Canon imagePRESS C6000 High Res Brochure

Canon imagePRESS C6000 High Res Brochure
Powered by Creo Color Server Technology
imagePRESS CR Server A7000, Powered by Creo Color Server
The imagePRESS CR Server A7000, Powered by Creo Color Server Technology, is a high-performance,
high-end color server based on the Creo Color Server feature-set and flexible architecture. It offers an
extensive set of features that deliver excellent color capability, speed, and one of the best values for
professional graphic arts, mid-production, CRDs, creative agencies, and commercial printers alike.
High Productivity for Greater Revenues
Increase throughput and manage more jobs quickly
Hot Folder/Virtual Printer
Ease-of-use through preset workflows – define a job’s settings once, then repeat them
automatically (imposition, duplex printing, color management, finishing, etc.).
Ready-to-Print (RTP) Job
Adjust RTP files Post-RIP for better productivity without the need to re-RIP the job.
This saves processing time and avoids delays.
Parallel RIP
(Optional Process Power Pack)
Speed up production time by processing two jobs simultaneously.
Centralized Server Setup and Control
No need to reinstall and align all clients to the same setup when configuration is
changed, recovered, or upgraded.
Job Forwarding
Increases productivity and adds flexibility in machine usage through manual load
Job Batching
Batches jobs together to minimize machine downtime.
Dynamic Page Exceptions
Easily define dynamic page exceptions for static and VDP jobs.
Last-minute Corrections
Fine-tune colors at the last minute, after the job has been RIPped.
Powerful Color Control and Optimal Image Quality
Extensive color and image controls satisfy the most demanding customers
Spot Color Editing
Spot Color Editor ensures spot color fidelity and consistency both within and between
different jobs.
Spot Color Variations and Test Print
Enables fine-tuning of spot colors through visual comparison.
Advanced Color Management Tools
Enables novice users the ability to achieve professional color results.
ICC Version 4 Support
Support of custom profiles to maximize device output.
Photo Touch-up Software
(Optional Process Power Pack)
Automatic image enhancement workflow improves printed results, including image
smoothing (i.e., red-eye removal, scene balance, and noise reduction).
Preserve Pure Colors
Removes stray colors from elements that should be black only. This improves quality
and saves on unnecessary color toner consumption.
Handling of Vignettes and Text Within Images
Increases the output quality of images.
Color Sets
Predefined color and quality setup for optimized output of various print applications.
Predefined Color Libraries
Improved accuracy to achieve spot colors.
Supports 600- and 1200-dpi Resolution
Print high-quality images to the finest detail.
Open Connectivity with Automated Workflow Management Tools
Built-in JDF capabilities bridge the gap between offset and digital printing
Built-in JDF/JMF Capabilities – Version 1.3
Seamless integration between production steps, for faster turnaround times and
reduced labor.
Creo Color Server Job Ticket Software
The Creo Color Server Job Ticket Software can create a job definition format (JDF) file
that contains a set of printing parameters (job ticket). This provides full support of all job
parameters on third-party software (i.e., Kodak Prinergy Workflow System).
Supporting Graphic Arts Port
Increases job integrity and speed with the ability to import CT/LW files without re-RIPping.
OPI and APR Support
Applies high-resolution images to jobs at print time to save processing time.
Creo’s Workflow Partnership Program and the
imagePRESS Workflow Solutions Program
These programs study and develop connectivity between the imagePRESS CR Server
A7000 and the broadest array of third-party workflow solutions.
Technology: Top Product Highlights
Advanced Built-in Variable Data Printing (VDP) Capabilities
Enter the profitable and growing VDP market
Supports Leading VDP Formats
Rapid, efficient VDP processing, regardless of the original authoring tool. Accepts
standard VDP data formats, including VPS, Optimized PDF, Optimized PostScript®, and
PPML – and integrates with PDF workflows.
Full Imposition Support for VDP
Impose VDP jobs faster and easier for higher productivity.
Split to Booklets
Define and optimize booklets for complex VDP jobs.
Creo’s VDP Partnership Program and the
imagePRESS Workflow Solutions Program
Provide connectivity between the imagePRESS CR Server A7000 and leading
VDP solutions.
Enables you to start printing a long job (usually VDP) while the job is still processing,
for greater efficiency in the production workflow.
Cached Global VDP Elements
Each element (image, text, or graphic) is RIPped only once but can be re-used many times.
Easy VDP Creator (A set of pre-defined VDP
templates ready for immediate use)
Enables printers to get started in VDP easily, so they can focus on developing
business rather than learning software.
Ease-of-Use for Higher Flexibility
Short learning curve for immediate use and error reduction
Straight-forward, Self-explanatory GUI
Increases operator productivity.
Pre-RIP Preview
Enables reviewing job content before RIPping.
Job Preview and Editor for RIPped Files
Gives the user flexibility in job management.
Imposition Template Builder
The Imposition Template Builder enables the operator to create customized templates
and save them for future use.
Acrobat Tabs Plug-in
Easily add tabs through a simple procedure.
Export Post-RIP Jobs to PDF Format
Provides a representation of the final document before printing.
Printer Monitor (One point of control)
Workspace centralizes control over the printer, gives clear indication of printer status,
consumables, finishers connected, and errors.
Remote Workspace
Enables remote operation and control of the imagePRESS CR Server A7000 from multiple
Working from Client Workstations with the Print
Driver Software for both PC and Mac
Easy-to-use GUI and workflow for both operating systems.
Advanced Document Printing for Greater Flexibility
Market-leading document printing features save time and paper costs
Mixed page size documents
Print jobs that include more than one paper size, such as letter and tabloid for flexible,
efficient job handling.
Supports imagePRESS C7000VP/C6000VP/C6000
Benefit from the breadth of feeding as well as finishing options available on the
digital press.
Supports Duplo Near-line Finishers
Finish your high-quality prints by having them ready for the Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/
Creaser and Duplo DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder finishers through barcode labeling.
One Server Fits All Printer Configurations
Grows with your business and adapts to any finishing configuration upgrade.
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor (2.66GHZ, 6MB,
2GB System Memory
250GB System Disk (1 x 250GB SATA2)
750GB Printer (Image) Disk (3 x 250GB SATA2)
Creo Color Server Fusion CS2 Board
6 x USBs
1 Serial Port
2 Ethernet Ports
DVD R/W Drive
19” LCD Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse (included)
X-Rite i1 Spectrophotometer (included)
Product Stand (included)
File Input Formats
PostScript 1, 2, 3
PPML 2.2
Adobe PDF version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
JPEG (except Progressive JPEG and JPEG 2000)
TIFF 6.0 (except 16-bit TIFF)
Pre-separated PS
CT (all versions)
LW (all versions)
Brisque Jobspp
Operating System: Network:
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T
802.1x Authentication
File Sharing: Net Bios – Protocols: TCP/IP, Net BEUI
NFS (optional for user)
IPV6-Level only supporting LPR printing
Net Bios – Protocols: Over TCP/IP,
Print Server for Mac OS – Protocol:
Bonjour, Printing over IP
LPR – Protocol: TCP/IP, LPR/LPD
implementation is of MS (compliant to RFC1179)
Support SMB Printing
Support *.inf remote printer install
Automatic: Picture Replacement Supported Formats
TIFF: CMYK, B/W, Indexed (RGB and B/W)
DCS1 and DCS2
Supports OPI versions 1.3 and 2.0
Third-Party Web Browser – Microsoft Internet Software: Explorer version 6
Microsoft SQL Server Desktop
Adobe® Acrobat® 9.0 Standard with Creo-developed tab building plug-in
ATI Display Driver
Color Server UI
CD Burning – Nero OEM
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Adobe InDesign® Server (limited use version)
Enfocus PitStop Professional (Adobe Acrobat Plug-in)
Supero Doctor III
Norton Ghost
Phoenix cME TrustedCore Pro Setup Utility
Macintosh®: Creo Server Print Driver Installer
Creo Color Server Job Ticket Creator
Net Test
POD Check
Task Monitor
Creo Color Server Job Ticket Creator
Microsoft Office HotFolder
Remote Site Manager
Creo Web Utilities
Resource PPDs
Easy VDP Creator
Color Profiles
Vendor Links
Supported imagePRESS Models
imagePRESS C7000VP
imagePRESS C6000VP
imagePRESS C6000
Process Power Pack (Optional)
Parallel RIP: Speeds up production time by
processing two jobs simultaneously
Photo Touch-up Software: Photo processing
controls for automated image enhancements
Power Supply
Input Voltage Range:
100-127/200-240 VAC
Input Frequency Range: 60/50Hz
Ampere Rating
2.25/1.25 A
Dimensions (DxWxH)
23.15” x 7.87” x 17.32”
(588mm x 200mm x 440mm)
37 lb. (17kg)
Creo is a trademark of Eastman Kodak Company. CANON and IMAGEPRESS are registered
trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be registered trademarks or
trademarks in other countries. IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark of Canon. All referenced
product names and other marks are trademarks of their respective owners and are
hereby acknowledged. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice.
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