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ANTIK Technology develops End-to-End IPTV / OTT Solutions for operators, content
providers and retailers. It is one of the few global companies with own hardware and
software products for complete IPTV ecosystem from acquisition, transcoding, streaming, management, monitoring, protection to middleware and end-user devices. Our current position on global market benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the
area of video processing.
ANTIK’s IPTV products are supported by the team of more than 150 employees. Software development team and technical support are based in Slovak Republic (European
Union) and Singapore, hardware development team in Czech Republic (EU), logistics
and HW manufacturing in Shenzen, China and customer support covering Asia, Middle
East, Europe, Africa, North and South America from local offices.
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About ANTIK Technology
Nowadays our reference clients are spread over the world, using our HD set-top boxes
with free middleware and smart devices apps both in closed multicast networks and on
public internet, streaming thousands of live or archived TV channels to end-users located elsewhere with low-cost Antik HLS Media Streaming Solution protected by KeyRider
DRM. We deliver fully customized End-2-End hospitality IPTV to residential projects
and hotels in most visited global touristic spots. Our own network of satellite acquisition
centers in all important world regions equipped with Antik SAT2IP head-end receivers
and HD Hi-Density transcoders together with our distribution network serve content
providers worldwide to enable them to have the right linear channels in high picture
quality on right place all for minimum running costs.
IMS / Streaming / VOD / Scrambling / Monitoring
IPTV Management Server
Media Streamer
Video-On-Demand Media solution
KeyRider Scrambling / Stream Protection
Monitoring Room
Encoders / Transcoders / Receivers
Encoder EN 4900
Encoder EN 5004/5008
Transcoder TR 6015
MR 9200/9400
MX 5308
Set-Top Boxes
Antik Nano
Antik Mini 2
Smart Home
Smart Home Systems
Energy Monitor
Wall Plug
LED Bulb
Biometric Scale
Gas Detector
Smart Display
Media Apps
Antik Media Apps
Hospitality IPTV at the Glance
End-To-End IPTV for your property
Hotel App
Digital Signage
Digital Signage Solution
Event Navigation System
Passenger infotainment system
Information & Entertainment
BOYD - Bring Your Own Device
IMS / Streaming / VOD
Antik IPTV Management Server MaxIM
The power of Antik Technology!
Antik Technology presents a professional cost-effective SW solution for a seamless management of your
Antik set-top box and Mobile Application network. MaxIM is the corner stone of Antik Middleware Server Family.
You can easily define your channel packages, configure all or only selected customers’ STBs, collaborate with
other part of the Antik Server Family such as Antik Archive Servers, Antik Mosaic Servers and VoD servers.
The MaxIM management server SW can be easily connected to your billing or to the customer care application,
so that your users’ set-top boxes will be automatically activated and monitored using the same software your
employees are familiar with.
Antik Media Streamer
End-to-End TV Everywhere delivery system.
Antik Media Streamer provides you with end-to-end way to create, deliver
secure and manage your local or global content delivery network. It uses
robust HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol to reach your customers even
in areas with limited quality of public internet.
Thanks to the years of Antik Media Streamer development you can benefit
from modules covering all the areas of live streaming, VOD, state-of-art
catch-up TV (archive of linear TV) over public internet as well as timezone
shifting together with durable fully adjustable replication and mirroring
modules combined with stream protection.
Antik Media streamer can be succesfully used inside of managed networks of telco operators to provide their customers with interactive OTT
content (VOD, catchup TV) as well as for global OTT content providers
who can benefit from the robustness of Antik live streaming with mirroring
and replication technology to achieve 24/7 access of huge number of users distributed around the world.
Antik Video-On-Demand Media solution
End-2-End VOD for OTT and closed networks
End-2-End system for movie content preparation (encoding), storage, balancing the load, streaming and protection. Our robust segment streaming and buffering SW enables you to deliver content even in lower quality
internet networks. Replication SW enables you to hold the VOD data load under control around-the-clock and
ensure non-stop operation even in the unlucky situation of partial server hosting drop-out.This video content will
start immediately, user doesn’t need to wait for downloading full movie as it is instantly streamed to end-devices.
Scrambling / Monitoring
Antik KeyRider Scrambling / Stream Protection
Protection management for your content monetization
Protect your system against unauthorised viewing and dangerous server overflow. Uses strong AES 128 encryption required by content
Key Server defines keys and assign them to specific channels. Key server continuously generates new version of keys in defined interval (for each key
the interval can be defined independently) - key rotation. Media Streamer periodically downloads new versions of keys and encipher the channels which
it finds in keyserver definitions using strong AES-128 algorithm. For mediaplayer decipher there is in playlist KeyID for each video segment included.
Player asks KeyServer for the exact key using http XML request whichis protected by even stronger AES-256 algorithm. KeyServer answers with the
key or not based on the client database.
For communication with KeyServer each client has assigned unique cipher key. In case of compromising unique end-user device i tis possible to block
this device separately, not to endanger the whole system. To allow to operate archive (catch-up TV) the keys are stored on the KeyServer up to one
System components:
●● Antik Media Streamer
●● Key Server
●● CPE devices:
●● STBs
●● smartphones (iOS, Android, Win8
●● tablets
●● PC
●● Customer database
Antik Monitoring Room
Cost-effective and high-performance tool for NOC IPTV monitoring
Antik Monitoring Room is software based and cost-effective and high
performance IPTV monitoring tool, which displays 1 or more streams on
submonitors and control their quality. Every error is displayed immediately
in the Log file, where admin can see when incident started, ended, from
which input and description (audio, video, blackout, etc.).
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Encoders / Transcoders / Receivers
Antik Encoder EN 4900
Up to 8 simultaneous programs
Antik Encoder EN 4900 is an integrated high density MPEG-2 Encoder.
Eight streams of baseband Standard Definition (SD) real time A/V programs could be encoded simultaneously. These encoded streams could
be re-multiplexed with the stream from its ASI input port. The final re-multiplexed Transport Stream (TS) is available at its Gigabit TS over IP port
and ASI output port.
Support 8AV, 1 ASI Input
Support MPEG2 format encoding
Support PAL NTSC format
Support Maximal 108Mbps ASI input
0.8Mbps~20Mbps each channel
Support D1, HD1, 2/3D1, 3/4D1 resolution
Support multiplexer function
Support ASI and IP output
Support Keyboard and LCD operation
Update device through NMS port
Antik Encoder EN 5004/5008
4x MPEG4 AVC/H.264 HD Encoder
Antik Encoder EN 5004 / 5008 - 4 / 8 in 1 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD encoder is a professional HD audio & video encoding and multiplexing device with a powerful functionality. It has 4 / 8 channels HDMI (or SDI) input
interfaces, supporting the MPEG4 AVC/H.264 High Profile code format &
main Profile code format and 1 ASI input. This device can simultaneously
encode 4 / 8 channel HD programs; moreover, it has an ASI input and can
multiplex the input TS with the 4 encoded program to generate the ASI
and the IP output. Also, the PSI/SI information can be inserted into the
MPTS output. In conclusion, its high integrated and cost effective design
makes the device widely used in a variety of digital distribution systems
such as the CATV digital head-end, the satellite and the terrestrial digital
TV, etc.
●● Support AVC/H.264 High Profile Level 4.0 video encoding, Advanced video pretreatment algorithm
●● Support MPEG1 Layer 2, HE-AAC (V2), LC-AAC audio encoding
●● 4/8 channel HDMI (or SDI) inputs and 1 ASI input with Mux
●● Support PSI/SI editing and inserting
●● Support VBR or CBR video bitrate mode
●● Support 720P, 1080I, 1080P HD video format
●● Support ASI output MPTS or 4 SPTS
●● Support IP output (UDP) MPTS and 4 channel SPTS, unicast/
●● Support IP null packet filter
●● Support PID filter and transparent transport
●● Real- time effective output bit-rate monitoring
●● Support update device through NMS port
●● Support LCD / keyboard operating, and network management
Antik Transcoder TR 6015
H264 IP to IP / (up to 120CH)
The Antik’s TR 6015 HS/SD Multi Channel Transcoder based on an ultra-fast ViXS chipset offers you a great tool for your project. It’s capable of
transcoding/encoding up to 15 SD or HD channels. You don’t need to buy
many devices, and thus avoid filling too much room. The Slim 2x1U Rack
design will save you space and money. You can have up to 8 transcoding
modules of whoch each can transcode 15 TV channels. This solution is
great for any IPTV project, from typical Telco headends to large scale OTT
projects. It is an extremely cost effective solution per channel.
Real time transcoding of up to 15 video streams
Support for MPEG4 and H.264 Video Encoding
Multi-format IP2IP video transcode (H.264, MPEG2)
HD Encoding up to 1080i
2x1U slim rack-mounted design
Low power consumption
10/100/100 Base-TX Ethernet network interface
Front panel with OLED display
WEB-based remote configuration and control (HTTP)
All SD and HD resolutions support
Support of wide range of bit rates: 6Kbps to 40 Mbps
Compatible with all major television broadcasting standards:
The Antik TR 6015 HS/SD Multi Channel Transcoder is a professional
tool for headend application developed to enhance transcoding efficiency
and decrease its time delay. It supports a wide range of operating programs, from low to very high bit rates. The device features the latest advancements in video encoding, performing to H.264 and MPEG specifications. The multiprofiling option can secure various, impressive & flexible
transcoding functions, which can be controlled in order to provide a plenty
of transcoding applications.
All the features are well supported by the Antik Transcoder Web Management, where you can easily configure the settings for your optimal
performance. Front panel with the OLED display also offers another way
of managing or checking the status of the device. All together, this system
is an extremely cost effective solution per channel.
Antik MR 9200/9400
Thanks for its flexibility and high density, Antik MR 9000 offers operators
the advanced headend architectures in the marketplace for delivering
analog and digital broadcast services to their subscribers. Coming with
more new modules, Antik MR 9000 is most suitable for future multiple
network architectures: streaming and multiplexing of digital content over
IP based networks and conversion of digital content for analog networks.
Antik MR 9000 is a compact modular digital TV headend that includes
professional MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 SD/HD IRD, MPEG-2 and
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 SD/HD Encoder/Transcoder, Re-Multiplexer, QAM/
COFDM Trans-Modulator, Dual Channel Analog Modulator, DVB Scrambler and so on. Within a 4U×19” chassis, it provides 8 slots for any type of
modules and 2 redundant power supply units.
Antik MX 5308
Antik MX 5208
Multi-channel DVB-IP Receiver
The MX-5308 is a high-density, modular and CI decryption professional
TS processor equipped with 8 independent tuners, which can be any of
the DVB-T/ T2, DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, DTMB, ISDB-T or ATSC type. It supports a wide range of application by combining 8 tuners processing capability with industry standard outputs including ASI and TS/ IP. The MX5308 has 8 DVB common interface slots capable of working with the most
of the well-known CAS in the market to de-crypt multiple pay TV services.
The MX-5308 provides operators with an ideal solution for multi receiving,
remultiplexing, descrambling and TS over IP operations, the compact 8
tuners and the powerful 8 CI decryption design which makes it one of the
most competitive products in the head-end market.
●● DVB-S2/S, DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T2/T IRD modules with CI
●● DVB-S/S2T/T2 to DVB-C QAM and DVB-T COFDM trans-modulator module
●● MPEG-2, H.264 HD/SD encoder and trans-coder module
●● 8 Way re-multiplexer module
●● DVB Simulcrypt, BISS-1, BISS-E scrambler module
●● Rich interface with ASI, IP, SDI, YPbPr, CVBS, XLR
●● Web, SNMP Remote Control or handheld programmer unit local
●● 4RU 19”chassis compact modular design, supporting up to 8
●● Functional module hot-swappable
●● Redundant power supply
●● Intelligent cooling system with temperature
●● Stand-alone function of each module
●● Cost-saving by backward compatible with new modules
●● On site software update through IP
●● 8 x Tuners Input, Supports variety of input options DVB-T2/T/
●● Supports DVB-S2 Input Stream Identifier (ISI, optional) and
DVB-T2 Multi PLP and SFN MIP pass through
●● Built-in TS re-multiplexer receives from ASI, CI Slot1 to CI Slot8
and TS/IP inputs
●● 8×DVB-CI Slots, multi-program decryption, BISS-1 and BISS-E
●● 8xASI output the transport stream from CI Slot1 to CI Slot8 or
BISS decryption
●● 1xchannel full duplex TS over IP or 9xchannels IP out without IP
●● Remote Control and Supervision by SNMP v2, HTTP WEB and
Proprietary HDMS software
●● On Site software update through IP or USB
●● RSSI, received signal strength, Eb/N0, C/N and BER monitoring
●● Redundant power supply
Set-top boxes
Antik Nano
NEW Low-cost Multicast / OTT / Hospitality HD IP Set-Top Box
Antik Nano is ultra low-cost IPTV set-top box based on STi Liege chipset
in miniature design, which can fit to your hand. It´s ultra cost-effective
solution because of higher perfomance and low power features. Device
in tiny design and unbeatable price with enhanced video decoding perfomance supports dual H.264 HD decoding (2 x HP @L4.1, 1080i/720p).
It allows HD web content video decoding including DivX and MP4pt2 to
1080i30 and 3DTV decoding with HDMI1.4b support.
Enhanced Host CPU performance (1200DMIPS)
Faster DDR performance with DDR3 support
Dual H264 HD decoding
3DTV decoding and display capability compatible with HDMI1.4b
Low power on standby
Wake on HDMI CEC, IR/UHF RC input
Antik Mini 2
Pure IP or IP&DVB / ISDB-T box for ISP / OTT/Hospitality
Antik Mini 2 with STiH207 is cost-effective solution because of higher
perfomance and low power features target of < 0.5 W set-top box total
standby power in controller passive standby mode. Device with enhanced
video decoding perfomance supports dual H.264 HD decoding (2 x HP
@L4.1, 1080i/720p). It allows HD web content video decoding including
DivX and MP4pt2 to 1080p30 and 3DTV decoding with HDMI1.4b support.
Enhanced Host CPU performance (1200DMIPS)
Hybrid device with dual DVB tuner + IP (optional)
L2 managed switch up to 1Gbps
Dual H264 HD decoding
3DTV decoding and display capability compatible with HDMI1.4b
Low power on standby
Wake on HDMI CEC, IR/UHF RC input
Smart Home
Antik Smart Home Systems
COMFORT and SAFETY for your customer experience
Create difference to your telco products and add state-of-art smarthome features to your multiplay offers. From remote control of lighting, heating/AC
and home devices, home security to control over your power and other resources consumption. Set your typical usage profile and your home is set to
holiday mode in a second. Want to be prepared for your winter unexpected home arrival? Activate heating and lights on the access road from your app.
Want to see how is your home power consumption in comparison with similar families – check it directly on ANTIK TV screen. Live monitoring of your
very important places, movement tracking, temperature sensor, water and gas leakage and component of ANTIK Smart Home solution.
End-to-End SmartHome System integrated to ANTIK IPTV products – set-top boxes and TV smart apps. No need of expensive extra control unit at
home – all is included in ANTIK TV user interface.
Antik Energy Monitor
Home Energy Costs Under Control
With simple inexpensive power consumption sensors wirelessly connected to ANTIK STBs (using ANTIK Smart Home USB dongle) you can easily
control how much it costs and more - compare it with the average neighbour to see how efficient you are! All in one ANTIK Energy Monitor.
Antik Wall Plug
Remote control of electric appliances and consumption scanning
Localize appliances with too high energy consuption and replace them with more economic model. Summarize the overall consumption of the household and plan more reasonable system. Control the appliances remotely to feel comfortable about your place.
Smart Home
Antik LED Bulb
Make sure the lights are on when you need them
Never enter a dark room again! Turn the lights on while heading home, so you feel safer. Or turn the lights off when you’re not at home to conserve
energy. Plus control your appliances so you never have to worry that you left the curling iron on. Set your own at home/work/night/holiday profiles
remotely to feel comfortable about your place.
Antik Biometric Scale
Healthy lifestyle support
Maintaining optimal weight has never been easy. ANTIK Biometric scale was developed and designed to help simplifying this process. Reveal the
strenghts and weaknesses of your lifestyle directly from your body structure analysis and get the tips to support your balanced lifestyle directly from
your Antik TV.
Antik Gas Detector
Antik Smart Display
Stay safe from fire and floods
Smoke, fire, water and gas leakage
detectors can be connected to the
system easily. Rest easy knowing
you are constantly monitored for
emergencies like leaks or flooding
in your laundry room.
All information targeting household displayed just in time on one
screen which is reacting to gestures.
Mobile Apps
Antik Mobile Apps
Versatile Video Delivery to iOS, Android and Windows 8
Watch TV on mobile or tablet. Give your customers access to their TV
channels anywhere. Customers only need to install this Antik Media application and they will be able to choose Live TV streams or Radios based
on HLS or they can select favorite program from TV Archive. Application is
supporting H.264 format and is fully compatible with Antik Media Streamer, where you can manage your own local or global content delivery. All
is secured with Key Rider DRM scrambling solution which is designed for
higher security of IPTV network.
Key Features
Live stream TV
TV Archive
Customers can enjoy Live TV broadcasting anywhere just with smartphone or tablet where they have internet connection.
Program guide with user friendly environment.
Access to the programs also after
their live broadcast ended. User will
just simply choose TV station, day
and select his favorite program, which
he missed.
Watching Bookmarks
Live stream Radio
STB Remote Control
Start to watch movie from archive
on TV and finish on mobile or tablet
(coming soon).
Users can listen radio stations also in
this application and enjoy music on
the road through the phone or tablet.
Customer doesn’t need to download
any other additional radio applications.
Easy control of STB directly from mobile/tablet same as using classic RC.
ANTIK Hospitality IPTV
F u lly le
m i za b
c u s to i g n
• Effective x-sell tool for • Impressive presentation
hotel marketing
of hotel services with
sale opportunities
Top-level entertainment for your guests
• Crystal clear HD TV channels
• All guest services on TV screen
• Hotel bill, Food ordering, Messages and more
• On-demand movies
Content Management System
Internet apps + Mediaplayer
Quick setup
In-room WiFi
End-To-End IPTV for your property
High-Definition TV, latest
entertainment options, top guest
Antik Hospitality delivers easy to set-up
turnkey head-end and room premises
equipment for live TV integrated with
all premises related services and
entertainment options. Using Antik HD
set-top boxes you can be sure about
future-proof media solution fulfiling
highest guest expectations.
All Guest Services on TV screen
Antik Hospitality IPTV brings all your
hospitality offers on your guests
TV Screen. 24/7 available, easy
interface increases the chance to
sell your food service, relaxation,
sightseeing and business guest
products. All easy to setup and modify
without any need of complicated
coding or development.
Top-Notch Fun Features
Perfect to keep your guest entertained
any time of the day. Latest HD movies,
local sightseeing information, or using
DLNA mediaplayer to share hotel
entertainment database or guests
USB storage to allow them to view
latest pictures from the busy day
spent on attractions. Instant access to
web browser and most viewed apps youtube, facebook, etc.
Content Management System
and Integration
Feature-rich CMS allows the hotel
to bring all new guest offers and
services to the TV screens instantly –
without expensive technical support or
development – from new room service
options, through special promotions
to 3rd party offers. Thanks to unified
reception user interface nothing is
easier than to add or remove menus,
submenus and specific items, all ready
within minutes to give you enough
time to spend time with your guests
not with technology.
ANTIK Hotel App
Antik Hotel App brings
all hotel services directly
in smartphones
or tablets of your guests
●● Mass messages
●● Orders
●● Reception services
●● Live chat
●● Feedback
●● Social networks
●● After stay promotion
●● Language selection
●● Staff efficiency
Immediate response to all requests of your guests to make
sure they are comfortable, without appearing invasive
and compromising their enjoyment of their stay is a must.
Earn your bonus in the form of increased customer
engagement and revenue growth!
Antik Hotel App has the solution
Maximize guests’ spending
Upsell your services and earn additional revenue from
services provided by hotel.
Gather guests’ feedback
Learn how guests feel about your hotel and its services and
eliminate negative reviews.
Address your guests in real time
No posters, no brochures. Communicate with your guests
Build long-term relationship
Address your guests after check-out and make them come
to your hotel again!
Hospitality IPTV network infrastructure
IPTV Management
(MR 9200)
IMS (channels, rooms, service)
IPTS out
Hotel billing system
Input HDMI digital Encoder
IPTS out 1000M
(EN 500x)
content ETH switch
16x100 / 2x1000
receiver #1 receiver #2 receiver #7 receiver #8
IPTS out 100M
(EN 4900)
Content Server
Hotel interactivity
and multimedia
Stream Keeper
streaming for tabltes and phones
Android, Apple iOS and Win8 apps
(**separate module ...ask for details)
Input AV analog Encoder
Backbone 1000M
Rooms 100M
Managed Network
receiver #A receiver #B receiver #C receiver #D
STB #001-050
STB #051-100
STB #151-200
STB #251-250
Digital Signage
Antik Digital Signage Solution
Comprehensive Multimedia Advertising Delivery System
Key Features
●● complex advertising delivery system
●● combination of live TV streams with standard
multimedia designing components available
●● large variety of indoor & outdoor LED TV panels
●● low power consumption
●● HD & Full HD resolution
●● low operational costs
TV and many years in IPTV, we created low-investment
and low operational costs LED panel system controlled
by state-of-art ANTIK DS Management System
MaxIM. You can either upload ready to publish campaign
delivered by your advertising clients or build your own
campaign. To design the campaign, all standard multimedia components can be used – pictures, music, video
(even in combination with live TV channel broadcasting)
all mixed with many eye-catching effects.
TV panels itself are controlled by low-power Antik DS settop boxes. In comparison to Intel PC based panels, in
each project you save significant investment money, not
mentioning dramatically lower power consumption and
quiet operation (no fan on set-top box necessary).
ANTIK Event navigation system
• customizable size
• tailor-made user info
• adjustable content
Content Management System MaxIM
Manage the information displayed on navigation panels.
Make sure your guests get right guidance to be on time at
the right meeting point. Easy operation enables very fast
content update.
ANTIK Passenger Infotainment System
Grant your customers an enjoyable journey
with Antik Infotainment System
Let us introduce our new interactive IPTV solution – ANTIK Infotainment system for public transport. Explore new
dimensions of active travelling with relaxation, fun and socializing all in extraordinary comfort.
BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
Key Features
●● On demand Video and Music - VOD, MOD
●● State-of-art features
●● E-books, Social networks and Games
●● Easy and fast updating of content
●● Up-to-date Voyage information
●● Easily accessible
●● Low running costs
Transform your vehicles into entertainment friendly ones while minimizing installation costs. Use devices of your passengers to entertain them and provide information about the journey directly on their smartphones or tablets.
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This document contains the specification for a product under continuous development. Specifications may change in any manner without notice. Visit for updates. Some of the technologies mentioned in this document can be licensed by third parties. License Agreement in such
cases must be obtained separately.
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