When it is time to replace the cartridge, the TONER color

When it is time to replace the cartridge, the TONER color
Replacement Instructions for Magicolor 2300
When it is time to replace the
cartridge, the TONER color low display will
show in the Status Display. Although it
shows low, you can continue printing until
the color gradually fades away. Then it is
time to replace the toner.
1. Open the display by clicking on
6. Before installing the new toner
Start/Programs/Konica Minolta 2300
cartridge remove the protective
Utilities/Konica Minolta Magicolor
cover clearly marked REMOVE.
2300 Status. Here you can check
Insert the cartridge while supporting
which toner is empty.
the middle section with your left
2. From the Print menu select Toner
hand. Insert the toner so that it fits
into the rails in the compartment in
3. In the Color list box, select the color
the carousel and close the door.
of the toner to be replaced.
4. Select the capacity of the new toner
cartridge as 4500 (very important if
you want an accurate read out) and
click OK.
5. When the toner indicator on the
control panel starts flashing, open
the printer’s front door. The
carousel is automatically
repositioned so that the appropriate
Caution: Do not hold a toner
toner cartridge can be removed.
cartridge vertically, or touch the
Insert your thumb and forefinger into the
toner roller surface. This can result
two holes of the front of the toner
in lower image quality. If you have
cartridge and pull the cartridge out about
six inches. Then use two hands while
supporting the cartridge with your left
hand and pull it out.
changed the printer cartridge you
must let the calibration cycle
complete (150 sec. approx.) before
opening the door. You must wait for
the Ready indicator to light up.
Always install each toner cartridge in
the slot of the same color.
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