Section 5 - Redi Carpet
Section 5:
How to Use the Software & Create Diagrams
VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: Creating Diagrams & Assigning Materials (click here)
Room drawing, free draw area and rectangular rooms
Room drawing toolbar contains a list of command buttons on laying out rooms,
stairway, free draw shapes, attachment fixtures, instruction notes, doorway, window,
curved wall, grid line on or off, 90/45 degree line drawing on or off.
Cabinet, fireplace, island and take-away area
In many cases, there are fixtures in rooms such as cabinets, fireplaces, shower tubs or
even islands which need to be deduced from the covering area.
Insert Attachment: Click on
button on the drawing toolbar, then draw the fixture
shape directly on top of the room like using freedraw.
The program automatically deducts the attachment area from the room in display and
Installation of covering materials on stairways normally requires more specifications such
as wrapping or capping style, labor charges can be on per-step bases.
Stairway Editing: Right-click over the stairway and select Properties to specify the
additionalestimating and installing requirement.
Change Label: type in or select from the pulldown list
Change Covering Style: select from Waterfall or Full Wrap, if Full Wrap is
Selected,the program automatically checks on Allocate each step individually.
Allocate each step individually (checkbox): when checked, the program
allocatesand estimates cuts per step (instead of a whole piece) to reduce the
waste ratio.
Change Material: reset by selecting from the material pulldown list
Change Layout Direction: switch between Horizontal (East/West) and Vertical
(North/South) directions.
Additional Information: instruction can be entered and printed out with estimates
Cost Item Tab: records the special cost assignments on this stairway for
estimating (also refer to Material Specification section)
Room merge and room divider/split features
Merge Selected Rooms:
Step 1: Pick (highlight) rooms to merge
Training Tip: Press down Ctrl key to pick/highlight multiple rooms, or press and drag
out rectangle to contain rooms.
Step 2: Right-click over the highlighted rooms, select Shape Edit, Merge Room OR click
the merge room tool
Training Tip: What-If Analysis with Selected Rooms On OR Off.
Shape Edit/Deactivate can be used to temporarily set the room off from
estimating calculation (without deleting the room), so as to conduct What-If
analysis on material estimating without applying material on this room. To turn
the room back on, right-click on the room, then Shape Edit/Activate.
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