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Medical Management
Comfort and Support
Pages 2 to 11
Pages 38 to 41
Blood Pressure Monitors
Blood Glucose Monitors
Tens Machines
Tablet Organisers, Dispensers & Boxes
Medication Assists, Pill Cutters & Crushers
Medical Jewellery
Cotton, Vinyl & Latex Gloves
Hot and Cold Therapy
First Aid Kits
David Procter
Procter Health Care Centre Team
Pages 42 to 45
Bed and Chair Protection
Incontinence Wipes
Disposable Incontinence Pads and Pants
Toilet Accessories
Pages 12 to 16
Pages 46 to 48
Adjustable Beds
Riser and Recliner Chairs
Fireside Chairs
Bed and Chair Accessories
Pressure Relief Products
Pages 16 to 23
Pressure Relief Cushions
Mattress Toppers and Fleeces
Joint Protectors
Foot Care
Commodes, Toilet Seats, Frames & Surrounds
Urinals and Bed Pans
Mobility and Accessories
Pages 48 to 58
Wheelchairs, Powered Vehicles & Ramps
Wet Weather Clothing
Wheelchair Accessories
Wheeled Walkers and Frames
Crutches and Walking Sticks
Shopping Trolleys
Supports and Braces
Kitchen and Dining
Pages 24 to 31
Pages 58 to 63
Copper Comfort
Hand, Neck, Joint & Wrist Braces
Thermoskin Elastic Range
Neck, Lumber, Shoulder, Elbow
and Ankle Supports
Travel Stockings
Back and Abdominal Supports
Bathing Aids
David Procter
Incontinence Care and Protection
Bed and Chair aids
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Pillows, Back, Support and Cushions
Slippers and Shoes
Dressing and Grooming
Cutlery, Cups and Mugs
Plates and Openers
Non Slip and Food Preparation
Leisure and Exercise
Pages 64 to 65
Seat Sticks
Exercisers and Sundries
Pages 32 to 37
Powered Bath Lifts
Bath Seats and Boards
Bathroom Grab Rails
Shower Stools
Bathing Sundries
General Household
Pages 66 to 67
Trays, Reachers, Trolleys and Accessories
medical management
Blood Pressure Monitors
In a world of miniaturisation the choice of monitors, nebulisers and electrical nerve machines, some so small they fit onto the wrist, are now
available at affordable prices. They are simple and easy to use and it is a convenient way to measure blood pressure and blood glucose
levels, or to deliver a drug to the lungs, or even control pain without using drugs.
You will be spoilt for choice from pill organisers, medical jewellery, to joint and body supports and even hot and cold therapies.
Omron R5I
Omron M3I
Fully automatic wrist monitor Intellisense
Fully automatic upper arm monitor
inflation at the touch of a button
Measurement Technology. Memory for 21
Omron RX3 Wrist Blood
Pressure Monitor
One button operation with 28
measurements memory
Storage box and 2 batteries included
Large clear display shows systolic and
diastolic pressure and pulse rate
Clinically validated by the British
Hypertension Society
Clinically validated by the British
Hypertension Society
Code: OMRR5I
Code: 0MRM3I
Code: OMRRX3
£99.90 (£83.25 ex VAT)
£51.05 (£42.54 ex VAT)
£59.92 (£49.93 ex VAT)
Storage case and batteries included
2-year guarantee
Cuff fits 13.5cm to 19.5cm (51/4 x 73/4")
Omron 637IT
Fully automatic wrist monitor
Bio Information Link function connects to PC
90 memory capacity
Includes USB cable and software CD-ROM
Clinically validated by the British
Hypertension Society
Code: OM637IT
£179.87 (£149.89 ex VAT)
Blood Glucose Monitors
The Accu-Chek Compact meter is the breakthrough glucose meter system with an integrated lancing
device. With no strips to handle, testing is made easier and more convenient for all patients.
This meter offers the plus of an attached SoftClix Plus lancing device, an internal 17-test-drum,
and no necessary coding. It also includes an acoustic test reminder and hypoglycaemia
threshold warning.
Accu-Chek Compact
Built-in 17 strip drum dispenser
£15.58 (£12.99 ex VAT)
5 second test time
Carry case, record diary and batteries included
100 test memory
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
TeNS Machines
TeNS Machines or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a non-invasive drug free method of controlling pain.
TeNS uses tiny electrical impulses sent through the skin to nerves to modify the pain. TeNS does not work for everybody. However in most
patients it is effective in reducing or eliminating pain, allowing for a return to normal activity.
TPN200 Plus
JPM 700
Two easy to use, independent channels to control
intensity, duration, frequency and modulation
output. It can be used on a wide range of chronic
and acute pain conditions; including cervical,
lower back, lumbago, leg pain, sciatica, arthritis,
tendonitis, fractures, tennis elbow and muscle
and joint pain.
Dual channel
Modulation, Constant & Burst modes. Variable
pulse rate 2Hz-150Hz. Variable pulse width
30µs-260µs. Belt clip
Code: ??????????
1 x soft carry case, 2 x patient leads, 1 x battery 1
x pack of self adhesive electrodes (4 per pack),
Instruction Manual
5 modes, burst, continuous modulation,
timer control 30 minutes, 60 minutes and
continuous. Variable pulse width 30-260µs,
variable pulse rate 2-150mz
Supplied in presentation case with leads,
electrodes, manual and 2 batteries
Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 23mm
(33/4” x 21/2” x 3/4”)
Code: JPM700
Porta Neb Sidestream
Inspiration Elite
Micro Elite
High quality, mains powered compressor
for use at home or in hospital.
A quality, mains powered compressor
that is lightweight and robust.
The Micro Elite is lightweight and is supplied
with a rechargeable battery.
Large internal compartment.
Weighs 2.5k.
Delivery of most of prescribed medications
for respiratory conditions.
Can be used with either a mask or a
mouthpiece, both supplied. It produces a
fast and accurate drug delivery.
Very compact. Supplied with a disposable
Sidestream nebuliser kit. Weighs 1.5kg
and measures 19x14x9cm.
You can operate it from any mains voltage
worldwide, using its AC power supply unit.
Plug into the cigarette lighter in the car.
Rechargeable battery.
Medication chamber can be inserted directly
into the compressor or can be attached to
the drive line that is included.
Weighs 300g without the battery
and 450 with.
£150.00 (£125.00 ex VAT)
£98.00 (£81.67 ex VAT)
Clearway Inhaler
Ideal for the treatment of catarrh,
blocked sinuses, coughs and colds
£160.00 (£133.33 ex VAT)
Fill with hot water & add inhalants as
recommended by your pharmacist
Connect the PVC face mask & inhale
Code: CLE235G
medical management
Tablet Organisers, Dispensers & Boxes
7 Day Extra Large Tablet Holder
Medidos Tablet Dispenser
Medimax Tablet Dispenser
Seven compartment organiser that can be
carried in pocket or bag
Seven clearly marked boxes – one for
each day of the week
3.5 times bigger than the Medidos for
larger quantities and is easily handled
Length 230mm width 45mm and depth
27mm (9” x 13/4” x 1”)
Each box contains four adjustable
compartments for tablets to be taken at
different times of the day
Closed size 140mm x 155mm x 45mm
(51/2” x 61/4” x 13/4”)
All housed neatly in blue PVC wallet for
security and convenience
Now available in a selection of colours
Seven daily boxes, with an eighth box
that is blank
Easy slide lids include a brake to prevent
compartments opening too quickly
Code: AA9908
5 Alarm Pill Reminder Box
Circular pill box comprising five
Five individual vibrating and/or audible
Code: MED129D
Code: MED241S
Heptagonal One Week Pill Case
One Week Plus Today
Handy pill case, holds one week’s worth
of pills
Removable, four compartment unit for each
day of the week
Unique compact shape, easily stored in
pockets or bags while travelling
Each compartment will fit into pocket or
bag, or whole unit can be kept entire
Overall size 170mm x 110mm x 20mm
(63/4” x 41/4” x 3/4”)
Colours may vary
Code: PR70150
MediSure Mini Pill Organiser
Code: VG0305
Novel and compact
Choose between an oval container with a
key ring, or a slightly larger round container
without a key ring
MediSure Pill Stacker
Good way to remember your pills
Convenient and unique design
Code: ME598
Neatly stacked subsections provides 7 day
pill organisation
4 compartments for each day
Code: (A) OVAL MS07882
(B) ROUND MS07905
Code: MS07943
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Pillmate 7 Day Pill Organiser Box
Pillmate Daily Dose Pill Organiser
One compartment for each day of the week
Ideal for planning medication
Pillmate Pill Chest Extra Large
Multi-dose Weekly Dispenser
Fits into pocket or bag
4 compartments for each day of the week
Holds 4 daily doses for 1 week
Comes in two sizes
Compact case
Extra large design makes it easy to
handle for those with poor manual
A simple way to save time and organise
weekly medication
Large - Code: 19023
Maxi - Code: 19028
Code: 19020
Large £2.05 Maxi £2.55
Pillmate Twice Daily Weekly
Safe & Sound 7 Day Pill Organiser
Tray with transparent compartment windows.
Dosage timetable included.
Easily stored in a pocket or bag.
One compartment for each day of the
Code: ME599B
A great way to keep on top of your
Easily stored in a pocket or bag.
Safe & Sound Detachable Jumbo
Pill Box
Easily detachable for more compact and
convenient storage
Days of the week printed on each
Code: ME599C
White Code: SA8390
Large size allows one weeks worth of
medication to be planned
Safe & Sound Pill Dispenser
Conveniently holds one weeks worth of pills.
Small enough to carry around in a bag.
Simply slide open to retrieve tablets.
Safe & Sound Pill Tower
Stores seven individual daily pill boxes
to help organise weekly medication.
Code: SA8315
Each daily box has four separate
Easily removed from the bottom of
the tower.
Safe & Sound Round Pill Box
Compact, pocket sized tin with a pop-up lid.
3 small compartments.
Chrome plated.
Code: SA8392
Code: SA8397
Code: SA8404
medical management
Safe & Sound Table Top Weekly
Vital Stacking Pill Reminder
7 Trays, each with 4 compartments
Safe & Sound weekly Pill
Great for keeping on top of your medication
and vitamins.
Stacking system for compact, easy storage
and organisation
A tray which can contain 7 days worth
of medication.
Non-slip backing pads help the organiser
grip to table top surfaces.
Large print text, accompanied by Braille
Each day container may be detached
and kept with you throughout the day.
Large surface area gives plenty of space for
those who require lots of medication to
be stored.
Plan your weekly medication easily.
Code: SA8400
Code: SA8316
£4.95 Code: VG0308
Medication Assists, Tablet & Pill Cutters, Crushers and Poppers
Auto Eye Dropper
FRIO insulin travel wallet
PIll Bottle Opener
Allows medication to be administered
directly into the eye
Keep Insulin cool & safe
Aids opening child proof closures
normally used on medicine bottles
Simple & effective with no spillage
Easy to grip design for elderly or
arthritic hands
Refrigeration not required
Simply activate with cold water
Special design fits snugly into the hand
to ease pushing down and twisting cap
Re-usable, light & compact
Single - £14.30
Code: PR60036
Small - £14.68
Large - £17.02
Code: AUT41D
X Large - £22.12
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Pill Splitter
Pill Crusher
Handy cutter to split tablets into two
halves for easy swallowing
Simple twist and crush motion
Useful for small tablets which are difficult
to break when a half tablet dose is
Large ridged structure for easy gripping
Pocket size, easy to carry in a bag and
includes storage for medication
Pillmate Pill Crusher with Pill
Simple Screw action crushes pills to a
powder with ease
Suitable for those who are unable to or
have difficulty swallowing pills
Includes compartments for carrying pills
Code: PR61437
Code: PR61500
PillMate Pill Punch
Code: ME600C
Handy device ideal for those who have
difficulty retrieving tablets from
medication blister packets.
PillMate Pill Cutter
Ergonomic design for handheld pill cutting
Splits tablets for half doses. Pocket size,
ideal for bags
Comes with 4 different sizes to cater for
the various tablet shapes. Includes 2 pots
to press pills into
Safe & Sound 3 in 1 Compact Pill
Cutter, Crusher and Container
More compressed version.
Has a twist and screw motion to allow
ease of use
Code: ME601A
Code: ME601
Safe & Sound 3 in 1 Pill Storage,
Crusher & Cutter
Code: SA8313
Safe & Sound Pill Cutter
Clever design allows user to store pills in
the centre and the lid conveniently pops
up to form a pill splitter.
Effortlessly cuts medication in two
Crushes pills to powder using the screw
cap at the bottom.
Simply tip container upside down to
retrieve pills
Comes in two variations, with or without
Syringe Medicine Dispenser
Helps to administer the correct dose
Medicine can be squirted directly into
patients mouth with ease
5ml capacity (one teaspoon)
The 3 in 1 will split your pills into 1/2’s or
1/4’s simply and easily
White (With Storage) Code: SA8312
Code: SA8399
Blue (Without Storage) Code: SA8393
Code: SMD
medical management
Medical Jewellery
Jewellery designed to hold vital information about the wearer in case of illness or accident. All medical information contained on a strip that is
securely contained in the capsule.
Medi-Tag Bracelet
Blank Code: B01 Penicillin Code: B02
Asthma Code: B03 Epilepsy Code: B05
Haemophilia Code: B06 Diabetes Code: B04
Heart Condition Code: B07 On Steroids Code: B08
Designed for people with a wide range of
hidden medical conditions
Easily recognisable to medical professionals
Bracelet - £17.50
Choice of 7 pre-engraved medical conditions,
or blank for own engraving
Made from non-allergenic stainless steel
with 215mm (8.5") stainless steel chain
Medi-Tag Pendants
Blank Code: T01 Penicillin Code: T02
Asthma Code: T03 Epilepsy Code: T05
Haemophilia Code: T06 Diabetes Code: T04
Heart Condition Code: T07 On Steroids Code: T08
Designed for people with a wide range of
hidden medical conditions
Easily recognisable to medical professionals
Pendant - £17.50
Choice of 7 pre-engraved medical conditions,
or blank for own engraving
Made from non-allergenic stainless steel
with 660mm (26") stainless steel chain
Ladies Gold Plated bracelet
Width 12mm (1/2”) Code: 237128
SOS Talisman Bracelet
Expanding bracelet in two different widths
with an information capsule
Gents Gold Plated bracelet
Width 18mm (3/4”) Code: 237125
Ladies Stainless Steel bracelet
Width 12mm (1/2”) Code: 237501
Gents Stainless Steel bracelet
Width 18mm (3/4”) Code: 237500
SOS Talisman Pendants
All pendants have a chain 55cm (22")
A presentation box is included. SOS logo is
on one side
Stainless Steel - Plain Code: 225101
9 Carat Gold Plated - Plain Code: 222304
Stainless Steel
St. Christopher Code: 225102
Stainless Steel
Snake & Staff Code: 225173
9 Carat Gold Plated
St. Christopher Code: 222305
9 Carat Gold Plated
Snake & Staff Code: 222374
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Cotton, Vinyl and Latex Gloves
Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
Latex Powder Free Gloves
Latex Powdered Gloves
Packs of 100. Choice of sizes:
small, medium or large
Packs of 100. Choice of sizes: small, medium or large
Small Code: 04891 Medium Code: 04892 Large Code: 04893
Small Code: 04866
Medium Code: 04867
Large Code: 04868
XL Code: 04894
Vinyl Powdered Gloves
Packs of 100. Choice of sizes: small, medium or large
Small Code: 04871 Medium Code: 04872 Large Code: 04873
Cotton Gloves Code: MAS70A
Protection for minor wounds and
Retains creams and ointments whilst
Choice of sizes: small, medium or large
Medium Code: SA8926 Large Code: SA8927
Packs of 100. Choice of sizes: small, medium or large
Small Code: 04886 Medium Code: 04887 Large Code: 04888
All gloves types and sizes are the same price
Gloves in a Bottle
Moisturizing Lotion
Effective moisturizing lotion for treating
dry, itchy skin
“Shields” skin from everyday activities
that may otherwise damage or
inhibit the skins natural protective
Doesn’t wash off, self drying and
completely odourless.
Small = 60ml (2 oz) Code: GIAB-60
Large = 240ml (8 oz) Code: GIAB-240
Hot and Cold Therapy
Biofreeze 3oz Roll-On Code: COL636
The only analgesic with ‘Ilex". a herbal
extract from a South American holly shrub,
that extends the properties of the three
analgesics contained in Biofreeze
Compact and easy application wherever
you are
Deep penetrating and long lasting pain
relief from arthritis, sore muscles and
joints and backache
Code: COL636
medical management
Biofreeze 4oz Gel
Biofreeze Box of 100 x 5g Sachets
Biofreeze Pump Dispenser
The only analgesic with ‘Ilex". a herbal
extract from a South American holly shrub,
that extends the properties of the three
analgesics contained in Biofreeze
The only analgesic with ‘Ilex". a herbal
extract from a South American holly shrub,
that extends the properties of the three
analgesics contained in Biofreeze
The only analgesic with ‘Ilex". a herbal
extract from a South American holly shrub,
that extends the properties of the three
analgesics contained in Biofreeze
Deep penetrating and long lasting pain relief
from arthritis, sore muscles and joints and
Ideal for the family at home, gym or clinic
Can be used before, during and after
massage therapy, pre and post treatment,
and for arthritis rehabilitation
Can be used before, during and after
massage therapy, pre and post treatment,
and for arthritis rehabilitation
Deep penetrating and long lasting pain relief
from arthritis, sore muscles and joints and
Deep penetrating and long lasting pain relief
from arthritis, sore muscles and joints and
Code: COL637
Code: COL630
Biofreeze Spray
The only analgesic with ‘Ilex". a herbal
extract from a South American holly shrub,
that extends the properties of the three
analgesics contained in Biofreeze
Comes in two sizes, to suit your needs
Deep penetrating and long lasting pain relief
from arthritis, sore muscles and joints and
Pump Dispenser (16oz) Code: COL635
Microwave Hot Water Bottle
Pump Dispenser (32oz) Code: COL634
Water is safely absorbed onto special
material that is permanently sealed in a
thermal pack to avoid leaks, splashes
or spills
Heat is released progressively for longer
lasting comfort and warmth. To heat,
place the Hottie ™ in the microwave
and follow the heating instructions on
the packet
For use hot or cold
Wheat Wrap
Sewn into 4 compartments in various
Smart, decorative cover releases heat
gently for longer lasting warmth
Covers may vary
Code: PR15120
16oz Code: COL695
Code: 10301
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Electric Heat Pad
Hot/Cold Pack with Band
430mm x 305mm (17” x 12” ) pad with
washable fleecy cover
Use for elbow, wrist, ankle and neck
May be used for hot and cold therapy
Flexible. Can be applied to all parts of the body
STANDARD Code: 3973
Two heat settings with fitted plug. Approved
to BEAB & European standards
Code: BEUHK25
Magnetic version also available
Code: BEUHK63
First Aid Kits
Handy Sports Kit
Home & General Kit
Lightweight and waterproof nylon case
with zip closure
Lightweight and durable bag ideal for
dealing with minor household incidents
Antibacterial Hand Gel
Ideal for dealing with minor incidents
within small teams
Dermatologically approved antibacterial
hand gel with moisturiser
No water or towel required and kills 99.9%
of germs within 15 seconds
Effective against MRSA germs, salmonella,
E coli, listeria and klebsiella
Code: MASK368T
Code: MASK367T
Statutory Kit - 1 to 10 persons
Durable moulded plastic case
Vehicle Kit
Code: SHG00101
Durable, moulded plastic case – ideal
for dealing with minor incidents
Wall Thermometer
Code: MASK10T
Suitable for use in home
Helps to determine most comfortable
economic temperature
Code: MASK365T
Code: HD552
bed and chair aids
Riser and Recliner Chairs
Sherbourne Malvern ‘Lift & Rise’
Dual Motor Recliners
The attractive scroll arms are complemented
by a soft fibre-filled back with excellent head
and lumbar support.
Ease the backrest & footrest independently to
reach any desired recline position including a
near-horizontal full sleeping position.
Using the 'intelligent' fifth button you can
then easily return both the backrest and the
footrest together to the sitting position.
Malvern Royale
Lynton Standard
The new Malvern Royale 'Lift & Rise'
Recliner is designed for the larger build.
Overall Width 81.5cm /32”
Seat Height 50cm /19.5”
Overall Depth 92.5cm /36.5”
Seat Depth 53.5cm /21”
Overall Height 108cm /42.5”
Seat Width 47.5cm /18.5”
Code: 1612
Overall Width 88.5cm /35”
Seat Height 50cm /19.5”
Overall Depth 102.0cm /40”
Seat Depth56cm /22”
Overall Height 112.0cm /44”
Seat Width53.5cm /21.0”
Code: 1472
Malvern Petite
Sherbourne Lynton ‘Lift & Rise’
Dual Motor Recliners
Designed with a shallower seat and a lower
seat height for the smaller user
The attractive scroll arms are complemented
by wings and a fibre-filled back cushion.
Overall Width 79cm /31.0”
Seat Height 46cm/18”
Overall Depth 91.5cm /36”
Seat Depth 50cm /19.5”
Overall Height 97.5cm /38.5”
Seat Width 46.0cm /18”
Code: 1432
Ease the backrest & footrest independently to
reach any desired recline position including a
near-horizontal full sleeping position.
Malvern Small
Overall Width 81cm /32”
Seat Height 50cm /19.5”
Overall Depth 96cm /38”.
Seat Depth 52cm /20.5”
Overall Height 102.5cm /40.5”
Seat Width 46cm /18”
Code: 1452
Malvern Standard
Overall Width83.5cm /33”
Seat Height 50cm /19.5”
Overall Depth 99cm /39”
Seat Depth 54.5cm /21.5”
Overall Height 106cm /41.5”
Seat Width 48.5cm /19”
Code: 1462
Sherbourne Malvern
Use the 'intelligent' fifth button to easily
return both the backrest and the footrest
together to the sitting position.
The Lynton Royale 'Lift & Rise' Recliner is
designed for the larger build
Overall Width 89cm /35”
Seat Height50cm /19.5”
Overall Depth 94cm /37”
Seat Depth 55cm /21.5”
Overall Height 114.5cm /45”
Seat Width 52.5cm /20.5”
Code: 1622
Lynton Petite
Designed with a shallower seat and a lower
seat height for the smaller user
Overall Width 77cm /30.5”
Seat Height 46cm /18”
Overall Depth 86cm /34”
Seat Depth 49.5cm /19.5”
Overall Height 97.5cm /38.5”
Seat Width 45cm /17.5”
Code: 1592
Lynton Small
Overall Width 79cm /31”
Seat Height 50cm /19.5”
Overall Depth 90cm /35.5”
Seat Depth 51cm /20”
Overall Height 104cm /41”
Seat Width 45cm /17.5”
Code: 1602
Sherbourne Lynton
£1090.00 (£908.33 ex VAT)
Lynton Royale
£1090.00 (£908.33 ex VAT)
Designed with full powerlift facility to assist
sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor
circulation and many other mobility
GUARANTEE on all Recliner actions, frames,
motors, handsets and all other electrical parts
Single-use Emergency Back-up fitted as
standard and Multi-use Battery Back-up
available at extra cost
Supplied with castors for ease of movement.
Front castors lift away to ensure stability in
raised positions
Supplied with lift-off back to make the task of
delivering the Recliner into your home so
much easier
Maximum recommended weight 159kg (25
Large choice of Soft Covers
All Chairs regardless of model or size are
the same price. The Royale, Standard and
Small chairs are available as next day
delivery to us in two specific fabrics. Various
accessories are available, armcaps, lumbar
cushion and head pillow. 2 & 3 Seater
Settees are also now available
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Fireside Chairs
Arran Manual Riser
Falkland Fireside Chair
Strong solid beech timber framed manual
seat lift to assist rising and to lower the
user gently into seat
High seat chair manufactured with strong
solid beech timber frame
Safe and controlled action with 3 pressures
of piston – up to 9 stones, 9-12 stones and
over 12 stones
Locking handle secures seat when down
Choice of fabrics and wood colours available
Practical and attractive styling with good
lumbar support and rounded handgrips
to assist rising
Available as standard, king-size and mini
seat width and depths
May be supplied with or without wings
and/or filled sides. Choice of fabrics and
wood colours available
Leg Rest for Falkland
Fireside Chairs
Fixed top leg rest in a variety of heights
Matches chair height unless otherwise
Upholstered to match chair as an optional
Wide choice of fire retardant, soft or
waterproof covers
Maximum user weight 18 stones
A more detailed brochure is available on
A. From £384.00
From £654.00 (£545.00 ex VAT)
From £135.60 (£113.00 ex VAT)
Please call 0800 279 8889 for further
information regarding these products
Bed and Chair Accessories
Bed Rails
Folding Blanket Cradle
Bed Rail Bumpers
Adjustable width cross braces fit under
To keep bedding from resting on painful
joints or dressings
Designed to fit a variety of rails and
easily fastened into place
To suit single, double, and 3/4 sized beds
Chromium plated tubular steel
Chrome plated steel rails. Spring loaded
buttons on clamps
Slides under mattress which holds it in
Made from thick foam, and covered
with a breathable, wipe-clean fabric
Gaps of 10.2 cm (4") between rails.
Satisfies medical device requirements
Folds flat when not in use
Supplied singly
Size: 183cm x 40.5cm (72 x 16")
Easy to adjust
Single/Double Bed in Chrome Code: 08
Code: 613
Code: AA3440
£28.50 (£23.75 ex VAT)
£58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)
£99.00 (£82.50 ex VAT)
£341.62 (284.68 ex VAT)
bed and chair aids
Padded Back Rest
Adjustable Bed Back Rest
Bed Gate
Chromium plated steel frame with
flame retardant padded vinyl back
Allows the user to sit or lie in bed at a
choice of angles
A cleverly designed bed grab rail that locks
in place at the side of a divan bed
Easily adjusted to one of four positions.
Folds flat when not in use
Easy adjustment by simple ratchet system
When getting into or out of bed, can be
unlocked and pivoted to bridge the gap
between the bed and wheelchair or walker
Maximum user weight 127kg/20st
Easily fitted by sliding the support frame
between the bed base and mattress and
securing with the safety straps provided
Code: 615
Code: 636
Overchair Table
Curved Table
Epoxy coated steel frame with easy clean
laminate beech effect table top
Stylish adjustable table that is easily
manoeuvrable over single beds and also
May be tilted for reading or other activities
Four castors allow for easy movement
Height adjustable from 695mm to 845mm
Code: BG004
Unique easy to operate tilt mechanism.
Light oak coloured melamine finish
£140.00 (£116.67 ex VAT)
Folds flat for storage or transportation.
Table top 400mm x 1090mm (16” x 43”)
Split-Level Over Bed Table
Height adjustment 670mm – 920mm
(26” – 36”)
Distance between legs 1000mm (40”)
Main table tilts whilst smaller side piece
remains level
Smooth glide castors aid easy movement
Height adjustable: 710mm (28”)
- 1140mm 45” (45”)
Code: PR60195
Cream Legged Overbed Table
Ideal for use where the access is restricted
such as space under divan beds
Laminated top that can be set at various
Height adjust: 650mm (251/2”) - 960mm (38”)
Table size 630mm x 390mm (25” x 15 /2”)
Available with or without castors
Without Code: 751 With Castors Code: 751C
Code: 758
Code: PR60171P
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Cardiff Leg Rest
St Helier Raisers
Elephant Feet Bed Raisers
Adjustable in height 380mm x 500mm
(15” - 20")
Strong, lightweight plastic raisers
Four large plastic cones to raise bed height
Fit between bed and existing castors by
screwing or clipping into place
Easily installed with recessed top which
holds bed in position
Choice of heights. Prices per pair
Two heights: 90mm (31/2” ) or 140mm (51/2”)
Length 500mm (20"), width 320mm (12")
Can be set to a slanting position Black
padded top with concave shape for
comfort, with chrome plated steel frame
Available with either non-slip rubber tips
or lockable castors
Castor 80mm (3”) Code: AA3352
£13.60 (£11.33 ex VAT)
Castor 110mm (41/2”) Code: AA3353
£14.50 (£12.08 ex VAT)
Screw 80mm (3”) Code: AA3342
£13.20 (£11.00 ex VAT)
Without Code: 600
With Castors Code: 600C
Small Code: PR60700
£23.50 (£19.58 ex VAT)
Large Code: PR60740
£37.00 (£30.83 ex VAT)
Screw 110mm (41/2”) Code: AA3343
£13.45 (£11.21 ex VAT)
Blox Bed Raisers
Leg X Raisers
Hardwood cube with one recess on the top
and an additional wooden base for stability
Rope Ladder
Moulded sleeves with plastic inserts
allowing height to be raised by either
80mm, 100mm or 130mm (3”, 4” or 5”)
To raise the bed 6”. Sold as a set of 4
Assists patient to sit up in bed unaided
Integral fins give a tight fit over chair leg
User weight 60stone
Cords attach to bed legs
Maximum size of legs for Leg X Raisers
– 45mm (31/2” )
Patient uses rungs to ease themselves up
by hand over hand method
Specifically for beds
Suitable for single or double bed
Code: AA3320
Code: AA3660
£15.80 (£13.17 ex VAT)
Mattress Tilter
Used at the foot of the bed to relieve
symptoms of oedema varicose veins
and low back pain
£55.00 (£45.83 ex VAT)
Blox Chair Raisers
Code: AA3308
£35.90 (£29.92 ex VAT)
Hardwood cube with three recesses of
different diameters to suit different chair legs
Will raise chair 3 inches. Sold as set of 4
User weight 60stone
Used at the bed head to assist with
hiatus hernia and respiratory problem.
Gives 130mm (5”) tilt
Code: SP14030
Code: AA3306
£24.00 (£20.00 ex VAT)
bed and chair aids
Patient Helper
Linked Chair Raisers
Bed Rail at Home
Designed to aid patient to sit up in bed
unaided. Large based frame that slides
under the bed to give stability
A set of four moulded blocks linked
together for extra security
Height of raiser is adjusted by adding
inserts to each block
This sturdy bed rail offers stability to those
who have difficulty getting in and out of bed.
It can be positioned anywhere under the
mattress of most divan style beds. The two
legs rest on the floor securely with rubber
Raises height by either 3”, 33/4 or 41/2
(80mm, 90mm and 110mm)
Height adjustable. Supplied flat packed and is
simple to assemble and install
Maximum height of frame 2m (6’6”)
Maximum user weight 125kg (20st)
The system clamps together with wing nuts
Height adjustable 83-93cm (32-36"). Width
508mm (20")
Code: 799
£152.16 (£126.80 ex VAT)
Code: AA3364
£51.30 (£42.75 ex VAT)
Code: PR60242
£60.00 (£50.00 ex VAT)
pressure relief products
To minimise the risk of pressure sores, glance at the variety of products now available designed to minimise the risk of discomfort and
possible pain. Friendly advice is on hand to discuss the merits of each product before purchase.
Pressure Relief Cushions
Propad Pressure Relief Cushions
46cm x 41cm x 10cm (18x16x4) with black stretch cover
4” (100mm) modular cushion provides a
good level of pressure relief for someone
over 15 stone
£89.10 (£74.25 ex VAT)
3” (75mm) modular cushion provides a
good level of pressure relief for someone
up to 15 stone
Available with either a breathable
wipedown cover or a black stretch cover
46cm x 41cm x 10cm (18x16x4) with wipedown cover
£79.10 (£65.92 ex VAT)
46cm x 41cm x 7.5cm (18x16x3) with black stretch cover
£68.20 (£56.83 ex VAT)
46cm x 41 x 7.5 (18x16x3) with wipedown cover
£58.20 (£48.50 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Putnam Sero Pressure Cushions
Made from top grade 50 superior foam
with integral air pockets, which enable
heat to disperse
These cushions help eliminate numbness
and relieve pressure points.
Indispensable during natural healing
Dr Huff
Recessed and cut out parts of the
cushion are ideal for individual
Rigorous testing proved that these
cushions were highly suitable for low to
medium risk users, and ideal when
prolonged sitting is necessary and
comfort important
The zipped polyester cover is hand
Standard: 7.5 x 42.5 x 41cm
(3 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCS
Dr Huff: 100 x 7.5 x 42.5 x 41cm
(3 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCH
Coccyx: 7.5 x 42.5 x 41cm
(3 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCCX
Bonyparts: 7.5 x 42.5 x 41cm
(3 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCBY
Polo: 7.5 x 42.5 x 41cm
(3 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCP
Cushion Cover - Putnam Sero© cushions
all come with zipped polyester cover
£20.98 (£17.48 ex VAT)
Putnam Sero© Armchair
Pressure Cushions
Putnams Theracube
Pressure Cushion
Made from top grade 50 superior foam
with integral air pockets, which enable
heat to disperse,these cushions help
eliminate numbness and relieve pressure
points. Indispensable during natural
healing process.
Deep cut arrangement of channels allow
cool air to circulate, preventing heat from
accumulating and creating a more
comfortable experience for the user.
Rigorous testing proved that these
cushions were highly suitable for low to
medium risk users, and ideal when
prolonged sitting is necessary and
comfort important
Ideal for use on armchairs & wheelchairs.
Available in 2 sizes.
The zipped polyester cover is hand
Cushion Cover - Putnam Sero© cushions
all come with zipped polyester cover
Very lightweight and durable, with a wipedown cover for easy cleaning.
Standard: 7.5 x 49.5 x 48cm
(3 x 191/2 x 19”) Code: SPCA
Dr Huff: 7.5 x 49.5 x 48cm
(3 x 191/2 x 19”) Code: SPCADH
Coccyx: 7.5 x 49.5 x 48cm
(3 x 191/2 x 19”) Code: SPAC
Bonyparts: 7.5 x 49.5 x 48cm
(3 x 191/2 x 19”) Code: SPCAB
Polo: 7.5 x 49.5 x 48cm
(3 x 191/2 x 19”) Code: SPCAP
Regular 2” Code: TS
£40.00 (£33.33 ex VAT)
Maxi 4” Code: TM
£44.00 (£36.67 ex VAT)
£30.65 (£25.54 ex VAT)
pressure relief products
Putnam Sero© Deluxe Pressure
Cushion Cover - Putnam Sero cushions all
come with zipped polyester cover
Made from top grade 50 superior foam
with integral air pockets, which enable
heat to disperse,these cushions help
eliminate numbness and relieve pressure
points. Indispensable during natural
healing process.
Standard: 10 x 42.5 x 41cm
(4 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCD
Dr Huff: 10 x 42.5 x 41cm
(4 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCDH
Coccyx: 10 x 42.5 x 41cm
(4 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCDC
Bonyparts: 10 x 42.5 x 41cm
(4 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCDB
Polo: 10 x 42.5 x 41cm
(4 x 163/4 x 161/4”) Code: SPCDP
Rigorous testing proved that these
cushions were highly suitable for low to
medium risk users, and ideal when
prolonged sitting is necessary and comfort
The zipped polyester cover is hand
£28.50 (£23.75 ex VAT)
Mattress Toppers and Fleeces
Propad Mattress Topper The MSS Propad surface is a series of geometrically cut cells which operate independently. The depth of cut is designed to achieve the
lowest possible pressure at any one point and virtually eliminates shear and friction forces on the skin.
Lambswool Fleece
Propad Mattress Overlays
Ripple Mattress Topper
Lambswool fleeces provide softness,
warmth and comfort in bed or on the
chair. Machine washable, and may be
tumble dried. Choice of two sizes
Supplied with vapour-permeable two
way stretch cover
Hundreds of rounded contours which
evenly spread body pressure and allows
air to circulate
Designed to be used on top of an
existing mattress
Gives effective support for anyone at
risk of developing pressure ulcers
The mattress topper should be placed on
top of the existing mattress
Conforms to body shape thus
significantly reducing pressure on the
vulnerable bony prominences
Small 356 x 457mm (14”x18”)
Code: WW1418
Single 3’ Code: MT36
£8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT)
£50.00 (£41.67 ex VAT)
Medium 457 x 457mm (18”x18”)
Code: WW1818
Double 4’6” Code: MT54
£9.25 (£7.71 ex VAT)
Single Code: M210/D010
£76.00 (£63.33 ex VAT)
£164.22 (£136.85 ex VAT)
King Size 5’ Code: MT60
Large 686 x 762mm (27”x30”)
Code: WW2730
Double Code: M210DB/D010/DB
£23.00 (£19.17 ex VAT)
£293.62 (£244.68 ex VAT)
Extra Large 686 x 1524mm (27”x60”)
Code: WW2760
£44.00 (£36.67 ex VAT)
£100.00 (£83.33 ex VAT)
Bed Fleece with Elastic Corner Straps
This pre-washed fleece measures 36x60
inches and has elastic corner straps to fix it
securely to the bed.
Code: WW3630
£51.00 (£42.50 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Joint Protectors
Heel/Elbow Protectors
Bed Bootees
Synthetic Fleece Heel Protectors
A cup shaped pad that is held in place by a
stretchable terry material sleeve
Protects the foot, heel and ankle. Held in
place by velcro straps. Waterproof sole and
sold singly
Soothing synthetic grade fleece lined protector
The pad is tacked into the material to
prevent slippage, but allows free movement
of the joint
Padded velcro fastenings
Machine or hand washable. Sold in pairs
To choose size measure limb
circumference. Sold in pairs
Medium size 3-5: Code: H236
£13.35 (£11.13 ex VAT)
Code: HPHC
Large size 6-9: Code: H234
£8.14 (£6.78 ex VAT)
£14.05 (£11.71 ex VAT)
Lambswool Heel Protectors
X Large size 9+: Code: H233
Small: 200-410mm (8”-153/4”) Code: 700001
Med: 220-430mm (83/4”-17”) Code: 700002
Large: 240-480mm (91/2”-19”) Code: 700003
XL: 290-580mm (111/2”-223/4”) Code: 700004
Sheepskin Heel Protectors
£16.75 (£13.96 ex VAT)
Lambswool Open Slippers
Medical grade lambswool
Padded velcro fastenings
Wash on wool setting and tumble on
cool/cold setting. Sold in pairs
Open design aims to protect the users’
heels, feet & ankles.
Pure wool on the inside. Velcro fastenings.
Soothing medical grade sheepskin fleece
Padded velcro fastenings
Wash on wool setting and tumble dry on
cool/cold setting
Code: WWHC
£11.88 (£9.90 ex VAT)
Sold in pairs
Rophi Cushion
Small: 200-410mm (8”-153/4”) Code: AA3906A
Medium: 220-430mm (83/4”-17”) Code: AA3906B
Large: 240-480mm (91/2”-19”) Code: AA39O6C
£32.20 (£26.92 ex VAT)
Wear between the knees at night to align
spine and pelvis allowing the back
muscles to relax to promote healing
Medically tested and approved
Medical stocking holds cushion in place
Inhibits perspiration
Code: SWHC
£24.00 (£20.00 ex VAT)
Washable at 40 degrees
£13.79 (£11.49 ex VAT)
pressure relief products
Synthetic Fleece Elbow Protectors
Lambswool Elbow Protectors
Sheepskin Elbow Protectors
Synthetic medical grade fleece held in
place by padded velcro fastenings
Soothing medical grade lambswool fleece
Medical grade sheepskin with padded velcro
Wash cycle 70 oC
Sold in pairs
Padded velcro fastenings
Wash on wool setting and tumble dry on
cool/cold setting.
Sold in pairs
Sold in pairs
Code: HPEP
Wash on wool setting and tumble on cool/cold
Code: WWEP
Code: SWEP
£11.88 (£9.90 ex VAT)
£19.90 (£16.58 ex VAT)
£7.90 (£6.58 ex VAT)
Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Overlay - Entrix
The Entrix is a high quality air alternating mattress overlay system with internal pressure
monitoring and low pressure alert. It is designed for low to medium risk patients and pressure
ulcer treatment up to stage two. Suitable for home care and nursing homes environments.
16 x 5"air cells
Micro-ventilated air cells
Quick release coupling
Weight capacity for patients up to 150kg
£500.00 (£416.67 ex VAT)
2 way stretch cover washable and fully water proof
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Anti Fatigue Heel Cushion
Oppo Arch Foam Insole 5003
Corn Wraps
Helps relieve foot, knee & lower back pain
Patented foam keeps feet cooler & drier
Help relieve and prevent painful corns
Helps prevent hard skin build up on heel
Built in arch for proper foot alignment
Give all-round toe protection
Advanced gel design for excellent shock
Will not develop odour, even after
extended use
Reduce friction and shearing
Extra thick poron centre puts spring in
your step
Soften and moisturise the skin and
Small Code: 5003S Medium Code: 5003M
Large Code: 5003L
Men’s Code: 31912 Ladies Code: 31911
Code: 31562
Oppo Cushion Air Foam Insoles 5001
Oppo Arch Pad 6750
Controls the position of the foot
Prevents arch pain
Helps absorb shock, reduce friction and
improve comfort
Small Code: 6750S Medium Code: 6750M
Large Code: 6750L
Oppo Massage Air Foam Insoles 5002
Reduces foot pain and lower body fatigue
Helps improve blood circulation. Keeps feet
cool and dry with patented breathable foam
Keeps feet cool & dry with patented
breathable foam
Excellent shock absorption reduces foot
pain and prevents body fatigue
Designed to easily fit all types of shoe
Oppo Gel Bunion Sleeve 6741
Provides comfort of Hallux (big toe)
Keeps toe in correct position
Comfortable gel structure, lined with nylon
and spandex
Code: 5001
Code: 6741
Oppo Silicone Heel Cushions 5451
Oppo Hallux Valgus Protector 6440
Lessens strain on the Achilles tendon
Pad adjusts to contour of toe and toe joint
Easy to clean and long lasting
Relieves bunion pressure
Unique wedge-shape is ideal for correct
body alignment
Suitable for wearing most of the day
Code: 5002
Small Code: 5451N1 Medium Code: 5451N2
Large Code: 5451N3
Small Code: 6440S
Large Code: 6440L
foot care products
Helps realign Hallux Valgus deformities
Oppo Heel Pads with Removable
Reduces pain caused by problems with
big toe. Comfortable gel structure
Helps reduce impact on joins and
vertebral column
Oppo Hallux Straightener
Reduces strain on ligaments, muscles &
Achilles tendon
Oppo Magnetic Foam Insoles
Fitted with small magnets that stimulate
nerve endings, improving blood circulation
Breathable foam keeps feet cool & dry
Excellent durability and shock absorption
May be used in normal shoes
Small Code: 642OS Medium Code: 642OM
Large Code: 642OL
Triad 3/4 Length In-Sole
Helps relieve knee, leg and back pain
Superior comfort for arch, heel & ball
of foot. Reduces shock to heels, knees
& ankles
Ideal for those on their feet all day
Small Code: 5601S Medium Code: 5601M
Large Code: 5601L
Small Code: 546OS
Medium Code: 546OM
Large Code: 546OL
Oppo Sorbson® Gel Insoles
Made from high-tech Sorbson® gel for
extra protection
Helps relieve pain & fatigue in feet, legs and
lower back from prolonged standing or
Oppo Silicone Elastimax
Insoles 5401
Thicker silicone insoles absorb higher
Regulates the distribution of pressure
caused by bodyweight on foot
Softer inserts around the metatarsal & heel
areas for cushioning
Breathable cotton lining
Men’s Code: 32022 Ladies Code: 32021
Extra Small Code: 5401N1 Small Code: 5401N2
Medium Code: 5401N3 Large Code: 5401N4
Extra Large Code: 5401N5
Toe and Ball of Foot Cushion
Reduces discomfort and pain under the
ball of the foot
Superb pressure and friction relief. Helps
prevent corns and hard skin
Cushions and protects
Small Code: 5701S
Medium Code: 5701M
Large Code: 5701L
Extra Large Code: 5701XL
Code: 35055
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Oppo Sorbson® Heel Pad 5751
Offers effective heel protection
Made from high-tech Sorbson® gel
Reinforced with patented breathable foam
for extra injury prevention
Oppo Metatarsal Silicone
Insoles 5405
Prevents pressure & shock impacts on
the heel
Helps realign metatarsal heads
Toe Protectors
Cushions, protects and prevents rubbing.
Reduces friction and shearing to the skin
Softens and moisturises the skin. Can be
trimmed to size
Relieves severe forefoot discomfort and
callus development
Small Code: 5751S
Medium Code: 5751M
Large Code: 5751L
Extra Large Code: 5751XL
Extra Extra Large Code: 5751XXL
Code: 31556
Small Code: 5405N1
Medium Code: 5405N2
Large Code: 5405N3
Double Cushion Full Length Insole
Extra thick cushioning for double the
Moulded Arch/Heel Support
Ventilated for improved airflow
Cushions and supports arches under all
types of impact
Dual layer design helps improve shoe fit
and comfort
Suitable for anyone who needs cushioned
Toe Spreader
Relieves bunion and toe pain by
separating and correctly aligning the
big and second toe
Contain medical grade mineral oil that
help soften and prevent corns
Reduce friction between painful toes
Shock absorbing insert provides maximum
Helps relieve tired, aching feet
Ideal for weak or fallen arches
Code: 31558
Men’s Code: 32012 Ladies Code: 32011
Oppo Gel Metatarsal Pad
Removable raised pad provides comfort
Gently lifts the metatarsal arch to
relieve tenderness
Men’s Code: 38021 Ladies Code: 38020
Ideal for high heels or ballet shoes
S/M Code: 6442SM L/XL Code: 6442LXL
supports & braces
Copper Comfort
Copper comfort elastic supports contain textile fibres which have been treated with copper compounds that give soft and pliable textile fibres which
behave like metal copper. Tests have shown that wearing Copper Comfort supports can help to increase skin surface temperature and blood
circulation, which helps bring relief from pain. Copper Comfort supports are available as:
Copper Comfort Ankle Support
Copper Comfort Elbow Support
Copper Comfort Knee Support
Steady heat application ensures faster
natural healing.
Produces subtle thermal pain relief and
Ideal for those with painful muscles & joints
around the knee.
Compact, comfortable and effective.
Durable, easy to wash & compact.
Lightweight, washable and durable.
Small/Medium Code: 081-1604
Large/X Large Code: 081-1661
Small/Medium Code: 081-1521
Large/X Large Code: 081-1539
Small/Medium Code: 081-1547
Large/X Large Code: 081-1554
Copper Comfort Mitten Support
Copper Comfort Wrist Support
Subtle thermal properties ensure the
natural healing process is faster.
Effective, steady warmth to painful
Lightweight, breathable fabric allows free
Comfortable & lightweight.
Small/Medium Code: 081-1489
Large/X Large Code: 081-1513
Small/Medium Code: 081-1349
Large/X Large Code: 081-1414
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Hand, Neck, Joint and Wrist Braces
Freedom Wrist Brace
Comfortable wrist brace with a cut-away
design to allow movement whilst providing
support. Soft Lycra binding prevents chafing
of the thumb web
Ideal for broken wrists, forearm fractures,
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, RSI and
Right Small Code: PR/FWBN/23
Left Small Code: PR/FWBN/13
Right Medium Code: PR/FWBN/25
Left Medium Code: PR/FWBN/15
Right Large Code: PR/FWBN/27
Left Large Code: PR/FWBN/17
Right X Large Code: PR/FWBN/28
Left X Large Code: PR/FWBN/18
Right X Small Code: PR/FWBN/22
Left X Small Code: PR/FWBN/12
Thermoskin Arthritic Wrist
Hand Wrap
Thermoskin Carpel Tunnel Brace
Designed with an adjustable Velcro
closure to allow arthritis sufferers ease of
use and compression variation.
Thermoskin accelerates healing and
reduces swelling. Available for left and
right wrist
Lined with Trioxon® for extra comfort
Part of the Thermoskin arthritis range
Right Small Code: 83304
Left Small Code: 83303
Right Medium Code: 84304
Left Medium Code: 84303
Right Large Code: 85304
Left Large Code: 85303
Right X Large Code: 86304
Left X Large Code: 86303
Right X Small Code: 82304
Left X Small Code: 82303
Right Small Code: 83243
Left Small Code: 83242
Right Medium Code: 84243
Left Medium Code: 84242
Right Large Code: 85243
Left Large Code: 85242
Right X Large Code: 86243
Left X Large Code: 86242
£20.42 (£17.02 ex VAT)
£19.15 (£15.96 ex VAT)
supports & braces
Oppo Wrist & Thumb Support - 1089
Oppo Wrist Support - 2281
Thumb orthose especially suitable for
rheumatics, relieves pain & stabilises
CMC joint
Provides firm
support for the
maintenance of
joint structures
with gentle
compression over
the wrist
Stabilisation of thumb by reinforced
metal stick
Adjustable hook & loop straps ensure
comfortable fit & stabilisation during
The thermal wrist support for tenosynovitis,
carpal tunnel syndrome & general wrist
Small Code: 1089S
Medium Code: 1089M
Large Code: 1089L
Extra Large Code: 1089XL
Helps avoid the
misery and
resulting from an
Small Code: 228IS
injured or weak
Medium Code: 228IM wrist. Retains heat
to relieve pain
Large Code: 228IL
supports & braces
Oppo Wrist & Thumb
Support - 1289
Three removable metal splints in thumb
area for improved stability
Additional strap for stabilization during
Supports the wrist and thumb, leaving the
palm free
Oppo Wrist Splint - 1082
Oppo Wrist Support Wrap - 1083
Provides compression for weak or
overstressed wrists
Provides comfortable compression and support
for weak or stressed wrists. Helps in the
treatment and prevention of injury
Spoon may be removed as healing
Stay can be moved to fit either left or right
Retains warmth, which can aid in speeding up
recovery period
Ideal for sprains of thumb, ligament support
and minor fractures of the thumb
One Size Fits All Code: 1083
Small Code: 1289S
Medium Code: 1289M
Large Code: 1289L
Extra Large Code: 1289XL
Small Code: 1082S
Medium Code: 1082M
Large Code: 1082L
Extra Large Code: 1082XL
Oppo Wrist & Thumb
Support - 1088
Oppo Wrist Support and Brace - 1081
Thumb orthose especially suitable for
rheumatics, relieves pain and stabilises
CMC joint
Helps relieve pain through pressure of
injured wrists
Adjustable hook and loop strap ensures
comfortable fit and stabilisation during
Provides firm support around weakened and
strained areas of wrist
Universal size for easy fit
Oppo Wrist & Thumb Support - 1084
Elastic hook and loop fastener ensures
comfortable fit & stabilisation during activities
The thermal wrist support for tenosynovitis,
carpal tunnel syndrome & general wrist support
Provides firm support around weakened and
strained areas, including the thumb. Retains
heat to relieve pain
Stabilisation of thumb by reinforced metal
Adjustable hook and loop straps ensure
comfortable fit and stabilisation during
The thermal wrist support for tenosynovitis,
carpal tunnel syndrome and general wrist
Small Code: 1084S
Medium Code: 1084M
Large Code: 1084L
Extra Large Code: 1084XL
Oppo Wrist Splint and Brace
Soft nylon plush bonded to polyurethane
foam for breath ability
One Size Fits All Code: 1081
Small Code: 1088S
Medium Code: 1088M
Large Code: 1088L
Extra Large Code: 1088XL
One Size Left Code: 4082L
One Size Right Code: 4082R
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Thermoskin Arthritic Elbow Support
Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves (Pair)
Thermoskin Elastic Knee Support
Provides comfortable compression and
support for the elbow
Promotes heat retention and healing
Innovative 2-way elastic contours to the
shape of the affected area – providing even
compression to reduce swelling and
support the affected part
Helps in the treatment and prevention
of injury
Innovative 2-way elastic contours
Firm, comfortable fit. Lightweight,
breathable fabric allows free ventilation
Anatomically shaped for improved fitting.
Small Code: 83617
Medium Code: 84617
Large Code: 85617
Extra Large Code: 86617
Extra, Extra Large Code: 87306
Extra Small Code: 82199
Extra Small Code: 83199
Medium Code: 84199
Large Code: 85199
Extra Large Code: 86199
£21.45 (£17.87 ex VAT))
Extra Small Code: 82300
Small Code: 83608
Medium Code: 84608
Large Code: 85608
Extra Large Code: 86608
Extra, Extra Large Code: 87300
£25.02 (£20.85 ex VAT)
Thermoskin Lumbar Support
Thermoskin increases the blood flow to
damaged tissue, thus speeding the
healing process
Light compression counteracts swelling
The skin can ventilate whilst the support
is worn, which in turn aids comfort
Ideal for injury caused through impact
and repetitive strain
Double pull facility allows the support to
be readjusted without having to take off
Small Code: 83227
Medium Code: 84227
Large Code: 85227
X Large Code: 86227 £14.95
£45.14 (£37.62 ex VAT)
supports & braces
Neck, Lumbar, Shoulder, Elbow and Ankle Supports
Oppo Rigid Adjustable Collar
Neck Collars
Mesh Arm Sling
Semi-rigid support for use in soft tissue
damage, osteoarthritis and whiplash
A range of soft collars offering comfort
& support
Available in four sizes
Completely adjustable height to provide
flexion or extension positioning
Vinyl-covered foam padding for patient
comfort and easy cleaning
Shallow Short Code: JPMN750
Shallow Medium Code: JPMN751
Shallow Long Code: JPMN752
Small Code: 4090S
Medium Code: 4090M
Large Code: 4090L
Medium Medium Code: JPMN753
Medium Long Code: JPMN754
Deep Short Code: JPMN755
Deep Medium Code: JPMN756
Deep Long Code: JPMN757
Oppo Ankle Support
Ideal for weak or unstable ankles, sprains,
strains and twistin
Small Code: 3289S
Medium Code: 3289M
Large Code: 3289L
X Large Code: 3289XL
Oppo Calf Support Stocking
Recommended for muscles, or leg veins,
weakened by surgery or lack of exercise
Oppo Ankle Support With Velcro
Open toe and heel design allows full range
of movement
Small Code: 2011S
Medium Code: 2011M
Large Code: 2011L
Small Code: 2001S
Medium Code: 2001M
Large Code: 2001L
X Large Code: 2001XL
Small Code: 1004S Medium Code: 1004M
Large Code: 1004L X Large Code: 1004XL
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Silicon Ankle Support
Elbow Wrap
Rhythmic massage action on soft tissues,
joint capsules and ligaments
One Size Fits All
Oppo Open Toe & Heel Ankle Support
Open toe and heel design allows full range
of movement
Code: 2185
Small Code: 1409S
Medium Code: 1409K
Large Code: 1409L
X Large Code: 1409XL
Tennis Elbow Support
Oppo Elbow Support
Provides heat, support and compression to
the elbow joint and area without restricting
flexibility. Helps avoid the misery and
frustration resulting from an injured or
weak elbow
Retains heat to relieve pain
Small Code: 1001S
Medium Code: 1001M
Large Code: 1001L
X Large Code: 1001XL
Oppo Shoulder Support
Available in four sizes
One Size Fits All
Small Code: 1072S Medium Code: 1072M
Large Code: 1072L X Large Code: 1072XL
Code: 1086
Small Code: 2085S
Medium Code: 2085M
Large Code: 2085L
X Large Code: 2085XL
supports & braces
Travel Stockings
Compression Travel Stocking
Provides support to thromboembolism
Offer therapeutic compression for tired
aching legs
Reciprocating knit heel and toe for better
fit and comfort
Wide band to prevent slipping and binding
Closed toe design
20mm HG Small Black Code: 2820SBL
20mm HG Medium Black Code: 2820MBL
20mm HG Large Black Code: 2820LBL
20mm HG Large Black Code: 2820XLBL
20mm HG Small Beige Code: 2820SBE
20mm HG Medium Beige Code: 2820MBE
20mm HG Large Beige Code: 2820LBE
X20mm HG Large Beige Code: 2820XLBE
25mm HG Small Black Code: 2821SBL
25mm HG Medium Black Code: 2821MBL
25mm HG Large Black Code: 2821LBL
25mm HG X Large Black Code: 2821XLBL
25mm HG Small Beige Code: 2821SBE
25mm HG Medium Beige Code: 2821MBE
25mm HG Large Beige Code: 2821LBE
25mm HG X Large Beige Code: 2821XLBE
Elastic Abdominal Binder
Maternity Support Belt
Oppo Back Support
Strong comfortable support
Belt expands to accommodate growth
during various stages of pregnancy
One Size Fits All
Back and Abdominal
Hook and loop closure for easy application
Code: 1063
Small Code: 2162S Medium Code: 2162M
Large Code: 2162L X Large Code: 2162XL
XX Large Code: 2162XXL
Small Code: 2062S Large Code: 2062L
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Oppo Abdominal Binder
Oppo Sacro Lumbar Support
Oppo Sacro Lumbar Support
Indicated for abdominal constraint post
operative, post childbirth
Provides support for lower back injuries
Four flexible steel stays
Four aluminium stays
Convenient hook and loop closure
Small Code: 2260S
Medium Code: 2260M
Large Code: 2260L
X Large Code: 2260XL
XX Large Code: 2260XXL
Small Code: 1064S
Medium Code: 1064M
Large Code: 1064L
X Large Code: 1064XL
X X Large Code: 1064XXL
Oppo Sacro Lumbar Support
Posture Brace with Steel Stay
Designs with straps crossing at the back
and fastened in froam
Suitable for poor posture, osteoporosis and
Triangle configuration correctly distributes
pressure to tip of shoulder
Additional stays help reinforce back
alignment and proper posture. Corrects
poor posture and prevents slouching
Small Code: 2264S
Medium Code: 2264M
Large Code: 2264L
X Large Code: 2264XL
X X Large Code: 2264XXL
Post-Op Abdominal Support
Indicated for abdominal constraint post
operative, post childbirth
Small Code: 2164S
Medium Code: 2164M
Large Code: 2164L
X Large Code: 2164XL
X X Large Code: 2164XXL
Oppo Waist Support Belt
Effective in toning and shaping waistline
when wearing it during exercise
One Size Code: 1060
Small Code: 2275S
Medium Code: 2275M
Large Code: 2275L
X Large Code: 2275XL
Biomagnetic Lumbar Supports
Scientific studies have shown that
magnetic waves have effective therapeutic
properties that are believed to increase
healing by improving blood circulation
Small Code: 2060S Medium Code: 2060M
Large Code: 2060L X Large Code: 2060XL
X X Large Code: 2060XXL
Made from soft durable materials and
incorporates 20 powerful 1000+ gauss
Support weak lumbar area and muscles
and enhance strength and endurance
Hand washable. Lifetime power guarantee
Small /Medium Code: HSMTB1
Large/X Large Code: HSMTB2
bathing aids
Powered Bath Lifts
Taking a bath can be an enjoyable experience. The therapeutic benefits of soaking in warm
water can relax muscles and ease joints, soothing away aches and pains.
For those with limited mobility, getting in or out of the bath can sometimes present a problem.
Our bath lifts offer a practical solution allowing the user to retain their independence by
providing the ultimate in safety, comfort and reliability.
Neptune Bath Lift
Sits further back in the bath than most
other lifts, thus giving extra leg room.
Strong suction feet give great stability
whilst in use
No integral padding means that the seat s
easy to clean for exceptional hygiene
Sonaris Bath Lift
The single-button operation allows the user to descend and keep the backrest upright or
to recline back to a more comfortable position.
All-plastic construction is easy to clean, yet strong and durable.
Operates from rechargeable battery
(charger included)
Padded covers now available
The Sonaris fits most shapes and sizes of baths, with suction-cup feet that may be
angled in any direction to suit the curvature of the bath.
Benefits include:
Superior battery provides average of 8-10
lifts, depending on the weight of the user.
Large control pads are textured to assist the
visually impaired.
An audible beep and warning light identify
when the battery requires charging.
A built-in safety mechanism ensures the
bath lift will not lower if there is insufficient
charge in the battery to raise the user.
£490.00 (£408.34 ex VAT)
Code: NEPA
£400.00 (£333.33 ex VAT)
Bath Seats and Boards
Kingfisher Bath Board
Kingfisher Bath Seat
Farnham Padded Bath Seat
Lightweight plastic board with integral
drainage slots, ideal for showering
Choice of 150mm (6”) or 200mm (8”) by
adding or removing extension brackets
Hangs from the rim of the bath
Suitable for use with baths from 650 –
700mm (26 – 28"). Overall length
690mm (271/4")
Integral drainage slots allow water to run
Padded seat ensures maximum comfort
Independently adjustable legs ensure
secure fit
Lightweight and easy to clean
No suckers to attach to the floor of the bath
Quick release tabs for easy removal
Optional handle for added stability when
transferring on and off. Maximum user
weight 31 stone
Padded Seat Code: AA1254
£67.20 (£56.00 ex VAT)
With Handle Code: HA0686
£26.49 (£22.08 ex VAT)
Without Code: HA0680
£22.49 (£18.74 ex VAT)
Small 6” Code: HAO670
Medium 8” Code: HAO671
Large 10” Code: HAO673
X Large 12” Code: HAO674 £5.99
£28.00 (£23.30 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Farnham Bath Seat
Medici Bath Boards
Derby Bath Seat
Bath seat that hangs from the rim of the
bath & wedges firmly into the sides
Broad, slatted seat, available in three
lengths to suit most baths and fits across
the top of the bath to allow
bathing/showering while seated
Strong moulded plastic seat that will fit
most baths
Width adjustable from 445mm – 595mm
(17 – 23")
Seat height 140mm (5 1/2") below rim
Seat size 400mm x 225mm (16 x 9")
Padded version available
Measured from outer edge of top rim to
the wall. NOTE: at least 11/2” (38mm)
width of rim required on the wall side
Available in two sizes
All plastic construction makes the board
easy to clean. Held securely in position
using non-slip rubber brackets
Plastic Seat Code: AA1240
£56.40 (£47.00 ex VAT)
Very secure rubber suckers anchor the
seat to the floor of the bath
150mm (6”) Code: XF532
670mm (26 /2”) Code: F19686
700mm (271/2”) Code: F28134
720mm (281/2”) Code: F28146
£50.27 (£41.89 ex VAT)
200mm (8”) Code: XF533
£58.50 (£48.75 ex VAT)
£31.40 (£26.17 ex VAT)
Bathroom Grab Rails
Angled Plastic Grab Rail
Chrome Grab Rails
Steel Grab Rails
ABS plastic grab rail to assist with raising
and lowering
Knurled chrome finish that is corrosion
Plastic coated steel rails
Angled design can be used to support the
forearm to give leverage & support
Suitable for use anywhere round the home
Length 330mm (13”), Depth from wall
50mm (2”)
25mm (1”) diameter
Made from 25mm (1”) steel tubing
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Various lengths available
Circular fixing plates with 3 fixing points
per plate
Various lengths available
Code: 565
£17.87 (£14.89 ex VAT)
Hampshire Tap Rail
Has contoured white plastic moulding
to enhance grip
For use only with pillar taps. Folds up
when not in use
300mm (12”) Code: GR12C
£7.66 (£6.38 ex VAT)
450mm (18”) Code: GR18C
£11.74 (£9.79 ex VAT)
600mm (24”) Code: GR24C
£12.77 (£10.64 ex VAT)
800mm (32”) Code: GR32C
£14.81 (£12.34 ex VAT)
445mm (171/2”) Code: AA6000
£7.15 (£5.96 ex VAT)
715mm (28”) Code: AA6003
£9.19 (£7.66 ex VAT)
915mm (36”) Code: AA6006
£11.23 (£9.36 ex VAT)
1200mm (48”) Code: AA6008
£13.28 (£11.06 ex VAT)
Code: AA1950
£53.75 (£44.79 ex VAT)
bathing aids
Fluted Grab Rails
Delux Bath Tub Grab Rail
Devon Drop Down Rail
Plastic rails with circular fixing plates with
covering disc that clips over the screws to
provide full insulation
Attaches to the side of the bath to give
confidence and stability when getting
in and out of the bath
Twin arm rail that provides support by
the bath, toilet or shower
Rails are fluted to give extra grip when
hands are wet and are ideal for use in
bathrooms, corridors and stairways
Fixes to the bath with padded stainless
steel clamp
Knurled finish for superior grip
Folds upright against the wall when not
in use
Height above bath side 380mm (15")
Clamp width adjustment 80 -180mm
(3" - 7")
Large Code: AA2012
£56.00 (£46.75 ex VAT)
Small Code: AA2010
300mm (12”) Code: AA6061F
£14.29 (£11.91 ex VAT)
380mm (15”) Code: AA6062F
£15.31 (£12.76 ex VAT)
410mm (16”) Code: AA6063F
£16.33 (£13.61 ex VAT)
460mm (18”) Code: AA6064F
£17.35 (£14.46 ex VAT)
610mm (24”) Code: AA6065F
£18.37 (£15.31 ex VAT)
Code: AA19212
£52.00 (£43.33 ex VAT)
£39.90 (£33.25 ex VAT)
Bath Wizard
EasyGrab Suction Grab Handle
Able to attach to glass, tiles & baths
and is 115mm (4.5") square.
Ergonomically designed handle allows
user to attach and remove grab handle
with one hand.
Suction cup is made from high rubber
compound for longer life and increased
suction power.
910mm (36”) Code: AA6066F
Controlled by hydraulics, controlled
descent and assisted ascent using
powerful springs and natural buoyancy
Bath Wizard bath lift weighs less than 6kg
and folds flat for storage and
3 user weight ranges available – A (1016st), B (6-10st) and M (8-13st)
Manufactured to the best standards Bath
Wizard is produced entirely in the UK.
£22.46 (£18.71 ex VAT)
Hampshire Wall Rail
Suitable where taps are not strong
enough, or able to take tap fitted rails
Can only be fitted to a solid wall
Code: PR45752
A. 10 to 16 Stone Code: WBA01A
B. 6 to 10 Stone Code: WBA01B
M. 8 to 13 Stone Code: WBA01M
£30.00 (£25.00 ex VAT)
£450.00 (£375.00 ex VAT)
Folds upright when not in use
Harrogate Shower Chair on Wheels
Plastic curved seat for comfort. Four 3”
castors with brakes
Code: AA1940
£53.75 (£44.79 ex VAT)
Seat Width 17” – width between arms 22”
weight 8.8kg
Max user weight 26 stone. Variations on this
chair are also available
Code: AA1640
£114.00 (£95.00 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Shower Stools
Padded Corner Shower Stool
Swift Shower Chair
Medeci Bath Seat
Tripod design allows stool to fit neatly
into the corner of the shower.
Easily assembled and adaptable to suit
different needs
Seat covered with waterproof padded
vinyl for comfort.
Ferrules prevent slippage on the floor and
anti-slip pattern on the seat and back offers
stability and reassurance to the user
Slatted seat available in three sizes 150, 200
& 300mm (6", 8" & 12") ideal for bathing or
Ideal for virtually any shower unit, this
stool includes non-slip rubber feet and
a height adjustable frame.
Adjustable width to suit most baths
Anchored by suckers for added stability
Lightweight and may be flat packed for easy
storage and transportation
Adjustable seat height 440 - 590mm
(17 1/2" - 231/4")
Maximum user weight 130kgs (20 stone)
Small - 150mm (6”) Code: F24256
Code: AA1568
£42.00 (£35.00 ex VAT)
£85.00 (£71.25 ex VAT)
Medium - 200mm (8”) Code: F24268
£56.00 (£46.67 ex VAT)
Sherwood Perching Stools
Large - 300mm (12”) Code: F24279
Sturdy stool, padded, slightly tilted seat
Height adjustable from 500-645mm
(20"- 25")
£57.00 (£47.50 ex VAT)
530mm (21”) Code: AA1582
£138.12 (£115.10 ex VAT)
Widely spaced legs gives extra stability
Standard Stool
Height adjustable seat 510 - 660mm
(20" – 26")
Handle either side to aid sitting and
standing. Non-marking non slip rubber feet.
Wall Mounted Shower Seat
with Legs
Epoxy coated aluminium frame
Adjustable legs
Folds flat to the wall when not in use
NOTE: Not for use in the bath
A. 530mm (21”) Code: AA1522
£67.40 (£56.17 ex VAT)
Code: 4238
B. 530mm (21”) Code: AA1534
£82.50 (£68.75 ex VAT)
£86.81 (£72.34 ex VAT)
C. 530mm (21”) Code: AA1536
£99.00 (£82.50 ex VAT)
Code: 539L
£50.00 (£41.67 ex VAT)
bathing aids
Bathing Sundries
Bendable Sponges
Flannel Strap
Long Handled Bath Brushes
The handle can be bent and straightened
multiple times to aid cleaning hard to
reach areas
Cotton flannel strap with handles, used to
reach awkward places
Bath brush with a long wooden or plastic
Coarse foam on one side to use as
skin toner
Removable head allows the brush to be
used without the handle
Heat is not required to bend the handle
Sponge shapes available are round or
Code: V465
Code: AA1856
Round Code: 920566 Contour Code: 920567
£6.50 (£5.42 ex VAT)
Inflatable Shampoo Basin
Simple and sturdy PVC basin that is easily
Ideal for use in bed. Drains by means of a
one way hose
Waterproof Protectors
Plastic Moulded Hair Rinsing Tray
Protectors that easily slip over a cast or
dressing for protection when taking a
bath or shower. Re-usable
Moulded neck rest allows comfortable
ease of use. Constructed of sturdy
vacuum formed plastic
Not suitable for open or undressed
wounds or when swimming
Slot at the drainage end makes hanging
up for storage simple
660mm x 610 x 150mm (26” x 24” x 6”)
Code: AA1872
Adult Arm Code: M70
Code: PR45016
Adult 1/2 Leg Code: M80
Loofah Bathing Sponges
£16.90 (£14.08 ex VAT)
Extremely effective when used dry to
remove dirt before a shower or bath.
Adult Full Leg Code: M100
Bath Brush & Cellulite Massager
Made from Hemu Wood, Rubber, Natural Bristle
Long Handled Sponge
A soft sponge on coated wire with built
up handles. Flexible bendable handle
Code: ME9534
381mm (15”) Code: AA1831B
£12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT)
610mm (24”) Code: AA1831CY
£13.50 (£11.25 ex VAT)
May be used wet, during a wash for an
equally satisfying clean. However take
care to dry the loofah afterwards as it
will hold bacteria like many sponges do
if it is left in the basin or shower stall.
Mitten Code: V462
Strap Code: V463
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Toe Washer
Sponge Toe Washer
Inflatable Bath Pillow
Long stem with built up handle and a flat
wire frame covered in a white towelling pad
to wash between the toes
Ideal for those who find it difficult to
reach to clean their toes and feet
Soft, inflatable pillow with suction cups
that stick to the head of the bath
Unique sponge head for cleaning
between the toes
Made from terry towelling for comfort
Length 710mm (28"). Two towelling pads
are included. Replacement pads available
Available in pink, blue, yellow & white
Lightweight plastic handle can be shaped
Toe Washer Code: AA1847
£13.54 (£11.28 ex VAT)
Code: HA0790
White Code: BPW
Replacement Pads Code: AA184601
£8.35 (£6.96 ex VAT)
Croydex Rubagrip Shower Mats
Modular Bath Step
Heavyweight natural rubber. Suction cups
grip bath firmly
Large surface area with textured
surface for safety
Hand washable. Available in a range of
colours & sizes. Not suitable for surfaces
that have anti slip
Supplied as single steps of 100mm (4”)
Croydex Rubagrip Bath Mats
Heavyweight natural rubber. Suction cups
grip bath firmly
Hand washable. Available in a range of
colours & sizes. Not suitable for surfaces
that have anti slip
Each additional step when stacked
gives an extra 50mm. Foam pad fits the
top surface for warmth and softness
SHOWER MAT One Size Code: AG183622
Code: AA1824Y
Bath Step
Small Code: 181122
This aluminium step is height adjustable
and has non slip feet.
It weighs 1.3kg and has a max user weight
of 19stone
Bath Step - ‘Step Two’
Step can be used either way up providing a
6” or 4” rise.
Surface area 20” x 13” with non slip texture.
Medium Code: 181422
Max user weight 30 stone
Large Code: 182622
Code: PR46293
Code: PR46291
comfort and support
Pillows, Back Support and Cushions
V Shaped Pillow
V Shaped Pillow Waterproof Cover
Putnam Pillows
A large V-shaped washable pillow for
support in bed or armchair
Waterproof Cover for V Shaped Pillows
Cradles your head, supports your neck
and correctly aligns your spine
As supplied to the NHS
Made from heavy duty soft PVC
Covered in 100% cotton jersey and fits
standard pillow cases
Use the Royal if you currently use 1
pillow, or use the King Size if you
currently use 2 pillows
Code: VSP
Code: VBL
Sissel Pillows
Round Swivel Cushion
Designed to accommodate the lower
shoulder and provide optimum support
to the lower neck
Presents an easy way to get out of car
seats or dining chairs
Royal Code: PRP
Ideal for those with back problems
King Size Code: PKSP
Ridge of pillow supports the vertebrae
in the neck and relaxes the muscles
Light weight and flexible
£66.00 (£44.26 ex VAT)
Prevents pain and stiffness in the neck
and shoulder often associated with
conventional pillows
All pillows come with Fitted Cover Addition pillow cases are available
Code: PR41021
£25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT)
V Shaped Pillow Cases
Various colours available
Classic Medium Code: 5105
Classic Large Code: 5100
£51.00 (£42.50 ex VAT)
Deluxe Code: 5135
£74.00 (£61.67 ex VAT)
Additional Pillow Case Code: 5137
Burgundy Code: VBG Sienna Code: VSN
Dusky Code: VDK Pink Code: VPK
Lavender Code: VLV Navy Code: VNV
Cornflower Code: VCF Ice Blue Code: VIB
Willow Code: VBN White Code: VWT
Ivory Code: VIV Cream Code: VCM
Lemon Code: VLM Walnut Whip Code: VBR
Plus Code: 5108
£55.00 (£45.83 ex VAT)
Soft Code: 5136
£58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT)
£58.50 (£39.15 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Putnams Rest-a-Head
Putnams Rest-a-Back
Ideal for supporting head, neck and upper
back while sitting down.
Backfriend is designed to bring relief
from backache or sciatic pain
Made from hard wearing cord.
Perfect for a little extra support in the
small of the back or the nape of the neck
whilst sitting
Requires no fittings, hangs freely.
Simple counterbalance holds it in place
Easily adjustable and portable, may be
used in many different situations
Suitable for home, car and office
Available in oatmeal and anthracite
Lightweight and portable
Code: RH
Code: RAB
Inflatable Travel Pillow
Portable, inflatable pillow ideal for taking
on long journeys
Supports the head and cradles the neck
whilst you sleep
D Shaped Lumbar Roll
OATMEAL Single Padded Code: BFS1
Similar to the lumbar roll but with a
flat back
OATMEAL Double Padded Code: BFS2
ANTHRACITE Single Padded Code: BFS14
ANTHRACITE Double Padded Code: BFS15
Code: SP24016
Contoured Sissel Sit Special
2 in 1 Wedge
Bed Sitta Support
Armchair shaped support to aid sitting
up in bed
Made from sculptured foam and velour
covered. Side pockets for storage.
Distance between arms: 380mm (15")
Seat Wedge
Ideal for those who work in a sitting
position for long periods
The wedge pushes the pelvis forward,
bringing the back into an upright posture
Other wedges available with or without
coccyx cut out
Ergonomic with removeable visco foam
coccyx zone
Relieves spinal column and intervertebal
Two anatomical depressions to improve
ergonomic sitting. 43 x 40 x 9cm
Velour machine washable cover
Please ask for details
Code: SP24010
Code: BSSU
£51.06 (£42.54 ex VAT)
Grey Code: 7230.05
Blue Code: 7230.02
comfort and support
Slippers, Shoes and Socks
CosyFeet Bed Socks (Extra Roomy)
CosyFeet Bed Socks (Standard)
Ideal for anyone with poor circulation or
cold feet at night
Ideal for anyone with poor circulation
or cold feet at night
Loose fit around the ankle for comfort
Loose fit around the ankle for comfort
70% Acrylic, 30% Nylon. Two pairs per pack
70% Acrylic, 30% Nylon. Two pairs per pack
Ivory Code: EB76S
Mouse Code: EB77S
Blush Code: EB80S
Mouse Code: EB77L
Marine Code: EB78L
Ivory Code: EB76M
Mouse Code: EB77M
Marine Code: EB78M
Ivory Code: BS76M
Mouse Code: BS77M
Marine Code: BS78M
Blush Code: BS80M
Helen £26.00 (£21.67 ex VAT)
Ivory Code: BS76S
Mouse Code: BS77S
Blush Code: BS80S
Mouse Code: BS77L
Marine Code: BS78L
We have a
range of
bed socks, tight Shoes, Slippers, socks,
Call us today an insoles, knee highs etc, etc.
d we
you the new ‘C will be happy to send
showing the fu t’ brochure
ll range.
Eliza £26.00 (£21.67 ex VAT)
Richard £30.00 (£25.00 ex VAT)
Robert £30.00 (£25.00 ex VAT)
Dressing and Grooming
Plastic Shoe Horn
Dressing Stick
Stocking Aid and Tights Aid
480mm (19”) handle reduces bending
making it easier to put shoes on
Long wooden stick with rubber tip at one
end, & special double wire hook at the other
Assists the pulling on of socks and
stockings where bending is difficult
Curved end gives improved grip. Can also
be used to pull up clothing
Rubber tip pushes garments and the hook
is used to pull on items that are not easily
Garment slides over flexible trough which
is then pulled up using long ribbons
Also available as a double trough tights aid
Code: HA0720
Stocking Aid Code: AA4650Y
£9.99 (£8.32 ex VAT)
Tights Aid Code: AA4654Y
£9.99 (£8.32 ex VAT)
Code: PR55030
£8.50 (£7.08 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Long Handled Brush
Good Grips Button Hook
Compression Stocking Aid
Assists the pulling on of socks and
stockings where bending is difficult
Soft cushioned grip that makes the
sometimes difficult task of buttoning
clothes easy
Helps those with limited strength and
mobility to pull on vascular stockings
Garment slides over flexible trough which
is then pulled up using long ribbons
Also available as a double trough tights aid
The built up handle is made of rubber like
material and features flexible ribbing that
adapts to any grip
Foam grip handles make it easy to pull
and a durable epoxy finish provide a
smooth, no-snag surface
Compact and lightweight make it ideal for
travel and storage
Code: PR55020
Standard Code: PR45041
£10.50 (£8.75 ex VAT)
£27.90 (£23.25 ex VAT)
Long Code: PR45042
Long Handled Comb
Code: HA0880
£31.50 (£26.25 ex VAT)
Ergonomically designed and carefully
balanced to give maximum power with
minimum effort and strain
£28.60 (£23.83 ex VAT)
Zip Puller
Unique shape makes it easier to reach further
Long Toe Nail Scissors
Ideal for people with reduced finger
strength & co-ordination
The moulded finger and thumb grip allow
easier gripping and greater leverage
The black plastic ring attaches to zipper
tabs on clothing
The extended shank gives extra reach for
those who have difficulty bending
Six per pack
The long loop handle allows strength and
control of the whole hand being used
The strong angled blade provides a good
cutting position and will cut the toughest nails
Standard 300mm (12”) Code: AA4722
Code: 2139
£9.90 (£8.25 ex VAT)
Elastic Laces (2 Pairs)
They look like normal shoe laces with
crimped ends, but are elasticated and will
therefore convert lace-up shoes into
Ideal for those who have trouble tying or
reaching their laces. 600mm (24")
£19.75 (£16.46 ex VAT)
Long 370mm (141/2”) Code: AA4723
£21.70 (£18.08 ex VAT)
Code: PR63006
£9.80 (£8.17 ex VAT)
Curly Laces
Elastic laces that do not need tying
Button Hook With Zipper Pull
Lace the shoes up and release the laces
at the required pressure and the lace will
coil to keep in place
Two tools in one – a button hook at one
end and zip puller at the other. Useful for a
number of dressing tasks
Ideal for those who find it hard to bend &
tie a normal lace
Black Code: PR55000
Brown Code: PR55022
White Code: PR55023
White Code: PR55003
Brown Code: PR55002
Black Code: PR55001
£4.50 2 Pairs
Code: AA4673
£8.15 (£6.79 ex VAT)
Incontinence Care & Protection
Bed and Chair Protection
Bed Pad with Tucks
Chair Pads
Disposable Bed Pads
Available in three sizes
Highly absorbent protection for use on
chairs, wheelchairs and car seats. Discreet
and comfortable 'stay dry' top
High quality pads impregnated with
super absorbent polymers
Washable and absorbent
Non slip waterproof backing
Not recommended for use with electric
Non slip waterproof backing. Absorbency
Excellent fluid retention and odour control
Two sizes available in packs of 35
Absorbency 2.5 litres
Pink Code: PR52100 Blue Code: PR52101
Tartan Code: PR52102 Floral Code: PR52103
Large Code: LFBD8411
Large Super Code: LFBD8421
Single Code: BPWT
Medium Code: LFBD8211
Medium Super Code: LFBD8221
Large Single Code: BPX
Waterproof Mattress Covers
Fitted vinyl sheets with elasticated
corners for complete protection
Double Code: BPWTD
Burgundy, Brown, Green & Navy
Available in single and double bed sizes
Single Code: PR52161
Double Code: PR52162
Incontinence Wipes
Conti Wipes
Lille Care Wet Wipes
Soft and dry – ideal for personal hygiene
Moist skin cleansing wipes formulated to
minimise the risks of allergic reactions.
Contains aloe vera
Available in two sizes, 100 wipes per box
Standard Code: CBW010
80 wipes per pack, 200 x 300mm. Easy
reseal to retain moisture
Large Code: CSW110
Large Cotton Soft Code: 4407
Code: 9121
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Washable Incontinence Pants
Readi Full Brief with Built-in
Pad – Ladies
Active Mini Brief
with Built-in-Pad – Ladies
Active Full Brief
with Built-in-Pad – Ladies
Designed for everyday use for moderate
incontinence (250ml)
Fashionable styling for the active woman
Designed for everyday use for light
incontinence (120ml)
Suitable for use during sport and exercise
Convenient Built-in Pad – no separate pad
Designed for light incontinence (120ml)
100% cotton, machine washable
Extra soft, machine washable cotton lycra
no separate pad required
32”-34” Code: 5520 36”-38” Code: 5521
40”-42” Code: 5522 44”-46” Code: 5523
28”- 30” Code: 5588 32”- 34” Code: 5589
36”- 38” Code: 5590 40”- 42” Code: 5591
44”- 46” Code: 5592
48”- 50” Code: 5520 52”- 54” Code: 5521
56”- 58” Code: 5522 60”- 64” Code: 5523
Traditional Brief
with Built-in Pad +Fly – Men’s
Readi Full Brief Pouch Pant –
Accommodates a separate disposable pad
of choice
Stay Dry Liner. Machine washable CottonLycra blend fabric
32”- 34” Code: 5594 36”- 38” Code: 5595
40”- 42” Code: 5596 44”- 46” Code: 5597
48”- 50” Code: 5598 52”- 54” Code: 5500
56”- 58” Code: 5501 60”- 64” Code: 5502
Suitable for moderate incontinence (250ml)
Readi Brief with Pouch – Mens
Traditional appearance with fly opening
Accommodates a separate pad of choice
The pad is covered in a stay dry material
Large Stay dry liner for freshness and
Machine washable, 100% cotton
Machine washable, 100% cotton
Large stay dry liner to maintain freshness
and comfort
Machine washable 100% Cotton
30”- 32” Code: 5352 34”- 36” Code: 5353
38”- 40” Code: 5354 42”- 44” Code: 5355
30”- 32” Code: 5485 34”- 36” Code: 5486
38”- 40” Code: 5487 42”- 44” Code: 5488
32”- 34”
40”- 42”
48”- 50”
56”- 58”
Code: 5525 36”- 38” Code: 5526
Code: 5527 44”- 46” Code: 5528
Code: 5536 52”- 54” Code: 5537
Code: 5570
46”- 48” Code: 5356 50”- 52” Code: 5357
54”- 56” Code: 5358
Incontinence Care & Protection
Lille Unisex Supreme Fix Pantyslip
Sandra Waterproof Pants
Stretch support pants to hold Supreme form
large shaped pads in place. Packs of 5
Pull-on style plastic with elasticated waist
and leg and pouch for insert pad
Manufactured from waterproof material that
is skin soft and rustle free. Sewn seams
provide ventilation
Available in 50mm (2”) increments hip size
A: 810mm (32”) Code: IPPO32
B: 860mm (34”) Code: IPPO34
C: 910mm (36”) Code: IPPO36
D: 960mm (38”) Code: IPPO38
E: 1020mm (40”) Code: IPPO40
F: 1070mm (42”) Code: IPPO42
G: 1120mm (44”) Code: IPPO44
H: 1170mm (46”) Code: IPPO46
I: 1220mm (48”) Code: IPPO48
J: 1320mm (52”) Code: IPPO52
Small Code: LSFX9411
Medium Code: LSFX9421
Large Code: LSFX9431
Extra Large Code: LSFX9441
L: 1170mm (56”) Code: IPPO56
K: 1270mm (60”) Code: IPPO60
Disposable Incontinence Pads and Pants
Lille Classic Line Insert Pads
Lille Classic Pad Straight
A range of discreet, highly absorbent pads
to be worn within pouch pants or with
adhesive strips to be worn within your own
close fitting pants
A range of discreet, highly absorbent pads
to be worn within pouch pants or with
adhesive strips to be worn within your own
close fitting pants
Ideal for stress or light to moderate
incontinence. Insert Pads (for pouch pants)
Ideal for stress or light to moderate
Ideal for urge or light to moderate
Rectangular Pads (with adhesive strip)
Available in the following levels of
Lille Suprem light Small
Shaped Pads
Discreet, highly absorbent shaped pads
with adhesive strip to be worn in your
own close fitting pants
Plus: 490MLS Code: LCLN1111
Extra: 600MLS Code: LCLN1121
Mini: 400MLS Code: LCLN2111
£3.45 (28 in pack)
Normal: 525MLS Code: LCLN2121
Lille Suprem Pants
A highly absorbent, disposable pull up pants
£3.99 (28 in pack)
Extra: 722MLS Code: LCLN2131
£5.95 (28 in pack)
Maxi: 1250MLS Code: LCLN2151
£7.00 (28 in pack)
Mini: 200MLS Code: LSFE3121
Regular : 340MLS Code: LSFE3131
Midi: 600MLS Code: LSFE3141
Medium Extra: 1440MLS Code: LSPU0211
Medium Maxi: 2090MLS Code: 0221
£13.75 (14 in pack)
£13.75 (14 in pack)
Large Extra: 1850MLS Code: LSPU0311
Large Maxi: 2090MLS Code: 0321
£14.00 (14 in pack)
£15.50 (14 in pack)
X Large Extra: 2200MLS Code: LSPU0411
X Large Maxi: 2090MLS Code: 0421
£17.00 (14 in pack)
£17.35 (14 in pack)
Super: 830MLS Code: LSFE3151
Maxi: 1030MLS Code: LSFE3161
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Lille Suprem Form
Breathable Pads
For reflex or heavy incontinence when a
very absorbent pad is required.
Lille Classic Lilfit All-In-One Pads
Lille Supreme for Men
All-In-One products, also known as
diapers, provide total protection for heavy
urinary or faecal incontinence. Each
product is fitted with 4 sticky tapes and
wraps completely around the body
The new Lille for Men disposable male
guard offers an efficient solution for male
bladder control. The contoured shape and
textile backing ensures a more natural,
discreet and comfortable fit
An adhesive strip keeps the guard
securely in place. The extra absorbent
layer draws moisture away from the
surface and into the pad
Regular Plus: 1450MLS Code: LSFM5121
Extra Plus: 1850MLS Code: LSFM5141
Super Plus: 2200MLS Code: LSFM5161
Maxi: 2700MLS Code: LSFM5171
Medium Regular Code: LCFT6211
PACK OF 28 600MLS Code: LSFE3171
Medium Extra Code: LCFT6221
Large Regular Code: LCFT6311
Large Extra Code: LCFT6321
Lille Classic Lilform Large
Shaped Pads
Lille Suprem fit Breathable
All-in-One Pads
For reflex or heavy incontinence when a
very absorbent pad is required.
All-In-One products, also known as
diapers, provide total protection for heavy
urinary or faecal incontinence. Each
product is fitted with 4 sticky tapes and
wraps completely around the body
Regular: 1300MLS Code: LSFM4111
Super : 2200MLS Code: LSFM4131
Small Maxi (20): 1900MLS Code: LSFM7121
Med Maxi (20): 3050MLS Code: LSFM7241
Large Maxi (20): 3050MLS Code: LSFM7341
X-Large Maxi: 3800MLS Code: LSFM7421
toilet accessories
Commodes, Toilet Seats, Frames and Surrounds
From commodes to raised toilet seats, to a choice of urinals, bed pans and other accessories are available in the catalogue or
through our branches.
Adjustable Commode Stool
Basket Weave
Toilet Frame with Seat
Height adjustable metal framed
commode stool
Wooden frame with wicker style covering
Height adjustable seat with built-in
frame and arm rests
Under the removable seat there is a plastic
commode pan and lid with carrying handle
Seat height 460mm - 510mm (18”- 20”)
Width 470mm (181/2”) depth 410mm (16”)
Waterproof, wipe clean PVC seat
One-piece commode pan with
carrying handle incorporated into lid that
locks pan and lid together
Simple height adjustments to suit user
Hygienic, easy to clean one-piece seat
Code: 4310
Code: AA2351
Code: 519B
£217.00 (£180.83 ex VAT)
£220.00 (£183.33 ex VAT)
£74.40 (£62.00 ex VAT)
Commode Cushion U shaped
Height Adjustable and Stacking
Vinyl covered seat and back
Attractive polished hardwood armchair
style commode
Made with a wipe clean permeable cover,
this cushion is filled with fibre and will fit
the majority of commodes.
Washable vinyl seat conceals commode
seat and pan
It is held in place with Velcro straps
Removable round pan with carry handle
and lid
Height adjustable: 830 – 980mm (321/2" 381/2") Maximum user weight 125kgs
Pan has handle and locking lid and is
Seat size: (H) 510mm (20"), (W) 470mm
(181/2"), (D) 510mm (20") Maximum
user weight 160kgs (25 stone)
Code: FFU
£22.50 (£18.75 ex VAT)
Code: 521A
£68.00 (£56.67 ex VAT)
Code: 519B
£433.69 (£361.40 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Adjustable Toilet Surround
Raised Toilet Seats (without Lid)
Raised Toilet Seats (with Lid)
Provides support when sitting or rising from
the toilet
Makes rising and lowering easier for
those with stiff or painful joints
Makes rising and lowering easier for
those with stiff or painful joints
Fits around the toilet, so no installation
required & height adjustable to suit user
Comfortable contoured seat in either
50mm (2"), 100mm (4") or 150mm (6")
Comfortable contoured seat in either
50mm (2”), 100mm (4”) or 150mm (6”)
One piece construction which is easily
but securely fitted by hand
One piece construction which is easily
but securely fitted by hand
Adjustable height legs
Code: 4320EX
£40.80 (£34.00 ex VAT)
Padded Seat
Small 50mm (2”) Code: AA2112
Small 50mm (2”) Code: AA2112L
A soft cushion that attaches to the
existing toilet seat for extra comfort &
height. Easily removable for cleaning
£30.00 (£25.00 ex VAT)
£35.00 (£29.17 ex VAT)
Medium 100mm (4”) Code: AA2114Y
Medium 100mm (4”) Code: AA2114L
£31.00 (£25.83 ex VAT)
£36.00 (£30.00 ex VAT)
Large 150mm (6”) Code: AA2116
Large 150mm (6”) Code: AA2116L
£47.30 (£39.58 ex VAT)
£56.37 (£46.98 ex VAT)
Round & Shaped Commode Pans
Small 2” Code: AA2137A
£18.99 (£15.83 ex VAT)
Large 4” Code: AA2137B
£27.60 (£23.00 ex VAT)
Round is Suitable only for the Chalgrove
Shaped is Suitable for Basketweave, Royale
and Stool Commode, shaped
Shaped Pan Code: AA2384
Round Pan Code: AA2380
Urinals and Bed Pans
Slipper Pan with Lid
Bottom Wiper
Preferred design for elderly patients
Moulded plastic head with recessed
serrations to grip the paper
Contoured design for smooth gliding over
bed sheets
Paper is easily removed after use
Designed to be used from the front
Integrated handles give user stability and
Short return handles make for easier use
by carer
Broad, comfortable seat and cover that
reduces odours & spills
Code: AA2659
Code: AA2650
£14.50 (£12.08 ex VAT)
toilet accessories
Male Urinal with Handle
Portable Bidet
Standard Male Urinal
Handle for ease of use and snap-on lid to
avoid spillage
Made from polypropylene and fits
standard toilet bowls
Traditional design. Autoclaveable polypropylene.
Snap-on lid to prevent spillage
Large, flat surfaces ensure stability when not
in use. Slim shape for comfortable use in bed
Soap dish at the front for convenience
Able to be steam cleaned and sterilised
up to 135 C
Code: 495PP
Code: AA2632W
Folding Bottom Wiper
Female Urinal
Folding bottom wiper with a moulded
plastic head with recessed serrations to
grip the paper
Anatomically contoured bottle can be
easily gripped by the handle. Stable
when vertical or horizontal
Code: AA2612Y
£20.70 (£17.25 ex VAT)
Folds into 3 for easier storage. Designed
to be used from the front
Female Urinal Economy
Code: AA2666
Code: AA2630Y
£16.00 (£13.33 ex VAT)
Sangenic Easiseal Refill
Sangenic Easiseal Disposal System
Not just a bin,
Easiseal wraps
each pad in
seconds. It
twists and seals
each pad in a
fragranced, antibacterial film,
locking away
germs and
Sangenic Easiseal is the most convenient
way to dispose of incontinence products
within the home
Pads are kept sealed away in the tub,
saving endless trips to the outside bin
Code: AA2621
Code: AA2652
The Sangenic Easiseal refill cassette
uses a fragranced, anti-bacterial film
which is ideal for light to medium odour
Disposable Male Urinal
Male Urinal Bottle in traditional style made
from Disposable Pulp
Code: AA2623
Code: 34002
70p each
mobility and accessories
Wheelchairs and Ramps
Karma Ergo 105 Transit
Patented S Shaped seating
system. Detachable seat
covers treated with Aegis
Micobe Shield
Outrigged armrests to
minimise overall width. Wider
ergonomic armpads. Wide
footplates with flatter angle.
Seat width 16”
Karmo Ergo 105 Self
Karma Ergo 115 Transit
Karma Dove Self Propelled
Details as the ‘Karma Ergo 115
Self Prpelled’. Seat width
available either 18” or 20”.
Transit weighs 11.7kg complete
and 8kg (17lbs) without wheels
and footrest.
Slowing brakes fitted as
standard. Ultra-light weight
aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
frame. Seat widths: 16" and 18"
Details as the ‘Karma Ergo
105 Transit’. Seat width 16” or
18”. Total weight only 12.9kg
(28lbs) complete 8.5kg (19lbs)
without rear wheel. Max user
weight 115kg
Code: IS103Q14WB
Code: ISOO3Q24WB
£430.00 (£358.33 ex VAT)
£430.00 (£358.33 ex VAT)
Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
frame provides lightweight
structure, total only 11.5kg
(25lbs) complete and 8.5kg
(19lbs) without rear wheel.
Max user weight 115kg
20" flat free rear wheel (microcellular). Outrigged arms to
minimise overall width
Weighs from: 12.3kg (27lbs)
complete and 9kg (20lbs)
without rear wheels. Max user
weight 100kg (16”) 115kg (18“)
Code: 2500Q14WB
£290.00 (£241.67 ex VAT)
Code: IS103Q14WB
£398.00 (£331.67 ex VAT)
Karma Dove Transit
Details as the ‘Karma Dove
Self Prpelled’. 6” castors and
14” puncture proof tyres
(micro-cellular). Weight: from
10.5kg (23lbs) complete, 9kg
without rear wheels (20lbs).
Code: 2500Q14WB
Enigma Steel Self
Karma Sparrow
Self Propelled
Quick release wheels. Slowing
brake on handle bars
Puncture proof tyres. Seat width
17 inches. Weighs 14kg
complete. Max user weight 100kg
Code: ISOQ24WB
£238.00 (£198.33 ex VAT)
£290.00 (£241.67 ex VAT)
Karma Ergo 115
Self Propelled
Patented 'S' Shaped seating
system. Detachable pads
treated with Aegis Microbe
Shield. Outrigged armrests to
minimise overall width
Chair weight: 40Ibs (18kg),
or 23lbs (11kg) without
components. General purpose
wheelchair that is easily folded
for transportation
Wider ergonomic armpads.
Wide footplates with flatter
angle. Swing in/out detachable
footrest hangers
Quick release wheels, footplates
& armrests reduce the weight
for loading into car. Puncture
proof front castors, &rear
wheels of 610mm (24”).
Comfortable vinyl seat & back
Seat width available either
18” or 20”. Self propelled
weighs 13.3kg complete (29lbs)
and 8.0kg (17lbs) without
wheels and footrest. Max User
weight 115kg
Half folding back reduces
upright storage height. 460mm
(18”) seat width. Maximum user
weight 18 stone (115kg)
Karma Sparrow Transit
Karma Sparrow Transit
Details as the ‘Enigma Steel
Self Propel’. Chair weight: 34Ibs
(16kg), or 22lbs (10kg) without
components. Rear wheels of
320mm (121/2”)
Code: SSP18
Code: XSSDTS18
£199.89 (£166.58 ex VAT)
£199.89 (£166.58 ex VAT
Details as the ‘Karma Sparrow
Self Prpelled’. Fixed wheels and
foot rests. Transit weighs 11.7kg
Code: IS103Q24WB
£430.00 (£358.33 ex VAT)
Code: ISOF14WB
£218.00 (£181.67 ex VAT)
mobility and accessories
Threshold Ramps
Small - 75mm (3”) Code: TR3
Overcomes wooden/UPVC door thresholds.
Allows door to open and close when in
£89.96 (£74.97 ex VAT)
Medium - 100mm (4”) Code: TR4
£99.95 (£83.29 ex VAT)
Customised to the height of your doorframe
75mm - 150mm (3”- 6”). Provides
doorframe protection and lightweight
Large - 125mm (5”) Code: TR5
£141.96 (£118.30 ex VAT)
Extra Large - 150mm (6”) Code: TR6
Maximum carrying capacity of 40 stone
£156.77 (£130.64 ex VAT)
Wet Weather Clothing
Wheely Mac
Scooter Cosy
Scooter Storage Cover
Provides head to toe protection
Quilted, thermal fleece lined cosy which
acts like a sleeping bag for the lower body
Lightweight & seam sealed waterproof cover
Secures over the back of the chair taking
pushing handles into consideration
Secures under the footplates with
elasticated base
Unsleeved version for those with restricted
arm and body movement
Open base enables the feet to be positioned
either side of the tiller
Feet are kept dry with a nylon shoe
Protects from rain and dust. Elasticated
corners to secure
Universal size Height: 92cm (36”), Length
112cm (44”), Width 56cm (22”)
Medium chest 111cm Length 119cm
Sleeved version for optimum movements
Large chest 127cm Length 127cm
Small/Med chest up to 120cm length 176cm
Available in Navy
Large/XL chest up to 130cm length 205cm
Available Colour Navy
Code: VSCEU51
£40.80 (£34.00 ex VAT)
Wheelchair Fleece
Full length fleece covering seat
and back with loops to hold in place
Medium Code: SYDM Large Code: SYDL
UnSleeved Small/Med Code: WMMU51
£72.00 (60.00 ex VAT)
£39.60 (£33.00 ex VAT)
UnSleeved Large/XL Code: WMLU51
£39.60 (£33.00 ex VAT)
Sleeved Small/Med Code: WMSMU51
£42.00 (£35.00 ex VAT)
Code: WW736L
Sleeved Large/XL Code: WMSLU51
£22.57 (£18.81 ex VAT)
£42.00 (£35.00 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Power Cape
Scooter Cape
Scooter Storage Cover Deluxe
Complete wind & rain protection from head
to toe including the power chair
Complete wind and rain protection from
head to toe including the scooter
Heavy duty and fully waterproof. Ideal for
outside storage
Clear panel to view controls
Suitable for 3 or 4 wheel scooters
Hands free opening slot for freedom of
hand movement for opening doors and
operating pedestrian crossing controls
Velcro slots accommodate mirrors
Tailored shape accommodates headrests
and front baskets. Easy and secure
fastening system
Colour Navy. Size Chest 116cm (46") Length
182cm (72")
Clear front panel enables proper view of
Easy to use single zip fastening enables the
user to climb on and off scooter with ease
Colours available Navy or Burgundy
Small Code: VSCDS
Medium Code: VSCDM
Large Code: VSCDL
£57.60 (£48.00 ex VAT)
Code: PCDU51
£58.80 (£49.00 ex VAT)
Wheely Wheelchair Apron (3 in 1)
Scooter Leg Cape
Lower body protection whilst on the
scooter. Waterproof leg cover with thermal,
quilted fleece lining for extra warmth.
Quick and easy to put on, the leg cape
secures around the seat with a simple
Colour navy
Size Universal Length 100cm (39")
Code: SCD
£58.80 (£49.00 ex VAT)
Wheely Cosy
Acts as a sleeping bag for the lower body.
Higher back can be secured to the pushing
Features a warm polyester fur lining and
central zip
Colour Navy. Size Universal Chest 116cm
(46"); Length 106cm (42")
Quick and easy to put on and a clever new
three in one design
Wear as an unlined wheely apron for rain
A fleece apron for warmth
Combined for warmth and rain protection
Secure at waist level with a simple braid
and buckle fastening and at the foot with
an elasticated base, which fits over the
foot plate.
Code: WA31U51
Code: SLCU51
£43.20 (£36.00 ex VAT)
£44.40 (£37.00 ex VAT)
Code: WCEU51
£54.00 (£45.00 ex VAT)
mobility and accessories
Deluxe Wheely Cosy
Wheely Apron
Mobility Poncho Unsleeved
Small 96cm wide x 96cm long
Quick and easy to put on. Available as
unlined to keep off the rain
Quick and easy to put on. Unlined version to
keep out the rain
Also available as 3 in 1 which can be worn
unlined or with a fleece attached to protect
from wet and cold. Can also just be worn
as a fleece cover alone
3 IN 1 version with an attractive tartan
lining for extra warmth and protection can
be worn unlined, as a fleece or combined
Med 111cm wide x 104cm long
Large 127cm wide x 127cm long
XL 152cm wide x 127cm long
Secures at waist & fits over the footplates
Unlined Code: WAU51
Small Code: WCD Medium Code: WCD
Large Code: WCD Extra Large Code: WCD
£69.60 (£58.00 ex VAT)
£34.80 (£29.00 ex VAT)
Colour Navy. Size Universal Chest up to
140cm (55")
3 in 1 Code: MP31U51
£56.40 (£47.00 ex VAT)
3 in 1 Code: WA31U51
£43.20 (£36.00 ex VAT)
Unlined Code: MP5U51
£34.80 (£29.00 ex VAT)
Mobility Poncho sleeved
Quick and easy to put on. Unlined version to keep out the rain
3 IN 1 version with an attractive tartan lining for extra warmth and protection can be worn
unlined, as a fleece or combined
Colour Navy. Size Universal Chest up to 140cm (55")
Unlined Code: MPSU51
3 in 1 Code: MPS31U51
£38.40 (£32.00 ex VAT)
£62.40 (£52.00 ex VAT)
Wheelchair Accessories
Fleece Covered Wheelchair
Wheelchair Belt
Standard Wheelchair Cushion
Snaplok fastening
A wheelchair cushion that provides
comfort and pressure relief
Easy to fasten strap which prevents the
user toppling when negotiating steps etc.
50mm (2”) thick comfort cushions come
with easy clean vinyl or canvas cover
Removable wool fleece cover
A security pouch is incorporated
Must not be used in vehicles travelling
in excess of 8mph
400 x 400 x 60mm (153/4 x 153/4 x 21/2")
For waists up to 1220mm (48”)
Will fit most standard wheelchairs. Choice
of seat widths
Small Code: CU001 Large Code: CU002
£19.98 (£16.65 ex VAT)
410mm (16”) Code: SCFC
Code: 716
£21.00 (£17.50 ex VAT)
£9.50 (£7.92 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Rollator Diplomat Bag
Leather Wheelchair Gloves
Stick and Crutch Holder
Velcro fastening for easy access.
Comfortable and durable, with a full
length thumb
Consists of a self-locking clip at the top and a
cup at the bottom
Padded palm for protection & comfort
Allows walking sticks and crutches to be
securely fastened to the frame
Stretchy mesh back and airholes in the
back of the thumb prevent overheating
Please state frame diameter when ordering
Measure hand width across the knuckles
for correct size
Code: PR30269
£13.94 (£11.62 ex VAT)
Leg Lifter
Webbing strap with stiffened stem to
enable user to move a stiff or immobile leg
in a variety of situations
Upper loop fits round the hand and wrist,
and the lower stiffened loop slides over the
foot to give control when lifting the leg
Small: Code: AA8606A
Medium: Code: AA8606B
Large: Code: AA8606C
X Large: Code: AA8606D
£28.94 (£24.12 ex VAT)
Small Code: AA8245A Medium Code: AA8245B
Large Code: AA8245C
£16.40 (£13.67 ex VAT)
Code: AA8620
£10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT)
Wheeled Walkers and Frames
Apron Bag
Walking Trolley with Brakes
Folding Aluminium Walking Frame
Versatile pouch that hangs on the front of
walker providing easy access to frequently
used items
Removable trays makes cleaning easier.
Lightweight aluminium frame with
adjustable height legs
Made from heavy duty coated nylon
& secured to the frame with Velcro® strips
Adjustable handle height allows anyone to
use the frame comfortably.
Loop lockable hand-brakes.
Folds flat by the use of a simple button
Height adjustable from 321/2” - 36” (830mm
- 910mm)
Has one large and two small pockets
Code: AA8276
£30.25 (£25.21 ex VAT)
Code: 109
£87.00 (£72.50 ex VAT)
Code: 233EL
£58.21 (£48.51 ex VAT)
mobility and accessories
Lets go Indoor Rollator
Entirely new indoor walking aid- light,
flexible and innovative design
Hand operated breaks, height adjustable,
useful carry bag & tray. Easily folded
Rollator 4 wheeled walker
Tri Walker
Sturdy, lightweight walker with large
padded seat & backrest
Excellent support whilst walking both
indoors and out, with adjustable handle
height - 790mm - 940mm (31” - 37”)
Adjustable handle height - 790mm to
890mm (31” to 35”)
Choice of braking systems: lever operated
cable brake that must be locked manually
before sitting or push down pressure
brake that operates automatically when
seat is used
Choice of braking mechanism: lever
operated cable brake (pictured), or push
down pressure brake Includes black pouch
& wire basket. Folds flat for storage
Handy basket underneath the seat is
ideal for small items
Maximum user weight 16 stone. Folds for
Code: PR30285
£170.50 (£142.09 ex VAT)
Walking Frame Net Bag
Clips on to front of frame to accommodate
small items
Blue Code: PR30274-30ALBU
Red Code: PR30274-30AL
Silver Code: PR30274-30ALSU
£86.81 (£72.34 ex VAT)
Blue Code: 2462BL Red Code: 2462
£118.79 (£99.00 ex VAT)
Diamond Rollator
Excellent folding mechanism, robust design
Rollator – Topro Troja
Easy to fold, good brake function
Code: AA8270Y
£8.89 (7.40 ex VAT)
Lightweight & easy to manoeuvre, weighs 7.4kg
Available in 3 sizes med, small and x-small
Walking Frame Caddy
Various accessories available - such as a
back strap
Tool free removable front and rear wheels.
Durable mesh back rest and comes with
removable carry bag.
Larger 8” castors for indoor and outdoor use.
Comfortable mesh seat, height adjustable
handles with soft comfortable hand grips.
Easy to use loop lock brakes.
Enables most items to be carried safely
One large and one small compartment
allow user to separate various items
Supplied with tray that is designed to
safely transport a plate of food, contains a
mug holder to catch spillage
Fits easily to most styles of frame
Blue Code: PR30274-30ALBU
Code: 814750
Code: AA8389
£40.50 (£33.75 ex VAT)
£215.00 (£179.17 ex VAT)
Blue Code: PR30274-30ALBU
Code: 740
£170.00 (£141.67 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Standard Walking Frame Adjustable
Walking Frame Wheels
Traditional style, height adjustable frame.
Narrow width allows easy movement
For use with Standard Walking Frame
Optional wheels for the front allows for use
without need to pick up the frame
3 heights available
Small Code: 12/S1
Medium Code: 12/S2
Large Code: 12/S3
Code: AA834301
£48.50 (£40.42 ex VAT)
£22.00 (£18.33 ex VAT)
Crutches and Walking Sticks
We stock a wide range of sticks to suit many different requirements. From traditional wooden sticks to stylish, folding patterned sticks for all occasions. The handle
height of your walking stick is important, so we will always measure to ensure the correct size is provided. Always ensure the rubber ferrule is in good condition to
prevent accidents. We stock replacements and wrist loops to prevent dropping or losing the stick.
Coloured Double Adjustable
Crutches (Single)
Ergonomic Handle Double
Adjustable Crutches (Pair)
Standard Double Adjustable
Crutches (Single)
Adjustable for stem height, and cuff to
elbow length to suit most users
Similar to the standard crutch, but with
moulded hand grips for comfort
Lightweight anodised aluminium
Lightweight yet strong, made from high
strength aluminium
Available in grey only
Handle height adjustment between
660mm - 910mm (26” - 36”). Sold singly
Adjustable from handle to ground –
680-940mm (26?" – 37")
Adjustable from handle to ground – 670mm920mm (261/2” -361/4”), and armband to
handle – 200mm-275mm (73/4”-103/4”).
Maximum user weight 160kg (25 stone).
Height adjustments. Sold singly
Maximum user weight 160kg (25 stone)
Sold in pairs
Code: 121A
£12.77 (£10.64 ex VAT)
Standard Extra Long Crutches
Blue Code: RM540001
Red Code: RM540000
As above, but handle to ground
measurement 765-1002mm (30”-391/2”)
£16.49 (£13.74 ex VAT)
27”-37” Code: 124A
Code: 121AT
£15.83 (£13.19 ex VAT)
£33.50 (£27.92 ex VAT)
32”-34” Code: 124AT
£38.00 (£31.67 ex VAT
mobility and accessories
Handbag Folding Stick
Chelsea Sticks
The Chestnut Range
Attractive stick that folds into 5 sections
to fit into a handbag. Folded length
230mm (9ins). Height adjustable
Slimline sticks in attractive colours.
Height adjustable
These inexpensive chestnut crooks are
made from coppiced underwood and are
peeled and steamed into the crook shape
Everyday sticks that can be hooked over
the arm when required
The ‘rattaned’ chestnut is given a
smoother finish by having the knots
sanded down - all brown in colour
A. Black Code: 4099A
B. Cream Code: 4099B
C. Light Blue Code: 4099C
D. Red Code: 4099E
E. Navy Code: 4099D
A. Bronze Code: 4801B
Slimline Petite Folding
Walking Sticks
Colourful floral patterns. Slimline in design
B. Green floral Code: 4801C
C. Orange floral Code: 4801A
D. Pink floral Code: 4801D
Height adjustable with locking collar
Plain ladies crook Code: 3120
Plain gents crook Code: 3121
Plain stout crook Code: 3122
Ladies Scorched Crook Code: 3596
Gents Congo Crook Code: 3511
Acrylic Folding
Wrist Loops
Attached around the wrist, these loops are
popular with those who are anxious to
avoid dropping their stick
Code: 4647A
A. Autumn Gold Code: 4616A
B. Green Floral Code: 4616E
C. Grey Floral Code: 4616D
D. Pink floral Code: 4616C
E. Summer floral Code: 4616B
Forget me not
Acrylic Folding
Acrylic Folding
Available in black and brown and attach
to the stick by an elastic loop
Brown Code: 3214BN
Black Code: 3214BK
Code: 4647A
Code: 4647A
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
The Derby Gentlemens Range
The Derby Ladies Range
Elegant canes that take their name from
Lord Derby who favoured this style of handle
Brown beech derby ladies Code: 3200
One of the most popular ranges of stick,
they are available in a variety of colours
and woods. The derby handle provides
excellent support for the hand
The Derby Range Unisex
Brown beech derby long Code: 3201L
Brown beech derby gents Code: 3201
Beech derby, blue Code: 3573
Beech derby, burgundy gents Code: 3555
Beech derby, white Code: 3506
Beech derby, scorched with wristloop
gents Code: 3234
Walking Stick Ferrules
A variety of Ferrules for walking sticks,
crutches and frames
Bell shaped ferrule with dimpled base
Type C. 13mm Code: C13
Type C. 16mm Code: C16
Type C. 19mm Code: C19
Type C. 22mm Code: C22
Type C. 25mm Code: C25
Plain Folding Selection
Elastic cord down the centre of the tube
enables these canes to be folded
quickly and easily
Ideal when travelling as well as in
theatres, restaurants and other places
where space is limited
A wide range of finishes as well as a
white folding cane suitable for the
blind. All are adjustable for height
Straight sided black rubber ferrule
Type A. 10mm Code: A10
Type A. 13mm Code: A13
Type A. 16mm Code: A16
Type A. 19mm Code: A19
Type A. 22mm Code: A22
Type A. 25mm Code: A25
Domed black rubber ferrule for folding
seats Type B (set of 4) Code: B19
Heavy duty ferrule with reinforced ringed
Type D. 13mm Code: D13
Type D. 16mm Code: D16
Type D. 19mm Code: D19
Type D. 22mm Code: D22
A. Burgundy derby handle, black shaft,
adjustable height Code: 4003
Ferrule for combi spikes Code: 3560
B. Ash derby handle, coffee brown shaft,
adjustable height Code: 4601
Brown rubber ferrule
Type F. 19mm Code: F19
C. Burgundy derby handle, slimline black
shaft, adjustable height Code: 4604
Grey heavy duty ferrule suitable for
walking frames
Z Type. 16mm Code: Z16
Z Type. 18mm Code: Z18
Z Type. 22mm Code: Z22
Z Type. 25mm Code: Z25
D. Black crook handle, black shaft,
adjustable height Code: 4608
mobility and accessories
Shopping Trolleys
Petite Deluxe Chocolate Sholley
Deluxe Chocolate Sholley
Same details as Deluxe but bag is 1”
narrower. Bag size 17.5x15.5x12.5 “
Bag size 18.5x15.5x13.5 inches
Also available in Blue Check
Bag has an internal pocket with zip
Adjustable height.
Two external pockets.
Front swivel wheels.
Brakes to rear wheels
Also available in Blue Check
Standard Chocolate Sholley
Bag size 18.5x15.5x13.5 inches
Adjustable height. Front swivel wheels
Brake Kit for Sholeco Deluxe
and Standard Sholley Trolley
Brakes to rear wheels
Equips your Sholley Trolley with hand brakes.
Easy to fit, simple to use. Brings you
additional control of your Trolley.
kitchen and dining
Cutlery, Cups and Mugs
Choose from a selection of specially designed cutlery, cups, plates to jar openers, peelers and ring pullers and non-slip mats. Every product
created for easy use and guaranteed safety.
Nelson Knife
Splayed Fork Code: AA5595
A knife with a cutting edge that ends in a
curved pronged fork
A pronged fork with edges designed for
cutting food and has a deep rounded
body that functions like a spoon
Ideal for one handed use
Code: AA5597Y
£1645 (£13.71 ex VAT)
£13.46 (£11.22 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Good Grips Cutlery
Comfort Cutlery
Comfort Cutlery (Straight)
Soft, cushion grip helps to keep the utensil
in the hand – even when wet
Cutlery with non-slip finger grips that can
be rotated for better control and more
secure grip
Cutlery with non-slip finger grips that
can be rotated for better control and
more secure grip.
Ideal for those with a poor, weak grip
allowing maximum control with a
minimum of effort
Ideal for those with a poor, weak grip
allowing maximum control with a
minimum of effort
The knife blade has been designed to be
used both as a regular and a rocker knife,
so being suitable for one-handed users.
Dishwasher safe
The knife blade has been designed to
be used both as a regular and a rocker
knife, so being suitable for one-handed
users. Dishwasher safe
Built-up handles are made of soft latex-free
material with flexible ribbing
Each utensil has a special twist built into
the metal shaft that allows spoon and forks
to bend to any angle
The rocker knife requires minimal arm
strength for cutting. Dishwasher safe
Fork Code: PR65591
Teaspoon Code: PR65593
Youth Spoon Code: PR65595
Dessert Spoon Code: PR65594
Left Hand Fork Code: PR65635
Left Hand Spoon Code: PR65637
Left Hand Teaspoon Code: PR65636
Right Hand Fork Code: PR65640
Right Hand Spoon Code: PR65638
Right Hand Teaspoon Code: PR65639
Knife Code: PR65632
Fork Code: PR65631
Spoon Code: PR65634
Teaspoon Code: PR65633
£18.90 (£15.75 ex VAT)
£17.60 (£14.67 ex VAT)
£12.90 (£10.75 ex VAT)
Rocker Knife Code: PR65592
£11.74 (£9.79 ex VAT)
Serrated Rocker Knife Code: PR65592S
£13.90 (£11.58 ex VAT)
Foam Handled Cutlery
Stainless steel utensils mounted on
plastic stems and sealed into light foam
handles. Ideal for those with weak or
painful grip
Caring Mug
Two large contoured and angled handles
for holding in the correct position for
drinking. Microwaveable. Capacity
11floz (300ml)
Wide base for stability. Useful for those
with a tremor or who cannot sit upright
2 Handled Beaker
Polypropylene beaker and lid with two
Two lids supplied – one with a spout, and
the other with recessed lid to eliminate
spillage. The beaker (but not the lid) is
dishwasher safe
The foam is comfortable to hold and
washable (not dishwasher proof)
Code: AA5710Y
Code: AA5720
£10.98 (£9.15 ex VAT)
£4.07 (£3.39 ex VAT)
Plastic Feeder Beaker
Knife Code: AA5550
Fork Code: AA5551
Spoon Code: AA5552
Teaspoon Code: AA5553
£10.80 (£9.00 ex VAT)
Plastic beakers without handles for a variety
of liquids. Supplied with either a narrow or
wide spout for different thickness of liquid
(e.g. tea or soup)
Narrow Spout Code: 113116PP
Wide Spout Code: 114116PP
kitchen and dining
One Handled Polycarbonate Cup
Insulated Mug
Tough, clear plastic mug with a large
handle. Supplied with two lids – one for
anti-spill and one with drinking spout
Plastic mug with double wall for
insulation. Large handle for easy grip
The mug (but not the lid) is dishwasher
safe, and can be used in a microwave oven
Lids (optional) can be supplied separately.
Dishwasher & microwave safe
Code: PR65100
Code: 1137
£7.58 (£6.58 ex VAT)
Nosey Cup
Designed for people with poor grip and
limited neck movement when sitting or
lying. Allows drinking without the need to
tip the head
Broad base and tapered body make the
cup stable and easy to grasp. Dishwasher
safe (top rack only)
Code: AA5705
£12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT)
The ‘Dignity’ range by Wade
Designed to help people suffering from
both Physical and mental disabilities.
Made from vitrified earthenware with
added Alumina for extra strength. All
items are Dishwasher, microwave and
freezer proof.
Dignity 2 handled Cup with Pierced Spout
White Code: PR65542W
Green Code: PR65542G
Yellow Code: PR65542Y
Dignity Soup Bowl
White Code: PR65545
Green Code: PR65545
Yellow Code: PR65545
£13.30 (£11.08 ex VAT)
£18.50 (£15.42 ex VAT)
Dignity 2 handled Mug
White Code: PR65540W
Green Code: PR65540G
Yellow Code: PR65540Y
£13.30 (£11.08 ex VAT)
Dignity 2 handled Feeder Cup
White Code: PR65541W
Green Code: PR65541G
Yellow Code: PR65541Y
£13.30 (£11.08 ex VAT)
Dignity Plate 23cm
White Code: PR65543W
Green Code: PR65543G
Yellow Code: PR65543Y
Dignity One Handled Mug
White Code: PR65546W
Green Code: PR65546G
Yellow Code: PR65546Y
£23.98 (£19.98 ex VAT)
£8.80 (£7.33 ex VAT)
Dignity Cereal Bowl
White Code: PR65544W
Green Code: PR65544G
Yellow Code: PR65544Y
Dignity Salt & Pepper
White Code: PR65547W
Green Code: PR65547G
Yellow Code: PR65547Y
£18.50 (£15.42 ex VAT)
£13.30 (£11.08 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Plates and Openers
Steelite Plates
Plate Surround
Medici Plate
Plate retains heat. Useful for slow eaters
Clips onto plate to assist loading food
onto spoon or fork
25mm (1”) high rim assists one handed
eating by allowing food to be pushed
against the side of the plate
Curved lip aids one handed eating.
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Large plate - 260mm (10 /4”), medium
plate - 210mm (81/2”)
Fits circular plates between 230mm 280mm (9”-11”)
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Hard wearing plastic suitable for
microwave and dishwashers
External diameter 240mm (91/2”)
Code: AA5662Y
Large Plate: Plain White Code: F19509
£5.20 (£4.33 ex VAT)
£20.50 (£17.08 ex VAT)
Medium Plate: Plain White Code: F19510
Good Grips Jar Opener
£13.30 (£11.08 ex VAT)
Chunky, easy grip soft rubber handle
Jarkey Opener
Opens jars effortlessly in seconds by
popping the jar’s vacuum so that the lid
turns easily
Push opener over the lid until grip is tight,
then twist to remove lid
Blue Code: H80005
Yellow Code: H79982
Red Code: H80017
Ivory Code: H79969
£10.85 (£9.04 ex VAT)
Dishwasher safe
Ring Pull Opener
The unique ring pull opener safely and
easily removes ring pull lids from all cans
Prevents wrist strain. Approved by the
USA Arthritis Association
With the container on a flat surface, slip
the pointed end of the opener under the
tab, then pull and roll the opener back to
remove the lid
Code: PR63023
Code: PR60035
Dycem Jar Opener
Unique non slip surface gives secure grip
Baby Boa Opener
Gives excellent grip on a wide variety of
jar top sizes
Wipes clean and lasts for years. Suitable
for jars and bottles
Code: PR60037
Place loop over lid, pull the tail until tight,
and then turn in the direction of the arrow
Code: AA5004
Code: AA5001
leisure and exercise
Seat Sticks
Explorer Super Seat
Walker Seat Stick
Observer Super Seat
Explorer super seat with point & plate base
Walking seat stick with adjustable height
Observer super seat, adjustable for height
Code: 2110
Code: 2109
Packaway Seat Stick
Trio Maxi Seat
Packaway folding adjustable seat stick and
carry bag
Trio maxi tripod seat
Green Code: 2101A
Black Code: 2101B
Brown Code: 2101C
Quattro Folding Seat
Green Code: 2103A
Black Code: 2103B
Folding quattro seat with choice of seat
Four-legged and yet light due to its
aluminium construction
Folding Superseat Stick
- Shooting Stick
Easy Grip rubber handles aiding seating
and standing
Fold away super seat with ground plate,
rubber ferrule and carry case Code:
Great support for standing if elderly of
Green Code: 2108A
Black Code: 2108B
Brown Code: 2108C
Code: 2111
Small Code: 2105S
Medium Code: 2105M
Large Code: 2105L
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Reflex Preparation Knives
Slicing Knife - Ideal for slicing bread:
Blade length 230mm (9")
Carving Knife - Scalloped blade which will
stay permanently sharp: Blade length
200mm (8")
Good Grips ‘Y’ Shaped Peeler
Jug Kettle Tipper
Peeler blade swivels requiring minimum
range of wrist or elbow motion
A coated wire cradle that holds most types
of jug kettle. Pivots on a raised wire frame
by gentle pressure on the handle
Stainless steel blade
Secure grip even when wet
The kettle sits on the cradle and is secured
by a velcro strap
A built-in stop prevents spillage if the kettle
is accidentally released during pouring
Chefs Knife - Useful for cutting or
chopping food: Blade length 200mm (8")
Not suitable for cordless or mini jug kettles
Preparation Knife - Scalloped blade ideal
for cutting and preparing food: Blade
length 130mm (5")
Code: PR63020
Traditional Kettle Tipper
Slicing Knife Code: AA5246Y
£19.99 (£16.66 ex VAT)
Carving Knife Code: AA5244Y
£22.76 (£18.97 ex VAT)
Chefs Knife Code: AA5245Y
£19.99 (£16.66 ex VAT)
Raised tilting platform designed to
assist with pouring from any standard
kettle with minimum effort or risk of
Push the handle forward and the
platform pivots on its coated wire
The platform cannot drop forward
accidentally or fall back past the
Preparation Knife Code: AA5240Y
Frame is high enough to pour into a
teapot, mug or cup
£16.20 (£13.50 ex VAT)
Not suitable for cordless kettles
Code: AA5774
£25.60 (£21.33 ex VAT)
Cordless Kettle Tipper
Similar in design to the jug kettle tipper,
the cordless kettle tipper has metal plates
that secure the base of the kettle and a
velcro strap that holds the kettle in place
Spread Board
Durable, one-piece plastic board with
raised L-shape in one corner
Enables bread to be spread one handed
Code: AA5771
£33.00 (£27.50 ex VAT)
Code: AA5770Y
£36.80 (£30.67 ex VAT)
Code: AA5284
£8.64 (£7.20 ex VAT)
kitchen and dining
Non Slip and Food Preparation
Dycem Mats
Non slip mats that grip dry, slippery
surfaces to act as an anchor to prevent
items moving
May also be used to enhance grip on
jars, handles etc
Clean in warm soapy water to retain nonslip properties, but must be dry for use
Adult Clothes Protectors
Fluid proof clothing protectors safeguard
from messy spills, while offering
outstanding absorbancy, durability and
quality. A comfortable neckline, and a
bright selection of patterns.
Round Medium 140mm (51/2”)
Blue Code: AA6810B
Red Code: AA6810F
Green Code: AA6810G
Yellow Code: AA6810I
Rectangular Medium 250x180mm (10”x 7”)
Blue Code: AA6814B
Red Code: AA6814F
Green Code: AA6814G
Yellow Code: AA6814I
Round Large 190mm (71/2”)
Blue Code: AA6812B
Red Code: AA6812F
Green Code: AA6812G
Yellow Code: AA6812I
Rectangular Large 350x250mm (14”x 10”)
Blue Code: AA6816B
Red Code: AA6816F
Green Code: AA6816G
Yellow Code: AA6816I
Robinsons Readibibs©
Plastic Bib With Trough
Available as small, medium and large with
crumb tray
A wipeable plastic bib with trough to catch
Velcro ™ fastening around neck
Small Code: 5560
Large Code: 5561
Good Grips Swivel Peeler
Swivel peeler cuts easily and requires
minimal wrist movement
Tartan Clothes Protectors
Stainless steel blade. Secure grip even
when wet
Navy/Green Twill with waterproof
backing and popper neck fastening
Disposable Bibs
Pack of 100 plastic bibs
Also sold in packs of 10’s
100 bibs - Code: 04498
10 bibs
Code: PR63021
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Exercisers and Sundries
Gel Ball Hand Exerciser
Exercise Bands
Hand Putty
Five levels of resistance providing
variable resistance training for hands,
fingers and forearms
High quality bands in brilliant colours that
make exercise fun
Ideal for developing hand - muscle
strength and increasing endurance.
Exercising with putty promotes increased
range of motion, hand closure and
tendon gliding
Pleasant to touch and immediately return
to their original shape after use
Progressive resistive bands improve
improve strength, range of motion and
co-ordination. Ideal for home or clinic use
Supplied in 2oz (57g) pots. Larger sizes
available on request
Extra Soft (Pink) Code: PR15220/P
Soft (Blue) Code: PR15220/BL
Medium (Green) Code: PR15220/G
Firm (Orange) Code: PR15220/O
Extra Firm (Black) Code: PR15220/BK
Yellow Code: PEP10
Red Code: PEP15
Green Code: PEP20
Blue Code: PEP25
£3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT)
Pedal Exerciser
Allows user to carry out leg exercises
from a seated position
Capable of being used when sitting in
most types of chair
Simple adjustment to allow resistance
to be altered
Soft Code: 5071 Medium Soft Code: 507199
Medium Code: 5072 Firm Code: 5073
£5.65 (£4.71 ex VAT)
Shaped Pen Grips
Soft, plastic bulb-shaped grips that slip
onto standard sized pens and pencils
Convenient roll proof design
Slim Pen Grips (Pack of 6)
Spongy pads that fit standard sized
pens and pencils
Help to reduce fatigue caused by writing
pressure. Pack of 2
Give a non slip grip without overly
increasing the thickness of writing
implement. Made from soft foam
Code: AA7200SY
Code: PR70030
20p each
Rubber feet prevent exerciser from
moving on the floor whilst pedalling
Book Holder
Known as the ‘Gimble’ this book holder
can be used in bed or reading whilst
sitting at the table.
Code: PED350
Code: PR70094
general household
Trays, Reachers, Trolleys and Accessories
Check out the range of labour saving aids around the home from trollies to one handed trays, to reachers and key turners and much more b
Bean Bag Lap Tray
Crystal Tap Turner
Deluxe Magnetic Reacher
Plastic tray with non-slip mat to prevent
tray contents from slipping
Ingenious device that clamps around
cylindrical tap tops to provide extra
leverage. The barrel of the handle is
spring loaded to allow the jaws to clamp
down on the tap
Lightweight and robust reacher that is
ideal for picking up a wide range of objects
Bean bag is attached underneath to allow
the tray to sit comfortably on the lap
The bean bag is detachable for washing
The jaws can be locked in position on
taps up to 60mm (21/2”) in diameter
Twin gripping jaws with liners give
excellent grip and has magnetic head for
small metallic objects. Gripping head can
be rotated through 360 degrees for
individual tasks. Available in two lengths
Code: AA6210W
Medium 600mm (24”) Code: AA8060Y
£17.72 (£14.77 ex VAT)
£14.96 (£12.47 ex VAT)
Code: STBB
Key Turners
A device providing an easy grip and good
leverage for turning keys. When not in use
keys fold into handle allowing them to
be carried in pocket or bag
Long 750mm (30”) Code: AA8063Y
Ivor Tray
Carrying tray for use with one hand. The
extra low centre of gravity and
patterned surface reduce risk of spillage
Made from tough, wipe clean plastic
with a fold away handle
£15.98 (£13.32 ex VAT)
Standard Reacher
Reachers that extend your range to
pick up items without bending or
Rubber lined jaws for optimum grip,
with magnet for picking up small
metallic items
Locking lever allows keys to be positioned
Lightweight aluminium construction.
Available in two lengths
Code: AA5815
1 Key Code: AA6240
Cross Head Tap Turner
£5.61 (£4.68 ex VAT)
Strong moulded turners hook over the top
of a cross head type tap
2 Keys Code: AA6242Y
£6.22 (£5.19 ex VAT)
3 Keys Code: PR60026
Sold in a pair – red for the hot tap and
blue for cold. Length 140mm (51/2” ) to
provide extra leverage
£10.72 (£8.94 ex VAT)
66cm (26”) Code: HA6000
£11.73 (£9.78 ex VAT)
81cm (32”) Code: HA6500
£11.99 (£9.99 ex VAT)
Code: AA6200Y
£7.10 (£5.92 ex VAT)
please call freephone 0800 279 8889
or email: [email protected] if you have any questions
Plug Tug
Milk Bottle Holder
Long Handled Dust Pan and Brush
Ideal for those with dexterity problems,
visual impairment or arthritis. Great way
to save money on electricity
Long handled wire frame for carrying
bottles. Eliminates the need to bend to
pick bottles up. Handle length
600mm (24”)
Plastic dustpan and soft bristled brush with
long plastic stems and handles.
Aids in removal of hard to reach plug
Prevents the need for bending down when
Brush handle clips to dustpan stem for
Dustpan has a flat bottom and shaped lip
for efficient dust collection
Code: M10152
One Hand Tray
Moulded handle clips onto tray
Tray can be carried one handed with
good balance. Non slip mat prevents
items slipping
Code: AA5382
£17.91 (£14.93 ex VAT)
Newstead Compact Trolley
Code: AA6900
Used to assist those who need help
carrying meals or other objects
Manufactured from selected hard woods
these trolleys are hygienic & easily cleaned
Melamine shelves are heat resistant
Fitted with 2” (50mm) rolling castors and a
push bar for easy walking and support
Dimensions: height 900mm (351/2”),
width 390mm (151/2”), length 390mm (151/2”)
Code: AA5810Y
Step With Rail
Sturdy stool with chrome plated steel
frame & handrail for use around the house.
Non slip surface and rubber ferrules
provide safe grip
Step size: 280mm x 355mm (11 x 14")
Step height 225mm (9") Maximum user
weight 190kgs (30 stone)
Rutland Trolley
Tubular steel frame to give stability and
strength. Two shelves, the lower being
set forward to allow user to walk close to
the trolley
Large, easy glide castors Height
adjustable from 840mm to 990mm (33”
to 39”) user weight 18 stone (115kg)
Code: AA5913
Code: PR60222H
Code: 199
£84.00 (£66.38 ex VAT)
Procter Health Care
Our Guarantee
We aim to offer our customers the best advice, using one of the widest selections of high quality health care products in the South
East. We are continually assessing our products to check for quality and value for money. All products are covered by the
manufacturers guarantee.
How to Order
When you decide which products to buy, you can place your order by phoning your most convenient branch, or you can send the order
form in this catalogue, with the appropriate payment. We will endeavour to dispatch items held in stock within 48 hours, otherwise
please allow at least 14 days for delivery. Payments can also be taken over the phone using any major Credit or Debit card.
VAT Relief
All products listed include VAT, and where appropriate the VAT exempt price is alongside. You can qualify for VAT relief if you are
chronically sick or disabled and are purchasing the goods for your own use and they are relevant to your disability.
Please note, we must receive your signed declaration before we can dispatch any VAT free orders.
Customer Notice
We have done all we can to ensure our catalogue is accurate, but product availability and prices may alter, and we reserve the right to
make changes after the date of printing.
Procter Health Care
Where to find us
You have a choice of Procter Health Care Centres and Pharmacies to visit. The Centre is located in Eastbourne with easy parking nearby. The
Centre is laid out for easy access both on foot or in a wheelchair. As for the Procter Pharmacies, these are located at Heathfield and Polegate.
To buy-on-line key in It could not be easier!
Procter Health Care
8-9 Station Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 1BE
Telephone: (01323) 417 508 E-mail: [email protected]
Upperton Road
oa d
Terminus Road
Enterprise Car Park
k Str
Railway Crossing
Black Path Road
ll R
Tilsmore Rd
Procter Health Care Pharmacy
Station Road, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 8LD
Telephone: (01435) 862 067 E-mail: [email protected]
ll R
e Stati
ire Sta
Procter Health Care Pharmacy
63 High Street, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 8HU
Telephone: (01435) 862 064 E-mail: [email protected]
Procter Health Care Pharmacy
69 High Street, Polegate, East Sussex BN26 6AH
Telephone: (01323) 482 141 E-mail: [email protected]
St J
Railway Line
Tilsmore Rd
Procter Healthcare Eastbourne
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 4.00pm
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