NOVA 2001 Digital Audio Matrix
NOVA 2001
Digital Audio Matrix
Full digital cross-point audio
l Many components are modular
l Hi-tech components and
professional grade design
All functions digitally controlled
by microprocessor-based audio
“Watch-dog” facility
4 balanced inputs (optionally
transformer insulated) and 8
balanced outputs with disable
Input gain, separate treble and
bass tone controls, separate
scratch and rumble filters, digital
control for each input
The NOVA 2001 digital audio matrix MTX2001
offers a unique modular design; developed from
the innovative idea of a matrix, each MTX2001 is
a complete 4 x 8 digital matrix. This configuration
allows complete flexibility in system design,
including full redundancy. In addition, hardware
and software changes are made easily and
To increase the dimensions, it can be connected
to other identical boards (up to 16 in all), without
additional wiring. The input audio signal is first
converted to digital stream (CD audio quality), and
then to analogue.
No need for external wiring to
assemble or modify the matrix
Increased flexibility and reliability
Reduction of dissipated heat,
heightened noise immunity, EMIRFI compliance
System expansion requires fewer
modules; system produces very
high quality audio signals
(processed at CD-level quality).
The matrix can auto-reset, in case
of failure, and returns to the last
valid configuration
Each board is a complete 4 x 8
audio matrix without external
wiring required. Output disable
allows fully redundant
Real input equalization for each
audio channel delivers the best
intelligibility and quality from the
signal source
Some keys for the MTX2001 include independent
high and low tone controls for any input channel; a
chime generator; and audio filters to configure
modular systems, with no need to connect
auxiliary external devices.
The balanced outputs can be used as line drivers,
with high level and low distortion signals. As a
final point, it is possible to monitor each input or
output on any board.
The board is easily installed and managed by the
user. It is installed on the NOVA 2001
motherboard, powered by the NOVA 2001 PSU,
and controlled by the NOVA 2001 CPU via the
software user interface.
NOVA 2001
Digital Audio Matrix
4 inputs x 8 outputs cross-point board.
High Pass (rumble) and Low Pass (scratch) filters
on each input.
Input sensitivity:
from –33 dB to +20 dB
(for output 0 dB @ 1 kHz without boost)
Independent volume control on each output.
Independent high and low tone control for each
input channel.
Alert tone (chime) generator, adjustable among
single, double or triple tone.
Boost function to increase output level from nominal
0 dB to +14 dB, without modifying input settings.
Balanced output line amplifier, adjustable up to +14
dB (on 600 Ω load).
Gain controls on each input (from microphone level
to high level source), with LED indicator for optimal
input gain adjustment.
On-board EEprom for storage of all channel
Time delay (up to 200 ms) for output # 8, which can
be set for acoustic feedback attenuation or room
delay compensation.
High density and SMD components, with multi-layer
PCB for high quality and reliability.
Microprocessor controlled board. Built-in “watchdog” function to reset system and restore last valid
Maximum # of boards:
Maximum capacity:
64 inputs x 128 outputs,
with 64 concurrent input
programs carried into 128
concurrent outputs
20 ÷ 20,000 Hz (+0 / -3 dB)
Maximum distortion:
≤ 0.2%
Signal to noise ratio:
≥ 60 dB (unweighted)
(at 0 dB Vout on 600 Ω load)
(at +14 dB Vout on 600 Ω load)
Input sensitivity:
from –49 dB ÷ to +4 dB
(for output 0 dB @ 1 kHz with boost)
Tone controls:
Treble ±12 dB @ 10 kHz
Bass ±12 dB @ 100 Hz
Rumble filter:
-3 dB @ 150 Hz 12 dB/oct
Scratch filter:
-3 dB @ 5.3 kHz 12 dB/oct
Input gain adjustment:
0.5 dB / step on 256 steps
Output level adjustment:
1 dB / step on 128 steps
Output boost:
increase output level with
fixed value of +14 dB
Output disable:
force the output to Hi-Z
Power supply:
12 Vdc, 5 Vdc
(by the NOVA 2001 motherboard)
Power consumption:
6.5 W (all outputs loaded)
330 mA @ 5 V
400 mA @ 12 V
4.4 W (all outputs
330 mA @ 5 V
230 mA @ 12 V
L234 x H220 mm
(double eurocard)
0.4 kg
MTX2001 digital audio matrix
GT 10404
(at max input gain)
≥ 60 dB (unweighted)
(at max input gain)
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