Canon CR-180 Brochure
Financial institutions, banking offices, credit unions, merchants, and other
intermediaries are adopting new methods for processing check payments and
deposits as a result of the Check 21 Act. The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act,
or Check 21 Act, was signed into U.S. law on October 28, 2003. Designed to foster
innovation in the American payments system, Check 21 enhances efficiency by
reducing many of the legal impediments to check truncation.
Prior to Check 21, checks were processed in a centralized manner: Once received
at bank branches, ATMs, merchants, intermediaries, etc., checks were physically
transported to an operations center for back-end processing where functions such as
encoding, proofing, balancing, and sorting were performed before being sent to the
Federal Reserve for final processing. This was a lengthy and costly manual process,
and checks were physically returned to the customer with their monthly statements.
Today, with the advent of imaging technology and the enactment of Check 21, checks
no longer require manual transportation and central processing. Instead, check
images can be sent electronically, either to a central processing bank or directly to
the Federal Reserve Bank with an Electronic Cash Letter (ECL).
The Canon CR-180 and CR-55 Check Transport devices, together with the featured
software applications listed in this brochure, are the vehicles driving the adoption
of Check 21, enabling financial organizations of all sizes to gain the benefits derived
from decentralized check image processing.
Canon’s CR-Series Check Transports have been tested for compatibility
with many of the industry’s leading Check 21 solution providers. This
is a compatibility list that is consistently being updated. For the most current list, please visit Canon U.S.A.’s Web site
at, and click on the CR-180 or CR-55 product page to find the listing.
Compatibility Table
Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc.
Anderson Imaging Group
AIG Scan
Aquracy LLC
AudioTel Corporation
Genesys Imaging
Automated Systems, Inc.
Insite Check Imaging
Bluepoint Solutions, Inc.
Business Imaging Systems, Inc.
Mobilis Professional, MasterScan Check
C&A Associates, Inc.
ImageMaster Suite (ImageChex Express products)
Captovation Incorporated
Captovation Check Capture
Carreker Corporation
Source Capture Suite/Corporate Capture™, Source Capture Suite/Branch Capture™
ChexDirect, Inc.
ChexDirect ARC
Community Banking Systems, Ltd.
Contact Innovations, Inc.
ImageArchive Check/Cheque
COWWW Software
Data Financial Business Services, Inc.
ChekScan Pro, Draft Conversion Plus
Check Pro 21
DocuWare Corporation
EFC Systems, Inc.
DigiFunds Pro, DigiFunds SE (CR-55 only)
Financialware, Inc.
Active: View®
Fiserv Imagesoft
Nautilus QuickCapture
Genikon Corporation
Archive Plus
InfoDynamics, Inc.
Integrated Financial Systems, Inc.
Integrated Scanning of America, Inc.
IsaIms, IsaIms.NET
Jaguar Software Development, Inc.
Jara Diversified Services
Draft Conversion Plus , Draft Control Processing System
MICR Automation, Inc.
MICR Image 21
National Source One LLC
Northwest Bank Technology, Inc.
Mips Image Capture, Branch Capture
Pegasus Imaging
Prizm IP, Prizm IQA, ScanFix, Prizm Viewer
Precision Software Technologies, Inc.
PSIGEN Software, Inc.
PSI:Capture for Checks
Reed Data, Inc.
ScanPoint, Inc.
EasyFile Check21
Software Earnings
First Touch iCapture
SortLogic SYSTEMS, a division of Omni-Soft, Inc.
SortLogic Remote Deposit Capture, SortLogic DPX Transport Interface
Technology Management Resources, Inc.
Citation e-Remit
Turbotransactions, Inc.
Vsoft Corporation
eDesk Capture
Wausau Financial Systems
Disclaimer: Canon presents this table to illustrate third-party companies that have independently tested Canon’s CR-180 and CR-55 Check Transport devices for compatibility with their products. Canon does not warrant or
guarantee these third-party solutions in any way. Canon has no responsibility for use of these third-party products and solutions or their compatibility with Canon products in any way.
Note: If a scanner does not show a circle with a particular software, it simply means that testing is currently under way. For the most up-to-date list, please visit Canon U.S.A.’s Web site at, and click on
the product page of the CR-180 or CR-55 Check Scanner.
Check 21 Workflow Applications
Check 21 facilitates check truncation by creating a new
negotiable instrument called a substitute check or Image
Replacement Document (IRD) that permits banks to truncate
original checks, to process check information electronically, and to deliver
substitute checks to banks that want to continue receiving paper checks.
The following illustrations describe four current
check payment trends in the U.S. market: 1) Front
Counter/Teller Capture; 2) Back Counter/Branch
Capture; 3) Remote Deposit/Merchant Capture;
and 4) Remittance/Lockbox Processing.
3. Remote Deposit/
Merchant Capture
1. Front Counter/
Teller Capture
Bank Branch
• CR-55 at Teller
• 3,000 items/day
Central Processing Bank
• Retail Stores
• Utilities
• Accounting Offices
• Mom and Pop Shops
• Doctors’ Offices
• Capture Image at Point of Presentment
A teller receives a check deposit or payment at
a local bank branch. The check is scanned at
the point of presentment and the bank uses
a check processing software solution with the
CR-55 to send the image of the check to a
central processing bank or directly to the
Federal Reserve Bank for processing.
• Any Business
Accepting Checks
• CR-180 or CR-55
(depending on volume)
Customer-facing businesses—such as retail
stores, utilities, and doctors’ offices—accept
checks for payments. Depending on the volume
and if they process the checks at the point of presentment or in batches, the business can utilize
either the CR-55 or CR-180 to transmit received
checks electronically to their bank for deposit.
2. Back Counter/
Branch Capture
4. Remittance/
Lockbox Processing
Federal Reserve Bank
• Batch Processing
• CR-180 or CR-55
(depending on volume)
• CR-55
• 3,000 items/day
Bank Branch
Payment slips for credit cards, utility bills,
etc. are usually sent through the mail with a
check to an intermediary facility where they are
received in a “locked box.” Together, the check
and payment slip are scanned and balanced
using the CR-55 and/or CR-180 systems.
• Capture Image at Point
of Presentment and/or • CR-180
as Batch Processing
• 20,000
At larger bank branches, the tellers accept the
checks at the front counters and could scan them at
this point of presentment with the CR-55, or they
may batch scan them at a back counter at specified
times during the day. Using the check processing
software with the CR-180 or CR-55, the images are
then sent either to a central processing bank or
directly to the Federal Reserve Bank for processing.
Paying Bank
Customer Statement
= Check Images and
Electronic Cash Letters
Automatic Clearing House (ACH) - Networks in the U.S. used to clear
electronic high-volume, low-value payments.
Encode - To place magnetic ink characters on the face of an item.
Usually refers to the dollar amount.
Application Service Provider (ASP) - A service provider will actually
host a remote deposit application for a bank. A remote deposit ASP
will deliver the remote deposit application services to the bank’s
customers, receive the check image data from those customers,
and transmit the data to the bank.
Endorsement - Check payment approval and audit information
applied to the rear of a check. The payee will sign the check for cashing
or deposit. The depositing institution will print their name, location, and
date information when deposited. Automatic equipment will apply date
and reference numbers on the check for auditing and research purposes.
BOFD - Bank of First Deposit.
Float - The dollar amount of items outstanding and in the process
of being collected by banks; also called uncollected float.
Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) - The ability to automatically
locate, analyze, and recognize handwritten or machine-printed
courtesy amounts on documents. The Courtesy Amount is the
check value written in numeric form.
Centralized Capture - Banks will have operational facilities,
either single or regional, where all checks deposited at the
bank are transported to be processed and cleared.
Check 21 - The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act was signed
into United States law on October 28, 2003. The law facilitates check
truncation by creating a new negotiable instrument called a substitute
check or Image Replacement Document (IRD) that permits banks to
truncate original checks, process check information electronically,
and deliver substitute checks to banks that want to continue
receiving paper checks.
Check Truncation - The practice of holding a check at the last point in
the clearing process and not returning it with the monthly statement;
typically confined to credit unions and money markets. (The term
“truncation” is incorrectly used in the “Check Truncation Act”; the
term should actually be “conversion” or the “Check Conversion Act.”)
Distributed Capture - Capturing the data from a check at the point
of deposit; includes teller, branch back office, remotely at a business
entity location, and at an ATM.
Electronic Check Presentment (ECP) - A service that provides for
an electronic payment to be debited from a customer’s bank account
and transferred to a business’ bank account. It is often used for
recurring payments and for businesses wanting to simplify and
reduce the cost associated with collecting payments from customers.
About the CR-180
The Canon CR-180 device is a durable,
high-speed back counter scanning system
used by banks, credit unions, check-clearing
houses, and large retail operations. With duplex
scanning speeds of 180 checks per minute*
and highly accurate MICR read capabilities, the CR-180 is one
of the fastest and most affordable compact devices in its class.
The CR-180 device supports an average daily volume of up to
20,000 checks, and batches of up to 200 items can be scanned
simultaneously and automatically sorted to two different output
pockets using preconfigured rules based on the MICR data on the
checks. Featuring a built-in jogger unit and prescan imprinter,
the CR-180 system delivers outstanding functionality and value.
Image Replacement Document (IRD) - A substitute machine-readable
image copy (as a paper reproduction of the original check) that may,
under certain legal arrangements, be the practical and legal equivalent
of the original check. Also known as Substitute Check, the term IRD
is used by the Accredited Standards Committee in the technical
specification for substitute checks.
Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) - Technology to read the amount
written/printed in words from a check image.
Lockbox - A bill payment is typically addressed to a Post Office box
number. The address will actually be a service provider for the biller,
who will then receive and process the payments.
Lockbox Check Conversion - The process of converting checks
received in the mail by a biller into electronic items.
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) - The font that is imprinted
at the bottom of a check or other financial documents by equipment using
ink with iron-oxide pigments capable of being magnetized. Transports
can either read these characters magnetically (actually “charging” the
characters) or optically. A magnetic read of the characters is normally
more accurate. The font style for MICR characters is called E-13B.
Remote Capture - Capturing the data at a business entity location.
A business will use remote deposit to capture and transmit their
received checks over the Internet to their bank for deposit.
About the CR-55
Whether deployed at the teller line in bank
branches or commercial/retail locations, the
CR-55 device offers the perfect combination
of functionality, size, and speed for distributed
check imaging applications, including branch
capture and remote deposit. For unmatched image reproduction,
the user-friendly CR-55 device offers a choice of high-quality scanning in black and white, grayscale, or 24-bit color and resolutions
of up to 300 dpi. The CR-55 device captures MICR data along with
images of both sides of checks at a fast 55 check-per-minute*
speed. A built-in prescan imprinter comes standard and the device
also features infrared double-feed detection for dependable paper
feeding and image capture. Designed for a wide range of check
processing environments, the CR-55 device requires minimal
training and effortless operation.
* Examples based on typical settings, rated in checks/images per minute with U.S. personal checks @ 200 dpi in black and white or grayscale.
Additional applications include CAR/LAR/OCR recognition,
check cashing services, microfilm replacement, tax
collections, teller automation, and Web-based solutions
offered by financial institutions.
Additional Applications
CAR/LAR, OCR, Signature Verification, and Image
Quality/Usability Recognition Applications - These
applications automatically read and analyze handwritten
or printed information contained in checks or other bank
items, such as courtesy and legal amounts, address,
date, payee, MICR codeline, and signature, to help
minimize manual process for data entry, verify information
against fraud, or assure the overall legibility of check data
for Check 21 standards.
Tax Collections - By scanning incoming tax payment checks
daily, municipalities and accounting offices can significantly
reduce costs associated with additional labor required for
the busy tax season. Transforming this traditionally manual
process to an electronic one ensures accurate balancing and
cuts down on the time required to process deposits.
Teller Automation - Applications integrate the image
capture, data entry, balancing, and transaction acceptance
of check processing into a financial institution’s teller
system. This eliminates redundant manual data entry,
often thanks to the industry’s latest recognition technologies such as OCR, ICR, CAR, and LAR.
Check Cashing Services - Check cashing offices cash
payroll checks and accept utility bill payments and other
check types, such as government-issued or insurance
checks. Check cashers can leverage imaging technologies
Web-Based Solutions - Applications that provide the
to electronically transmit check deposits to their corresponfinancial industry with online, Web-based imaging
dent bank in order to eliminate courier fees, facilitate faster
solutions for image processing and viewing checks
exchange of funds, and identify fraudulent items sooner.
and associated documents based on an in-house or
outsourced Web-enabled image exchange infrastructure.
Microfilm Replacement - Replace microfilm with check
imaging, archival, and storage applications that capture
check images together with MICR data. This process improves
the traditional and inefficient way microfilms are developed,
handled, and searched to retrieve analog check images.
Benefits of Check Imaging for the
Banks and Financial Institutions
• Float benefits occur when funds become available fast for banks. Before Check 21, it could take several days for checks
to clear—they “floated” during this time, and the banks did not have the funds collected yet. With Check 21, the check
is cleared in a faster time, which provides greater funds for them to provide to lenders, gaining profitability.
• Streamlines the electronic collection and processing of checks, reducing and preventing potential human errors
and fraud that could happen during the physical handling and transportation of checks
• Reduces costs associated with paper handling, transportation, labor, and operations, including return processing
• Enables banks to move toward 24/7 real-time operations
• With Check 21, banks can now truncate checks with or without prior agreements to exchange electronic check data with
other banks. For those banks or customers requiring physical checks, the banks can create and provide substitute
checks, also called Image Replacement Documents, or IRDs, instead. The banking industry has estimated significant savings from the truncation of checks, even at the cost of generating substitute checks.
• Remote deposits overcome geographic limitations and greatly expand the market that a bank can serve, offering
opportunities for increased services and market share.
CR-180 and CR-55
Check Transport Compatibility Listings
The following companies are listed in the compatibility table.
The descriptions provide additional information about their
solutions and a Web address to learn more.
Advanced Financial Solutions
(AFS), a Metavante company,
delivers high-quality, imagebased check processing solutions to the financial services
industry. AFS was one of the first companies to offer
image-item processing technology based on the Microsoft®
Windows® .NET operating environment. AFS ImageVision
supports the electronic image-capture and processing of
checks and payments.
Adopting Check 21, truncation, or
ARC does not require an investment
in expensive transports and hardware.
Take advantage of Aperta’s check and
remittance processing suite and Canon’s CR-180 and CR-55
devices to introduce these new initiatives into your existing
processing system. Reduce operational costs and improve
margins by converting paper into images in the back office.
Aperta’s solutions integrate with your current workflow,
allowing you to adopt key-from-image and electronic
processing, reduce operational costs, widen processing
windows, or go straight to truncation at an affordable cost.
Anderson Imaging Group is a
scanning software developer.
AIG Scan software captures and
processes check and remittance
images. Featuring a modular architecture, AIG Scan is
custom-configured to match job requirements. Features
include computer-assisted data entry, barcode recognition,
ICR, bidirectional linking to SQL/ODBC databases, and
MICR code line parsing.
Aquracy integrates advanced
imaging, recognition, and
document scanning technologies
to enhance customer service and deliver cost-saving results.
Aquracy’s range of applications includes check processing,
lockbox processing, front-end payments, remote deposit
capture, and donations processing. Aquracy’s unique image
platform suits the needs of many markets, including banks,
non-profits, property management, government services,
utilities, and charities.
AudioTel’s success in the community bank
market across the United States is attributed
to great pricing, powerful software, and
customer satisfaction. From microfilm
replacement to full-blown POD/check
imaging, AudioTel has the solutions that are affordable,
time-tested, and full-featured.
Responding to the Check 21 Act’s needs and migration
to Web-based applications has shown AudioTel’s ability
to meet the wants and needs of the market. Financial
strength, a full imaging product line, and a base of over
1,000 satisfied customers are sound reasons to consider
AudioTel in your future imaging needs.
Automated Systems, Inc.’s
Insite Banking System Check
Imaging application provides
the necessary design autonomy
and imaging capabilities to address customer demands and
enable improved functionality with the Insite Banking System
core application. The Insite Check Imaging solution is a powerful image-enabled item processing solution. It is an integrated suite of check image software modules that combines check image capture, workflow, archival, retrieval,
distribution, and exception item handling technologies
seamlessly into the Insite Banking System application.
Business Imaging Systems, Inc.
was founded in 1986 as a systems
integrations firm supplying specialized micrographics systems. Today,
BIS provides complete document management solutions,
allowing its customers to work smarter, not harder. BIS
offers a variety of document capture, document management, and data distribution products and services such
as check and document scanners, software development,
systems integration, professional services, and data
conversion services.
BankWare is a Division of Fidelity
Intergrated Financial Solutions.
ImageCentre, the financial
industry’s first and only complete
browser-based check imaging, document imaging, remittance
imaging, and COLD solution, has been integrated with the
Canon CR-180 device for branch image capture, teller image
capture, microfilm replacement, and back-office image
capture and processing.
ProofPC32 item processing provides a complete
Check 21 platform for capturing and sending
electronic cash letters, and archiving checks for
research. Branch capture and remote customer
capture allow financial institutions to create a totally electronic
environment for check processing. C&A Associates, Inc. is the
leading provider of Check 21 solutions in the industry today.
Many institutions have replaced expensive capture devices
with the CR-Series, resulting in substantial economic benefits.
Combined with ImageChex32, banks and credit unions are
able to create an electronic check processing system with
e-mail statements, electronic return item cash letters, and electronic receipt of incoming cash letters.
Today, hundreds of financial institutions, with asset ranges
from de novo to multibillion, rely on ImageCentre for their
complete payment processing, document management,
and Check 21 Compliance needs.
Bluepoint Solutions’ C21CaptureTM
is the only credit-union-exclusive
line of Check 21 compliant item
capture products that supports all popular branch capture
models: back office, back counter, and live teller capture.
What’s more, captured items can be integrated seamlessly
into our enterprise-wide electronic document management
solution for full archival capabilities.
Captovation develops check capture software for banks and credit
unions that are looking to replace
antiquated microfilm systems and become “image enabled,”
thus allowing them to participate in and realize the many
benefits of Check 21 and electronic image exchange.
Captovation® Check Capture has a direct interface to the
Canon CR-180 device and includes such features as support
for virtually any electronic content management system,
Check 21 output standards support, auto MICR parsing,
batch total balancing, and CAR/LAR recognition (optional).
Carreker addresses the challenges
of Check 21 with its Source Capture
suite of applications for distributed
image capture. Source Capture, using image scanners like
the Canon CR-180 and CR-55 devices, will allow banks to take
the image capture process out to the original source of items,
such as corporate/merchant locations, bank branches, bank
cash vaults, at an ATM, or at a point of sale. Source Capture
will consist of a base Source Capture system, plus optional
components that address the individual input sources.
A pioneer and leading North American
solutions provider in desktop check
imaging, Contact Innovations Inc.
now supports the Canon CR-180 Check
Transport. Combined with the ImageArchive® line of products, the CR-180 allows financial institutions and other check
handlers to quickly scan, index, store, and retrieve items
within seconds and at an affordable price. With the implementation of Check 21, ImageArchive® products provide
the necessary tools to participate in a check truncation
environment and provide an easy-to-use, scalable
imaging solution geared to fit one’s budget.
ChexDirect provides integrated
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
billing solutions to corporations
seeking to remove paper from the workflow of AR/AP departments. ChexDirect employs the Canon CR-180 device to
process mailed payments using MICR/OCR/ICR technology,
posting payments in high speed, and processing all payments through the ACH network. Included in this application is the ability to transfer vendor and payroll payments
and allow consumer payments via the client’s Web site.
COWWW Software provides a complete
information archive and delivery system
for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. COWWW Software’s
archive technology is 100% browserbased and provides access to check images, statements,
documents, and reports.
Community Banking Systems is
an industry leader in advanced
browser-based check processing,
check imaging, document imaging, and report archival
technologies. Community Banking Systems offers comprehensive products and services ranging from Microfilm
Replacement to full Image Proof of Deposit (POD) solutions
and include Branch and Merchant Capture capabilities
as well as compliance with all Check 21 services offered
by the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB).
Data Financial is a banking equipment
and software vendor specializing in
check image processing systems.
They offer Draft Conversion Plus software for automated remittance processing with ACH conversion. Additionally, they offer Draft Control Procession System
software for full automated point-of-deposit systems for banking and credit union applications with one to 500 branches,
including X9.37 file formats tested and ready for electronic
check presentment and image exchange.
Datamonics Check Pro 21 provides end-users (banks, credit
unions, businesses, and organizations) with a fast and powerful tool to capture check
images, MICR lines, perform point-of-deposit/image quality
determination, virtual-sort check images, and post data
into unlimited number of databases for multi-year storage,
research, and presentment (X9.37) to banks of origin
directly or via the Federal Reserve, service bureaus, etc.
With more than 5,500 installations
and tens of thousands of users
in over 50 countries, DocuWare’s
worldwide network of independent authorized reseller
experts are bringing its solutions to customers around
the world.
DocuWare is an Integrated Document Management software
solution that can automate business processes by managing
any type of document, regardless of format or source, in a
central document pool—with just one search, users have
access to all documents related to a business transaction.
The Nautilus QuickCapture
solution cost-effectively captures check images at remote
or branch locations, allowing processing of checks faster and
with fewer errors. QuickCapture enables all “on-us” and transit items to be efficiently processed and managed from the
earliest point of presentment. This significantly enhances
operational efficiency, saving expense and reducing risk.
DigiFunds is a check processing
software application from EFC
Systems, an experienced developer of check imaging solutions. It combines standard ACH
and x9.37 Check 21 file creation in one easy-to-use application, facilitating electronic payments while simultaneously
providing a robust, multiuser document storage and
retrieval system.
Archive Plus combines check
imaging technology with an
archive management program
that scans, stores, indexes,
and retrieves check information and images. With Archive
Plus Connect, bring the power of collaboration, disaster
recovery and Web-based storage and retrieval to the
check scanning process.
Financialware is an innovator
in check, statement, document,
report management and image
exchange software for financial
institutions. For over 20 years, Financialware’s enterprise
content management solutions have benefited financial
institutions worldwide. Financialware applications are core
vendor and hardware independent. Their highly scalable,
secure technologies enable Internet and internal access to
critical business and customer information. Financialware
products lower internal costs, accelerate ROI, and personalize customer and employee access, further enriching the
customer experience.
inCHECK, together with the Canon
CR-180 device, provide customers
with just-in-time, on-site scanning of
checks and deposit documents, with
the images being saved electronically on the customer’s server.
inCHECK is equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
to read the check number and MICR encoding code-enables
customers to eliminate the need for additional data entry by
users. Search tools allow customers to easily find checks using
any of the MICR information. To ensure security of personal
information, inCHECK has role-based security, limiting who
has access to customer information.
Integrated Financial Systems’
OdinCheck-21 effectively replaces
check microfilming and offers
Check-21-related features for
remote item capture, while providing substantially robust
database-driven item research capabilities. Combined
with the speed, durability, and other features of the Canon
CR-180 Check Scanner, OdinCheck-21 offers exceptional
value and performance as a Check-21-oriented microfilm
replacement solution.
Jara Diversified Services (JDS)
offers check-processing-based
solutions for Check 21 and Electronic Check Conversion
(ECC). It has solutions deployed throughout the country
for processing checks in corporate accounting departments,
lockbox, and banking operations. Draft Conversion PlusTM does
Check 21 and ECC processing for accounts receivable and retail
businesses. Draft Control Processing SystemTM for financial
institutions is scalable to full POD processing from microfilm
replacement and supports both branch and remote capture.
Both systems have easy-to-use tools for balancing, reporting,
and auditing, are 100% compatible to capture at the CR-180
device’s top speed.
I.S.A. software products allow
integrated capture, and archival
and retrieval of checks from multiple sources, including paper and
microfilm. Remittance attachments may be captured on
regular paper scanners while checks are captured from
check, paper, and/or microfilm scanners. Archived data and
images can reside on removable media, local storage, or
hosted for Internet access. Data sources include the MICR
line, machine and hand-printed recognition, and CAR file
integration for microfilm sources. ISA’s ‘Index on Demand’
feature allows indexing costs to be deferred until needed.
LaserFiche document management,
imaging, and DoD 5015.2-certified
records management solutions help
21,000 organizations, worldwide, run smarter. LaserFiche
solutions streamline operations, enhance the security of business-critical information, and reduce costs associated with
paper-handling, document storage, and regulatory compliance programs. Designed for rapid deployment, LaserFiche
systems support standard Microsoft and Oracle database
platforms and are built on a scalable, open architecture
that integrates smoothly into existing IT infrastructures.
Jaguar Software is committed to
developing and delivering check
imaging and document management systems for financial
institutions of all asset sizes. Its MirrorImage Check
Imaging System is a sophisticated, modular, and user-friendly
software suite aimed at providing solutions ranging from
microfilm replacement to branch capture and complete
image POD. These solutions enable customers to take full
advantage of the provisions of Check 21 by allowing for
the receipt and transmission of image files in several
different formats and the printing of substitute checks.
MICR Automation utilizes the
Canon CR-180 as the primary
entry device for MICR items. Image proofing with CAR/LAR
may be performed at the branch or at a central location,
and complete Check 21 image presentment and acceptance
are supported. A leader in utilizing encrypted e-mail to
minimize mailing, MICR Automation offers low-cost, selfhosted, secure Internet image support that reduces account
support expenses while maximizing customer satisfaction.
MICR Automation makes big bank technology secure,
available, and affordable for the community bank, and
ensures they receive complete source code.
National Source One offers a complete suite of host independent
branch automation software through its network of regional
financial systems distributors throughout the U.S. Its 13
solutions include teller automation and account origination
as well as check imaging.
GoldCheck21TM is a full-featured item processing package
designed to provide your bank with the power and flexibility
to fulfill its proof processing requirements at an affordable
price. CAR/LAR support eliminates the time-consuming
encoding of documents prior to capture. Integration with
your teller software allows truncation at the window.
Nw Bank Technology is a provider
of check imaging solutions for
banks and credit unions. NwBT’s
branch capture solution using the Canon CR-180 device
can perform remote capture and transmit functionality.
Item capture, CAR/LAR, Visual Data Entry, reject/repair,
and balancing functions are all available using the
Canon DR-Scanner Series of desktop of scanners.
Reed Data provides the
finest software-based
solutions available to the industry at exceptional prices
and backed by industry-acclaimed support! 2020DOC®
is the industry’s standard software solution for electronic
document storage, imaging, archiving, and management
of checks. Features include complete Check 21 image capture
compliance, fully integrated archiving system, easy-to-use
file cabinet structure, browser-based accessibility, multiple
data search tools, security through encryption and authority
level designation, user tracking security, flexible open
architecture, and SQL/ODBC compliance.
Pegasus Imaging offers powerful
document imaging and forms
processing technology, delivered as
software development toolkits and
applications. Features include ISIS® scanning, TWAIN scanning, barcode recognition, ICR, OCR, OMR, file conversion,
multipage TIFF G3/G4 and PDF, JPEG, document viewing,
document clean up, image processing (including anti-alias,
deskew, despeckle, binarization), annotation, redaction,
printing, and more. Products are delivered as .NET controls,
COM components, DLLS and applications.
ScanPoint is a leading provider
of document management solutions to a variety of corporate
business sectors. Its EasyFile Check 21 product consists
of a complete set of EDM functions, including capture,
index, store, retrieve, and archive, and integrates seamlessly with Canon DR-Series Scanners and the CR-180
Check Transport device.
PSI:Capture for Checks combines
PSIGEN’s state-of-the-art capture
technology with its query and
retrieval product. This gives users
more than a check scanning application—it gives a document query and retrieval system that
provides a more efficient and financially feasible method
for organizations to retain check images.
First Touch iCapture
is a simple-to-use suite
of solutions that allows
banks and their merchant or corporate clients to capture
the images of deposits where they are “first touched” and
send them over a secure line for immediate deposit at the
bank, eliminating the physical transportation of checks.
EZ-ScanTM software is the most versatile check imaging solution on the
market, with support for the Canon
CR-55 and CR-180 Check Transport
devices. Utilizing the EZ-Scan solution, one can easily organize captured data and images
to provide not just microfilm type storage, but have full
searching, printing, e-mailing, reporting, and exporting
capabilities of captured images and data. EZ-Scan is
Check-21-compliant and easily integrates with current
imaging and data systems.
SortLogic delivers products
across the check processing
spectrum—from remote deposit
capture and image exchange to 3890/XP emulation and
in-line repair for institutions of all sizes. This provides the
ability to integrate the right mix of component technology
into a Check 21 enterprise for more connectivity, tighter
operations, and IT integration.
TurboTransactions, Inc.’s primary
focus is on providing small and
medium-size businesses with
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
and Check 21 payment processing solutions. The company
specializes in developing check truncation software and
services, interfacing with industry specific software packages. This direct interface gives companies the ability to
turn paper checks into ACH and Check 21 electronic payments, eliminating the need to make bank deposits,
speeding up the accounts receivable process, and
decreasing human processing errors.
TMR’S Citation solutions handle
payments. Whether it’s remote
deposit, lockbox/remittance processing, automated representment
of returned (NSF) CHECK, Web,
TEL, ARC payments, or capture on a Canon CR-180 or
CR-55 device, Citation handles it. At TMR, we’ll help you
get a handle on your payments processing operation.
Implementing a solution, marketing your services,
training your staff –whatever payments processing
needs you might have, TMR handles it!
Vsoft Corporation is a global information technology and solutions
provider of check imaging and
data management software. Its
Branch Item Capture is a branch
and teller-level application that captures images and data
for central processing. It enables users to capture images at
branches rather than transporting them to the central operations center. Branch personnel use small capture devices
to record the data and image. As items are captured at the
branch throughout the day, the item image and MICR data
are sent electronically to a central processing location.
Optima is a suite of products to process
transactions captured and processed in
remote sites or locally. A set of applications collects the data and images and
performs all validation and integrity
checks. Optima also performs required amount entry, repair
and balancing, exception handling, and settlement.
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