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Version 1.0 - 7th February 2014
Does ‘taking a mana die from the source’ (Mana Draw stronger effect) count as
my 1 die from the source per turn?
No. Any effect which specifically tells you to take a die from the source is different
from you choosing to take a die from the source to use for mana (which you can only
do once per turn).
Note: “Pay a mana” is different from “Take a mana die from the Source”
Game setup
What do the 3 small colored circles mean on the bottom of the Hero card?
They are for the dummy player rules which you need for the solo and co-op games.
Rulebook, p.12.
What does “Wedge, Wedge, or Fully Open” mean in the scenarios?
The setup options show the different values for the number of players, so if it says
Game Setup (for 2, 3 or 4 players) then this would mean a Wedge setup for 2-3 players
and a Fully Open board for 4 players.
If I enter a dungeon during the day, can I use black mana from the source?
Yes, because being down a dungeon is considered night.
Do the map tiles that you place on the map during setup count towards the
number used in the scenario?
Yes. If the scenario uses 8 countryside tiles and you use side A of the start tile, there
will be 6 remaining countryside tiles left to explore.
What is the importance of the icons in the top left?
These icons limit when the cards can be played. These rules changed when the Lost
Legion expansion came out. Full details can be found in the Lost Legion rulebook.
Even if you do not have the Lost Legion expansion, the new rules on when cards can
be played should be used. Page 9 of the Lost Legion rulebook (available from WizKids
website or boardgamegeek).
How many dice & Units should there be in a solo game?
The dummy player does not count as a player for these purposes, so it would normally
be 3, but you add an extra one if playing Blitz scenario or against Volkare.
Do Wounds count as cards in your hand for the purposes of the Tactics “Planning”?
Yes. The ruling about Wound cards not counting as cards is for the purposes of things
like Improvisation, not for cards in hand.
When do Elite (Gold) Units come into play?
This is covered on page 4 of the Rulebook under ‘Preparing the Round’. When you
create the Unit offer, you alternate Gold and Silver Units (starting with Gold) if at least
one Core tile has been revealed.
Is a spell powered by Red mana considered a Red card for the purposes of
resistance and special effects?
Yes. If a Spell powered by Red Mana said “Fire Attack 4, target polymorphs into a cat.”,
then an enemy with Fire Resistance would halve the Fire Attack to 2 and be immune
from the polymorph.
When rolling mana dice at the start of a round, if at least half of the mana dice in
the source are not basic colors, do I re-roll them one at a time?
You simultaneously re-roll all black and gold dice. Repeat if needed.
Can I play Noble Manners in a village but not actually spend the Influence and
still get the Fame bonus?
Yes, as long as you use your action to interact.
Can I use black mana during the night as a wild card?
No. Black mana can only be used when it is night, and only for specific things.
How can I pay a mana?
You can pay a mana in three different ways.
• Use a crystal from your inventory.
• Use a mana token that you have acquired somehow.
• Use a die from the source (once per turn).
Some cards (e.g. Mana Draw) allow you to use more than 1 die from the source in a turn.
Can you explain Maximal Effect a bit better?
I hope so. Maximal Effect essentially copies the text of another card either 2 or 3
times. So if you play Maximal effect and throw away a Rage, you get three lots of
Attack 2 (Note that these may not be split between different enemies). If you play
the basic effect of Maximal Effect and Crystallize, you get 3 opportunities to convert
mana into a crystal. If you use the stronger version of Maximal Effect with Crystalize,
you get the text “Gain a crystal of any color” twice, so you gain 2 crystals.
Can I cast the Spell “Rebirth” when down a Dungeon during the day?
No. Rebirth is a healing spell and cannot be cast in combat. As soon as you enter the
dungeon, you are in combat, and as soon as the combat ends, you are no longer in the
dungeon and so can no longer use black mana.
Does the Demolish Spell still work on enemies with Fire Resistance?
The first part does since this card targets the building they are in and not the enemy
itself. The second part (Enemies get -1 armor) has no effect.
If I recruit a Unit with Heroic Tale but disband it and then recruit another one in
the same interaction, do I get fame/rep for both recruited Units?
When I use the mana die from the Mana Steal tactic card, does it count as using
a die from the source?
No, as it is no longer in the source after you have stolen it.
Can I play Maximal Effect with Determination to gain Block 5, Block 5 and then
block 2 different enemies?
No. Both of the blocks generated are from one card, and Maximal Effect produces the
effect of the card twice. Enemies must be blocked individually and Block left over from
one card cannot be used to block another enemy.
If I use the Motivation skill in a solo game, do I get the mana?
Yes. You have the least fame. You also have the most too. You are special.
Can you play ‘Who Needs Magic?’, ‘I Don’t Give A Damn’ and ‘Universal Power’
on the same sideways card?
When I play another card with cards like Concentration, Will Focus and Maximal
Effect, how does this work with resistances?
The second card played is what matters since the first card is just making the second
card better. E.g. if you play the stronger effect of Maximal Effect with Ice Shield on an
enemy with Ice Resistance, the special effect does not happen.
If I use ‘Who Needs Magic?’ and have not used a die from the source yet, I get +3
instead of +2. Can I then use a mana die later in the turn?
When I play the stronger effect of Crystal Mastery, do I get back all the ones I
used before playing the card, and the one I used to play the card?
Crystal Mastery returns all crystals you have used that turn, including ones you
use before or after you play the card. If you used a blue crystal to power it, you get
that one back too. Note however that the cost to activate the stronger effect is not
necessarily a blue crystal: it is a blue Mana, which could be a crystal, or it could be
from the source, or a mana token. So, if you power this card with a mana die from the
source, you do not then get a blue crystal back in return.
Can the Leadership skill be used to boost an ability of a Unit that it doesn’t have?
No. You can only give +3 Block to a Unit which already has a Block value.
If I am in a space adjacent to a rampaging enemy and spend 2 Move points to
explore, does this provoke the enemy?
No. Only actually moving from one adjacent space to another provokes rampaging
What happens when I use the basic power of Call to Arms, and I choose Utem
Swordsmen? (Attack or Block 6. This Unit becomes Wounded.)
You can wound the Unit, since you are not ‘Assigning Damage’ to them. However, the
rules state that any Unit recruited from the offer is recruited ready and healthy, so
when recruited, it is healed.
If I assault a City and play both Earthquake and Demolish, what happens?
The order is important. You should play Earthquake first to reduce the armor by 4 and
then play Demolish, removing the site fortification.
Could you explain the stronger effect of Tovak’s Cold Toughness a bit better?
Note that the wording on this card was changed in Lost Legion, and a new card printed. The
version from the base game gave +1 for each resistance, but since resistances are defensive
abilities, they were giving +1 anyway, so the ‘resistance’ wording was not needed.
You get Ice Block 5 and then an additional 1 point of Ice Block for each ability the
enemy has (Swift, Brutal, Paralyze, Poison, Fortified, Unfortified, Assassinate,
Cumbersome, Elusive, Fire resistance, Ice resistance, Physical resistance and +1 for
each color of attack (Ice, Fire). Note that Cold Fire attack is two colors.
As per the Lost Legion rulebook, special types of attack are not abilities.
If I play Ice Shield but the Block isn’t enough, is the enemy armor still reduced?
Yes. Some block cards have additional effects. Unless stated otherwise, these
effects apply whether or not the block was successful.
If I play Exploding Shield to block a summoned creature, do I destroy the summoner?
No. The card states you destroy the blocked enemy, which is the summoned creature.
Note that destroying it does not get you any fame.
If I play a card sideways as Attack 1 or Block 1, will it get boosted by Ambush?
Yes. Playing a card sideways is like playing a card which says “Attack 1”.
Does an enemy in a fortified location or an enemy in the green city count as
having another ability for the purposes of Tovak’s Cold Toughness card?
No. The card only gives +1 for those abilities physically printed on the token. Any
other abilities granted to the token from any other source are not counted.
If I activate a Unit for its Attack value, is that attack boosted by Ambush?
No. Activating a Unit ability is not the same as playing a card in this respect.
When can I add 3 cards to my deck if I have taken the Long Night tactics card?
As soon as your deck is empty, even in the middle of drawing cards. Rulebook, p. 9.
Can armor drop below 1? (E.g. from Howl of the Pack or Shocktroops)
No. Armor can never be less than 1. The wording “to a minimum of 1” should be on
these cards.
Does the bonus from Into the Heat only apply to Units that have an intrinsic attack
/ block value? And, does it increase special forms of attack or just physical?
Into the Heat increases an already existing ability; it cannot give a Unit something that
it does not already have. It increases any type of Attack or Block.
When taking poison damage, do Wound cards put into the discard pile count
towards the knockout rule?
No. Only Wound cards taken to hand count for knockout.
With Magic Talent, can I enter combat, play Magic Talent to use Call to Glory
from the spell offer, and recruit a unit in the middle of the combat?
Yes. Magic Talent is marked with the special icon, so it can be played in combat.
How many movement points does it cost to move into a City?
Always 2. Ignore any terrain which is visible around the city and in the same space.
With Space Bending, do I still need to pay 2 movement points to explore the tile?
If I attack a city, do I have to fight all the enemies?
Yes. When you assault a city, you enter combat with every enemy. That doesn’t mean
you have to actually attack everything. You can choose to not block and not attack
some enemies as normal. City assaults use the normal rules for fighting more than
one enemy.
Does Arythea’s Mana Pull card allow use of a black die from the source in daytime?
If a card effect allows me to use additional dice from the source, can I use them
even if I do not use my regular 1 die from the source?
Yes. So, for the basic effect of Arythea’s Mana Pull, you could use a black die from the
source as any color even if you have not used your regular source die.
If I attack a city but fail to kill all the enemies and retreat, do killed enemies respawn?
No. Any enemies you kill are not replaced.
How do cities get shield tokens on them?
You get one Shield token on a city card for each defender you defeat. The order in
which these tokens is placed can be important. Rulebook - p. 9 - Combat Outcomes.
Can you declare “end of round” during PvP combat?
Do summoned creatures benefit from the city bonus?
Yes. In the Red City for example, if you are fighting an enemy that summons a
monster, that monster becomes Brutal.
If I attack a city with 3 enemies and one of them is a Crypt Worm, does this mean
they are all double fortified?
Not necessarily. When it comes to attacking them, you can divide them into groups
for the purpose of combining attack cards. Any enemies that you choose to put in the
group with the Crypt Worm become double fortified.
If I play an effect that heals a Unit, what happens to a Unit with 2 Wounds?
Only one of the Wounds is healed.
Can I disband a Unit voluntarily?
Only when you recruit a new one and do not have a free command token.
Does the scoring for shield tokens in cities still happen if the city is not conquered?
No. The city needs to be conquered to be worth anything in final scoring.
Commonly Missed / Misplayed Rules
ŠŠ You must pay a mana when you purchase a new spell from a mage tower.
ŠŠ When a monastery is revealed, add an advanced action to the unit space.
Remove this if still there at the end of a round, but at the start of a new round,
reveal one advanced action per unburned monastery on the map.
ŠŠ At start of each round after the first, remove the bottom spell and advanced
action from the offers, placing them on the bottom of the respective decks.
ŠŠ Creatures with fire/ice resistance are immune to the special effects of red/blue
ŠŠ Level ups happen after your turn. You cannot level up mid-turn and recruit a
new unit with the new command token.
ŠŠ An effect that gives +X to the next card you play does not count for an ability
of a Unit.
ŠŠ If you failed to defeat an enemy in a tomb, dungeon, monastery, or when
assaulting another player’s keep, it is discarded.
ŠŠ If you failed to defeat an enemy in a monster den, spawning grounds, or ruins,
it remains there.
ŠŠ When burning down a monastery, the defending enemy does not gain fortified.
ŠŠ If you are on or next to a conquered city that you have a token on, your hand
size is +1 (+2 if you’re the leader of the city). This cannot be stacked with the
bonus from keeps.
ŠŠ When you assault another player’s keep, you fight a grey enemy token but only
get half the fame value (rounded up). It is discarded if you fail to defeat it. The
same applies to Mage Towers in the ‘Conquer and Hold’ scenario.
ŠŠ When you acquire a new skill from levelling up, you may choose another
player’s skill in the Common Skills area. If you do, you must take the Advanced
Action Card in the bottom space of the offer.
ŠŠ You may not take one of your own skills from the common skill area.
ŠŠ You may place one shield token on the city for each enemy you defeat. The
person with the most tokens is the leader of the city (in case of a tie, the first
person among tied players that placed a token on the city is the leader).
ŠŠ When interacting with a city, you add +1 to your influence for each shield token
you have on the card.
ŠŠ If there are no tiles left in the Map Tile deck when a player attempts to explore,
he may use a random Countryside tile removed from the game during Setup. If
all Countryside tiles have been placed, he can use removed non-City Core tiles
instead. Tiles explored this way (Countryside or Core) can only be placed such
that they are adjacent to at least three other tiles.
ŠŠ If you end your turn on a magical glade, you may throw away a wound from
your hand or from your discard pile. This is not healing.
ŠŠ Reroll the source dice if more than half are black/gold at the start of a round.
ŠŠ You may freely discard non-wound cards at the end of your turn.
ŠŠ Rampaging Orcs and Draconum give reputation when defeated (+1 / +2).
ŠŠ Non-rampaging Orcs and Draconum (found in ruins, for instance) give no
reputation bonus.
ŠŠ If the shape of the scenario is wedge you may not place core tiles on coastlines.
ŠŠ Enemy tokens are distributed randomly in cooperative city assaults. The only
thing that you get to choose is the number of enemies each player faces.
ŠŠ Damage is assigned to Units before yourself - you cannot take a wound to
reduce an attack and then let a unit with resistance ‘absorb’ the remainder.
ŠŠ During a combat, you can only assign damage to a Unit once - so if you were
attacked by two Orc Prowlers and did not block them, you cannot assign
damage from both of them to your Ice Golems.
ŠŠ When you retreat from a fortified site you failed to conquer (city, castle, mage
tower) you do not get a wound. Wounds only happen in Forced Withdrawl (if
you have to retreat further due to an unsafe space).
My starting hand consists of 4 Wounds and a healing card. I choose to do a
Standard Rest, but then I play that healing card to heal 1 Wound. I now only have
3 Wound cards in hand, so I can’t fulfill the mandatory requirement of discarding
a non-Wound card. What happens?
You do not actually declare a Standard Rest as your turn, you first just declare you
are Resting, which could be either a Standard Rest or a Slow Recovery. You may play
the Healing card before you rest, but since you have to discard a non-Wound card to
perform a Standard Rest, your only option now is to do a Slow Recovery and discard
1 Wound.
In this situation, it may be better to declare a rest, not play the healing card, and then
perform a standard rest, discarding the healing card and then all your Wound cards.
My Day Tactic “Planning” and the site description card for the Keep use
different wording than the rulebook for drawing extra cards. Which is right?
These cards were misleading in the early printings of the game. On both cards “draw
an extra card” should be replaced by “increases your hand limit by one.”
The rulebook is correct. p. 9: Section 7, drawing new cards: Keeps and the Planning
card increase your hand limit.
Do I always get +1 reputation for defeating green/red enemy tokens?
No. You only get the reputation bonus for defeating rampaging enemies. If you defeat
an enemy token that is anything other than a rampaging enemy, you do not get the
reputation bonus.
When I am being attacked by Volkare or another player, do I get to use the “at
the start of turn” effects, e.g. Magical Glade?
Only if you fully attend. If you do, you take your entire turn in advance.
Do I have to fight the enemies on a ruins token if I reveal it by moving onto it?
No. Ruins tokens are face down if they are placed on the board during night. Moving
onto the space will reveal the token, but it is still an adventure site, a safe space. Even
if the tile has enemies on it, you can still choose to ignore them.
How many times may I use the ‘explore at a distance of 2’ abilities of the Scout Unit?
The ‘a new tile’ wording on the card means that it is only once per turn.
Could you explain Forced Withdrawal better?
First of all, if you fail to defeat the defenders of a fortified site, you must withdraw back
to the space where you attacked from. This is not Forced Withdrawal.
Forced Withdrawal rules only apply at the end of your turn if the space you are on is
not safe. This is usually because you did an assault or attacked another player from a
lake using some water walking skill, or revealed a new tile when standing on a lake, and
then find out you cannot move from the lake.
Forced Withdrawal also happens when your turn ends on space with another player,
and PvP is not allowed. This can happen if you explore from a space occupied by
another player, and fail to move on. Note that you also lose your action for the turn in
this situation - Rulebook, p. 6, section 8e.
What is Exhaustion and Depleted Mana Dice?
These terms are only referred to in the walkthrough book. The rules are still in the
Rulebook, but they are not mentioned by the same name as in the walkthrough.
Exhaustion is a term used when your hand contains nothing but Wound cards.
‘Depleted’ is a term used a number of times in the walkthrough, but the Rulebook just
states when Black and Gold mana cannot be used. Black mana dice in the source are
depleted during the day, and Gold mana dice are depleted at night.
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