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AJA Video Systems Io Express
P+S Technik
SR Evolution
The Foundry STORM
Anton/Bauer QRC-MBPA
Sony Compact 3D Camcorder
On Our Cover: A sampling of the new products that will be on display in Las Vegas this year.
NAB Show Special
Shifting HDSLRs Into High Gear
6 Cheat Sheet
Looking for new ways to expand your
current kit? Here are some companies
to check out at the 2011 NAB Show.
By Jay Holben
You’re headed to Las Vegas for the NAB Show,
the biggest tech expo of the year. We’re here
with highlights from innovative companies DV
readers should visit.
Compiled by Carl Mrozek, Iain Stasukevich and
David E. Williams
14 My NAB: Tracking Down 3D
MicroPro Hybrid
New 3D field production and workflow offerings
will drive my NAB Show interests.
By Carl Mrozek
18 My NAB: Seeking Surprises
I have the gut feeling that NAB 2011 is going to
offer the unexpected on a number of different
By Ned Soltz
Redrock Micro
Atomos Ninja recorder
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24 My NAB: Innovation Wanted
I’m looking for something that will change the
landscape of production and post.
By Philip Hodgetts
42 My NAB: Great Expectations
We’re racing toward NAB 2011, but manufacturers are holding their cards close to the vest.
By Oliver Peters
opinion | april 2011
from the editor
volume 19
number 4
Spotting Best-in-Show
Winners at NAB
For exhibitors and attendees alike, the run-up to the
annual NAB Show in Las
Vegas (held this year April
11-14) is all about anticipation, preparation and experience. It’s a big gamble: Will
best-laid plans pay off? And
who will be the big winners
in the end? I’m, of course,
talking about the winners of this year’s DV Black
Diamond Awards, which will
be presented on April 13 to 20 companies on the NAB Show floor.
Our Black Diamond Awards, named after the “diamond” scoring system used in DV magazine’s review
section, will showcase the best products new to this year’s NAB Show, specifically those that will appeal to
our readership of independent video professionals. These products may include cameras, lenses, camera
support, lighting, monitors, NLE software or plug-ins, storage solutions, audio gear, and all other manner
of production and post tools that will help support a user’s creativity.
Black Diamond Award nominations are generally proposed by an impartial jury of industry professionals who scour the Las Vegas Convention Center exhibit floor, seeking out the most useful and imaginative
products making their debut at the show, but we also welcome outside nominations from manufacturers
and developers, as well as from informed end users.
We recognize that it's very difficult for even a group of people to see everything on display at NAB, so
I’m inviting you to be our extra eyes and ears on the show floor! I hope this month’s NAB Show special will
help highlight some companies and products that deserve your expert evaluation.
All nominations should be made to me directly by April 10 and should include as much information as
possible, including a press release or info sheet on the nominated product, a high-res image of the item,
and complete contact information for the manufacturer or distributor, including their NAB Show booth
number. Note that the nominated product must be making its NAB debut this year or be a significant
improvement on an established product or technology.
Black Diamond Award winners will be selected by the editors of NewBay Media’s video publications
(including DV, Videography, TV Technology and Government Video).
To be chosen as a winner, the panel of judges must unanimously agree on the merits of the given product or technology and on how it specifically serves the DV readership. Profiles on all 2011 Black Diamond
Award winners will be published in the June issue of DV and on
See you in the desert!
I’m inviting
you to be
our extra
eyes and
ears at
april 2011
EDITOR‐IN‐CHIEF David E. Williams
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New DeckLink HD Extreme has Dual Link 4:4:4/4:2:2
SDI, HDMI and analog connections in SD, HD and 2K!
Advanced 3 Gb/s SDI Technology
The new DeckLink HD Extreme is the world’s
most advanced capture card! With a huge
range of video and audio connections plus
a hardware down converter, and Dual Link
4:4:4/4:2:2 3 Gb/s SDI, advanced editing
systems for Microsoft Windows™ and Apple Mac OS X™ are
now even more affordable!
With exciting new 3 Gb/s SDI connections,
DeckLink HD Extreme allows twice the SDI data
rate of normal HD-SDI, while also connecting
to all your HD-SDI and SD-SDI equipment.
Use 3 Gb/s SDI for 2K and edit your latest feature film using
real time 2048 x 1556 2K resolution capture and playback!
Connect to any Deck, Camera or Monitor
Microsoft Windows™ or Apple Mac OS X™
DeckLink HD Extreme is the only capture card that features
Dual Link 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI, component analog, NTSC, PAL
and S-Video for capture and playback in SD, HD or 2K. Also
included is 2 ch XLR AES/EBU audio and 2 ch balanced XLR
analog audio. Connect to HDCAM SR, HDCAM, Digital
Betacam, Betacam SP, HDV cameras, big-screen TVs and more.
DeckLink HD Extreme is fully compatible with Apple Final Cut
Pro™, Adobe Premiere Pro™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe
Photoshop™, Fusion™ and any DirectShow™ or QuickTime™
based software. DeckLink HD Extreme instantly switches
between feature film resolution 2K, 1080HD, 720HD, NTSC
and PAL for worldwide compatibility.
Hardware Down Conversion
If you’ve ever wanted to monitor in both HD and SD while
you work, then you’ll love the built in high quality down
converter. Use the Dual Link SDI outputs as a simultaneous
HD and SD output, or you can switch back to Dual Link 4:4:4
when working in the highest quality RGB workflows. Select
between letterbox, anamorphic 16:9 and even center cut 4:3
down conversion styles!
DeckLink HD Extreme
Learn more today at
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
Cheat Sheet
You’re headed to Las Vegas for the NAB Show, the biggest
tech expo of the year. We’re here with highlights from
innovative companies DV readers should visit.
Booth SL3320 |
As usual, Adobe is reserving its biggest
announcements until closer to show time, but
the company confirmed that it will be showing
off its professional editing systems, including
Premiere Pro, and its blazingly fast Mercury
Playback Engine, along with other Creative
Suite Production Premium point products.
Booth SL4420 |
The company recently began shipping the Ki
Pro Mini, a smaller, lighter version of its portable tapeless recorder that captures to the
Apple ProRes 422 codec directly from camera.
With its miniature form factor and ability to
mount easily to a range of digital cameras and
accessories, Ki Pro Mini makes for the smallest
camera and recorder package available for the
capture of high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 files that are
immediately ready for editing.
Ki Pro Mini bridges production and post, effectively eliminating the need for log and capture.
It supports SDI and HDMI cameras. Key features include 10-bit full-raster recording to Apple
ProRes 422 SD and HD formats (including HQ,
LT and Proxy), recording of SD/
HD files from digital video cameras to CompactFlash (CF) cards,
Mac OS X-friendly media and
native QuickTime files — no log
and capture required, and professional video connectivity through
duction of high-quality stock footage, announced
the immediate availability of its rapidly growing
stereoscopic 3D (S3D) stock footage library. The
initial offerings include a variety of nature shots,
plus the first S3D aerial stock footage available to
the royalty-free market. New 3D content will be
added monthly, including pyrotechnic, city scene,
establishment, winter scene and additional aerial
In keeping with the company’s reputation for
innovation, Artbeats became the first production
company to utilize Pictorvision’s gyro-stabilized
Eclipse 3D aerial rig, capturing aerials of the Los
Angeles area.
Artbeats’ 3D equipment, which includes RED
MX cameras on a stereo rig, will expand to include
Epic cameras and a beam-splitter rig.
Booth C1717 |
The company will introduce a unique twin-headed
stereo field microphone, the AT2022 condenser
mic. It features two unidirectional condenser capsules in an X/Y configuration, which pivot for
narrow (90 degrees) or wide (120 degrees) stereo
operation much like on many newer compact
stereo recorders, plus they fold flat for storage.
he annual National Association of
Broadcasters Show (conference April 9-14,
exhibits April 11-14) offers the world’s largest array of all things A/V. To help you make
your way through this wondrous yet often
confounding bonanza of creative gadgetry, we
present this set of company profiles covering
a wide variety of NAB exhibitors (in alphabetical order). Updated and extended versions of
these capsules — in addition to many more —
can be found on our Web site at
Also look there for NAB news and updates as
they happen during the event.
All NAB Show booth numbers are accurate as of press time.
The phantom-powered ES963 packs three cardioid condensers into one housing and provides
300 degrees or 360 degrees of coverage. AudioTechnica’s SpectraPulse UWB (ultra wideband)
Wireless Microphone System, with the mtu301
Body-Pack Transmitter, bypasses RF congestion
with 14 simultaneous channels that curtail frequency hunting, interference and “white space”
issues. There is also a new broadcast stereo headset (and mic), the BPHS1, with a cardioid polar
pattern optimized for voice.
Audio-Technica will also display its wide
assortment of mono and stereo shotgun mics
(including the BP4029) and stereo handheld/
stand mics (like the AT8022), plus cardioid condensers (such as the AT8031) and its inventory of
ENG wireless systems (including the 1800 Series
of camera-mounted UHF wireless systems).
Booth SU902 |
Booth SU2408 |
Addressing the growing demand
for 3D elements for television and
film, Artbeats, a leader in the pro-
Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4
Avid will present a wide array
of asset management, storage, video and audio solutions. Main stage presentations will focus on new solutions and concepts, including
the recently released Avid
Media Composer 5.5 and Pro
Tools 9, as well as EUCON,
Interplay Production and the
Integrated Media Enterprise,
among others. The company
will also present a technology preview highlighting
some of the capabilities that
are in development for its
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
editing and finishing solutions for
stereoscopic 3D content creation.
over 1600MB/s; SuperShare, which
allows users to share storage over an
extremely fast PCIe-based network
(roughly five times faster than traditional fibre SAN solutions); and the
CalDigit AV Drive, which is an affordable dual-interface storage unit with
USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 connectivity. Both PC- and Mac-friendly (and
the first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drive for
the Mac), the CalDigit AV Drive reaches speeds up to 145MB/s. CalDigit’s
engineers developed specialized PCIe
cards and drivers to support USB 3.0,
which is capable of 5Gb/s transfer
speeds. Not only is it faster than USB
2.0 (and backwards compatible), it
offers significant improvements in
power management and data flow.
Booth C10308 |
Reflecting this year’s “Seeing is
Believing” show theme, Band Pro
will screen footage shot with the
5K+ resolution Leica Summilux-C
lenses, introduced last year.
File-based workflows and largesensor cameras yielding higher-resolution images are this year’s key
camera themes. In particular, Sony’s
Micro Four Thirds PMW-F3 camera
is enabling a new market segment
to work with pro cine lenses and traditional film depth of field. Tapeless
workflow/ARRIRAW solutions will be
advanced with new digital recorders from Codex Digital and S.two.
Also on hand will be a new digital
recorder/viewer by Astrodesign that
records up to three hours of uncompressed 3D HD on a removable 1.5TB
SSD (solid-state drive) that may have
a similar impact on 3D acquisition.
Silicon Imaging’s SI-3D system will
be exhibited. And Band Pro will also
offer a full lineup of HDSLR cameras, lenses (PL/EOS primes and
zooms), rigs and the latest accessories. Partner 16x9 Inc. will exhibit
its newest HD lens add-ons, such as CineArms and
CineLocks, and products from camera support
companies including Chrosziel, Bebob, Noga and
Booth C8049 |
Element Technica Borg 3D underwater housing
The innovative postproduction solutions
company is generally tight-lipped about NAB
announcements, meaning that their press conference on Monday, April 11, at 9:30 a.m. will
offer plenty of news about new products and
product updates.
HP to develop an easy-to-use implementation of LTFS industry. Based on open source
software, LTFS enables users to interchange
content across different operating systems,
software applications and physical locations.
This new product combines the benefits of
LTFS, which makes tape look like disk, with the
convenience of Cache-A’s archive appliance
approach, which makes tape actually behave
like disk, to provide a complete archive solution
for the professional media and entertainment
industry — simplifying operations, improving
manageability and meeting long-term data
retention requirements.
Booth N6619 |
Booth SL6329 |
Cache-A will unveil one of the first storage
products to incorporate the LTFS (Linear Tape
File System). Cache-A has collaborated with
This year CalDigit has three major new products to show: HDPro-24 is a rack-mount
24-drive RAID solution that reaches speeds of
Booth SL220 |
Zeiss is planning to announce a new
lens mount option for the Zeiss
Compact Prime CP.2 lenses. The new
mount conforms with the Sony “E”
mount standards and is designed for
use with the Sony Super 35 NXCAM
camcorder. Additionally, Zeiss will follow up on an announcement regarding
the establishment of U.S.-based Abel
Cine Tech as an authorized service
partner for lenses in the Americas.
Booth C4325 |,
The company will demo several lines of HD lenses, including box lenses with zoom ratios up to
100x and a range of ENG/EFP-style lenses, from
the ultra-wide HJ14ex4.3B (2/3") to the ultralong HJ40x14B (with 2x) sports/wildlife lens. Also
look for the new image-stabilized ENG lens, the
Using the 3D Bridge Cable, a matched pair
of HJ digital HD lenses with 16-bit precision
digital servos can be synchronously controlled
for use with 3D rigs. Canon’s new 3D Lens
Adjustment Software will add precision to the
stereo tracking of zoom, focus and iris. Canon’s
XF100/105 and 4:2:2 XF300/305 HD camcorders
can also readily be synchronized for 3D use.
From Canon Professional, the EOS 60D and
Fulfill your creative vision with the new AG-AF100. Its large 4/3" sensor
(with an imaging area just slightly smaller than 35mm cinema film) delivers
the depth of field filmmakers expect. And its Variable Frame Rates in
1080p (up to 60p) helps you tell the story more creatively. The AF100
uses widely-available Micro 4/3" lenses, still camera lenses as well as
film-style Prime lenses.
Learn more at or call 1-877-803-8492.
© 2010 Panasonic Corporation of North America
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
offers uncompressed 4:4:4 or
uncompressed 4:2:2 recording on a 2.5” RAID SSD Flash
Rebel 3Ti join the popular 5D Mark II
and 7D HDSLRs. Both have comparable resolution and features, plus flipout LCD screens, but are much lower
priced than the established models.
There will also be some new high-resolution EOS lenses for the DSLR line.
The big question is whether Canon
will blend the video-friendly features
of their XF line with the large imagers
and resolution of their DSLRs in a new
hybrid camera by NAB.
Booth SL6929 |
Booth SL6929 |
Band Pro's Leica Summilux-C lenses
At IBC 2010, the company
announced Cinedeck EXTREME v2.0, which
adds new capabilities to the portable, cinema-grade monitoring, recording and playback
device, including support for Apple ProRes,
Avid DNxHD and CineForm Uncompressed
for Single Link and Dual Link recording. With
EXTREME v2.0, any camera with an HD-SDI
or HDMI output can bypass inferior on-board
compression codecs and record to a choice
of the three most popular lossless compression standards. Cinedeck also announced
its newest option, the Cinedeck FullStream
Uncompressed HD mastering suite. This new
capability, offered as an option for customers,
offers high-quality acquisition and mastering in
a portable HD DDR. FullStream Uncompressed
At the NAB Show, CineForm
will unveil new partnerships
and a new product line that
will further enhance the 3D
capabilities of its hallmark
3D editing software, Neo3D.
Among other things there will
be workflow support for newer
cameras, including the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic
and Panasonic AG-AF100. CineForm’s First Light
makes real-time color-correction possible when
using Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro,
Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. All the color
changes are stored as metadata with CineForm
files without altering the base image.
Booth C11126 |
The company’s new Gemini 4:4:4 high-definition, solid-state recorder/player features a builtin high-resolution, high-brightness LCD monitor
with support for viewing LUTs. It records to solidstate drives (SSDs), with simultaneous recording
to two separate SSDs for safety, if desired. The
sunlight-viewable, color-accurate LCD monitor
is 5” diagonal, with a resolution of 800 x 480 (full
pixels), which is more than adequate for close-up
viewing. The Gemini 4:4:4 recorder can even be
used as a high-performance viewfinder for many
cameras. A pixel-to-pixel mode is available for
critical focusing needs. An S-Log viewing lookup
table (LUT) will be included, as well as support for other log implementations. These LUTs
are user-customizable and reloadable. Unlike
Convergent’s nanoFlash, Gemini 4:4:4 is a fulluncompressed recorder. It is intended for use
with high-quality cameras such as Sony’s PMWF3, which boasts pro features including S-Log,
Dual Link and 3G. Each of these features is
complemented by the Gemini 4:4:4. Currently, if
the F3’s HDMI port is activated, then the HD-SDI
output is restricted to 59.94. But with the Gemini
4:4:4, one can use the HD-SDI output of the
F3 at all frame rates/flavors and even use the
Vegas Pro 10: A new dimension
Vegas™ Pro 10 software brings the third dimension to video production; edit and produce stereoscopic
3D video in all leading formats! The preferred platform for creative professionals, Vegas Pro 10 offers
new features designed to further its reach including comprehensive closed captioning, enhanced
plug-in support, and robust audio improvements.
Vegas Pro’s intuitive interface makes it easy to learn and use. Its array of professional effects and
flexible editing workflows lets you produce and create the way you want; its ability to ingest, edit and
deliver content across varied formats, from tape to file based to DVD/Blu-ray, means you’ll always have
ultimate control. Vegas Pro 10 also includes a full featured integrated 5.1 digital audio workstation,
providing maximum functionality for scoring, sound design, and multitrack recording.
Filmmaker Justin Fornal relies on Vegas Pro to create his hit BronxNet TV show “Bronx Flavor.” “Nothing
gets you from raw footage to final render quicker than Vegas Pro,” Justin says. “Plus, its audio support
consistently delivers the highest production values available.”
Vegas Pro 10 delivers more than ever before. It’s a feature-rich, multi-media production environment,
offering new dimensions for both you and your audience to explore.
Realize your vision in all its dimensions with Vegas Pro 10.
For more information, please visit:
Copyright ©2011. Sony Creative Software Inc. All rights reserved. “SONY” and “make.believe” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
Bronx Flavor is the exclusive property of BronxNet Media and Fornal Films LLC. Photo Kim M. Fornal.
NAB 2011
HDMI output of the unit to connect to an external
Booth C9750 |
Distributor ZGC and Les Zellan return to the NAB
Show floor with the whole family of Cooke lenses,
including the Panchro, S4/i and 5/i lines. Also at their
booth is a big selection of P+S Technik products,
including the Standard and Freestyle 3D stereo rigs,
the 16Digital SR magazine for ARRI SRIIIs and the
Weisscam high-speed camera.
GoPro LCD BacPac
ET is vying to be first to create a 3D rig optimized
for the new RED Epic equipped with PL primes and
small zooms. The Atom can be configured in sideby-side or beam-splitter mode and can use controls
from ET’s Quasar, Pulsar or Neutron rigs. Also new
is a series of 3D rig controllers, THC (Technica Hand
Control). There are two models: the THC-S, which
controls stereo alignment, and THC-L, which controls the zoom, focus and iris of both lenses. Their
HydroFlex Neutron Borg 3D housing enables underwater 3D down to 60'. At 114 lb., the Borg 3D may
be operated by a lone diver while 3D interocular and
convergence settings are adjusted topside.
Frezzi will also intro a beefier power supply (FPS15/28-2 x 300) for larger digital cameras. It has two
channels with 300W output apiece, one operating
at 15V and the other at 28V DC for continuous duty.
Frezzi will also introduce the solid-state Super
Sun Gun MS250, which draws 30W to 60W from
a 28V DC Frezzi power supply but is equivalent to
a 250W to 500W quartz light. Also new is the 400
Super Sun Gun HMI, offering a 1,000-hour-life lamp
with full-spectrum light output.
Frezzi will also display its low-power/high-output
200W and 400W HMI production lights, and 18W and
24W HMI camera lights. For ENG power they’ll show
the compact 14V lithium-ion camera batteries in
100W, 130W and 200W denominations, all available
with Anton/Bauer or V-Lock brackets.
Booth C11433 |
Booth C10637 |
The company will introduce the Frezzi Integrated
Professional Lighting, Power and Support Kit HH-1,
a comprehensive camcorder support package that
includes the ultra-compact 65W Power Block, a quick
charger, a dimmable 8W MFIC-PT LED camera light
and dual Hand Grip Stabilizer arms. Frezzi will also
showcase three DSLR lighting/camera support packages, which utilize some of the same components
as the HH-1 in different configurations, and others
The company brings its range of affordable ENG and
EFP production tools to NAB, including portable and
rack-mountable monitors, teleprompters, camera
lights and complete three-light kits, camera support
elements, rigs and carrying cases.
New this year is the FG Follow Focus for use with
15mm rods with fast and slow smooth-focus controls, and the iLED ONE compact camera light with
an interchangeable LED/tungsten bulb, which can be
used as a flood or spot light.
Also new is the V17e rack-mountable LCD field/
studio HD monitor with HDMI and BNC component
loop-through and a tri-color tally light display.
ikan will also show the new Elements
Stereoscope Deluxe, which uses 15mm
rods and dual platforms to align twin
DSLRs or smaller camcorders (such
as Canon’s XF105 and XF305) for
accurate 3D shooting from the
Booth C12626 |
Frezzi HH-1 kit
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
Booth C5108 |
Product information for Ikegami Electronics
(U.S.A.) is not detailed as this issue goes to press,
but company reps say Ikegami will be showing
very important new HD camera products at
NAB 2011. Ikegami will also emphasize its line
of competitively priced space-saving flat-panel
multi-format HD 16:9 LCD monitors at NAB
2011. Digital multi-format compact HDTV production switchers are also included in Ikegami’s
product line.
Booth C4314 |
In January, JVC introduced the GY-HM750U
ProHD shoulder-mount camcorder, which the
company is expected to position as the pinnacle of its ProHD line, which includes the flagship GY-HM790U, GY-HM700U and compact
GY-HM100U. The GY-HM750U boasts a number of new features, including simultaneous dual
Litepanels Sola ENG light
SDHC recording in ready-to-edit file formats for
Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere (.MOV), as
well as other major NLE systems compatible with
Sony XDCAM EX files (.MP4).
The company will also demo its KA-AS790G
ASI module, which provides a compressed
MPEG-2 output ideal for uplinking video from
the field. The module attaches to the back of the
GY-HM790U or new GY-HM750U ProHD camera
without external wiring or adapters.
Booth C3743 |
New for 2011 is the Tegra integrated 4Bank fixture, which features an
on-board ballast with switching, dimming and auto universal voltage operation (100V to 240V AC). Designed for the
HDSLR and digital shooter working around
New 3D field production and workflow
offerings will drive my NAB Show interests.
his year the choices seem ever broader and better, including 3D
recorders with built-in viewers. A must-see is Astrodesign’s HR-7502,
which records a whopping three hours of uncompressed 3D HD at standard Astrodesign HR-7502
frame rates, plus RAW Bayer 12-bit (2880 x 2160) and anamorphic 10-bit
(1920 x 1440) at 23.98/25/30p. Another interesting item is the 1 Beyond Wrangler Mini 3D (distributed by P+S Technik), which records and displays live 3D via DVI, HDMI or HD-SDI I/Os on a bright
10.4" screen. This year, Panasonic is introducing a recorder/viewer to the mix, the AG-HPD24 P2
with native 24p recording and playback, plus variable frame rates.
I’m also keen to see how last year’s pioneering 3D recorders stack up against these newcomers
and how they’ve evolved since, including AJA’s Ki Pro Mini Flash disk recorder, Cinedeck’s SI-3D
recorder/viewer with on-set color grading and Convergent Design’s nano3D. All are compact
enough to mount on smaller 3D rigs using smaller digital cameras.
As the onboard monitors with most of these recorders are fairly small, larger, full-featured 3D
monitors are still critical for best results. Marshall’s new 24", 1920 x 1200 3D-241-HDSDI looks
like an ideal portable-sized model that uses the circular polarizing filter method to enable viewing
flicker-free images. Transvideo is introducing multiple 3D monitors in its CineMonitorHD 3DView
S series, all with a built-in genlock analyzer and synchronizer for synchronized output, plus a full
suite of other 3D features (including color/anaglyph modes, flips and/or flops, programmable convergence, stereoscopic exposure and flicker monitoring).
TVLogic will introduce “the world’s first professional stereoscopic OLED” 3D monitor, the
TDM-150W, which boasts high contrast ratios, ultra-wide viewing angles and fast image response.
Panasonic will introduce two 3D monitors: the 9" BT-LH910, with a high-contrast IPS panel and
3D assist, and the larger 25" BT-3DL2550, which includes a 2D view of 3D checks like composition,
convergence, color and luminance, focus, zoom position, and parallax.
In terms of smaller 3D rigs that can be used off-tripod, on a Steadicam, a boom or even on
the shoulder, my first stop is Manfrotto to see the Genus Hurricane Rig by Alister Chapman. The
Hurricane is designed to support cameras ranging from DSLRs to Sony HDC-P1 studio cameras
with lenses, recorder and monitor. The twin-camera configuration can be quickly switched from
beamsplitter to side-by-side mode in the field and is priced under $8,000 — a bargain price for 3D
rigs. Another candidate is Element Technica’s new Atom, which is even smaller than their Neutron
rig and conceived with RED’s Epic in mind. However, when you add a monitor, recorder, batteries,
twin cameras and lenses, you’ll still need Steadicam’s heavy-duty G-70 arm and their Ultra2 sled
to “handhold” the resulting setup. I’m also be keen to scope out ET’s Borg 3D housing for shooting 3D underwater down to 60'. Not quite Titanic depths, but it’s you handling the rig, not a robot.
NHK’s Cosmomedia America, the original 3DTV pioneer, may be showing a compact beamsplitter 3D rig light enough for handheld work at NAB. This private affiliate of NHK, Japan’s main
public television network, has been making 3D rigs for more then two decades,
yet is just now developing a truly lightweight unit. Unfortunately, little if anything they make is available for purchase
or rent without their crew, although they
will provide training in some cases.
In terms of cameras to pair with handMarshall 3D-241-HDSDI monitor
(continued on page 16)
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
the globe, the Tegra’s solid-state electronics
operate the lamps on high output, flicker-free
and silent. The fixture produces as much light
as a 1,000W tungsten softlight using only onetenth the power. The built-in barn doors and
center-mount system make the lightweight
Tegra ideal for handheld shots, rigging in tight
locations or mounting on a light stand. The fixture takes 2,900°K, 3,200°K and 5,500°K True
Match lamps.
Booth N/A |
In addition to showcasing their regular lineup
of DSLR and PL-mount lenses, the Portland
company will unveil the Sweet 35 Optic, an
addition to the Optic Swap System. Sweet
35 Optic is a 35mm selective focus optic with
a 12-blade internal aperture that creates a
“sweet spot” of sharp focus that photographers
can move around by tilting the Lensbaby lens
body. The Sweet 35 Optic features an f-stop
range of f/2.5 to f/22, close-focus capabilities,
and the widest focal length of any selective
focus Lensbaby optic. It is compatible with the
Lensbaby Composer, Muse, Control
Freak and Scout lens bodies.
Litepanels will also show its line of modular
1x1 LED panels, available in daylight, tungsten
and bi-color configurations. These LED panels
draw 1/10th the power of equivalent tungsten
lamps and output cool, soft DMX-controlled lighting.
TVLogic TDM473W monitor
Booth C6419 |
The manufacturer of LCD monitors for broadcast, studio, television and production will showcase a 7” camera-top portable field monitor with
integrated HDMI loop-through, which allows the
camera operator to pass-through the HDMI video
input from the V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT to another monitor for a client, director, focus puller or
crew/talent member to view on location. This
handy “all-in-one” solution obviates the need
for HDMI splitters, additional power sources or
other tools to split the signal. The V-LCD70XPHDMIPT monitor includes composite and component inputs, HDMI pass-through, DSLR ratio
adjustment, adjustable backlight and markers,
HDMI auto color space and ratio detect, manual
Booth C6025 |
Litepanels will expand its line of pro
LED lighting solutions with a pair of LED
Fresnels. The Sola 6 has a 6" Fresnel lens and
draws only 75W, but it offers the light output of
a 650W tngsten Fresnel. It includes touchscreen
DMX controls and has a universal AC input. Sola
ENG has a 3" Fresnel lens and draws 30W with
an output equivalent to a 250W Fresnel. It can be
powered via a two-pin D-tap cable or a 10-20V
DC camcorder battery.
Also at the show, Litepanels’ Micro line of
camera lights, including the Micro and MicroPro
daylight LED lights, run more than five hours on
standard AA cells. They can also be powered with
a 5-12V input. New to the line this year is the
MicroPro Hybrid, with continuous output and a
400 percent burst flash for stills. The Hybrid can be
powered by snap-on batteries or from a 10-30V car
battery with an adapter. Look for a new bi-color
MicroPro, and the MiniPlus, available in daylightor tungsten-balanced flood and spot models.
Matrox Convert DVI Plus
gamma adjustment, image flip, 1/4”-20 mounting
on all sides, and a robust power switch. Other features include a wide variety of screen formats and
markers, four user-configurable front-panel function buttons, RGB check field/field detect, and
RGB gain and bias control. Three major features
include Marshall’s industry-standard false color
and peaking filters, along with the new DSLR ratio
adjustment feature for Canon DSLRs.
Booth SL2515 |
Matrox recently announced Convert DVI Plus, an
SD/HD-SDI scan converter that lets broadcasters
easily and economically take the computer-based
content that is quickly becoming a key part of the
nightly news to air. The unit creates broadcast
(continued from page 14)
held or larger rigs, there are many options,
but RED may be introducing the most
3D-friendly cameras at NAB 2011 for my
money ($5,000-6,000). After three years
of anticipation, Scarlet is finally a working camera capable of cranking out HD
and 3K at up to 120 fps. It apparently was
designed with 3D in mind, as it comes
with a sync module and HDMI port, and
modular rectangular chassis ideal for sideby-side alignment. The fixed zoom lens
model of Scarlet seems particularly well
designed for synchronization. RED will be
in the South Hall this year and promises to
have some 3D configurations and footage
on display.
While many cameras can be used
hypothetically in 3D rigs, some definitely
work better than others. Will Panasonic’s
AG-AF100 and Sony’s PMW-F3, both with
35mm (4/3") sensors, work equally well
in a rig, especially compared to a Scarlet
or an Epic, both of which appear to have
been designed with an eye for 3D? On
the other hand, should I be pragmatic and
focus on smaller, lower-rez and lower-cost
camcorders like Canon’s XF100/XF105, or
XF300/XF305 camcorders, which all have
built-in features for the easy setup and
capture of HD 3D video?
Either way, I’ll be spending time at the
CineForm booth becoming familiar with
how best to use their Neo3D for editing
and First Light for color grading with Apple
Final Cut Pro Studio and Adobe Premiere
Pro CS5.
On the other hand, if Teranex’s VC12D-3D does as sterling a job converting 2D
to 3D as I’ve heard, maybe we can all skip
the steep learning and technology curve
required to begin capturing and editing
3D. Check with me after NAB. dv
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
video from computer applications such as Skype,
YouTube, Google Earth, video games and Web
browser sessions, as well as citizen journalists’
mobile phone videos. Matrox Convert DVI Plus
can also drive projectors and large displays at live
events and in houses of worship. The Convert
DVI Plus controls are provided via an intuitive
PC-based graphical user interface, which can
include a live preview pane for scaling and positioning in context. By simply dragging a mouse,
rather than fiddling with buttons on the unit itself,
you can choose to output the entire screen or a
region-of-interest of any size. Premium features
such as a flicker reduction filter, customizable
presets with user-assignable hot keys, password
protection, SD pixel aspect ratio compensation,
and a standalone mode ensure optimal flexibility
for many different applications.
Booth SL4511 |
The new HDX-SDI video interface adds comprehensive professional video capture and
monitoring capability to Mac or Windows
computers, with support for uncompressed
HD and SD, Apple ProRes and other popular
workflows. With the speed of PCI Express,
HDX-SDI turns your desktop or laptop computer into a powerful video production workstation. For the best possible image quality, it
can capture uncompressed video via HD-SDI
or HDMI with 4:2:2 10-bit color depth and
full-raster 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. If the
user prefers to edit at a lower data rate, Apple
I have the gut feeling that NAB 2011 is going to offer
the unexpected on a number of different fronts.
party? RED will have a large booth again after
t this year’s show, we’ll begin to see the first several years, meaning that we will finally see
crop of affordable OLED monitors (begin- some actual new product.
Last NAB was the year of stereoscopic,
ning with Sony). Then there are the NLEs. Avid
has already announced Media Composer 5.5 and and I anticipate we will see some minor develeveryone knows that something is in the air at opment in that arena this year. Sales of conAdobe. The big question about Apple is not if sumer 3DTVs didn’t exactly reach expectations, so I would suspect
but when a new version of Final Cut Studio will
that we won’t be seeing
ship and what will be so “awesome”
extensive growth in the
about it.
production areas until
Sony has already
demand catches up.
announced its entry
Grass Valley has
into the large-sensor
already briefed us to
camera market with
expect some changes
the PMW-F3, and
and consolidation in
the newly announced
the line now that the
lower-priced S35 camcompany has been
era in the NX series will
Sony BVM-E170 OLED monitor
taken private. Broadcast TV
be an interesting option.
is far from dead and I conThe Panasonic AG-AF100
will have been around for a few months by tinue to look to GV and others in that segment.
It’s going to be an exciting NAB, and I look
mid-April, but accessories for it should proliferforward to meeting some DV readers on the
ate at NAB.
Will Canon and JVC join in the large-sensor show floor. dv
ProRes, ProRes HQ or another codec may be
selected. Because the HDX-SDI delivers 10-bit
uncompressed video to the computer, the
user is not limited to a particular codec, and is
instead free to use the host-based workflow of
their choice.
Booth SL4514 |
Ikegami HDS-V10 GFCAM
NewTek will offer several new products, including
the TriCaster TCXD850 CS, an optional hardware
control surface for the TriCaster TCXD850 highdefinition portable live production system. The
TCXD850 CS provides a physical connection to
the 24-channel system’s functions and effects,
allowing operators to make decisions with confidence and ease. TriCaster TCXD850 CS hardware
provides illuminated push buttons, twist knobs, a
premium T-bar and three-axis joystick to control
all functions and effects available in the TriCaster
The NewTek TriCaster Virtual Set Editor (VSE)
allows TriCaster TCXD850 and TriCaster TCXD300
users to customize specially designed TriCaster
G e m
Twin Record
3X Transfer
(R)evolutionary Uncompressed HD Video Recorder!
HD/2K, 4:2:2/4:4:4, 10bit, S-Log, Dual-Link, 3G, 16-Chan
Perfect for AF100, F3, F35, Alexa, All Filmmakers
Flexible post workflows: Full uncompressed,
or encode to your favorite codec
Gemini 4:4:4 recorder with high brite LCD and
transfer station for $5,995 (retail)
The ultimate in HD image quality
is now affordable!
Shown Actual Size
(8 watts, 1 lb)
See the Gemini 4:4:4TM Video Recorder at NAB 2011, Convergent Design Booth C11126
++720-221-3861 ++803-278-0941
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
VSE Sets to fit their production needs. VSE
Sets produce real-time reflections and specular highlights, and provide users with a wide
range of elements that they can edit. Users
may also add their own artwork to Layer
Sets to create custom virtual sets for use
in VSE. Additional content may be sold
With NewTek LightWave 10 software,
artists have the ability to interact directly in the
viewport and see changes to lights, textures, volumetrics and more, to view updates to their stereoscopic work in real time, and to deliver realistic
environment walkthroughs in ways never before
possible. The release also offers data interchange
tools that enhance pipeline integration and a fresh
user interface.
Booth C3707 |
Panasonic is making a major push to keep P2 cards
competitive by reducing by 30 percent the price of
its E-Series 64GB, 32GB and 16GB P2 cards, with
OConnor O-Grips
transfer speeds up to 1.2Gb/s. After NAB these
transfer speeds may be quadrupled to 4.8Gb/s
via USB 3.0, with the new AJ-PCD30 P2 drive.
Archiving P2 files on LTO tape and Blu-ray disc will
be streamlined with new software, AJ-SF100, featuring proxies and metadata for rapid shot search
and retrieval. Also, new AVCCAM ingest software
will eliminate the need to convert AVCHD files to
Apple ProRes 422 files before editing in Final Cut
Pro, a boon to those shooting with the new (4/3"
sensor) AG-AF100 and AG-3DA1 3D camcorders,
among others.
When shooting 3D with a dual-camera 3D rig,
you can now record for hours in AVC-Intra 100/50.
The AG-HPD24 P2 deck records natively at 24p
and at variable frame rates. With two 64GB P2
cards, it can record 256 minutes of HD in AVCIntra 50. It has a 3.5" LCD screen and can download video at 4.8Gb/s via USB 3.0. Also new for 3D
is the 9" BT-LH910 high-contrast LCD monitor,
with 1280 x 768 resolution, which can be also be
used as an electronic color viewfinder.
Panasonic will introduce a pair of 3D-ready
monitors. The BT-LH910 is a 9" LCD monitor
with a high-contrast IPS panel and 3D assist. The
BT-3DL2550 is a 25" 3D LCD field monitor with a
1920x1200 flicker-free 3D display with multiple
display options, including 2x SDI IN overlay and
a 2D view of various 3D checks like composition,
convergence, color and luminance, focus, zoom
position and parallax.
For external 3D recording, Panasonic is
introducing a portable solid-state deck with
native 24p, the AG-HPD24 P2. It boasts 3D synchronized record/playback in native 24p and at
variable frame rates, plus 24-bit, four-channel
audio in AVC-Intra 100/50.
Booths SL7413 and SU2009 |
Handle it with Cam Caddie
Jitters? Jiggles? Slips? Get a handle on it with the
simple yet amazingly effective stabilizing handle.
Lightweight Cam Caddie provides a comfortable, solid camera platform that enables stable
support and dampens movement while shooting
—for smooth, steady shots.
Plus Cam Caddie can facilitate moves like a
professional jib arm or camera stabilizer. It is
Mount for HD, DV, DSLR, & video DSLR cameras
ideal for capturing dynamic action camera work
like skateboarders, sports, weddings, corporate
shoots, walk throughs, etc. Adding other items like
a light, microphone or monitor? Easy to do with
Cam Caddie’s shoe adapter,
accessory wing, coldshoe
and tripod adapter.
The stock footage company recently added
millions of photographs and illustrations to its
offerings, diversifying its portfolio greatly. A
leader in the market, with more than 650,000
royalty-free video clips, music tracks, sound
effects and customizable After Effects projects,
the company generally provides special offers
during the NAB Show.
Booth SL8920 |
Exclusive Worldwide Distributor
The duplication specialists recently announced
Phone: 800-228-1254 • [email protected]
Cam Caddie universal
stabilizing camera handle
with optional shoe adapter.
Please come to see our booth C8008 at NAB 2011
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
the Bravo 4100-Series Disc Publishers,
which are fast (print discs in six seconds)
and feature full-color, 100 percent coverage discs with near-perfect print quality. With built-in high-speed recorders,
direct-to-disc printing and fast robotics, Primera’s disc printers and publishers automate the process of burning
and printing quantities of CDs, DVDs
and Blu-ray Discs. The devices are used
by a variety of organizations, including corporate marketing, training and
engineering departments, non-profits,
churches, schools and universities,
P+S Technik Skater Jr.
recording and video production studios,
and television stations.
Features of the new Bravo
4100-Series include: six seconds per disc
print speed (default high-quality print mode), indi- Booth C9748 |
vidual CMYK ink cartridges (which delivers lower
ink cost per disc), 4800 dpi print quality, 300 percent faster robotics than previous models, and
interior blue LED lighting with job status feedback.
The company will feature the Evolution upgrade
to its Freestyle Rig, which includes heavierduty camera plates with beefed up adjusters
for use with larger digital cameras,
including the ARRI Alexa, RED models and Weisscam HS-2. There is also
a new reinforcement bracket for the
Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder, plus a new
weatherproof test chart and calibration
P+S Technik will also exhibit a very
compact 3D recorder/viewer, the 1
Beyond Wrangler Mini 3D, a direct-todisk recorder/viewer with real-time processing of stereo raw. Wrangler Mini
3D can display 3D live via DVI, HDMI or
HD-SDI I/Os on its 10.4" screen.
P+S Technik will also show the
16Digital SR Mag, the first digital magazine made for use with classic Super
16mm ARRI SRI and SRII film cameras.
They’ll also demo Skater Jr., a smaller version
of the Skater Mini camera dolly. The Skater Jr.
supports cameras weighing up to 26 lb. mounted
on a variety of smaller fluid heads bolted to its
three-wheeled base.
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
Booth C7837 |
Fans of Redrock digital filmmaking accessories
can expect Brian Valente and his crew to make an
appearance with their extensive lineup of HDSLR
rigs, the new M3 cinema lens adapter, and cinema
accessories for new large-sensor video cameras
such as the Panasonic AG-AF100 and Sony PMWF3. Redrock made a number of surprise product
announcements at NAB 2010 and plans to do so
again this year.
Booth SL7710 |
The stock footage resource, which offers more
than 170,000 royalty-free video clips, has emerged
as a top provider of vector art, offering a diverse
collection of more than 1.6 million stock vector
images. Vector art is becoming increasingly popular among designers thanks to its ability to speed
up the creative process. Unlike raster images, vector art can be enlarged easily without distorting
the image. As more designers take advantage of
the convenience and quality benefits of vectors,
Shutterstock’s affordable subscription packages
provide the perfect pipeline of royalty-free stock
vectors for every design need.
Booth SL3327F (Plug-In Pavilion) |
Singular Software’s trio of automation tools has
been enhanced just in time for NAB. Singular
plans to get the show floor buzzing with its multiaward-winning flagship application, PluralEyes,
and its recently expanded support for Avid Media
Composer software. DualEyes, which utilizes the
same advanced technology as PluralEyes, will
also sport a significant update at the show. Once
Windows-based, the standalone application is
now available for Mac OS X as well. Singular plans
to showcase both products’ in-demand audio and
video synchronization capabilities.
Singular will also showcase the upcoming
release of Singular Software Presto for Final Cut
Pro. Currently compatible with Sony Vegas Pro,
Presto is designed for conferences, training sessions
and workshops; it leverages sophisticated computer vision and audio synchronization techniques to
automate the assembly of presenter footage, slideshows and audio elements, creating professional
looking video packages in minutes instead of hours.
I’m looking for something that will change the landscape of production and post.
nnovation is what I seek every year while I walk the halls of the NAB Show. While I really appreciate
the great tools that the major companies continue to bring us, the “innovation” is generally found
around the edges and “down the back” of the halls in the 10' x 10' booths populated by the upstarts
and… innovators.
This is also where I’ll be looking for the “cool toys.” They may not be crucially vital to production, but there’s some fun stuff, like a helicopter that can carry cameras and wireless links
for under $300!
I suspect that my ongoing interest in metadata is not going to be shared by most, but I
am looking forward to checking implementations of content metadata in the relatively new
SMPTE-2021 (BXF) standard, and any innovative uses of metadata to drive postproduction
automation. Disregard the importance of metadata at the peril of your career. I’ll be partnering with Media Silo with metadata-related presentations at the Marriott near the Convention
At least one 3D pioneer, Tim Dashwood, is planning new stereoscopic 3D tools for postproduction, and there will likely be a slew of new 3D tools released this year as the whole post
workflow gets reworked for stereo images. Then there’s the meta trend toward large sensors,
so I’ll be checking the latest from RED, Sony and Panasonic and hoping for a DSLR that’s more
like a video camera.
In early February, Avid showed Media Composer 5.5, moving in exactly the direction it
needs to. If Steve Jobs’ e-mails are to be believed, we’ll see a new version of Apple Final Cut
Pro in “early 2011.” Adobe will likely also have a new release of the Production Suite.
I’m really hoping that Final Cut Pro (and the rest of the Studio) become even more
“Applish” and really bring some innovation to the NLE interface, which hasn’t changed much
since Media Composer version one — we have more polished and additional features, but the
NLE is essentially the same as it was 20 years ago.
I’m looking forward to delivering my two three-hour in-depth sessions at the Post|Production
World conference: “The Future of TV: How to Grow and Monetize an Audience” on Tuesday
from 10 a.m.; and “The New Now: How to Grow Your Production or Postproduction Business”
at the same time on Wednesday.
The other important thing I look forward to at NAB is the socializing. Friends and associates from around the country and the
world converge at NAB. As well as the many informal socializing
events, I’ll be at the MediaMotion Ball Monday night and the
Supermeet Tuesday night.
Finally, I’m hoping for a little less change. With an ever-increasing number of codecs and formats to support, it’s time that
the camera manufacturers consolidate formats so we can
derive best-practice workflows. At a minimum, please
don’t introduce any more new formats at NAB 2011. dv
Booth SL7410 |
The company’s Sonicfire Pro software for Mac
and Windows gives every video editor the ability to easily add compelling music soundtracks
to their productions. The SmartSound Royalty
Free Music Library includes thousands of unique
Panasonic BT-LH910 9" monitor
tracks that are fully customizable in length,
arrangement and instrument mix using the
Sonicfire Pro software. The company has recently added new volumes to its Strata Series collection of tracks, with titles including Alternative
NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
Maximum, Questionable Motives
and Youthful Discretion.
Booth C11001 |
Booth SL9605 |
Sonnet will showcase several new products that cater to the storage needs of A/V
professionals in the broadcast and postproduction space. The Fusion RX1600Fibre video
editing shared storage system offers
increased speed and flexibility compared
to general-purpose shared storage systems. Also on display will be the new
Transposer universal 2.5” SATA SSD to
3.5” drive tray adapter, an easy-to-use
solution for installing any 2.5” SATA drive
in any 3.5” drive tray. For multi-camera
workflow support, the Qio professional universal media reader/writer will be featured,
along with the Qio MR for desktop PC users and
the cost-effective Qio E3.
Primera Bravo 4100
Panasonic AJ-HPD24 P2 Deck with P2 card
Back in October Sony Creative Software
announced the availability of Vegas Pro
10 and Vegas Pro Production Assistant
2 software, upgrades to its award-winning NLE. Vegas Pro 10 now includes
native stereoscopic 3D editing tools (enabling
users to import, adjust, edit, preview and export
stereoscopic 3D projects natively without any
additional tools or plug-ins), improved closed
captioning features (providing broadcasters with captions in the video preview window, support for Line 21 closed captions,
HD-SDI closed caption capture, multiple
closed captioning file
types and the ability
to export captions for
Sony DVD Architect,
YouTube, RealPlayer,
(continued on page 36)
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HDSLR Report | april 2011
NAB 2011
Shifting HDSLRs Into High Gear
Looking for new ways to expand your current kit?
Here are some companies to check out at the 2011 NAB Show.
Booth SL9105 |
Atomos will showcase the Ninja, a portable digital
image recorder that takes an HDMI feed directly
from your HDSLR and records into ProRes for
import into Apple Final Cut Pro. The Ninja also
allows users to bypass the in-camera compression
and record in full resolution.
Booth C11022 |
The equipment distributor has entered the education world with a series of Web videos featuring
veteran cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC,
discussing HDSLR cameras for use in the cinema
world. Whether it’s learning about camera settings or finding out how to overcome challenges
with unique workflows, the goal of the series is
to provide viewers insight about this developing toolset. The six episodes will all be online
by the time NAB opens: “Know Your Camera,”
Zacuto Z-Finder EVF
“Challenges & Solutions,” “Lenses,” “Starter Kits,”
“Workflow” and “A New Language.”
Booth C4325 |
Canon will offer the next in its line of hybrid
HDSLR cameras, the Rebel T3i (18 MP) and T3 (12
MP). Also known as the EOS 600D in non-U.S.
markets, the T3i will have 1080p HD capability,
while the less-expensive T3 will have only 720p
capability. Both feature articulating LCD screens,
as seen on the higher-end Canon 60D. Both feature the Digic IV processor.
Booth C12033 |
The Proteus Simplis DSLR Rig is the solution for anyone needing a lightweight “run-and-gun” support
rig. Incorporating a system that allows a filmmaker
the unique ability to customize and scale their rig
as desired, Simplis is designed for any filmmaker
in search of a versatile, modular and
upgradeable support setup. The
Simplis Solo DSLR Rig includes
a Simplis quick-release plate,
articulating hand grip, shoulder
stock, and three
Redrock nano DSLR rig
rom new cameras to imageenhancing software, from oncamera lighting to high-res viewfinders and lightweight support, an
array of NAB Show exhibitors will be
showcasing interesting new options
in HDSLR tools. Here’s a selection of
what will be seen on the show floor.
lengths of shoulder stock rods.
Booth C10637 |
ikan Corp. will exhibit the lightweight FG Follow
Focus unit. The FG works with any ikan Elements
kit and/or any 15mm rod-based camera support
system. Driven by a 2"-diameter control wheel,
the FG Follow Focus features low backlash and
is compatible with standard film pitch gearing
of .8 MOD, supported by a 2.3"-diameter focus
gear. The horizontal adjustment feature accommodates a wide range of DSLR lens diameters and
is complemented by a focus mark indicator and
lockable focus control.
In addition, ikan is introducing the iLED ONE, an
on-camera LED light with a single, interchangeable
bulb. Featuring switchable daylight to tungsten
bulbs and a choice of flood or spot light configurations, the iLED ONE comes complete with a tungsten 60-degree flood bulb, shoe mount and an
in-line power switch. Available accessories for the
iLED ONE include AC107 battery plate, BCA107 belt
clip and interchangeable 40-degree and 60-degree
daylight or tungsten LED bulbs.
For those in need of a large, oncamera LED solution, the ikan iLED
312 features a bright, wide-angle
beam pattern and boasts 312 LEDs to
keep you covered. It’s also switchable
from daylight to tungsten and has an
intensity dimmer and on-board battery indicator.
Booth C6028 |
Canon EOS Rebel T3i
HDSLR Report | april 2011
NAB 2011
Litepanels will intro
a new fixture in their
line of small, portable,
battery-powered LED
lights, the MicroPro
Hybrid, which provides
all of the features of the
MicroPro in addition to
plugging into a DSLR’s
flash sync port to provide a momentary flash
of light 4x brighter than
the fixture’s top constant output.
Cinevate Proteus Simplis Solo
Booth C6030 |
The O-Box WM mattebox is designed for 16:9
format full-size sensor cameras, including
HDSLR and DSMC hybrid digital still and video
units. Compact, it accommodates lenses up to
18mm, some wider. It can mount up to three
filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two
each 4"x4" and 4"x5.65", frames included),
and the rear frame is rotatable to 360 degrees.
A third 138mm round fits in the optional bellows ring. O-Box WM also features integrated
interfaces for use with the O-Grips Handgrip
Booth C6032 |
Petrol will offer the DSLR
Camera Rollpak, a professional camera trolley/backpack. The main chamber
is contoured to fit a DSLR
camera with lens attached.
An ultra-wide, U-shaped
opening offers fast and easy
access. Removable rigid
dividers fold into pockets
for storing and organizing
important accessories. The
contents are protected by
layers of durable, cushioned
red fabric. A second, padded, rear pocket holds a
laptop computer with up to a 17” screen. Petrol’s
ergonomic backpack system ensures correct
weight distribution and greater carrying comfort,
and folds away and stores easily. Heavy-duty inline
skate wheels and an adjustable trolley handle
provide smooth-rolling toting. Polypropylene-
HDSLR Report | april 2011
NAB 2011
injected legs lift and safeguard the bottom of the bag from damage and from
adverse elements such as dirt or water.
Additional features include a Flash memory card mini pouch (holding up to four
cards), and envelope-style zippered side
pocket, and an exterior zippered front
pocket with personal organizer.
Also new is the Transparent DSLR
Plus Rain Cover, which is constructed of
transparent polyurethane for maximum
visibility and black waterproof nylon and
offers quick and easy access to all camera
features. Petrol’s one-piece design makes
the cover extremely easy to install while
shooting. A new front section of rip-stop
fabric and transparent polyurethane that
attaches to the cover via hook and loop material provides an additional shield to protect a
telephoto lens. The rigid front hood section comes
outfitted with a hotshoe connector that stabilizes
the raincover on-camera. On top of the hood, a 6"
polypropylene track allows for the addition of an
on-camera light and/or wireless receiver. At the
rear, a tight auxiliary cord anchors the cover and
protects the camera’s viewfinder.
Booth C8737 |
Schneider will introduce the True-Match 10-stop
variable ND filter kit, which is designed for DSLR
cameras with high ISO settings. The kit allows
the user to select the lens f-stop and camera
speed independent of ambient light conditions,
and works in conjunction with Schneider’s DSLR
4" filter support system. This matched set of filters
works in combination to produce a density range
from 1-1/3 stop loss in full transmission to 11 stops
full attenuation, but with no blue color shift at
maximum density (com-
Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid HDSLR kit
specifically for HDSLRs, emphasizing
compact, lightweight design, high resolution and affordability. The microEVF connects to the camera body and can be
placed anywhere for maximum comfort
and stability. It can even be part of a multimonitor solution.
ikan FG Follow Focus
Weighing less than 6 oz., microEVF
includes a full-color HD viewfinder, ultrahigh-resolution 1.2m dot display (which
is higher resolution than the Canon EOS
cameras’ rear LCD), LED backlight, low
power consumption and a self-contained
The microEVF is compatible with any
HDSLR or video camera that provides
HDMI output while recording. HDSLR
monly a problem with inferior or unmatched cameras known to be compatible include the
materials). The kit is composed of a screw-on Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, 60D, T2i and 1D Mk IV, and
True-Match filter in 67mm to 95mm sizes that Nikon D3s, D300s, D3100 and D7000.
mounts on the camera lens, a Schneider 4x4 rotating two-slot filter holder, and a True-Match 4"x4"
filter. The filters can be purchased separately,
Booth C6033 |
without the filter holder for those who already
have a 4"x4" rotating matte box with 4mm slots.
Sachtler will offer a new fluid head specially
designed for HDSLR shooters. The lightweight
Cine DSLR has a payload range of 2 to 11 lb. A
counterbalance in 10 steps as well as three vertiBooth C7837 |
cal and horizontal grades of drag allow for proRedrock has launched its “nano” line of DSLR fessional operation. In addition, the Cine DSLR
rigs and accessories, which are designed for low- comes with a special camera plate with an anticost, entry-level photojournalism and documen- twist retainer for HDSLRs and works with Sachtler
tary work, as well as discreet, low-profile shooting Speedbalance technology that enables a fast and
applications. The nano rigs can be easily upgraded target-oriented counterbalance of the camera
to more advanced rigs as needed. The nano line setup. The long sliding range of the camera plate
consists of seven new rigs (Grippit, RunningMan, as well as the self-illuminating Touch Bubble are
LowDown, LowDown Deluxe, Stealth, Stealth practical features of the new head. The Cine DSLR
Grip, Stealth V) and five new accessories (base- has a tilt range of +90° to -75°. Thanks to the
plate, focus+zoom lever, microHandle Plus with special Sachtler lubricated oil damping, filming is
integrated shoe mount, 2" 15mm carbon fiber rails also possible in extreme temperature ranges, as
the damping is not negatively influenced by them.
and 2" handlebar rod).
Redrock will also showcase its microEVF electronic view- RED GIANT SOFTWARE
finder. This Booth SL3327C |
is the first
e l e c t r o n i c Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Grinder software is a
v i e w f i n d e r Mac encoder designed specifically for the task of
designed from batch-converting HDSLR files. It converts them
the ground up into both a high-quality master file and a draftquality proxy file. You may choose from several ProRes and/or Photo-JPEG options, complete
with added timecode and burn-ins on the proxies.
720p files are automatically upscaled to 1080p.
The frame rate of 30p and 60p files can be automatically conformed to 24p for slow motion.
Vegas™ Pro Master Suite Systems
Certified Systems. Proven Performance. Peace of Mind.
Unleash the power of the Vegas™ Pro Master Suite collection by choosing
a certified, pre-configured Supermicro® 64-bit workstation, available from
Safe Harbor Computers. With three optimized turnkey configurations to
choose from, selecting a professional editing system couldn’t be easier.
From the multi-format HD editing and audio mixing in Vegas™ Pro 10,
to the multi-track recording and MIDI sequencing in ACID™ Pro 7, to the
multi-channel mastering in Sound Forge™ Pro 10 — the Vegas Pro Master
Suite delivers. Meet your most demanding digital content creation needs
with the performance, flexibility, and I/O options you require.
Featuring the Double Platinum support program, these workstations provide
peace of mind with end user support as well as all Sony application upgrades
through the first two years of ownership — an industry first!
Fusion DX800 RAID - 4/8/12/16TB
Atomos Ninja
CalDigit AV Drive
Desktop 8-Drive SATA Storage System
with Internal SAS Expander and included
PCIe RAID 0, 1, 4 (DV RAID), 5, 6, 10
controller. Quiet, fail-safe protection
handles 10-bit 1080 4:4:4 uncompressed
HD, 2k, or many compressed video
streams. Expansion units can be ganged
for additional storage. Includes two
2-meter mini-SAS cables.
Go straight from lens to timeline in Final
Cut Pro with this portable 10-bit field
recorder for video cameras and DSLRs
with HDMI. Record uncompressed
images straight from your HDMI
connector directly to Apple ProRes.
Complete bundle includes 2 Master
Caddies, 2 batteries, carrying case
and HDD/SSD Docking Station.
Sleek and compact, the CalDigit AV Drive
features the first dual interface with USB
3.0 and FireWire 800 connectivity. The
CalDigit AV Drive is PC friendly and also
the first USB 3.0 drive for the Mac, capable of reaching extreme speeds of up to
145 MB/s. Backwards compatible with
USB 2.0, the AV Drive is designed to
bring quality storage to everyone.
Matrox MXO2 with FREE tutorial
for Premiere Pro CS5 PC users
Adobe® Creative Suite® 5
Production Premium
TriCaster STUDIO
I/O devices for Mac or PC, laptop or
desktop use. Capture and playback video
via HDMI or analog connections with Final
Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Add MAX
for faster than realtime H.264 encoding.
Learn features and benefits to improve
your workflow and creativity with included
tutorial, exclusive to Safe Harbor.
It's time you got up to speed on the
powerful capabilities of Adobe®
Premiere® Pro CS5. Lightning-fast 64-bit
Adobe Mercury Playback Engine. Rock
solid, real-time HD video editing. Industryleading native tapeless workflows. It can
all be yours—but only if you switch or
integrate CS5 into your workflow.
Portable live video production and
streaming appliance with 6 video inputs
and 2 virtual DDRs. Live video switching, keying, transitions and titling, plus
live virtual set technology. 20 hour
recording capacity, live web streaming,
support for 4:3 or 16:9 video format.
Built-in NLE editing software included.
Multiple trade-in options available!
Vegas Pro 10 with FREE Seminar
Series Training DVD
Streamline your workflow with broad
format support, superior effects
processing, unparalleled audio support,
and a full complement of editorial tools.
Now supports Stereoscopic 3D editing
and Image Stabilization. Includes everything you need to produce outstanding
results. Academic & licensing available.
Viewcast Osprey Cards
The Osprey line offers a wide range
of options for PC users to do live video
capture and streaming, from the entrylevel Osprey 100 to the Osprey 700e
HD with Digital SimulStream that can
output multiple resolutions and formats
simultaneously including MPEG-4,
Adobe Flash and Windows Media. Great
for Webcasting or Video-on-Demand.
Terms: POs accepted from schools and government agencies. • All checks require 7–10 days to clear. • Defective
products replaced promptly. RMA number required for all merchandise returns. Returns accepted within 20 days, in
original packaging, postage prepaid, undamaged. Opened software not returnable. Shipping charges not refundable.
Returns subject to a 18% restocking fee. • Not responsible for typos. Prices subject to change.
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HDSLR Report | april 2011
NAB 2011
Booth C6028 |
Among other things, the support company
will offer the new Vision blue head,
designed to balance the smaller,
lightly accessorized HDSLR
cameras, managing payloads
between 4.6 and 11 lb. with a
low center of gravity of approximately 55mm. The Vision blue
head incorporates Vinten’s Perfect
Balance technology, enabling consistent movement and easy positioning
of the camera at any angle, helping
operators to achieve perfect shots
with minimal effort. It also features infinitely adjustable Vision
LF drag technology.
Booth C9542 |
The Zacuto EVF is a 3.2"
Vinten Vision blue
high-resolution monitor
that is used in
conjunction with
all of the
Z-Finder models. The EVF is
compatible with all cameras with
an HDMI output and allows you
to operate the HDSLR or any
other camera with an HDMI port
with the correct form factor for
video, with the camera “in-line”
to your rod system (the most stable
way) and your eye in the Z-Finder
offset. It is offered in several configurations, all of which include a
standard hotshoe EVF mount,
HDMI cable, rechargeable battery, battery charger, lens cloth
and protection case. dv
Sachtler Cine DSLR
NAB 2011
Today’s entertainment industry is a
global industry and the insurance that
protects the equipment that travels
the world needs to be global as well
— according to Scott Carroll, vice
president and program director of the
Take 1 insurance program. Take 1 is U.S.
Risk Insurance Group’s entertainment
division and the company recently
reaffirmed its commitment to provide
worldwide coverage on all of its inland
marine policies.
“Our clients’ equipment
goes anywhere in the
world, and it is always
automatically covered,”
explained Carroll. “Our
customers can send
their equipment up in
the Space Shuttle and it
will still be covered.”
Carroll advises everyone
in the entertainment
industry to check their policies to make
sure their coverage is global. “Other
insurers may have to add a rider or
endorsement to extend the coverage
territory, or they may choose to limit
coverage to within the United States
and Canada. Don’t make the mistake
of assuming coverage is automatically
global. Often times, it is not.”
Scott Carroll
Take 1’s inland marine coverage
eliminates co-insurance, thus protecting
100 percent of the insured value of the
equipment covered; provides automatic
replacement cost valuation; allows
for separate limits in key individual
coverage areas like owned equipment,
equipment in his insured’s Care Custody
and Control (CCC), and equipment
in transit; unlimited capacity flood
coverage for equipment in transit; and
blanket limits that eliminate the need
for clients to itemize.
“Our objective is to make insurance easy
to afford and even easier to understand,”
Carroll said. “Our clients have better
things to worry about. When they insure
their equipment with Take 1, they can
rest assured we’ve taken every step to
minimize and hopefully eliminate any
surprises in the event of an emergency.”
For more information,
or call 1-800-856-7305.
(continued from page 26)
QuickTime and Windows Media Player), and
numerous workflow enhancements (including
expanded multi-cam functionality, extensive performance optimizations for DSLR video, and track
grouping for advanced timeline management).
Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 now offers
extensive batch processing tools and hands-free
media card processes, along with numerous
other critical time-saving features.
Booth C11001 |
Front and center at the Sony booth is the PMW-F3
handheld camcorder. As the company’s first lowcost 35mm PL-mount camera, the F3 is designed
to complement Sony’s F35 and SRW-9000PL on
professional commercial, documentary, television
and feature film productions.
Sony will introduce a compatible SR Memory
Portable Recorder for the F3. SR Memory is a
high-speed, high-capacity card format that allows
users to record directly to HDCAM SR using the SR
Memory Portable Recorder.
Also for the F3 will be two new Sony zoom
lenses: a wide-angle T3 11-16mm and a to-bedetermined T3.8 (wide) high-power optic in the 10x
to 14x range. These zooms would join the current
35mm, 50mm and 85mm prime kit lenses available
as part of the F3 bundle package.
On the 3D front, Sony will announce a 3D-Link
feature for the F3 via firmware upgrade and 10-pin
cable connection.
Also on display will be three 3D camera offerings: the twin-lens XDCAM EX 3D Shoulder
Camcorder (designed for studio and doc shooting),
compact NXCAM Handycam (intended for wedding and low-cost content creation) and a sideby-side twin-cam rig showcasing the
ease with which the 3D-Linkenabled PMW-F3 can
be used in stereo
shoots (primarily feature film and
high-end television,
alongside similar setups using the F35 or
The 3D Shoulder
Camcorder follows a triedand-true ENG camcorder
design, but with one obvious difference: a twin-lens setup. As this
design prevents traditional focus and
iris control, a three-part layered dial system has
been built into the left side of the unit, controlling
focus, iris and lens convergence.
Another stereo setup on display will be a rig
utilizing Sony’s HDC-P1 box cameras — featuring
2/3" CCDs and a slim, compact design with HDC
imager — an Element Technica over/under rig and
an HDVF-EL70 OLED viewfinder.
The two cameras can be linked using an HDFA200 Fiber adapter, which allows for dual camera
control via a single remote.
Also new is a multi-image processor dubbed
the MPE200, which offers real-time processing,
and 3D Box, an application that can electronically
adjust camera signals and 3D alignment (including
image shift, zoom, camera position error, flip/flop,
tilt, rotation, toe-in/out) as well as color correction
between signals, as the color shift between the two
camera lenses becomes critical in 3D.
The key importance of 3D Box is that it offers
a variety of critical adjustments that would otherwise have had to be done mechanically, which can
eat up production time and have previously kept
mirror and side-by-side rigs with one foot in the
“science experiment” zone.
We’ll also see an extension of Sony’s NXCAM
line, one featuring a Super 35mm sensor, the second a twin-lens 3D configuration, and the third a
compact, water/dust-resistant body.
The NXCAM HD camcorder — featuring the
same 23.6mm x 13.3mm F11/ISO800 Exmor Super
35mm-equivalent large-format CMOS sensor
found in the F3 — is an extension of Sony’s posi-
Roland VR-5
Dual Sensor 3D HD Camcorder
3-CMOS Pro HD Solid State Camcorder
• 1920 x 1080 Full HD 60p/24p
• Two 1/4" HD 'Exmor R' CMOS Sensors
• 3D Viewing Directly on 3.5" LCD
No Need for 3D Glasses
• 2D Playback from 3D Recordings
• Dual Wide Angle G Lenses Wide 10x (in
3D mode) optical zoom (17x Extended)
• Built-in 64GB internal flash memory
• SD/ SDHC/ SDXC/ Memory Stick card slot
• Microphone & Headphone Jacks
• 1080 and 720 HD resolution
recording on SDHC cards
• 3 1/4” 3-MP CMOS
HD image sensors
AVC/H.264 encoding
• 10.6-megapixel still capability
• 12x optical zoom
• 2.7-inch LCD monitor
• XLR audio input, HDMI output, USB 2.0
When in New York,
Visit our SuperStore
420 Ninth Ave.
Corner of 34th Street
New York, N.Y. 10001
3 CMOS HD Camcorder with 3D Shooting
3-CCD ProHD Solid State Camcorder
• 32GB internal flash memory
• SD/ SDHC/ SDXC card slot
• 3x 3.05 Mp 1/4.1" CMOS sensors
• 1080/60p recording
• Optional Panasonic VW-CLT1 3D
image lens required for 3D recording
• Leica Dicomar 12x optical,
20x intelligent zoom
• 3.5" touch screen LCD screen
• Microphone & headphone inputs
• Supports 1920/1440 x 1080, 1280 x 720
HD formats in 35, 25, and 19Mb/ps
with variable frame rates
• Dual SDHC card slots
(loop, pre-record)
• Captures native QuickTime files
• Fujinon 10x HD lens
• Optical image stabilization
• Dual XLR audio, with phantom
• Color viewfinder and large LCD monitor
3D Conversion Lens
#PAHDCTM900 / Conversion Lens #PAVWCLT1
HDV Camcorder
3-CCD Pro SD/SDHC Camcorder
• 1/ 2.7”, 2.96MP HD CMOS sensor
with RGB primary color filter
• Frame rates: 60i, native 24p (records
at 24p), 24p cinema, and 30p (at 60i)
• DIGIC DV II image processor
• Canon HD 10x optical video lens
• Instant Aufo Focus w/ext. sensor
• SuperRange optical stabilization
• 2.7” widescreen LCD screen • External mic input
• Smooth variable zoom with 3 fixed zoom speeds
• 3 1/3” progressive CCD sensors
• Records HD 1080/60i/30p/24p,
720/60p,30p,24p formats
• Solid-State HD recording onto SD/SDHC
media (21 Mb/ps - 1920x1080)
• In-camera Waveform monitor Vectorscope
and two focus assist displays
• Leica Dicomar13x wide zoom lens
• Optical Image Stabilization
• Time/date stamp (legal depositions) • Dual XLR audio inputs
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Pro Solid State Camcorder
3-CMOS Pro HD Solid State Camcorder
• 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
• 1/2.88" back-illuminated Exmor R
CMOS sensor
• 64GB internal memory
• Memory Stick / SD/SDHC media card slot
• 10x wide G series lens
• Assignable manual dial controls
• 3.5" wide LCD
• Geotagging with built-In GPS
• Optical image stabilization
• 3 1/4.1 CMOS sensors
• 1080 or 720 HD recording
• SD/SDHC media card slot
• 12X optical smooth zoom lens
• High-definition and standarddefinition recording
• Pre-record & interval recording
• Optical image stabilization
• Dual XLR/3.5mm mic-in inputs
• HDMI, USB, DV, Component terminals
800 947 1181
212 444 6681
NY 10001
XA10 / VIXIA HF G10*
Professional HD Solid State Camcorder
• 64GB Internal and Dual SDHC/SDXC
card slots with relay recording
• 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor
• Canon 10x HD Video Lens
• 8-Blade Iris and Manual Focus Ring
• DIGIC DV III Image Processor
• 24Mbps Recording (AVCHD)
• 3.5" High-resolution touch panel LCD and EVF
• Dual XLR terminals
3-CMOS AVCHD Flash Camcorder
* Same as XA10 without handle & XLR audio adaptor
• Three 1/3” CMOS Exmor sensors
• Records to Memory Stick PRO Duo,
SD/SDHC Cards (Dual media slots)
• 1080/60i, and 24p/30p AVCHD
• 20x zoom G-Lens (29.5mm wide)
• Zoom, focus, and iris rings
• Dual XLR inputs • 3.2” Xtra Fine LCD
• Low-light (1.5 LUX) capabilities
• CinemaTone Gamma and CinemaTone Color Control
#CAXA10 / #CAHFG10
Page 1
Interchangeable Lens HD Camcorder
3-CCD Pro DVCPRO HD Camcorder
• Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor (23.4 x 15.6mm)
• Includes E-mount 18-200mm (11x) zoom lens
• Record 1920 x 1080 HD resolution onto
SD/SDHC/SDXC, Memory Stick PRO
Duo/Pro-HG media
• Accepts A-mount lenses with
optional LA-EA1 adaptor
• 3" Xtra Fine LCD monitor
• Optical stabilization
• Include Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10
• DVCPRO-100 HD 100Mbps 4:2:2
Recording to P2 Cards
• High-Definition 1080 and 720p
Recording to P2 Cards
• Variable Frame Rates
• Leica Dicomar 13x Wide HD Lens
• 3x 1/3” 16:9 Progressive Image
Sensors • Two P2 Card Slots
• DVCPRO 50 & 25 Recording • 3.5” LCD Monitor
• MiniDV Transport SD Recording
800 947 5534
212 444 6740
Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Manufacturer rebates are subject to the terms and conditions (including expiration dates) printed on the manufacturers’ rebate forms. Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. © 2000-2011 B & H Foto & Electronics Corp.
XF100 / XF105
HD Professional CF Camcorders
3-CMOS NXCAM Flash Memory Camcorder
• 1/3" CMOS 1920 x 1080 CMOS sensor
• Dual CF card slots
• 50Mbps MPEG-2 recording
• Canon's MPEG-2 4:2:2 color sampling
• 60p/60i, 30p, 24p MXF File Format
• 10x HD zoom lens
• 3.5" 920K dot LCD monitor
• Stereoscopic 3-D recording capabilities
• Dual XLR inputs • Waveform Monitor
XF105 Step-up: HD/SD-SDI, SMPTE Time Code, Genlock
• Three 1/3” Exmor CMOS sensors,
with a ClearVid array
• Capture uses Memory Stick PRO
Duo / SDHC Cards, with relay
record capability (optional HXRFMU128 flash memory unit)
• 20x wide G series lens
• HD-SDI & HDMI output, SMPTE
Time Code in/out, Dual XLR inputs
• Built-in GPS system • 3.2” Xtra Fine LCD
#CAXF100 / #CAXF105
Shoulder Mount AVCHD Pro Camcorder
Professional Memory Card Camcorder
• 1/4" 4.2Mp, ClearVid Exmor R CMOS sensor
• Built-in 64GB hard drive
• SD/SDHC/SDXC & Memory Stick slot
• 1920 x 1080i AVCHD (24Mbps)
• MPEG-2 SD Mode (9Mbps)
• 12x wide angle Sony G lens
• Optical SteadyShot stabilizer
• 2.7" ClearPhoto LCD
• Manual lens ring with assignable
• Large 4/3-type MOS sensor
• Micro four thirds lens mount
• Uses still & cinema lenses
• Two SDHC/SDXC memory card slots
(Relay Recording)
• AVCCAM Recording 1080i/p,
720p variable frame rates
• Optical low-pass filter
• HD-SDI, HDMI output, Dual XLR
Lens Optional
3-CMOS Pro HDV Camcorder
XDCAM EX Solid State High-Definition Camcorder
• 3 Sony ClearVid 1/3-inch CMOS
sensors with Exmor technology
• Sony G-series 20x optical zoom
lens (29.5mm wide-end)
• Native (24p/24A/30p) progressive
scan recording • Direct connectivity
to Sony’s HVR-MC1K flash memory
recorder • Records HDV/DVCAM/MiniDV
• Dual XLR inputs, SMPTE timecode • 3.2” XtraFine LCD with 921k pixels
• Cinema Tone Gamma and Color Control
• SxS Memory Card Recording
w/800Mb/ps Data Transfer
• DVCam Recording • Cache Recording
• Image Inversion Function
• 1/2-inch Exmor 3 CMOS Sensors
• 1080i/720p Switchable
• Multiple Frame Recording
• 14x HD Fujinon Lens
• 3.5” LCD • Full Manual Focus Ring
• Over- and Under-cranking
XDCAM EX Solid State High-Definition Camcorder
• 3 1/3” ClearVid CMOS Sensors
w/Enhanced Exmor Technology
• Interchangeable 1/3” Bayonet
Lens Mount
• 1080, 24p and 30p Native
Progressive Recording
• CompactFlash Card Slot
• Optical Image Stabilization
• 12x Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens
• Down-convert HD to SD • HDMI & i.LINK Interface
• Interchangeable 1/2” bayonet lens mount,
incl. Fujinon 14x5.8 lens
• 3 1/2” Exmor CMOS image sensors
that shoot full raster 1920x1080
hi-def imagery • Recording on
removable SxS flash memory cards
• 1080 and 720 shooting modes with
selectable bit rates in both PAL
and NTSC standards • 3.5” LCD
• 8-Pin remote studio connectivit
XF300 / XF305
Consumer Video .............. #813
Pro Video .........................#821
Audio for Video.................. #91
Video Editing ...................#831
3 CMOS Solid State HD Camcorder
P2HD Pro Solid-State Camcorder
• Record HD 1080/720 onto
Compact Flash cards
• 50Mbps MPEG-2 4:2:2 recording
• 3 1/3" 2.37Mp CMOS sensors
• 18x Canon HD L series lens
• DIGIC DV III image processor
• 4" 1.23 Mp LCD monitor
• 1.55 Mp Color EVF
• Over and under crank
XF305 Step-up: HD-SDI Output, Genlock & SMPTE Time Code
• Two P2 card slots recording HD
(1080i and 720p) and SD (480i) f
• 20 variable frame rates
• 3 1/3” progressive CCD sensors
• HD/SD-SDI output
• 13X Leica Dicomar wide zoom lens
• Enhanced metadata management
• Optical Image Stabilization Dual XLR inputs
• 3.5” LCD monitor • In-camera Waveform monitor
Vectorscope and two Focus assist
#CAXF300 / #CAXF305
Pro HDV/CF Flash Camcorder
3-CMOS Pro Solid State Camcorder
Super 35mm HD Camcorder Kit
• 10-bit, 4:2:2, native 1080 and 720p
HD resolution in variable frame rates
• AVC-Intra 100 and 50 codecs
• Two P2 card slots (hot swapping,
loop, pre-record)
• 3 advanced 1/3”, 2.2 MP
CMOS sensors • HD-SDI output
• 20-bit digital signal processor
• 17x Fujinon HD lens • Built-in scan reverse mode
• Waveform and vector scope display
• Exmor Super 35 CMOS image sensor
• Includes 35mm, 50mm, 85mm lens kit
• PL lens mount, 35mm Cine lens
• 10-bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI
• Two SxS memory card slots
• Interlace/Progressive modes
• D-SDI Dual-link output
• 3D-LINK option
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NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
VariZoom StingRay support
tioning in the mid-range marketplace and is primarily intended for lower-budget features, music
videos and commercials. Priced at less than
$7,000, the modular AVCHD S-35mm unit
features a boxy body, large top-mounted
screen/viewfinder, sturdy mic extension
that doubles as a carry handle, and a rightside hand-hold grip — the latter two components may be removed easily to convert it
into a compact, studio-type camera.
Next in the NXCAM family is the new Compact
Size Camcorder, which is priced at under $3,500,
features 96GB of internal memory and boasts
a unique water/dust-resistant body that would
make it a rugged documentary unit. It features
a detachable audio module with shotgun mic,
viewfinder and lens shade. The Compact Size
Camcorder is water resistant, not waterproof, and
should not be submerged.
Finally, the twin-lens NXCAM Compact Size
3D Camcorder, priced at under $3,500, features a
bright, very effective 3.5" glasses-free 3D screen,
which can be reconfigured for 2D with the press
of a button. A switch on the back panel above the
very small battery pack quickly reverts the camera
itself into a capable 2D unit (using only the left lens/
sensor). It also has a still-shot capability with flash.
Booth C2946|
The company will offer its full line of portable audio mixers, digital recorders and related
accessories. Featured products include the 552
Portable Production Mixer with built-in recorder, the 788T Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder
and its extensive range of accessories, and the
new USBPre 2 audio interface. Sound Devices
recently introduced a new hardware accessory
for its best-selling 788T, the CL-WIFI, which
allows users to control the recorder from
anywhere on set. The CL-WIFI works with
its companion iOS software app to allow
iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches to control
a connected 788T. The CL-WIFI turns an iOS
device into a simple, portable control surface
that allows a sound mixer to move around on
set, away from the sound cart, yet still be able
to control and monitor the 788T.
Booth C8818 |
Tiffen is showing up with its complete line of
Steadicam rigs, from the top of the line, fullsized Ultra2 all the way down to the handheld
Buyers Market 41
april 2011 | classifieds
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NAB Show Special | april 2011
NAB 2011
Smoothee (for the Apple iPhone 3GS/4, Flip
Mino and other handheld devices). In the software area, Tiffen will have the latest version of
Dfx (v.2), which digitally simulates the effects
of more than 1,000 Tiffen optical filters. Also on
display: Davis & Sanford tripods, Domke camera
bags and accessories, Listec video prompters,
Lowel lighting and, of course, Tiffen optical
Booth C9918 |
VariZoom will bring a full range of camera support equipment along with state-of-the-art
motion-control systems, camera cranes and jibs,
vest and handheld stabilizers, tripods, dollies,
lens controls (wired and wireless), LED lights, a
comprehensive line of custom shoulder supports
and monitors, and a full line of professional batteries and charging systems.
Among their diverse array of offerings is the
new StingRay, a modular, rod-based support
system for DSLRs. It quickly converts into several
different modes for shooting video or stills. No
fewer than five flexible configurations are possible, including simple three-point mode, threepoint with dual adjustable handles, four-point
with dual handles, shock-absorbing body mount
and counterweighted pivoting shoulder brace.
The unit breaks down neatly for easy transport.
Booth C9542 |
Zacuto will showcase its lineup of electronic
viewfinders, including the EVF Snap and EVF
Flip-Up. Each sports a 3.2" monitor and features
blue scan, frame-line generation and peaking
Zacuto will reveal a new shoulder-mounted
rig for use with HDSLRs and the Zacuto EVF.
“When using the EVF shoulder mounted, the
form factor is important,” says Zacuto’s Mandy
Rogers. “To get it just right, we had to develop a
new shoulder pad design. Like always, I am sure
we will show up with several other new items.”
Among those items are a Panasonic AG-AF100
rig with Z-Finder EVF and a Sony PMW-F3 rig
tricked out with all the usual Zacuto gadgets. dv
You’ll find much more NAB Show coverage on our
Web site. Visit DV online. Also follow us at twitter.
We’re racing toward NAB 2011, but manufacturers
are holding their cards close to the vest.
AJA Io Express
don’t anticipate any shockers this year, like
Blackmagic Design announcing DaVinci Resolve for
the Mac at last year’s NAB Show, but I think it will be a
great show for those interested in working, ready-to-ship
products, rather than future releases.
In the intervening months since NAB 2010 and IBC 2010, many of the
products announced at these shows have shipped and even been updated. This coming NAB will be the first chance for many to actually kick the tires on working products shown
as prototypes a few short months ago.
The big software releases of 2010, including Resolve, Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X, Avid
Media Composer 5, Avid Pro Tools 9, Avid DS 10.5, Grass Valley EDIUS 6 and Adobe CS5, will
undoubtedly see a refresh at this year’s show.
This year, Avid is first out of the gate with a March release of Media Composer 5.5, plus
the corresponding Symphony and NewsCutter versions. AJA’s popular Io Express joins the
Matrox MXO2 Mini as a qualified third-party hardware solution. Unlike the MXO2 Mini, the Io
Express will support ingest and deck control. The EuCon protocol has been added so that Media
Composer can now take advantage of three of the Avid Artist (formerly Euphonix) panels: Artist
Transport, Artist Mix and Artist Control. A powerful new tool is PhraseFind, which is an optional
dialogue search module powered by Nexidia. It’s similar to AV3 Software’s Get, except that
PhraseFind operates from inside the Media Composer interface. There’s plenty more to cover
in a full review, but it’s noteworthy to mention that this will be the last Media Composer version
to support Adrenaline hardware and/or 32-bit operating systems.
Quantel joins the shift to software-based products with the release of Pablo PA. This
is being positioned as an assistant’s tool to augment high-end eQ, iQ and Pablo hardware
suites for tasks such as conforming RED files. Pablo PA has all the Pablo v5 color, multi-layer
timeline effects, import, export, archive and conform tools, as well as the stereo 3D toolset.
It is unclear exactly which, if any, features are left off, but this signals a major shift for one of
the traditional “big iron” companies. Two other software tools of interest will be EditShare’s
Lightworks open source NLE and The Foundry’s Storm. Both were previewed last year and
should be out of beta by NAB.
RED Digital Cinema returns to the South Hall with a booth. RED’s next-generation Epic has
started to ship, and the company will demonstrate working versions of the Epic and Scarlet
cameras, as well as the RED RAY 4K playback system. Other camera systems not to miss
include the newest versions of the ARRI Alexa, Sony PMW-F3 and Panasonic AG-AF100.
New for 2011 will be Canon’s XF100 and XF105 cameras. These come hot on the heels of
last year’s introduction of the XF300 and XF305. All four models use Canon’s 50Mb/s MPEG-2
4:2:2 codec. Sony could be a wild card with their recent unveiling of an end-to-end 4K roadmap. Their presentation centers on a yet-to-be-revealed 4K camera, which I presume is a
future successor to Sony’s F23 and F35 digital cinematography cameras.
Apple’s discontinuation of Xserve left many concerned. Active Storage has stepped into
that void with the new ActiveSAN appliance. It’s a Linux-based metadata controller for Xsan
and StorNext shared storage environments. Active was founded by former Apple executives,
and their storage and now server products look like they would have been next-generation
Apple products. Since ActiveSAN runs on the Linux OS, Active Storage has designed a native
Mac OS X user interface and management suite for better ease of use. Facilities with aging
Final Cut Pro/Xsan configurations will be eager to check out these products. dv
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