CPS Computer Power Sentry
DANGER- Make certain battery power is removed from the vehicle during the installation
Also make certain to prevent the grounded USB cable shell from making contact with
any active electrical connection. Improper installation can result in electrical fire or other
significant damage to the vehicle. Newmar recommends this unit to professionally
Disconnect the vehicle battery until all voltage connections are completed.
The #18 BLACK wire must connect to a good electrical ground. (AUTOMOTIVE
manufacturers do not consider the chassis to be a reliable ground.)
The #12 RED wire is fused with a 20-amp ATC automotive fuse. It is connected
to the vehicles electrical system.
The #14 ORANGE connects to the computer DC power supply or to the docking
station DC power input
The #18 YELLOW connects to any circuit that is powered when the ignition is on
or in accessory position. This signal immediately causes Computer Power Sentry
to turn on and over rides the voltage sensing for engine off. It does NOT over ride
the dead battery detection system.
Reinstall the battery connection. and connect the USB cable between the
Computer Power Sentry switch and the computer.
Turn Ignition ON to activate Computer Power Sentry and boot the computer.
Complete the software installation process that follows.
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As of November 2007
COMPUTER POWER SENTRY PC software is provided on a CD-ROM. It is self-extracting
installation once installed; the software will start during the computer boot sequence.
Windows 2000 (SP-3) or XP are required.
1) The Computer Power Sentry system consists of three essential items: The CPS20 module, or hardware voltage measuring and control unit, the software
package (Supplied on the included CD-ROM) that runs on the computer and
USB cable for communications between the Switch and the Computer.
2) The CD supplied with your Computer Power Sentry system contains the Installer
File “Dock Master.MSI” (licensed under Dock Master), installation instructions
and other useful documents.
3) The “switch” does not have to be connected to the computer to install the
software. However, it must be connected, powered, and communicating if you
need to change the voltage sense points from the default settings. (It is not
necessary for the switch to power the computer, only the switch and computer to
both be powered.)
a. Default values: (Dead Battery = 10.5 Volts, Sense engine running = 13.4
Volts, and Over Voltage = 16.8 Volts.)
b. The switch module must be powered and communicating BEFORE the
application is launched in order to configure the switch. Starting the
switch after the computer and application are running shuts down the
4) Installing the software:
Turn the computer on. After it boots, insert the Computer Power Sentry CD in
your CD drive. The “Shutdown GUI Setup Wizard” should start. If it does not
start, find the installer file on the CD (*.msi) and double click on it. (If the target
computer dies not have a CD drive, you can copy the file to a USB memory stick
and run it from there.)
a. For a new installation follow the prompts to complete the installation.
b. If upgrading to a new software version, first uninstall the previous version
(do not repair), then restart the installation and install software.
5) When the “installation completed” window appears, close to finish the
installation. There will be a yellow lightning bolt on the desk top with the title
“shutdown GUI Config (delete after first use).” This is for configuring the switch
voltage sense parameters. It is intended for the use of administrative personnel
a. To preserve the switch configuration capability, copy the lightning bolt
shortcut to the “c:\shutdowngui” folder. Right click on the lightning bolt
PO Box 1306, Newport Beach, California 92663 ⋅ Phone: 714-751-0488 ⋅
E-mail: techservice@newmarpower.com
and drag to the folder. Release and click on “create shortcut here.” If the
lightning bolt has been deleted from the desktop without copying it to
another folder you can restore it by uninstalling and reinstalling the
b. The start up shortcut installs into the \user\startup folder. To create a
startup shortcut in the “all users” startup folder, go into the installation
folder, C:\program files\shutdownGUI. Right click on the “Power
Master.exe” file and drag to all users startup folder. Select “Create
Shortcut”. This will cause the software to start up regardless of witch user
logs on.
6) The default voltage values are 10.5 volts for “Dead Battery”, or electrical system
fault, the charge sense voltage is 13.4 volts, and the over voltage sense is 16.8
volts. If you need to change these values, they are accessed in the configuration
(lightning bolt) mode. Note that for “Dead Battery” the voltage must be
maintained for 30-seconds below the set value before you see any action on it.
This is a filter to eliminate any false alarms cause by temporary voltage dips.
7) Start Computer Power Sentry in the configuration mode. A window appears
notifying you the program is in the configuration mode. (In the configuration
mode, you can access switch voltage settings if desired.) Note that a log file is
created while running in the configuration mode. Once you begin operating in the
normal start up mode, delete the log file. It resides in the C:\program
files\shutdownGUI folder.
8) Click on the OK button to continue in the configuration mode. A “C” logo appears
in the task bar at the bottom right of the screen. RIGHT CLICK this logo. The first
screen should appear. This is the initial GUI window that pops up in normal
operation at 5 minutes before shutdown. Click on the “Configure” button to bring
up the first configuration screen.
a. “Session delay” is the time between turning the ignition off and closing
the computer session (turning off the computer). This menu is also
accessible during normal operation by right clicking on the “C” logo in the
task bar..
b. “Snooze” emulates the snooze button on an alarm clock. The value (15
minutes default) is the time an officer can add to the session delay when
the “5-minutes to go” window pops up.
c. “PC has battery” is an option to exercise the internal laptop battery by
removing power to the PC before closing down the applications and
operating system. The time value in the window is the running time
between removing power and shutting down the operating system. This
should unchecked checked after being used.
9) To make changes, click the white box next to “allow changes”. Enter your desired
changes and click “apply”. These files saved in the initialization and downloaded
to the switch when the system is restarted. This means that the configuration
goes with the computer from car to car.
PO Box 1306, Newport Beach, California 92663 ⋅ Phone: 714-751-0488 ⋅
E-mail: techservice@newmarpower.com
10) To Change voltage settings, or just to observe voltage tracking, open the switch
configuration window with the “Configure Switch” button. To change any values,
click on the “allow changes” box and drag the appropriate handle to the desired
position. Once you have dragged the handles to the new values, click on “Apply”.
These settings are saved in the initialization file and downloaded to the switch.
Normal Operation
Normal operation is when the computer boots and the Shutdown GUI activates in
the startup folder. The top level menu is available to the operator by clicking the icon
in the task bar.
Initial GUI Window.
Right clicking the icon brings up the screen that normally appears in during the last
5-minutes of count down. It has 3-buttons on it. They are “Snooze”, Shutdown Now”,
and “Configure”.
This behaves like the “snooze” button on an alarm clock. If the operator is in the
vehicle when the 5-minute window appears, they can click on this button to add time
in snooze increments. The default is 15 minutes. The Session delay is the time delay
before shutdown.
Shutdown Now:
When this button is clicked, another screen appears asking if you really want to
shut the computer down. Click yes to begin the normal shutdown sequence. This is
followed in 45-seconds by power off.
The “Configure button” brings up the session delay, snooze increments, and
‘computer has battery” settings. The operator may change these settings.
Tech Support:
For Software Tech Support, please contact Hugh by phone at 800-357-7514 or
by email: Hugh@copelandengineering.com.
PO Box 1306, Newport Beach, California 92663 ⋅ Phone: 714-751-0488 ⋅
E-mail: techservice@newmarpower.com
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