limited warranty

limited warranty
L i m i t e d Wa r r a n t y
TransPower™ ST1000 AGM 31 Bus/Coach
United States and Canada only
Trojan Battery Company warrants only to the original purchaser (end-user) that any TransPower™ ST1000
AGM 31 battery used in a transit bus starting application which becomes unserviceable (not merely
discharged) due to defect in material and/or workmanship within the free replacement period stated
(the “Warranty Period”) will be replaced without charge. This warranty is non-transferable and applicable
in the United States and Canada only.
Warranty Exclusions
Trojan Battery will not be responsible for any expenses for transportation, installation, recharging, electrical system tests, loss of time, loss of
use of equipment, or other expenses which would be considered as incidental or consequential damages.
Warranty Coverage Term
Battery Type
Free Replacement Warranty Period
Part Number
TransPower™ ST1000 AGM 31
24 Months
The Provisions of this Limited Warranty Shall Not Apply to Failure Due to Stated Conditions
The warranty does not apply to batteries used in cycling applications. While the bus is not in use, the TransPower ST1000 battery must
not be used to power electrical devices not related to the vehicle's primary engine/electronics/starting system or the warranty is void.
The warranty does not apply to batteries that have reached their normal end of life due to usage. Conditions such as excessive starts
and extreme heat may accelerate battery life prior to manufacturer’s defect warranty period.
Each battery must be the proper size, design, and capacity for its intended application.
Each battery must be charged, discharged, stored, and serviced in accordance with all printed Trojan Battery’s User Guide instructions.
The limited warranty is invalid if the battery is subject to misuse, abuse, or physical damage.
Prolonged storage of vehicles with electrical devices or parasitic loads that require continuous battery power, outside of typical transit
bus sub-systems.
User agrees that the manufacturer’s representative may request that batteries be returned or shall have access to equipment furnished
hereunder for purposes of inspection at reasonable hours and intervals.
Charging limitations: Batteries must be charged to Trojan Battery User’s Guide instructions in which charging voltage is adjusted based
on operating temperature. The maximum short term temperature exposure is limited to 160°F. The warranty shall also be voided if the
temperature of the battery exceeds 160°F (71°C) and if battery is subjected to overcharging, undercharging, charging or installing in
reverse polarity, improper maintenance, allowing the battery to be deeply discharged or mishandling of the battery such as but not
limited to using the terminals for lifting or carrying the battery.
Voltage regulator to be adjusted to a level to provide 27.8 to 28.0 volts as measured at the battery terminal.
Continued on reverse...
Any battery with an open circuit voltage of less than 10 volts is considered over discharged due to neglect and will not be covered
under warranty. Any batteries not properly maintained during periods of non-use will void the warranty.
10. The warranty will be void if the battery is used for an application that requires higher cranking power or a greater reserve rating than
the battery is designed to deliver, or the battery capacity is less than the battery capacity specified by the bus manufacturer, or the
battery is otherwise used in applications for which it was not designed.
11. The use of any type of oil, organic solvent, alcohol, detergent, strong acids, strong alkalis, petroleum-based solvent or ammonia
solution to clean the jars or covers may cause permanent damage to the battery jar and cover and will void the warranty.
12. The warranty is rendered void if the battery becomes unserviceable due to fire, wreckage, freezing, neglect, abuse, damage, any act of
God, the use of battery additives, or the battery has been serviced by someone other than an authorized Trojan Battery Service Center.
A battery will not be considered defective unless it fails to deliver 60% or less of its published rated capacity (temperature corrected to 80°F)
during the warranty period. The battery must be used in the application for which it was designed.
The battery owner will read warning labels on the battery and exercise due care in working on or around it. The battery is intended to be
serviced by persons with training or experience with batteries.
How to Receive Warranty Service
To submit warranty claims, the following documents are required:
îî Completed Trojan Battery Transportation Warranty Claim Form (Warranty Claim Form available at
îî Proof of purchase such as a copy of a Receipt or Invoice
îî Test Data from authorized Trojan Battery test equipment. (Information on authorized test equipment can be found on www.
All of the above information should be forwarded to [email protected] or can be mailed to:
Trojan Battery Company
5174 Minola Drive
Lithonia, GA 30038
Attn: Warranty Department/Hall
Claims submitted without the required documentation will be denied.
The TransPower™ ST1000 AGM 31 Limited Warranty starts from the date sold and applies only to bus starting applications. During the free
replacement period, the battery will be repaired or replaced with an in kind replacement.
Trojan Battery Company reserves the right to add or delete batteries from those listed above as they become available or are obsoleted.
Limitation on Implied Warranties
Trojan Battery Company makes no express warranties with respect to its batteries other than the limited warranties stated above.
Disclaimer of Consequential Damages
Trojan Battery Company shall not have any liability for any incidental or consequential damages.
Application of State Law
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.
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