloud Computing &
Virtualisation. With the AX Series, customers of all sizes benefit
from application availability, scalability & performance; increased
infrastructure efficiency and a faster end user experience.
A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help
organisations accelerate, optimise and secure the availability of
their applications in a cost effective way.
AX Series is the industry’s best price/performance advanced
traffic manager - helping enterprises and ISPs maximise
application availability through a high-performance and scalable
Application Delivery Platform, and powered by the innovative
Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS). The ACOS architecture
is built from the ground up for performance, scalability,
flexibility and reliability. ACOS is a modern OS built with and
for new technologies for optimal performance and requiring no
inefficient retro-fitting.
The AX family includes a range of platforms that vary according
to performance, price and hardware.
ACOS Advantage
ACOS is the enabling operating system for all AX Series solutions,
representing A10’s key intellectual property or “secret sauce”:
Scalable Symmetrical Multi-processing (SSMP) - Multi-core
CPU, shared memory architecture
Efficient design - Less power, memory, space & resource
Flexible design suitable for rapid development
Native 64-bit, which breaks the 4 GB memory limitation for
maximum scalability
L4-L7 awareness for deep network intelligence
A10 offers all hardware appliances at a fixed price without
licensing fees; this includes all features and full performance:
Optimises and consolidates existing data centres
Enables new applications and topologies
Lowest cost per transaction in the industry
New features can be developed rapidly
A10 Networks’ tagline “Performance by Design” builds the link to
a unique, modern and innovative system design and architecture.
Faster - Speed and Capacity: According to key performance
metrics including L4, L7 and throughput, AX Series delivers the
industry’s highest performance. Architected for scalability, the
2U AX 5200-11 can achieve over four million L4 connections per
second (CPS), which exceeds the market leader’s chassis system
by more than 2X. Replacing or beating incumbent solutions in all
size networks yields 2X performance and throughput.
Better – Flexible Platform, Advanced Features, Disruptive Price
and World-class Support: The AX Series platform is designed
to meet customers’ current and future needs with headroom
to grow. AX solutions dramatically lower the total cost of
deployment as all features are included without additional
licensing fees. AX Series delivers the most responsive support in
the market, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Greener – Industry’s Most Energy Efficient Platform: The scalable
Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, with
shared memory, provides the foundation for the industry’s most
energy-efficient ADC. The high-end AX 5200 sets a new green
standard in a compact 2U appliance with 3X the performance,
1/3 the size and 1/6 less power to run versus competing chassis
solutions. All AX models deliver the highest performance per
Watt than any competing solution.
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Application Delivery
IPv6 Migration
Key Technologies
Advanced Application Delivery Controller
New Generation Server Load Balancer
A10’s AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) allow
server farm scalability and availability while optimising application
performance, improving server load and response times and
reducing infrastructure. The AX Series deliver the lowest cost per
transaction in the industry, reducing costs at customers’ sites by
up to 80 percent.
It is important to scale the business and to manage the transition to
IPv6 smoothly. A10 Networks’ AX Series platform delivers the most
comprehensive range of solutions to manage IPv4 preservation
and IPv6 migration. A10 has multiple installations running
live today on multiple continents with IPv4 to IPv6 migration
capabilities for service providers. They offer the only platform
with a comprehensive suite of features to allow carriers and
service providers to migrate seamlessly while maximising service
availability and differentiating their business.
AX Series’ IPv6 migration technologies fit into the following
buckets: encapsulation, translation and dual-stack solutions.
AX Series also provides IPv4 preservation (NAT444). For example:
IPv4 Preservation: Large Scale NAT (LSN), also known as
Carrier Grade NAT (CGN)
Encapsulation: Dual-Stack Lite
Translation: NAT64/DNS64
Translation: SLB-PT (this is a feature for enterprises and
content providers)
No one option fits all, and standards are constantly emerging. The
flexible A10 platform can run multiple IPv6 migration applications
according to requirements.
Guarantee full communication between IPv4 and IPv6
Strategy: use IPv4/IPv6 as a business differentiator
Enhance your service offerings
Speed up your time to market
Guarantee business continuity
Roadmap to reduce network complexity and scale
Ensure the first IPv6 only clients will operate
Cloud Computing & Virtualisation:
Improve user experience
Load balancing delivers high availability and improves server
response times
Application acceleration speeds up the end user experience
DDoS protection prevents against attacks automatically and
guarantees uptime
Reduce infrastructure
SSL Offload reduces server numbers
SoftAX reduces infrastructure with deployment on commodity
servers in minutes
1U and 2U high-capacity hardware appliances reduce rack
space and power consumption
Increase availability
Optimisation improves page load speed
Optimisation increases transaction volume and revenue
Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) ensures performance
amid unexpected peak traffic, and balances traffic across
geographic regions
Increase scalability and performance of web sites and
Deliver the lowest cost per transaction in the industry
Reduce downtime and latency
Accelerate transaction times
Speed up page loading time
Increase security (DDoS protection)
A10 Networks offers the widest range of virtualisation solutions
of any ADC vendor on the market today. The solutions are a key
enabler in delivering elasticity and economies of scale for Cloud
AX Virtualisation (also known as Application Delivery
Partitions) is a feature within all 64-bit hardware appliances
for multi-tenancy.
SoftAX virtual appliance for flexible and efficient cloud
computing, reducing data center space and power
AX-V appliance is an A10 AX appliance with multiple SoftADCs
providing strong isolation and multi-tenancy.
AX Virtual Chassis System (aVCS) clusters up to eight
appliances to scale-up, but managed as a single appliance,
thus increasing performance and manageability dramatically.
Roll-out a new data center
Consolidate a data center
Elasticity: scale up and down on demand
Lab testing for new applications
Roll-out an application
Optimise and reduce rack space
Reduce power consumption
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Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT) is a leading provider of intelligent IP service
optimisation solutions for DSL, wireless and mobile broadband carriers, service
providers and enterprises. Allot’s rich portfolio of hardware platforms and software
applications utilises Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) to provide
the Network Intelligence that transforms broadband pipes into smart and balanced
Allot offers the industry’s broadest range of bandwidth
management solutions with a combination of hardware/software
products that suit any network configuration from 2Mbps to
Identify, Classify, Measure and Control
Policy-based traffic steering to external network and subscriber
services enables the most efficient use of network resources and
enables new services to be designed. Continuous traffic monitoring
in real time enables fast troubleshooting, usage tracking and
capacity planning. The detection of traffic anomalies, the
mitigation of network attacks and security threats is in real time
leading to the immediate isolation of malicious traffic, without
interrupting regular traffic. Fail-safe performance with external
hardware bypass and full redundancy schemes ensure network
integrity and no interruption to traffic in the event of failure.
NetEnforcer traffic management devices enable you to link
your business policies to specific network actions that improve
and control users productivity and satisfaction. On corporate
networks, Allot NetEnforcer shapes the traffic on your WAN,
so that mission-critical business applications can deliver the
performance your company needs to succeed.
NetEnforcer is powered by Dynamic Actionable Recognition
Technology (DART), which provides granular awareness of
subscriber, application and network topology traffic. DART’s
extensive signature library accurately identifies hundreds
of Internet applications and protocols, including P2P, VoIP,
streaming, gaming, instant messaging,
web and business
NetEnforcer is managed by Allot the NetXplorer management
system, providing centralised reporting for multiple devices,
provisioning, alerting and policy control. Proactive, earlywarning mechanisms provide automatic alarms concerning
network events and the ability to trigger corrective actions in
real time.
The DART engine provides for greater control, including
prioritisation and specific treatments for applications that are
affected by latency and jitter. These include:
• Expedited Forwarding for real- time applications
(RFC2598 compliant)
• Assured Forwarding for variety of internet applications such as
video streaming (RFC2597 compliant)
• Drop Precedence for effective bandwidth management
Service Protector
Allot Service Protector performs a key part of a layered defence
against Denial of Service attacks, botnet Zombie attacks and
outbound spam. Protection is based on behaviour analysis which
has the advantage of early detection of attacks, unlike signature
based systemsin which this is rarely the case. Allot Service
Protector works in conjunction with certain Allot NetEnforcer
models to contain botnets, clean up infected subscribers, and to
stop DDoS attacks immediately and automatically.
Allot ServiceProtector Senors are passively deployed using optical
taps or mirror/SPAN ports. The system enables providers to:
• Protection from Zero Day attacks
• Stop DoS/DDoS attacks dead as they start, and before they
disrupt the network
• Reduce abuse complaints and appearance on blacklists
• Spend less time dealing with problems resulting from outbound
• Enhance responsiveness and availability of the email platform
by removing unnecessary load from outbound spam and
protecting the email server reputation
• Low management overhead through automatic and selective
blocking of SMTP traffic from misbehaving customers/users
• No added latency to servers or network traffic.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
For Service Providers
As the scalable management system for Allot devices, platforms
and services, Allot NetXplorer provides a central vantage point for
network-wide monitoring, reporting, alerting, accounting and QoS
policy provisioning. Its intuitive GUI paints a consolidated picture
of application, user and topology traffic, while its wide variety
of real-time and historical reports enables easy drill-down to the
most granular traffic data.
Intelligent traffic management tools from Allot are playing a key
role in helping ISPs to ensure that network costs do not outpace
revenue growth, and that the broadband usage needs and
expectations of all subscribers are met.
Allot NetXplorer supplies the network business intelligence that
is essential for IP service optimisation on critical broadband links.
It allows network operators to understand how their bandwidth
resources are being consumed by applications and users on the
network, and to define traffic management policies that link
service and performance parameters to their business goals. With a
full complement of real-time and long-term reporting capabilities,
Allot NetXplorer provides unsurpassed visibility for proactive
troubleshooting and for analysing traffic trends to assist with
capacity and service planning.
Allot provides traffic awareness per application, subscriber,
network topology, and device, plus the ability to act upon this
valuable intelligence by mapping these elements directly into
policy enforcement rules. As a result operators can regulate
bandwidth consumption and service delivery based on network
conditions, subscriber profiles and desired outcomes.
Allot solutions offer scalable throughput (from 2Mbps to 60Gbps),
carrier-class resilience, and a growing portfolio of value-added
network and subscriber services. This winning combination
enables service providers to drive down costs as they deploy new
and differentiated services to attract higher ARPU and to reduce
subscriber churn.
Allot NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP) is a valuable add-on capability to
Allot NetXplorer. It allows managed services and hosting companies
to give their customers self-monitoring and self-provisioning
capabilities, so they can view and control their own broadband
Allot Subscriber Management Platform
Allot SMP enables the centralised creation, provisioning and
management of per-subscriber policies, quotas, and tiered
services. Allot SMP provides the visibility that is needed to
monitor and understand subscriber usage and to control service
and application performance for each subscriber. The powerful
subscriber-application awareness provided by Allot SMP is the
key to customising service offerings and maximising service
revenues. Allot SMP operates seamlessly with the Allot NetXplorer
management system.
For Enterprises
Intelligent traffic management tools from Allot are used
by thousands of enterprises the world over to optimise the
performance of WAN, Internet and Data Center links and to ensure
that the service needs and expectations of all end-users are
met. The granular visibility and policy control provided by Allot
is essential for managers to ensure mission-critical applications,
increase productivity and contain network costs by extending the
life of existing infrastructure.
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Barracuda Networks is the leading provider of enterprise-class spam, spyware and
instant messaging firewall solutions for comprehensive email protection. Winner of
numerous industry honours, its flagship product, the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall,
provides protection for over 100,000 customers throughout the world. Barracuda
Networks’ mission is to provide powerful, enterprise-class solutions that are suitable for
the largest of businesses yet have the ease of use and affordability that smaller businesses
Barracuda NG Firewall
Barracuda Web Filter
The Barracuda NG Firewall is a family of hardware and virtual
appliances designed to protect network
improve site-to-site connectivity and simplify administration
of network operations. Beyond its powerful network firewall
and VPN technologies, the Barracuda NG Firewall integrates
a comprehensive set of next generation firewall technologies,
including Layer 7 application profiling, intrusion prevention, Web
filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam and network access control.
The Barracuda Web Filter is an integrated content filtering,
application blocking, and spyware protection solution that is
powerful, easy to use, and affordable for businesses of all sizes.
It enforces Internet usage policy by locking access to Web sites
and Internet applications that are not related to business, and
it easily and completely eliminates spyware and other forms of
malware from your organisation.
With hardware models ranging from the micro branch office up
to the large headquarters and datacenters, and a corresponding
offering of virtual appliances, the Barracuda NG Firewall is
designed for deployment across the entire enterprise. Centralised
management of security and content policy provides a number of
benefits, including:
Consistent security posture and policy enforcement across
the enterprise
Real-time accounting and reporting across multiple
Comprehensive history and rollback of configuration and
policy changes across the network
Centralised version control of anti-spam, anti-virus, Web
filter and network access control updates
Blocks access to Web sites based on domain, URL pattern,
or content category
Blocks downloads based on file type
Blocks applications that access the Internet, including IM,
music services, and software update utilities
Integrates with “safe search” filters built into popular
image search engines
Provides integrated gateway and desktop spyware protection
The Barracuda Web Filter employs a unique approach to
integrate gateway and desktop spyware protection strategies.
In providing Web security at the gateway, it prevents new
spyware and virus infections as they attempt to penetrate the
network. In addition, it facilitates automatic removal of spyware
from previously infected Windows computers with the included
Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool, automatically upon detection
of spyware protocol activity. By adaptively targeting those
machines that are infected, the Barracuda Web Filter provides
widespread protection and removal without requiring preloaded
client software on every machine on the network.
Also available as a Cloud Service –
Barracuda Web Security Flex.
The Barracuda NG Firewall features intelligent site-to-site traffic
management capabilities that optimise both availability and
performance of the WAN. Administrators can control applicationlevel routing and prioritisation of traffic across multiple links,
tunnels and traffic conditions. The Barracuda NG Firewall is an
application-aware firewall solution designed to mitigate threats,
enforce policies and optimise traffic flow - resulting in ultrareliable WAN links. As an added benefit, centralised management
provides visibility of the entire network, reducing administrative
overhead and in line costs.
Barracuda Web Security Flex™ is a cloud-based Web filtering
and security service that quickly gives administrators all the
information and policy enforcement tools needed to isolate users
from Internet threats, conserve network bandwidth and filter
content for compliance and productivity.
As a cloud-based service with flexible deployment options,
Barracuda Web Security Flex is the easy and affordable way
to manage Web access even at highly-distributed organisations
needing to manage large numbers of remote users off the
Barracuda Web Security Flex delivers leading Web security to all
users with the flexible architecture, unified management and
commercial terms that let administrators focus on providing
comprehensive Web security rather than dwelling on technology
or costs. With Barracuda Web Security Flex, the economics
centre around the size of the user population protected, rather
than the specifics of the deployment.
Even when additional gateway hardware is required for
deployment, costs involve a simple one-time setup fee. There are
no additional recurring charges associated with the maintenance
of that hardware. There are no additional software license fees
for agents. When needs change, you can easily add or remove
deployed components. Barracuda Web Security Flex pricing
effectively ends acquisition risks.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall*
Barracuda Web Application Firewall
The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and
software solution for complete protection of your email server.
It provides a powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution to
eliminating spam and viruses from your organisation by providing
the following protection:
The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is a powerful security
solution for Web applications and Web sites. The product provides
award-winning protection against hackers leveraging protocol or
application vulnerabilities to instigate data theft, denial of service
or defacement of your Web site.
Anti-spyware (Attachments)
Denial of Service
The Barracuda Spam Firewall is compatible with all email servers
and is used by small organisations with as few as 10 employees and
large organisations with as many as 200,000 employees. A single
Barracuda Spam Firewall handles up to 30,000 active email users.
Multiple units can be clustered together for even greater capacity
and high availability. The Barracuda Spam Firewall protects your
email server with twelve defence layers:
Network Denial of Service Protection
Rate Control
IP Reputation Analysis
Sender Authentication
Recipient Verification
Virus Scanning
Policy (User-specified rules)
Spam Fingerprint Check
Intent Analysis
Image Analysis
Bayesian Analysis
Rule-based Scoring
With no software to install and no modifications required to
existing email systems, installation of the Barracuda Spam Firewall
is quick and easy. Once installed, the system administrator uses
the intuitive web interface for monitoring and maintenance. The
Barracuda Spam Firewall is continuously updated with the latest
spam and virus definitions every hour, keeping maintenance to the
unit at a minimum. With no per user license fees, the Barracuda
Spam Firewall is the most affordable enterprise-class spam and
virus appliance available.
* Now available as a virtual solution
Also available as a cloud service –
Barracuda Email Security Service.
The Barracuda Email Security Service is a comprehensive and
affordable cloud-based email security service that protects both
inbound and outbound email against the latest spam, viruses,
worms, phishing and denial of service attacks. Spam and viruses
are blocked in the cloud prior to delivery to the recipient,
saving network bandwidth while providing additional Denial of
Service protection. Advanced features like email encryption and
attachment content scanning prevent data theft via email.
Protection against common attacks
Outbound data theft protection
Web site cloaking
Granular policies
Secure HTTP traffic
SSL Offloading & Acceleration
Load Balancing
The product offers every capability needed to deliver, secure
and manage enterprise Web applications from a single appliance
through an intuitive, real-time user interface.
Single point of protection for inbound and outbound traffic
Protects Web sites and Web applications against application
layer attacks
Monitors traffic and provides reports about attackers and
attack attempts
Many applications are vulnerable to attacks because application
developers do not consistently employ secure coding practices.
The Web Site Firewall is designed to combat all attack types that
have been categorised as significant threats, including:
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
SQL injection flaws
OS command injections
Site reconnaissance
Session hijacking
Application denial of service
Malicious probes/crawlers
Cookie/session tampering
Path traversal
Information leakage
Online Web-based applications are increasingly at risk from
professional hackers who target such applications in order to
commit data theft or fraud. Being compromised can damage an
enterprise’s reputation, result in loss of customers and impact the
organisation’s bottom line. In addition, companies that transact
online are faced with a host of growing industry regulations such
as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS),
which mandates that all enterprise and Web applications handling
credit card and account information must undergo an extensive
and costly audit of custom application code. The alternative to
satisfy PCI DSS compliance is simply installing a Web application
In addition to network bandwidth savings, cloud-based filtering
offloads any processing required for spam and virus filtering from
the email server. Without the need to install software or deploy
hardware the Barracuda Email Security Service can start filtering
inbound and outbound email in a matter of minutes.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Barracuda Load Balancer
Barracuda Message Archiver
Designed to help organisations achieve their availability
objectives, the Barracuda Load Balancer integrates IP load
balancing and network intrusion prevention into an affordable
and easy to use appliance. The Barracuda Load Balancer provides
comprehensive failover capabilities in case of server failure,
distribution of traffic across multiple servers, and integrated
protection from network intrusions.
The Barracuda Message Archiver is a complete and affordable
email archiving solution, enabling you to effectively index and
preserve all emails, enhance operational efficiencies and achieve
regulatory compliance needs.
Internet sites with high traffic requirements, including Web,
FTP, media streaming, and content delivery networks
Hosted applications using thin-client architectures, such as
Windows Terminal Services
Other IP services requiring optimal performance, including
The Barracuda Load Balancer’s integrated Service Monitor ensures
that servers and their associated applications are operational and
facilitates automatic failover to ensure continuous availability.
Comprehensive archiving
Search and retrieval
Policy management
Intelligent Storage Manager
Roles-based interface
Reporting and statistics
The Barracuda Message Archiver provides everything an
organisation needs to comply with government regulations in an
easy to install and administer plug-and-play hardware solution.
The Barracuda Message Archiver stores and indexes all email for
easy search and retrieval by both regular users and third-party
Barracuda Link Balancer
The Barracuda Link Balancer is an affordable and powerful
solution for routing and managing traffic across multiple Internet
connections. Designed to scale for high bandwidth requirements
and provide business continuity for an organisation of any size,
the Barracuda Link Balancer optimises the use of multiple
Internet links, such as T1s, T3s, DSL and cable connections from
one or multiple Internet service providers. Capable of automatic
failover in the event of link failure, the Barracuda Link Balancer
ensures that your network is always connected to the Internet.
Aggregates Internet connection links
Automated failover
Bandwidth management
Quality of Service (QoS) for Internet applications
Traditional firewall
For today’s organisations, Internet bandwidth and availability
is mission critical to day-to-day operations. The Barracuda Link
Balancer aggregates client and server Internet bandwidth to
provide optimal access to multiple high speed connections. With
bandwidth management and Quality of Service (QoS) features,
the Barracuda Link Balancer prioritises bandwidth to mission
critical requests for Internet connectivity. The Barracuda Link
Balancer provides administrators with tools to automatically
prioritise critical Internet applications. For example, Web
browsing and email can be guaranteed bandwidth while peer-topeer applications and media streaming can be assigned a lower
priority. The Barracuda Link Balancer also includes a network
firewall to consolidate the management of network security and
traffic aggregation into one appliance.
The Barracuda Message Archiver features an easy-to-use Web user
interface, creating an intuitive and cost-effective administration
tool for the integrated hardware and software solution. The
Web user interface allows administrators to define, manage and
control corporate archiving settings and rules from one central
location. Unlike competitive offerings, the Barracuda Message
Archiver has no per user licensing fees, no hardware issues to
attend to, no database integration headaches and no security
holes to patch, making it the most affordable and reliable email
archiving solution available today.
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Barracuda Backup Service
Barracuda Vx Virtual Appliances
A solid data backup and recovery plan is crucial for any organisation,
regardless of the industry or business size. As part of that plan,
organisations need to have a solution in place to ensure that data
is protected and easily accessible when it is needed.
As organisations turn to virtualisation as a way to save money,
simplify deployments and reduce their environmental footprint,
Barracuda Networks is offering virtual appliance versions of the
Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall and Barracuda SSL VPN with
additional solutions to follow.
The Barracuda Backup Service combines automatic local data
backup via the Barracuda Backup Server with secure online backup
to two redundant data centres in separate geographic locations.
The Barracuda Backup Service copies data from any computer
or storage platform and provides fast local storage and restores.
The Barracuda Backup Service safely maintains backup data
offsite using efficient replication techniques designed to conserve
bandwidth and minimise the cost of disaster recovery.
Virtual appliances enable enterprises to harness the same
powerful security and networking technologies available in the
Barracuda Networks range of hardware based solutions. Barracuda
Networks virtual appliances are an ideal choice for enterprises
that are standardising hardware platforms or with existing virtual
environments like VMware. As the organisation grows, these
appliances can be easily scaled for performance and capacity and
also lend themselves to quicker backup and disaster recovery.
Other capabilities include:
Automatic Backups. Administrators set the schedule for how
often backups should run throughout the day. This eliminates
the risks associated with manual backup.
Full Local Backup. The Barracuda Backup Server offers
sufficient storage for a complete copy of an organisation’s
current and historical data.
Fast Local Restore. Administrators can restore data directly
from the Barracuda Backup Server at local network speeds.
This is the quickest way to recover lost data or recreate
historical data.
Secure, Redundant Replication. Multiple layers of
encryption, including AES 256-bit, protect the integrity of
data transferred offsite. Barracuda Networks’ two offsite
data centres use highly redundant disk-based hardware in a
fully encrypted and secure format.
Alert Notifications. The Barracuda Backup Service
automatically provides email alerts to administrators when
service issues are detected. Notifications are sent when errors
or file warnings are detected in backups or, when files are
Regulatory Compliance. The Barracuda Backup Service
encompasses the security requirements to cover a wide
range of industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA for the
healthcare industry, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley for financial
The virtual appliances combined with industry leading storage,
security and networking hardware appliances from Barracuda
Networks provide flexible deployment options to meet the unique
needs of small, medium and large enterprises.
Key Features:
Same powerful technology as the Barracuda Networks
hardware appliances
Same simple Web based user interface
Simple installation in your existing VMware infrastructure
Can be combined with Barracuda Networks hardware
Plug and play deployment
Maintenance free through automatic updates
Lower TCO
Barracuda Secure Offsite Backup
Unlike other vendors, the Barracuda Backup Service makes three
backup copies of an organisation’s primary data: one local backup
and two offsite data backups to geographically-separate data
centres. To ensure the security and integrity of an organisation’s
offsite data, Barracuda Networks has equipped both data centres
with on-premises security teams, restricted visitor access, alarm
systems, advanced fire suppression systems, distributed redundant
power and carrier-class diverse routed Internet connections. In the
event of a disaster recovery situation, the offsite backup storage
provides an easy way to restore critical information. The monthly
Barracuda Backup Subscription provides full 24x7 service and
technical support for the offsite data copies.
The following Barracuda appliances are available as Vx Solutions;
Spam & Virus Firewall Vx
Web App Firewall Vx
NG Firewall Vx
Web Filter Vx
Load Balancer Vx
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Becrypt provides a range of cyber security solutions to protect data at rest and data in
use. This includes top-level encryption solutions for servers, desktops, laptops and tablet
devices, as well as end point solutions that enable secure mobile working and secure
virtual and cloud resources access.
Central Managed Security – Becrypt
Enterprise Manager
Media Encryption – Removable Media
Module/Media Client
All solutions can be centrally controlled using Becrypt Enterprise
Manager which streamlines the management, enforces
organisational security and demonstrates compliance through
auditing and reporting functions. Importantly, Becrypt products
are the first to self-generate crypto keys eliminating the need
for CESG material, thereby significantly reducing the total cost
of ownership. Becrypt’s unified approach to endpoint security
enables single software and policy updates and central reporting.
Becrypt Media Client is a software based file encryption solution
that protects data whilst in transit on removable media such as
CDs, DVDs or USB devices.
Becrypt Enterprise Manager also helps to streamline all aspects
of the management of Becrypt data security products. It helps
to enforce an organisational security policy and gives the ability
to demonstrate compliance through auditing and reporting
functionality. within a simple to use security management suite.
It provides full listings of all encrypted computers, so that should
a device be lost or stolen its encryption status can be ascertained
immediately and therefore the risk to the data assessed.
Becrypt Media Client offers a simple and easy way of protecting
data in transit. Data that is stored on a CD, DVD or USB stick can
be vulnerable if unprotected, particularly if the device is lost or
stolen. Media Client resides on any removable device with a zero
footprint, allowing a recipient to access protected data without
needing to install software. Protected data can be easily shared
with a recipient, with no need for them to have Becrypt software
on their computer.
Becrypt Enterprise Manager works with standard third party
deployment tools ensure that the roll out of encryption is made
faster and subsequent management overheads are minimised.
It automates key management for Becrypt DISK Protect and
Removable Media Module, greatly reducing the time and
administration normally associated with key management.
Full Disk Encryption – DISK Protect
DISK Protect is a full disk encryption software solution that gives
you complete peace of mind that the data held on laptops,
PCs and tablets is fully protected in the event of loss or theft.
Full disk encryption happens transparently, the hard drive is
encrypted with no impact on performance. Unauthorised access
is prevented by strong user authentication. Even if the PC is
disposed of, and specialist recovery tools are used to recover
the data, full disk encryptionensures data remains safe. DISK
Protect is not just full disk encryption but will also encrypt data
on removable media such as Firewire, USB devices, SD cards and
other mass storage devices.
Removable Media Module is easy to deploy and manage. When
combined with Becrypt Enterprise Manager, Removable Media
Module can be deployed throughout an organisation with little or
no disruption to business activities. The package can be deployed
to thousands of users in the organisation quickly, bringing control
to the use of removable devices for data storage within hours.
Device Control – Connect Protect/
Advanced Port Control
Connect Protect is Becrypt’s end point control solution that
protects organisations against data leakage, by preventing
unauthorised access to, and use of, “plug and play” external
DISK Protect is engineered to be easy to deploy and manage, and
provides full disk encryption with no disruption to users’ working
practices. When combined with Becrypt Enterprise Manager, DISK
Protect can be deployed throughout an organisation with little
or no disruption to business activities. The full disk encryption
package can be deployed to thousands of users in the organisation
quickly; laptops and PCs can be secured within hours. DISK
Protect comes in four variants; Standard, CPA Foundation,
Baseline and Enhanced.
Connect Protect provides a full audit trail to track device usage
and highlight denied and authorised connections. Connect
Protect features digital signing for approved devices allowing
an organisation to strictly control what type, and how many,
removable storage devices are in use inside the organisation.
This also prevents authorised devices from being cloned.
Connect Protect features digital signing for approved devices
allowing an organisation to strictly control what type, and
how many, removable storage devices are in use inside the
organisation. This also prevents data leakage by preventing
authorised devices from being cloned.
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Virtualization & Cloud – tVolution
Data Leakage & Security
tVolution gives organisations a way to securely provide and manage
access into a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment
without committing to new hardware.
tVolution may be configured to include only pre-specified
applications, and to restrict the user to approved locations and
software. Once the configuration of the OS has been decided, a
single install file is created allowing the organisation to quickly
and securely build devices that are unique to its security needs.
tVolution allows both existing desktop machines and Thin Client
devices to access a VDI estate without the need to maintain and
support the existing costly desktop software suite.
Features and benefits
Virtualization Software
Security Built-in
No additional security software needed, preventing system
tVolution allows organisations choice when it comes to their
desktop infrastructure providing the best user experience with
Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, or Quest clients.
Complete OS
tVolution is a complete OS designed for secure VDI access,
removing the need for additional OS licenses
Extended Hardware Life
Out of the Box integration
Familiar look and feel boosts user acceptance, reduces training,
and improves and start up time.
Fully Configurable and Extendable
As business needs develop, so too can the tVolution installation.
Central Management and Device Deployment
Fast deployment and central management reduces operational
tVolution is a complete lightweight OS replacement, allowing you
to extend the life of your legacy PC’s as re-configured, fast, secure
Thin Clients without the need to invest in any new hardware.
For more information visit
VPN Components
Increase the cost savings by integrating industry standard VPN
clients for various manufactures
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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the world leader in securing the Internet, is
the only vendor to deliver Total Security for networks, data and endpoints, unified under
a single management framework. Check Point provides customers with uncompromised
protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total
cost of ownership. The dynamic Software Blade architecture delivers secure, flexible
and simple solutions that can be fully customised to meet the exact security needs of
any organisation or environment. Check Point customers include tens of thousands of
businesses and organisations of all sizes including all of the Fortune 100 companies.
Check Point Core Products
Latest Technologies Include:
Software Blades
Application Control
The Check Point Application Control Software Blade provides the
industry’s strongest application security and identity control to
organisations of all sizes. It enables IT teams to easily create
granular policies - based on users or groups - to identify, block
or limit usage of over 100,000 Web 2.0 applications and widgets.
The Check Point Software Blade Architecture supports a complete
and increasing selection of Software Blades, each delivering a
modular security gateway or security management function.
Because Software Blades are modular and moveable, they
enable users to efficiently and quickly tailor Security Gateway
and Management functionality to specific and changing security
Bladed security solutions are continually being added and current
Security Gateway and Security Management blades available
today include:
Mobile Access
Identity Awareness
Application Control
Web Security
URL Filtering
Antivirus & Anti-Malware
Anti-Spam & Email Security
Advanced Networking
Acceleration & Clustering
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Security Gateway Virtual Edition
Full Disk Encryption
Media Encryption
Remote Access
Anti-Malware / Program Control
Check Point WebCheck
Firewall / Compliance Check
Network Policy Management
Logging & Status
Management Portal
User Directory
Multi-Domain Security Management
Threat Emulation
Check Point is Revolutionising Compliance with the first integrated
and fully automated security & compliance monitoring. The
Check Point Compliance Software Blade provides continuous
monitoring, strengthens regulatory compliance, maintains
secure policy, and reduces audit time & costs. The Compliance
Software Blade provides a clear overview of security compliance
position and enables the monitoring of multiple regulations in
a single view. Regulations are broken down into the individual
requirements and mapped to Check Point’s library of security
best practices.
Check Point IPS Software Blade earns “NSS Recommended” rating
and achieves a 97.3% score in security effectiveness. It combines
industry-leading IPS protection with breakthrough performance
at a lower cost than traditional, stand-alone IPS solutions. The
IPS Software Blade delivers complete and proactive intrusion
prevention - all with the deployment and management
advantages of a unified and extensible next-generation firewall
Check Point revolutionises DLP by combining technology and
processes to move businesses from passive detection to active
Data Loss Prevention. Innovative MultiSpect™ data classification
combines user, content and process information to make accurate
decisions, while new UserCheckTM technology empowers users
to remediate incidents in real time. Check Point’s self-educating
DLP solution frees IT/security personnel from incident handling
and educates users on proper data handling policies, protecting
sensitive corporate information from both intentional and
unintentional loss.
Threat Emulation
The Threat Emulation Software Blade prevents infections from
undiscovered exploits, zero-day and targeted attacks. This
innovative solution quickly inspects suspicious files, emulates
how they run to discover malicious behavior and completely
prevents malware from entering the network.
Check Point Threat Emulation also immediately reports new
threats to Check Point’s ThreatCloud™ service and automatically
shares the newly identified threats with other customers.
Check Point Threat Emulation provides customers with flexible
deployment options. Inspecting files on any Check Point Security
Gateway and emulating these files on either an on-site dedicated
appliance or through a cloud-based service.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Check Point ThreatCloud
Virtualisation Security Solutions
Feeding Security Gateway Software Blades with the latest in realtime security intelligence, Check Point ThreatCloud is the first
collaborative network to fight cybercrime, with:
Virtualisation is playing an ever more important role in corporate
networking environments. While it creates opportunities for
hardware platform consolidation and cost savings, it also presents
multiple implementation and security challenges.
Check Point Virtualisation Security Solutions offer a full breadth
of virtualisation technologies that can protect your virtual
environment from internal and external threats, replace multiple
physical security gateways with virtualised versions, and provide a
portable and secure virtualised desktop to endpoint users.
Over 250M addresses analyzed for Bot Discovery
Over 4.5 million malware signatures
More than 300,000 malware-infested websites
Dynamically updated using a worldwide network of threat
Real-time protection information delivered to secured
As network threats grow in quantity and complexity, your
organization needs expert help in continuous monitoring of your
network, identifying the most important threats and effectively
preventing them.Check Point’s new ThreatCloud™ Managed Security
Service combines best-of-breed threat prevention technology with
expert threat analysis to prevent attacks on your network, 24 hours
a day, seven days a week.
Security Gateway Virtual Edition (VE)
Software Blade Architecture delivers comprehensive security
to virtual machines
Enforces security during virtual machine reconfiguration/
Single management console provides unified administration of
physical and virtualised environments
Consolidates hundreds of physical security gateways to
multiple virtual gateways hosted on a single hardware
platform, reducing power, space, and cooling requirements
Flexible deployment options include software-only versions as
well as a full line of turnkey appliances
Proven, single-point security management architecture
Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services
Check Point Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services enables
customers to extend their security to the cloud with the
full range of protections using Check Point Software Blades.
This easy-to-deploy virtual appliance - a security gateway
for virtual environments in the Amazon Cloud - prevents
network attacks and data breaches while enabling secure
connectivity in dynamic cloud computing environments.
Check Point GO
Stop attacks with award-winning technology and expert analysis
Mitigate emerging threats rapidly with award-winning
technology and Check Point experts
Block attacks, protect your assets and supervise your network
around the clock
Execute clear, actionable alerts against advanced threats and
bot activity
Update your
Up-to-date global threat intelligence using a worldwide
network of threat sensors
Proactive mitigation of threats based on global threat
Real-time protection tuning delivered to Check Point gateways
Provide security monitoring, visibility and compliance
24x7 fully-managed or monitoring service, to suit your needs
Access real-time alerts and comprehensive reports via
intuitive web portal
Receive real-time push notifications on mobile devices, e-mail
and phone
Based on Check Point IPS gateways (no additional products
Check Point GO puts your office in your pocket, with a secure
virtual workspace that changes the way mobile users work. GO
instantly turns any PC into your own corporate desktop, allowing
users to access files and applications anywhere, anytime without
the weight of bulky laptops or work files. Its plug-and-play USB
form factor allows users to easily launch a virtual workspace that
keeps mobile data secure by segregating the virtual workspace
from the host PC. In addition built-in encryption protects data
while working or travelling. Users can work offline from the
encrypted USB drive or online using GO’s integrated VPN client.
Turn any PC into your own corporate desktop with a simple,
encrypted USB stick
Access work files and applications anywhere, anytime with
integrated VPN connectivity
Secure virtual workspace that segregates data from the host
PC, while strictly controlling applications and file transfers
Built-in software and hardware encryption protects data and
information while working or travelling
Ideal for mobile workers, contractors, partners and disaster
recovery plans
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Security Appliances
Check Point 2200 Appliance
Check Point security appliances deliver powerful turnkey systems
for deploying and managing Check Point’s award-winning Software
Blades to address virtually any security need for businesses of
all sizes. All Check Point appliances are built around the unified
Software Blade Architecture, enabling organisations to protect
against rapidly evolving threats and perform all aspects of
security management via a single, unified console. Strong and
proven, Check Point security appliances provide reliable services
for thousands of businesses worldwide.
The Check Point 2200 Appliance offers enterprise-grade security
with leading performance in a compact desktop form factor. With
its multi-core technology and six 1-gigabit Ethernet ports, the
2200 Appliance is easily capable of securing any branch office or
small office.
Proven Security with Superior Performance
3X performance for appliances of its class
Ensures data security by securing remote access and site-tosite communications
Check Point Software Blades protect 100% of Fortune 100
Easy Deployment and Simple Management
Available local management for configuration and
Included 5-user Mobile Access Blade for remote
Optional centralised management with Security Management
Software Blades
Ideally Suited for Securing Small Offices and Branch Offices
Industry-leading Price/Performance in an all-in-one package
A capable security platform that delivers 114 SecurityPowerTM
Pre-configured with 5, 7 or 10 Blades.
Check Point SecurityPower
Check Point’s SecurityPowerTM is a revolutionary new benchmark
metric that allows customers to select security appliances by
their capacity to handle real-world network traffic, multiple
security functions and a typical security policy. Each appliance
has a specific SecurityPower Capacity that represents its realworld performance.
SecurityPowerTM Capacity is calculated by integrating multiple
performance measurements based on a real-world mix of
network traffic derived through extensive research involving a
large number of Check Point customers. Different combinations
of advanced security functions including firewall, IPS, application
control, antivirus, URL filtering, and data loss prevention are
applied to the traffic. All measurements are performed using a
realistic security policy that includes 100 firewall rules, logging
of all connections, Network Address Translation (NAT), a strong
IPS protection profile, and up-to-date antivirus signatures.
Check Point 4000 Appliances
Check Point 4000 Appliances offer complete and integrated
security solutions in a compact 1U form factor. Delivering firewall
throughput up to 11 Gbps and IPS throughput up to 6 Gbps, these
enterprise-grade appliances deliver superior performance for
their class.
Comprehensive and Extensible Security
Optimised to deliver multi-blade security with performance
Pre-packaged with 7, 8 or 10 Software Blades
Expand protection with flexible Software Blade Architecture
Best-in-Class Performance
Industry-leading price performance delivers up to 623
SecurityPowerTM Units
Advanced multi-core technology with flexible network
Up to 16 1000Base-T ports and 1.2M concurrent sessions
Simple and Centralised Management Options
Included local management for quick and easy deployment
Intuitive configuration wizard
Optional centralised management with Security Management
Software Blades
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Check Point 12000 Appliances
Check Point 61000 Security System
The 12000 Appliances, featuring multi-core security technology
and high port density, are ideally suited for perimeter security of
large network environments as well as business-critical internal
network segments. High business continuity and serviceability
are delivered through features such as hot-swappable redundant
power supplies/disk drives, a Lights-Out-Management card, and
High-Availability features such as Check Point ClusterXL and LoadSharing.
The Check Point 61000 Security System is the industry’s fastest
security appliance, offering scalable performance for data
centres and telecommunication companies. It’s based on a multibladed hardware platform that is capable of an unprecedented
performance of more than 1 Tbps of firewall throughput, and
achieves over 200 Gbps today. Even more, the ability to support
70 million concurrent connections and 600,000 sessions per
second brings unparalleled performance to multi-transaction
Comprehensive Security with Datacentre-Grade Performance
High performance protection for large and business-critical
Integrated security with multiple Software Blades in a single
High-availability features to ensure high business continuity
Flexibility, Serviceability and Extensibility
Flexible network options to work in any network environment
Hot-swap and redundant components enable service without
Add more security features without adding new appliance
Centralised Remote Management
Simplified management with central & unified management
Lights-Out-Management option for remote out-of-band
Available Multi-Domain Security Management for policy
segregation and delegation
Check Point 21000 Appliances
The 21000 Appliances deliver the industry’s best security
performance in their class and offer unmatched scalability,
serviceability and port density. Benefiting from Check Point’s
advanced SecureXL, CoreXL and SecurityCore technologies, the
21000 Appliances are capable of delivering stunning performances
while maintaining a compact 2 rack-unit physical footprint.
Ground-Breaking Performance
Unparalleled Firewall/IPS throughput delivering 200Gbps in
2011; 1 Tbps ready
Delivers 14,600 SecurityPowerTM Units for high performance
Up to 70M concurrent connections and 600K sessions per
second for multi-transaction environments
Carrier-Grade with Full Redundancy and Serviceability
Hot-swappable components for fast and easy service
Full redundancy eliminates downtime
High Availability and Load Sharing in one chassis
Comprehensive Security
Supports the Check Point 3D Security vision of combining
policies, people and enforcement
Optimised to support any combination of Software Blades
including Firewall, VPN, IPS, URL Filtering, and many others
Deploy the first hardware blade in 30 minutes
Appliance Selection Tool
Maximum Security and Performance
Best performance in their class, delivering over 3,550
SecurityPowerTM Units
High port density with up to 37x1GbE ports & VLAN capacity
for network segmentation
Optimized for the Software Blades Architecture
110 Gbps firewall throughput and sub-5μs latency for missioncritical applications
High Availability and Serviceability
Modular and multiple network options easily fit into complex
network environments
Redundant and hot-swappable components eliminate
Expand security functions by enabling additional Software
Blades without adding a new appliance
The new Check Point Appliance Selection Tool takes criteria
of the customer’s network, including the required throughput
performance and desired security functions, as inputs, and
produces a SecurityPower Requirement value. That value is then
compared against the SecurityPower Capacities of the range of
Check Point appliances to determine and present candidates that
can best meet the customer’s network security and performance
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Guidance Software is the purveyor of the market leading products EnCase Analytics,
EnCase Cybersecurity, EnCase Enterprise and EnCase eDiscovery. They empower
organizations to reveal previously hidden advanced persistent threats or malicious insider
activity, perform sensitive data discovery for compliance purposes, conduct speedy
and thorough security incident response, and respond to litigation disclosure requests.
EnCase® Analytics
EnCase® Cybersecurity for Incident Response
EnCase® Analytics delivers the next level of security intelligence
by exposing risks and threats that evade detection using insights
derived from all of your endpoint data. It provides a bird’s-eye
view of your endpoint risk through an interactive visual interface,
EnCase® Cybersecurity helps you implement both a riskassessment plan and a rapid-response process that complement
and extend your current security technologies in order to
quickly execute the following without adding team members:
so you can pinpoint suspicious activity in the system and quickly
expose signs of intrusion by turning your endpoint into a source
for Big Data analysis.
EnCase Analytics addresses a critical gap in information security.
It exposes hard-to-find risks and Key Features
On a normal day, a corporate network can experience over one
million attempted cyber attacks. Response times are growing
along with costs, frequency of events, and the number of alerting
tools your team must manage. Now you can combat the rising
threat and costs of cyber attacks with the real-time incident
response solution used by the U.S. Department of the Treasury,
Bank of the West, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, and many other
leading companies, law-enforcement and government agencies.
On-demand data collection from enterprise-wide endpoints,
including servers, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices
Automated data preparation of exact data required for
better analysis
Instant visualization of endpoint data and activities
with report-sharing and exporting as images, PDFs, or
spreadsheet files
Timeline analysis of activity over time, including the ability
to baseline a normal state
Easy customization through an extensible architecture that
allows for self-built applications or customization of out-ofthe-box applications
Flexible integration with third-party data sources such as
whitelists or threat intelligence solutions
EnCase Cybersecurity
Sensitive data is what drives your business, making loss of that
data one of the largest risks your organization faces today.
Adding to this vulnerability are the rising frequency of attacks,
growing costs of remediation, and lengthening time-to-response.
Limited visibility into both the targets of attacks as well as where
and how sensitive data is stored only compounds the problem.
The critical questions for information security teams today are:
How can you respond to an incident without the ability to do
real-time threat analysis?
How can you fully protect your sensitive data without a riskassessment inventory?
Sensitive Data Discovery with EnCase® Cybersecurity
Discover and record a full inventory of personally identifiable
information (PII), intellectual property (IP), and payment card
industry (PCI) data in order to scope and measure its associated
risk. Powered by industry-standard EnCase® technology,
Sensitive Data Discovery offers a streamlined and comprehensive
way to boost security audit capabilities while protecting security
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
EnCase Enterprise
EnCase eDiscovery
Give your security specialists, investigators, computer incidentresponse teams, and litigation specialists everything they need to
immediately and thoroughly search, collect, preserve, and analyze
data from servers and workstations anywhere on your corporate
network - without disrupting operations. Be confident in your
findings using EnCase® Enterprise, the trusted and industry-leading
digital forensics solution used by more that 65 of the Fortune 100
and by numerous government agencies.
EnCase® eDiscovery is our industry leading electronic discovery
(e-discovery) solution addressing the end-to-end e-discovery
needs of corporations and government agencies. This
comprehensive and scalable solution for effectively managing
electronically stored documents in litigation, arbitration, and
internal or regulatory investigations significantly reduces the
risk and cost associated with e-discovery. Our complete product
portfolio spans from legal hold to identification, collection,
preservation, processing, first-pass review , best-in-class early
case assessment (ECA), review, and production capabilities.
EnCase eDiscovery: E-Discovery Done Right
EnCase® eDiscovery also delivers ECA, review, and production
functions in a SaaS model, so that geographically dispersed
inside and outside counsel, expert witnesses, and consultants
can efficiently review collected documents without needing any
special equipment or software other than a web browser and
internet connectivity.
Market Leaders and Government Agencies Trust EnCase
Enterprise to:
Reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a centralized
digital investigation capability
Increase confidence in findings by using the #1 solution for
remote investigations
Uncover potential evidence faster than ever using advanced
searching capabilities
Improve efficiency by automating common investigation tasks
Preserve evidence integrity with the court-proven EnCase®
evidence file format
Enable the foundation for digital investigation, incident
response, and electronic data discovery
When to Bring E-Discovery In-House
Dependable Results:
You can be confident in your findings when using the proven,
trusted, industry-leading forensic solution.
Powerful Search:
You’ll uncover more potential evidence faster using advanced
search capabilities to identify data that would be irretrievable
with other computer forensic applications.
Efficient Automation:
Boost your efficiency through automation of investigative tasks with
EnScript®, the scripting extension built into EnCase Enterprise.
In today’s legal and technological landscape, the best determinant
of whether or not you should bring e-discovery in-house isn’t the
size of your organization, but rather the size or the volume of cases
you address each year. If you typically handle at least two large
cases per year or four to five smaller cases each month, EnCase®
eDiscovery can save you tremendous time, cost, and risk.
As Gartner Research Distinguished Analyst Deb Logan said recently
in a joint webinar, “Most companies with any kind of level of
litigation at all—maybe even 10 cases a year or one or two big cases
a year with multiple custodians—should really give serious thought
to bringing the process in-house.”
Rest assured that EnCase Enterprise preserves data in an evidence
file format (LEF or E01) with an unsurpassed record of court
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Imation’s Mobile Security portfolio secures mobile data, mobile identities and mobile
workspaces, complemented and extended through recent acquisitions of MXI Security,
IronKey’s USB portfolio and Encryptx. The result is a comprehensive range of products for
trusted and certified portable storage devices, digital identity products, secure portable
computing, and both cloud-based and on-premise secure device management solutions.
Mobile Security
Disaster Recovery
Imation’s encrypted USB devices include multi-factor user
authentication protection (password as well as biometric) and
AES-256 bit hardware encryption which ensures data is kept
safe until it is needed. Combined with Imation StealthZONE,
employees can continue working securely, even in the event of
a network outage.
Teleworking/Remote working/Contractors:
Imation StealthZONE turns untrusted PCs into secure portable
desktop environments, enabled for windows which are fully
encrypted and provide protected IT-managed work environments,
without compromising security or performance. Employees can
keep working, regardless of where they are or what unforeseen
circumstances they may find themselves in.
Data Leakage Prevention
Encrypted USB devices prevent unwanted data leaks or security
breaches while sensitive data is at rest or in transit. They allow
confidential data to be kept safe. Additional device management
software provides tracking, analysis and reporting capabilities
on who, what, where and when devices are being used for work
related activities, providing IT and Network Managers with an
audit trail of device activity so that any security breaches or
leaks can be quickly pinpointed and rectified, ensuring that
security policies are adhered to.
Digital Identity Management
Imation’s multi-purpose devices help organisations protect
systems and communications for mobile users, while ensuring
compliance with industry and government regulations. The devices
enable support for both certificates and One Time Password (OTP)
technologies (e.g. RSA SecurID), with in-hardware Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI) features for encryption and digital signatures.
Product Portfolio
Imation’s broad mobile security portfolio of secure optical media,
hard drives, flash drives and portable computing devices, offers
an affordable solution for all business needs. These solutions
hold certifications from governments and industry standard
bodies worldwide, including FIPS, CAPS, AIVD and NATO, backed
by a 5 year product guarantee (device dependent). Additional
functionality such as anti-virus protection or the ability to
add multiple users to a single device is available on selected
hardware while centralised management capabilities provide
greater manageability and functionality. An ongoing commitment
to substantial R&D investment keeps products at the forefront of
technology advances.
Management Solutions
Imation ACCESS Enterprise
ACCESS Enterprise provides provisioning, policy enforcement,
management and reporting tools for selected Defender devices.
Policies such as password structure, password usage and device
recovery can be centrally set and controlled while a remote kill
option keeps data secure even after an employee has left the
company. Devices can remotely receive updates anywhere on
the internet while portable application deployment and identity
provisioning can be initiated centrally by an administrator.
Defender Collection Control Software Suite
Imation Defender Collection Control Software provides Data
Leakage Prevention tools for managing devices, applying
software encryption on standard devices, and providing fileblocking and forensic auditing. The suite is device independent
and can control, manage and audit most removable data
storage devices and media in an organisation, including legacy
external storage devices. Its portable, easy-to-use encryption
and management applications can be loaded on virtually any
removable data storage device. Audit and reporting tools provide
detailed information on device usage should a data breach occur
and also highlight how, where and when devices are used and
what files are accessed while remote revocation and recovery
enable devices to be centrally controlled.
Ironkey Enterprise Management Service
IronKey Enterprise Management Service easily manages thousands
of IronKey Enterprise devices and enforces device specific
policies, including password strength, password retry limits
and onboard portable applications. You can optionally deploy
IronKey Enterprise devices with a suite of included applications
and services for Windows computers, including a secure portable
version of Mozilla Firefox, IronKey Identity Manager, and the
IronKey Secure Sessions service. Policy settings allow IronKey
system administrators to turn these applications on or off as
Hardware Platforms
Defender F200 Biometric
Imation Defender F200 Biometric offers a further layer of
protection with additional authentication via an ergonomic swipe
sensor with hardware-based matching for biometric fingerprint
identification. It is also validated to FIPS 140-2 level 3, offers
256-bit AES hardware encryption, is available in capacities up to
64GB and comes in a tamper-resistant, waterproof and dustproof
metal casing. It can be managed centrally via ACCESS Enterprise
or used as a standalone device.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Defender F100 & F150
Imation Defender F100 and F150 encrypted USB devices (validated
to FIPS 140-2 level 3) meet the needs of government, military,
financial, healthcare and other enterprise organisations. Both
versions offer strong password authentication with advanced
security through on-board AES 256-bit hardware encryption and
are available in capacities up to 64GB. The black plastic (F100) or
metal (F150) tamper-resistant casing is waterproof and dustproof.
These devices can be used as standalone solutions, can be centrally
managed via ACCESS Enterprise and can be used as the hardware
platform for StealthZONE.
IronKey Enterprise
Imation IronKey Enterprise offers strong authentication, a specially
designed Cryptochip for additional security and AES 256-bit
hardware encryption along with up to 32GB secure storage and FIPS
140-2 level 3 certification, keeping data safe from compromise
and ensuring it is suitable for use in industries where compliance
regulations demand it.
IronKey Enterprise provides strong policy based device
management in either a cloud-based or internal management
server environment, making it easy for organisations to quickly and
easily deploy devices, enforce policies throughout the organisation
and demonstrate compliance through detailed audit trails and
IronKey Basic
IronKey Basic is designed to meet the most demanding military,
government and enterprise security requirements. Certified
to FIPS 140-2 level 3, IronKey Basic is ready to protect data
everywhere it goes, is available in capacities up to 32GB
and is easily deployed and managed by the individual user.
IronKey Personal
IronKey Personal keeps you protected with military-grade
encryption and easy-to-use identity management. IronKey Personal
locally manages all of your online passwords with secure one-click
direct access and protection against keylogging spyware and other
online threats with the secure sessions service.
Defender F50 Pivot
The Imation Defender F50 Pivot provides an entry level encrypted
USB device (validated to FIPS 140-2 level 1) for business
professionals concerned about securing data. It provides control
over sensitive data with easy-to-use advanced encryption software
and strong password authentication while the integrated pivot cap
ensures the cap is never lost. It can also be managed via Defender
Collection Control Software.
Defender H200 Biometric
Defender H200 Biometric External Hard Drive offers extreme
security for up to 750GB of sensitive data via two-factor
authentication (strong password and biometric) and AES 256-bit
hardware encryption certified to FIPS 140-2 level 3 and is ideal for
organisations who store and transport large amounts of confidential
data. Optional centralised management capabilities allows the
support of up to 10 secure user accounts on one device.
Defender H100
Defender H100 Biometric External Hard Drive offers strong password
authentication with AES 256-bit hardware encryption, certified to
FIPS 140-2 level 3 to protect up to 750GB of sensitive data. Optional
centralised management capabilities enable up to 10 secure user
accounts to be supported on one device, offering a cost-effective
option for storing and transporting confidential data. It is often
used by ‘on-the-road’ employees or industries where compliance
and regulation require that data is stored and transported securely.
IronKey Workspace
Mobile desktops for a mobile workforce
Today’s mobile workers — field personnel, consultants and
teleworkers — need to be productive no matter where they go.
They need a mobile computing environment that gives them access
to corporate applications and data, without the burden or expense
of lugging a laptop. For many enterprises, that environment is
Microsoft® Windows to Go™, a complete Windows® 8 Enterprise
workspace that can be booted from a USB flash drive or other
storage device to run on any PC, regardless of operating system.
With Windows to Go, you can:
Provide your users with an imaged and fully functional version
of Windows 8
Distribute mobile work environments that mirror your
corporate desktop
Ensure employees, partners and contractors are using mobile
workspaces created and managed by IT
A certified platform for windows to go
When working with corporate data and applications, however,
not just any drive will do. That’s why Imation developed IronKey
Workspace — the only solution certified by Microsoft for Windows
To Go™ that delivers a true Windows® 8 desktop embedded in
a trusted IronKey USB flash drive. IronKey Workspace builds on
Imation’s renowned leadership and expertise in providing complete
mobile workspaces and hardened, reliable USB flash drives
A complete windows 8 environment
IronKey Workspace boots directly from a USB flash drive and
delivers a fast, full Windows desktop. Employees can easily
telework from home, consultants can work in multiple locations,
and field personnel can access their corporate desktop from
virtually any PC.
Portable Computing
Imation StealthZONE, acts like a PC-on-a-stick and provides secure
computing at home, at work or on-the-go by transforming any
computer into a complete Microsoft Windows environment on a
secure USB device, with all the security of a standard IT-managed
system and without compromising performance. When the user
leaves no trace of their presence remains. There is no data leakage
issue as the host drive is never accessed, nor can host infections
jump from the host, keeping data malware free. StealthZONE is
ideal for remote/home workers and employees who are on the
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Kaspersky Lab IT professionals remind us every day that their occupation is becoming
increasingly difficult. The job has always been hard, but now the level of complexity across
the network and connected devices seems out of control. There is often frustration over
the lack of resources, shrinking budgets, and users who take your policies to the limit. Once
stationary, data has now migrated across multiple systems, smartphones and tablets and is
often located in coffee shops, airplanes and left behind in taxis. And of course, application
patching to stop vulnerabilities has become a full-time job (that is if you can ever really know
which applications are being used). This complexity has forced some organisations to make
security compromises.
With Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, administrators can see, control and protect
their IT environment. Tools and technologies are uniquely balanced across progressive tiers to
meet your evolving security and IT needs.
Why Kaspersky Lab®?
One Platform. Kaspersky’s technology platform is developed inhouse by our own engineers. This fully integrated architecture
allows for stability and streamlined IT policy creation by the
security administrator. A single policy set covers anti-malware,
endpoint controls, encryption, and other security features.
One Console. From one intuitive central console you can
identify, control and protect all your endpoint assets (physical,
virtual, mobile), conduct fast but thorough vulnerability
assessments that help you prioritise the most critical patches,
achieve real-time hardware & software inventories and obtain
clear, actionable reporting.
About Kaspersky® Endpoint Security for
Administrators can see, control and protect their IT environment
with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. Tools and
technologies are uniquely balanced across progressive tiers to
meet your evolving security and IT needs. Kaspersky can make
your job easier.
One Cost. With Kaspersky, you don’t have to evaluate, budget
for and order a new IT tool every time you need to protect a
different area of the network. We’ve developed a comprehensive
set of security and IT efficiency tools, all built into one integrated
platform. Which means only one evaluation and one budget
Flexible, granular controls. With pre-defined or customised
configurations, you can set and enforce security policies to
manage application behaviour and permissions, connected
peripherals, and web use — in the office, or on the move.
Painless, straightforward mobile security. Mobile endpoint
protection can be deployed remotely through centralised Mobile
Device Management (MDM). Kaspersky enables you to secure and
protect your data, even on employees’ own smartphones and
Powerful Encryption. File or Full-disk encryption protects
corporate data in the event of accidental device loss or theft.
Kaspersky’s technology is transparent to users and applications
while rendering data unreadable to cyber-criminals.
Kaspersky® Endpoint Security for Business
– Core
A layered security model begins with best of breed anti-malware.
Because Kaspersky has long been known as the leader in
detection and removal of malicious software, there is no better
foundation. The Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ‘Core’
tier is centrally managed by the Kaspersky Security Center and is
assisted by the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network.
Efficient patch management. Advanced vulnerability scanning
and patch management ensures you’re always up-to-date and
fully notified about your most critical security exposures.
Robust systems management tools. A powerful toolkit designed
to make time-consuming IT tasks like OS installation, network
inventory, system provisioning, remote administration, network
admission control and licence management both faster and less
End-to-End Protection. Kaspersky has long been a leader in
protecting all aspects of network infrastructure. Wide ranging
support covers Windows®, Linux®, Apple, Exchange, Netware,
Notes/Domino, SharePoint, iOS, Android™, Windows Mobile,
Symbian and more. From the endpoint all the way to the internet
gateway, you can protect it with Kaspersky Lab.
Proof of performance. Again and again in independent tests,
Kaspersky Lab comes out on top. So don’t compromise on your
security and don’t waste resources with other vendors who just
can’t keep up with the threats.
engines operate at multiple levels in the operating system,
rooting out malware
CLOUD-ASSISTED PROTECTION: With the cloud-based Kaspersky
Security Network, users are protected in real time against new
CENTRALISED MANAGEMENT: Administrators can remove existing
antivirus software, configure and deploy Kaspersky, and perform
reporting — all from the same console.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Kaspersky® Endpoint Security for Business –
Kaspersky® Endpoint Security for Business –
Kaspersky’s ‘Select’ tier includes mobile device deployment and
protection via MobileDevice Management (MDM) and mobile antimalware. Endpoint control tools (web, device and application)
help your organisation enforce IT policy, keeping the essential
elements of your IT environment secure.
Kaspersky Total Security for Business delivers the most complete
platform of protection and management offered in the industry
today. Total Security for Business secures every layer of your
network and includes powerful configuration tools to ensure
your users are productive and free from the threat of malware
regardless of device or location.
POWERFUL ENDPOINT ANTI-MALWARE - The cloud-based Kaspersky
Security Network (KSN) protects users in real time against new
categorised database of safe and unsafe applications and websites
helps the administrator to set and enforce policies for applications
and web surfing.
SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS - Mobile device policies and software
can be securely deployed over the air to all popular brands of
devices through Kaspersky MDM.
RIGOROUS ANTI-MALWARE TECHNOLOGIES – Combined signaturebased, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies to provide your
business with even better defences.
SECURITY FOR FILE SERVERS - Anti-malware protection for file
servers to help your business to benefit from shared storage,
without compromising on security.
SAVE TIME & MONEY - Automatic inventories of all hardware and
software on your corporate network, patch management, and
system provisioning.
VULNERABILITY SCANNER - Tuned to flag hardware and software
vulnerabilities which could be exposed to an attack.
data encryption technology prevents the loss of a leading to a
damaging leakage of business information.
Kaspersky® Endpoint Security for Business –
PREVENT HACKER ATTACKS - Application Control, Device Control
and Web Control manage which applications and devices are
permitted to run on your network.
Kaspersky’s Advanced tier delivers the protection and management
solution your organisation needs to enforce IT policy, keep users
free from malware, prevent data loss, and enhance IT efficiency.
the security of mobile devices that are given access to your
corporate systems and data.
PROTECTING CORPORATE EMAIL - Anti-malware and intelligent
spam filtering to eliminate dangerous or distracting spam emails
and reduce the amount of traffic on your network.
- Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes anti-malware
protection for SharePoint platforms, delivering a high detection
rate, ease of management and flexible reporting. It provides
content & file filtering capabilities that help to enforce internal
collaboration policies and prevent the storage of inappropriate
content on your systems.
COMPREHENSIVE ENCRYPTION - Choose from full-disk or file level,
backed by AES 256 bit encryption.
PATCH MANAGEMENT - Advanced in-depth scanning for
vulnerabilities combined with the automated distribution of
to set policies that allow, block or regulate applications or devices
to enforce user policies.
For more information visit
MOBILE SECURITY - Anti-malware, anti-theft and anti-data loss
functions protect the company data and network even when
mobile workers hold access to it in their hands.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
OpenText Connectivity Solutions connects people, data and applications in missioncritical environments with an award-winning suite of solutions. For over 20 years the OpenText
Connectivity Solutions Group has continued to combine the best of both worlds: the strength
of one of the largest software companies and the spirit of a customer-focused business.
The Business Challenge
Achieving state of the art system operations while carefully
controlling your budget sometimes appears an insurmountable
challenge in today’s fast paced economy. Most enterprise
mission critical data applications still rely on UNIX or mainframe
For many IT professionals, integrating
heterogeneous legacy environments with modern Windows
desktops, represents a technical and financial challenge. The
volume of electronic data has been growing exponentially over
the last few years and security of this data has become a primary
concern. Enterprises who have deployed connectivity solutions
several years ago find themselves in a state of vulnerability
against internal and external threats. Organisations need to
leverage technology to meet business continuity at the same
time as consolidating existing resources to control costs and
reduce exposure.
Many organisations with numerous connectivity software vendors
have been able to consolidate their needs into one single
solution with OpenText Connectivity Solutions, helping them
realise significant savings on their overall IT budgets. Alongside
these direct cost reductions desktop standardisation provides
many other benefits including reductions in training and helpdesk
support calls
OpenText Connectivity v14, is the latest release of OpenText
Connectivity Solutions providing a complete range of NFS,
terminal emulation, PCX server and security solutions. This
product brings with it robust customer oriented features,
matchless security options, visionary highlights and state-ofthe-art tools. OpenText Connectivity Solutions has reached its
leadership status in the industry through organic growth and
continued excellence in product research and development. We
continue to set new standards in quality and innovations, which
remain the hallmark of OpenText Connectivity Solutions today!
OpenText Connectivity Solutions Product
Regardless of your current connectivity solution, OpenText
Connectivity Solutions offers you a smooth migration path with
minimal business disruption and immediate return on investment.
OpenText Connectivity Solutions features a robust and complete
security service across all of its components, in order to help
organisations meet their security and compliance objectives.
Employees are companies’ most important assets. OpenText
Connectivity Solutions provides users with unique ways of
increasing their productivity while reducing the complexity
associated with implementation and delivery.
OpenText Exceed® is the UNIX industry leading
PCX server and has maintained its leadership
in this market for the past 7 years based on IDC
surveys. Our commitment to connectivity began
with this product and its wide spread deployment
in enterprise mission critical application is a
testimony of its value to our customers.
OpenText HostExplorer® is our quickly growing PCto-host and Web-to-host solution. It has steadily
gained market share in the mainframe computing
environment. One of the key differentiators in
OpenText HostExplorer is its deployment options
that minimise business disruption.
Opentext NFS is the industry recognised product
for enterprise wide file sharing and transfer.
OpenText NFS offers our customers exceptional
speed in accessing and transferring data across
heterogeneous computing environments.
OpenText Security Solutions addresses the critical
need for enterprise security and supports all
industry recognised standards for encryption
and authentication. Security continues to be
the number one area of concern and OpenText
Connectivity Security Solutions completes our
product offering to our customers.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
OpenText Secure Shell v14
Security concerns are receiving an unprecedented focus from IT
organisations these days. While risks associated with security
issues have been well understood, many companies are in dire
need of a single integrated security solution for their OpenText
environment. By providing a robust and comprehensive security
toolset, OpenText Secure Shell allows organisations to meet their
goals while reducing their operating costs.
Key Benefits
The need for a safe and secure enterprise system is an important
concern in today’s business computing world. Security breaches
can cause serious harm to a company that does not have the
proper safeguards in place. Administrators are realising that they
cannot afford to take any chances with mission-critical enterprise
information assets that affect the success of the organisation.
OpenText Secure Shell is a full-featured security suite that provides
support for the following security standard-based protocols:
Secure Shell is a transport protocol that allows users to log
on to other computers over a network, execute commands
on remote machines, and securely move files from one
machine to another. It provides powerful authentication
and secure communications over insecure channels, and is
intended as a replacement for rlogin, rsh, and rcp. By using
Secure Shell software, administrators can eliminate the
act of eavesdropping on sensitive information such as user
SSL/TLS consist in a set of cryptographic libraries which can
be used by software applications to provide strong encryption
and authentication for transmitting data over a network.
SSL/TLS uses cipher suites that encrypt data in such a way
that it becomes virtually impossible for any eavesdropper to
decrypt the information. SSL/TLS also provides support for
key exchange and X509 certificates authentication.
Kerberos is a network authentication protocol. It is designed
to provide strong authentication for client/server applications
by using secret-key cryptography. Kerberos was created by
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a solution to
solve network security authentication problems.
OpenText Secure Shell allows organisations to secure their network
by providing authentication and encryption capabilities to the
following communication types:
Any other type of TCP/IP protocol
OpenText Secure Shell is fully and transparently integrated with
other OpenText Connectivity Solutions such as:
OpenText Exceed: the leading edge X-Window server for
Windows desktops
OpenText NFS: the de facto standard for NFS protocol on PCs
OpenText HostExplorer: the integrated traditional and webto-host terminal emulation solution
OpenText HostExplorer FTP: the Windows Explorer integrated
FTP client
Connectivity Secure Shell v14 can also successfully provide Secure
Shell and Kerberos services to 3rd party applications.
New Features
Certified for Windows 7: guarantees excellent performance
and best experience.
Native x64 Support: Native 64-bit support for Microsoft
Windows x64 family and Windows 7.
SSH command line: allows the user to run remote commands
on the host, and to retrieve the output on the Windows client
machine. It supports a range of parameters including tunnel
Microsoft Windows Kerberos Authentication Support:
Connectivity Secure Shell now supports the Windows SSPI
interface to acquire a security context which can be used to
establish a Kerberos authentication in much the same manner
as in an external Kerberos provider case.
X509 Certificate Authentication
Integrated SOCKS Support: SOCKS is a networking proxy
protocol that enables hosts on one side of a SOCKS server to
gain full access to hosts on the other side of the SOCKS server
without requiring direct-IP reachability. This feature allows
users to configure SSH sessions to use a SOCKS server.
HTTP and SOCKS Dynamic Port Forwarding: allows HTTP
or SOCKS-proxy enabled applications to use a Connectivity
Secure Shell tunnel as a VPN to forward connections
dynamically, to different hosts, from the tunnel endpoint.
Additional Browser Support: Connectivity Secure Shell and
other products that use the Deployment Wizard can now
be deployed on Firebox, Opera and 3rd party java-enabled
Event Monitoring Server: monitors events generated
by OpenText Connectivity Solutions client applications
(e.g. HostExplorer, Connectivity Secure Shell, OpenText
Connectivity FTP, Exceed etc.). It logs client-specific actions
into an event database and offers various administrative
views an analyse that information
OpenText Secure Server
Industry standards and government regulations such as SOX, PCIDSS, HIPAA, GLBA or FISMA require organisations to constantly
strengthen protection of mission-critical information such as
credit card records, patient data or customer information. With
billions of dollars of annual losses attributed to security breaches,
corporations are under increasing pressure from auditors and
shareholders to eliminate non-secure legacy systems.
OpenText Secure Server offers a complete replacement for Telnet
and FTP servers, providing organisations with the same flexibility
and convenience than these protocols but in a much more
secure environment. Strong authentication methods, FIPS 140-2
certified encryption and robust content integrity allow network
administrators to provide secure remote access and secure file
transfer as well as network traffic encryption.
Built on a highly efficient architecture, OpenText Secure
Server supports a high number of simultaneous user sessions
while minimising memory and processor footprint, allowing
organisations to eliminate unnecessary hardware and energy
costs required by their previous solutions. Coupled with OpenText
SecureTerm, the industry’s first desktop - and web-based Secure
Shell client, OpenText Secure Server offers a cost-effective and
high-performance point to point security solution.
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
SafeNet’s vision is to make two-factor authentication universally available. To achieve this,
SafeNet provides solutions that are simpler, easier and cheaper than traditional hardware
token and manually provisioned systems. SafeNet believes high security does not have to
mean high costs and high maintenance and has spent more than two decades commoditising
two factor authentication by delivering inexpensive, innovative solutions to a large range of
satisfied clients, worldwide. Today, SafeNet work with more than 2,000 enterprise clients from
across the business, government and non-profit spectrum to provide best-of-breed solutions.
SafeNet Authentication Service
The world’s first authentication-as-a-service offering, bringing
organisations the cost reduction and simplicity benefits of SaaSstyle authentication:
A full virtual enterprise authentication server available from
the cloud that is “ready to go in minutes” and is backed by
a 99.999% SLA
No infrastructure requirement, no ongoing infrastructure
No upfront costs, just “pay per user” pricing
Our powerful easy-to-use management portal provides
automated management, provisioning and reporting
SafeNet Authentication Service Private
Cloud Edition
SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition is an
authentication platform that simplifies the protection of a
network from unauthorised access.
Organisations benefit from:
The widest choice of authentication tokens and tokenless
methods, including support for 3rd party tokens
The ability to protect anything: networks, applications and
the Cloud.
Drastically reduced management time through automation
of user on-boarding, provisioning, management and
reporting, as well as extensive self service functionality
Based on the SafeNet Authentication Service authentication
platform, SafeNet Authentication Service allows organisations to
benefit from:
An authentication solution that is implemented in-house to
The widest choice of authentication tokens and tokenless
methods, including support for 3rd party tokens
The ability to protect anything: networks, applications and
the Cloud
Drastically reduced management time through automation
of user set-up, provisioning, management and reporting, as
well as extensive self service functionality
Low TCO has been architected into every aspect of this solution:
Simple, low per-user pricing model with no hidden or extra
Huge range of non-expiring physical tokens and re-assignable
software and SMS tokens minimise token costs
Integration into existing user stores such as LDAP and
automation of management tasks reduces management
time by 90%
Self-healing tokens prevent synchronisation issues and
increase user satisfaction and lower help desk costs
User self-service removes the need for help desks for most
common user needs
World Class Infrastructure
From an infrastructure point of view, SafeNet Authentication
Service is hosted on SafeNetinfrastructure in fully secure data
centres around the globe, allowing our customers to relax and IT
staff to focus on authentication outcomes – not the management
of more servers and applications. With fully redundant
architectures in each data centre and fail over between data
centres, the 99.999% SLA on offer surpasses the industry norm.
Latest security standards and regulatory compliance standards
are met, offer you the ability to comply with all relevant
regulatory standards, including SOX, PCI and HIPAA. The solution
is instantly scalable to tens of millions of users.
Extremely low TCO to ensure our clients save money.
Excellent security, ensuring compliance and best-in-class
protection from identity theft.
Automation of all management tasks, saving our clients
time and money.
Confidence – recommended architectures deliver a highly
available, high performance, scalable service.
Migration to SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud
Edition is easy – by design. And because you can continue
to use third party tokens until they expire, your existing
investment is protected.
Highest levels of security are built into SafeNet Authentication
Service Private Cloud Edition
Latest encryption algorithms used to generate passcodes,
to encrypt user data and to protect all communication
between different components
Passcode length and complexity can be set to reflect your
preferred security posture policy driven management
platform that automatically monitors and protects against
attacks such as brute force and Denial of service
Operational role segregation and delegated management
Built in reporting for compliance audit and accounting
Highly Available, Scalable Service
From an infrastructure point of view, SafeNet Authentication
Service Private Cloud Edition can be configured in a huge range
of high availability, high performance architectures as required,
without requiring high specification hardware and software further reducing cost.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
SafeNet Tokens
SafeNet tokens are convenient, inexpensive, reliable and of course,
never expire. Choose from a wide range of phone, software, SMS
and physical tokens, or consider the grIDsure tokenless method.
SafeNet’s authentication platform also supports a wide variety of
3rd party tokens, including any token supporting industry standards
such as OATH.
All of our token and tokenless methods can be mixed and matched.
The question of which token or combination of tokens to issue to
users is answered by finding the optimum balance of convenience,
cost and mobility that satisfies the organisation’s security policy
and desired end user experience.
More Secure, by design
All SafeNet tokens allow customisable length and complexity of
both the passcode generated by the token and the user’s PIN,
hence allowing organisation’s to control their security posture. The
importance of this feature is best understood by considering the
limitation of old, cheap keyfob tokens that could only produce a
6-digit numeric passcode. Such tokens can only generate 1 million
different passcodes – not a large number in today’s world, leaving
an organisation with two equally unpleasant choices.
The major RSA breach reported in March 2011 has brought the
concept of seed data into the spotlight for hardware tokens.
SafeNeti s unique among tier one authentication vendors in that its
customers are not vulnerable to such an attack. Because protected
organisations can initialise (enter the seed data) into the tokens
themselves, SafeNet does not have a copy of the seed data and
hence there is no copy of the seed data to be compromised.
SafeNet Offers Significant Benefits:
SafeNet has the ability to adapt to any type of network
infrastructure in place, and is available for Windows, Linux, or
Mac platforms.
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Many vendors have obsolescence built into their products,
such as tokens that expire after 3 years or license contracts
that need to be renewed annually. SafeNet offers tokens
with a 5-year warranty. SafeNet is also based on a
perpetual license agreement, which requires that the license
only needs to be purchased once.
SafeNet prides itself on offering the easiest and most
user-friendly positive identification solutions in the industry most functions are accessed within just 2 clicks!
Highest Security
SafeNet allows organisations to initialise their own
tokens, therefore keeping the set-up confidential. Encryption
algorithms can be as strong as AES 256, and one-time password
can be as strong as Base64 – the most secure type of password
Multi-Platform (Windows / Linux / MAC / Citrix)
Everything comes as standard to secure VPN access, Web
access and Workstation logon
Integrates directly with Active Directory, LDAP and Open LDAP
for user management.
Stores token information on MySQL, SQL or Oracle Replication
and fail-over as standard.
Maintain security posture by mandating that user PINs are long
and complex, resulting in significantly increased help desk calls
and dissatisfied users due to the frequency of forgotten PINs, or
Maintain simple PINs but reduce the security posture Passcode
length and complexity are important, and by using SafeNet’s
flexible tokens you can control both.
For more information visit
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TIBCO LogLogic® is the trusted provider of scalable Log and Security Intelligence
Platforms for the enterprise and cloud.
TIBCO LogLogic gives enterprises the benefits in solving security, IT Operations, forensics,
and compliance issues in a single, highly scalable architecture. This architecture enables
users to collect and analyse terabytes of big data generated by IT assets and gives IT
and security professionals actionable information, whether to identify and remedy
security threats, optimise server and website performance, troubleshoot their network
and security devices, or remain compliant with regulations. More than 1,200 customers
worldwide entrust collectively over 1,000 petabytes of sensitive IT data to TIBCO LogLogic.
Delivering Visibility and Control
And Performance Management Issues
TIBCO LogLogic’s Log and Security Intelligence Platform enables
customers to collect, search and store massive amounts of IT
log data from a myriad list of devices and applications for a
comprehensive fingerprint of past and current activity, through
one convenient, easy-to-use web-based user console. TIBCO
LogLogic’s business applications correlate user activities and
event data in real-time for a uniquely integrated approach to
security event management, database security management,
security change management and compliance management,
resulting in improved accountability and lower costs for
organisations of all sizes.
System downtime and performance slowdowns can severely
limit network, system, and application productivity. With
TIBCO LogLogic, you are proactively alerted to performance
degradations or error conditions before they cause expensive
and frustrating downtime and can perform immediate rootcause analysis through IT search. You can also identify network
inefficiencies and bottlenecks, streamline your hardware
allocations, and automate the management of network policies
to reduce operating expenses.
TIBCO LogLogic Solves a Number Of
Compliance Issues …
With the growth in regulatory industries and mandates across all
industries, compliance has become one of the great challenges
facing businesses today. TIBCO LogLogic’s family of products help
ensure you monitor enterprise activity, identify and respond to
threats, as well as manage and review network policies according
to all industry and government rules.
Sarbanes Oxley
Security Concerns
Security concerns, such as hackers, internal or external
information theft, fraud, and privacy violations, are a constant
threat to your organisation’s reputation and financial integrity.
Preventing a data breach or loss from your networks and
databases is of paramount importance. With the TIBCO LogLogic
suite of products, you can comply with internal and external
security policies, be notified of suspicious network activity,
perform detailed forensic analysis, and take quick action to
prevent future security incidents.
For a Variety Of Industries
More than 1,000 customers across a variety of industries trust
TIBCO LogLogic with log and security management solutions for
compliance, security, and performance management. We have
developed focused expertise and specific solution bundles in a
number of vertical markets. TIBCO LogLogic suite of products can
help your organisation overcome industry-specific challenges.
Financial services
Life Sciences
Massively Scalable and innovative Log and Security Event Management solution:
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Product Overview
TIBCO LogLogic Firsts:
TIBCO LogLogic offers a comprehensive suite of log and security
management products that help more than 1,000 enterprise and
mid-market customers:
Achieve regulatory compliance
Protect valuable customer information
Improve the performance of IT operations
All of our solutions work together and easily integrate with your
existing infrastructure and third-party products.
TIBCO LogLogic Log and Security Intelligence
Collect, normalise, index, store, and search log data automatically
with our easy-to-deploy appliances or hosted solutions.
The Log and Security Intelligence Platform provides first-level
alerting through pattern matching and proven Log Learning
technology (real-time behavioral analysis of logs).
First appliance-based log management platform
First dedicated log management products for specific
compliance mandates
First compliance workflow automation for user activity review
First to deliver universal log processing for known and
unknown data
First to deliver full-text index based log search and reports
First open log-powered API
First developer community for log and security management
First to deliver behavioral alerts based on log data
First to combine indexed search with normalised reporting
First NEBS compliant log and security management
First integrated security change management solution
First to exceed 50,000 log messages per second collection on
a single appliance
First to provide centralised log search and reporting across
many appliances
First visual heterogeneous network security policy
First focused security management vendor to exceed 1,000
First end-to-end automatic policy generation for firewalls,
routers, and switches
First security rule generation based on graphical representation
First to automatically generate IPSec fully-meshed or huband-spoke VPN configurations for multi-vendor technologies
The Log and Security Intelligence Platform is also the industry’s
pre-eminent forensic analysis tool and provides rapid search
against a complete record of user and system activity.
TIBCO LogLogic Security Event Manager
Still Wondering Why TIBCO LogLogic?
Analyse and correlate diverse log data in real-time for identification
and management of security events. SEM analyses thousands
of complex events from firewalls, IDS/IPS, operating systems,
databases, and applications in real-time to uncover the most
critical incidents and provide insight into the security posture of
the IT infrastructure.
The SEM solution has built-in incident workflow and service level
agreement (SLA) management guides security and operations
personnel to be more efficient in responding to internal and
external threats.
TIBCO LogLogic Compliance Manager
Meet log and security management mandates established by
specific regulatory mandates and demonstrate compliance in realtime. CM enables the automation of standard compliance tasks and
guides compliance teams in the collection and review of log data in
order to meet compliance objectives.
CM establishes a workflow that provides a logical map of all
compliance activities and establishes an audit trail by tracking
and retaining the contents of each report, user review, user and
manager approval, and comments, enabling companies to meet
the control objectives of regulatory frameworks more easily.
TIBCO LogLogic provides a complete line of full-featured solutions
and easy integration with your existing systems. We’re exclusively
focused on bringing innovative log and security management to
the market.
Focused Expertise
TIBCO LogLogic has one of the largest installed base of logpowered products in the market. We have gained the trust of more
than 1,000 customers including large enterprise, government,
telecommunications and mid-market organisations.
Return on Investment
TIBCO LogLogic delivers high value and low total cost of ownership.
We are consistently rated #1 for ease of deployment, ease of use,
and ease of management. Deploy once across the enterprise for
multiple use cases. Pay back averages less than six months.
Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in 2009
Number 1 for Log Management: 5.0 out of 5.0
Number 1 for Ease of Deployment: 4.5 out of 5.0
Number 1 for Compliance: 4.1 out of 5.0
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
ThreatTrack Security understands the challenges businesses and organizations of all
sizes face when it comes to securing their networks. ThreatTrack specialises in helping
organizations identify and stop Advanced Persistent Threats, targeted attacks and other
sophisticated malware designed to evade the traditional cyber-defenses deployed
by enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and consumers around the world.
VIPRE Antivirus Business and Business
VIPRE® Antivirus Business is the antivirus and mobile device
management software that protects against viruses, spyware and
other malware threats without draining resources or slowing down
PCs. Through the easy-to-use VIPRE console, administrators can
centrally manage antivirus rotection for PCs, Macs and Android
devices as well as mobile device management and security for
iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.
Scans removable devices for threats upon insertion
Who knows what your users store on their flash drives? VIPRE
doesn’t take any chances, auto-scanning USB flash drives and
other removable media for malware threats when plugged or
inserted into PCs.
Protects against email viruses and phishing scams
VIPRE Antivirus Business protects against malicious email,
keeping your users’ inboxes safe from viruses with direct support
for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and any
program that uses POP3 or SMTP.
Removes your existing antivirus from all machines
You don’t have to manually remove your existing antivirus from
every machine. VIPRE does it for you. This ensures an environment
free of other antivirus agents and eliminates conflicts during
Antivirus Business
Business Premium
Antivirus and anti-spyware
Real-time malware protection
Mobile Device Management
Identifies unprotected and infected network PCs
From new hires with new computers to users logging in remotely,
there are many ways vulnerable machines can access your
network. VIPRE Antivirus Business makes sure they don’t by autoscanning for unsecure network computers.
Mac support
USB device scanning
Email security
Auto-removal of existing antivirus
Patch management
Includes free technical support by phone, email or chat
Have a question? We can help! VIPRE’s technical support team
of security specialists assists with agent installation, day-to-day
management – anything you need – by phone, email or online
chat at no additional cost.
Bad website blocker
Intrusion prevention
Minimises CPU and memory usage
VIPRE is optimized to scan for threats quickly, protecting against
viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, bots and other malware
without draining resources or slowing down machines . In fact,
it works so quietly in the background that users won’t notice it’s
running (even during scans).
Exclusive Premium features
Mobile Device Management
With BYOD the new norm, it’s critical to secure the mobile
devices that access your network. VIPRE makes it easy to do just
that, with a remote wipe feature for smartphones and tablets.
Android protection also includes antivirus and remote alarm,
lock and locate features and iPad and iPhone protection also
includes password enforcement.
Patches vulnerable, out-of-date software applications
Did you know most malware infections and data breaches stem
from security vulnerabilities in out-of-date software? Relying on
your users to patch their machines themselves may not be the
best idea. Especially when they’ve been trained NOT to click on
unknown pop-ups and, as a result, often ignore critical software
updates. That is where VIPRE Business Premium can help by
eliminating this threat, and auto-patching Java, Adobe and other
popular non-Windows software.
Centralises PC, Mac and mobile device management
The old adage that “Macs don’t get infected” is no longer true. As
the popularity of these devices increases, so do attacks against
them. On top of that, Macs can act as carriers for Windows threats
too. VIPRE Antivirus Business keeps Macs on your network secure
with a dedicated policy that lets you easily manage antivirus on
Mac desktops and laptops, as well as PCs and mobile devices,
from the central console.
VIPRE Business Premium includes all the security features of
VIPRE Antivirus Business with the addition of a firewall to control
incoming/outgoing Internet traffic and:
Bad website blocker
VIPRE protects your network from over 600,000 bad URLS by
blocking traffic to malicious websites and stopping your users
from browsing to these sites and inadvertently compromising
their PCs.
Worried about users clicking on phishing links? With VIPRE, you
don’t have to be. It automatically strips phishing links from
emails before they can reach your users’ inboxes.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Mobile Device Management from VIPRE
The role personal smartphones and tablets are playing in the
workforce is a phenomenon that has quickly impacted all
businesses. As a result, the tall task of protecting company data
accessible with a variety of devices has become top priority for
network administrators.
Fear of failing to protect sensitive company data is founded. The
Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project conducted
a national survey that revealed:
Nearly 1 in 3 mobile phone owners (31%) have lost their phone
or had it stolen
58% of mobile phone owners and 39% of smartphone owners do
not back up the files, photos and other data on their devices
33% of smartphone owners – more than 4 times as many
owners of “other cell phones” – disable location tracking on
their devices
12% of mobile phone owners said their phones were accessed
in a way that made them feel their privacy was invaded
Risky employee behavior is commonplace, even if it is unintentional.
Nonetheless, it is clear that IT administrators need a network
solution that can quickly and easily lock, locate and do a remote
wipe of devices from a central hub.
Cybercriminals are well aware that the widespread dual use
of unencrypted devices invites viruses and other malware that
adversely affect workflow. Businesses lacking a solution that
detects vulnerabilities leave the network open to an attack that
slows operating speeds or worse, brings it to a grinding halt.
Workforce mobility is undoubtedly a terrific luxury. But it leaves
businesses susceptible to security breaches and other tech-specific
headaches. IT administrators in medical practices, banks, law firms
and schools alike need to recognize the days of solely monitoring
employee activity on desktop computers are long gone.
IT administrators instead face a new reality: Pressure to account
for, manage and secure an array of new endpoints. It’s a giant task
given the influx of smartphones and tablets on the market, and the
corresponding employee expectation, if not outright demand, that
connection to the office at all times be possible.
Many businesses are woefully unprepared to meet the challenges
associated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. They
lack the time, manpower and budgets to fend off mobile threats.
They also see most solutions applying to the needs of others, not
necessarily themselves.
With all signs pointing to a growing number of personal devices
affecting business operations, Mobile Device Management (MDM)
needs to be every business’ top priority. When IT administrators
contemplate the best course of action for fighting various threats
to the company’s network, the first worry is typically ensuring
sensitive material remains safe. They have the company’s mobile
device users to thank. Many of them don’t know or don’t care
about taking steps to enhance mobile safety. Their online habits,
in turn, expand the risk posed to the network.
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
VASCO is a leading supplier of strong authentication and e-signature solutions
and services specialising in Internet security applications and transactions. VASCO
has positioned itself as a global software company for Internet security serving a
customer base of approximately 10,000 companies in more than 100 countries,
including approximately 1,700 international financial institutions. VASCO’s prime
markets are the financial sector, enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government.
VACMAN Controller
VACMAN Controller is a state-of-the-art API-based authentication
platform that serves as a back-end for DIGIPASS strong
authentication. It automatically processes login requests to ensure
only properly authenticated users obtain access to protected
online applications. A unique design, unlimited scalability and
versatile flexibility make VACMAN Controller a perfect fit for large
deployments in a variety of customer interfacing applications.
The DIGIPASS family consists of best-of-breed, lightweight,
robust client authentication solutions available in a number of
colours and with battery lives of up to ten years. Available with
single ‘one push’ buttons, key pads and large keypads for the
visually impaired, these units are the ideal solution for providing
secure access to corporate networks. The same products are
available as a software solution, allowing mobile phones,
tablets, computers to be used as an authentication platform.
IDENTIKEY Server is VASCO’s off-the-shelf centralised
authentication server. It is the perfect choice to secure remote
access to corporate resources and various types of (web-based)
applications, from remote access and SSL VPN to SaaS. The
solution is straightforward and scalable, fit to accommodate
the needs of both large and small implementations. It offers
complete functionality and management features without the
need for significant budgetary or personnel investments. This
results in a fast and cost-effective rollout. IDENTIKEY supports
Windows and Linux operating systems on 32 bits and 64 bits
platforms, and is available in 4 packaged versions for Enterprise
Security use.
Standard Edition
Includes RADIUS functionality for a single licensed server
and targets SMBs wanting to protect their remote access
infrastructure with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
Gold Edition
Offers web filters for the protection of Outlook Web Access and
Citrix Web Interface next to the RADIUS support, and addresses
the security needs of companies that want to protect access
to Windows desktop logins. This version includes licenses for a
primary server and a backup server. It is an ideal solution for
SMBs wanting to secure more in-house applications and/or more
user groups next to remote access for employees.
Enterprise Edition
Is the most comprehensive solution, offering RADIUS for remote
access to the corporate network, web filter support for the access
to in-house applications (OWA, CWI), SOAP for the protection
of Internet based business applications, including portals,
extranet, e-commerce websites, partner services and DIGIPASS
Authentication for Windows Logon allows the logon of users to
their Windows desktop and the network through a DIGIPASS OTP.
The lighest of the DIGIPASS range,
the robust, DIGIPASS GO 3 features
a high contrast LCD display. One
push on the single button and the
DIGIPASS GO 3 shows a unique onetime password on its LCD display.
The DIGIPASS GO 6 provides users
with the same functionality as the
DIGIPASS GO 3 in a robust,
waterproof unit. Like the DIGIPASS
GO 3, DIGIPASS GO 6 is easy to use
and the ideal solution for mass
For banks and other organisations
that need to authenticate remote
users, DIGIPASS GO 7 is a strong
authentication device that boosts
DIGIPASS GO 7 is waterproof,
robust, affordable, user friendly
and easy to deploy. Being the
thinnest DIGIPASS in the DIGIPASS
GO series, this device complies
withstandard postal regulations in
several countries.
With its e-signature capability,
excellent defense against man
in the middle and other financial
DIGIPASS 261, organisations can
comprehensive and scalable twofactor authentication solution.
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
DIGIPASS for Mobile
The small and lightweight DIGIPASS
authentication and e-signatures in a
streamlined design. DIGIPASS 270 is the ideal
password protected personal identification
device for situations where speed of
roll-out and cost-efficiency are crucial.
DIGIPASS for Mobile provides two-factor authentication (time
and event based) and e-signature functionality to address the
security risks of mobile and online applications. The time-based
one-time password (OTP) is a dynamic authentication code, and
is the most effective way for roaming users can effortlessly
access their confidential data with the most advanced security
DIGIPASS Nano enhances the security
of online service channels through
the use of e-signatures and end- user
authentication. The solution allows
mobile phone users to embed the bestof-breed
into a familiar, daily-used device.
DIGIPASS CertiID 3.1 software suite is compatible with all
common PKI industry standards and can easily be integrated into
an existing ITP-based strong authentication infrastructure.
Combining OTP technology is possible with the DIGIPASS CertiID
and doesn’t make a difference to the employees.
DIGIPASS Desk 301 Voice
VASCO works together with other technology vendors to ensure
the seamless integration of two factor authentication with
the solutions from these vendors. VASCO offers a full range of
integrated solutions for Novell NMAS, Lotus Domino, AEP (Netilla),
Imprivata, Juniper (FUNK). The Plug-Ins ensure native integration
of two-factor authentication into partner solutions. As a result the
native features of the existing system or application (scalability,
load-balancing, delegated administration) are maintained without
having to add additional server hardware.
provides speech based user guidance
and acoustic or speech based feedback
of entered data and selected functions.
one-time passwords into speech for
the visually impaired. The speech is
heard through DIGIPASS 301 Comfort
Voice’s internal speaker or headphones.
DIGIPASS Key 860 is a hybrid security
device that supports both PKI and
one-time password generation in one
single product. The PKI functionality
provides document signing; strong
software systems (operating systems,
applications) as well as e-mail, file
aXsGUARD Identifier
A dedicated authentication appliance, aXsGUARD Identifier
provides secures remote access to corporate networks and
web-based applications. Easy to install and simple to use, all
software and hardware administration functions are conveniently
accessible through a web-based user interface. Reporting and
auditing functions allow you to monitor all remote access
activity to your infrastructure. Because it offers standard
RADIUS support as well as integration through a SOAP API,
aXsGUARD Identifier can be used in an unlimited
number of applications across a variety of fields.
authentication and digital signatures in a
single ‘plug-and-play’ device. It can be used
for various purposes such as remote and
local access, desktop and application logon, disk encryption and transaction signing.
Strong Authentication
by reducing the risk of online
fraud, password theft, and other
attacks on corporate networks and
resources. VASCO’s time-based system
generates one-time passwords that
refresh every 32 seconds, making it
virtually impossible to hack or break.
For more information visit
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
WatchGuard® builds affordable, all-in-one network and content security solutions to
provide defense in depth for corporate content, networks and the businesses they power.
WatchGuard’s award-winning Extensible Threat Management (XTM and XTMv) network
security solutions combine firewall, VPN, and security services to protect networks from
spam, viruses, malware, and intrusions. The new Extensible Content Security (XCS and
XCSv) appliances offer content security across email and web combined with data loss
prevention for complete content protection. Available as physical appliances and as
virtual editions, WatchGuard extensible solutions scale to offer right-sized security for
small businesses up to enterprises with 10,000+ employees. Since our founding in 1996,
more than 600,000 WatchGuard signature red security appliances have been deployed
worldwide. Today more than 15,000 dedicated partners back our products in 120 countries.
WatchGuard is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in North America, Latin
America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
The Power Of Unified Threat Management
Introducing Next Gen Firewall
Unified threat management (UTM) has become an important
solution in the network security market with additional
capabilities, including:
WatchGuard’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) advances the
state of the art in security, manageability, and compatibility with
real-world business environments. WatchGuard’s NGFW products
provide true line-speed security inspection on all traffic and
support multi-gigabit packet filtering throughput. In addition,
the NGFW line provides Application Control; connects offices via
unique drag-and-drop VPN; connects people via SSL and IPSec
VPN; and gives the enterprise unparalleled visibility into realtime and historical user, network, and security activities. With
WatchGuard’s NGFW, businesses can define, enforce, and audit
strong security and acceptable use policies, resulting in increased
employee productivity and less risk to critical intellectual
property or customer data.
Application Control
URL Filtering
Gateway AntiVirus
Intrusion Prevention
Key Characteristics:
WatchGuard: Best-in-Class Security by Design
WatchGuard is number one — in firewalls. We believe that no one
vendor can be the best at everything, so we brought our friends.
Meet the all-star players
AVG for Gateway AntiVirus
Trusted by 110 million customers worldwide, AVG leads the pack
in protecting businesses and their assets from malware.
MailShell for SpamBlocker’
Mailshell’s LiveFeed reputation system provides real-time
analysis from Mailshell’s global data network. The four spam
identification engines utilize more than one million reputation
queries, pattern matches or rules to identify 99% of spam with
an incredibly high accuracy rate, and a near-zero false positive
Websense for WebBlocker
The Websense-powered WatchGuard well-known network
applications, offering fine-grained control, blocking and
reporting for more than 1,800 applications.
BroadWeb for Intrusion Prevention Service and Application
BroadWeb, focused on providing one of the leading IPS solutions
since 2001, use their expertise in detecting attacks to also detect
well-known network applications, offering fine-grained control,
blocking and reporting for more than 1,800 applications.
High performance security inspection that blocks attacks
and unwanted traffic without hindering mission-critical
Internet usage.
Best secure throughput in its class, with a very broad
feature set and the best real-time visibility tools.
Supports over 1,800 applications, more than any other
Next-Generation Firewall.
Watchguard® Access Point
Secure your WLAN from today’s sophisticated, blended threats
with WatchGuard’s new AP100 and AP200 wireless access points.
By extending best-in-class UTM security– including application
control, intrusion prevention, URL and web content filtering,
virus and spam blocking and more – from any XTM appliance*
to the WLAN, business can harness the power of mobile
devices without putting network assets at risk. What’s more,
security policies can be applied to wired and WLAN resources
simultaneously, which is critical to enforcing security standards
across an entire network. And unified device management tools
offer a “one-stop” configuration and monitoring of AP100, AP200
and XTM devices – reducing setup time and maintenance costs.
Automatic channel selection reduces network interference
and congestion to ensure performance maximization
Customizable Captive Portal technology allows network
access to be gated upon acceptance of terms and conditions
Administrator can restrict device access based on MAC
Auto-discovery of new access points allows for easy
deployment - reducing setup time, saving money
Clients connected to an SSID experience seamless network
access when roaming between access points
Scan and report functionality details information about
wireless devices on the network for PCI compliance
Sales Hotline: 01483 227 600 | | [email protected]
Watchguard® XTM 2500 Series
WatchGuard® XTM 2500 Series security appliances deliver up to
35 Gbps firewall throughput and up to 10 Gbps throughput with
full IPS and antivirus threat protection enabled. Advanced security
capabilities include full HTTPS inspection and VoIP support.
Networking features include clustering, high availability, multiWAN and server load balancing, and VLAN support to handle highvolume traffic.
Watchguard® XTM 1500 Series
WatchGuard® XTM 1500 Series security appliances deliver up to
25 Gbps firewall throughput and over 6 Gbps throughput with full
IPS and antivirus threat protection enabled. Advanced security
capabilities include full HTTPS inspection and VoIP support.
Networking features include clustering, high availability, multiWAN and server load balancing, and VLAN support to handle highvolume traffic.
Watchguard® XTM 800 Series
WatchGuard® XTM 800 Series network security appliances deliver
performance-driven protection for mid-size to large businesses,
with up to 14 Gbps firewall throughput and 5.7 Gbps UTM
throughput. Flexible management tools include intuitive console,
Web UI, and scriptable CLI. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting
are included at no additional cost.
Watchguard® XTM 5 Series
WatchGuard® XTM 5 Series appliances deliver performance-driven
network security for small to mid-size businesses, with up to
3.5 Gbps firewall throughput, six 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports, and
advanced networking features. Management tools include intuitive
centralized console, command line interface, and web UI, with
real-time monitoring and rich reporting at no additional cost.
Watchguard® XTM 3 Series
WatchGuard® XTM 3 Series security appliances are powerhouse
UTM solutions that put huge functionality in a small, aggressivelypriced package. With up to seven 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports and
optional dual-band 802.11/n technology for greater wireless speed
and responsiveness. Easy to deploy and manage, with real-time
monitoring and rich reporting included at no additional cost.
Watchguard® XTM 2 Series
WatchGuard® XTM 2 Series security appliances, with optional
802.11/n wireless capabilities and unified threat protection, are
ideal for small businesses, remote offices, and wireless hotspots.
All models have five 1GbE ports for faster link speeds. Easy to
deploy and manage, with real-time monitoring and rich reporting
included at no additional cost.
Fireware XTM pro included with XTM 2500,
XTM 1500 and XTM 800, 5 & 3 series
The new advanced OS from WatchGuard includes active/active high
availability with load balancing, dynamic routing, VLAN support,
and multi-WAN failover to ensure reliability.
XTM Security Subscriptions
With a powerful suite of security subscriptions, WatchGuard
enables Firebox X users to increase protection from threats that
arrive in otherwise benign-appearing traffic.
SpamBlocker is a fully integrated anti-spam security subscription
for WatchGuard® appliances. It’s the best in the industry at
distinguishing legitimate communication from spam outbreaks
in real time, blocking close to 100% of unwanted emails and the
viruses they carry. Identifies spam regardless of the language,
content, or format of the message.
WebBlocker is an integrated URL filtering subscription for
WatchGuard® security appliances. It allows IT administrators to
control HTTP and HTTPS access to objectionable material. It works
with the appliance’s reporting function to give visibility into users’
web activities. WebBlocker protects against malicious web-based
attacks, helps prevent legal liability, and increases employee
Gateway AntiVirus is a fully integrated security subscription
for WatchGuard® XTM appliances. It scans traffic on all major
protocols at the gateway to stop threats before they can gain
access to trusted resources and execute their dangerous payloads.
A continuously updated database of signatures and heuristic
analysis ensure timely, far-reaching coverage.
Application Control
Application Control is a subscription for WatchGuard® XTM
appliances that enables policy-based monitoring, tracking, and
blocking of over 1,800 Web 2.0 and business applications. It relies
on behavioral techniques and over 2,500 signatures to deliver
enhanced security, bandwidth protection, and greater productivity.
Policies can be enforced by category, application, and application
Reputation Enabled Defense
No Anti-Virus-Scan
Bypass Scanning
Performance Gain
Reputation Enabled Defense is a security subscription for
WatchGuard® XTM appliances that ensures a fast, secure web
browsing experience. This unique gateway solution uses cloudbased technology to reject URLs with malicious content at the
connection level. Throughput is increased even more when URLs
with good reputation scores bypass further AV scanning.
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Watchguard® XCS Next-Gen Content
Watchguard® XCS SecureMail Email
WatchGuard XCS (Extensible Content Security) solutions, deliver
the industry’s most effective defense-in-depth solution for
email security, web security and data loss prevention. These
easy-to-use, all-in-one solutions offer the most effective
defense from email and web-based threats including spam,
viruses, malware, URL filtering, blended threats, spyware and
network attacks. Choose from five different models to suit the
unique messaging security requirements ranging from small
business to the most demanding enterprise email and web
While en route from a sender to a recipient, an email message
may pass through several waypoints across the world before
reaching its intended destination. Each of those waypoint
networks pass along the message in-the-clear, meaning your
email, including attachments, is available for anyone to read
and steal, much like mailing a postcard. A single weak link along
this path, a criminal port sniffing your network, and many other
situations may compromise the confidential information of
a message and can potentially result in leakage and exposure
of sensitive information. The consequences of this happening
can be detrimental, including brand erosion, loss of customer
confidence, financial repercussions, legal penalties, regulatory
violations and fines, and public embarrassment.
Watchguard® XCS 770R, 970 & 1170
Watchguard® XCS Data Loss Prevention
Enterprise-grade messaging security and data loss prevention
solutions deliver stringent email security, block over 98% of spam,
and control outbound data content for privacy and compliance.
It’s easy to extend these capabilities to protect all web traffic by
adding a simple Web Security subscription.
Watchguard® XCS 280 & 580 Appliances
WatchGuard XCS email security solutions automatically
incorporate powerful data loss prevention. (DLP) capabilities to
ensure that the content of outgoing email messages is in strict
accord with your organization’s confidentiality and regulatory
compliance policies. Adding an XCS Web Security subscription
(available for all XCS models) extends those capabilities to your
web-based traffic as well, for comprehensive coverage across
Watchguard® XCS Subscriptions
XCS Security Subscriptions
Powerful messaging security and data loss prevention solutions.
They deliver stringent email security, block over 98% of spam,
and control outbound data content for privacy and compliance.
Centralized administration and reporting provide complete
visibility and control of incoming and outgoing email for between
500 to 1,500 users.
Watchguard® XCS Quarantine Management
WatchGuard® Quarantine Management Server 500 offers secure,
easy-to-use, policy-driven email quarantine with self-service
end user controls, providing a secure holding area for suspect
messages. Supports multiple domains, organizations, and users,
with message storage capacity for up to 90,000 users. Works with
WatchGuard XCS email security appliances or any other email
security gateway.
Integrated security subscriptions deliver even more layers of
protection, without requiring additional hardware purchases.
Increase your security with:
XCS Web Security Subscription
This extends your messaging security boundary across email and
web. Secure and control web traffic and internet usage with
powerful protection from web-based threats, malware, and data
leakage across web mediums.
Watchguard® Securing Your Virtual World
WatchGuard offers fresh and innovative virtual security
deployment options for businesses of all sizes, from small offices
to large businesses and service providers. This is important
because virtual environments cannot depend on physical
infrastructure alone for protection. Whether your organization
is looking tovirtualize traditional gateway firewalls or integrate
virtual security with messaging and application servers – we’ve
got you covered.
WatchGuard® XTMv
WatchGuard® XTMv virtual network security appliances are
engineered to deliver comprehensive UTM protection, with full
https inspection, application control, intrusion prevention, and
VoIP support for the virtual infrastructure. Management tools
include intuitive centralized console, command line interface,
and web UI. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included
at no additional cost.
WatchGuard® XCSv
WatchGuard® XCSv delivers enterprise-grade messaging security
and data loss prevention for virtual infrastructures. XCSv blocks
over 98% of spam, prevents malware from entering the network,
and controls inbound and outbound traffic for privacy and
compliance. Easily extend these capabilities to protect all web
traffic with a simple Web Security subscription.
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Remote Access Solutions
WatchGuard® IPv6 Readiness
The WatchGuard® SSL family of affordable, easy-to-use, secure
remote access appliances provides reliable client and clientless
connectivity to network data and resources. This all-in-one solution
offers the flexibility of easy deployment and the sophistication
of integrated strong authentication and rich endpoint integrity
checking, so users stay productive from anywhere, anytime.
WatchGuard® SSL 100
The WatchGuard® SSL 100 is an affordable, easy-to-use, secure
remote access solution that provides reliable client and clientless
connectivity to network data and resources. This all-in-one solution
offers the flexibility of easy deployment and the sophistication
of integrated strong authentication and rich endpoint integrity
checking. Supports up to 100 concurrent users.
WatchGuard® SSL 500
The WatchGuard® SSL 560 is an affordable, easy-to-use, secure
remote access solution that provides reliable client and clientless
connectivity to network data and resources. This all-in-one solution
offers the flexibility of easy deployment and the sophistication
of integrated strong authentication and rich endpoint integrity
checking. Supports up to 500+ concurrent users.
WatchGuard is implementing IPv6 support for XTM in stages,
aligned with adoption patterns among our customer base.
WatchGuard Fireware XTM has been granted the IPv6 Ready Gold
logo (routing). Current XTM functionality allows IPv6 addressing on
external-facing interfaces, allows the device to pass traffic in a
mixed IPv4 and IPv6 environment, and enables firewall capabilities
including basic filtering and policies, default threat connection,
and DHCPv6 client.
Certification and Training
Wick Hill is an accredited training centre for WatchGuard,
enabling us to run vendor approved accredited training courses
in a professional environment. WatchGuard courses are valuable
for all IT professionals who are responsible for the specification,
installation, management, support or reporting for WatchGuard
appliances, providing all the theoretical and hands-on expertise
WatchGuard Certfied System Professionals
WatchGuard product training provides an extensive set of training
materials to help our customers and partners understand how to
install, configure and manage their WatchGuard security products.
You can use the materials for self-study, or attend instructor-led
training at any of our experienced certified training partners. We
offer technical certification for each of our product lines.
Wick Hill is an accredited training centre for WatchGuard,
enabling us to run vendor approved accredited training courses
in a professional environment. WatchGuard courses are valuable
for all IT professionals who are responsible for the specification,
installation, management, support or reporting for the Firebox X
e-Series UTM appliances, providing all the theoretical and handson expertise required.WatchGuard technical exams focus on
specific product lines. The exams are intended to validate that
a participant can install, configure, and manage a WatchGuard
appliance. Each exam consists of 50 questions and has a two hour
time limit. A score of 80% must be achieved for certification. The
three technical certification exams offered are:
See the latest WatchGuard news at
Next-Gen Firewall- WCSP-XTM
Next-Gen Content - WCSP-XCS
Remote Access- WCSP-SSL
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Xirrus is a leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus’ Array-based
solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances with wired-like reliability
and superior security. The Xirrus wireless solutions provide a vital strategic business and
IT infrastructure advantage to the education, higher education, healthcare, large public
venue, government and enterprise industries that depend on wireless to operate businesscritical applications.
Mobility is now the norm. People expect to connect without
wires. Organizations depend on it. The explosion of tablets and
smartphones has seen to that. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance,
there are more 800 million wireless-enabled devices being
produced every year. Innovative organizations are using those
devices to engage with their customers, transforming business
models, and ensuring connectivity under even the most
demanding circumstances.
Xirrus was founded on the premise that “wireless would replace
wired as the primary choice for network access” and as that
tipping point approaches, continue to seek after that vision,
transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful,
scalable, and trusted wireless access solutions to organizations
who increasingly depend on it for day-to-day operations.
Xirrus Wireless Arrays enable far superior functionality, capacity,
and upgradability simply not possible with conventional wireless
technology offerings. Xirrus make it possible for a workforce
to communicate when and where is optimal for them and their
By improving communications, a business will
improve productivity and profitability.
The following critical technologies make it possible to meet the
rapidly evolving requirements for a robust wireless network:
Modular AP system
Integrated controller
Multi-sector antenna system
Dedicated security monitoring
Dedicated wireless backhaul
Radio optimization management
Resource assurance management
Device optimization management
The 2 radio, 802.11n XR-500 AP supports an onboard controller
with a dual core network processor to deliver the performance
needed to operate advanced services directly at the network
edge. The XR-500 supports complete application-level recognition
and policy enforcement, an industry first in a wireless AP with
multi-state radios up to 600Mbps bandwidth.
The Xirrus XR-1000 Series Wireless Array is a 2 slot chassis
available in a 2 multi-state (2.4GHz or 5GHz) radio configuration
supporting up to 480 users with up to 900Mbps of bandwidth.
The Xirrus XR-1000H Series Wireless Array is a 2 slot hardened
(protected from rain, heat, cold, direct sun, and wind) chassis
available in a 2 multi-state (2.4GHz or 5GHz) radio configuration
supporting up to 480 users with up to 900Mbps of bandwidth.
The Xirrus XR-2000 Series Wireless Array is a four slot chassis
available in a 4 multi-state (2.4GHz or 5GHz) radio configuration
supporting up to 960 users with up to 1.8Gbps of bandwidth.
Xirrus Wireless Arrays
Xirrus Arrays deliver a level of reliability, performance and
security as good as or better than wired connections. Compared to
conventional AP technology, Xirrus arrays integrate 2 to 16 radios,
a high-gain directional antenna, on-board multi-gigabit switch,
controller, firewall, threat sensor and a spectrum analyser. That
architecture provides up to 4X the coverage, 8X the bandwidth
and 8X the capacity. And that means you use fewer arrays and
less cabling, switching and general infrastructure expenditure
during implementation - all while delivering flawless and secure
wireless access under even the most demanding circumstances.
The Xirrus XR-2000 Series Wireless Array is a four slot chassis
available in a 4 multi-state (2.4GHz or 5GHz) radio configuration
supporting up to 960 users with up to 1.8Gbps of bandwidth.
The Xirrus XR-6000 Series Wireless Array is a sixteen slot chassis
available in 8, 12 or 16 multi-state (2.4GHz or 5GHz) radio
configurations supporting up to 1792 users with up to 7.2Gbps
of bandwidth.
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Edge Application Control – unique to Xirrus
Xirrus Wireless Arrays operate as an autonomous networking device
using an integrated controller. The embedded controller runs the
Linux-based Array Operating System known as ArrayOS.
ArrayOS allows each Wireless Array to be managed and configured
to fit its operational requirements as well as its operation in a
network Arrays. ArrayOS can be configured via a Web Management
Interface; via a Command Line Interface using SSH, Telnet, or a
serial console; or managed centrally through the Xirrus Management
System (XMS).
Through superior RF management, ArrayOS creates a more stable
environment for Wi-Fi clients and enables higher performing
wireless networks.
Auto Channel and Auto Cell functions
automatically create optimal RF coverage and configuration for
maximum Wi-Fi performance without painstaking RF planning.
Xirrus Application Control delivers the industry’s first and only
wireless solution to incorporate next-generation application
visibility and control directly at the network edge...where it’s
needed most.
Leveraging the power of next-generation Deep Packet Inspection
(DPI) technology, Application Control provides rich information
about applications accessing the network. This enables Xirrus
Wireless Arrays to prioritize critical applications, restrict usage of
bandwidth-heavy applications, and block restricted applications
from the network. Application Control enables management of
wireless traffic at the network edge before it enters the core
network – to provide full control to network administrators to
manage the exploding usage and unpredictable nature of Bring
Your Own Device (BYOD).
The Xirrus Way
XMS – on premise or cloud management
The Xirrus Management System (XMS) is a wireless network
management platform that provides full monitoring and
management of the Xirrus wireless Array network via a web based
application with graphical map views. XMS scales from small to
large networks and from one location to multiple locations, as
well as large campus environments with thousands of wireless
users. XMS provides help desk, as well as network operations and
management capabilities for the Xirrus wireless network. XMS has a
flexible license scheme based on the size of the wireless network,
and is available as an application to run on legacy Windows Server
systems, as well as a virtualized server environment. XMS is also
offered on Xirrus Management appliances, for those that prefer a
turnkey solution.
Xirrus provides a future proof solution that adapts to changing
business requirements
The Xirrus solution delivers investment protection with a long
product lifespan
Xirrus delivers the wireless network performance required for
mission-critical applications
The Xirrus wireless solution is built to handle unpredictable
device and application growth
Xirrus delivers lower new wireless network turn up costs
and reduced yearly OPEX outlay, for a lower total cost of
Dense radio design provides the highest capacity in industry
Modular architecture with future-proof upgradability,
superior range and scale
75% less equipment required saves space, and creates lower
Cloud-based deployment provides a number of benefits for
managing a wireless network. Deployment times are significantly
reduced with zero touch equipment activation. Install and ongoing
maintenance efforts are eliminated since the system is hosted
online. And up front capital expenditures are reduced by shifting a
portion of costs to operating expenses.
Xirrus Arrays and APs come out of the box with automated online
activation. Once activated, they connect automatically to the XMS
system purchased, whether cloud-based or on-premise.
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