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The call of the wild. It’s hard to ignore it when you’re riding the Africa Twin. It’s a name
inseparable from the spirit of Dakar, on a bike that’s as impressive as the desert itself.
In 1986 the legendary NXR750 made its debut at the Dakar Rally and the dream of
winning the most demanding off-road race in the world came true. We went back and
did it again in ‘87, ‘88, and ’89, and the knowledge and experience we gained from
winning went into the original XRV650 Africa Twin which later became the now legendary
XRV750 Africa Twin. That same passion for racing and the philosophy of learning from
it continues to help us make all our production machines better. This is what we mean
when we say, ‘Made by Honda’ and, after four years of development, it’s at the very heart
of the new CRF1000L Africa Twin.
True to its roots, which are firmly embedded in Dakar history, the Africa Twin is also a
comfortable tourer as well as a practical commuter – but when you hear that call – it’s strong
and agile enough to take you across the more challenging terrain of roads less travelled.
True adventure awaits, go find it.
The strong 1000cc parallel twin has the same
4-valve Unicam head design as its competitive
CRF cousins. It delivers handfuls of torque so
satisfying and addictive; it will tempt you to break
free from the tarmac at the earliest opportunity.
Dual spark plugs per cylinder, a lightweight
camshaft – made from the same material proven
in the Fireblade – and a 270° phased crankshaft,
give this bike a distinctive feel and character
all of its own. It’s like a drumbeat. The linear
response, when you roll on and off the throttle,
will lift your spirit even more when you hear that
unmistakeable, off-road, 4-stroke growl.
Wrapped in a steel double-cradle frame, the
engine’s compact dimensions allow other
components to be mounted closer to the centre
of machine; centralizing the mass and lowering
the centre-of-gravity. With a class leading 250mm
ground clearance for off-road excursions, riding
this bike feels like second nature.
There’s nothing to hold you back. This unique,
light and agile combination of power and handling
not only sets new standards for adventure bikes…
it will set you free.
From the moment you grip the handlebars you’ll just want to ride, and keep on going.
The long road to adventure is varied and, in addition to the manual 6-speed model, the optional Dual Clutch Transmission
(DCT) machine gives you a choice of manual or automatic gear-shifting to suit tarmac, dirt tracks and steep mountain
passes. Similar to the CBR1000RR Fireblade, the manual version of the new Africa Twin also features an aluminium
assist slipper clutch, to help stop the rear wheel from locking up under fast downchanges.
In ‘MT’ manual mode the gears can be changed manually, through a lightweight 6-speed gearbox, using up
and down triggers on the left handlebar. Then, there are 4 ‘AT’ automatic modes; ‘D’ mode, which is ideal
for cruising and maximising fuel economy, and ‘S’ mode, or Sport mode, with three progressively more
sporty shift options: S1, S2 and S3.
With a higher ‘S’ mode selected, the engine holds higher revs before shifting up and down through
the gears. So, when the mood takes you, or where the road and track demands it, you get a much
more exciting and sportier ride.
When the going gets tough, the Africa Twin really gets going. Hit the ‘G’ switch on DCT
models and traction is improved throughout all modes. There’s also a unique incline
detection feature – just what you need when faced with a loose, steep track or dune - so
you’ll be in full control of any situation.
Now, here’s what really adds to the Africa Twin’s true off-road capability: the DCT,
Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and ABS not only work in unison, but they
can be independently set to give you 80 different possible combinations. In other
words, you can adapt the Africa Twin’s response to suit your own skill level and
to whatever the conditions demand.
No other bike of its type can do this. Up or downhill, on or off-road, the
Africa Twin is the perfect companion wherever the journey takes you.
Where the road ends, adventure begins.
That’s when you’ll really appreciate how compliant the 45mm Showa front forks really
are. With a 230mm stroke – the longest in its class – these inverted, cartridge type
forks are fully adjustable with a good range of rebound and compression settings.
The rear-shock, coupled with our proven off-road Pro-Link system and lightweight
swingarm, has a class leading 220mm travel. The Rear shock is also fully
adjustable with an easy to operate, hydraulic spring preload adjustment. This
allows you to make quick changes – no tools required – as the load, the road
and weather conditions change.
The brakes (ABS is standard on the ABS and DCT types) feature 310mm
‘wave’ style, twin floating front discs with Nissin 4-pot radial calipers
for plenty of feel and strong stopping power. Rear disc is a 256mm
‘wave’ style with a 1-pot caliper. Wheels are rugged spoked
type 21 inch front and 18 inch rear – just like the CRF450 Rally
– suitable for fitting a wide range of road and off-road tyres.
Another feature taken straight from our off-road machines is
the rubber mounted handlebar clamp. This dramatically
reduces any vibration and shock when landing from a
jump. We’ve also incorporated a unique brass dynamic
damper in the handle bar, to control vibration and help
reduce arm fatigue on a long haul.
With new bar end weights and knuckle guards
up front (standard on ABS and DCT types),
the Africa Twin has a tough, purposeful and
determined look you just can’t argue with.
The look of the new Africa Twin says true adventure.
It’s slim, tough bodywork truly reflects the sharp lines of CRF
influence and attitude. Light and agile with a good degree of
weather protection, it’s also an ideal machine for practical
weekday commuting. The comfortable seat - adjustable from 870
to 850mm - and upright riding position make easy work of town
The slim design nicely disguises the 18.8 litre fuel tank which,
combined with a fuel efficient engine, can take you up to 400km;
that’s a lot of adventure!
Of course, it wouldn’t be an Africa Twin without the dual headlights
- LED in this case. When lit, they evoke memories of those Dakar
winning machines. The rear mudguard and tail light is sharp;
underlining it’s off road intentions.
The LCD meter displays information vertically, so there are no
distractions looking from side-to-side. Information is arranged in
definite clusters, making it easy for the eye to pin-point relevant
information quickly at speed, or off-road, where you really need to
focus. The LCD meter can also be adapted – by use of a cursor –
to display a reading to suit your own personal preference.
Stopped on a hill, or off-camber, can be tricky and awkward if
you can’t put both feet on the ground. A 4-position ‘Lever-Lock’
parking brake system on DCT models gives you more confidence
when the bike is stationary. Hill starts, with a fully loaded machine,
are as easy as pulling away from the lights.
The windscreen and front cowl are designed to deflect the full
force of the wind. This not only reduces the buffeting effect when
you’re touring at high speed, but with clever air-ducts positioned
just in front of the display unit, it helps maintain stability at higher
speeds too.
The Africa Twin is ready to take you to another world, where fun
and hardship often go hand-in-hand. Where strange, un-even
roads, desert tracks, and unexplored pathways just can’t be
ignored. You’ll always find a way, and once you’ve found it, you’ll
know what ‘True Adventure’ really is.
Engine Type:
Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin with 270° crank and uni-cam
Engine Displacement:
998 cm3
Max. Power Output:
70 kW / 7,500 min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque:
98 Nm / 6,000 min-1 (95/1/EC)
Fuel Consumption:
MT 21.7 km/l (WMTC), DCT 21.8 km/l (WMTC)
21.7 km/l
21.7 km/l
21.8 km/l
MT: Wet, multiplate with coil springs, Aluminium Cam Assist and Slipper clutch
DCT: 2 Wet multiplate clutches with coil springs
Final Drive:
O-ring sealed chain
Gearbox / Transmission Type:
Honda Selectable Torque
Control System (HSTC):
Constant mesh 6-speed MT / 6-speed DCT with on and off-road riding modes
HSTC 3-levels + Switch Off
Frame Type:
Steel semi-double cradle type with steel rear subframe
Dimensions and Weight
Dry Weight:
208 kg (STD), 212 kg (ABS), 222 kg (DCT)
208 kg
212 kg
222 kg
Kerb Weight:
228 kg (STD), 232 kg (ABS), 242 kg (DCT)
228 kg
232 kg
242 kg
Fuel Capacity:
18.8 litres
Length x Width x Height:
2,335 x 875 x 1,475 mm (STD), 2,335 x 930 x 1,475 mm (ABS/DCT)
Seat Height:
Ground Clearance:
Wheels, Suspension and Brakes
ABS System Type:
ABS 2-Channel with rear ABS off switch
Wheels Front:
310 mm dual wave floating hydraulic disc with aluminium hub and radial fit 4-piston
calipers and sintered metal pads
256 mm wave hydraulic disc with 1-piston caliper and sintered metal pads. Also
Lever-Lock Type Parking Brake System on DCT model with additional slide type
1-piston caliper
21 x 2.15 wire spoke with aluminium rim
Wheels Rear:
18 x MT4.00 wire spoke with aluminium rim
Tyres Front:
90/90-21 tube type
Tyres Rear:
150/70-R18 tube type
Showa 45 mm cartridge-type inverted telescopic fork with hydraulic dial-style
preload adjuster and DF adjustment, 230 mm stroke, 204 mm axel travel
Monoblock cast aluminium swing arm with Pro-Link with gas-charged damper,
hydraulic dial-style preload adjuster and rebound damping adjustment, 220 mm
rear wheel travel, 94 mm axle stroke
Brakes Front:
Brakes Rear:
Suspension Front:
Suspension Rear:
Instruments & Electrics
Rally style negative LCD instrument display including: Speedometer, Tachometer,
Fuel, Gear position, ABS*, HSTC*, Odometer. Trip and Clock
Dual LED (1 High/1 low)
STD: Bulb type, ABS/DCT: LED type. Both with Amber Position Light function (APL)
Pearl Glare
White Tricolour
Victory Red
(CRF Rally Red)
Africa Twin Logo
A name that triggers images of hard-riding through desert
landscapes, of man and machine in extreme and hostile
places, the Africa Twin earned the right to wear this badge
in the 80’s. The spirit of Dakar lives on in the CRF1000L
Africa Twin.
Digital Silver
Matt Ballistic
Black Metallic
The Africa Twin is ready to go, but you
can make those long journeys an even
greater pleasure with some well-chosen
Honda Genuine Accessories. They
look, fit and function right and are
made with true adventure in mind.
A fully functional LCD meter with a vertical, cock-pit design
displays speed, temperature, fuel, DCT gear-shifts and
indicators - even the time of day. All this information is
perfectly arranged to give you instant at-a-glance feedback.
Adjustable Seat
Long travel suspension and plenty of ground clearance
usually mean a high seat on an adventure bike. No problem
with the CRF1000L, because the spacious and comfortable
seat can be adjusted from the standard 870mm down to a
more manageable 850mm.
Dual LED Headlights
Bright dual LED headlights do more than just light the way
ahead. They have an attractive round lower half design
feature that, when lit, echoes the unmistakeable round eyes
of the early, Dakar winning bikes.
For information on the full range of Honda Genuine Accessories and
Honda Genuine Parts contact your local Honda Dealership.
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