Canon imageRUNNER 110 Quick start guide

Canon imageRUNNER 110 Quick start guide
Bourg Perforating Rotating
Folding Unit (BPRF)
for Canon Networked Production Systems
Transforms sheets into SIGNATURES
for in-line PERFECT BINDING.
Marking Engine
System Controller
PC running ImageSmart
Document Mastering*
imageSCANNER 65*
Paper Supply
Stacker(s)* with
Removable Dolly
Perfect Binder*
*Optional Accessories
Add Value to Your Perfect Binder
Configure your in-line Perfect Binder for the imageRUNNER® 110/
110M/Pro 150+ with a Bourg Perforating Rotating Folding Unit
(BPRF) and see your productivity soar. The BPRF transforms
sheets into signature booklets, allowing two-up images to be
sent to the Perfect Binder. The result is less paper waste and
more books produced per hour, thereby reducing overall printing
costs and job time as compared to using the Perfect Binder alone.
A Unique Process
Located between the Stacker and the Perfect Binder, the BPRF
creates signature booklets through a special process of perforating, rotating, and folding. As each sheet exits the Stacker and
enters the BPRF, it is immediately perforated with a micro perf
across its center. Next, the sheet is rotated ninety degrees and
folded on the perforation. The printed, perforated, folded sheet is
then sent to the Perfect Binder where all the signatures are
stacked and, ultimately, bound into a finished book that’s ready
for trimming.
folded signature booklets also dramatically increase the number of
books that can be bound by the Perfect Binder in a given
period of time, thus producing more finished books without incurring additional paper or labor costs.
Always an Option
The BPRF can be purchased together with an imageRUNNER 110/
110M/Pro 150+ and a Perfect Binder, or it can be added later
as your business demands increase. The modular design of the
imageRUNNER 110/110M/Pro 150+ provides the configuration
flexibility you need to succeed in the marketplace today.
Power Requirements:
120V AC, 60Hz
Power Consumption:
920 Watts
Books created using the BPRF save you both precious time and
paper. By allowing twice as many images to be printed on each
sheet, the BPRF eliminates excessive page-trimming. The
Dimensions (H x W x D): 51" x 64" x 31" (1290mm x 1620mm x 780mm)
562 lb. (255kg)
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