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2005+ Toyota Tacoma Bolt-On Rock Sliders
Included items:
(2) Welded Slider Assemblies, Driver and Passenger Sides
(6) Welded Square Nut Plates
(2) Rectangular Welded Nut plates
(2) Large Welded Nut Plates (D & P)
(12) ½-13 x 2” Hex Bolt
(12) ½” Flat Washers
(12) ½” Lock Washers
(1) ¼”-20 x ½” Button Head
(1/) ¼” Flat Washer
(2) M10 x 35mm Flange Bolt
(2) Rear Small Clamp Brackets
(1) Brake Line Bracket
Sliders should be prepped and painted or powder coated prior to installation for best results.
Mask mounting areas from paint or powder.
Please Note: Certain model years may have a frame rivet or two toward the rear that needs to
be ground flush prior to installation. Certain 2016+ models will need to drill (2) holes per side for
mounting, do to variations from Toyota Factories.
The driver’s side of the frame has 2 brake line clips that must be pulled away from the frame to
allow for the large front nut plate to be inserted into the forward boxed area of the frame. The
rear brake line clip will be reinstalled using the supplied 1” brake line spacer. This will be bolted
to the frame using the hole that is was clipped into and the supplied ¼” screw and washer.
Brake Line Bracket:
There are 6 bolts per side. The front two bolts go thru the frame to the large nut plate (2 nuts)
One per side goes to the rectangular nut plate that fits inside the front cross member.
The other 3 nut plates make up the remainder. The rear mounting points will use the C channel
reinforcement brackets. The large nut plates for the front are side specific as well. The rear uses
the small c channel plates. The factory flange bolt that is on the bottom of the frame will be
replaced with the supplied flange bolt that is longer and higher strength.
Torque down all bolts to 110 Ft/lbs and the installation is complete. Re-inspect bolts periodically
and re-torque when necessary.
Rear C-Channel Installed
All parts manufactured by Pelfreybilt are designed to increase off road capability and are
intended for off road use only. Pelfreybilt cannot be held liable for any unforeseen damages to
the vehicle or injuries during use or installation. Upon purchasing the buyer accepts full liability
for any injury or property damage that may occur while using products manufactured by
Pelfreybilt. If you do not feel confident in your ability to install products a qualified professional
should be employed for installation. Pelfreybilt will not be responsible for any damage or injury
that may occur during installation.
Thank you for purchasing this quality Pelfreybilt product!
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