CONTENTS Game board (grid), 55 pattern cards, 10 dice, 15 tokens

CONTENTS Game board (grid), 55 pattern cards, 10 dice, 15 tokens
players minutes
Game board (grid), 55 pattern cards, 10 dice, 15 tokens (+1
spare), pouch, random timer, a piece of double-sided tape
The aim of Dotto is to arrange groups of dotted dice in a given
pattern as quickly as possible, so that the timer doesn’t stop
while it’s your turn. The quickest player wins.
Before playing for the first time, form the grid by removing the
cardboard squares from the game board. Stick the doublesided tape according to the illustrations on the game board
and then fold it. Place the grid in the middle of the table. Place
the 10 dice outside the grid along with the random timer.
Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down on the table.
Give each player three tokens.
When you use the timer for the first time, insert 2 x AAA
batteries (not included) in the battery compartment on the
bottom of the timer.
Switch the timer on by pressing down the red ON/OFF button.
The timer starts 2 seconds after pressing the green START
button. Note! The intervals are of different lengths, which
makes it impossible to predict when the timer is about to go
Each die has 2 blank white sides. The
colours are divided between the dice
so that each colour appears four times
on different dice.
The oldest player goes first.
He/she starts the timer and
turns over the top card. Then he
arranges the dice in the grid, as
quickly as possible, according to
the pattern on the card. Where you see a white square on the
card, use a die with its white side up.
As soon as the last die of the pattern is in place, the player’s
turn is over. When the pattern is completed, the next player
turns over the next card and arranges the dice according to the
card – then the next player, and so on, until the timer stops.
The turn immediately passes to the next player.
The turn immediately passes to the previous player
and the order reverses.
Note: in a 2-player game both cards return the turn to the
previous player.
When the timer stops, the player whose turn it is loses a token.
The player who lost that round starts the next round. When
a player loses all three tokens, he/she is out of the game. The
game continues with the remaining players, and the last player
who still has one or more tokens is the winner!
NOTE! It doesn’t matter which way the board is facing
– as long as the player correctly copies the pattern on the card.
NOTE! Batteries not included. The batteries should only be inserted and changed by an adult! Do not
charge batteries that are not rechargeable. Do not use different types of batteries or used and unused
batteries together. Use only batteries that are the same or similar type to the recommended batteries
(LR03/AAA). 02652 A
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