BENDIX TCH-003-044 User's Manual

Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No: TCH-003-044
Effective Date: 3/5/02
Cancels: NA
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AutoBrake™ Modification Kit
The original AutoBrake system (kit part number 5008285) was designed to be used on school buses in states that
require a sequential lighting process (amber lights followed by red lights), before all passenger pick-up and
drop-offs (see test procedure below). On vehicles with a sequential lighting system the driver is required to
perform the following two actions at each passenger stop to activate the flashing stop lights:
1. First activate the dash switch to turn on the flashing amber lights,
2. Next, open the vehicle door which automatically activates the flashing red stop lights and stop signal arm.
If the AutoBrake for sequential lighting system is installed on a vehicle with non-sequential lighting, i.e. where
only the single action of opening the door activates the flashing red lights, a brake application will occur if the
driver opens the door while the vehicle is in motion without overriding the stop signal arm. To prevent a brake
application each time the door is opened, a modification kit must be added to the original AutoBrake system. This
modification kit requires the driver to activate AutoBrake with a push button once the door has been opened.
With this kit properly installed, AutoBrake will activate when the door is open only if the driver first pushes the
AutoBrake dash button. This process is similar to the two actions a driver must take when operating a sequential
lighting system.
Test procedure to determine if your bus has a sequential or non-sequential lighting system:
Verify there is power to the flasher unit indicating the system is on. Open the bus door without
turning on the amber lights. If the stop arm extends and red lights flash, the bus has a nonsequential lighting system, and the correct Bendix AutoBrake part number is new kit part number
If the stop arm does not extend and the red lights do not flash when the bus door is opened, the bus
has a sequential lighting system, and the correct Bendix AutoBrake kit is part number 5008285.
If you have AutoBrake kit part number 5008285 installed on a vehicle with a non-sequential lighting system, you
will need a modification kit, please contact your Bendix Distributor or Account Manager for details. The
modification kits will be provided at no cost.
In addition, BCVS has released a second AutoBrake kit that is available to customers in states with nonsequential lighting requirements. This kit (part number 5011053) utilizes a switch to activate the AutoBrake after
the bus has stopped and the flashing red stop lights have been activated.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Bendix Account Manager or call 1-800-AIR-BRAKE.
AutoBrake Parts Summary
Part Numbers
Modification Kit
Sequential Lighting System
Non-Sequential Lighting System
Non-Sequential Lighting System
Amber lights, followed by red is mandated
Only red lights are mandated
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