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The CobraNet card is used to output audio via Ethernet, which may then connect multiple speakers. This cuts down on the number of output ports built into the Delta unit, but still allows for multiple audio outputs.

This section shows how to install the CobraNet Card in the Delta Server.


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Server Risk Avoidance Notice

Before undertaking this task please ensure Anti Static precautions are taken:

Ensure you wear the ‘Anti-Static Wristband’ at all times when handling all cards and especially when working inside the server casing.

Always shutdown, switch off at mains and drain residual system power before touching the inside of the server.

You can find more information on Anti Static precautions and other considerations on websites such as:

• http://www.kitchentablecomputers.com/static.php

• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antistatic_wrist_strap

• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKg2Gz62APs

Remove Server Lid

Undo screws, slide the lid backwards (approximately 2cm) and lift the lid from the rear upwards.

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Remove the nut from the CobraNet Card

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Insert the CobraNet Card into the server

Don’t forget to screw it into the casing to secure it!

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Screw the nut back onto the CobraNet Card connector

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This section runs through the options that you need to choose in the installation wizard for CobraNet.


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Run CobraNet Installation Software

Select Install Standard + Network Audio Driver

Click Next

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Tick Install legacy 32bit WAVE driver

Click Next

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Tick Always trust software from “AudioScience Inc.”.

Click Install

Restart the server!!

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This section shows how to configure CobraNet for use with a Delta Media

Server setup.


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Run CobraNet - AsiControl (64 bit)

Select Local PCI(e) + Networked adapters and click OK

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In ASIControl (64) screen:

Change the Adapter Mode to Mono using the dropdown menu

Restart the server for changes to take effect!!

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Run CobraNet from the Desktop again

Click Adapter and select Configure CobraNet

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CobraNet Configuration

In sysName, type Delta Cobranet

Under sysLocation, type Delta and its serial number (e.g. Delta 2899)

Change Persistence to on

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Open Delta Server and Delta GUI:

In Delta GUI, click Preferences > Audio

Select ASIO Audio Driver 2 in the ASIO Devices section

Force the correct number of channels in the Speaker Count section

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CobraNet transmits the audio from the Delta server (or other pc) to a single or multiple CobraNet receivers, using Bundles (ranges) to distribute the audio to their channelled output devices.

In this example, our receiver is a second server, connected via Ethernet cable, to test audio output (using the Motherboard audio and headphones).


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On the Transmitter (Delta Server)

Open AsiControl

Click Adapter > Configure CobraNet

Set Transmitter Bundle 1 to 301

Set Transmitter Bundle 2 to 311

Click Apply

These settings direct audio that is channelled to the 301 (302, 303…) and the 311 (312,313…) ranges (each consisting of up to 8 channels) to the receiver for that card/Ethernet cable.

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On the Receiver

Open AsiControl

Click Adapter > Configure CobraNet

Set Receiver 1 Bundle to 301

Set Receiver 2 Bundle to 311

Click Apply

This maps the audio ranges between the transmitter and receiver

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On the Receiver

Open Windows Sound

Click on the Recording tab

Click on each of the 16 CobraNet inputs in turn

Click Properties

Click on the Listen tab

Tick Listen to this device

Click Apply > OK

Click OK to save changes and close the Sound window

Test the audio output by playing an audio resource in a Delta show!

Note: if the Windows Recording devices that Listen to this

Device is not set on any of the outputs, it will cause a conflict and there will be no audio output from the transmitting server

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Note: The audio meters in Control

Panel/Sound will not show a level – this will only be seen in AsiControl.

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