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Axis partner solution note
Welcome your customers while you
protect them as well as your assets!
Turn the Confrontation Screen at store entrance
into a Welcome Screen by integrating Live
Video with Digital Signage.
Retailers are going digital to improve customer experience and provide a
true omni-channel shopping. Screens with digital ads are raising
awareness and sales. Adding live videos elevates the experience even
further as visitors are becoming captivated and engaged. It creates a
human and appealing environment. The shop becomes a smart-shop:
dynamic, real-time and connected.
Axis and SpinetiX have teamed up to create a powerful
and smart streaming solution to innovate the Public View
- or Confrontation Screen. By combining the Axis network
cameras with SpinetiX HMP players the screen at shop
entrance turns into a Welcome Screen.
This smart streaming solution allows retailers to include
security as part of their aesthetically pleasing instorecommunications.
The HMP player gets the live stream directly from the
door-facing Axis network camera and displays it on the
Welcome Screen. This solution does not require any PC
nor additional cabling.
> Local weather forecast
> Local transportation timetable
> And much more powered by 150+ customizable widgets
Furthermore, to make it relevant and targeted to the
shopper, HMP players handle event triggering from the
Axis network camera, allowing screen content to change
based on pre-defined shop scenarios. For example, every
10th visitors can be rewarded with a coupon triggered by
the connected people counter.
Shop entrance live video for theft prevention
Real-time announcements
Local sales promotions
Smart way finding
Welcome messages
Opening hours
Staff photos
Emergency and safety alerts
>Live videos: any size
and positioned freely
>150+ widgets to
display dynamic
>High reliability, doesn’t
require PC
>Plug & Play
HMP player can display multiple types of information
such as live videos, audio, texts, images, etc. These
elements can be dynamically positioned, re-sized and
edited to display one of the following:
>Low latency streaming
The solution fits shops of any size and is scalable for any
number of screens and any number of shops. The HMP
player is based on open standards and can be seamlessly
integrated to any existing and future architecture.
Axis and SpinetiX help to create an engaging smart
shopping experience with instore-communication that
matters to customers making them more loyal.
SpinetiX HMP players
Axis network cameras
Why network
> Superior image quality
> Remote accessibility
HMP350 (2 x RJ45 connectors for
direct camera connection)
All camera models
Recommendations for entrance door
variety: backlight compensation (WDR)
> AXIS M30 Series (Max 1920x1080)
> AXIS P32 Series (varifocal)
> AXIS P12 Series (discreet environments)
> Easy, future-proof
> Scalability and flexibility
> Distributed intelligence
> Proven technology
Why Axis?
SpinetiX Elementi (content creation
and publishing tool)
FREE 30-day trial
AXIS Companion software suite
AXIS Camera Station
> Worldwide #1 in network
video, the world’s leading
> Proven installations across
all continents
> Broadest product portfolio
in the industry
Screen: Any size and format. HDMI. RS232 or CEC recommended for remote Power ON/OFF.
> The largest installed base
of network video products
> Over 30 years of
networking excellence
Why SpinetiX?
> Number 1 Digital Signage
choice for installers and
> SpinetiX is an award
winning Digital Signage
> Worldwide distribution
> Worldwide training and
> Channel Partner Program
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