AN500– Application Note PE3 High Current External Driver Release

AN500– Application Note PE3 High Current External Driver Release
AN500– Application Note
PE3 High Current External Driver
Release Date 8/19/12
PE3 High Current External Driver
The EX-PE3-HCD is a high current external driver for use
with the PE3 series ECU. Digital outputs from the PE3 are
capable of driving up to 3 amps of current. If more current is
required for a particular device, either a relay or external
driver must be used.
The external driver is low side switch controlled by a digital
output from the ECU. It can be used as an on/off switch or
pulse width modulated to drive motors, solenoids and other
The max allowable current of the external driver is 40 amps.
It retains the over-current protection that is present in the
PE3 engine control system. If the external driver flows over
40 amps, it relays this information to the PE3. The PE3 will
then shut the driver down and log an over-current error in
the ECU.
The external driver can be used to control any on/off or
pulse width modulated device that requires up to 40 amps.
Typical uses include the following:
Nitrous control solenoids
Variable speed cooling fans
Variable speed fuel pumps
Boost control solenoids
Other DC motors
Connection Details
Red Wire
Switched +12v
Battery ground.
Black Wire
Warning: All of the current controlled by the external
driver will be flowing through this black wire back to the
battery. Make sure to connect to an appropriate ground
using a suitable wire size.
Yellow Wire
PE3 Digital Output (see PE3 Wire Diagram)
Purple Wire
Ground side of the device being controlled
------ Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is believed to be correct. It is up to the end user to verify the correct setup for his/her application. ------
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