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Driving the Home Entertainment Experience
Entertainment Throughout the Home
The Entertainment PC (EPC) represents an entirely new way for consumers to use technology in the
home. Intel has led the way in the development of the EPC, which combines the functionality of a
home’s audio and video devices with all of the power and flexibility of a high-performance computer.
This multimedia experience is packed into a quiet, sleek-looking box designed to work with your highor standard-definition television, both placed neatly within the family room entertainment area. Combine
an EPC with your existing amplifier/speaker solution, or create a home theater from scratch using a
powered-speaker solution. EPCs illustrate the true convergence of computing and consumer electronics
and enable consumers to streamline their home technology, to store and manage all their personal media
(photos, home movies, etc.) and access their digital entertainment – including movies, music and
recorded or live television programs – from a single device using a remote control.
EPCs are the ultimate one-stop-shop for entertainment, acting as a CD/DVD player, including highdefinition DVDs, stereo and music server, personal video recorder (PVR), combined with the power of a
PC for Internet connectivity and gaming. With these functions, consumers can use their EPC primarily
with a remote control or with a wireless keyboard/mouse – to experience music and movies in full 5.1
to 7.1 surround sound, record and watch their favorite TV shows or photos and personal videos, record
shows or personal content to CDs or DVDs, and even shop online or check e-mail.
Consumers with wired or wireless home networks will have the freedom to use a remote control and
enjoy their multimedia content from any room in the house, enabling exciting new home entertainment
usages. For example, in the future, while a parent is listening to digital music streaming from the EPC
onto a wireless notebook in the kitchen, a teenager can use the EPC to play and watch movies from the
couch in the family room.
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Jack of All Trades
Here is a quick look at what the EPC can do for you:
Connects directly to cable or antenna, or controls your
cable/satellite set-top box
Pause, rewind and replay live TV shows
Dual tuners to record two shows at the same time, or watch one
show while recording another
Schedule TV recording of your favorite shows or actors with the
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Burn TV shows onto DVD (*requires DVD-R drive in the EPC)
Get a movie theater-like experience with high-definition video
(downloaded content, or HD-DVDs) as well as standarddefinition DVDs
Experience 5.1 to 7.1 high-definition surround sound from the
comfort of your living room
Connect your camcorder or digital camera to view, archive and
share personal videos and pictures
Download, organize and enjoy your digital music library
Play and record CDs
Stream digital music from the Internet
Use with a remote control for TV, movie and music enjoyment, or
with a wireless keyboard and mouse for “standard” PC tasks such
as instant messaging (IM), e-mail and browsing the Web
Connect devices such as Personal Media Players, MP3 players,
etc. via USB or 1394
Upgradeability through hardware and software improvements
(examples: Operating System updates, device drivers, and new
hardware like USB/1394 peripherals, graphics cards and memory)
Download and share digital photos, music, videos, and movies
from your personal library/camera or from the Internet
Play and record DVDs
Organize and archive photos, music and videos
“OurRoom” A Look Into the (Near) Future
Consumers can expect to see EPCs based on Intel’s state-of-the-art computing technology, from major
PC manufacturers later in 2004. Below is an Intel design profile that offers a glimpse at the style and
sophisticated capabilities to come, targeted to be available later this year.
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Consumer Electronics (CE) look-and-feel and a fundamental focus on acoustics (quiet) to
seamlessly reside in your living space
o High-definition 7.1 audio outputs as well at optical/coax – connect to your existing
amplifier, or use a set of powered speakers for a “home-theater-in-a-box”
o TV output support for DVI, Component, and S-Video
o Remote control as primary interface, also supports wireless keyboard and mouse
Dual tuner Personal Video Recorder (PVR) for antenna, cable, or control your set-top box
Optimized for use with Microsoft Media Center Edition*
Available in the fourth quarter of 2004
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