Sahara E TurboDryer - Legend Brands International

Sahara E TurboDryer - Legend Brands International
Sahara E TurboDryer
Owner’s Manual
The Sahara E is a high-performance airmover for accelerated drying of building
structures and contents. The unit is designed for a balance of static pressure and airflow,
as well as durability and ease of use.
Keep air intakes clear: Do not clog or block air intakes, as
may occur if operated to close to draperies or similar
materials. This may cause the unit to overheat and result in a
fire or electrical hazard.
Safety Information
Keep children away: Do not allow children to play with or
around the unit, which could result in injury. Be sure the unit
is inaccessible to children when not attended.
Keep out dust and dirt: Do not allow dust, dirt, or other
particles to be drawn into the air intakes. Dirt in the motor
can cause it to overheat, resulting in a fire or electrical
hazard. If the motor gets dirty, clean it using an air hose.
Keep unit grounded: Always operate the unit with a
grounding plug and a grounded electrical outlet. A grounding
plug is an essential safety feature that helps reduce the risk
of shock or fire.
Allow repair only by qualified person: Do not attempt to
disassemble or repair the unit if you are not qualified to do
so. You may handle some maintenance and troubleshooting,
but make sure that more complex problems are handled by
an authorized service technician. For information about
authorized repair, contact your Dri-Eaz Distributor.
Protect power cord from damage: Never operate a unit
with a damaged power cord, as this may lead to electrical or
fire hazards. If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by a cord of the same type and amperage rating.
Extension cords: Extension cords must be grounded and
able to deliver the appropriate voltage to the unit.
TurboDryer airmovers are designed to blow air across wet
surfaces for speed drying. They are especially good for
drying floors because they create a flat ribbon of air. Highvolume airflow will increase the rate of evaporation, help
prevent mould growth, and reduce the risk of additional
moisture damage. Moving air will improve evaporation by removing a boundary layer of saturated air that hangs near wet
surfaces. TurboDryers whisk away this moist air and replace
it with dryer air.
When using outdoors: When using outdoors, connect only
to an outlet provided with a Ground Fault Interrupting (GFI)
device, and do not use an extension cord, to reduce the risk
of electrical shock. Do not expose to rain.
Do not use speed control device: To reduce the risk of fire
or electric shock, do not use TurboDryers with a solid-state
speed control device.
Handle with care: Do not drop or throw the unit. Rough
treatment can damage the components or wiring and create
a hazardous condition.
Positioning TurboDryers
When drying in a building, place at least one TurboDryer per
room, or one for every 18 square meters. Place as many as
needed for maximum airflow across all wet areas of the floor.
Run on stable surface: Always operate the unit on a stable,
level surface, like the floor or a strong counter, so it cannot
fall and cause injury.
Ensure that all wet surfaces receive good airflow. Open
interior doors to maintain good air circulation. Doors may
need to be braced to prevent them from blowing shut.
Secure during transport: When transporting in a vehicle,
secure the unit to prevent sliding and possible injury to
vehicle occupants.
Control the Humidity
Keep out of water: Never operate the unit in pooled or
standing water, as this may create a risk of injury from
electrical shock. Do not store or operate outdoors. If electrical wiring or components become wet, thoroughly dry them
before using the unit.
07-01758 Rev A 2011-01 Warranty 07-01757
Using TurboDryers to speed the rate of evaporation in a
building usually causes the humidity to rise immediately.
When this occurs, the air movement becomes less effective
and the rate of drying slows. It is vital that TurboDryers be
Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.
used with adequate dehumidification. To help control mould
growth, keep indoor humidity below 60% RH. If possible,
maintain indoor humidity below 45% RH. This may require
the use of DrizAir Refrigerant Dehumidifiers.
Always turn off the power before performing maintenance
procedures. All the service procedures below are to be
executed with the unit unplugged. Perform before each use
or as needed.
To improve drying, close off the area being dried from the
rest of structure. Regulate the heating or air conditioning
system at 20–27°C. When dehumidifiers are not available,
run exhaust fans in the attic, kitchen and bathroom to
remove some humidity. If outdoor air is very dry, open some
windows or doors at least slightly. Use a thermo-hygrometer
to determine the relative humidity.
INSPECT ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Inspect the electrical cord
for damage at regular intervals. Periodically, remove the
housing and inspect internal wiring for bare wires, insecure
fasteners, and discoloration. Remove and repair any damaged wiring as needed. Failure to do so may lead to
electrical shock or a fire hazard.
Check if Materials are Dry
CLEAN AIR INTAKES: Clean off any accumulated lint or
other materials from the air inlet side-screens. A buildup will
reduce the airflow and may cause the motor to overheat and
become a fire hazard.
Monitor the moisture condition of wet materials with moisture
meters. To check how completely materials have dried out,
compare your readings to readings you take on similar
materials you know are dry.
CLEAN EXTERIOR: Clean the housing with mild detergent
and water. Bring back the original shine with a vinyl cleaner
and polish like those used on automobile plastics.
Cooling & Ventilation
Over-heated rooms can be cooled with high-volume airflow
from a TurboDryer. Place the airmover on the floor or other
flat surface and direct the air from cooler areas or the outdoors. Use the kickstand or tilt the unit to a 45 or 90 degree
angle to elevate the snout and circulate cool air throughout
the room.
EXTERIOR INSPECTION: Evaluate exterior components
and make sure they are properly installed. Listen to the unit
for abnormal sounds. Repair or replace components as
Periodic Maintenance (as needed)
Make sure unit is unplugged and the wheel has stopped.
Remove four screws to remove each side screen. This will
permit access to motor and wheel for cleaning.
1. Plug in to a standard outlet with the correct voltage and
amperage for the unit. Set the switch at the desired
speed. Check for proper operation before leaving the unit
CLEAN COMPONENTS: Use compressed air or a vacuum
to remove lint and dust from blower wheel, motor and side
2. Do not move or carry the TurboDryer when it is running.
DO NOT WET MOTOR OR WIRING: To prevent damage to
electrical components, do not use a hose or pressure washer
to clean a TurboDryer. If electrical components do become
wet, dry them immediately.
TurboDryers are designed to operate on a 230V/50 Hz
electrical connection. Make sure that the electrical outlet is
grounded and that all safety precautions are taken.
MOTOR BEARINGS: The bearings on all Dri-Eaz TurboDryers are permanently lubricated. Do not oil.
Dri-Eaz distributor for instructions.
For product information, service and warranty repairs,
contact your Dri-Eaz distributor.
Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.
15180 Josh Wilson Road • Burlington, WA USA 98233
Fax US: 360-757-7950 • Phone US: 360-757-7776
07-01758 Rev A 2011-01 Warranty 07-01757
Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.
Actual CFM
Rated CFM
Static pressure (H2O)
3-speed rocker
1364, 1736, 1830 cmh
4500 cmh
1075 (3 SPD)
3.9, 4.2, 4.2 cm
Carpet clamp
(H × W × L)
Use weight
Ship weight
Motor rating
Overheating cutoffs
Safety listings
1.9 amps/230 volts/50 Hz
Kit available
47 × 38 × 51 cm
12.4 kg
15.3 kg
.4 hp
Dual thermal
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Some values are approximate.
In COLUMN 3, the technician in the field can handle ”FS“ or Field Solutions. Others solutions should be handled by a repair technician – an
“AST” or Authorized Service Technician.
WARNING: Execute all the service procedures below only with power turned off, i.e., unplugged.
Motor won’t run
Motor runs but blower
wheel turns erratically or
Unit vibrates excessively
No power to machine
Switch not turned on
Blower wheel jammed
Intake or exhaust blocked
Switch is broken
Loose wiring
Severe jolt has caused motor mount to
bend and blower wheel to rub
Severe jolt caused motor to slip out of
mount and blower wheel to rub
Accumulation of soil on blower wheel
Blower wheel has lost balance
Blower wheel has been bent
Bent motor shaft
Plug in the unit; check circuit breaker or fuse
Turn on the switch
Remove material jamming wheel
Turn machine off and allow to cool, then remove
Call distributor or Dri-Eaz for replacement switch
Check wiring and tighten as needed
Remove motor from housing, then replace or repair bent
motor mount
Remove motor from housing, then install motor into
mount correctly
Clean blower wheel
Balance or replace blower wheel
Replace blower wheel
Replace motor
07-01758 Rev A 2011-01 Warranty 07-01757
Dri-Eaz Products, Inc.
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