command centre
Gallagher Command Centre leverages
client server architecture, enabling
system operators to:
> Configure the site and all system
> Manage cardholders, including their
access based on the competencies they
> Produce and print photo identification to
> Monitor alarms and interact with the
system from site plans or other windows
> Retrieve and report on stored system
> Communicate with people via Intercom
enabled readers
> Interface to other third party systems.
The Gallagher system is scalable, with
Gallagher Command Centre server
options available based on the number
of doors, from less than 16 doors to
an unlimited number. It is a powerful,
yet operator friendly security system.
Installed on a server, Gallagher Command
Centre resides on Microsoft® Windows®
operating platforms.
It can be incorporated into a company’s
existing Local Area Network or Wide Area
Network, or reside on its own dedicated
Gallagher Command Centre links
to Gallagher Controllers (6000,
3000 and 5000GL) and to operator
workstations over Ethernet using TCP/
IP, a world standard network and Internet
transmission protocol. Using this protocol
means the system communications are
Internet compatible.
Operating Platforms
The Gallagher Command Centre server
and workstation software reside on the
Microsoft® Windows® operating system.
The database options are Microsoft®
SQL 2005 Standard or Express and SQL
2008 Standard or Express depending on
the system requirements.
Renowned for its data integrity and
performance, Microsoft® SQL is a
commonly specified database used
globally in a range of applications. It is
easy to integrate and share selected
data held in Gallagher Command Centre
with other systems using the SQL Server
Please contact Gallagher for information
relating to current operating platforms
Distributed Processing
Distributed processing is a significant
feature of the Gallagher system
Gallagher Command Centre supports
peer to peer communications between
multiple Servers, allowing the Gallagher
system to operate effectively in a
distributed environment. This ‘distributed
environment’ may include multiple
sites separated by large geographical
distances and connected via low
bandwidth and/or intermittently available
The ability for an operator to view
and manage information pertaining
to a remote Gallagher Server can
be configured via standard Operator
Privilege and Division view functionality.
Cross-site Operational Cover
This architecture allows organisations
to provide cross-site operational cover,
where operators from one site can
temporarily manage security on a remote
site when a remote site Operator may be
unavailable. This also allows a head office
to maintain control of the security at any
time on a remote site, should the need
Site Plan
Operator Group
If the site experiences network
communications problems, full
operation of access control and alarms
management is maintained.
Peer-to-peer communications can
be configured to set up relationships
between Controllers for flexible and
efficient system configuration.
Gallagher Controllers (6000, 3000 and
5000GL) can also be configured for dialup for the support of remote sites, and for
off-site alarm monitoring. Gallagher has a
range of industrial switches to provide a
solution for redundant Ethernet network
Multi-Server Evacuation Reporting
Any server in a Gallagher Multi-Server
network can be configured to act as
an ‘Aggregation Server’. This allows the
Server to keep an up-to-date status on
the location of all Cardholders over a
Multi-Server network.
In the event of a disaster at one Server’s
site, the Aggregation Server(s) can
provide Evacuation Reports detailing the
last known locations of Cardholders at
the disaster affected site.
Data Security
Data over the network between the
Gallagher Command Centre and
Gallagher Controllers uses up to 256-bit
AES encryption, an industry leading level
of data protection.
Ease of Configuration
Gallagher Command Centre features
Configuration Wizards and Templates,
tools to support the ease of new system
installation. Configuration Wizards
enable access controlled doors and
new hardware to be quickly and easily
configured in Gallagher Command Centre
while Database Template functionality
allows a standard configuration to
be applied to sites with common
System Division
System Division (partitioning) enables a
site to be divided into divisions and subdivisions. It is especially suitable for:
> Multi-tenanted buildings where each
tenant wishes to manage and monitor
their own security
> Very large enterprise-wide systems
where it is more practical to divide the
site for ongoing management and
monitoring, for example, dividing the site
into geographic zones.
Operators and Workstations
Gallagher Command Centre places no
limits on the number of workstations
or operators that may be set up.
Performance may be limited by the
hardware used on the system.
As well as being subject to system
division, operators are assigned privileges
and can only perform authorised
functions. Card logon to Gallagher
Command Centre is also available.
Site Plans
Site plans show a graphical
representation of the site and the real
time status of remote field devices and
logical entities. An unlimited number of
site plans can be stored in the system.
An operator can create site plans by
importing map images of the site.
Gallagher Command Centre supports
standard Microsoft® Windows® and
CAD package graphics files such as BMP,
DXF (via conversion utility) and WMF/EMF.
Each site item is represented by an icon.
The icons representing site items can be
placed on these images. The icons placed
on the map image show the real time
status of the site item represented.
Site plans include configurable elements,
which can be associated with Gallagher
system Items, for example fence lines
and buildings can be displayed with
appropriate alarms, semi-transparent
alarm zone overlays, macro override
buttons and site plan navigation arrows.
Site plans also feature touch screen
support and ‘free text’ objects. Alarm
priorities are represented by different
background colours for each icon.
Cardholder Management
Clicking on an icon displays the properties
for that Item. It is critical that while
operators are viewing site plans they are
aware of alarms occurring elsewhere in
the system. The Alarm Window can be
configured to always be in the foreground
of the operator workstation.
Management of Alarms
An alarm is a special event that requires
urgent operator intervention, for example,
when a door is open longer than it should
be, a device has been tampered with, or
an intruder alarm has been activated.
The alarm configuration routine in
Gallagher Command Centre enables
system administrators to define those
site events to be set up as alarms.
There are three items to be configured for
each alarm:
> The event priority – Up to 10 event
priorities can be defined; 8 of these can
be assigned to alarms. Alarms can be
escalated to higher priorities until they
are processed.
> Alarm action plans – To specify the
actions that are triggered by the alarm
> Alarm instructions – To provide
information and instructions to the
operator when the alarm occurs.
Personal Data Fields
Intruder Alarm Monitoring and
The Gallagher system integrates full
intruder alarm functionality eliminating
the need for a separate intruder alarm
system. Intruder detection zones can be
configured to report four different states:
arm (set), disarm (unset), and two further
states with user definable names. Entry
and exit delays can be defined for each
zone. This gives cardholders time to enter
and leave the site when changing the
state of the alarm zone.
Alarm zone state changes can be:
> Automated via schedules set up in
Gallagher Command Centre
> Initiated from workstations via operator
> Initiated via Gallagher Remote Arming
> Initiated via Gallagher readers
> Initiated via Key-Switch control.
Authorised operators monitor alarms at
Command Centre workstations. This can
be complemented with:
> Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals for
alarms management in the field
> Offsite alarm monitoring utilising
Contact ID transmitted via Gallagher
Controllers using a physical PSTN
alarms dialler or IP alarms transmission
over IP LAN/WAN or cellular network.
Site Lockdown
Access zones can be configured to enter
either partial or full site lockdown during
threat or emergency situations. Site
lockdown ensures that only selected
cardholders (identified via their access
group) can enter or exit a zone/s.
Cardholder Management
Gallagher Command Centre provides
an extensive cardholder database. Each
cardholder record includes personal
cardholder information and access
> Up to 64 personal data fields where
personal data can be entered
> The access groups to which the
cardholder belongs
> Detailed information about the card(s)
held by the cardholder, for example, card
number, facility code, technology type,
issue level, and expiry date and time
> Biometric template for fingerprint
The Gallagher security system provides
an easily accessible audit trail of changes
made to a cardholder including, what
change was made and when it was made,
the operator who made the change and
the workstation from which the change
was made.
Cardholders can use their same cards/
fingerprints/PINs across all sites within
a Multi-Server network (e.g. a manager
Access Group
with appropriate access rights can travel
between sites controlled by separate
Gallagher Servers, using the one card for
Universal Card Formats enable multiple
third party Wiegand formats of up to 360
bit to be supported concurrently in the
Gallagher system. Subject to System
Division and operator privileges, an
operator can create, delete and change
cardholder records in the system. Any
changes made are recorded as events.
The system automatically down-loads any
changes made to the cardholder record
to the relevant field devices. Cardholder
data can be shared with third party
applications via the XML Interface.
Personal Data Fields
Personal data fields hold the relevant
personal data required for a cardholder,
for example, the department in which they
work and to whom they report.
Personal data fields are created as
separate entities and are attached to
access groups. Cardholders inherit the
personal data fields from the access
groups to which they belong.
When viewing a cardholder’s record, it
will contain all the personal data fields
specified in the access group(s) the
cardholder belongs to. Personal data
fields can be configured to be unique,
mandatory, numeric or alphanumeric.
A personal data field can also contain
an image which can then be used for
PhotoID and cardholder Challenge.
Gallagher Command Centre has a fully
integrated photo identification system
(Gallagher PhotoID).
Each cardholder record can have up to
64 personal data field definitions. It is
possible to restrict the Personal Data
Fields an operator can see and change
through their operator privileges.
Cardholder bulk changes enable an
operator to make changes to multiple
cards simultaneously.
Access Groups
Access groups make it possible to define
access for groups of cardholders who
share the same requirements.
Each access group is named and includes
the following information.
> Access – where and when members of
the group have access
> Members – a list of cardholders who
belong to the access group
> Personal Data Fields – a collection of
personal data field definitions attached
to individual members
> Escort – whether the members are
allowed to act as escorts for
> Arm/Disarm alarm zones (areas) –
member authorisation to arm and
disarm certain alarms
> Whether members can change the state
of the access zones.
Access groups are displayed as a tree
with branches having more specific
access. A cardholder may belong to one
or more access groups to get their full
access privileges. For example, there may
be an “All Cardholders” group to which
all cardholders belong for commonly
required access through the entrance
and cafeteria. A cardholder acquires more
specific access by joining other groups,
for example, “Head Office Managers’
Access is defined through access zones
and time schedules. Access groups are
an efficient cardholder management tool.
Access groups also enable bulk changes
to be easily applied to members for the
group. Any changes to Access or Personal
Data Field properties will automatically
apply to all members of the group.
Competency Based Access
Access can be based on an individual’s
competencies, e.g.:
> Safety (induction, training, licences)
> Security (clearances)
> Regulatory Compliance (OH&S policy)
Time and Attendance Report
Validity periods and competency expiry
can also be factored into the access
Competency based access management
> Automatic enforcement of business
OH&S rules and policies
> Reduction of production stoppages due
to non-compliant staff being in the
wrong areas
> Tangible evidence of ‘duty of care’ to
staff and customers
> Automatic compliance with government
Controller based decisions based on an
individual’s competency are delivered via
screen feedback on the door reader or
display monitor. Once configured, all of
this is achieved independent of Server
and IT Network connectivity.
Gallagher Command Centre enables a
site to automate state changes according
to a pre-configured schedule, scheduling
for example: when a cardholder has
access to an access zone, when a zone is
secure, when alarms will be automatically
armed (set) and disarmed (unset).
The schedule can vary based on the type
of day, for example a weekday or a holiday,
as well as the time of day. Schedules are
highly configurable. A navigable calendar-
Elevator Interface
based view of each schedule enables
a system operator to quickly review
schedule changes over the coming week
or at any future date.
The programmed responses – either an
output or the running of a macro - are
initiated on the cardholder’s ‘access
granted’ or ‘access granted and taken’
Digital Intercom
When a person at the Gallagher
Intelligent Door Terminal presses the
F3 button on the reader, the operator
can use the Integrated Digital Intercom
functionality to speak / listen to the
The Find Window
The Find Window is an efficient, powerful
tool that makes it easy to search for
information. It can be used to find any
device, logical entity or cardholder in the
Examples of typical searches include:
> Identifying the cardholder of a lost card
that has been handed in
> Creating a list of cards which have been
created, activated or expired before,
during and after a defined period
> Identifying cardholders who have access
to a particular access zone at a
particular time.
Personalised Actions
Personalised Actions are individually
programmed responses which can be
configured for individual cardholders or
for all cardholders of an access group.
There is a wide variety of applications. For
> Switch on lighting or, through a high level
interface, trigger lighting or air
conditioning managed by a Building
Management System for specified
access zone(s)
> On badging a centralized card reader,
unlock the cardholder’s locker while
leaving all other lockers secure.
Up to 250 individual cardholders or
access groups can be defined with
Personalised Actions for each access
All authentication methods that identify
the cardholder entering the access zone
are supported including for example, PINonly access events and access events
from third party systems which have been
integrated using the Gallagher Controller
Application Programming Interface.
A comprehensive range of report
templates is available to view and print
information held in the system, including
four primary report types:
> Activity Report
Controller Logic
Cardholder Report – detailed or
> Evacuation Report
> Exception Report.
The primary reports can be automatically
generated on a repeating schedule,
for example, automatically generate a
weekend activity report at 8am every
Monday morning. They can also be
scheduled to be generated on specific
dates and times in the future.
Where the optional Notifications feature
has been deployed these scheduled
primary reports can also be automatically
emailed to the people who require
them, effectively eliminating the manual
overhead of generating and emailing
reports to the intended recipients.
Other report templates which can be
generated from Operator workstations as
required include:
> Access and Access Groups Report
> ContactID Assignment Report
> Electric Fence Voltage Report
> Site Configuration Report
> Time and Attendance Report
> Wiring Report
gallagher Challenge
The Gallagher Challenge feature provides
the ability to double-check the identity of
cardholders passing through a nominated
door via visual comparison of a cardholder
image against a live image from a third
party system. This feature can be fully
integrated with DVR systems.
gallagher Wizards
Wizards are available to speed up the
configuration and installation process.
Wizard templates can be saved and
reused over multiple sites to avoid
duplication of effort.
The Gallagher Cardholder Enrolment
Wizard feature facilitates a routine
process to minimise time for cardholder
enrolment. It allows an operator to cycle
repeatedly through the following steps
-searching for a cardholder, updating
cardholder details (if required) and then
optionally printing and encoding a Mifare
or magstripe card.
Management of Alarms supported with DVR Integration
gallagher DVR Interface
The Gallagher DVR Interface feature
provides the ability to connect to
third party DVR (or NVR) systems and
provides integration of routine operations
for an integrated colour DVR and alarms
management solution.
gallagher Intercom High Level
The Gallagher Intercom High Level
Interface (HLI) feature enables digital
intercom systems to be integrated into
the Gallagher system. Using Gallagher
Command Centre, the operator can
control all connectivity for the TCP/IP
Intercom system. Events are logged into
the Gallagher database.
gallagher Elevator High Level
The Gallagher Elevator High Level
Interface (HLI) feature provides the ability
for Gallagher to control access to floors
from elevator cars.
For more information about each of these
features please refer to the Gallagher
Feature Information datasheets available
Gallagher Command Centre
The platform for integration
Gallagher Server and Controller
Application Programming Interfaces
extend the functionality and flexibility of
the Gallagher system as the platform for
gallagher Schedule Import (XML)
Gallagher has been designed to readily
interface to third party applications.
Because this is an ever-changing
environment, contact Gallagher Technical
Support for the latest information.
OLE for Process Control (OPC)
XML Interface
Gallagher Cardholder Import and Export
provides the ability for cardholder data
to be imported from external sources to
Gallagher Command Centre using
standard software functionality known as
XML Interface. Typical sources of data
include a student enrolment database, or
a company’s HR database from a
system such as SAP.
Third party Schedules that are to be
reflected in security schedules can also
be imported into Gallagher Command
Centre using XML Interface.
gallagher Cardholder Import /
Export (XML)
The Gallagher Cardholder Import feature
provides the ability for cardholder data to
be imported from external sources using
standard software functionality known as
XML Interface.
The Gallagher Schedule Import feature
provides for schedules to be imported
from external sources using standard
XML Interface.
Gallagher Command Centre is OPC
enabled, allowing alarms and event
data to be bi-directionally interfaced to
other OPC enabled applications.
An OPC enabled system can also control
the state of selected Gallagher Items
directly from a third party system by
invoking overrides and can report the
state of selected Gallagher items directly
in the third party system.
It also allows external systems to request
extra ‘attributes’ that a server may make
OPC Data Access API - Status and
Gallagher Command Centre allows Status
and Overrides to be shared with third
party systems.
Enterprise Data Import Interface
The Enterprise Data Import Interface tool
allows configuration and synchronisation
of Cardholder data with external
enterprise systems. Data maintained in a
primary database (e.g. Human Resources
database) can be automatically reflected
OPC eliminates the need for costly
custom software integration, giving
customers the freedom to choose a
solution based on an open industry
standard. OPC is used globally and is
fully backed by Microsoft ®. Further
information can be found at
OPC Alarms and Events API
Gallagher Command Centre Server
supports the OPC Alarms and Events
standard. The OPC Alarm and Events
API allows external systems (AE Client)
to acknowledge alarms and add
comments when acknowledging them.
Cardholder Enrolment Window
Integration delivers cost and time
efficiencies, improves data integrity and
can help meet your occupational safety and
health obligations.
in the Gallagher database on an ongoing
basis, in order to maintain data integrity
and reflect business approved changes
to Cardholder information and access
The Enterprise Data Import Interface
tool also allows sites migrating from an
obsolete security system to migrate
existing Cardholder details from the
legacy system over to the Gallagher
gallagher DVR Interface
The Gallagher DVR Interface feature
provides the ability to connect to
third party DVR (or NVR) systems and
provides integration of routine operations
for an integrated colour DVR and alarms
management solution.
gallagher Intercom High Level
DVR Interface Window
Interface (HLI) feature provides the ability
for Gallagher to control access to floors
from elevator cars.
The Gallagher Intercom High Level
Interface (HLI) feature enables digital
intercom systems to be integrated into
the Gallagher system.
For more information about each of these
features please refer to the Gallagher
Feature Information datasheets available
Using Gallagher Command Centre, the
operator can control call connectivity for
the TCP/IP Intercom system. Events are
logged into the Gallagher database.
Professional Services
gallagher Elevator High Level
The Gallagher Elevator High Level
Gallagher provides a platform for
integration. For the development of
interfaces to specific third party systems
or the development of customized
system behaviour, please contact us for
more information about our Professional
Gallagher Command Centre
Optional Features
gallagher Photo ID and Encoding
Gallagher PhotoID and Encoding is an
optional licensed feature available for
Gallagher Command Centre. Gallagher
PhotoID and Encoding provides the
ability to design, produce and encode
photo identification cards for cardholders.
Encoding of Gallagher Mifare Classic,
Mifare Plus and Magstripe cards is
The Card Encoding Wizard is specifically
designed for efficient card enrolment,
printing, and encoding.
gallagher SAGEM Fingerprint
Reader Integration
The Gallagher SAGEM Fingerprint reader
integration is an optional integration
application available for Gallagher
Command Centre. Integration between
the Gallagher system and SAGEM
biometric fingerprint readers enables
seamless fingerprint enrolment and
template management within Gallagher
Command Centre. Identification (finger
only) and verification (fingerprint template
stored on a smartcard) are available.
gallagher Trophy FT Integration
The Gallagher Trophy FT Integration is
an optional, fully integrated application
available for Gallagher Command Centre.
It enables the full configuration, control
and monitoring of the perimeter system
through Gallagher Command Centre.
Salto Integration (CommCard
The Gallagher Salto wire free and
wireless reader integration is an optional
integration available for Gallagher
Command Centre. It allows Gallagher
sites to further leverage their investment
in Mifare Classic SmartCard technology
for doors which do not require real-time,
monitored access control.
Aperio Integration
The Gallagher Aperio wire free reader
integration is an optional integration
available for Gallagher Command Centre.
The Aperio integration extends the
standard access control capabilities
of the Gallagher system to online, unwired
Aperio doors, delivering functionality not
achievable with mechanical keys.
Enterprise Data Import Interface
Gallagher Trophy FT Fence Controller Properties
The Gallagher Enterprise Data Import
interface is an optional application
available for Gallagher Command Centre.
It enables Cardholder data within external
enterprise systems to be automatically
Extend the Gallagher system with the
following optional features to meet specific
site requirements
reflected in the Gallagher database,
in order to maintain data integrity and
reflect business approved changes to
Cardholder information and access
needs to be informed about, and/or the
imminent expiry of a cardholder’s Card or
Competencies. A very flexible feature,
Notifications can also be utilized to email
scheduled reports.
Please refer to page 10 for further
gallagher Guard Tours
gallagher Notifications
Gallagher Notifications is an optional
feature which provides the ability to
send messages to cardholders via email
or SMS (text message) about selected
events and alarms the cardholder
Gallagher Guard Tours is an optional
feature which enables the configuration,
live operation and reporting of Guard
Tours implemented on site through
monitoring the guard’s arrival at
designated checkpoints in a prescribed
order and within specified times.
gallagher Visitor Management
Gallagher Visitor Management is an
optional licensed feature for Gallagher
Command Centre. Visitor Management
delivers extensive visitor pre-registration
and Reception visitor management.
Gallagher Visitor Management employs
a client-server architecture for the
Gallagher system, allowing the Gallagher
Server to communicate with visitor
management ‘smart’ clients via
network services over TCP/IP.
Gallagher Server and Controller
Application Programming Interfaces
extend the functionality and flexibility of
the Gallagher system as the platform for
For more information about each of these
features please refer to the Gallagher
Optional Feature datasheets available
Biometric Fingerprint Enrolment
Further Information
The Gallagher system is a sophisticated
security integration platform. This data
sheet summarises some of the key
features provided through the system
For more information about the Gallagher
security system, please contact your
Gallagher Office or Channel Partner, or
refer to:
• The complete set of data sheets for the
Gallagher security system
• Your Gallagher Channel Partner for a
demonstration of the system and to
discuss site specific requirements.
We welcome your enquiries.
Technical Specifications
GALLAGHER COmmand centre
may 2011
Recommended Computer
A number of variables e.g. event rate, will affect the recommended computer hardware specifications.
Please discuss your requirements with Gallagher Technical Support.
Operating System
Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate
Microsoft® Windows® 2003 SP2 or 2008 SP2, 2008 Server, 2008
Server R2, XP Professional SP3 or Vista Business/Enterprise Editions SP2
Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP3
Vista Business/Enterprise SP2 Edition
Database Platform
Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 SP2 or SQL 2005 Express SP2, 2008 SP1, 2008 R2,
or 2008 Express SP1
Configured Workstations
Maximum Number
Operator Authorisation Level
Fully configurable for each operator
Configured Operators
Max. number of configured operators
Gallagher Hardware
Gallagher Controllers (6000, 3000 & 5000GL)
Field Devices
See Controller data sheets
Number of Cardholders
Command Centre
Event Database
Command Centre
Card Issue Levels
Maximum Access Controlled Doors
Access Control Zones
Max. number of access controlled zones
Controlled Outputs
Max. number of relays
Alarm Inputs
Max. number of inputs
Elevator Control - Low level
Maximum of 2 elevator cars (each with up to 75 levels) per Gallagher Controller
Gallagher Technical Support recommends using the Gallagher Controller 6000 architecture for low level
elevator control.
Elevator Control - High Level
Refer to Gallagher Technical Support to determine the number of Gallagher Controllers required for the
System configuration, network capacities and the volume of system activity affect performance.
Please contact Gallagher for advice.
* Maximum number dependant on relevant database limits
Kahikatea Drive, Hamilton 3206
Private Bag 3026, Hamilton 3240
New Zealand
TEL: +64 7 838 9800
EMAIL: [email protected]
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Asia................................................................+852 2910 7912
Australia....................................................+61 2 9412 4477
South Africa............................................+27 11 974 4740
United Kingdom / Europe..........+44 2476 64 1234
Americas...................................................+1 888 430 0770
Disclaimer: System configuration, network capacities and
the volume of system activity affect performance. Please
contact Gallagher Security for advice. In accordance with the
Gallagher Group policy of continuing development, design and
specifications are subject to change without notice. Gallagher
Security is a division of Gallagher Group Limited, an ISO
9001:2000 Certified Supplier. Copyright © Gallagher Group
Limited 2011. All rights reserved.
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