BENDIX TCH-008-029 User's Manual

BENDIX TCH-008-029 User's Manual
Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No: TCH-008-029-A
Effective Date: May 1, 1999
Cancels: N/A
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AD-SP Cartridge Change
Bendix® is introducing a smaller and lighter spin-on air dryer cartridge for the AD-SP. The new cartridge design
is more robust against loose desiccant than the current unit, with fully staked perforated cloths and close fit
internal components.
The new cartridge is 1.18 inches shorter and weighs 0.5 lbs. less than the current cartridge. The new AD-SP
cartridge uses the same premium desiccant as the Bendix® AD-IP air dryer, which has higher crush strength,
increasing resistance to powdering. Drying performance remains identical to that of the current unit.
The current cartridge will be obsoleted and there will be no change in part numbers.
The following sketch details the impact of the change on dryer height.
Dimensions not noted remain the same.
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