Canon imagePRESS C800/C700 Brochure

Canon imagePRESS C800/C700 Brochure
Color Production
Digital Press
Powerful features in a compact device.
print quality
choice of workflows
•Production speeds of up to
80 ipm (color and B/W)
• Up to 2400 x 2400 dpi
• PRISMAsync Controller
• CV Toner
• imagePRESS Server F200
•Maintains rated speed on
uncoated stocks up to 220 gsm
(80 lb. Cover)
• R-VCSEL red laser technology
• imagePRESS Server G100
•Rated EPEAT Gold
• Gloss Optimization
•imagePRESS Printer Kit
•Compliant with RoHS
•7,650-sheet feeding capacity
with up to six different sources
•Wide array of in-line feeding
and finishing accessories
•Accurate registration
•Recyclable toner bottles
• Advanced Image Transfer Belt
•No VOCs in consumables
• Variety of calibration options to
help maximize color consistency
imagePRESS C800 model shown with optional accessories.
The Canon imagePRESS C800/C700 Series—
powerful opportunities in a small footprint.
Make a smart investment
Benefit from a scalable solution
The imagePRESS C800 Series incorporates
innovative technologies in a small, scalable
footprint to unleash outstanding quality,
productivity, and versatility. Highly efficient,
it offers your operation the ability to save
time and costs.
These solutions can help you produce
revenue-generating applications efficiently
and cost-effectively. Modular architecture
allows you to select the feeding and finishing
options that can help you reach your business
goals today and in the future.
Experience exceptional print quality
Protect the environment**
Achieve consistent, vivid colored output on a
wide range of media without compromising
productivity.* Brilliant advances in design
deliver precise, 2400-dpi resolution and
highly accurate registration to help satisfy
the needs of even your most demanding
Consistent with Canon’s long-term
commitment, these presses offer thoughtful,
eco-conscious solutions. Meeting ENERGY
STAR® standards, rated EPEAT Gold, and
RoHS compliant, they can help you minimize
your organization’s environmental impact
and decrease energy costs.
Realize enhanced productivity
Benefit from a solid collaboration
Enjoy peak productivity with end-to-end
solutions, automation, intuitive operation,
and streamlined workflows. Impressive
print speeds on a wide range of media plus
advanced feeding technologies allow you to
keep jobs moving so you can meet customers’
deadlines. This helps lead to increased
customer loyalty and business growth.
Canon uses its deep, insightful understanding
of the marketplace and its challenges—
combined with intelligent, cutting-edge
technologies—to help you expand your
opportunities today.
powerful features
a small footprint
many media choices
folding options
gloss optimization
Enjoy quality results with
new imaging technologies,
outstanding versatility, and
powerful performance—all
in a small footprint. An
ideal fit for a business ready
for growth.
Please customers with the
ability to print on attentiongetting stocks and envelopes
in a range of sizes. Run a wide
range of media at weights of
up to 300 gsm (110 lb. Cover).
Encourage creativity with the
ability to offer four different
folding options. The efficient,
in-line folding unit can output
trifold brochures, pamphlets,
and more.
As with offset printing, images
closely match the gloss levels of
the paper stock.
*Production speed up to 80 ipm.
**Please visit
for additional information on eco-conscious features.
Consistently brilliant color
innovative imaging technology
r-vcsel laser technology
With 2400 x 2400 dpi, images have remarkable clarity
and definition. The 32-beam, red VCSEL laser produces
clear, crisp output at high speeds.
cv toner
With smoother particles and a lower melting point,
Canon’s CV Toner produces exceptionally vibrant
images on a wide variety of media.
advanced image transfer belt
The Advanced Image Transfer Belt applies all toner
colors to the paper simultaneously, achieving accurate,
reliable registration and toner adhesion on plain,
coated, textured, and embossed stocks for custom
and premium applications.
Canon CV Toner
The small particle size enables
quality printing on smooth
and textured stocks.
outstanding stability
calibration tools
The imagePRESS C800 Series offers automatic, real-time
calibration and provides tools to reduce calibration time to
reliably deliver high-quality, repeatable, predictable output
with minimal operator intervention.
enhanced developer unit
The newly designed developer unit maintains a cool temperature
that extends developer life and helps ensure stable image
quality over time.
accurate registration
Combined with the press’s self-centering drawers, the Compact
Registration Module delivers highly accurate, front-to-back
registration, sheet after sheet.
humidity sensor/airflow unit
The precisely controlled internal environment and airflow help
maintain consistent, high-quality images across print runs.
Incredibly productive
integrated workflow
large media capacity
A 7,650-sheet input capacity* allows for unattended
production runs. And with up to six different sources,
operators can load many different media types for
mixed-media jobs.
production print speeds
Reach impressive production speeds of up to 80 ipm
on a wide range of media. Without sacrificing quality,
these presses can run at maximum speed on uncoated
stock of up to 220 gsm and can automatically duplex
jobs on up to 300 gsm media.
in-line finishing
Achieve “white paper in, finished product out” workflows
with Canon’s extensive in-line finishing options.
maximized uptime
on-the-fly replacement
Maintain a steady workflow with the ability to replace
paper and toner during a print run.
advanced twin belt fusing technology
Canon’s innovative induction heating and cooling
technologies use two belts that allow the press to fuse
at a lower temperature, minimizing heat fluctuations
while printing on different media. This helps keep the
press productive on regular and mixed-media jobs
while controlling gloss and image quality.
operator maintenance
Trained operators can perform maintenance and image
adjustments, promoting maximum uptime and less
unplanned maintenance.
*With optional Multi-Drawer Paper Deck.
Powerful, end-to-end performance
The imagePRESS C800 Series of color digital presses: More versatility,
more automation, better performance—all in a lot less space.
1 staples and saddle finisher
Corner staple up to 100 sheets or
saddle-stitch** up to 100-page booklets
in paper sizes up to 13" x 19.2". An
external side jogger keeps paper in
neat stacks. An optional 2/3-hole
puncher is also available.
2 booklet trimming
These modules work with the Saddle
Finisher to produce professional, fullbleed booklets in-line.
square-fold booklet makers
Deliver professional-looking, lie-flat
booklets with the speed and simplicity
of in-line saddle-stitching. The SDD
BLM300C Professional Booklet Maker
extends booklet-making capabilities
up to 120 pages.
3 paper folding unit
Offer promotional pamphlets, brochures,
and more with the ability to produce
Z-fold, C-fold, accordion fold, and
double-parallel fold documents.
4 high-capacity stacker
Realize maximum productivity with
unload-while-run capability, helping
to provide uninterrupted printing
and virtually unlimited stacking.
The integrated DFD interface lets
configurations include third-party
finishing devices.
6 perfect binder
Using hot glue, this module binds covers
to book blocks of up to 400 pages at 20 lb.
Bond and can trim on all three sides for
full-bleed books or manuals.
5 professional punch unit
Perfect for manuals, reports, and
presentations, this module offers
numerous standard and customized
die patterns to take some of the
manual labor out of the binding process.
max ring binders
Produce up to 50- or 100-sheet ringbound booklets in-line to eliminate the
handling and finishing steps between
printing and binding.
7 document insertion unit
This module enables insertion of slip
sheets or preprinted inserts and covers.
*In-line finishing accessories are optional.
**Available only on Saddle Finisher.
sNot shown.
8 cv toner
Canon’s CV toner produces consistent,
vivid, and sharp images on a wide range
of media with a realistic, offset-like finish.
9 r-vcsel laser technology
R-VCSEL technology provides clear, crisp
2400 x 2400 dpi output at high speeds.
10 advanced twin belt fusing
12 prismasync user interface*
The PRISMAsync interface expands
possibilities with an intelligent server and
media-driven workflow. It offers up to
eight hours of advance production planning
and scheduling, plus uniform workflow
with other PRISMAsync-driven Canon
digital presses, such as the varioPRINT
DP Line, VarioPRINT 6000+ Series, and
imagePRESS C7011VPS Series.
14 multi-drawer paper deck
Three paper drawers offer a 6,000-sheet
capacity and maximum size of 13" x 19.2".
All drawers accommodate all supported
media weights and types.‡
13 operator attention light *
You’ll always know if your job is progressing
smoothly, because this helpful light
displays the status of the press at a glance
and alerts staff in time for an operator to
intervene and keep production running.
This technology optimizes temperature
control for outstanding productivity on
media at weights as low as 52 gsm and
as high as 300 gsm.
11 e-drum
The durable, reliable E-Drum is designed
for optimal image transfer.
pod deck lites
This deck’s 3,500-sheet capacity supports
paper sizes up to 13" x 19.2" and envelopes
in a range of sizes.
advanced feeding technologies
The Multi-Drawer Paper Deck and POD
Deck Lite come standard with Air Separation
and Air Assist features that help provide
excellent paper feeding, especially of
coated stocks.
canon press consoles**
The Canon Press Console provides easy
access to operator settings such as the
media library, press stability controls,
and output appearance settings.
*Available only with PRISMAsync controller.
**Available only with the imagePRESS Server F200/
G100 and imagePRESS Printer Kit.
nAll feeding accessories are optional, excluding
engine cassettes.
‡Does not support envelopes.
Not shown.
True workflow integration
prismasync controller
A flexible, cutting-edge controller that’s
impressively easy to use.
a single point of control
Canon’s PRISMAsync controller consolidates control of
your entire production system into a single point. Whether
preparing simple jobs such as scan-to-file or complex jobs
such as page programming, you can easily perform a range
of tasks from one user interface.
intuitive operation
Prepress and production tasks are intuitively clear with a
highly visual user interface design that the printer driver
intelligently emulates. Templates, automated workflows, and
hot folders allow for the loading of repetitive job settings.
Smart Color Management
Achieve consistent results with simple,
clear color presets.
Productive Control
Easily make adjustments at the press as you
go. If an image artifact such as a white gap
or artificial edge arises, correct it right at the
control panel, without going back to prepress.
configurable workflow support
Whatever your workflow, the PRISMAsync controller can be
set up to meet your precise needs. Seamless integration with
the PRISMA software suite offers you access to easy-to-use,
professional, make-ready and document management solutions.
PRISMAsync Controller
total production control
prismasync remote manager
Stay in control of your schedule with plan-ahead production.
The Job Scheduler lets you monitor multiple jobs, receive
custom notifications, and change priorities as needed. Smart,
state-of-the-art features, such as Page Programming and
DocBox, let operators store and manipulate jobs directly
from the PRISMAsync controller interface.
Operators and administrators can manage queues, submit
print jobs, and reroute jobs among multiple PRISMAsyncdriven engines via the standard PRISMAsync Remote
Manager software.
The unique, Web-based Multi-Engine Scheduler provides
remote monitoring from virtually any workstation or
mobile device on your network.
imagepress server f200/g100
Fiery® technology helps improve efficiency
and performance.
work across platforms
The imagePRESS servers integrate smoothly with your various
prepress workflows, third-party software, and EFI™ solutions.
efficient job management
An intuitive print management interface for Fiery servers,
the Command WorkStation® centralizes and helps simplify
job management. Operators can monitor and direct jobs,
automate workflows, and preview and adjust documents.
spot-on™ color matching
The powerful Spot-On utility helps take the guesswork out
of color matching, offering an intuitive interface that makes
it fast and easy to define or modify spot colors. It eliminates
the time-consuming need to look up CMYK values.
direct printing from apple® mobile devices
Enhance press accessibility with the ability to print directly
from compatible Apple* iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®
devices. Using an enterprise’s wireless connection, users
can print from the native print feature of a mobile device.
imagePRESS Server F200
imagePRESS Server G100
imagepress printer kit
Embedded controller for
entry-level production.
Designed for operations that use a printer driver workflow
and don’t require job or queue management tools, the
imagePRESS Printer Kit is a cost-efficient choice for a
genuine Adobe® PostScript® controller.
* Supported on Apple devices running iOS 4.2 or later.
High-value solutions
power your business
expand your opportunities
stapled documents
Highly innovative, the imagePRESS C800 Series of color
digital presses offers end-to-end solutions and outstanding
day-to-day reliability that can help your operation achieve
greater success in your market segment.
Produce stapled documents, such as presentation
handouts, of up to 100 sheets, with both corner
and double stapling capabilities.
With a choice of advanced print controllers and scalable
feeding and finishing options, these presses are configured
to help you surpass your goals.
In-line saddle-stitching provides up to 120-page*
brochures, catalogs, and programs. Square-fold
options and unique Saddle Press technology
help to prevent bowing, so booklets lie flat.
The small footprint and environmentally conscious features
make these presses a superb fit for almost every operation.
total solutions
Canon’s portfolio of technology offerings is among
the broadest in the industry. From digital cut-sheet,
continuous-feed, and wide-format to inkjet, photo
printers, and workflow solutions, Canon customizes
its offerings to help its customers meet their goals.
saddle-stitched booklets
full-bleed booklets
Print booklets in sizes of up to 13" x 19.2" and
benefit from in-line, face-, and two-knife trimming
for high-quality, full-bleed booklet output.
perfect-bound books
Deliver soft-cover, glue-bound books of up to
400 pages in-line.
off-line finishing
Via the High-Capacity Stacker, the imagePRESS
C800/C700 presses output neat stacks of loose
leafs that can be unloaded to feed your off-line,
post-processing equipment—and all without
interrupting print production.
bound presentations
and manuals
Standard or custom punch dies produce ready-tobind documents for a variety of binding methods,
such as plastic comb, velo bind, or color coil binding,
eliminating the need for prepunched sheets or
off-line hole punching.
The in-line Ring Binder** creates up to 200-page
punched and bound books in one uninterrupted
run, also eliminating the off-line binding step.
folded brochures
Produce flyers, mailings, letters, and folded
leaflets in-line with the folding unit.
Offer complete, end-to-end marketing solutions
with the ability to print envelopes in a range of
sizes, including #10, Monarch, 6" x 9", 9" x 12",
and 10" x 13".
*Requires SDD BLM300C Professional Booklet Maker.
imagepress C800 series for your business
quick print/print-for-pay
Finally there’s a solution that meets the needs of the quickprint market, thanks to its high quality, reliability, and
versatility, delivering powerful opportunities in a small
footprint. Intuitive, easy-to-use imagePRESS interfaces
help streamline prepress and production tasks.
The imagePRESS C800 Series delivers the productivity,
ease of use, and versatility your operation requires.
Customers can expand their capabilities to handle a range
of media and envelopes in different sizes and weights.
In-line finishing options facilitate the output of ring-bound
presentations, tri-fold flyers, sell sheets, and multipage,
full-bleed brochures.
These presses let you do more with fewer operators.
PRISMA software solutions and PRISMAsync provide
simple, intuitive operation. Jobs are rapidly processed
and can be finished in-line, with minimal operator
To enhance productivity, customers can submit work
to the CRD via a wide variety of available software
solutions, including uniFLOW and PRISMAaccess.
commercial print
With quality that rivals offset, offering Gloss Optimization, color
consistency, and excellent registration, the imagePRESS C800
Series is ideal for short runs and variable data printing or as a
cost-effective backup to your other devices.
These presses support outstanding efficiency with the ability
to integrate seamlessly with existing workflow solutions such
as Agfa :Apogee™,* Kodak Prinergy,* and Heidelberg Prinect®.*
learn from experience
There’s no endorsement like that of a satisfied customer.
Canon customers present their perspectives on how its
products and industry knowledge deliver value.
And with multiple in-line folding and binding options and
the ability to output envelopes, you’ll be able to realize new
business opportunities.
* Requires imagePRESS Server F200 or PRISMAsync Controller.
Print Speed
Professional Puncher-B1/Integration Unit-C1
Booklet Trimmer-D1▲
Original Size:
Paper Weight:
Margin Trimming:
Trim Amount:
Trim Thickness:
Paper Weight:
8.5" x 11":
11" x 17":
12" x 18":
13" x 19":
Paper Size:
Paper Feeding
Paper Weight:
32-beam R-VCSEL Laser Technology
Up to 2400 x 2400 dpi
256-Level Grayscale
Up to 80 ipm Up to 70 ipm
Up to 40 ipm Up to 35 ipm
Up to 40 ipm Up to 35 ipm
Up to 38 ipm Up to 33 ipm
3.94" x 5.83" to 13" x 19.2"
1,650 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
7,650 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover*
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)*
#10 Business, Monarch, 6" x 9",
9" x 12", 10" x 13"
Duplexing/Perfecting: Automatic Duplex/Perfect
Any Supported Stock
Power Source:
Single-Phase 208 V/20 A
(H x W x D):
56.1" x 60.2" x 36.8"
(Includes operator panel)
Multi-Drawer Paper Deck-B1
Paper Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
(H x W x D):
Power Source:
6,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
5.5" x 7.2" to 13" x 19.2"
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
40.9" x 37.4" x 31.4"
120 V/15 A
POD Deck Lite-B1
Paper Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
(H x W x D):
3,500 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
5.5" x 5.83" to 13" x 19.2"
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
#10 Business, Monarch, 6" x 9",
9" x 12", 10" x 13"
22.5" x 28.2" x 27.0"
Stack Bypass-B1
Paper Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
100 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
3.94" x 5.83" to 13" x 19.2"
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
#10 Business, Monarch, 6" x 9",
9" x 12", 10" x 13"
Duplex Color Image Reader-H1
Image Sensor:
Document Size:
Scan Speed
BW (duplex):
Color (duplex):
Statement to 11" x 17"
Up to 600 x 600 dpi, 256 Gradations
Up to 300 dpi Up to600 dpi
Up to 200
Up to 120
Up to 140
Up to 70
Die Set Patterns:
(H x W x D):
Power Supply:
LTR, LTR-Tab Paper
20 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover
(75 gsm to 216 gsm)
Loose Leaf 3-Hole/5-Hole, Velo
Bind 11-Hole, Plastic Comb 19-Hole,
Twin Loop 21-Hole/32-Hole,
ProClick 32-Hole, Color Coil 44-Hole
40.9" x 22.0" x 31.2"***
120 V/15 A
High-Capacity Stacker-G1
Offset Stack Capacity:
Top Tray Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
Max. Connectivity:
(H x W x D):
Power Source:
6,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
200 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Up to 13" x 19.2"
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
1 Unit
40.9" x 35.4" x 29.3"
120 V/15 A
Two-Knife Booklet Trimmer-A1▲▲
Margin Trimming:
Trim Amount:
Trim Thickness:
Paper Weight:
(H x W x D):
Power Supply:
Paper Weight:
Tray Capacity
Top Tray:
Lower Tray:
Saddle-Stitch Tray:
Staple Positions:
Paper Weight:
Paper Sizes
1,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
4,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
30 Booklets or Limitless
Corner Stapling, Double Stapling
14 to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
Paper Size
Executive, Letter-R, Letter,
Legal, 11" x 17", Custom Size
Saddle Finisher:
Letter-R, Legal, 11" x 17", 12" x 18",
13" x 19", Custom Size
Stapling Capacity:
Up to 100 Sheets
Booklet Stapling Capacity
Up to 25 Sheets
Up to 10 Sheets
Up to 5 Sheets without Stitch
(20 lb. Bond)
(H x W x D):
AM1: 48.8" x 35.0" x 31.2"
AM2:48.8" x 41.7" x 31.2"
Power Source:
120 V/15 A
Perfect Binder-D1
Cutting Method:
Finished Book Size:
Book Thickness:
Body Paper Weight:
Cover Paper Weight:
Finished Size:
Trim Range
(H x W x D):
Power Source:
3-Side Cut/1-Side Cut/No Cut
5.4" x 7.99" to 8.5" x 11.69"
10 to 200 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
(up to 0.98")
14 lb. Bond to 43 lb. Bond
(52 gsm to 163 gsm)
28 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(90 gsm to 300 gsm)
5.5" x 8" to 8.5" x 11.6"
Top and Bottom
0.08" to 0.59"
50 Sheets
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
40.9" x 21.1" x 30.3"
120 V/15 A
Puncher Unit-BS1
(Option for Finisher/Saddle Finisher)
Finisher-AM1/Saddle Finisher-AM2
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
Legal, Letter-R, Custom Size
(182 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm)
11" x 17", Letter, Executive-R, Custom
Size (240 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm)
Document Insertion Unit-M1
Tray Capacity
Upper Tray:
Lower Tray:
Paper Weight:
Paper Size
Upper Tray:
Lower Tray:
200 Sheets
200 Sheets
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
7.2" x 7.2" to 13" x 19.2"
7.2" x 7.2" to 13" x 19.2"
Paper Folding Unit-F1
Double Parallel Fold:
Legal, Letter-R
C/Accordion Fold:
Supported Media
Power Source:
(H x W x D):
Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17"
14 lb. Bond to 28 lb. Bond
(50 gsm to 105 gsm)
From Finisher
46.87" x 13.25" x 31.25"
157 lb. (71 kg)
*Engine cassette supports 52 gsm to 220 gsm
**Requires Envelope Attachment Kit.
*** Size includes Professional Puncher Integration Unit-A1.
▲ Must connect to Saddle Finisher-AM2.
▲ ▲ Must connect to Booklet Trimmer-D1.
0.52" to 3.11"
0.26" to 1.48"
51.2" x 36.3" x 31.1"
208 V/15 A
The imagePRESS C800/C700 Series contains multiple components, some of which are manufactured by third parties. Accordingly, Canon makes
no representations or warranties with respect to such third-party products. For additional information on any Canon or third-party accessories,
contact your Authorized Canon representative.
As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Canon U.S.A., Inc. has qualified these models as meeting the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency criteria through an EPA
recognized certification body. ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered U.S. marks. Canon, imagePRESS, and the GENUINE logo
are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be registered trademarks or trademarks in other countries. Apple, iPad,
iPhone, and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective
owners. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. All screen and printer output images are simulated. Not responsible for
typographical errors.
©2014 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved.
Federal Law prohibits copying of certain documents. Violators may be subject to penalties. We suggest that you check with your
own legal counsel. Canon U.S.A., Inc. and Canon Canada, Inc. intend to cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies in connection
with claims on unauthorized copying.
Front-edge Trim
0.08" to 0.78"
50 Sheets
14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52 gsm to 300 gsm)
Output Tray Capacity: 30 Booklets
(H x W x D):
40.9" x 62.1" x 30.3"
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
One Canon Park
Melville, NY 11747
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