Bravo View UHM10 User's Manual

Bravo View UHM10 User's Manual
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Universal Tablet Mount for Car Headrest
The Bravo View Universal Tablet Headrest Mount is designed to safely and securely hold your tablet in place for rear-seat viewing. It features
adjustable headrest clamps that fit most two-post headrest configurations while the adjustable arms accommodate tablets from 7 to 10.2 inches.
Simple installation allows for quick and easy placement and removal of your Tablet. Unique 360-degree rotation supports portrait and landscape
viewing without removing the tablet from the mount.
**The order of installation steps taken may vary depending on the vehicle
1A) Adjust the width of the two fasteners
according to the distance between the
two headrest posts.
2A) Clip the tablet holder into the mount
and secure by inserting the 4 point adapter
and sliding the two pieces together until
you hear a click sound.
1B) Once adjusted, fasten and lock into
place securing the mount to the posts.
2B) Now position the mounting plate to the
best viewing angle. Use the 360 degree
rotating knob on the bracket to adjust. Once
in desired viewing angle tighten firmly.
3A) Place your tablet into the bracket
3B) Adjust the bracket size to fit your tablet.
3C) Press the fastener clip on the back to
secure tablet in place.
All done, enjoy!!
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