Catalogue 2013-2014 - Cylex Business Directory South Africa

Catalogue 2013-2014 - Cylex Business Directory South Africa
Hi-Tech Surveillance & Security Solutions
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SPYTEK is Africa’s leading Surveillance (SPY) and Security Equipment Distributor
committed to providing hi-tech surveillance and security intelligence equipment to
its customers through the supply of world-class equipment and software products.
Personal GPS Trackers
Kid’s Locators Watches
Vehicle GPS Trackers
Pet Trackers
Audio Bugs
Covert Video
Micro Earpieces
Audio transmitters
er S
l Dete
• Meta
Bullet Proof Vests
ight V
PC Surveillance
Body Worn Cameras
Sound Amplifiers
Nanny Cameras
Discover Bugs
Block Cellphone
& Wireless Signals
Block Cellphone,
3G, WIFI, Bluetooth &
other wireless signals
Spy Software
More spy stuff
Voice Recorders
USB Key Loggers
Lock Pick Sets
Snoop stick
Voice Changer Cellphones
Watch Cellphone
Alcohol & Drug Testers
Semen Testers
other fun spy stuff
Audio Sur veillance 4
Cctv, Cover t Video & Nanny Cameras
body worn cameras
dvr covert cameras
CCTV KITS 2013-2014
GPS Trackers 24
Jammers & Detectors Cellphone & Mobile Phone Monitoring
Security & Self Defence 33
O ther -3-
Loud n Clear Sound Amplifier
Loud N Clear Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid.
Loud N Clear provides sound amplification
while cleverly disguised as a Bluetooth
headset. Turn up the volume and listen at
any level - without disturbing others. No
cords or extra earphones needed. Great to
use at the theatre, church, movies and more.
An easy and affordable way to get back into the
Loud n Clear Features:
Hear a pin drop from across the room , Turns ordinary hearing into
extraordinary hearing , Listen at the level you want without disturbing
others , Turn up the volume on what people around you are saying ,
Never miss another word at lectures, movies, shows, or even church.
Loud n Clear the compact personal sound amplifier, allows you to listen
to low-volume sounds clearly and comfortably. The Loud N Clear listening device is cleverly designed to look like an expensive cell phone ear
What can you do when it`s hard to hear but you don`t want to miss
hearing a word? Now, you can get Loud n Clear , the personal sound
amplifier that looks just like a cell phone headset, but can help you
hear every word loud and clear. It turns ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing. Simply turn up the volume to hear what people around
you are saying.
With Loud n Clear, you`ll never miss another word at lectures, movies,
shows or church. So powerful, you can even hear conversations from
across the street. Perfect for listening to TV without disturbing others.
Comfortably fits either ear. Requires 2 button cell batteries (included
Telephone Recorder
Record all your landline conversations, its
mini size is quite suitable for any surveillance
function! Find out how your staff talks to
your clients, Who your daughter or son is
talking to. Who you spouse talks to on the
phone! Many reasons to have one of these installed on your landline! Easy installation! The
SPTK-TR02 is used for recording fixed telephone
line conversations.
It is small and easy to use and also easy to conceal.
• It can work independently without the need of having to be con-
nected to a computer.
• It has an in-built 1.5-inch screen to view and playback the recorded
• It can record, playback, search through the recorded files.
• Supports maximum 32G micro SD card - 1GB capacity can store approximately 70 hours of audio files.
• Records the phone number, plus time and date for the file name making the files easy to sort and find.
• It not only supports the RJ11 connector, but also has a unique handset recording function and supports the RJ9 joints. It is also compatible with various types of analog and digital telephones.
• It supports external microphones and headphones and can be used
as a voice recorder to record meetings etc.
• It has AGC: automatic gain control – recording sound sensitivity can
be automatically adjusted according to the level and distance of
sound source.
• It has USB communication capabilities - for computer audio file
finishing and an ability to email the recorded files.
• It’s powerful computer software can: organize, search, playback,
backup, tag, export and send the recorded files. You can also set the
date and time, loop recording, voice trigger intensity, create a single
call recording time etc.
• Is powered by 5V-DC power supply or three AAA batteries.
• Multiple languages: English/ Arabic / Chinese
Digital Bluetooth Recorder: Cellphone
& Telephone & Voice Recorder & MP3
This Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder also has
the ability to record mobile phone, landline telephone calls and room conversations! Easy to use!
Simply pair it with your mobile phone through
Bluetooth and keep a record of every call that
comes in/goes out - *Compatible with ALL Bluetooth
Enabled Cellphones.
Stylish and compact, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder easily fits in your
pocket to offer one-touch recording when you want it. Record on the fly as
an instant voice recorder, leave it in an empty room and set up voice activated recording, or even schedule recordings for a future date. It even also
allows direct playback of recordings through the built-in loudspeaker.
• Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones, Mobile phone
answering and redialing, Support Bluetooth hands free speakerphone, 8GB built-in memory, Micro SD card extension, 4 different
quality recording modes: LP: Long time / SP: High quality / HP: Ultrahigh quality recording, Colorful OLED display screen, Timer recording
/ Auto recording according to preinstall time, Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR), External microphone recording, Telephone conversation recording, Built-in high power loudspeaker, Elegant & Sophisticated look with a high grade metal cover, Password protection, One
button recording & playing, MP3 Player Functionality – Store & Listen
to music on the go.
Telephone Line Bug (Bug & Walkie
Talkie KIT)
Telephone line adapter Bug. Small and very
easy to conceal - blends in with the telephone plug. Bug all landline conversations monitor your staff, your children, your spouse
etc. Can transmit up to 200 metres.
Remotely monitor your home or office from up to
200m away. This monitor can tap room sound and the
conversation on the telephone without being aware of it only you.
Room audio surveillance, automatically switch to monitor telephone
Very suitable for families, hotels, offices, etc. for all-weather monitoring.
The box has a built-in transmitting antenna & does NOT need extra
battery to wok.
Easily to setup, just put telephone line In and Out of the box.
Any walkie-talkie (not included in package) can be used to be sound
receiver once adjusted to proper frequency.
Max. transmitting and receiving distance: 1.2Km (=0.75miles).
What in the package: 1 * Telephone junction box
Micro Wireless Audio Transmitter
This profession grade wireless audio bug comes
with a transmitter and a receiver. Place the
transmitter in a hidden place and take the
transmitter with you. Now you can hear
everything that is being said in the room
where you placed the transmitter even from
100 meters away!! Need to hear what your
staff is up to? Place this transmitter in the room
and go to your car and sit and listen to what they
are saying. The transmitter and receiver have built
rechargeable Li-batteries that ensure it keeping working
for about 5 hours. Just turn on the power and plug the earphone in
the receiver, you will hear clear voice around the transmitter in a long
distance range. Specifications: - Dimension: Both of transmitter and
receiver are 35 x 50 x 21mm Antenna: Transmitter use soft-antenna;
Receiver use telescopic antenna . Transmission range: 200 meters in
building area and 1000 meters in open area . Battery: Rechargeable
polymer lithium battery
Battery Life: Transmitter 15 hour; Receiver 30 hours. Microphone:
>=12db sensitive, high resolution within 50m2
Micro Wireless Audio Transmitter
Professional Audio bug - micro wireless transmitter. Micro transmitter and receiver with a
recordning function. This audio bug can be
placed 300-500 meters away and you can listern in to where the bug has been placed and
even record. It can support up to 2GB sd Card.
Excellent Features such as: HD Sound transmit-
tion, Voice recording & Built-in external audio. Transmitter Weight: 22g,
Receiver Weight: 96g, Rate: 44kbps, Audio size: 4, Channel: 1 Mono,
Audio level: 11khz, Audio form: IMA ADPCM Memory: support up to
2GB Card.
Contents: 1 x Wireless Audio Transmitter Bug, 1 x Audio Receiver, 1
x User Manual - English, 1 x Power Adapter (100-240V, 50/60hz), 1 x
Mini GSM Bug with GPS Positioning
& SOS Button Voice Activated GSM Moni-
Recorder GSM Bug
Car Charger GSM Bug
Charger Type UHF Bug
UHF bug can be placed anywhere in the room
and you can listen in to what is being said
from 200metres using any radio frequency
receiver!!!! Place one in your boardroom and
sit in your car and listen through your radio
frequency receiver and clearly hear what
is being said! Features: Built in high sensitive
Knowles Microphone. , Up to 200m transmittion
range. , Built in Antenna , Easy to operate.
Specifications: Output power 3 dbm , Modulation WFM , Frequency
433Mhz +/- 3MHz , Microphone Internal (Knowles microphone)
Antenna Internal , Power commercial power . Can be used with most
radio frequency receivers.
GSM Bug Disguised as a car remote!
Just insert a SIM card inside the device, dial
the SIM card’s number then you can listen to
its surrounding sounds. It also has a sound activation function which means it can also call
you back when there is sound over 60dB.
Battery GSM Bug
toring & GPS Positioning
SOS Emergency button. Small Compact Size.
43.2mm X 32mm X 13.6mm : 30g
GSM/GPRS : 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Input AC110-220V50/60Hz
Output DC5.0V 500mA
Chargeable 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery. (All our
Bugs can be used with our Bluetooth Call Recorder to Record
Voice Activated USB GSM Spy Ear Bug Car
CarUSB Converter GSM Bug with fully functional USB charger.
Long life battery (GSM : 900MHz, 1800MHz)
Microphone range(Meter): 5~7(Radius),
Stand-by time: 10 days. Working time: 4 hours
Input voltage range: DC 12V-24V. Output
voltage:DC220V +/-10V. USB Output: 6V +/-0.3V 500mA
Note : with bands GSM (900MHz, 1800MHz), Not suitable for either
CDMA or 3G networkS! Not suitable for U.S.A. network, India, Canada.
(All our GSM Bugs can be used with our Bluetooth Call Recorder to Record
Car Remote GSM Bug
GSM Bug with Video Camera. Monitor
room sounds, record video & take pictures.
Size:14*55*45mm. Support max 16GB micro
SD. Video & Voice recorder & Takes Photos.
Compact; Powerful Signal Strength; Sensitive
Microphone; Clear Video & Pictures; Long Battery
Standby time.
GSM Bug Disguised as an ordinary cellphone
It can be charged as any ordinary battery.
Quick To Use:
Insert a SIM card inside the bug and call the
number and you can clearly listen to all the
converstations & surrounding sounds around
the unit.
Pen Holder GSM Bug
Just slip a SIM card inside the pen stand and
call the SIM card’s number and listern in to
the converstions and room sounds. Conversations and surrounding sounds within a
distance of 5metres can be heard through this
bug. (All our GSM Bugs can be used with our
Bluetooth Call Recorder to Record - SPTK-BCVR)
Ashtray GSM Bug
Ashtray Shaped GSM Bug to Monitor remotely
listern into room conversations and sounds.
Triband,support GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
Sound Activated
Call Back function. Standby time: 15 days. (All
our GSM Bugs can be used with our Bluetooth
Call Recorder to Record - SPTK-BCVR)
USB Disk Voice Activated GSM
This AUDIO BUG is a GSM bug that comes in
the form of a USB stick!
It work’s with a GSM SIM card (e.g. Vodacom,
MTN, Cell C sim card etc..) which you insert inside the device. When you call that number this
bug answers automatically giving you full and
clear access to conversations around the device from anywhere in the world!
It also has the advantage of looking just like a USB Stick which means it
can be hidden just about anywhere!
Function: Sound Monitor, Call back function, Charge via USB Port
Specifications: 12 hour non-stop power supply, All GSM SIM cards
are compatible, Stand-by time: 10 days, Working time: 4 hours,
Size: 10 x 5 x 3cm, Weight:0.50 kg. SIM card frequency must be 900/1800MHz
Micro GSM Bug
With this device you just stick your SIM card
into the device and attach underneath someone’s desk or car seat etc. then call the cellular number of your SIM card. Once you’ve
connected, you can listen to the conversation
around where the unit was placed. Perfect
for keeping an ear of anyplace you want from
anywhere in the world!
It has a unique design, small frame and sturdy construction
,sensitive microphone, which could pick up any ambient sound. Runs
silently without anyone knowing. Size: 40mm X30mm X 15; Standby
time 7-30 Days
Calculator GSM Bug
This fully functional calculator has a GSM bug
hiddend inside it! Just stick your SIM card
into the device and place it on someone’s
desk then call the GSM cellular number .
Once automatically connected you can listen
to the conversations and sounds around
where the unit was placed. Perfect for keeping
an ear of anyplace you want from anywhere in the
world! Super long battery life! Specifications: GSM band module: 900/1800/1900 , Voice sensitivity: -75db, Battery Standby time: Up to
35 days , Charger power: 5VDC at 500mA , Dimensions: 200x160x50mm.
Landline Phone Interceptor
This is a cordless landline phone which allows
you to listen in live to all calls made and
received and also listen to the room surrounding sounds - conversations happening
in the room where the phone is placed!!!!
The call interception function and room
listening in functions use a sim card and you
can intercept calls and listen to the room sounds
from anywhere in the world! Wireless 2.4Ghz. Full functional phone
with land line phone interceptor and room interceptor. GSM tri band
GSM network to make & instant surveillance task possible. No range
limitation. For home phone line security, monitoring all outgoing and
incoming phone conversation. Auto switch between phone line and
area voice monitoring. Phone line is first detected. Auto calling when
detect phone line in used, can turn on or off, Built in high sensitive dual
microphone, Auto calling when detect voice level in unit, can turn on
or off, Auto calling when detect external device input, like infra red
sensor alarm, can turn on or off, Auto calling when detect shock for
unit, can turn on or off. Dual mode function, can operate independent
without phone line plug in, auto detect function, Auto switch to phone
line monitoring function. External microphone input can be used as
voice unlimited repeater, transmit using GSM network. SMS control
function. One touch button operation system .
Travel Plug GSM Bug
This GSM bug looks like a power plug
adapter and is fully functional. But it has a
bug inside it! Just stick your SIM card into
the device and plug it on the wall behind
someone’s desk. Then call the cellular number of the SIM card. Once you’ve connected,
you can listen to the conversation around where
the unit was placed. Perfect for keeping an ear of
anyplace you want from anywhere in the world! No need to worry
bout battery life when unit is plugged in! Plug the power, Keep
standby Listening forever. Hidden. It can also be used as a travel plug.
Power Strip / Plug GMS Bug
This Power strip is not only a multifunctional
power strip, but also a hidden audio bug.
It is compatible with GSM 900-1800-1900
MHz .You just insert the SIM card and you
get super clear audio bugging. It’s extremely
covert and suitable for many applications.
GSM Frequency: GSM 900-1800-1900 MHz, Power
Supply : 24 hours Non-stop, Dual mic design, providing a super clear
voice., Comes in the shape of power strip, extremely covert and not
easy to discover.
Mouse GSM Bug
This GSM bug looks like a computer mouse
and is a fully functional USB mouse. But it
has a bug inside it! Just stick your SIM card
into the device and plug it into someone’s
PC. Then call the cellular number of the SIM
card. Once you’ve connected, you can listen
to the conversation around where the unit was
placed. Perfect for keeping an ear of anyplace you
want from anywhere in the world! No need to worry bout battery life
when unit is plugged into the USB
Features: Voice active monitoring, Built in adjustable sensitivity voice
active microphone, Built in High sensitivity monitoring amplifier
microphone, Built in phone number filter function, only you can do the
monitoring, Can send SMS to activate or deactivate voice activation
mode, Built in shock alert function, will call and send SMS when detect
shock alert, Easy to operate, just install SIM card and SMS setting for
all function modes, Built in rechargeable polymer LION battery, with capacity up to 4200mA , USB charging and can be used while charging. Two way com
Spy Walkie-Talkie Kit - One Way
The Spy Walkie-Talkie Wireless Earpiece Kit
is intended to provide wireless connection
with a walkie-talkie. This spy earpiece kit is
designed for use in special situations when
a person needs to communicate secretly. It’s
suitable for use in law enforcement, casino
security and personal protection.
A Spy Walkie-Talkie Wireless Earpiece Kit including a inductive micro
earpiece, a button battery, a wallet transmitter and a full set of 3W
walkie-talkie. This feature-rich earpiece system is ideal for ideal for
exams, negotiations, as guard equipment etc.
How to use Spy Wireless Walkie-Talkie Earpiece Kit?
Install button battery into earpiece and place the micro earpiece in
your ear and its completely invisible. Put wallet transmitter into your
shirt or coat pocket. The wireless earpiece could receives the signal
send from wallet transmitter when talk in the walkie-talkie.
The micro earpiece is inside your ear canal. It receive signals send by
wallet transmitter. With the spy wireless earpiece kit you could hear
whisper from walkie-talkie miles away in secret and without been
detected by common bug finders.
Mini Wireless Earpiece
This Mini wireless earpiece allows you to use
your cellphone in secret by using the super
tiny micro earpiece and neck loop. Just put
the earpiece in your ear, connect the neck
loop to your phone, hide the neck loop and
phone under your clothes and voila! Super 007
communication! Fits safely & discreetly inside your
ear canal! Clarity and high strength string help you to
take out the earpiece from ear canal easily.
Technical specification: Mini wireless earpiece (205 earpiece) receives
signal by inductive coil, across electromagnetic fields , Receiving
distance: 50-70 cm , Standard Zinc-air battery: type 337 , Battery
life: about 5 hours , Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz, Size:
3x5x7mm , Distance between inductive coil and Mini wireless earpiece:
about 70-100 cm. (Earpiece, Loop set & Inverter)
Bluetooth Spy Transmitter Earphone
This Mini wireless earpiece allows you to use
your cellphone in secret by using the super
tiny micro earpiece and Bluetooth receiver.
Just put the earpiece in your ear, connect
the Bluetooth receiver to your phone, hide
the neck loop and phone under your clothes
and voila! Super 007 communication! The
earpiece Fits safely & discreetly inside your ear
canal! For covert communication using Bluetooth. How to use: Put the Spy Earphone in your ear, hide the Bluetooth
transmitter/receiver in your clothes, then you can communicate with
your partner secretly through any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.
Bluetooth Earpiece Kit
(Glasses/ Cap/ Watch)
Communicate secretly on the phone without
anyone ever knowing!
The Bluetooth Covert Earpiece Kit allows you
to have a super secret conversation on your
cellphone without anyone knowing!
Bluetooth Glasses EarpieceBluetooth Cap EarpieceBluetooth Watch
Using the super tiny micro earpiece that fits safely
and comfortably inside your ear canal and can not be seen plus the
Bluetooth receiver hidden in the glasses or watch or cap.
(you can choose one : glasses or watch or cap)
Very Easy to Use!
1. Just put the earpiece in your ear,
2. Pair your phone’s Bluetooth to the receiver (cap / glasses / watch)
3. Put on the glasses, watch or cap and voila! Super Secret 007 - Two
way communication!
Talk to your partner! They can hear you AND you can hear them clearly
and no one will ever know you are on your cellphone!
Bionic Eye & Ear
Extraordinarily powerful, electronic listening
device lets you “HEAR” and “SEE” a conversation from a football field away. Powerful
enough to capture distant sounds from 100
Metres away. Zoom in and see what you’re
hearing and record!
Sounds and images impossible for the human
ears and eyes to pick up now seem as if you’re only a
couple of feet away. This secret surveillance device is perfect for when
you really need to know what’s going on or just for bird watching or
neighbour watching....., Even has a 8 x built-in monocular. Sound Distance: 100 Meters Max , Built-in Monocular: magnification x8 , Digital
Sound Recorder: 12 seconds (new file records over last) , Headphone
Jack: 3.5mm , Power Source: 1x 9V Battery , Dimension: Sound Gun:
175x280x55 (LxWxD) , Sound Dish: 250mm
Detect-Ear Parabolic Microphone
Military Grade! Hear with pinpoint accuracy at 275 meters/ 300 yards away. This
powerful surveillance and investigative tool
incorporates a 50.8cm / 20-inch diameter
snap-together parabolic dish combined with
the most advanced audio circuitry available.
FEATURES: 275 Meters/ 300 yard accuracy, 6 panel
snap together parabolic dish, Advanced electronic
circuitry , 3-band equalizer to adjust sounds , Focus on sound in the
direction you point the microphone , Tape record what you hear using
the Output Jack , Patch in a communications device using Input Jack
, Adjustable volume for each ear , Automatic safety shut off at 95
decibels , Tripod mount for extended use , Hard sided durable carrying
case included , Powered by 2 AAA batteries that last about 100 hours , Quick assembly/disassembly , Total product weight 569grams / 24 oz
USB Voice Activated Recorder (4GB)
One-button record, one-button play. Voice
Activated. Three recording modes: LP ,SP, HP .
LP is long-time play , the format is ACT format.
SP is defaulted as voice activated recording,
the recording format is WAV
HP is high quality recording, the recording
format is MP3. Recording monitor, hearing aid
Voice Activated Recording(VOS). Recording telephone
conversations. Record via external microphone.
Automatic section break function. Time setting function. Work as
MP3 player. Low-battery indicate function. Built-in loud speaker. FM
radio. A-B repeat. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Recharge
indicate function. Size: 96mm*30mm*13mm. Weight: 32g. Accessories:
earphone, USB cable, telephone adapter, telephone line, line-in cable,
external microphone, Instruction manual. Recharger. 4GB - SP: 280
hours ; LP: 1100 hours. Can also be a telephone recorder!
Pen Voice Recorder
with FM Radio & MP3
Stylish Pen with Hidden a Sensitive Microphone to Record Audio / Conversations. Also
has an MP3 Player & FM Radio!
Mp3 Player function.
FM Radio.
Voice recording time: about 10hours(128MB
Pen Voice Recorder
Beautifull Pen with covert Audio Recording.
Hidden Microphone and Hidden LED Indicator.
Supports USB Port Playback and downloading.
Supports 4GB. Net weight: 38g(with battery),
Recording time: Approx. 6 hours, Audio baud
rate - Software setting:128Kbps, Audio sample frequency, Software setting:48KHZ, Recording format MP3, Audio frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz. Compatible OS: Windows98/
SE,windowsMe,Windows2000,XP, and Linux, Apple Os. Available in
Black / Gold / silver
USB Keychain Digital Voice Recorder (2GB)
USB type voice recorder. This voice recorder
looks like a USB stick and no one will be the
wiser! Once done recording stick it into your
computer’s USB port and playback, save or
email the recorder information. Built in Knowles
microphone, up to 10M distance with super clear voice.
Built in 2G memory size.
Support memory : 2GB , Battery : Built-in 120mAH Li-battery , PCinterface : USB 2.0 , Recording Format : WAV
Recording time : 5- 8 hours continuous recording , Charging time 1.5
hours , System required : win-ME,win-2000,win-XP or above , Audio
output : Play through computer , Dimensions: 65 x 21 x 9mm
Voice recorder Mp3 Style Watch
(8 GB)
Stunning watch with voice recorder and
MP3 functionality! Secretly record all those
important meetings or take voice notes at a
touch of button. Listen to your favourite MP3
tunes while jogging - comes with earphones.
The watch can also be used as a super secret
memory storage! Super important secret documents?
Store them in your watch and wear it! How will they ever find it!? This
one is right out of 007! Bond.. James Bond! Just connect watch to your
PC and store you important documents in your watch! Simply add data
and you’re ready to conduct secret missions Simply remove, An ideal
and safe hiding place! No one will ever be the wiser!
Mini DVR Thumb Camera 4GB
Thumb size high definition camera that can
be hidden just about anywhere! It really is
the size of a Thumb!!!
Advanced high definition video and pure audio lets you clearly see who’s there & hear what
they say, It’s great for use as a hidden cam, spy
cam etc. ,Real time recording in avi video format,
portable charger, you can charge up the recorder battery
at anytime, Use it as a photo camera, Use it as a plug and play PC
camera, Use it as a removable disk, Playback video on PC, Dimension:
73.5mm×20mm×11mm, Net Weight: about 24g
Technical Parameters:
Video High resolution: VGA, 640×480,real 30fps, Video format : AVI.,
Video File Size: >22M per minute., Voice: 16 bit voice recording., Support memory type : Micro SD card (MicroSD card)., Battery: Lithiumion., Charging voltage: DC-5V., Record Time: Over 110 minutes., USB
interface: Mini 5 pin USB., USB Ver.: 2.0
Digital Pen Camera
1.5.0 CMOS sensor
2.Max 8 Mega pixels by interpolation
3.H.264 1280*720P 30fps MOV video file
4.HDMI video output
5.Support Micro-SD or TF card up to 32GB
6.Power source:Rechargeable battery . Battery Can
continuously record for +-90 min.
Spy Lighter Camera Motion Activated (4 Gig)
A lighter with a hidden camera. Motion Activation. Can Take Pictures. Sparks like real
lighter! The camera is a speck size allowing
you to do covert video recording without
anyone ever knowing!
Flash Memory: 4GB, 130 million pixels CMOS, 65 degree Angle,
Minimum 1Lux illuminance, Storage temperature - - 80, The
operating temperature - 10 degrees - 50. Operating humidity 15-85
RH, Storage capacity : max support 8G card, Video :(video codec adopt
Motion JPEG), recorded video : AVI format ., 640 * 480 @ VGA (15 fps),
USB1.1/2.0. Operating system Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP/MAS OS/
LINUX/VISTA32, Charging time: 2 hours
Designs May Differ according to stock availability. Not a real lighter, but
makes sparks to appear like one.
Coca Cola Can Camera (4 Gig)
A camera hidden in a coke can! Who would
EVER think of looking for a camera in a coke
can?? With this you can film even paranoid
people - no one would ever suspect that
coke can on top of the table is actually a camera! A pinhole camera with 4GB storage was
built in this can, operated by manual or remote
control. Place one on your home table/office desk for
security and surveillance.
Wireless Pen Camera with
This Pen camera has a wireless function
where a person can view the footage live
from within 150 meters from the pen and
record! So you could be sitting in the car park
and watching a meeting happening inside the
building from your car and record!
This pen looks like an ordinary pen but with a cleaver
added feature – a wireless camera! The person holding the pen can
transmit video images to a laptop with the USB receiver. Be in a
meeting and transmit what is happening in the meeting live to the
person outside.
Wirelessly receive and record A/V signal from the wireless pen camera
(up to 4 cameras, auto-scan)
The wireless pen camera can be placed anywhere you like, or just hold
it at hand for writing; Mini USB receiver, looks just like a U-disk in computer. Motion detection: gives off an alarm and at same time captures
the picture and saves it or sends e-mail to long-range PC; High speed &
high resolution real time video recording, 720 X576 [email protected] 30pfs; * High
resolution image capture (1440X1152pix).
Supports: MSN Messenger & Skype for long-range live video, like a
web camera. Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista. USB 2.0 output to PC,
transmission rate up to 480Mpit/s. 4 channels available to avoid possible interference. Max. 10m transmission distance without blocks
Features: Power : AC Adapter, Effective Radius : 1-20 meters , Dimension : 730 x 625 x 90mm , Frequency: SCDMA : 450-470MHz , GSM :
925-960MHz , CDMA :869-894MHz , DCS : 1805-1880MHz , PHS : 19001990MHz , 3G : 2100-2200MHz
Mini Wireless Camera
& Receiver
Place this tiny camera anywhere and watch
from the LCD screen from within 10 metres
away! And even record! Super small size &
light weight, very convenient to hide and
carry. High resolution video camera & 4
bright LED giving the user a 5 meter clear view
in complete darkness. The LED lights can also be
turned off; High capacity built-in rechargeable battery. Easy to operate!
Portable 3.5”” large screen DVR offers both real time video and recording capacity. Large memory capacity (Default 2GB flash memory &
supports up to 32GB micro SD).
Super Thin Pen Camera
(4 Gig - UP TO 16 Gig)
Super thin pen camera - This small frame
pen camera has fast video speed and great
resolution. Capture meetings without
anyone knowing! Its good to have this pen
camera! With 16GB memory capacity you can
fall asleep in those long and dreary meetings or
lectures and watch it later! Stylish Pen with a hidden camera
Record HD Video & Audio & Take Pictures
Can support micro SD card up to 16GB
Video Format: AVI, Resolution:1280*[email protected], Sound Sample
Rate:24kHz, Support up to 16gb TF memory card. Date & Time Stamp.
Mini Pen Camera (8 Gig)
Mini Pen camera - sized as a normal pen
and available in various colours no one
will ever be the wiser that you are filming
those board meetings and sales meetings
and it’s all going into your pen!!!! Video: AVI,
Photo:3264*2448pixels , Camera:640*480pixels
, Battery:220mA,3.7v
Frame: 29fps, Output:USB2.0
Voice Activated Pen Camera
- Hi Res (8GB)
This pen camera has a state of the art feature! Voice activation! With voice activation
it means you don’t even have to touch your
pen for it to start recording! It instantly
starts recording when it picks up someone’s
voice. Ofcource this feature can be turned
ON and OFF if you want to manually control the
pen. Put one in your shirt pocket and record your
day’s events or your sales pitches to see and hear where you can
improve yourself! Handy little tool!
Low illumination, high resolution video and photo recording/taking, High speed recording and quick light response
Video Resolution: 1280X720/640X480/352X288 selectable, Photo
Resolution: 1280X720, Motion detection auto recording, Voice
recording function, Web camera for online video chat, Flexible use as
a removable disk, Built-in flash memory, 2G /4G /8G optional, Support
AVI video format, Real time display, Built-in Li rechargeable battery,
Easy operation with LED indicator.
MP3 Camera
This is an advanced MINI DV product. This
hidden camera can take video footages,
photos and ca also be used as storage to
music and even files & documents! Carry
your MP3 to listen to your favourite songs
and record video and take photos when you
wish! Small and easy to carry! Working MP3
Player. Secretly record Video with Audio & take
pictures. Easy to use – Plug & Play
Small & Cute Design. Functions: advanced digital video, taking pictures, recording and mobile storage. The appearance is exquisite. It is
practical and easy to carry. Available Colours: Black, Blue, Pink.
1.Video recording: VGA video recording, AVI format: 640X480
720*480resolution,video recording and voice recording at the
same time recommend player, wind and thunder player, strom
player, kmplayer, Mplayer and other muti-format support media
2.Take photo function:130 pixel (1280 x 1024) JPEG format
3.MP3 function, support MP3, WMA,WAV format
4. Usb function, support TF card from 1GB to 8GB,stadard mini 4 pin
USB 2.0 interface,no driver needed except for windows 98
5. PC-Camera function, support PC-Camera function,can use for
video conferencing
6.Economic and parctical:high capacity lithium battery
inside,standard DV-5V charing or computer USB charing (directly)
HD Spy Sunglasses DVR (4 Gig)
The Bond Glasses, Record video footages
with these sunglasses! The camera is right in
front and not visible. Spy Sunglasses DVR &
Camera with 4 GB memory. Captures video,
audio and photos
Video format : AVI, Video encoding : M-JPEG,
Video resolution : 1280*960, Media playing
software : Attached software of the operating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing
software, recommend Kmplayer, Picture format : JPG, Picture Pix : 8
Mega Pixel, Picture Shot : 3 piece continuous shooting, Audio format :
wav 24khz
The ratio of image : 4:3, Supporting system : Windows me/2000/
xp/2003/vista, Mac OS10.4 (uncertainty, depends on the computer
model), charge pressure : DC-5V, Interface type : Mini 5 Pin USB, Storage
support : Nand flash or MicroSD card(TF), Battery type : high-capacity
lithium polymer up to 3 hours
HD 720P Sunglasses
Covertly record video & audio footages with
these new style sunglasses! The camera is
right in front and not visible. Spy Sunglasses
DVR & Camera with 4 GB memory. Captures video, audio and photos. Product size:
150*140*40mm (folded). Physical weight: Approx 35g. Read/write speed: 1.5MBps-60MBps.
USB: 2.0 (High Speed). Power supply: Embedded
280mAh Li-polymer Battery. Power duration: 1-2
hours. Support Max 32GB. Resolution : 1280*720. Video format: AVI.
Lens specs: 5 mega pixels CMOS camera. Recording speed: Max 30fps.
HD Spy Glasses (Max 8GB)
Classy Looking reading Glasses with a hidden
camera! 1.Take Photos;JPEG 1280*960PIXELS
2.Video,AVI 640*[email protected];1.3M CMOS
3. Can support 8GB TF memory card (no builtin memory)
5.Minimum illumination:1Lux
6.Angle:65 degree (Battery Life Approx 45 min)
1080P IR Waterproof Watch DVR
The watch camera! Beautiful & Stylish and
looks like an ordinary watch but this one has
a camera that is hidden on the watch! Take
Videos & Still pictures! With IR /night vision.
1. supports IR camera
2. Video resolution:1920*1080P
3. Video frame rate: 30 fps
4. Picture: 4032*3024
5. HD pc webcam function
6. Video, take pictures with real time clock display
7. Supports voice recording
8. Uses HD9712 illumination photosensitive chip
9. memory:8GB
10. Waterproof design 3ATM
Watch Camera (4GB)
The watch camera! Beautiful & Stylish and
looks like an ordinary watch but this one has
a camera that is hidden on the watch! Take
Videos & Still pictures !
Description: High definition spy watch, video
format: AVI, 640*480VGA, Video encoding: MJPEG, Video frame rate: 30fps, Camera: 5Megapixel, Image Ratio: 4:3, Battery: lithium polymer,
200mAh, Working time: about 70minutes . Charging voltage: DC-5V, Interface: 2.5 4Pin USB
Waterproof Watch Camera (8GB)
This is a Stylish WATERPROOF video camera
watch. The camera is very well hidden and
cannot be seen, it can take videos, photos
and can be used as a web camera and even
tell time! This watch can be used in just
about any application and you never have to
worry about taking it off even when washing
your hands as it is waterproof! WATERPROOF HD
Wristwatch hidden camera
Rugged & water resistant design
Captures video, audio and photos
Take Photos and Video, take Audio and used as Web Camera. 1. Video
format: AVI
2. Video Code: M-JPEG. 3. Video resolution: high resolution real
HD1280*720pixels VGA,No Interpolation. 4. Photo size: 3264*2440. 5.
Video frame rate: 30fps. 6. Software play: Own operating system and
Mainstream audio and video playback software. 7. Picture format: JPG.
8. Picture pixel: 8.0 mega pixel. 9. Image proportion: 4:3. 10. Supported
system: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Linux. 11. Battery capacity:
280mAh. 12. Working time: 115 Minutes. 13. Charging voltage: DC-5V
14. Interface type: Mini 4Pin USB. 15. Memory support: Nand flash (
4GB). 16. Battery type : High-capacity polymer lithium electricity. 17.
Accessories: USB cable, charging manual, packaging box. Waterproof
level only for a little water and dust NOT for swimming or diving
IR Watch DVR Camcorder-16GB
1.supports IR camera
2.Video resolution:1920*1080P
3.Video frame rate: 30 fps
4.Picture: 4032*3024
5.HD pc webcam function
6. Video, take pictures with real time clock
7.Supports voice recording
8. Uses HD9712 illumination photosensitive chip
9 memory:16GB
10.Waterproof design 3ATM
Belt Buckle Camera
(4 Gig SD Slot)
This Belt has a hidden camera on the Buckle.
Record everything without anyone suspecting a thing! Video Buckle
Memory: 4GB flash memory
Voice Trigger, It will make recorder automatically
when there is sound around the belt
720*[email protected], High Clear and Smoothly
Video and Audio
AVI format, Can be used as webcam, Maximum support 16gb memory
card, Video File size:>40MB per minute, Adaptor: USB adaptor charging
cable, Battery:Li-ion
Record Time:Up to 2 hours.
Operation: Move the ring sensor around on/off pinhole for a second
and the indicator will turn yellow for about 5 seconds, then turn green
and start recording; move around it again to stop recording, then it
turns yellow saving the file and turn off.
Body size: 6.9*3.2*0.8cm/24g, set size:17*9.3*3cm/154g, Accessories:
ring sensor, USB cable, charger
Tie Video Camera with Remote
Control (4Gig)
Stylish & classy silk tie, with a tiny hidden
camera invisible to the naked eye!
Discreetly installed, difficult to spot pin hole
Discreet remote controller keychain starts and
stops recording from up to 10 meters away
Built-in high capacity 500mA rechargeable lithium
battery. 4GB Spy Hidden Neck Tie Camera 720 x 480 with Wireless
Remote control
Records up to 4 hours per recharge. Records video as well as sounds/
audio. 4GB built-in flash memory, USB 2.0 data and charging port. Easyto-use toggle on/off master switch. LED status indicator (faces inward/
body side of the tie). Connects to PC as a regular USB flash drive. BW Tie
size: 49cm(length)/ 86.5g. Set size: 34.5*10.5*4.7cm/368.5g
Hat Camera with MP3 and Bluetooth Multifunction (Support 8GB)
Wear this cap and record everything going
on around you. Listen to music and also use
it as a Bluetooth headset to listen to your
music and talk on your phone! Features: Video
Recording, Picture Shooting
Bluetooth Function , MP3 Player , Remote Control
for DVR Function
DVR Specification: Sensor Pixels: 2.0Mega, Angle: 65 , Video Format:
VGA @30FPS H.263 format (Player: KMplayer: Please make sure install
MP4 decoder in your PC if you want to play video file by windows media Player) , Music file format: MP3(up to 320Kbps)/WMA , Frequency
Response: 20Hz- 20KHz , Power Consumption: Play Music-80ma / Record Video-150ma , Memory Card: T-Flash: Micro-SD: support 8GB, USB
Interface: USB2.0 , Music Playing Time: 4 hours , Video Record Time: 2
hours, Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth Specification Version 2.0EDR
(10m coverage) , Frequency: 2.402-2.480GHz , Sensitivity: <0.1% BER at
-80dBm , RF Output Power: -6dBm to 4dBm , Operating temperature:
-10’C to +55’C , Power consumption: 4~15mAh , Standby Time: 800
hours , Talking Time : 25hours. Battery parameter : Battery: 3.7V 300mA
Rechargeable Li-Polymer , Power: Input AC 100-240V, output DC 5V
500mA-1A, Mini USB , Nominal Charging Time: Within 4 hours
Smiley Face Camera
(support max 16GB)
A stunning smiley face brochure! With a
hidden camera! Smiley Face Mini camcorder,
Function: Video & Photo & Audio & Webcam &
USB drive
Audio:WAV (8 meters), Pixel:3.0 mega pixel,
Video Format: AVI 720*480, Resolution, Video
Frame Rate:30fps, Photo Format:JPEG 2048*1536,
USB Interface:2.0Hs, External Memory: SD card 2GB16GB, Charging Time:2-3hours, Using Time: continuously 2 hours, Battery: Built-in Li battery
ID Card Camera (8 Gig card)
ID card that you can hang around your
neck. They can search you for cameras but
never guess that your ID card is the camera.
Image sensor: CMOS, 1280*1024. Video:
640*480/30fps, Video angle: 60 degree. Internal Memory: NO. SD card support: 256MB~8G.
Video file size: >40M per minute. Working temperature: 0~ 65 degree. Battery: Built-in Li battery,
continuously recording 1 hour. Body size: 10.4*6.2*0.7cm/40g. Set
size:19*12.6*1cm/117g. USB:1.0
HD Button Cam (Included 16GB Card)
Small Compact easy to use, easy to conceal
button camera! Features: AVI video format,
M-JPEG video encoding, Video Resolution 640
* 480, 720 * 480,1280 * 960VGA, Video frame
rate 30fps, Mainstream operating system
comes with playback software or video player
software, Picture format JPG 1280 * 960, Photo
5M pix, Image ratio of 4:3
Support system for Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista: M,
Battery Capacity 200mAh
About 90 minutes working time, Charging voltage DC-5V, MINI 5pin
USB interface type
Storage support 16G TF card, High-capacity lithium polymer battery
type power. Included 16GB Micro SD Card.
- 10 -
Reporter Bag Video Recorder (4 Gig)
This is a small and stylish bag that can be
used by both males and females. Whilst
having enough space to carry your personal
belongings. It also has tiny hidden camera
that no none will ever suspect is there! Its
small and you can carry it under your arm and
in a unisex design. Type hidden camera. Sensor
type: CCD
Rule:PAL/CCIR NTSC/EIA., Effective picture element :PAL:628x582
Horizontal definition :420 Line. Minimum Illumination: 1.0 Lux. Scan
Frequency: PAL/CCIR: 50Hz, NTSC/EIA: 60Hz.
Sensitivity: +18DB - AGL ON-OFF. ON Transmitter power: 50mW . Distance: 50 - 100M . Electric power: DC12V . Size: 22.5*14*5cm/504.2g
Audi Car Camera with IR night
Cover Camera Hidden in a Audi Car Key. This
camera had infrared for night recording
as well. Specifications: Video format: AVI,
Video encoding: M-JPEG, Video resolution: 720*480, 640*480, 1280*960, Video frame: 30fps, Media Playing: Media Video Player,
Kmplayer, Photo format: JPG 1280*960, Picture: 5M Pixels
ratio: 4:3, Support system: Win 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7,
Battery Capacity: 245mAh
Recording time: about 130 mins, Charge pressure DC-5V, Interface
type: Mini 5pins USB, Storage support: Max 32G
IR night type: 850nm
Voice Activated Car Key Camera
This Car Key has a secret! It has a tiny undetectable camera which records Video and
Audio. It also has an added feature of sound
activation meaning it can start recording
automatically once it picks up a sound.
1. Voice trigger (sound activation), the
device will begin recording when there is voice
around the device
2. A unique design, Hidden easily
3. High-definition camera, much clearer picture and video;
4. Audio and video recording synchronization;
5. Video Resolution 640 * 480 pixels, 30fps;
6. Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium;
Storage support: Micro SD card/ TF Card 1-16GB
High Res Mercedes Benz Car Key
Camera A Mercedes Benz car key with a small secret!
It records audio and video! Leave your keys
on the table while recording what is being
done and said while you are not there! Product Description:
1. Video recording: VGA video recording,
AVI format, 640X480 resolution, video recording and
voice recording at the same time, recommended player: wind and
thunder player or strom player kmplayer or Mplayer and other multiformat support media player.
2. Take photo function: 2.0M pixel (1600x1200), JPEG format.
3. Voice record function: WAV format
4. USB function: support TF card from 1GB to 8GB,stadard USB 2.0
interface, no need driver except for windows 98
5. PC-Camera function: support PC-Camera function, can use as video
6. Card reader Function: Support up Micro 8gb TF Card.
7. Economic and practical: high capacity lithium battery inside,
standard DV-5V charging or computer USB charging (directly) SD
Card Not Included - Not a Real car key! Mercedes Benz Vehicle NOT
Multi Function LED Key Chain
Key Chain & Mini LED torch Hidden Camera:
Video format-AVI. Video encoding-M-JPEG.
Picture resolution-1600*1200. Video resolution-1280*960 VGA. Video frame rate-30fps ±
1 fps. Supporting system-Windows me/2000/
xp/2003/vista: Mac OS10.4: Charge pressure-DC5V; Interface type-Mini 8 pin USB
Storage support- Micro SD (TF) (Max Support 32GB); Battery typehigh-capacity lithium polymer; USB-2.0
IR Car Key Camera
Product characteristics:
Compact shape design of product, carry out
the whole machine grinds arenaceous, fashionable wear-resisting, Equipped with various
portable tools
Support network cameras, accumulate network chat function
Supportive TV watching TV real-time moments
connection and video
Support the video format. AVI
In low illumination, can undertake high-definition video recording
Video format for 1920 * 1080 15 frames per second
High-speed transmission USB2.0 interface
Ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting LED indicator
Biggest can support 64G T - flash CARDS
Built-in lithium battery sustainable camera for 90 minutes, standby
time 300 hours
Related parameters:
Video format:AVI
Video coding:M-JPEG
Video resolution:1920X1080P
Video frame rate:15fps
Player software:The operating system bring, or video playback software
Format images:JPG
taking pictures:4032X3024
AVI VIDEO:5 minutes
Storage consumption:1GB/about 30 minutes
Image pixels:12M Pix
Image proportion:4:3
Support system:Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os;Linux;
Battery capacity:400mAh
Working time:About 90 minutes
Recharging voltage:DC-5V
Mini:8Pin USB
Storage support:TF card
Battery type:High capacity polymer lithium electricity
USB Camera
This USB Spy Camera comes in the shape of a
USB stick. Covert, Discreet and Easy to use.
A Super Spy Camera that can work well as a
nanny camera as well. With Infrared for night
recording as well.
Specifications: Can Support up to 32GB micro
SD camera, HD Video & Voice Recording, IR Night Recording, Easy Plug & Play, Stylish Design, Support system: Win
2000/2003/XP/Vista/7, Battery Capacity: 245mAh / Recording time: +130 mins, Charge pressure DC-5V
High Res DVR
Compact design with multi-coloured housing
options for your selections. A wonderful
combination of a video recorder and media
player. Second-to-none high performance in
high definition video resolution and image
resolution. Easy application with HD TV bring
you a fantastic experience when enjoying your
any recording. Huge storage won’t let you waste
any inspiration to take a shoot.
Technical Specifications:
Image sensor: 5 Mega pixel CMOS sensor , Lens: 4 elements fix focus
lens, 7.45mm , Focus range: 12cm-infinity , Zoom: 4 x , LCD display: 2.0”
LTPS TFT LCD , Video system: PAL/NTSC , Image format: JPEG , Image
resolutions: 2592x1944; 3200x2400 , Video format: MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264
- 11 -
, Video resolutions: 1920x1080 @30fps; 1440x1080 @30fps;, 1280x720
@30fps; 848x480 @60fps;
Audio Build-in Mic/speaker(MONO) , Storage: 32M built-in, up to 32GB
externally by SDHC card or MMC , Electronic shutter: 1/2-1/1000 second
, White balance: Auto / sunny / cloudy / tungsten / fluorescent lamp ,
Flash: Electronic auto flash (LED) , Output: USB2.0 / HDMI(High quality
multimedia port: CTS supports 1080P WVGA) , Battery: Rechargeable
high capacity Li-on battery, 3.7 V 900mAh, compatible with Nokia
6270/N71 , Dimension: 98.7mm(L) x 53.3mm(W) x 23mm(H) , Weight: 88.40g
Button Camera Kit
(Max 32GB SD)
Motion Action Min DVR, Support best SD card
Detail high resolution 640*[email protected]
This button camera is of a new edition. Its
remote control help people record videos and
audios more conveniently . One simple press on
remote control, recorder hidden in your clothes
pocket shakes reminding you that a covert recording
is going on, capturing information you desire through pinhole camera
hidden in your clothes, people around hardly noticing this spy action.
Besides, it supports video playing/audio playing/music playing/extended storage. You can use it as a MP4 in your normal life. CCD
Motion Action Min DVR, Support best SD card
Rear-view Spy Sunglasses
These spy glasses look like an ordinary pair
of sun glasses. Yet they have a unique can see behind you.
The lenses on these spy glasses have a special
coating that allows you to look straight ahead
and still see what is going on behind you.
and great for walking and biking. You won’t need to turn
your head to see if a car is coming.
Ball Cam
(2 Gig SD Card Included)
The ball cam is smaller than a golf ball! This
small black ball has a hidden camera inside
it and it can be used in any application!
Put it inside you child’s teddy and see how
your nanny handles your child. Put it in your
office, car etc... The ball is very small and easily
concealable. It has motion detection so when
function is on it can only record when there is movement in
the room - saving space and battery life. Built in 128Mb memory, SD
card - up to 8Gig, Resolution: Up to 320X240 pixels, Motion Detection, MPEG4, Built in Micro phone, TV output Port, Battery Duration: Continuous Recording - 2.5 hrs, Motion detection - 4-48 hours, Rechargeable
Li-Polymer battery - 3.7V DC 380mA, USB connector/ Adaptor, Weight
including battery: 20g. Video Recording, Audio Recording, MP3, TV
output, Snap Shot, Motion detection, Audio Detection, USB, Battery
(2GB SD Card Included)
CamBall Holder Packs
Surveillance Pack/ Vehicle Pack/
Sports Pack
3. The replacable cartridge is durable and environment-friendly.
4. Apply to any computer with USB and other electronic equipment.
5. USB2.0 standard interface. No need drive or external power supply.
HD Motion Detect Clothes Hook
Hidden DVR Camera
Small contour design
Motion Activated
Can support Up To 16GB MicroSD Card
Build-in Rechargeable lithium battery which
can record video for more than 120 minute
Captures video, audio and photos
Mini Speaker Camera with IR
Mini Speaker Hidden Camera, 1.5 Inch TFT
LCD Screen, Compression:MP4,3GP,AVI, FM
Radio+MP4+Video+Webcam, 940NM IR LED
Vogue small appearance, support Micro-SD
card, portable and easy to place.
Entertainment functions: Music, video player,
FM radio, picture browser etc.
Security monitor functions: Infrared night vision,
all-day video recording, High quality video compression, super long
time storage, External power supply for continuous recording avoid the
limitation of the internal battery capacity, Loop recording, Automatic/
manual recording mode, user-friendly, Hidden high level camera,
hidden menu, Built-in LCD screen, can play video content without
connecting to the computer, Webcam function.Micro-SD card Support
Up to 32GB
Speakers DVR & CCD Camera
TV Remote Hidden Camera
TV Universal Remote Control Latest Hidden
Camera Motion Detection
1. Universal Remote Control Latest Hidden
2. Resolution:640*480 or 1280*960 for choice
3. Motion detection
4. frame rate :30FPS
1.Hidden inside a remote controller, It is the worlds
smallest micro-DVR
as well as the worlds first mini video recorder with voice.
2.It features with high sensitivity of the microphone: within 15
clear voice can be recorded. With high-definition camera, it is helpful
to provide
strong evidence for the public security departments and court.
These Sleek Fully Functional Mini Speakers
with a Hidden Camera Can Record Hours
of Covert Video! This Spy Camera Speakers/ DVR can be used a fun and effective
surveillance tool or Nanny Camera! Offering
the user recording capabilities as well as Live
view from a monitor/ screen.
Monitor your home or office in style with the DVR Speakers. Record up to 64 hours of high-quality video on a 32GB SD card ,
and review your footage easily on any PC. These DVR speakers will even
record in low-light conditions, making them an optimal home or office
surveillance solution. Motion-activated and overwrite recording modes
ensure that you only capture the most important covert footage. The
included IR remote control additionally allows you to begin recording
with the push of a button.
The DVR Speakers are sleek and stylish with great sound quality. Plug
them in directly to your computer’s headphone jack and an AC power
- 12 -
source and you’re ready to experience high-quality audio. Use the DVR
Speakers with any computer, .mp3 player, tablet, or phone, and enjoy
the sounds you love, while capturing the covert footage you need.
Mini Clock Camera DVR
- deluxe
This functional clock has a hidden cameras for
covert recording.
Upgraded design. The sleek new blue LED
display will fit in anywhere. The display cycles
through time, date, and temperature.
High resolution video. Records both audio and
1280 x 960 colour video.
Multiple settings. Use the remote control to choose between motion
detection, audio only, and continuous recording settings.
Lengthy battery life. The included Li-Ion battery lasts for up to 12 hours
on one charge.
Easy file transfer. Store up to 32GB of data on Micro SD.
Whether you’re looking for a nanny cam or to keep watch on your
room while you’re away the Mini Clock Camera Deluxe is the best clock
camera option. Available in Black OR White
Panda DVR
New Covert Panda DVR, Color CCD High Resolution , 540TVL, Slowshutter, 0.001 LUX, Full
overwrite function, MPEG4, SD card and USB
connector for MP3, SD card slot for DVR, 4GB
SD Card Included, DC8.4V Charger Included
Black Clock DVR
H.264 720P Alarm Clock DVR. Pixels
Motion Detection
Clock DVR
Pixel: 5 Mega CMOS
Resolution :1920*1080 (default: 1440*1080 1280*720
Video format: AVI
Frames: 30fps
View angle: 160 Degree
Motion video recording - Straight-line 6 meters
Minimum illumination - 1LUX
Battery Capacity - 2400MA
Loop video recording time - More than 12H
Remote control valid distance - 10m
Recording range -40 m2
Power consumption - 150MA/3.7V
Storage Temperature: -20-80 degree centigrade
Operating Temperature: -10-60 degree centigrade
Operating Humidity: 15-85%RH
Memory Card - TF (High Speed)
Max Capacity - 32GB
Player - Media player/KM player
USB Interface - USB2.0
Operating system - 2000/XP/Vista32
Storage consumption - 1GB/20 Minute
Charging time - About 8 hours
Mirror Clock Camera
This is a beautiful mirror that can be used as a
covert video recorder at home or office. Even
has LCD time and date display. Hidden camera
is invisible to the naked eye. Records Crystal
Clear Video and Audio.
Video Format –AVI, Video Coding: M-JPEG,
Video Resolution - 1280*960 1280*720 720*480 640*480 VGA, Video frame rate -30fps, Playback software: Operating system or Mainstream audio and video
playback software faster recommended broadcast, broadcast software,
Picture format - JPG 1600*1200, Picture: 5M pix, The ratio of image -4:3,
Supported system -Windows me/2000 XP/ 2003/vista, Battery capacity
-1500mAh, Working time : About 10 hours longer sensing camera,
Charging voltage, DC-5V, Interface Type -MINI 4pin USB, Storage
Support -micro TF card, Battery Type -High-capacity lithium polymer
battery can be replaced.
Digital Clock Camera with Motion
Introducing the NEW Digital Clock Camera
with Motion Sensor!
This stylish digital clock has a hidden highresolution hidden camera!
Our most popular hidden camera that can
be placed just about anywhere!... Baby’s Room,
Kitchen, Office, bedroom etc...
It has motion detection recording! Which means it automatically
starts recording when someone enters that room! It support ‘s a
micro SD card up to 32GB! And it’s battery can last up to 24 hours!
This multifunctional high-tech hidden camera has multiple functions
such as: Motion Detection Automatic recording, Video and Sound
recording, Taking Photos, Electric Alarm Clock and can also be used for
secret file storage.
Very Easy To Use: 1. Switch it “ON” 2. Select Record or Motion Detection
3. Video files can be played back and saved on your computer / burned
into disk etc... Specifications: 5.0 Mega CMOS, Video Resolution:
1280*960, Video Form: AVI, 30fps, View Angle-140°, Motion Detection
Distanc -Direct 6 meters, Low Illumination-1LUX, Battery Capacity4800MA, Recording Time-More than 24 hours, Remote Control Distance
-18m, Recording Audio Area- 40m2, Power Consumption-150MA/3.7V,
Store Temprature: -20-80oC Operation Tempreture: -10-60oC, Operation Humidity :15-85%RH, Memory-TF Card, Max.-32GB, Software. Media player/KMplayer, Data Transfer -Interface USB1.1/2.0, Operation
System- 2000/XP/Visat32, Memory Consumption-1GB/40min, Charge
Time-About 8 hours.
DIY Camera (Supports 32GB)
The DIY Camera has multi-use and can be
inserted in just about any object- turning that
object into a super surveillance unit! It has
high-definition hidden video camera for video
& audio recording!
It Supports a maximum 32GB micro SD card
and comes with a remote control for easy
You can play the video footage on the Computer and
save it. It can record Video & Audio OR just Audio separately, Easy
Operation with Remote Control - just press Record!
Technical Specifications: Video resolution: 1280*960, Video frame rate:
30FPS, Photo format: JPEG, JPG , Photo size: 1280*960, Video Format:
AVI ,Interface type: USB port, Memory: Supports max. 32GB micro SD
card, Battery type: High-capacity polymer lithium 5500mAh, Charging
voltage: DC-5V (charge time: 10-15 hours), Supported systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7; Linux; Mac OS 10.4. Main Features:
3: Built-in Li-on battery: 2500mA, can work 8-10hours
4: Lenses: 8mm
5: DVR Camera size: 8.5*5*1cm
Painting / Photo Frame Camera
(Built In 4GB)
This Self Contained Covert Camera is
disguised as a picture frame. Hang it up
press record and capture all you have been
missing out on! Specifications: Color: Black
frame, flower pot picture; Canvas: 12.5 Inches;
Connectors/Ports - Mini USB for file transfer; How
to turn on device: Switch the button to ON; Built in
memory: 4GB; Video Format: AVI; Video Resolution: 720 x 480; Compatibility: Windows98/me/2000/XP/2003/vista; Mac OS; Linux; Working
Time: About 3 hours; Battery Type: High-capacity lithium polymer
battery; Charging Voltage: DC-5V; Battery Capacity mAh: 1500mAh;
Dimensions (cm): L: 28.5, W: 23, D: 3
Max: 32GB micro SD card support
Product Notes: Not every painting is exactly the same, since they are
hand painted, so each has minor differences
Package Contents: 1x Painting camera; 1x Remote control; 1x power
adapter; 1x USB cable
- 13 -
Motion Detection IR DVR
Automatic Motion Detection triggered Video
Recorder - the best solution for all day video
surveillance without having to be physically
Aim the Motion Detect Video Recorder at an
area and it will record any sensitive movements
that trigger the high-tech passive infrared (PIR)
sensors. Each time motion is detected, the recorder
will capture a 640x480 resolution video 30 seconds, which is long
enough for some decent footage but short enough to conserve storage space and battery power. The Motion Detect Video Recorder also
includes 6 infrared LED lights for accurate night vision up to 6 meters
and a microphone for clear audio recording up to 10 meters.
• Automatic Motion Detection triggered Video Recorder.
• Records in 30 second AVI files with audio • Support for up to 32GB
TF/micro SD cards • Auto overwrites oldest video file when out of
memory • Simple and easy to use, no software installation or setup
required. • Night Vision: YES, 8 LED lights effective up to 6 meters. •
Battery: Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery
• Battery Life: 2-4 hours for continuous recording - Up to 200 hours
• Dimensions: 67 x 35 x 24 mm (L x W x D
Wall Clock Camera
Totally self contained- fully functional - wall
clock hidden camera with a built in motion activated dvr,1/3” SONY - 520tvl CCD
camera image sensor for clear video. Built-in
rechargeable battery for 10hrs continuos
video recording per single charge. Removable
SD Card stores up to 32gb of video, for days of
recording, full overwrite function. Functional wall
clock camera dvr with sony CCD 520tvl high resolution camera.
Built-in rechargeable battery for 10hrs continuous video recording per
single charge.
MPEG4 compression with 32GB SD card support.
Audio/Video up to 64Hours Recording (on motion detection)
Motion Detect w/ Full Function Overwrite.
Remote Controller for one touch recording command. Dimensions: 38
mm (W) x 17.5 mm (H) x 38 mm (D)
Airfreshner Hidden Camera
Air Freshener hidden camera is non-functioning as an air freshener but is perfect as a
hidden camera. The air freshener is powered
by a 12 hour rechargeable battery pack, no
wires or cords to plug in. You’ll be able to see
everything happening in the room.
Clock/ FM Radio Hidden Camera
(32 GB)
Completely Covert Hidden Camera Design,
captures video and audio. Motion-activated
recording captures all the action! With a
32GB sd card capacity!
Hi resolution 540TVL 0.001lux low light colour
camera for clear video
Full Overwrite Function/Remote Control Function
Removable SD card stores up to 32gb video, for days of recording
4 Adjustable Stand to compensate for uneven surfaces. 2 Band AM/
FM Radio Dual Alarm Clock. Time Projection Display. Mirror Projection
Display Extra Large. 9 LED Display
Tissue Box Camera
(Support 32 Gig SD)
One of the best covert video cameras! This
tissue box looks like a normal tissue box
but with a covert hidden camera! Place it
anywhere and press record! With 64 hours
continuous recording ability you wont miss
a thing! Tissue Box Convert DVR Camera Self
Contained 24hrs Recorder
Sony CCD 480 TVL High Resolution
Super Low Lux Night Vision 0.001Lux
Wide Angle 104 degree 2.5mm Mini Lens
Supports 32GB SD Card - up to 64hrs Continuous Video Recording
MPEG4 Compression with 640x480 video resolution
Motion Detect w/Full Function overwrite
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack 9Ah
Schedule Recording Remote Control OSD
Smoke Detector Camera
(Support 32 GB SD)
Functional Smoke Detector Camera. 520tvl
0.00l Lux Sony ccd camera sensor
MPEG-4 640X480 High Resolution Video &
Snap Shots
Memory Full Overwrite Function
Smoke Detector Alarm
Max 32GB card support for 64hrs continuous Video
Records Video/Audio & Takes Pictures
Motion Detection
Schedule Recording Remote Control OSD (SD card Not Included)
PIR Motion Sensor Camera (64GB)
This covert camera looks like an alarm sensor but with hidden camera! With motion
activation and night vision. Hide it in plane
sight and it automatically starts recording
when there is motion. Motion & PIR detection
increases the reliability, Sony 1/3” CCD camera,
high resolution, Built-in SD card slot, supports
up to 32GB SD card, Automatic photo/AVI video
recording, Recording video & jpeg with time & date stamp, night vision.
Built-in Microphone recording real time audio data
* Support SONY,SHARP,CMOS camera , * Work with alarm system in
wireless, * PIR detective & motion detective, working steady, * Connect
with a mini siren, when someone intrudes, it will start recording/snap
automatically, * AVI recording and JPG snap optional, * Overwriting
when memory is full, * Support 32G SD card * Internal lithium battery, *
Real time clock record the time for every video/picture
* Mode Exchange for PAL/NTSC, * Review the video and browse
pictures via monitor or TV, * Night vision for using in the dark (25-30
fps). Specifications: Operating voltage- DC 5V, Operating current 500900mA, Video output mode -Pal/NTSC
Image sensor 1/3” -Sony CCD, Camera horizontal 420 TV line, Lens 3.7mm pinhole, View angle - Level: 70° & vertical: 92°, Working mode
- Manual; Motion detection; Time scheduled & power on recording,
Compression Mpeg-4, Video format ASF, Video resolution 704 X 576 640 X576 320X288, Audio pick up distance 10 meters, Memory type SD card.
Light Switch Motion Activated Camera (4GB)
This camera looks like an ordinary light
switch and is a digital video recorder for
home or office security. It records high
quality video and audio - easy to operate.
1. Power ON/OFF: Turn right the switch to
open the camera.
2. Video Recording: The camera enters into standby mode after power on. When the human indicator detects
motions, the yellow indicator flashes one time and then begins video
recording automatically for 3 minutes. Then it stops to save the video
and enters into standby; It will keep this process time again and
3. PC Connecting: Able to connect to PC when power off. Then the
mark of removable disk comes out. The video save path is: * Disk\
DCIM\100DSCIM; The blue indicator will keeping flashing while
transmitting data. Before taking it out please click the icon in lower
right corner to unload it. After the system confirms to take it out
safely, then it is ok to disconnect.
4. Charging: Able to be charging via PC USB port or Adapter. The
yellow indicator keeps lighting while charging. It will go out after
finishing charging.
- 14 -
Technical Parameters: Video Format - AVI, Video Coding- M-JPEG, Video
Resolution - 640*480 VGA, Video Frames - 30fps±1fps, Player - Common
multimedia player, Video Ratio - 4:3, Compatible Operating Systems
- Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista, Charging Voltage - DC-5V, USB
Port - Standard 2.0 USB Port , Memory - Micro SD Card, Battery - High
Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery - Fully Functional
Hunting Camera
Hunting Game Camera with 1080p HD video
recording function, 5MP Image sensor,
powerful 34 IR LED night vision, PIR Motion
Detection, GPRS internet for live picture
viewing and more. Record stunning wildlife
pictures and videos with this great trail
Shoot 1080p High definition videos and pictures
with the “Wildview” hunting camera which is designed
to be your eyes in the woods. Able to record 24 hours a day and under
any circumstance the “Wildview” automatically switches to 34 IR LEDs
night vision for perfect after dark images. Another great feature is the
built in PIR motion detection sensor which will trigger the camera and
start automatic recording. All the pictures and videos are then safely
stored away on a SD card of up to 32GB for later viewing using the supplied AV cable or Micro USB cable.
But wouldn’t it be more exciting if you could get live updates of what
the “Wildeview” is capturing? Experience the thrill of receiving live
updates by inserting a SIM card in the camera and the “Wildview” game
camera will automatically send you MMS messages or emails to preset
numbers and email addresses of what is going on. On top of that, this
hunting camera sports a 2 Inch screen and a remote control.
34 IR LEDs, 1080p Video + 5MP Images, PIR Motion Detection, MMS
and Email Function, SD Card up to 32GB
Flood Light Motion Detection Camera
Motion Activated Camera hidden in an outdoor and fully functional Security light!
* Auto Lighting and motion detection
* Motion Activated Camera/Security light
* Auto Lighting and motion detection
* Up to 2.0M Pixel Digital Camera (interpolation)
* support Max 32GB SD Card
* Auto overwrite when the memory is full
* Can be used as PC camera without SD CARD
* Can be used as U disc with SD CARD
* Digital Video Capture(640X480 pixel)
* 24 hour Standby
* Dimension:Height=19cm;diameter=8cm
* Net Weight:320g
3G Covert Mobile Eye Camera
3G Covert Mobile Eye Camera: Works with 3G
Sima cards and offers real time monitoring.
It has infrared for Night viewing. Also has:
Recording Function, Password Access Control, High quality speakers, Remote Control
by Call/SMS, Highly Sensitive Microphone, 3X
ZOOM, Convenient UI
Key features: Integrated microphone volume adjustable by cell phone control, Infrared spotlight, Infrared sensor, Power
indicator with 5 different colour levels, Signal strength indicator,
Camera tiltof up by 40 degrees, down by 5 degrees by cell phone
control, Camera Pan left/right by 45 degrees by cell phone control,
Camera zoom in and out by cell phone control, SIM/USIM slot,
MicroSD card slot
Specifications: Dimensions 104mm x 101mm x 101mm approx,
Weight: approx 263g with integrated battery, Camera: 300K-pixel
with day and auto Infrared night vision, Battery standby time:
approx 300 hours, Battery run time when recording in daylight : Approx 18 hours, Battery run time when recording in infrared: Approx
8 hours, Battery run time during daylight video call: 5 hours, Battery
run time during infrared video call : 4 hours, Battery charge time: 7
hours, Working temperature range: 10 - 60 degrees C, Relative humidity: 5 - 95, Power supply 220v with integrated Li-on rechargeable
battery, Network used: 3G/UMTS/WCDMA
Package Contenst: 1 X Mobile Eyes 3G Camera, 1 X User Manual, 1 X
ZTE MF58 Stand/Holder, 1 X Charging Adapter
Alarm Clock 3G Camera
LIVE monitoring 3G Covert Camera. When you
are in the office and would like to see the
baby at home & what they are doing, just
make a video call from your mobile phone to
monitor the device. Device will be automatically connected and send video and sound,
real-time monitoring without any sound alert
to device.
This device uses the 3G mobile phone network for video
monitoring video and voice so there is no distance limit.
Recording video/ voice or take pictures and send to your Email,
Video call and voice call to monitor from anywhere you are.
Wireless PIR detection
Location Cell ID via SMS and Email with Google link up to street level.
Automatically records and sends videos to your email or save to an SD
Network WCDMA (3G), GSM 900/1800/1900, Camera 30 Mega pixel
CMOS camera -with low illumination, Image sensor 640x480 Picture,
Video Resolution 320x240 Mp4 file, Audio recording, with light AMR
format, Battery 3.7V 2400mA,
Micro SD Support up to 4GB Micro SD card
3G Camera
Live Viewing – 3G Camera.
Uses a SIM card (supports WCDMA & 3G
networks), CMOS camera with (IR) infrared
LED that allows for 24 hours wireless video
The camera can be controlled remotely by
SMS and video footage viewed from anywhere
secretly and safely. It has Multimode alarm: Camera
send alarm messages by SMS, video call, and voice
calls. Sensor detection: Max 15 wireless alarm sensors can be added.
Supports recording of the alarm images to the camera. Up to 10
telephone numbers can be pre-stored in the system. Wireless remote
control: it can arm /disarm or send emergency alarm. Special Camera:
300,000-pixel CMOS camera. Easy installation: Wireless connection. The
product can be installed at any place you want. Built-in Lithium battery:
Rechargeable battery ensuring operation in case of external power failure. Real-time video: you can call the videophone to check the image of
monitoring area anytime and anywhere .Application: taking care of the
elders and children, in house, school, monitoring shop etc.
3G Camera DIY
Easily modify any device you to becoming a coverty 3g camera. Callthe
camera from your mobile phone using video call and monitor to the
device. The device will automatically connect then send you video and
sound allowing for real-time monitoring without any sound alert to
You can just easily to modify the device on any electronics device to
monitor the real time video and audio and record when you need. You
can also hide in his car or office areas.
1. Recording video/ voice or take picture and sent to your Email, just
send SMS secrete command to device.
2. Video call and voice call make from anywhere you are.
3. Alert with selectable Video call, Audio call to predefined phone,
video/audio recording or with picture send to email.
4. Log-email at any time to view records.
5. 10cm Flexible PCB camera can easily install to any electronics device, like Alarm clock, calculator, lamp, PC speaker, remote control,
and mouse.
6. No limited to time, place, distance, would like to monitor, only need
to dial numbers can be monitored.
7. No need touch device, just put and go
8. Location Cell ID via SMS and Email with Google link up to street
9. Automatically record and send video to your email or save to SD
- 15 -
10. WCDMA 3G signal, worldwide network.
11. External input for PIR detector, voice active detector, Ultra sonic
detector can be choose.
12. Phone filter. Monitor the device with only setting number in device,
and will reject other number.
13. Mini size easy to install.
Network WCDMA(3G),GSM 900/1800/1900, Camera 30 Mega pixel
CMOS camera, with low illumination,Image sensor 640x480 Picture,
Video Resolution 320x240 Mp4 file, Audio recording With light AMR
format, Power supply 3.6-4.2 VDC , DC adapter or Lion battery, Extra
Built in Lion charger circuit, Micro SD Support up to 32GB Micro SD
card, Dimension 40 x 37 x 8mm, Weight 10g
3G Covert Camera Box
Very Small Covert 3G Camera Box that can fit in the palm of your
hands. Easy to use! Wherever you are, call the camera phone number
and then you can see the video immediately.
This is not 3G IP camera but this is a real 3G Video call camera. Where
you need only to do a Video call from your cell phone that’s it. This
works on WCDMA 3G networks as a normal video call. Built in Camera,
Mic and Mini Speaker.
Smallest size: the camera module size is very small a little bigger then
a 1 Dollar dime can install in small objects to built your own 3G Hidden
investigation Camera.
3G Modem Dongle: Use this Great 3G Spy Camera as your regular
High speed 3G USB modem / Dongle to surf the Internet on your computer or Tablet PC as 3G Data receiver.
Unlimited Power Battery: We used a Rechargeable Changeable battery Nokia BL-6M with 1150 Mah Li-battery which can work long hours
for your monitoring, or use this with a wall charger so battery never
finishes. Standby battery time of up to 7 days with a single charge.
Two way Audio Call: Support two way audio call so you can calling
from this unit to any phone which is stored in this unit with a single
press of a button and talk two way communication. This is also called as
SOS button for a emergency you can call Police or your family, built in
Micro MIC and Speaker.
Micro SD slot: there is TF card slot, can record video during calling or
when it on the stand by state. The video files format are MP4, one 4GB
card can take the record up to 28 days. Support Max SD – 8GB
Easy to operate: its very Easy to use like 123
View on Skype: you can see live video of this 3G Spy camera on Skype
or other video feed web sites. just subscribe to Skype, Gmail, MSN or
any other video Web server and you will be able to see our 3G Spy Camera on that as a regular 3G mobile phone video call. Connect to a PC to
view a live 3G video on your computer (optional modem required).
3G Modem: You can use this 3G spy camera on your computer without
any WI-FI or Internet connection and see live audio video with a 3G
USB Modem. Just install the software (we provide with the 3G modem
which is sold separately) and make a normal call or video call to this
camera and see live video on your computer.
Voice Monitoring: You can use this camera as a 3g mobile phone for
voice and Video call, for 2 way conversation or you can silently listen
to the conversation on the other end.
Plastic Housing: Comes with a specially designed -small beautiful
plastic housing.
3G Module for CCD Camera
This module will turn any CCD camera into a 3G camera for LIVE
viewing on your phone from wherever you are! Just call the camera
phone number, and then you can see the video immediately. Turn
any Camera to 3G Camera: Use our 3G camera module to turn any
CCD or CMOS camera into a full 3G Camera. Simply connect any
camera to our 3G camera module and that camera will become a 3G
camera then make your video call and you can see the video through
your camera on your phone.
3G Camera Module - to make your own 3G Spy Camera. connect any
CCD or CMOS Camera. Install it in anything near you like radio, Books,
Clock, Toys etc. See live video on your Mobile phone from anywhere in
the world.
No time limit no distance limit No internet or Ip address needed Just
simply call your 3G camera and see live video of your home, office, car,
or even your Nanny.
This is not 3G IP camera but this is a 3G Video call camera. Where you
only need to make a Video call from your phone that’s it.
Small size: the camera module size is very small can install in small
Long standby time: Built in rechargeable Li-battery, can attain a
standby time of 7days.
PAL or NTSC: Supports PAL or NTSC camera, offer audio connector, built
in MIC.
Micro SD slot: there is TF card slot, can record video during calling or
when it on the stand by state. The video files format are MP4, one 4GB
card can take the record up to 28 days. (Max SD-8GB)
Easy to operate: all the operations can be done from the keys on your
mobile phone, such as video size setting, video brightness setting,
to start or stop record. You also can choose to communicate to the
camera or not.
Alarm function: can set up 315MHz wireless warning sensor. When the
alarm has been activated, it will call you automatically.
View on PC: Connect to PC to view live 3G video on your computer
(optional modem required) ordered the right model as your country
Two way communication: you can use this camera as a 3g mobile
phone for a voice 2 way conversation or you can silently listen to the
conversa- tion on the other end.
3G Car Camera
Small Toy Car 3G Camera. Easy to use!
Wherever you are, call the camera phone
number and then you can see the video
1. Remote Monitoring: Anytime, anywhere
voice dialing or video through dial-up connection on the device,
the device can receive commands are recognized automatically
after about 10 seconds to respond.
2. Automatic Voice Dial-up Alarm Intrusion: Set the IR switch to voice
Dial-up alarm mode. It can automatic call the number of user saved
in the SIM card if somebody gets into the area to be monitored.
3. Automatic Video Dial-up Alarm Intrusion: Set the IR switch to Video
Dial-up alarm mode. It can automatic video dial-up the number
of user saved in the SIM card if somebody gets into the area to be
4. Rechargeable Battery: built-in lithium battery, charges from an external power supply, and sustainable to work about 24 hours or more.
3G Rotatable Camera
Small Covert Rotatable 3G Camera. Easy to use! Wherever you are,
call the camera phone number and then you can see the video immediately.
1. Remote Monitoring: Anytime, anywhere voice dialing or video
through your cellphone.
2. Automatic Voice Dial-up Alarm Intrusion: Set the IR switch to voice
dial alarm mode. It can automatic call the number of the user saved
in the SIM card if somebody gets into the area to be monitored.
3. Automatic Video Dial-up Alarm Intrusion: Set the IR switch to Video
Dial-up alarm mode. It can automatic video dial the number of user
saved in the SIM card if somebody gets into the area to be monitored;
4. Built-In Rechargeable Battery: built-in lithium battery, which is
sustainable to work for about 24 hours or more
Technical Specifications: SIM Card: WCDMA , 3G network; Input
power: DC5V/500mA; Normal voltage: 3.5-4.2V;
Battery capacity: about 600mA; Charge time: 3-5 hours; The distance
of IR sensor:1-2 Meter Max
Work time without charge in: about 24 hours; Available Models:
3G Body Worn Camera
The Mini 3G Body worn camera/DVR. It adopts
Da Vinci processing chip and H.264 video
compression. 3G video & audio Real-time
transmission. Real time monitoring and
viewing scene. GPS real-time positioning
function. Receive text messages and view
Front-end storage center for transferring. Emergency alarm keys function, vibration reminder. Professional back-stage management functions
Information double back-up function. Command and dispatch function
by backstage. the total recording time is 3 hours with the full charge
1. 3G video & audio Real-time transmission
2. Real time monitoring and viewing scene
3. H264 code video compression
- 16 -
4. Hidden pinhole camera
5. 2.4 G wireless remote control
6. 16GB memory(max 32GB TF card), support long time local storage
7. Background client management, to keep the video security
8. Emergency alarm key-press function
High resolution: 720*576 avi video
GPS support
Rechargeable li-battery,AC/DC charger
background client management, to keep the video secure
Designed specially for law enforcement
3G video&audio scene collection
GPS orientation function
Wifi IP Camera
Wireless high definition IP Surveillance Camera
coming with PTZ control, H.264 compression,
and latest generation IR cut nightvision. Video
& Audio! Access LIVE camera footage from
ANYWHERE in the world! Connect this camera
to your WIFI or ADSL at Home or Office and
view it live from the internet! Also can record
directly to you PC or through an SD card.
It has Motion Detection, Night Vision, Movement Alarm & Remote
tilt - so you can move the camera up and down and from side to side
through the internet! Password protected so only the password possessor can have access to view live footage!
It Can also record online! Small and easy to conceal! Great Nanny cam
to keep an eye on what’s happening at home! LIVE!
Put it in your office and the motion detection alarm warns you when
someone enters your office (by sending you an email) and you can see
them live and record them!
If you need a full range PTZ IP camera, then you can’t find much better
than this beauty. Coming not only with 720P HD resolution, you also
will be getting great pan and tilt capabilities of 270 degree horizontal
and 120 degree vertical movements as well as motion detect for great
security coverage of your home, office and other property. Using IR Cut
technology, this HD security camera also works tirelessly at night with
crisp video capabilities.
Other high end features include being equipped with a high end 1/4
inch CMOS sensor, H.264 compression for achieving smooth live images and video streaming, connection video via PC or your 3G mobile
phone/ Smartphone, local backup recording through an micro SD card
slot that can hold files up to 32 GB, a micro SD card slot is placed inside
the cover for added anti vandal security, and more.
Features: 1280x720 HD Resolution, Pan of 270 degree horizontal and
tilt of 120 degrees, IR Cut Nightvision, Android, iPhone, Symbian,
Windows Smartphone Support, Anti-theft micro SD Card Slot, H.264
Video Compression
Wifi iCam
New WifiCam Camera that works with iPad And
iPhone (max. 50 m distance from phone to
With WIFICAM, you may install monitoring
software in your iPhone or Android cellphone
and computer, the WIFICAM signal will enable
image monitoring on your smart phone and
What characteristics does the WIFICAM have?
Different with ordinary 2.4GHZ baby monitor, WIFICAM doesn’t need
a wireless display / monitor to receive images, enabling your smart
phone to receive images at any time. Different with IP Camera, WIFICAM doesn’t have complex setting debugging. Just simple signal is
needed to complete configuration.
WIFICAM doesn’t need to take out memory card to copy videos and images. In contrast, your smart phone may conduct timely playback, and
upload it on the internet
WIFICAM adopts WAP signal encryption, absolutely guaranteeing
your privacy. More importantly, image signal will not be intercepted or
stolen. Detail parameters:
Night vision light: 10x 850nm Infrared LEDs, 10m distance, Resolution ratio: 640*480(VGA), 320*240(QVGA), Picture format: JPEG, Video
format: avi, Frame number: 20fps, Bit rate: 128kbps ~ 2Mbpsb, Picture
resolution rate: Mirror /Flip, Video compression: ADPCM, Networking
protocol: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, WBit rateiFi: 802.11b/g/n, WBit
rateiFi: 802.11b/g/n, Security encryption mode: WAP, Transmission distance: about 50 m, Battery capacity: 1000 mAh, Operation hours: about
2-4 hours, Charging time: 4~5h, Operation temperature: 0oC~50oC,
Operation humidity: 10% ~ 80% non-condensing, Compatible System:
Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android
Language: English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
French, Japanese, Polish language, Korean, Russian language and
Volume: 90x60x60mm, Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
WiFi Covert Panda DVR Camera
New H.264 WiFi Covert Panda DVR, Color CCD
High Resolution , 540TVL, Slowshutter, 0.001
LUX, Full overwrite function, MPEG4, SD card
and USB connector for MP3, SD card slot for
DVR, 4GB SD Card Included, DC8.4V Charger
Tissue Box Wifi IP Camera (Support
32 Gig SD)
The Wifi Tissue box camera gives you the
ability to put a camera in a room without
anyone suspecting it’s a camera as well as
LIVE viewing and recording over the internet
- wherever you are!!! It needs no cables as it
has the WIFI feature and even has an SD card
slot that will give you 64 hours of recording! So you
won’t miss a thing! And with extreme low light viewing and recording even when its dark you can still see what is happening!
Recording w/ Internet View
Completely Covert With No Tell Tale Wires Or Lights
480TVL High Resolution With Full Screen D1 Colour Recording
Extreme Low Light 0.001 LUX Hidden Camera
Removable SD Card Up To 32GB for 64 Hours Of Recording
10 Hour Rechargeable Battery
Protect your home or office
Monitor your bedroom
Watch the kids when no one is home
Keep an eye on the babysitter or nanny
Clock/ FM Radio WIFI /
IP Hidden Camera The Wifi Clock FM Radio Camera gives
you the ability to put a camera in a room
without anyone suspecting it’s a camera as
well as LIVE viewing and recording over the
internet - wherever you are!!! It needs no cables as it has the WIFI feature. And with extreme
low light viewing and recording even when its dark
you can still see what is happening! So you wont miss a thing! Wi-Fi
IP 2 Band AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio Covert Camera
SONY CCD 480 TVL High Resolution
Wifi IP Camera is Accessible from Anywhere in the World by Internet
Audio Video Intercom by Wi-Fi / Ethernet
4 Adjustable Stands to Compensate for uneven Surface
Dual Alarm Clock, Time Projection Display
Mirror Projection Display
Extra Large 9” Led Display, Internet Recording
Wifi Smoke Detector IP Camera
Remote View Wireless Camera ; H.264 Wi-Fi IP
Smoke Detector Covert DVR Camera ; MPEG4
High Quality Full Colour SONY CCD Camera ;
H.264 WiFi IP DVR - Remotely View Your Surveillance Video Online ; Built-In DVR - Record
Up To 64 Hours onto 32 GB Removable SD Card
; Fully Functional Smoked Detector & Completely
Covert - No Giveaway Wires Or Pinholes ; SONY CCD
480 TVL High Resolution ; Wifi IP Camera is Accessible from anywhere
- 17 -
in the World by Internet ; Audio Video Intercom by Wi-Fi / Ethernet ; 0.1
Lux Low Light Camera
Specifications: Type: Colour CCD Camera ; MPEG4 Compression ; PickUp Device: Sony CCD Image Sensor ; Picture Elements: EIA/NTSC: 512
H x 492 V - CCIR/PAL: 512 H x 582 V ; Horizontal Resolution: 47- TVL ;
Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux ; Horizontal Sync. Frequency: EIA/NTSC:
15.734 KHZ - CCIR/PAL: 15.625 KHZ ; Vertical Frequency: EIA/NTSC:
19.0699 MHZ - CCiR/PAL: 18.9375 MHZ ; Function: Alarm Output Lens:
3.7mm Pinhole Lens ; Video Output: 1Vp-p, 75 Ohms ; Gamma: .045 ;
Power Supply: DC6V 2A ; Power Consumption: 150 mA; Storage Temperature: -30C ~ 60C ; Operation Temperature: -10C ~ 45C
Power Consumption: 150 mA
Storage Temperature: -30C ~ 60C
Operation Temperature: -10C ~ 45C
Rovio Wifi Roaming Bot
Rovio is a robotic IP & webcam with microphone and speaker for 2-way audio. This WiFi connected bad little bot will stream video
and audio to your favourite web-enabled
browser anywhere in the world! Use your
PC, your MAC, your iPhone, even your PS3 to
control Rovio. Drive the bot around the house,
talk to your family as if you are there, take pictures of the family and e-mail them to friends. All this
can be done from thousands of miles away.
• Easily control Rovio remotely 24/7 from anywhere in the world with
an internet connection.
• Rovio detects your computer settings and guides you through the
setup process.
• Its head-mounted moveable camera and wide range of vision enable you to see and hear exactly what Rovio sees and hears, on your
• Set waypoints so that Rovio can navigate itself around your home,
without having to control each step yourself!
• At the click of a button, send Rovio back to the charging dock using
its self-docking capabilities - even when you are not at home!*
• Guide Rovio through dimly lit locations with the aid of its built-in
LED headlight. •Rechargeable NiMH battery included •1 x Charging
dock with built-in True Track Beacon, •3 x Omni-directional wheels,
•1 x Head-mounted VGA camera •1 x Speaker and 1 x microphone
for 2-way audio, •USB connectivity, •Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b and
802.11g) •Dimensions: 10” x 9” x 4” (8” with camera fully extended)
Wireless Pen IP Camera
This Wireless Pen IP Camera has 2 functions:
You can view the footage from the pen wirelessly from 100 meters away and you can
also view the footage through IP function
from anywhere in the world. Features:
1. Wireless hidden IP camera is more
convenient and safe than the traditional one;
2. Best choice for remote & continuous surveillance of home, offices,
shops, pubs, restaurants, buildings, warehouses,etc.
3. Near and far focus available (near focus for small text recording;
4. 420 TV lines provide very clear & bright images;
5. Night vision available.(0.1 lux);
6. Built-in antenna and rechargeable Li-battery in portable camera
7. High quality image (656X492pix) & smooth video playback (30fps);
8. Long continuous working time (2.5 hours);
9. Min. 100m transmission distance without blocks from camera to
(IP) Network Waterproof IR
Support 2 kinds of H.264 video stream and
1 way MJPEG video stream simultaneously,
suitable for Local, Internet and Cross-platform
Adopt mega pixels CMOS sensor, support 720p
(1280*720)/640*360/320*180 video resolution.
Built-in microphone, and also support to connect
external audio capturing device (like MIC phone or sound pick-up) to
capture the audio. External speaker can play the voice sent to the live
scene, to achieve two-way intercom function. Audio support G.711 and
G.726 types. Support echo suppression.
Infrared LED for night vision covers 20-30m area, to realize 24 hours
Support IR and color filter change automatically, no any color difference.
Support maxim 32G SD card for video and picture storage.
Support 802.11b/g/n protocol, can build up wireless monitoring.
Motion detection and alarm pin can be connected to external sensors
to detect environmental situation.
Built-in web server, use one port to send all the data, it facilitates
network setting.
Support mobile phone watching.
Support video view by other browsers like as Firefox, safari etc.
Manufacture attached a label at the bottom of each IP Camera, it
include Device ID, DDNS. When IP Camera is connected to the internet,
this URL can be used to visit the device.
Manufacture provides free software, support Multi-view, Long time
recording, video replay etc.
Network Dome Camera with IR
1/3” CCD, MPEG4, 420TV lines, 3.6/6/8/12mm
Waterproof Anti-blast Dome IP Camera
10 IR LED’s
IP (Network) Hidden Box Camera
1/4” CMOS sensor, MJPEG, 4mm
lens(3.6/6/12mm….lens optional), 8pcs IR
LEDs, VGA (640x480)/QVGA (320x240), frame
rate:30fps, built-in web server, DC5V/1A - no
motion detection (Size: 10x5x5)
IP (Network) Hidden Camera
with IR
1/4” CMOS sensor, MJPEG, 5G IR lens, 640*480,
frame rate:30fps, LCD show, CF card slot(max.
2GB), built-in web server, DC5V/1A, rotate 120°
up and down,180° left to right, motion sensor
(size: less than 10x5x5)
Micro CCD camera
It’s an ultra small high definition CCD camera
with excellent night vision, can be connected
to a HDD DVR and AC power or portable DVR
and battery pack.
Size is 11.5X11.5X17mm only, Weight is 2g!
Very easy to install and conceal.
Minimum illumination is 0.008lux, which can
view clearly in almost complete darkness.
Full TV system. Applicable worldwide.
Use for Home and Business Security, Shops, Pubs and Restaurants,
Building Sites, Warehouses, Boats, Marine Use, Sports use, Wildlife,
Farms, Stables and Kennels, Surveillance and Covert use, Nursery and
child care, Firearm.
Contents: Mini camera X1; RCA/BNC cableX1;AC adapter X1 (camera,
1pc Charger for emitter, 1pc 12v rechargeable li-battery, 1bag button,
manual, carton box)
Round Nail Type CCD Camera
This camera is so tiny it’s the size of a nail pin!
Connect it to your DVR and record! Image
Sensor: 1/ 8” Colour CCDVideo System: NTSC /
PAL Effective Pixels: 640 x 480Resolution: 380
TV Lines/N Ratio: >48 dBMin.Illuminator: 1 Lux
at F 1.2Built-in Lens: F 2.8 (Day and Night Lens)
- 18 -
Mirror CCD Camera
This CCD camera is disguised as a mirror.
Connect it to your DVR and/or Camera
monitor to view and record all! Waterproof
Convex Mirror CCD Camera Effective Pixel:
512(H)x582(V)Image Sensor: Sony HAD CCD.
Horizontal Definition: 480TV Line Lens: 3.6mm.
Minimum Illumination:1.0Lux/ F1.2. Video output
connector: BNC, VIDEO OUTWhite Balance: AutoS/N
Ratio: >48dB Gamma Correction: >0.45 Operation Temperature: -10~50
°C /+14~+122 °FVideo Output: >1Vp-p/75 Power Requiremen: DC 12V
/ 500mA
Smoke Detector CCD Camera
CCD colour camera hidden as a smoke detector.
Easy to conceal in any ceiling, Multi-use. Features: DSP technique, high sensitive, steady and
high clear image quality Adopt SONY Super
HAD technology, high colour revert and reliable
stability Newest AGC circuitry processing technique, electronic shutter, white balance, backlight
compensation and many functions. Sony 480 TVL
Covert Outdoor CCD Camera
- 18 IR LEDs
1) DSP technique, high sensitive, steady and
high clear image quality, metal shell
2) Newest AGC circuitry processing technique,
electronic shutter, white balance, backlight
compensation and many function
3) Adopt high-quality imported IR lens, have excellent image and performance
Image Sensor1/3”
SharpEffective Pixels PAL:752(H)*582(V) NTSC:768(H)*494(V)
Horizontal Resolution480TV Lines420TV LinesMin.
Power SupplyDC12V(±10%)
IR Lens3.8mm
View Angle45°
IR Distance5-8m
Signal System: PAL/NTSCS
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Water Resistant: IP67-IP68
Weight; 0.25KG; Size13*8.5*7cm
Covert Box Mini CCD Camera 700TVL
Sony 1/3” Super HAD CCD Ⅱ, High Resolution
of 700 TV Lines, Min. Illumination of 0.0002Lux
at 256xSens-up, Fixed IRIS Board/Pinhole
lens, World Smallest size of 19 mm Dimension,
3D-DNR (3D Digital Noise Reduction), Joystick
OSD (On Screen Display) Control, DRC(Dynamic
Range Control),HLM(High Light Masking), 10x
Digital, Zoom: 256x , 8 Privacy Zones, Motion Detection, Perfect
Water-resistant(IP67) Housing, Power Consumption: DC12V(±10%),
Max.120mA, Size:42mm*42mm
The Night Owl - CCD Camera
Outdoor Hidden Video Camera with IR, PAL/
NTSC, Colour CCD 420 TV Lines B/W CCD: 480
TV Lines, Colour 0.5 Lux (F1.2 , 56000K) E/B/
W0 LUX. Power Supply 12VDC (+/-10%),
Dimensions 105X140X205mm, weight 1.8kg,
Working Temperature -20C - +50C RH95% Max
Wireless Smoke Detector
This hidden camera is built into a non-functional smoke detector.
This camera can be placed anywhere facing
the target to transmit video.
Live video is picked up by the wireless receiver
and displayed on your TV or recorded to your VCR.
Uses a single 9 volt battery for up to 6 hours of
operation. For continuous power, you just remove the battery clip from
the camera inside the unit, run the power adapter plug through the
back of the unit and plug it into the camera.
2.4G Wireless Bulb CCTV Security AV
Camera Set (Invisible Light at Night)
Using 2.4G wireless technology, no stroage
-Using 1/3” CMOS 600TV Line Censor
-Using 36 IR Leds, invisible light to human at
-Screw in and Play, Super Simple
-Transmission distance 200meters,audio+video
-Connect receiver to TV for video output
Easy Installation, Simple Operation
Screw in wireless bulb camera like a bulb, turn on power. That is it.
Worldwide usage
Accept AC 110V-250V for worldwide usage, providing different bulb
adapters for different countries.
Using 2.4G technology, transmit Audio+Video
Transmission distance 200 meters in open area, transmit Audio+Video
Using 36pcs IR LED (940nm), no light at night
No light at night from camera, hidden camera
Using 600TV lines 1/3” CMOS sensor
Providing clear picture quality
Receiver can receive 4 channels
One receiver can connect with 4 Bulb wireless cameras individually
Wireless Airfreshner Camera
(B&W -X/ Colour)
The Air Freshener camera is non-functioning
as an air freshener but is perfect as a hidden
camera. The air freshener is powered by a 12
hour rechargeable battery pack, no wires or
cords to plug in. You’ll be able to see everything
happening in the room. Measures 8.5” by 3.5”.
Black & White: Wireless Camera with FREE 2.4 GHz
Receiver and X-Vision
Color: Wireless Camera with FREE 2.4 GHz Receiver.
Wireless cameras include FREE 2.4 GHz receiver
All necessary power supplies and battery packs are included.
• High Power is available with most 2.4 GHz transmitters and will increase transmission distance up to an additional 1500 feet...increasing
your wireless transmission up to 2500 feet.
• X-Vision (.003 Lux) is a feature only available on black and white cameras. Allows best possible images in almost complete darkness.
Specifications: Image Sensor: 1/3” Sony CCD (B/W) 1/4” CCD (Color),
Resolution: 400 Lines(B/W) 380 Lines(Color), Min., Illumination: .05 Lux
(B/W) 1 Lux (Color), Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle, Power Required: 12 V
DC/110V AC
Wireless Nanny Cam
- with LCD monitor and SD slot
Wireless camera with LCD monitor. Has SD
card slot to record.
Supports Maximum 4GB SD card equivalent to
10 hours recording time.
Use as baby monitor, to nurse elderly, hidden
camera, criminal control etc.
2 parts: former end is camera + microphone +
emitter, back end is receiver with 2.5” LCD monitor and
Li-battery which can record A/V for 4.5h and play film for 8h, w/ 64MB
SD card, USB2.0, support U disk read / write
Rotate lens to adjust focus and get highest clarity . Lens is 5 X 2.4X
- 19 -
2.4cm . Wireless Pinhole Camera: 1/3” CMOS, 380TV Lines, 0.5Lux, Pinhole lens, built-in wireless microphone, Camera: 8/9V 500mA, Receiver:
12V 1A, transfer distance: 100m. Wireless Camera w/ 2.5” LCD: 1/3”
CMOS, 380TV Lines, 1.5Lux/F1.5, IR pinhole camera w/ Li-battery, w/
Mic., Camera: 5V DC 500mA Receiver: 6V DC 800mA, 2.5” LCD, 882*228,
support max. 4GB SD Card, Clock, JPEG, MP3, MP4, transfer distance:
Wireless Nanny Cam - IR
Tiny Wireless Camera with LCD monitor! Can
place camera anywhere in the house or office
and view using the portable LCD screen from
anywhere in the house within 150 Metres.
Go to lunch and take your LCD monitor with
you and see who has been snooping at your
desk. Put the camera in your child’s room and
watch over him/her while in your bedroom. Put
in the kitchen and see how your meals are prepared
while sitting in your patio. w/ Li-battery & w/ 6pcs IR LEDs w/ 2.5” LCD 1/3” CMOS, 380TV Lines, 1.5Lux/F1.5, pinhole lens, w/ Mic., w/ 6pcs IR
LEDs, Camera: 5V DC 500mA Receiver: 6V DC 800mA, 2.5” LCD, Camera
2.5GHZ, 480*234, support max. 4GB SD card, transfer distance: 100m
2.4Ghz Wireless Digital Camera Set
Wireless digital camera set with built-in CMOS
camera (ultlra small size). This is an ultra small
wireless transmitter with built in CMOS camera
and a small size DVR with built in receiver.
Advantage: Low cost, simple installation |
Once receiver can work with 4 camera | Long
transmission distance (max. 1.2 KM in open
area) | Encrypted signal transmission | Strong
antiinterference capability
DVR with 2.8” monitor with RX. Handheld Receiver. Wireless Camera
with built-in transmitter Frequency: ISM 2400 ~ 2483 MHz hopping
Transmission Power: 100 mW (20 dBm) Modulation Mode: GFSK Image
Sensor: 1/4” OmnVision CMOS Effective pixels: 320 x 240 (QVGA) Battery: built-in 450mA Li-ion battery Operation hour: 1 hour Power supply: 5V DC, 1A mini USB adaptor Dimension: 68 x 34 x 17mm Weight:
40.2 g (with battery and antenna)
Frequency: ISM 2400 ~ 2483 MHz hopping, Transmission Power: 100
mW (20 dBm), Modulation Mode: GFSK
Display: 2.8 inch color TFT LCD, Resolution: 10-16 frames at 320 x 240
(QVGA), Battery: built-in 600mA Li-ion battery
Operation hour: 1 hour, Power supply: 5V DC, 1A mini USB adaptor,
Dimension: 83.9 x 82.9 x 25mm
Weight: 122.6 (include battery), Recording format AVI (support to 8G
micro SD card), Operating Temperature: 0oC~+50oC
Wireless Mini Camera
Miniature Wireless Camera and Receiver 100metres transmittion.
Receiving Frequency: 1.2GHz , Intermediate
Frequency: 480Mhz , Frequency Stabilization: +/-100Khz , Demodulation Mode: FM ,
Antenna: 50ohm SMA , Receiving Sensitivity:
<-85dBm , Power Source: DC 12V , Dimension:
120x81x20mm (LxWxD) , Channels Available: 4 ,
Channel Tuning for Multiple Cameras , AV OUT , Camera Specifications:
Image Device: 1/3 CMOS, TV system: PAL , Horizontal Definition: 380TV
Lines , Angular Field of View: 38 deg , Minimum Illumination: 3.0 Lux
, Synchronization System: Internal , Backlight Compensation: Auto ,
White Balance: Auto , S/N Ratio: >48dB , Operation Temperature: 0~35
deg C , Transmission Frequency: 1.2GHz , Locked Frequency , Power
Adapter: DC 9V or 9V Battery , Dimension: 50x35x40mm (LxWxD) ,
Recommended Max Range for Objects: 5 Meters , Transmission Range:
12~15 Meters , Built In Microphone: Max Audio Range 1~2 Meters ,
Wireless or Wired RCA A/V Transmission , JMK Manufacturer Ref.: MH7YRWL3Y9CY , Accessories: Antenna , AV Cable, 9V Battery Power Adapter
, x2 Power Adapter
Wireless Hidden Camera
2.4GHz Colour Wireless Pinhole Camera with
Lithium Battery Small size, making it easy
to conceal Suitable for many uses Features:
2 parts: former end is camera with lithium
battery + microphone + emitter, back end is
receiver Rotate lens to adjust focus and get
highest clarity after connecting with power
supply for each camera and receiver (CMOS). Kit
contains 1 channel receiver and 1 camera.
Wireless Outdoor Camera with IR
This wireless Outdoor cam is a convenient
wireless security camera kit for any outdoor/
indoor surveillance of a home or a business. It
consists of a wireless camera, a receiver, and
needed accessories. Mainly, it brings users
affordable price, easy-to-install, and practical benefits of loss prevention and security.
This nicely designed Outdoor camera carries a
sunshade for reducing sun reflection, a wall-mount
bracket for adjustable viewing angle, 36 Infrared LEDs for night vision
up to 100 feet, a weatherproof housing for outdoor usage, and a builtin 2.4GHz transmitter for transmitting vivid colour video wirelessly to
your TV and/or recorder (VCR/DVR) up to 300ft. The Outdoor receiver
is designed for using up to 4 wireless cameras by selecting any single
camera display or any group of auto-sequencing cameras display.
Ubuntu 4 Cam & LCD DVR Kit
4 X Outdoor Camera
¼ Cmos 500TVL IR Camera
20M IR Distance
7” Digital Digital Display LCD
4CH D1 Recording & Playback
4CH Audio RS485
Supports PC & Mobile Phone Surveillance & Viewing
Supports 9 Languages
Accessories Include:
4 X Camera Bracket
Wireless Solar CCTV Camera
Solar camera with directional antenna - Battery life is 7 days.
- Battery is in built and no external battery is
- It has wireless antenna working on 915MHZ
and 2.4GHZ to give you range of 800-1km.
- Work perfectly in heavy WIFI environment.
Encryption is available.
- VGA camera, which provides very good quality video during night
& time.
Requires no cables for data or power
Truly wireless video surveillance
Reduces power up to 90 percent
Solar powered 24/7/365 operation
Secure video streaming
Coexists with existing wireless infrastructures
Operating range of up to one-half mile
Ultra easy installation
Does not require direct solar alignment
Wide dynamic range for use in low light conditions. - 2 Megapixel
1/3” CMOS Sensor in High Resolution
- H.264/MJPEG Dual Codec & Streaming simultaneously
- UXGA (1600×[email protected]) / WXGA (1280×[email protected])
- Digital I/O for External Sensor and Alarm
- Mechanical ICR
- 3D Noise Reduction
- 2 Way Audio Supported
- Intelligent Video Analytics
- 20 -
- PoE Power Over Ethernet IEEE802.3af (Option)
- Micro SD Card Supported (SDHC up to 32GB)
- Solar operated and no direct power is required.
Hub with directional antennas.
One hub receive 4 to 6 cameras.
Wireless Surveillance IP Kit
Easily keep your eyes and ears on any part
of your home or small business with this IP
Camera Server. Paired with 4 Wireless Cameras, this device is the most economical and
effective surveillance solution available and
can be used anywhere.
IP Camera Server with 4 Wireless Cameras
Real time live display with audio
24/7 Security with automatic night vision switch
Smart video detection: Motion Detecting and alarm settings
Network connection with IE browser view
Sets a new standard for Wireless Security Camera Kits with high
performance (Monitor NOT included)
Wireless 4 Camera Computer
Security System
4ch Wireless Camera Computer Security
100m wireless distance
4pcs wireless camera, plug 1pc 4chs dvr card,
co-operating with users’ computer, camera
has 24 IR LEDs w/ 20m IR distance in dark or
evening, 420tvl, 100mW transmitter, 100 meter effective distance
Mini Wireless Camera Kit
This mini wireless home surveillance combo
with 4 cameras and receiver is perfect for
keeping an eye on your home or small business!
Looking for an inconspicuous and economical
way to watch over your room or small business? Look no further! This mini wireless home
surveillance combo with 4 cameras and receiver is
simple, affordable, and tiny! Hide these 4 small
cameras in a room and watch the action from a distance. Put a camera
in each corner of a store to catch thieves red handed. Put them in a
hallway to keep track of who comes and goes. With 4 small, easy-toinstall cameras, a wireless receiver that can be placed 20 meters away,
the ability to link to a TV monitor, the uses of this mini wireless home
surveillance combo with 4 cameras and receiver are limited only by
your imagination.
The 4 mini cameras requires only a power source and can be screwed
or clipped on walls, floors, or ceilings. The wireless receiver can be
positioned at a distance of up to 20 meters from the cameras and can
connect to a TV through AV Out so you can monitor your cameras
on a large screen. This mini wireless home surveillance combo with 4
cameras and receiver uses the PAL/NTSC color system.
Create a miniature surveillance system without endangering your
wallet. Mini wireless surveillance combo with 4 cameras and receiver.
Wireless Receiver can pick up signal 20 meters away. Use AV out to
watch the action on a large screen TV or monitor
1/3 SHARP 420TVL Lens with 12 IR LED
Real time live display up to 4 cameras
Automatic night vision switch
Smart video detection: Motion Detecting, Video Loss
Network connection with IE browser view
User-friendly GUI, Easy to operate even without manuals.Package
Contents Digital Video Recorder unit, Cameras x4, Power connectors,
18 meter BNC Cable x4, 12V/4A Power Supply, Remote Control, Mouse,
Power Connector.
Mini Wireless Camera Kit - IR
Baby Monitor/Camera with 30pcs of _5 LED
infrared lamps and 15m night vision distance/4
cameras exchangeble for watch/100m transmission distance without block Baby Monitor/
Camera with 30pcs of _5 LED infrared lamps
and 15m night vision distance/4 cameras exchangeble for watch/100m transmission distance
without block.
Surveillance Network Camera Kit
- 4 Camera & DVR
(Indoor / Outdoor Versions)
• H.264 Compression Standard
• 4 Separate Video Channels
• Total 120 FPS Display
• Supports Motion Detection
• USB Mouse Included
• Network Function/ IP Function
• Supports Cellphone Browsing
• Supports PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
• Indoor Version: 1/3 SONY IR Dome Cameras, 500GB Seagate HHD,
Remote and 18meters wiring (Outdoor Vesrion has: 4x 1/4”
Weatherproof Color SONY CCD Cameras)
Complete Surveillance Kit
Surveillance kit complete with 4 Night Vision
Security Cameras and 500GB hard drive for
video recording. This is the ultimate security
camera kit to create your own safety zone.
This high quality kit set contains everything
you need to setup a CCTV security system at
your home or office and it even has internet connectivity for remote access. And more? Of course!
With the Surveillance Security Kit you get: Pre-recording, Motion
Detection, PTZ, Mobile Phone Browsing, Night Vision, Four Sony
CCD, Weatherproof cameras and so much more!
The Surveillance kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for your home,
small business, office surveillance system needs. It contains: DVR,
4 Hi-Tech Weatherproof Cameras New standard for DVR with high
Eagle Eyes 007 - Full product Surveillance system kit 1
Eagle-eyes 007 is designed for family home,
small supermarket, office, factory, clinic,
warehouse, internet café, entertainment
places, store, hotels etc.
Easy Installation!
The package includes:
1 x 4 Channel HDMI Multiplex DVR
• 1 x 500GB Hard Drive
• 4 x Colour CCD DOME Cameras
• 1 x 4 Channel power supply, 5 Amp
• 1 x 15” LCD Screen • 1 x 100m RG59 Cable
DC Plugs and BNC’s Included
Wireless tube Snake Camera with 3.5”
Monitor (Can Record & Take photos
· Wireless Monitor: High resolution 3.5” colour
TFT LCD with 320x240 resolution
· Image and video capture with JPG Images, AVI
Video (640 x 480) in micro SD Card.
· High resolution 1/3’CMOS Pixels:712*486
pixels(NTSC)/704*576 pixels(PAL)
· Waterproof at flexible tube and lens.(IP67), · Len Dia.:9mm, with
1 m Extra Flexible Tube, · Flexible Tube Dia. 7.5mm, · Flexible Tube
Length.:1000mm, · Total Length:1100mm, · View Angle :50°, · Focal
Distance:20mm-100mm, · Allows for easy visual inspections in hard-toreach areas, · Wireless version allows monitor to detach from the handheld for better viewing, · Built-in rechargeable Li-battery, wireless receiver with 3.5” colour monitor · Lightweight, hand held design means
that it can go wherever you want, · Easily find and diagnose problems
with the 3’ flexible cable, · Comes standard with a full colour camera,
adjustable lighting and 3.5” LCD monitor · Twist and Lock Attachments,
· 4-AA Batteries for camera, fully adjustable twin LED lights · Comfort
Grip housing with video output to TV, and USB port connect to PC.
6M Extra Cable
- 21 -
Tube Snake Scope Camera
7M Waterproof Inspection Camera USB Endoscope Borescope 4 LED
Hidden inspection camera USB Borescope
. High resolution with 1/6 CMOS camera.
62 degree Angle . 4 LED Low Lux Luminate
. Waterproof wire endoscope . 5 Meters USB
Cable Length. Can take photos. Can record and
store videos.
Sensor: 1/6 CMOS Image Sensor. Pixel: VGA 300k Pixels. I/O Interface:
USB 2.0/1.1. Color: 24 bits Color. Resolution: 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 320 x
240. View Angle: 62 Degree. LED: 4 White Bright LED. USB Cable Length:
5M. Resolution: 640x480,352X288,320X240,176X144,160X120. Captuer
Resolution: Up to 640X480. LED: 4 White LED light. Brightness: Auto.
Exposed control: Auto. F/NO: 2.8. Camera housing diameter: 14.5 mm.
Wide visual view angle: 66°. LED switch: Adjustable lightness switch.
Focal Distance: 6CM-infinate. System: Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP /
Vista / 7 , Mac 10.43 / 10.49. Power supply: DC 5V/0.1A
Package Contains
1 x USB Waterproof Inspection Camera. 1 x CD Driver. 1 x Manual
Vehicle 4 Camera System with Monitor (wired)
This is a commercial grade wired cameras
and multi view monitor set. Once connected
all wires and cameras, screen will automatic
show different camera view based on car
current driving mode - backup view when
place in reverse, left or right camera view when
turn signals are activated, primary view when driving forward. You can select primary view as one camera, split screen
or quad cameras view.
The Monitor: 7” TFT LCD Widescreen has split screen display option. 1
DVD/AV Input and 4 camera inputs, PAL/NTSC compatible. Four trigger
wires control auto switching between cameras. LCD auto wake up to
display camera when even triggered. Volume, brightness, color, contrast and sharpness adjustable. Mirror/normal image of each camera
can be separately selected. 3/4” thin LCD sits on the fully adjustable
base with built-in speakers
The Cameras: Heavy-duty metal framed CCD water-proof 130° viewing
camera, with Sun block and mud protection cover. 18 high-powered
IR LEDs for 50 feet night vision, with SONY 1/3” high-resolution CCD.
Metal case with 10G-force rated shock resistant, IP66 waterproof of
resistance grade. Non-corrosive adjustable steel mounting bracket.
Aviation connector with screw tightening and waterproof rubber seal
glove. 30-feet cable connects to monitor, optional extended cable up
to range of 150 feet.
Wireless Car Baby Monitor
Wireless Car Baby Monitor with Night Vision
& DVR.
Keep a safe eye on your infant while driving,
day or night!
Keep an eye on your child at all times, even
while driving.
The natural instinct of monitoring our children is
great, but when driving on the road this can create
more harm than good. All it takes is a split second while looking back at
your child, and the next thing you know you’re in a collision. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem!
With this high quality baby monitor you can continuously monitor your
baby’s status without the need of turning your head or loosing sight of
the road!
Simply mount the baby monitor on your car’s dash and place the camera facing your child. You can now keep your eyes on the road and only
need to glace at the monitor when checking on your toddler.
This is the safest, easiest, and most convenient way to make sure your
child is safe while driving on the road. Safely monitor your baby while
driving. Infrared capabilities for monitoring at night. Can use camera
outside of car as a portable video camera.
Built in DVR feature to record audio and video via SD card.
Car DVR Camera with
Motion Detection
Product Features
Video Resolution:1280*960/640*480 30fps,
Horizontal view Angle:60-170°(Standard:90°),
Photo Resolution:1600*1200 Delete the earliest files when the SD card is full.
Automatic video record to the moving objects
With IR LED,can shoot in lightless condition, USB
connect to the PC can make files copied. Radiation light can be assisted positioning, With hardware reset function . Video file with time
TV-Out Function:The video or Photo can be playback or LIVE by TV-Out
Technical Parameter: Image Sensor 1/4 COMS OV7725, Effective Pixels
2.0 Mega, Lense Diameter 3.6mm, Effective, Angle 90°(Optional 60170°, Video encoding MJPEG, Video Resolution 1280*960 or 640*480,
Photo Resolution 1600*1200, Frame Rate 30fps, Record Format AVI, Picture Format JPG, Video Working Time 5hours, Built in Battery 600mAh,
Recharge time 3hours, Working Voltage 3.7V, Recharge Voltage 4.2-5V,
Operation temperature <70°, Product Size 90*47*36mm / 350g
Waterproof Action Camera
Waterproof Action Camera
Play hard, record everything - even underwater with ATC2K, the ultimate waterproof
self-contained action cam! Weighing in at
half a pound (with batteries), this hands-free
action cam delivers full colour digital video in 640 X 480 VGA at 30
frames per second.
ATC2K works seamlessly with most video editing software. Expandable
up to 2GB, ATC2K mounts easily and all mounting hardware is included.
Wipe-outs in a white out or an unexpected barrel roll? No worries,
ATC2K is waterproof up to 10 feet!
Full-function, hands-free, digital recording
Waterproof up to 3 meters and shock-resistant for extreme conditions
Mounts easily on helmets, handlebars, and other sports equipment
640 x 480 VGA resolution at 40 frames per second
USB and RCA cables included for easy playback on PC or TV (NTSC)
SD card expansion up to 2GB – onboard memory is 32MB
Operates with 2 AA batteries, not included
Dimensions: 4.25L x 1.75D x 2.25H (in.)
Underwater - Waterproof Motion
Video Recorder
Motional Waterproof Video Recording With
1280*960 for Divers . 1. Motional video recording, instant respond to surrounding light;
2. 2.0M CMOS;
3. Video resolution: 1280x960, 30 fps;
4. Built-in Li-battery, continuous photographing
for about 2 hours;
5. Support nand-flash up to 8GB;
6. Unique magnet switch control, indicating by motor shaking;
7. Humanization design, wearing comfortable;
8. With PC video camera, let you enjoy internet live more;
9. Video format in AVI, picture format in JPG, direct display on computer;
10. Tempered glass lens with strong antifog function, innovative mask
design, wide view. Specification
Primary Function: Underwater Scuba Mask Camera + Snorkel (4GB)
Colour: Blue, Transparent, Orange
Material: ABS, Rubber, Tempered Glass
Sensor: CMOS
Mega Pixel: 1MP
Video Specifications:
- Audio - 8000Hz 64 kb/s (1 channel)
- Audio Codec- PCM Audio
- Recording Format - (AVI) MJPEG
- Frames Per Second: Auto
Still Image Specifications:
- F/Stop - F/3
- ISO Speed - 100
- Focal Length - 6mm
- Exposure Time - 1/30
- Resolution - 1280x960pixels @ 30fps
- dpi - 72
- Colour Representation - sRGB
- 22 -
- Bit Depth - 24
- Flash - None
- White Balance - Auto
Memory: 4GB Internal Memory
Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery
Charge Type: Via USB Cable or Wall Adapter
- Mask - L:120 x W:155 x D:70 (mm)
- Snorkel - L:380(mm)
Microscope USB 200X 1.3MP Camera
High Quality 1.3MP USB Handheld Digital
Video Camera Microscope
This USB Digital Microscope is an amazing and
easy to use handheld microscope.
It is ideal for various applications such as
science and engineering work and study,
dermatology(skin/scalp) exam, detailed repair, assembly and quality control (i.e. electronics, mechanical, etc), hobbies
& collection (coin, stamp, watch, jewellery, etc.), law enforcement
(Counterfeit ID, crime lab, etc),
entertainment or simply as a reading aid. Just use your imagination!
It magnifies anything from 10X all the way to 200X. You can view
everything from the pre-prepared slide of a honeybee leg to a close up
of your own tongue.
RoHS, FC & CE Certificate
Primary Function: Digital USB Microscope - for viewing and recording
via computer
Imaging sensor: Dual Axis 27X & 100X Microscope Lens
Max. Resolution: 1.3 Mega Pixel
Magnification Range: 10X to 200X
Colour: 24 RGB
Focus range: Manual Focus from 10mm to 90mm
Still image:
- Formats: JPEG
- Resolution: 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240, 160x120
- Formats: AVI
- Resolution: 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240, 160x120
- FPS: 30FPS under 600 LUX Brightness
Light Source: 8 White LED Lights
White balance: Auto
EV compensation: Auto
Flicker Freq: 50Hz/60Hz
PC interface: USB 2.0
Shutter: 1 sec to 1/1000 sec
Power supply: 5V DC from USB Port
Dimensions: 100mm(L) x 33mm(R)
System Requirements:
System: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
Pentium 300 or AMD Athlon processor or higher
100 MB free hard disk space and 32 MB or more of RAM
16 bit Colour Display Adapter
Available USB Interface
CD-ROM Drive
DVR Card 4 Channel Real Time Viewing
4 X Bullet Cameras:
• Waterproof
• ¼ CMOS 500TVL IR Camera
• 20M IR Distance
Live viewing on PC for up to 4 split channels
8 Channel DVR security system featuring
cutting edge dual stream technology, which
allows you to monitor your home or business,
record high resolution videos and be able to
smoothly view them over internet.
Ideal for homes, small business, office, or even
factory. This DVR lets you have up to 8 security
cameras (PAL or NTSC) setup around your premises,
and comfortably take control of them from your office. The
dual stream function allows two users to view the video simultaneously, one in front of the monitor, and one over the internet. In addition,
this DVR records video continuously even when you are viewing videos
in playback mode, keeping a close eye on your properties anytime, day
and night.
With support for DHCP, Static IP and PPPOE, it is possible to connect
the DVR Security System to your LAN or even the Internet. Whether
you are just out having lunch at McDonalds or flying half way around
the world to attend a business meeting, you can always watch who is
ruining your garden or which of your employee has been lazy, as well
as command your security system to capture still images and videos as
solid evidence for further legal actions.
8 Channel Simultaneous Recording/Viewing. 500GB free HDD included.
Motion Detection / Alarm Detection
H.264 video compression. Support remote access through LAN or WAN
Microphone 4 CCTV Cameras
Covert Micophone that can be used with your
CCTV cameras. Can be connected to your
DVR to record sounds. Its miniature size
makes it easy to conceal.
Covert CCTV KIT (6 Covert Cam, DVR,
3 Outdoor FloodLight Covert CCTV Cameras
3 Indoor CovertHD CCTV Cameras (700TV
Lines Sony 1/3” Super HAD CCD II)
8Ch Network DVR
100 Meter Cable: RG59 Powerex Cable
DC Plug with Fly lead
RG59 Point Conn
9 Channel Regulated Power Supply
DVR with LCD Monitor
Video Input/output: BNC 4CH In/1CH Out/SPOT
Audio Input/output: RCA 1-channel input/1channel output
1 RJ-45 Ethernet connector,1 USB 2.0
Compression Method Video: H.264 Baseline
Up to 500G Bytes , SATA HD x 1
Dimensions:(L×W×H) 359.4mm×312mm×52mm, weight: 7kg
- 23 -
DVR & HDD Features:
• 2TB – HDD (Hard Drive)
• 7” Digital Display LCD Screen
• 4CH D1 Recording & Playback
• 4CH Audio RS485
• Network Ability
• Alarm Function
• Supports PC & Mobile Phone Surveillance & Viewing
• Supports 9 Languages
Accessories Include:
• 4 X Camera Brackets
4 X Installation Cables
* Streaming 3G video available with optional ECL-MOB4G communications card
KID’s Locator Watch
The kid’s locator watch is innovative and
fundamentally different to other products
available in the market. It does not rely
upon the child to the responsible enough
to keep their locator with the in a bag or
packet. Instead, when it is securely fastened
to a child’s wrist it cannot be removed or
deactivated without the parent’s knowledge . If
this should happen an instant alert is sent straight
to the parent’s mobile phone and /or email with their child’s location .
Parents can therefore be assured that wherever the watch is, their child
is. Accessories: AC Adaptor (optional) Colours: Black & Blue, Pink, Blue.
Online Monthly Tracking Fee Applies/ Internet Portal Access - From
R99,99 pm (12 Month Contract)
Kid’s Watch Phone & GPS Tracker
Mobile phone watch for kids or teenagers, providing not only a unique way for your children
to make or receive calls, but also a safety GPS
tracker for parents so they can always know
where their child is or isn’t.
Kids and teenagers without a doubt love cell
phones. Mix that together with a great looking
wristwatch telling analog time, and your kids will
have double the reason to show off their new, cool
gadget phone to all their friends. Everything a normal phone can do,
this teens and kids watch phone can do and more. What the teens and
kids never have to realize though is that this watch phone is also for
the parents…
Parents give phones to their kids on the hope that if there is an emergency that they will be able to call them instantly. This watch phone
comes with a built in GPS tracker using A-GPS, meaning that you as
the parents will know exactly where your kid is at any time. Also, you
can preprogram GPS locations into the phone watch, and when your
child plus the phone enter or leave the designated areas, you will get
a message. You also can use the watch as an electronic leach for your
kids, as when the watch phone is paired to your mobile phone and the
distance reaches over 10 meters, you will be instantly notified by a text
message. You even get remote parental controls such as the ability to
bar incoming and outgoing calls to the watch phone. Finally, kids who
are truly in trouble and don’t have time to try and dial your number will
have the ability to send instant SOS calls and GPS location to their parents in case of an emergency. Best of all, you as parents never have to
tell your kids how you know where they were when they were skipping
class, as the watch phone to them is just a cool present given to them
that looks cool and works great.
• Make or receive calls
• Up to 4 Guardian/parental numbers saved for notifications/querries
• On Demand GPS Location using A-GPS to Guardian number
• Up to 6 waypoints able to be inputted, with entry & exit times from the waypoints sent to guardian numbers
• Parental controls (bar/allow incoming and outgoing calls)
• Quick SOS from the phone (phone call + A-GPS location)
• Bluetooth tethering (if phone watch is connected to parents phone over bluetooth and is separated by over 10 meters, a message will
automatically be sent to the phone).
• 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
• Bluetooth (Handsfree, Headset)
• Parental Controls Via SMS: Call Barring, Outgoing Call Baring
• Battery Size: 450mAH
• Usage Time: 3 Hours
• Battery Standby: 120 Hours
• GPS Type: A-GPS
• Up to 6 GPS locations waypoints preset
• Up to 4 Guardian phone numbers
• Auto SMS message sent to guardian numbers when watch enters/
leaves waypoint locations
• On demand GPS location when queried by guardian SMS message
• GPS information sent when SOS triggered + guardian pickup.
• Micro SD Card Slot up to 16GB
• Main product dimensions: 165x50x20mm (L x W x D)
Product Notes
This watch does not come with a GPS chip inside but rather uses A-GPS
(which gives location based on SIM cards) and accuracy depends on
the SIMs network operator (can be anywhere from 50 to 300 meters
off ). Settings can only be changed by SMS messages belonging to
guardian using the correct SMS code. The watch is rubberized and
works fine in rainy conditions, but should never be used underwater
nor is it waterproof. Comes with 8GB Micro SD
Freedom Watch
The packaging includes the following items:
Freedom GPS Watch Portable RF Receiver
Desk-top Charger Docking Station Desk-top
Charger with Release Tool USB Interface
Cable USB AC Wall Charger Quick Start Guide.
Subscription Plans:
Basic Service - R139.00 Incl VAT • No SMS bundle
for SMS Alerts. • Internet Portal Access with Unlimited
Alerts and locations requests.• SMS commands to Freedom from Mobile Phone. • email Alerts to Web Mobile Phone and PC.
Premium Service -R229.00 Incl VAT • Unlimited SMS Bundle for SMS
Alerts. • Internet Portal Access with Unlimited Alerts and locations requests. • SMS commands to Freedom from Mobile Phone. • SMS / email
Alerts to Mobile Phone and PC.
- 24 -
Outdoor Mini GPS Receiver
This Mini GPS keychain is world’s smallest
personal GPS guider! It is not only a homing
device which can bring you back to the
original position, but also an easiest-to-use
GPS personal location finder which can guide
you to your target position.
Getting back at the end of the day is as easy as
pushing a button and following an arrow. Utilizing
Mini GPS technology in its most basic format, it has only 3 buttons
and stores up to 16 locations – just mark it and forget it until it’s time
to return. At the end of the day, select your location and the Mini GPS
displays direction and distance to travel. Use it to find your car in a
crowded parking lot, your tree stand or the trailhead, even to rendezvous with your group. It’s extremely compact and stows conveniently
in your keychain, pocket, pack or purse.
1. Set the desired point with longitude and latitude
2. Show geographic coordinate, Real-time longitude and latitude
3. Show Time, Velocity and Altitude
4. Set up to 16 POI
5. Distance and velocity calculation
6. Satellite world time
7. Built-in lithium battery
GPS Logger & Video Recorder
GS600 GPS logger & vehicle recorder
1920 x [email protected] FULL HD video resolution
Loop recording, USB data reader mode, Wide
vision angle 120 degree
Support to 64GB Micro SD card, Vehicle engine
started, video recording starts automatically.
AV OUT or HDMI output, USB data reader mode
GPS logger in GPS Google earth map. Collision Data protection : when
encounter heavy hit, the device will automatically protect the earliest
and latest 3 files so they can’t be deleted. Re-play video data via IR
remote controller, Infrared Laser proofread : for checking the view
angle. Quick data deletion hole operation. Stop voice recording function: press pause button of voice recording( 1 minutes) it will stop voice
record. After 1 minute, start voice record again. Vehicle speed and time
& Date on video.
Magnetic Base GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker – MB (Magnetic Base)
Band: 900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Chip: SIRF3 chip
GPS Sensitivity: 159 dBm
GPS Accuracy <5M
TTFF (Time to First Fix): Hot start (Open sky) <1
Second; Hot start (Indoor)
Real-time tracking; Voice listening in Function
3.geo-fence, movement, over speed, low battery alarm SOS panic button
Sms tracking on cell phone with Google maps links
PC based system for line tracking
GPS Magnetic Heavy Duty Case The GPS Case (with Magnet Base) is the perfect
accessory to any GPS unit. With the heavyduty magnet base, you can attach this case to
many different metal surfaces! Guaranteed to
extend the life of your device, this water-resistant, dustproof and airtight case offers the user
peace of mind, by ensuring that your GPS card
stays unharmed during the nastiest of conditions.
This unit is an excellent investment to secure the safety of your device.
Features: Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and airtight protection for
Bluetooth GPS Units. The GPS Case comes with a magnet base for easy
mounting. This case comes in both CLEAR and BLACK. External Dimensions: 12cm X 9.5cm X 3.5cm. Internal Dimensions: 9.5cm X 6cm X 3cm
Extended Battery Pack
Battery pack giving the GPS Tracker and extended tracking time of 8
days continuous tracking- with charger included.
Extended Battery GPS Tracker Case with
Extended Battery Pack Case with Magnetic Bottom Pelican 1010
GPS Tracker watch
Combo GPS cellphone watch. Displaying at a
touch of a button your exact longitude and
latitude coordinates and listen in to surrounding sounds of the person wearing the watch!
Great for teenagers! Its Super COOL! This GPS
watch also comes with a two way calling feature that allows up to 3 mobile phone numbers
to be stored – should they need to contact you or
mom or home!
This is certainly a great GPS gadget to have at hand, you can even
send a text message to this GPS cellphone wrist watch and it will reply
with the exact coordinates of its location, which is great for keeping
an eye on loved ones. Once you receive the coordinates, you can load
up Google maps on your laptop computer, input the coordinates and
you’ll be able to see exactly with pinpoint accuracy the location of the
cell phone GPS watch.
This GPS gadget comes with one SOS call button and two additional
buttons to call mom, dad, your sister or the home or office. You can
speed dial three phone numbers from this GPS cellphone wrist watch
with just a push of a button. You can also easily program the device to
receive a phone call with auto connect enabled - the caller can listen in
on the conversation (this feature is very effective for private investigation, or simply for fun).
This GPS cell phone watch is ideal for activities such as hiking, rock
climbing, camping, boating, mountain climbing, driving cross country
and much more.
At a Glance...
Dual Band, GPS Watch, Two Way Calling, Digital & analog time display,
Call up to 3 programmed Numbers
NOTE: This product is compatible with GSM at the dual frequencies of
900MHz, 1800MHz i.e.: SA Networks. Can be used with our online tracking Centre - Monthly Fee Applies.
Personal GPS Tracker
Not only a great GPS gadget to have at hand,
but also you can send a text message to this
Child GPS Tracker and it will reply with the
exact coordinates of its location, you can load
up Google maps on your computer, input the
coordinates and you’ll be able to see exactly
location of the GPS Tracker. More importance
is that this Child GPS can support the Google map
link, once you send a command to this watch, the watch GPS can reply
the SMS with Google map link, when you click the link, the detailed
postion information can show on Google map dircety by your smartphone. Specifications
Dimensions: 80×49×16 mm
GSM module: GSM850/1900Hz or GSM900/1800MHz, two combinations
Working temperature -20°C - 65°C
Humidity: 5%-95%
Voltage: Rechargeable 800mAh battery
Storing temperature: -45°C -- +90°C
Accurate positioning: 3.0 m 2D-RMS, DGPS: 2.5 m
Speed Positioning: 0.1m/s, DGPS: 0.05m/s
Charging port: DC 5V 3A
Power consumption: standby 48 hours
Start-up time, hot start: <1.5s Warm start: <34s Cold start: <35s
Personal Tracker II
With this mini key chain GPS tracker your can
track your kids AND listen to the surrounding
sounds! It also has an SOS button should they
need you or be in trouble! Its small – the size
of a gate remote control and can be put in
your kid’s key chain! With a long battery life!
• Portable, compact size, low power design
(65mm x 40mm x 18mm) – Can Fit In Key Chain - Long battery life - 200 Hours long standby time
- 25 -
• Two way voice call - you can talk with the tracking target via the GPS
tracker just like a cell phone
• Emergency SOS Button - press the SOS button and the GPS tracker
will send a help alert and exact location to the authorized numbers for
immediate rescue
• Real-time locating and tracking
• Geo-fence: It will send an alert to the authorized numbers when the
GPS Tracker breaches the restricted area that you set up before
• Over speed alert: It will send an over speed alert to the authorized
numbers when the tracking target moves exceed of the restricted
Internet Tracking or by SMS - Send an SMS to the GPS tracker and it will
return you the longitude, latitude coordinate and moving speed of the
tracking target
Mini Personal GPS Tracker
With this mini key chain GPS tracker your can
track your kids AND listen to the surrounding sounds! It also has an SOS button should
they need you or be in trouble! Its small – the
size of a gate remote control and can be put
in your kid’s key chain! With a long battery life!
1. Portable, compact size, low power design – Can
Fit In Key Chain (Product size: 70*43*20mm - 63.5 X 51
X 20
2. Long battery life (Standby mode approx 18hrs)
3. Two way voice call - you can talk with the tracking target via the GPS
tracker just like a cell phone
4. Stealth Voice monitoring – you can listen to the sound around the
GPS tracker secretly
5. SMS communication with GPS Tracker
6. Emergency SOS Button - press the SOS button and the GPS tracker
will send a help alert and exact location to the authorized numbers
for immediate rescue
7. Real-time locating and tracking
8. Geo-fence: It will send an alert to the authorized numbers when the
GPS Tracker breaches the restricted area that you set up before
9. Over speed alert: It will send an over speed alert to the authorized
numbers when the tracking target moves exceed of the restricted
10. Internet Tracking or by SMS - Send an SMS to the GPS tracker and it
will return you the longitude, latitude coordinate and moving speed
of the tracking target. Tracker Location Link is sent to the phone as
a link. -Show tracker’s location picture directly on mobile phone
(googlemaps link)
Personal GPS Tracker III
Our most popular tracker! It is small, easy to
conceal, has an sos button and comes with
an online tracking option! View the tracker
move live, View tracker history and more!!!
As seen in the movies!
1. Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP),
2. Current location report,
3. Tracking by time interval
4. Two-way conversation,
5. Voice monitoring (wiretapping)
6. SOS alert,
7. Geo-fencing control
8. Low battery alert,
9. Speeding alert
10. Alert when SPTK-PT03 enters/exits GPS blind area
11. Alert when SPTK-PT03 is turned on.
12. Three buttons for making phone call or sending message
13. Motion sensor inbuilt for power saving
14. Removable and rechargeable internal battery
15. Built-in speaker and microphone for two way communication
(battery standby mode approx 16 hrs) Can be used with our
online tracking Centre - Monthly Fee Applies (Month-to-month)
Bracelet Tracker - with Removal
Kid’s Cellphone & Tracker
Kid’s Cellphone with Preset Number Dialling
for MOM, DAD, HOME etc.
Phone is also a GPS Tracker so you can
monitor your kid’s movement and safety.
Audio monitoring your kids at any time no
matter how long the distance is.
Adorable design draw children’s attention at
first sight. One-button SOS dial to call any preset
emergency numbers. GPS tracking function for an
instant location of your kids no matter where she/he is. GSM 900/1800/
OR GSM 850/1900 (Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Vehicle Tracker Vehichle Tracker Installed Inside the Vehicle.
Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP), Current
location report, Tracking by time interval,
SOS panic button, Geo-fencing control, Low
battery alert, Speeding alert, Remotely Stop
car moving , Alert when unit enters/exits
GPS blind area, Alert when unit is turned on,
Speaking and listening through the tracker (optional), Vibration alarm (Optional), Remote Central
locking (optional) , Weight sensor (Optional), Moving sensor, it sends
you location information only when the trackers moves (with online
tracking centre included) Can be used with our online tracking Centre
- Monthly Fee Applies
Car Rental Management System
This Car rental Management System is used in
conjunction with our car GPS Tracker (SPTKCT04). When the vehicle rental time is about to
expire, the system will broadcast to the vecihle
renter to either return the vehicle or extend
the rental period. You can set the validity time
yourself, when the rental time is over, the system
will cut off the engine automatically.
Remote Recharge: the client can extent the rental peiod by entering a
code which you will provide them with.
You can set the code validity period through the software.
Can connect with our gps vehicle tracker ( SPTK-CT04), you can do the
realtime vehicle tracking as well and at the same time control the car
remotely. (optional feature)
Real-time tracking.
• Auto tracking. Time intervals can be set
• Two-way communication. Communicate
with the tracker when you call the number
• SOS. Press the SOS button when in an Emergency
• Geo-fence. Let the tracker move within certain
zones only and be notified when the tracker leaves that zone
Movement alarm.
Over speed Alarm. Alarm is set off when tracker moves in excess of
the set speed limit.
Low battery Alarm
Home Setting
Discreet Monitoring.
SMS centre.
Belt-open Alarm. Alarm goes off when they open the belt or the belt
is broken
GPRS setting. Support any software
Home monitoring. Set up the host at home, let the tracker move
around the host.
- 26 -
Pet Tracker
Manufacturer Specifications, Primary Function:
Quadband Waterproof GPS Tracker, Waterproof rating: IP67 (up to 0.8 meters), GSM
Module: GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz, SIM
Compatibility: 2g, 2.5g, 2.75g. GPS Chipset:
SiRF Star 3. GSM Sensitivity: -102dBm. GPRS
Sensitivity: -159dBm. GPS Accuracy: 5 meters,
Time to first fix: Cold start: 35 sec, Warm start: 2 sec,
Hot start: 2 sec. IO Interface: Mini USB for Charging. Battery: rechargeable Li-Ion battery (750 mAh). Battery Life Standby: 48 hours. Battery
Life Running: 8 hours. Operating Temp: -10C to 65C. Dimension: 52
(L) x 40 (W) x 23 (H). System compatibility:Windows7 and Windows
Online Tracking Software: User
• Use of our online tracking server. Per Unit, Per
• Online Tracking Software - Own Server Licence
Online Tracking Software - Own Server - Licence. Per Licence/ Per Tracker Used. Software
installed into the customer’s Server.
• Online Tracking Software - Own Server - Purchase.
Online Tracking Software - Own Server - Purchase. Purchase of the
for 5 hours.
• Easy to travel not only because as small as lighter, but also as light as
match box.
• User friendly and message can be easily understood.
Wireless detecting range:1MHz - 6.5GHz, Dimension:65mm(L) x
48mm(W) x 15mm(D), Antenna spec:123mm long. Power voltage/
inputting current:DC 5V/100mA, Battery spec: Built-in rechargeable
Li-battery, 3.7V/500mA
Full Frequency Detector
This product uses the active laser scanning and
passive scanning method of combining for
wireless transmitters. It can accurately identify: eavesdropping devices, tracking devices
(gps/gsm), wireless cameras, electrical sources,
jammers, and so on.
Automatic detection, Signal strength indicator,
Sensitivity adjustment dial (increase sensitivity to
widen the detection range or lower sensitivity to shorten the detection
range), Vibration and Beep detection modes, LED display, Headphones
for mute detection, Low-voltage prompts, Built-in rechargeable battery,
Laser detection: the host can view through the eyes the laser detector and be able to detect facing the camera lenses, Wireless Sweep:
frequency detection range (1MHZ-605GHZ).
Product Specifications: Laser detection camera from 10cm-10m (visually recognizable red light flashing), Radio detection of camera range
5cm-10m (depending on transmitter’s signal strength), 500mw-200mw
power in the detection range 30-50cm, 300mw-600mw power in the
detection range 100-200cm, Power at 800mw - 1200mw detection
range 300cm-1000cm, Power built-in lithium polymer battery 450mah, Current consumption 8Mh, Probe laser wavelength of 920nm, Receiving frequency range 1MHz-6500MHz, Special dedicated optical lens
filter, Material ABS, Size: 93mm * 48mm * 17mm, Weight: 58g
Bug detector - All in one
Detect bugs in your office, home or car. Detect
audio bugs, GPS trackers, jammers and
other long range frequencies from 1MHZ
to 6.5 GHZ. Various effective measures for
counter investigation:
Option A: intense red laser lights to expose
all kinds of hidden cameras both wired and
Option B: wireless detection to expose wireless covert
equipments including wireless camera, bug,
• GPS tracker, mobile phones, jammers long range frequencies between 1MHz to 6.5GHz.
• Additional application with earphone ensures a covert detection.
• Suspected objects can be traced out by rating signal LED lights flash
• Adjustable sensitivity for detection.
• Built-in rechargeable Li-battery can ensure a non-stopping detection
Mini RF Bug Detector
The mini RF Bug Detector is designed to
detect and fix the position of the hidden
wireless tapping device.
As the technology
of wireless tapping grows, the performance
of such devices is also being promoted. They
are more and more difficult to be detected with
their small size, low emitting power, complicated modulation, wide range, high speed, remote
controllability and conceal ability.
The wireless tap
detector is designed to detect and concisely determine the location
of the working tapping device in the targeted venue. It is one of most
advanced portable wireless signal detectors.
Professional, sensitive, with modularly threshold and wide detecting
frequency range;
Sound and light alarm indicator makes it easy to use;
Applicable to military, government, business and other venues;
electromagnetic compatibility;
Small and portable.
Detecting frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz, Main
detecting frequency range: 25MHz-6000MHz, Detecting sensitivity:
≤0.05mw (in main detecting frequency range), Working range: >70Db, Indicator: 9 grades of LED light indicators / tonal modification sound
indicator, Battery: 9V packed cell, Size: 120×62×22mm
Wireless Spy Camera Hunter
Who is watching you!??? If you are looking for
one of the most advanced hidden wireless
camera detectors this is no doubt it! The
wireless camera hunter works automatically making it very easy to locate and view
wireless cameras video signals. If the device
detects any live video signals the signal is
immediately viewed on the LCD. The LCD below
shows you exact frequency of the source letting you
know exactly what video frequency the camera is operating on.
Specifications: Full range frequency scanning from 900MHz - 2.7GHz,
2.5” high resolution monitor
LCD display shows frequency and user setting details, Full range video
protocol auto-switching for PAL/NTSC, CCIR/EIA, Rechargeable battery
w/ AC power supply, Battery lasts 3 hours, Auto and manual scanning
“Fine Tuning” rocker switch for use after alert, Battery life indicator on
- 27 -
LCD, Antenna sensitivity indicator on LCD
Audible alarm, On/off indicator on LCD 1. high-sensitivity antennas, 2.
Video Out, 3. Alarm Beep, 4. Power(ON/OFF), 5. DC IN, 6. Function LCM,
7. 2.5 Colour TFT-LCD, 8. Intelligent Shuffle Button ISM Band : 900MHz~2700MHz , Audio sub carrier : 5.5MHz , 6.5MHz
auto detect , Switcher: Auto / Manual , Antenna : SMA , Battery working time : 3Hrs.appro. (Depend monitor on) , Power input : DC 5V ,
650mA(MAX) or AA battery DC 1.5V x 4 , Frequency display : LCM , Auto
scan : 20sec/per cycle(H)-10sec/per cycle( MH, M, ML, L )
Manual scan : Once : 1MHz/sec , Fast-forward : 10MHz/sec , Dimension
: 71(L)×33(W)×119(H)mm Bug Hunter Ultimate
The Bug Hunter Ultimate packs all the necessary features of a professional RF (Radio
Frequency) Detector: Ultra Wide Frequency
Range (0-7200 MHz), High Sensitivity,
10 Segment Bar-graph display and Audio
Confirmation. Once a suspect signal is detected
its signal strength will be displayed with optional
audio beep tone to help you pin point the signal source. The Bug
Hunter Ultimate can also be set to silent vibrate mode for ultra
discreet or concealed use, in a jacket pocket for example. With the
supplied earphones connected the signal can then be demodulated
and heard to confirm the presence of hidden microphones.
The Bug Hunter Ultimate also features a frequency counter that can
display the frequency of a detected signal (0-2560 MHz) to quickly and
reliably establish what kind of signal is present whilst performing a
counter-measures sweep. Once a signal is located it is then processed
by the intelligent software algorithms of the Bug Hunter Ultimate to
determine whether a signal is Analogue or Digital. These features allow
fast elimination of innocent signals from a sweep. All this information is
displayed on the customised back-lit LCD display which can be clearly
viewed in all lighting conditions.
The ‘Burst Detect’ feature helps to locate the latest digital devices that
only transmit momentarily and can therefore be easily missed using
conventional bug detectors. Such devices include GPS Trackers and
GSM (Mobile phone) based devices where a ‘Burst’ signal or SMS (Text
Messages) are sent momentarily. The Bug Hunter Ultimate will alert you
if a device has transmitted within the vicinity even for just a fraction of
a second.
The Bug Hunter Ultimate has an internal Lithium-Ion battery pack and
uses an intelligent charger system to ensure the battery remains in
top condition for the most demanding situations. The whole unit is
contained within a machined aircraft-grade aluminium enclosure for
ultimate performance and durability and supplied in a portable carry
case for further protection and portability.
Features: Detects both Digital and Analogue Signals, Ultra Wide
Frequency response 7200MHz (7.2GHz), Built in Frequency Counter (0
to 2560 MHz), Intelligent ‘Digital ‘ or ‘Analogue’ Indicator to determine
signal type, Digital ‘Burst’ Signal Detect for Burst/GSM/3G/GPS Devices,
10 Segment Signal Strength Meter, Ultra High Sensitivity to locate even
the weakest signals, Backlit LCD Display for use in all conditions, Audio
Demodulation, Silent Vibrate and Beep Modes for Signal Strength,
Internal Li-Ion Battery Pack and Mains Charger.
RF Signal Detector
- Professional
This detector went thought army’s’ appraisal
and got a technical progress prize, it’ also
been authenticated by the army information and security products assessing centre.
It is used in detecting wireless signals.
Apart from detecting and locating the signals
accurately, but also the most advanced portable
wireless detecting device.
It has sound notification and optical sensor, operating Simple to operate, Pocket Sized.
The body is made of high-intensity and high quality anti-jamming alloy, with a black appearance.
Applications: • Detecting wireless wiretaps in car, office, conference,
room, dressing room, bathroom, hotel, recreation ground, military
establishment or government and so on.
• Detecting electromagnetic signals. • Detecting in home appliances if
they are aging or not (such as microwave oven), or if they are leaking.
Major Characteristics: • High sensitivity, adjustable scope, • A large
range of detecting frequencies
Technical Spec: • Scope of detecting frequency: 1MHZ-8000MHZ, •
Main frequency channel: 25MHz-6000MHz, • Detecting sensitivity :
<=0.05mw, • Detecting dynamic range : 70Db, • Indicate mode: 9 levels
LED luminescence indication/voicing instruction • Power: 9V laminated
battery, • Volume: 120*62*22mm
Bug Detector Ultimate
- Sleep Hawk Plus
The SweepHAWK Plus is a professional, fully
integrated portable Counter Surveillance
System designed to locate the presence of
covert surveillance devices. It uses the very
latest digital technology to provide increased
ultra high sensitivity across a wide frequency
range that ensures detection and location of even the weakest radio,
infrared, and LF transmissions such as those used in covert surveillance devices.
LF, HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave transmitters will be detected by
the SweepHAWK Plus; in fact anything that transmits a radio signal
between 0.1 MHz and 8.0 GHz (8000 MHz). Such devices include
miniature room transmitters, mains powered transmitters, telephone
transmitters, video transmitters, mobile telephones, tracking devices,
walkie talkies etc. It can also detect the presence of Mains Carrier/Low
Frequency devices and Infrared/Laser emitting devices by using the
supplied MCD1 Mains Carrier & IRD1 Infrared Probes.
The SweepHAWK Plus also features a digital ‘peak pulse’ detector. This
enables it to detect signals from devices that only transmit momentarily and to ‘latch’ a LED and notify you that a signal has been detected.
Such devices include vehicle trackers, GSM devices (SMS text messages), or ‘Burst’ transmitters that accumulate information and transmit
it in short ‘bursts’.
As well as locating signals swiftly and easily, the SweepHAWK Plus will
display the frequency of the signal detected up to 2560 Mhz. This valuable feature enables the user to quickly verify whether the detected
signal is from a genuine innocent radio device or something more suspicious. It will also analyse received signals to help distinguish between
Analogue and Digital types.
The SweepHAWK Plus also features a telephone interface so it can be
connected directly to a telephone line to check for the presence of radio transmitting devices or other types of hard-wired listening devices
attached to the line such as infinity bugs.
Supplied Accessories:
Antenna Wand with Whip Antenna, MCD1 Mains Carrier / LF Detector
Probe, IRD1 Infra Red Detector Probe, Earphones, Telephone Connection Cables x 2, Mains to 10V DC Charger, Soft Protective Carry Case,
Shoulder Strap, Protective ‘Storm’ Carry Case
Orion 2.4 Non Linear Junction
Detector (NLJD)
Orion 2.4 Non Linear Junction Detector
The Orion is a state-of-the-art Non-Linear
Junction Detector for detecting hidden
electronic devices. A Non- Linear Junction
Detector detects the presence of electronics,
regardless of whether the electronic device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off. The Orion quickly detects and
locates hidden electronic devices and is designed for:
· Commercial security applications such as checking corporate boardrooms or offices for unauthorized or hidden electronics,
· Searching secure areas for hidden or prohibited electronics.
The Orion locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures,
furniture, or containers. The Orion has an antenna-mounted line-ofsight display that lets the operator focus on the target while sweeping.
** For full Product Specifications please consult your Spytek Sales
Telephone / Fax Tap Defeat Pro
- 28 -
This telephone/fax tap defeat is very sophisticated and is designed to defeat any wiretap or
bug that may have been wired to your phone
line. Setting up will take a matter of a few
minutes, after which you can plug the unit into
any socket on your telephone line, (it doesn’t
necessarily have to be the one you’re using).
By moving the switch from safe to unsafe position you can control whether to have the offending
bugging device on or off. This means that you could give misleading information whilst the unit is in the unsafe position. This device will also
defeat any voice activated phone recorders by sending constant pulses
of noise along the line. This would ensure that the recorder would carry
on running until end of tape. This unit has an LCD line condition display
and LED’s to indicate the setting mode.
Features: Turn on or off any wiretap or bug, any phone recorder
controlled by line voltage or any phone recorder controlled by voice
Wireless Camera Audio, Wifi, Bluetooth Jammer
A Wifi/Bluetooth Jammer is designed to
block wireless land networks and Bluetooth
connections. It transmit electronic waves in
2.4~2.5GHz, and cut-off all Wireless network and
Bluetooth communications.
jamming : wireless camera audio , spy cameras, WiFi,
Bluetooth. Shielding Radius: 5-20 metres, Lithium battery. Working
time -2 hours. Weight 200g
Portable Cellphone Jammer
(with 3G)
Cell phone jammers are devices that create a
temporary “dead zone” to all cell phone traffic
in their immediate proximity. A mobile phone
jammer transmits low power radio signals to
cut off communications between cell phones
and cell base stations. It does not interfere with
any communications other than cellular phones
with in defined regulated zone.
Its function: anti-spy, anti-cell-enabled bomb, anti-noisy, anti-interruption
Portable, small, compact & robust
Easy to operate, no adjustment needed
No harm to human health
The hand held phone jammer SPTK-CJ01 is small and light, it can be
easily put inside your pocket or hand bag. It can disable all types of
cellular signals including the new 3G band. The isolating radius is up
to 2-10 meter radius. It comes with rechargeable Li-Ion battery, an AC
charge and a car charger.
Portable GPS AND Cellphone Jammer
with 3G
A Cellphone & GPS Jammer is designed
to block Cellphone (GPS), GPS (GPS/GSM/
GPRS& 3G) Navigation and Tracking systems
to receive GPS location information from
It could be used for persons, vehicles, houses,
or elsewhere where you may be concerned about
been traced or need to create a cellphone “dead zone”. A mobile phone
jammer transmits low power radio signals to cut off communications
between cell phones and cell base stations. It does not interfere with
any communications other than cellular phones with in defined regulated zone. 925-960MHz: GSM(GSM900), 1500-1600MHz: GPS(GPSL1),
1805-1880MHZ: DCS(GSM1800), 2110-2170MHZ: UMTS, 3G, WCDMA,
Jamming: CDMA, GSM, DCS, GPS, 3G. Built-in battery time : 90minutes
Features: 1.Charging while working.
2. Each band can work separately or simultaneously.
3. Wind slots on two sides of the unit and inside coolers make the unit
constantly cool. 5-15M @ depending on the mobile service provider’s
network conditions.
Car GPS Jammer
A GPS Jammer is designed to block GPS (GPS/
GSM/GPRS) Navigation and Tracking systems
to receive GPS location information from
satellites. Could be used for person, vehicle,
house, or elsewhere concerned about been
Cover all GPS signal in 5-15 meter Radius.
All GPS tracker s will loose signal of the tracking
position. Very small Dimensions. Built in Fuse and
power indicator.
Jam only GPS signals not include GSM signal. Easy to operate, just plug
into the 12VDC car adapter.
Portable GPS Jammer
GPS Jammer - (GPSL1/L2/L3/L4/L5). 5 - 15M
Depending on the mobile provider’s network
strenghth. Built-in Battery 1800mA/h - 1 Hr
Usage. Comes with Car Adaptor. Total Power
Output: 2 Watt. Device Size 113*60*31mm.
Can charge while it’s working. Each band can
work seperately or simultaneously. Built in fans
and winslosts on two sides and inside coolers make
for a constant cool while the jammer works.
Cellphone Jammer
(Long range)
Jamming all 3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS, CDMA
and WIFI, (GPS optional) telecommunication
devices, within 10-50 metre radius, comes
with a remote control.
• Excellent Coolong system with heat sink
metal casing.
• Optional remote or local control switch
• Adjustable output power from min. to max.
• Each channel (GSM, DCS, CDMA, 3G) can be adjusted seperately
• A Sophisticated high power desktop cellular phone jammer. It can be
used for all the worldwide network frequency system. It is the best
choice for meeting room and testing room applications.
Advantages and Features:
• It can provide 24/7/365 jamming.
• Remote control available to ON/OFF the jammer.
• Output power adjustable design makes the jammer more userfriendly.
• Each frequency channel can be controlled separately and simultaneously.
• Totally with 10Watt high output power makes a more efficient jamming.
• Shielding range can be up to 50m.
• Up to four frequency bands, including all the cellular phone bands,
with GPS or Bluetooth optional.
Long Range Portable Professional
3G/ GSM/ Wifi Jammer
Working time: 40-60 min
Output Band Frequency Band Average Output
Power Channel Output Power
CDMA800 850-894MHz 43dBm 20 watt
GSM900 925-960MHz 43dBm 20 watt
DCS1800 1805-1880MHz 42dBm 15 watt
PHS1900 or GSM1900 1920-1990MHz 42dBm 15
3G 2110-2170MHz 42dBm 15 watt
- 29 -
With WIFI/Bluetooth GPS optional
Total Power 85 watt
Frequency bands Up to five bands.
Power Supply AC:110/220 V DC 24V, Electric Current: 2.2A
Power Consumption 500 watt
Shielding Radius Up to 150 meters, signal strength <= -75dbm, depends on the signal strength in the given area
Weight 28 KG
Size 54*41*27 CM
Complete accessories Antennas, Power cable, Battery charger, Remote
control, RF cables
Advantages and Features:
1. With a Pelican 1560 case as the housing. Portable.
2. Light in weight of case. Easier to carry.
3. Smart cooling system, work 24Hours / 7 Days continuously.
4. With built-in battery to backup for 3 hours
5. Power source: Internal battery (DC) & AC mains (external) both.
6. Remote control to turn on/off the jammer.
7. Frequency bands separately controlled and simultaneously.
8. Suitable for car mounting option.
9. High Power RF amplifiers with VSWR and temperature self-protection
• Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes.
• Filed Operation activity
• Special Police Authorities
• VIP convoy for security purpose
Waterproof Long Range Cellphone
Outdoor Long Range Waterproof Jammer :
45W- 4 Bands.CellPhone Jammer Frequency:
851~894Mhz, 925~960MHz, 1805~1880MHz
or 1900~~1990MHz,2110-2170MHz (40W
each band) 40W each band Total output power:
80W /120W/160W. Jamming range: Radius max.
300 Meters (Signal≤-75dBm) VARIOUS OTHER LONG
Cell Catcher
Problem: People smuggle cell phones into
Problem: People conceal cell phones in Government Buildings.
Solution : Control access to the phone network,
allowing approved users to make calls, and
deny unapproved users.The Cell Catcher - a system to manage access to the cell phone company.
Criminals are denied access, while approved users
(Warden, Administration, Guards) are granted access.
Globe Cellphone Jammer with 3G
Cellphone Jammer that looks like a
Globe! CDMA/GSM: 860-970MHz, 30dBm,
3dBM/30KHz(min). DCS/PHS, 1805-1990MHz,
30dBm, 3dBM/30KHz(min). 3G, 21102170MHz, 30dBm, 3dBM/30KHz(min), Power
supply: AC adapter (AC 220V-DC 5V). Semi diameter of interception: 1-15 m (-75dBm) • Remote
control: 1-5 m. Power consume: 2.4W • Weight: 450g
• Dimension: 200(L)*200(W)*290(H)mm
Mini Portable CDMA\GSM\GPS
Cover interface frequency: CDMA850:850960MHz, GSM1800-1900:1805-1990MHz, GPS
Signal Source PLL synthesized
Omni-directional insulated internal antenna
with High Efficiency
All the TX frequency covered down link only.
Total output power: 0.4Watt
Work time: 150 minutes, this kind of jammers can continue to work
when charging,
Can Also be Powered by car cigarette charger
Automatic power switching power supply:
Mains charger: 110/220VAC input, 5VDC output.
Car Charger 12VDC input 5VDC output.
Effective range: Radius Up to 10 Meters. The jamming Radius still depends on the strength signal inany given area. Weight: 68g. Painting Mobile Phone Signal
Oil Painting Shaped Mobile Phone Signal
Jammer. provides both the best hidden
placement for this device and a good decoration for your home or your office.
Features : Power : AC Adapter, Effective Radius
: 1-20 meters
Dimension : 730 x 625 x 90mm , Frequency: SCDMA
450-470MHz , GSM : 925-960MHz , CDMA :869-894MHz
DCS : 1805-1880MHz , PHS : 1900-1990MHz , 3G : 2100-2200MHz , Accessories : Signal Jammer Antenna , Jams All Cellphone Signals. Great
For Doctor’s Offices, Banks etc. Anywhere where mobile phones are
not permitted. Jamming CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G
Signal Jammer Detector
Signal Jammer Detector- Detecting frequency
bands: 50 MHz - 6.0 GHz. High sensitivity signal jammer detector with “Background noise
filter” and alarm output.
Audio Recorder Jammer
The Audio Recorder Jammer is a device that
prevents the non-authorized recording of
your conversations with audio cassette recorders or audio digital recorders. The Jammer suppresses the operation of the recorders
by radiating noise interference. The parameters
of the noise interference are specially adapted
for suppression of many types of recorders - improves the functioning performance of the jammer.
ho is trying to get confidential information.
You can use the remote control unit to activate/deactivate the suppression. The Audio Recorder Jammer can jam 85% types of (Cassette
Tape Recorder) analog recorder equipped with wire or without wire
microphone that you can buy in the market and 55% types of digital
recorder that you can find in the market - except for digital recorders
that are integrated with mobile phones.
If you’d like to use the jammer in a conference , you can buy two or
three jammers and put them on the desk, that will work more effectively.
Bomb Detector
RCIED/Bomb detector
Bomb Jammer
Portable IED Jammer-Backpack (707)
Bomb Jammer - Vehicle
Vehicle mounted IED Jammer
- 30 -
own logs. These events will still be captured and forwarded into your
web account. (Latest Model Phones e.g Blackberry Bold 9780 and Torch
9800, Samsung Galaxy etc.)
Cellular Voice Encryptor
Cellullar Interceptor Unit
We have Semi Active & Passive GSM Monitoring Systems. That can intercept cellullar calls
and triangulate location etc. Can be cutom
Made to suit client requirements. Passive or
Semi Active GSM Monitoring System - Various
Duplex Channels Dimension of BTS 260mmx290mmx130mm. Dimension of Active Station
(Receiver) 260mmx290mmx70mm
A tiny and compact secured ear set . We developed Security Algorithm for this CVE.
Your voice signal is sent after encryption to
your receiver, The receiver listens to your
voice after decryption. All process are done
automatically, No action required by user!!!....
It can be used to encrypt calls made to any voice
phones : (analog, digital, cellular, satellite, Radio, etc.)
It provides a ultra-grade secure voice encryption. It designed for anyone with a need to have their private communications to be sent over
cellular in complete privacy. Design for use by Government, Military,
Business and Private individual to communicate confidential communication in an encrypted mode.
Cellphone Recon
GPS Tracking, SMS & Email Logging, Call History
Logging: 5 year licence.
Cellphone Spy Software
- Platinum I
Call Interception, GPS Tracking, Remote
listening, Sms & Email Logging, Call History
Logging, Location Tracking, Web Support (will
capture all incoming and outgoing events that
occur while the cellphone spy software is running, activated and turned on for the event capturing, even if it is deleted or is never saved in the Targets’
own logs. These events will still be captured and forwarded into your
web account. This Package Can be Used with the PC Recorder Software
- To record ALL Intercepted Calls and save them on the computer on
make them into Disks. (PC Recorder - R3 499)
Cellphone Spy Software - Platinum II
Cellphone Spy Software Platinum - Call
Interception, GPS Tracking, Remote listening,
Sms & Email Logging, Call History Logging,
Location Tracking, Web Support (will capture
all incoming and outgoing events that occur
while the cellphone spy software is running,
activated and turned on for the event capturing,
even if it is deleted or is never saved in the Targets’
Internet Connection (DSL, Cable, WIFI, Satellite, 3G...) Gold Lock TM
PBX Gateway enables end to end encryption between all types of desk
phones and Gold Lock TM 3G mobile devices . Advantages: Utilizes the
same encryption algorithms as the MOD certified Gold Lock TM 3G.
Easy to use - Simply dial an extension to establish a secure call. A single
Gold Lock TM PBX can be used for an entire location. A clear voice indication of when a secure call has been establish. Non secure communication with standard devices not affected. All secure international calls
are free. Stable platform based on Linux. Scalable for unlimited number
of extensions and mobile devices. Compatible with existing analog /
digital PBX systems. Asterisk TM Compatible. Gold Lock PBXTM is easy
to use, and suitable for novice users.
Cellphone GPS Locator
GPS Locator software (Cellphone GPS Tracking
Software) Works with Selected Compatible
3G Encryption Software (1 year Licence)
Gold Lock’s triple layered security scheme turns
your PC/Laptop, Nokia Phone or Windows Mobile
device into a military grade encrypted communicator, protected against any interception attempt by
private, governmental or military entities. Easy to use,
and suitable for novice users. All Licenses include support,
unlimited upgrades, and unlimited changes of hardware due to lost/
stolen devices. 3G encryption systems (all platforms: Nokia, Android,
Blackberry, PC)
3G Encryption Software (2 year Licence)
3G Encryption Software (Lifetime Licence)
Gold Lock PBX Gateway
Compatible Phones: Analog fixed phones, Digital fixed phones, SIP phones
Communicates securely with: All Other Gold
Lock PBXTM devices. All Gold Lock TM 3G
devices (Nokia, PC, Blackberry, iPhone)
Security Scheme: 16,384 Bit Authentication,
Elliptic Curve 384 Bits (RSA 7680 Bits Equivalent)
AES 256 Bits, Diffie Helman 4096 Bits, Gold Lock
License #15252 Israeli Ministry of Defence. Operating System: Security Hardened Linux Cent OS 5.4 . Requirements : An
- 31 -
Sim Card Reader
Just Because they Hit Delete Doesn’t Mean
it’s Really Gone
Hitting the delete button on a cell phone
doesn’t necessarily get rid of that data forever. It can still be recovered with specialized
hardware and software, or by someone willing to spend a lot of time piecing it all together.
The Cell Phone Spy is an affordable and easy to use
device that allows anyone with a Windows computer to read even
deleted text messages that were stored to a SIM card.
Setting up and using the Cell Phone Spy is easy. Just install the included SIM Recovery Pro software on your Windows PC, open the program,
and insert your SIM card into the computer using the included SIM card
reader. You’ll be able to view any stored text (SMS) messages, even if
they were deleted from the phone, as well as contacts and the last 10
numbers dialed. All data can be stored to your PC. Stored files can be
loaded to another SIM card in case of a lost phone, or used for tracking
phone usage and message content by teens or employees.
Please make sure your cell phone has a SIM card before you purchase this
product by reviewing your phone’s documentation. In addition, some
phones do not have the ability to save certain data to a SIM card. If you are
not sure, contact your cell phone provider first.
This product is designed for use only on a device that you own or with
the owner’s permission.
email spy -email software iPhone Stick
The iPhone Spy Stick is Spytek’s exclusive way to
extract data from any iPhone, including information that’s been deleted. What our computer
surveillance software does for your PC, this
device does for an iPhone. This iPhone recovery
stick gives you access to text messages, calendar
appointments, call logs, contact lists, notes, and
more. The iPhone Spy Stick can even recover information
without the presence of the phone if the phone has recently been
synced with iTunes. With simple installation and completely covert
operation, this iPhone data recovery tool is the perfect way to ensure
that family and company iPhones are being properly used. It’s a perfect
way to use a company-owned wireless device to track employee time
or a concerned person to catch a cheating spouse.
PC Spy Software (3 Months Licence)
Record The Following Activities For Easy Online
Viewing! Actual Screenshots!
Captures a full-size jpg picture of the active
window however often you wish.
Websites Visited: Records all website URLs
visited in Internet Explorer and Firefox with page
Keystrokes in Most Languages: Every keystroke typed
into ANY window is logged, including passwords typed.
PC Location Mapping: Logs the IP at each upload to show you physical
locations of the PC on a map.
Full Chat Conversations: Records BOTH sides of chats / IMs in Google
Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live and more. Applications Executed: Records
every application executed by the user including full path and username. Application Session Durations NEW! : Shows you how long each
application was used including start time and stop time.Automatic
User File Uploads NEW!: Uploads an *actual copy* of every document,
picture or desktop file changed.File / Folder Changes: Each time a file or
folder changes, the software records the action and the full path.
Email Spy Pro is well known e-mail monitoring
software. It allows you to record and forward
incoming and outgoing emails, including webmail services like Hotmail and Yahoo mail.
Once installed on monitored computer it sends
copies of all incoming and outgoing emails to your
secret email address. When you really need to know what they send by e-mail.
email spy - stealth email
An added feature we offer for use with Email Spy, our stealth email
service gives you your own email address at our website to use when
forwarding the emails you record.
By forwarding all your emails to your stealth email account you will
have a confidential account that works with all internet service providers and is guaranteed to work with our Email Spy software!
Stealth Email will work around ISP’s that block outside email services
to allow for easily configured remote log delivery - in total privacy!
PC Anti Theft Software • 3 Computer Licence - 1 Year Licence • 10 Computer Licence - 1 Year
Licence • 30 Computer Licence - 1 Year Licence • 100 Computer
Licence - 1 Year Licence • 500 Computer Licence - 1 Year Licence
PC Spy Software (6 Months Licence)
PC Spy Software (1 Year Licence)
- 32 -
Pepper Gun Black Piece 2 Kit
Book Vault
Hide your stuff in plain sight
We are all familiar with collecting small and
expensive things. Sometimes jewellery or
even electronics, but the point is, they are
valuable - either monetarily, or with emotional
significance, and they need to be kept safe.
Your stuff could just as easily be someone else’s
stuff - all it takes is a appropriately awesome object
worth stealing, and a really cruddy job of locking it up.
What are you thinking, sticking it in a safe? What nonsense! Where’s a
thief going to look first? That’s right - your safe!
Hiding in plain sight - that’s what you need to do. We’ve glued two random hardcover books together, drilled out several hundred pages, and
boom-shaka! You’ve got the perfect hiding space for your valuables.
Place these books crammed full of treasure on your bookshelf, and
nobody will be the wiser.
Features: Two random hardcover’s glued together and hollowed out,
Storage cavity 6-1/2”L x 4”W x 3”D, Weighs about 2 pounds, Hide your
most valuable objects in plain sight)
Biometric Car Fingerprint Security System with GSM
Alerts/ Alarm
Sprinkler Hide A Key
Hide your keys by pushing them into the
When it comes to hiding things, this can be
done in many different ways. Camouflage
or concealment are the most common ways
to hide something and in more sophisticated
situations cryptography can be used to hide the
content of a message. Hiding money is also common
but sometimes can lead to very large problems when discovered (or if
you forget where your money is hidden).
Rather than the old standard under-the-doormat or inside a plastic
rock, this fake in ground sprinkler head offers a good place to put a
set of spare keys or maybe an emergency USB flash drive. It looks like
a regular sprinkler head and the tough water-tight plastic case holds
multiple keys.
•Looks like a regular sprinkler head
•Tough water-tight plastic case holds multiple keys
•Screw cap
•Dimensions: 3.5” x 1.3” dia. (8.9 x 3.3cm)
Stun Gun 2 mil volts
New 2011 Model Pepper Gun Powerful
Duel Black Piece 2 semi automatic 0.68 cailber with 10 round magazine, new quick gas
canister puncture feature and top quality.
Powerful Black Piece 2 Pepper Gun fires
pepper balls filled with OC powder adjustable
velocity to 380+ fps with devastating impact force
and maximum clouding of the OC pepper powder.
Pepper Gun Kit Delivery List: 1 x Duel Black Piece Model 2 with Sight
Rails (High Density Spring Fitted), 1 x 6” Extension Barrel, 1 x Low Density Spring, 20 x Pepper Ball, 50 x Rubber Riot Balls (Reusable), 20 x 12g
Co2 Gas Canisters (15+ Shots Each), 1 x Spares Kit, 1 x Users Manual, 1
Year Warranty
Black Piece 2 Pepper Guns come fitted with Quick Gas Puncture feature
aswell as a High Density Spring made to fire Pepper Ball and Riot Ball
at High Velocities. Paintballs will explode in the barrel if the low density
spring is not fitted should you wish to fire paintballs.
2 Million Volts and Torch! Rechargeable Battery Long Battery Life. Ultra bright halogen LED’S ...
Powerful stun gun defensive flashlight … Stun
Gun Halogen Flashlight
» 2 million voltage rechargeable
» 270mm L x 49mm W x 290 grams
» Charger & belt pouch included
Cellphone Stun Gun
Stun Gun Disguised as a cellphone
Electric Shock Self Defence Device Stun Gun
Main Features:
Sleek ergonomic design
Lightweight and easy to carry
Built-in rechargeable battery and flashlight
Plus electric shock, Power output up to 2000KV
Dimension: 24x46x120mm
Package Contents: 1 x Self- defence device, 1 x Charger
Shock Gun: Non- Lethal
The most advanced and unique Multi-Function, electrode shock gun.
Flexible of using different cartridges according to your purpose
Non-lethal weapon can be used legally
depending on the law and regulations of each
Design for easy operation and carry
Two-colour system for every module, preferred
Combination can be ordered by users. Package includes: Unit integrated with xenon light and rechargeable battery, Cartridges of probes
X2, Cartridge of pepper spray X2, Cat ridges of rubber bullets X1. Laiser
Aimer. Belt Holster, Belt Bag for backup cartridges, Battery charger, DVD
and operation manual, Package carrying bag.
Cartridges: Probes, Pepper spray, rubber bullet, paint bullet, SOS signal bullet, Extended Electric Shock, Holster with non-slip leg strap.
Hand Cuffs
Heavy duty security handcuffs.
Security handcuffs
Heavy duty use
silver standard
, User Manual
Stun Baton
Quality, Power & Durability - the Most Powerful Shock Baton on the Market with Multi Led
built-in Torch Function and built-in Double
Shock feature (Point Shock Prongs & Double
Side Shock Plates). Excellent new self defence
heavy duty stun baton to keep in your car for
Anti Smash & Grab, ideal to keep next to your
bed at night for self defence against intruders.
Most Powerful Stun Baton Available Worldwide
Voltage 2500KV (2.5 Million Volts)
Direct Shock Point Prongs
Shock Side Plates - Extra Shocking Feature Anti Snatch
Trickle Charge Shock
Built-in 120db Siren - On/Off
Built-in Multi Led Bright Torch
Built-in Charger
Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Stand by Charge 2 - 4 Months
Length 345mm - Width 45mm - Height 45mm
Weight 600 grams
Charger & Holster Included
- 33 -
Omega Star Warrior Stun Baton
Star Warrior Stun Baton Specifications: 150,000
volts 18’’ Length Arc’s on the entire shaft of
stun baton Uses 2 9v Batt. Very powerful stun
Our incredible STAR WARRIOR STUN GUN BATON is the best of all that is available! It features
a new futuristic 21st century design and technology. It is ferocious and will take an assailant down!
The Star Warrior Stun Baton is used by law enforcement professionals,
soldiers and animal control experts around the world. There is nothing
comparable to this stun baton! It is truly awesome, frightening and
intimidating. It puts out 150,000 volts, in truth (many other companies advertise high voltages but they are simply deceiving the buyer).
O-Mega designs our Stun Guns for maximum AMPERAGE. We are the
only company with a through medical report by Dr. Robert Stratbucker,
M.D., Ph.D., who has informed us that voltages above a true 150,000
volts could cause a brain embolism, and cause death. Please see our
report. The most incredible stun baton manufactured! The 18’’ Star Warrior stun baton has 150,000 volt arcs running up and down the entire
unit above the handle. It is an awesome sight! You can hit the assailant
from any angle and he will go down with this stun baton. This unit has
also been featured in several movies including “Judge Dredd,” “Demolition Man,” “Con Air” and “The Last Boy Scout”. Big Lipstick Pepper spray
20 ML Lipstick Pepper Spray. Self-defence
Device Injector Tear Lipstick Pepper Spray Red (20mL)
Looks like a Lipstick container to help maintain the element of surprise!
Pepper Spray Lipstick 60 Blasts for close quarter
self defence fog type mace spray. Advantage is the
pepper spray container can be taken out of the holder
to view available volume at any time.
Features: Lipstick Pepper Spray, 60 Blasts Canister ,Extremely Small &
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Mace Fog/ Jet stream most
effective pepper sprays manufactured in
Germany, this stuff is potent!. Highly effective
for self defence that you can use from 3 - 4
metre distance.
Fog/ Jet pepper spray projects high concentrated pepper gas at a widened (fog) or concentrated
(Jet) angle that will immobilize your assailant quickly.
Thief Detection Powder - 30g
Super-Invisible Thief Detection Powder
This fluorescent invisible detection powder
is excellent for use on almost any article subject to catch thieves. Super-Invisible powder
is neutral in colour (invisible) but fluoresces
brilliant green when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light. Super-Invisible Detection Powder is recommended for indoor use and is available in one
ounce volume jar.
This Super Invisible Thief Detection Powder is invisible to the naked
eye. It allows you to mark an item without anybody knowing. Once the
powder is touched it remains on fingers and hands for up to 2 days and
can only be seen by ultraviolet light.
This is a general purpose brush made of high-quality camel hair. The
fine quality of the bristles permit the dusting of target objects with a
very fine coat of either fluorescent invisible or visible detection powder.
The brush is complete with a protective container and cap. Bristle
length 1 1/2 inches
Mini 21 LED UV Torch
Ultra-Violet florescent Light to expose the
UV reflecting markings. Length: 95mm and
Average Diameter 32mm.
Wave length: 395nm, 21 LED
Batteries: 3xAAA (Not included)
Anti Theft device
This Electronic Wireless Anti-Lost Device
consists of Transmitter & Receiver.
2 Main Functions: Prevent lost / theft function
- Turn ON the transmitter and connect it to the
valuable things ( Such as Mobile Phone, Purse,
Notebook Computer, Camera or even your
baby / pets, etc. ). Receiver switch to Anti-Lost
and set up the reception range from the receiver
(0~25M Direct Point-to-Point : which may vary due to the
obstacle block or interference). The Alarm will turn “ON” when they out
of the setting distance.
Searching function - When the item got missing, simply switch the
receiver to Searching and the Alarm on transmitter will turn “ON” and
you can find the item easily.
Don’t worry about pickpockets or incautious! This device will protect
your valuable things against losing or theft.
Features: Set distance within 1 ~ 25 meters, Reminds of property-losing or baby leaving by vibrating and alarm, Ideal for protecting wallets,
PC, purses and pets, Alarm and vibrating functions, Easy operation,
Small size and portable, Sleek, compact, easy to carry
- 34 -
Handheld Metal Detector
* With the rotary magnetic field design, it can
detect 360-degree area , It can accurately
detect all tiny metal articles, Automatic resetting, Sound and vibration alarm are optional,
Control part: ON, OFF, vibration, Indicating
part: Red light indicates alarm; green light
indicates power and yellow light indicates low
voltage, Working frequency: 95 KHZ
Walkie Talkie
Palm size, compact design
1. Frequency Range, 136-174MHZ./400-470
2. Power: 5W /7W
3. Channel capacity:200
4. Talking distance: 10-15km
5. Dimension:
139 X 54 X 36.7mm (without antenna)
6. Weight(approx.): 390g (include battery)
7. Working temp: -20OC ~+60OC (1 Unit)
Walkie Talkie Secret Service Earpiece
Acoustic Tube Earpiece - 1 Separated microphone, PTT button, and ear
piece for discreet communication. 2 Friendly
to our skin, avoiding discomfort and pain,
more concealment, 3 Available for Motorola,
Kenwood, Icon, Yaesu/Vertex, and Maxon
Specifications: Speaker, Impedance: 100Ω±15%,
Maximum power: 30mW, Sound pressure level:
120±2dB, Dimension: 13mm, Microphone Material: PU and environmental Sensitivity: -54dB±2dB
Operating voltage: 1 to 10V, Impedance: 2.2k Ω, Dimension:
6mm Walkie Talkie Watch
Auto power saving function, Auto Squelch
function, built-in VOX function, 12hour time
display, talking distance 2.5km (open land),
backlight, power source 3.7V LI-ION battery,
transmit output power : Max 0.4W, weight
18g, Standard Accessories: charger, battery,
Night Vision Goggles
The best affordable dual use night vision
goggle system in generation 1+ on the
market for today’s demanding night driving, night hunting, night surveillance, night
patrols /operations, night game viewing and
night hiking. Undercover / Covert Bullet Proof
Covert / Undercover bullet proof vests (small
– large).
Level IIIA protection (against most handguns
9mm - .44 magnum)
Anti Doze Off Alarm
Brand new anti-sleep alarm for drivers!
Perfect for anyone who needs to keep alert on
duty, like drivers, guards, machine operators,
and even students
Works on the study of human body balance
Alerts when the head lowered in the degrees
of 15° to 20°
Dimension: 7 X 6.5 cm
Power: 1 X 1.5V button battery
How to use: turn the power on, and wear it on right or left ear. It emits
“Bi-Bi-” alarm when driver tends to fall asleep with his head lowered;
there is no sounds emitted when driver keeps normal driving status
with eyes looking forward
Notice: for colour please refer to the actual product you receive
- 35 -
Watch Cellphone - Dual Sim 1) LCD: 1.3 inch TFT260k PixelsResolution128
x 160px Touching Panel. , 2) LANGUAGE:
English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German,
Portuguese, French, Chinese.(Main Body) ,
3) 2nd choice: English, Thailand, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Rabbinic,
Czech, etc., 4) RING TONE:64 Polyphonic Support
format:MP3,MIDI,WAV,Incoming Ring Tone, Incoming
Photo, incoming movie , 5) MOVIE FORMAT:MP4,Full screen , 6) Simcard
Support: Dual Standby , 7) Camera:1.3 MP, 8) Micro SD Support, 9)
NOTEBOOK:250 Groups , 12)MESSAGE: Message and MMS Supported
, 13)SWITCH ON/OFF: user-defined supported , 14)ALARM:MP3 Alarm
, 15)GAME: Picture Mosaic, , 16)OTHER FUNCTIONS:MP3,MP4,HANDS
FREQUENCY: 900/1800/1900MHZ or 850/1800/1900MHZ 19)CALL TIME
About: 3 hours, 20)STAND BY About: 160 hours
Dual Sim Voice Changer Cellphone
This cellphone has all the features of an
ordinary cellphone plus an excuisite feature
of being able to change your voice from
male to female or female to male and even
to child or robot! Even change the ambiance
sounds of where you are! Sound like you are
in a car whilst you are lying in bed or sound like
you are in a pub or side walk etc... Specs: Quadband
, Qwerty design, Buletooth, FM, MP3, 3GP, AVI, 2.0 screen, Dual SIM Dual
Standby Dual Camera, Video ChatStorage:128Mb(NOR)+32Mb(SRAM).
Analog TV,JAVA,Loud speaker.
Screen: 2.0 INCH . Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900mhz or
Facebook Ebuddy Twitter MSN YAHOO E-Mail . Standby mode: Dual SIM
card dual standby
Analog TV , MIDP2.0 JAVA . Multi-media: Recorder, Bluetooth,
3GP, JPG,GIF,MID, WAV, AMR, MP3, AVI, FM radio, Torch . Memory:
128Mb(NOR)+32Mb(SRAM), Support T-flash card to 8GB
Dual Camera:1 Mega Pixels, Dual Camera, Support Video Chat,Support
4X digital zoom
Bluetooth,alarm,word time,calculator,Auto power on/off,memo and
Professional Phone Voice Changer
Unit change,game
Phone Book Capacity 300 records (expandable)
Article access phone records 20+ 20+ 20 Article Article missed call, etc.
Talking time :3 Hours , Standby time:120-200 hrs , Battery: 1500MAH ,
Colors: Black, White / Red
The VC-Pro is a professional voice changer
for landline phones. It is portable and
compatible on all telephones. Simply attach
the acoustic coupler to your telephones
handset, adjust the 16 settings by turning
the selector clockwise
Mobile Phone Voice Changer
This handsfree Voice Changer can work with
most kinds of mobile phones.
The voice has superb reality. Adjustable 4
voice frequencies for selection.
Mobile phone work with the voice changer,
you can refuse some appointment which you
do not like to join. Also can avoid the annoyed
and intimidator calling.
Filtrate the calling which you do not like to receive, or the party you
do not like to join, and other annoyed calling.
Change the voice to others, can avoid somebody to record.
Can prevent conversation locked by GSM interceptor. (Needs phone
adaptor) With 4 different voice modes you can make your voice to
sound like a duck, child, old man or a robot.
Installation: Most cell phones have a mating plug for hands free
head-sets. This is the same plug for the voice changer. You simply
plug the voice changer jack into the mating plug on your cell phone
and your done. Your Cell Phone Must Have a Hands Free Jack on the
Will not work on Razor or Samsung or Nokia or Blackberry
Wireless Mini Voice Changer
This portable hand held unit has a speaker
on one side and a microphone on the other.
It will allows you to convert your voice to 8
different types of voices.
A similar affect was used in the movie “Scream”.
Used not only for mobile phones, but also for
Humane design, easy to carry, better voice result,
universal for all phone models.
Suitable for:
Single ladies who want to refuse annoying callers
Children-children who are home alone to disguise voice and sound like
an adult
General Fun -you can give your friends pleasure and surprise
Novelty Gift.
- 36 -
Key Logger (2MB)
The Key loggers are small, discrete, easy-touse devices that monitor all PC keyboard
activity and install in a matter of seconds
between the keyboard and PC. They capture
everything that is typed into any keyboard
however this device will plug into any standard
1.1/ 2.0 ports and capture everything including
email, instant messaging, chat room activity and web URLs.
The USB Key Log is organized into an advanced flash file system. Super
fast data retrieval is achieved by switching into pen drive mode for
download. Completely invisible for computer operation and no software or drivers required, also supports national keyboard layouts. 2MB
Memory -A massive storage capacity of 2 million keystrokes which is
the equivalent of a full year’s activity.
Specifications: Power Supply: 4.5v-5v DC, Power Consumption: 35mA,
Download Speed: 125 kb/s, Upload Speed: 15 kb/s, Max Burst Log
Speed: 500 byte, Max Continuous Log Speed: 100 bytes, Memory: 2 MB
( Please specify which type you want - that goes with your keyboard
the USB or Key shark)
Snoop Stick (1Gig)
Monitor and control access to your home or
office computer and laptops from anywhere,
It is as simple as...
Simply insert a SnoopStick device into a USB
port on the computer you want to monitor.
Run the 60 second setup program. This installs
the secret monitoring systems on the target computer. Remove the SnoopStick and take it with you.
You can now use your SnoopStick device to monitor and control that
computer from any other computer, anytime you like.
Monitor real-time activity View recorded activity from any day View
instant messages Record websites visited See real time recorded screen
snapshots Records all incoming and outgoing e-mail activity Restrict
activity by name or type of program Restrict activity by day and time
Restrict access to selected websites Disable/enable all Internet access
remotely Completely invisible to user Automatically updated in background . 3 Computer Licence.
Lock Pick Set & Book
We are pleased to offer our best-selling lock
pick tool kit, along with the beginners lock
picking guide Easy Pickings. We’ve had
many students tell us that they picked their
first lock in UNDER an hour simply by following the text and diagrams offered in this booklet! Easy Pickings is a self teaching manual in the
technique of lock picking. This is THE most simple to
understand beginners guide on the market...great for students of the
trade! This lock pick tool kit contains everything you need to compromise most pin tumbler locks. Opens deadbolts, doorknob locks, most
auto locks, and padlocks. Includes nine picks, a broken key extractor,
four tension tools, nine slip on vinyl sleeves, and a FREE top grain snap
over leather case.
Semen Home Test Kit
Quickly and easily monitor your spouse’s or
child’s sexual activity by detecting invisible
traces of dried semen that is left in their
undergarments after sex...Now they can
quickly, easily, and accurately detect and
identify suspected semen and or sperm stains
in undergarments in 5 minutes or less. You should
know if it’s supposed to be there or not!
The Infidelity Kit Features: Detects invisible semen stains , Quick easy
and affordable , Laboratory proven results in a home test , Accurate
results in 5 minutes or less , Discreet and confidential , Easy to follow
instructions , 25 test strips.
Drug Test Kit
AccuTest 6+2 Split Sample Cup:
AccuTest 6+2 Cup is a rapid diagnostic test
for drugs of abuse in urine. Samples are
collected in the cup, which separates the
specimen in two distinct chambers. One
portion of the specimen will be used during
the initial screen, while another portion will
be reserved if a patient comes up positive and
further confirmation testing at a reference laboratory
is needed. Tests for COC, THC, AMP, MET, OPI, BZO - pH and Crea. Alcohol Testers
Small , portable with a quick response
Performs 3-step alcohol tests:
Press and hold the power button, the red and
yellow light will flash once
Press and hold the power button until green
LED is turned on and hold until the test is
Wait for 5 seconds, then blow into the breath pipe
and see the test result (use alcohol level) as follows:
Green light on: Safe - under 0.02% BAC (or 0.1mg/l BRAC)
Yellow light on: Caution - 0.02% BAC (or 0.1mg/l BRAC) to 0.05% BAC
(or 0.25mg/l BRAC)
Red and yellow light on: Danger - over 0.05% BAC (or 0.25mg/l BRAC)
Key chain and torch function
Set the torch switch to to turn on the torch light, and do not use the
test function in this status
Use two “AAA” alkaline batteries (not included)
1pcs into blister card. 150pcs per carton.40*40)43cm. G.W:13kg
Advanced Alcohol Tester
AlcoMate® Premium breathalyzer, which combines professional reliability with extremely
easy-to-use one-button operation. You can
count on the Premium breathalyzer to serve
all your personal and/or professional alcohol
breath testing needs, as it is DOT Approved
for law-enforcement grade accuracy and US
Coast Guard Approved to satisfy the requirements
of all marine vessels in US waters to have a breathalyzer-on-board. The
Premium breathalyzer also incorporates patent-pending pre-calibrated
replaceable sensor module technology to eliminate the need for calibration service, saving you the downtime and inconvenience, as well as
extending the lifetime of the device.
Rate Display (LCD), Ultrasound Frequency 2MHz, Power Supply: 1.5V
Battery x 2 (Type: AAA)
Baby Heart Rate Monitor Doppler
with LCD screen II
This Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand-held obstetrical unit, which can be used in hospitasl,
clinics and homse for daily self-chekcing by
pregnant woman.It contains components
of ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver,
analog signals processing unit, FHR calculating
unit, LCD display control unit etc. This Fetal Doppler is
a high performance model with (fetal heart rate) LCD digital display. It
has 3 work modes: real-time FHR display mode, averaged FHR display
mode, and manual mode .It has audio output and can be connected
with earphone or recorder with audio input.
Main Features: Battery status indicator, Low power inspection of
the battery, Built-in speaker, Output for headphones, The probe can
be changeable, Probe inspection, Backlight, Auto shut off, Support
2MHz,3MHz,4MHz,5MHz,8MHz probes, Two pieces of standard 1.5V
alkaline battery available which can work no less than 10 hours
POP Displays (Various Designs)
Description: Silver, red, green, black PMMA
frame with 1 set 14W round fluorescent
light inside. Floating object size from 6 to
15cm; Floating object weight from 25gram
to 600gram. Inside dia.: 18cm. 14W round
fluorescent light. Weight: 50-150g.
Object: 14cm. Company name and logo can be
laser enchased on the face side
Product Size: outside diameter 28cm*7 depth
Baby Heart Rate Monitor
Doppler with LCD screen
Safe and easy to use, specially designed
for use at home, allowing pregnant women
to listen to their unborn baby’s heart beat,
movements and hiccups from as early as
10 to12 weeks. It can not only reduce the
expectant mother’s anxiety but also allow other
members of the family to listen to the baby heartbeat.
This portable device is also suitable for obstetricians, midwives and
pregnant women.
It can connect to a computer or any recorder to record the sounds of
your baby so you can share them with family and friends. Very convenient & accurate.. AAA size batteries ( alkaline or chargeable), Heart
- 37 -
800 gram Pop with grass cover and
3-cellphone stand
Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player
Cuddle Tunes Teddy Bear - Mp3 Player! This
soft and cuddly teddy bear has a music player
with speakers built right in!
Record Personal Messages For Your Little
Snuggly teddy bear with built-in mp3 player &
Press play to hear a personalized bedtime soundtrack
Record stories, songs, and messages for your little ones
Load it with personalized stories , messages and songs for your child
READ and SUNG BY YOU and even mp3 music for your little one!
With 1 GB of storage in your bear’s belly, that’s enough for about 250
songs or stories! Update your bear as often as you like: just plug him in
via his USB cord to retrieve the new data.
This is an awesome way for out-of-town relatives to keep in touch with
little ones since the bear’s files can be updated via the internet from
anywhere in the world.
For Ages 3 Years and Up
Snuggly teddy bear with a mp3 player and speakers built
Press play to hear a personalized bedtime soundtrack, created by you
Record stories, songs, and messages for your geekling
Download updates to the bear with the included USB cord
Storage: Cuddletunes Bears have 1 GB of storage, which is enough space for approximately 250 songs of average length (3-4 minutes).
Bear is 24cm tall and weighs 544 grams
Improves wireless signal penetration, coverage and range
Simple installation and use
Stink Bombs
Box of 36 Stink Bombs
2 X Boxes: Stink Bombs - 3 in a box & 1 Liquid Ass free (while stock’s
Liquid Ass
LED Shirt
LED Shirt (M,L)
WI-FI Signal Booster
Long Range Wi-Fi Signal Booster and Wireless
Signal Amplifier (2.4GHz): strengthen Wi-Fi
networks used in homes and small businesses. Wireless network and wireless internet access points are very convenient, no doubt. But
what do you do if you are in a building whose
architecture or materials seem to limit Wi-Fi signals? Or what if your small business has a router in
the office and you can’t get a strong signal in the warehouse to update
stock data? With this powerful Wi-Fi signal booster you will increase the
signal distance and speed of your wireless network - making it work
better for you and allowing you to be more productive. Ideal for places
with 2 floors or more!
The strong Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier consists of a wireless signal booster
to attach to your wireless access point/router, an antenna to broadcast
waves further, a RG316 cable and a power adapter. Simply link this
unit to your existing Wi-Fi device and then power it on; that is it! Don’t
continue to be frustrated by the limited range of your current wireless
network when one simple product can help you achieve so much
Wi-Fi signal booster for amplifying wireless signal
For 802.11B/G Wi-Fi signal
LED ICE Bucket
- 38 -
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