Canon 125VP Quick start guide

Canon 125VP Quick start guide
DM.2: JULY 15, 2004
CANON’S imageRUNNER® Pro 125VP
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device is a
Very Powerful black-and-white
production printer that combines outstanding performance with Variable
Paper and Variable Pitch capabilities.
Supporting up to 4.25 million prints per month, the
125-page-per-minute imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer is
robust enough to handle the demanding needs of your
production business. The device comes with an impressive array of standard features, including a 4,000-sheet
paper supply with variable paper size capabilities up to
14.33" x 18.5"* and variable pitch printing support that allows
you to print odd paper sizes without a significant drop in
machine-rated speed. Other best-in-class features include
outstanding 600 x 600 dpi print quality and an easy-to-use
operator control interface. A wide range of in-line finishing
options—puncher, saddle-stitched booklet-maker, perfect
binder, and more—are also available to customize the
engine to meet your specific application needs.
For transactional print environments, the versatile design
of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device also allows you to
upgrade the engine to support secure Magnetic Ink
Character Recognition (MICR)* printing applications.
Interchangeable toning stations can be easily swapped
out between print runs so that both MICR and other highquality printing can be accomplished on the same system.
The integrity of MICR jobs is constantly maintained
through security features built into the design of the print
production software.
What’s more, the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer’s open
design allows you to integrate the system easily into your
existing workflow, whether that includes other Canon products or your own third-party value-added solutions.
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device is not only the best
total solution for your production-intensive environment
today, but it’s a safe investment choice for businesses that
expect to grow and change in the future. With this Canon
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP system, you’re never locked into a
proprietary workflow; you can add paper supplies, finishing
capabilities, and other options at any time over the life of
the product.
*Optional license upgrade is required.
Rated for 2.5 to 4.25 million impressions per month,
the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer can support
the heavy workloads typical of production environments. It performs best when put to the test,
so load up your jobs, stand back, and watch it run.
Powered by a SUN controller, the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
device can handle Adobe® PostScript® 3,™ PCL 6,* PDF, and
TIFF output requirements. High-conversion speeds in the
raster image processor (RIP) and electronic job spooling in
the memory allow busy production environments to print the
first complete set of a job in record time. Unlike many competitive systems which must spool and process an entire job
before printing begins, the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device
prints in page order so that printing can begin almost immediately. A first-set proof can be obtained quickly and reviewed
for approval before committing to a long print run.
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP system comes with robust print
production software that drives all machine operations. The
software ships preloaded on the system controller, reducing
installation time so that the machine can be up and running at
your site quickly. Within the system software are several
licensing options that enable additional engine functionality
to support specific applications in commercial print and
transactional print environments. These options include
MICR* printing, Enhanced Feed Mode* for handling of heavy
and coated stocks, and Digital Print Quality Adjustments.*
Just one glance at a finished document printed on the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device is all it takes to see the
superior image quality that this device produces. Rich
blacks, crisp, clean lines, and outstanding halftones are
evident in page after page of output.
The secret behind the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer’s
impressive image quality lies in advanced imaging technologies that help make critical documents look their best.
Advanced Light Emitting Diodes (LED) provide enhanced
dot definition, uniformity, and reliability; Gray Resolution
Enhancement Technology (GRET) helps to produce text
and lines with excellent edge definition and smoothness;
and, Small Particle Developer (SPD) ensures smooth
solids, sharp text, and low levels of background. Active
registration—both in-track and cross-track—further contributes to the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer’s ability to
produce documents that deliver maximum visual impact.
Exceptional Productivity for a Wide Range of
Paper Sizes:
• 125 ppm for paper width 7"- 9 "
• 104 ppm for paper width > 9"- 10.9"
• 83 ppm for paper width > 10.9"- 13.8"
• 62.5 ppm for paper width > 13.8"- 18.5"
*Optional license upgrade is required.
In its most basic configuration, the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
printer comes with the marking engine, a three-drawer
paper supply, print controller, and a finisher. But that’s
just the beginning of what this engine can do. You can
select from a broad range of additional options to
customize the device to meet your specific business
requirements. In-line finishing options can reduce the
amount of manual collation that’s currently done—or
eliminate it completely. Whether you purchase the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP model in its standard configuration, or opt to add some additional capabilities,
the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP system is a great
choice for your business.
Sun Controller - Running on a
UNIX® operating system, the Canon
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer
provides robust system performance across a wide variety of job
Paper Supply Modules - One 4,000sheet Paper Supply Module comes
standard with the device, with an
option to add two more. Maximum
online capacity is 12,000 sheets
from nine different sources, allowing
you to create documents containing
multiple paper types, colors, and
exceptions. Paper drawers are
adjustable, and most can support
paper sizes from 7" x 8.27" to 14.33"
x 18.5" and in weights from 16 lb.
Bond to 150 lb. Index.
Optional Inserter - Add the Inserter
to your system to easily incorporate
preprinted materials into finished
documents. Three convenient drawers
(two 1,000-sheet, one 2,000-sheet)
feed your inserts at machine-rated
speed—eliminating the need for costly
outsourcing or time-consuming
manual collation.
Marking Engine - With powerful
p r i n t production software, the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device is
available in several different
unique configurations that will help
you drive the productivity of your
business to new levels.
Optional Puncher - Produce holepunched, ready-to-bind documents
with the in-line Puncher option. A
variety of optional punch tools are
available, all of which are interchangeable by the key operator.
Finisher - A standard feature of the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device, the
Finisher can accommodate up to 3,000
sheets and perform measured stitching of up to 100 sheets at a time.
Optional Stacker(s) - Up to 5,000
sheets can be output to the optional
Stacker and transported to off-line
finishing devices with the handy,
rolling removable dolly. Or chain
up to three stackers together for an
output capacity of 15,000 sheets!
Optional Booklet-maker - If bookletmaking is a requirement, you can
produce saddle-stitched booklets of
up to 88 pages (22 sheets) in 5.5" x
8.5" or 8.5" x 11" sizes. The optional
Booklet-maker also includes a trimmer
and an output tray that can hold up
to 42 finished booklets. The Bookletmaker requires the Stacker for
Optional Bourg Perforating Rotating
Folding Unit (BPRF) - Increase the
productivity of the Perfect Binder with
the BPRF. This accessory sends two-up
images to the Perfect Binder so that
more books can be produced in less
time and with reduced paper waste.
Optional Perfect Binder - Perfectly
bound books, from 15 sheets up to
1.5" thick (approximately 350 sheets),
are produced on the Perfect Binder
on-demand, automatically. Utilizing
a hot bind glue technology, the
Perfect Binder also provides milling
and scoring capabilities as well as
paper waste collection. An automatic
cover feeder and output stacking
module enable ready-to-pack stacking. The Perfect Binder requires the
Stacker for operation.
The paper requirements of a print job often have a negative impact on the time it takes
to produce output. Odd paper sizes, loading and unloading of special paper stocks, and
manual collation of preprinted and heavier materials can add minutes or hours to overall
job time. The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer, however, handles the advanced paper
requirements typical of production workflows with ease. In fact, there is usually little or no
loss in machine-rated speed.
Flexible Paper Supply
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device offers flexible paperhandling to manage the diverse applications that are common to production environments. A three-way, 4,000sheet paper supply comes with the device as standard.
Two optional Paper Supply Modules can be added, boosting total online capacity to an astounding 12,000 sheets.
All three paper supplies offer variable paper size capabilities and can handle paper weights from 16 lb. Bond to
150 lb. Index (60 -266gsm). The top drawer of each paper
supply can support in-track paper sizes from 7" to 9" and
cross-track sizes from 8.27" to 14.33." The middle and bottom
drawers can support an even broader range of custom paper
sizes, with in-track parameters of 7" to 18.5" and cross-track
parameters of 8.27" to 14.33." All drawers are fully adjustable
within the minimum and maximum dimensions they support.
While some slowdown in machine speed is common when
printing to odd-size paper, the variable pitch feature of the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device decreases this loss in productivity. Variable frames on the image loop minimize
delays in paper movement, so your job gets done faster.
The generous paper supply of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
system and the large number of throughput choices it
offers allow you to create documents containing multiple
paper types, colors, and exceptions. You can create finished documents with custom covers, inserts, tabs, and
more, without the frustrating limitations that are common to
many other printers. With so many drawers to choose from,
you can leave special papers in the device to use when
needed, instead of constantly having to switch out papers.
The wide range of paper sizes supported also reduces the
need for off-line trimming.
If preprinted stocks need to be incorporated into your
finished documents, an optional three-drawer, 4,000sheet Inserter is also available to handle the collation
of preprinted materials on a variety of substrates. Color
photos, illustrations, transparencies, charts, graphs, and
other media are added to the job stream post-process,
protecting sensitive pages from exposure to potentially
damaging fuser heat.
If glossy and coated papers are common to your printing
operations, the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device can handle those too. Optional Enhanced Feed Mode boosts
paper-feeding by allowing an external compressed air
source to flow through the paper drawers. You can print to
heavy, coated, and off-set printed materials without worry
or concern.
For extremely paper-intensive operations, the Canon
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer is also compatible with
third-party roll feed devices. You can leverage all the unique
advantages of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device with the
convenience and cost-savings of feeding paper from a roll.
Enjoy hours of reliable, non-stop printing at 125 pages per
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device supports a
wide range of paper sizes, finishes, and weights:
• True 6" x 9" book production
• Preprinted 18.5" check stock (12-up)
• Large-format output of over 18"
• Heavier stocks for postcard mailings
• Enhanced Feed Mode for heavy and glossy media
Expand the possibilities of your production printer even more with added support for MICR. In addition to all the advanced capabilities of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer’s standard configuration,
you have the option to add secure MICR printing technology. The result is a flexible printing
solution that can be used for both commercial and transactional print applications.
Versatile Printing Solution
Due to the unique design of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
device, both MICR printing and other high-quality printing
can be accomplished on the same system. Users can switch
between standard and MICR toner, depending on the type
of job being run. Interchangeable toning stations can be
easily swapped out between print runs. The toning stations
are stored on separate toning carts that can be exchanged
whenever needed. In addition, the carts provide a safe
to store the toner when not in use.
Enhanced Security
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer employs special
security features to ensure that MICR jobs are only run by
authorized personnel. Only a logged-in user, identified as
a “Security Operator,” will have permission and privileges
to enable and disable MICR fonts, and release jobs from
the Secured State when Restricted, Secure Mode is active.
Operators without the MICR-secure designation will not be
able to activate MICR fonts or release secured jobs.
To activate MICR fonts, MICR toner must be detected by the
system. Once the MICR toner is removed, the MICR fonts are
automatically disabled. In addition, prints generated with
MICR and non-MICR toner are tracked by separate meters
to simplify billing and provide a greater level of control
and accountability.
Total Application Solution
The precise paper-handling, superior image quality, and
best-in-class registration of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
system make it an ideal MICR printer. With minimal jamming, excellent font readability, and consistent print performance, MICR applications such as checks, coupons,
rebates, and financial documents can be printed with
confidence using the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device.
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer offers several optional tools to help you build a system
customized for your specific application needs.
Key productivity features include:
TrueCluster – Manage jobs across several devices for printing multiple jobs simultaneously or large jobs quickly, while
accommodating variations in job size and workflow.
TrueRecover – Automatic Page and job-level error detection
and recovery across one or multiple devices.
Document Scanning and Make-ready
Alone, the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device is a productive,
high-speed printer. But combine it with SmartBoard™ Suite
software or the EFI MicroPress® and an optional Canon
scanner, and you have a powerful solution from pre-flight
to production.
SmartBoard Suite, a PDF-based workflow tool for the Canon
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device, takes document assembly,
editing, and proofing capabilities to the next level. With
SmartBoard, you can easily combine documents from various
applications and input sources, and create brand-new output.
Operations such as reordering pages, rotating pages, imposition, annotation, tab creation, and black-and-white and color
image editing are done quickly and easily.
The EFI MicroPress for Canon combines powerful document
“make-ready” capabilities with advanced job management
and workflow tools through a single, front-end solution. The
MicroPress delivers powerful digital prepress and workflow
management utilities to mission-critical print environments,
with productivity features that optimize throughput and
minimize downtime to ensure on-time job completion.
SmartBoard Screen
PowerRIP – Up to four MicroPress RIPs can be added to a
single server for simultaneous processing of multiple files,
increasing throughput and productivity, and eliminating
potential bottlenecks.
TrueEdit – A suite of make-ready tools for preparing postRIP documents for printing. Allows users to make job- and
page-level changes without having to re-RIP the entire job,
dramatically reducing the processing time. Automates
manual processes such as hand-collating, tab inserting,
document renumbering, and booklet creating.
In addition, users have access to the Digital StoreFront™
(DSF) software solution that simplifies the process of job
submission, proofing, ticketing, and more.
Still have a significant amount of hard copy
that needs to be converted into electronic
form? Canon offers two high-performance
network scanners to accomplish this task.
The DR-7080C is a mid-production scanner that can scan
black-and-white and color documents. This versatile scanner
operates at a maximum speed of 70 pages per minute and
offers a host of advanced features such as one-pass scanning
and reliable feeding of mixed-batch documents. Built-in
MultiStream™ technology allows users to generate a variety
of different images, simultaneously, from a single scan—
color, black and white, grayscale, binary, or R/G/B color
Configure your imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer with a
Canon scanner and one of the Canon document mastering
to simplify your most complex, scan-store-reassemble
production jobs.
Software Integration
Current Xerox® DigiPath users can integrate the Canon
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer with their existing solution using CoXist software. CoXist runs on the controller
of the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP system, so there is no need
to interrupt your existing DigiPath setup. With CoXist, you
can send jobs from DigiPath directly to the imageRUNNER
Pro 125VP device.
With CoXist Pro software, you can save the converted
DigiPath files to the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer’s
controller as a PostScript file. This functionality allows
you to gradually convert DigiPath files into PostScript
files that contain imageRUNNER Pro 125VP job ticket
information mapped from the original DigiPath file. You
can also have Xerox RDO files converted into PostScript
format through the Canon RDO Conversion Service.
The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer is designed to work easily with third-party software and
hardware solutions in order to give you the highest degree of flexibility when configuring your
equipment. The third-party providers summarized below offer solutions that integrate seamlessly with the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device to address customer- and industry-specific
Objectif Lune
The Objectif Lune PlanetPress® Suite enables variable
data documents and forms printed on legacy and proprietary impact printers to transition to the networked,
speedy, and feature-rich Canon imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
Solimar Systems
Solimar’s Print/Director software makes it possible for the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer to accept jobs intended
for Xerox or IBM® equipment, without requiring the user to
rewrite applications in order to output PostScript, PCL, or
other data stream formats.
Roll Systems Inc.
Roll System’s DocuSheeter LS increases the productivity
of your imageRUNNER Pro 125VP system with in-line rollfeeding capabilities.
Standard Hunkeler
The SF4-H Sheet Feeder can be configured with the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer to enable hours of
continuous-run operation.
The ASMARC Finisher Conveyor, built by Automecha, provides
continuous unload and access to completed sets from the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP Finisher. No interface kit is required.
Rochester Software Associates (RSA)
M.I.S. Print, IPDS Print, and DTPrint software by RSA automatically convert line printer, Xerox LCDS (DJDE, Metacode,
and XES/UDK), and AFP/IPDS datastreams into a format
that can be printed on the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP
Challenge Machinery
The CMT330 Three-knife Trimmer, manufactured by
Challenge Machinery, is a three-sided trimmer designed
for use with the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device’s Perfect
Binder option. No interface kit is required.
The Formscan verification solution, named “Vision 2000,”
provides closed-loop verification of the MICR printing
process, including MICR-quality scoring and positioning,
job balancing, sequence and base stock verification, and
audit trail creation.
The Coverbind/Bindomatic 301 provides an in-line thermal
binding solution that requires no trimming, venting, or
special power requirements. It’s a great alternative to tape
binding and perfect binding. An Accessory Interface Box is
required for integration.
Canon understands that, occasionally, a customer may
have a highly specialized workflow requirement that is not
met through our standard product offerings. With this in
mind, Canon created a “customization” program for the
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device. Customer requests for
hardware and software solutions outside of our current
product portfolio are evaluated and may be made available as a “custom” solution at an additional cost. Please
check with your Authorized Canon Dealer for more information.
As the leading brand of network-connected imaging devices
in the industry, Canon imageRUNNER products are known
for open architectures, modular design, and reliable
performance. The imageRUNNER Pro 125VP device illustrates, once again, the Canon commitment to deliver highquality, innovative solutions to market.
Additionally, every Canon imageRUNNER Pro 125VP printer
is backed by a network of experienced dealer organizations and expert sales, service, and technical support
groups. You see, at Canon we all work together to ensure
that you receive the level of customer service you not only
expect, but also deserve.
PC running SmartBoard
Paper Supply
Marking Engine
Perfect Binder*
*Optional Accessories
NOTE: Cannot configure the imageRUNNER Pro 125VP with both the Booklet-maker and the in-line Perfect Binder at the same time.
imageRUNNER Pro 125VP Specifications
Imaging System:
Developing System:
Acceptable Originals:
Max. Originals Size:
Min. Originals Size:
Max. Print Size:
Engine Resolution:
Paper Capacity
Acceptable Paper Weight:
Warm-up Time:
Maximum Print Speed:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Power Requirements
Noise Level (Printing):
Duty Cycle:
Digital, Multifunction Imaging System
Electrophotographic Process
SPD, Two Component Dry
Sheets, Transparencies, Tabs, Covers
14.33" x 18.5"*
7" x 8.27"*
14" x 18.25"
600 x 600 dpi
3-drawer Modular
4,000 Sheets
Drawer 1 (Top): 1,000 Sheets (20 lb.)
Drawer 2:
1,000 Sheets (20 lb.)
Drawer 3:
2,000 Sheets (20 lb.)
12,000 Sheets▲
16 lb. Bond to 150 lb. Index (All Cassettes)l
Trayless Duplexing (Except Tabs)
6 Minutes
125 ppm (LTR/LGL), 62.5 ppm (LDG)
64" x 119.5" x 47"
(163cm x 304cm x 119cm)
2,695 lb. (1,222kg)
2.5 to 4.25 Million Impressions per Month**
1.69kg—Estimated Yield:
1,200,000 Prints (LTR)
2.5kg—Estimated Yield:
80,000 Prints (LTR, 6% Coverage)
Number of Trays:
Tray Capacity
Top Tray:
Staple Tray:
Paper Size
Top Tray:
Staple Tray:
Staple Position:
Stitching Capacity:
Document Delivery:
Power Supply:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
DR-7080C (Optional)
Optical Resolution:
Speed (Simplex/Duplex LTR):
Paper Feeder Capacity:
Document Size:
Paper Weight Range:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Paper Supply Module (Optional)
Number of Trays:
3 Cassettes
Tray Capacity
Drawer 4, 7 (Top):
1,000 Sheets (20 lb.)
Drawer 5, 8:
1,000 Sheets (20 lb.)
Drawer 6, 9:
2,000 Sheets (20 lb.)
Paper Size:
16 lb. Bond to 150 lb. Index l
545 lb. (247.4kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
45" x 35.5" x 31.5"
(114cm x 90cm x 85cm)
Post-process Inserter (Optional)
Number of Trays:
3 Cassettes
Tray Capacity
Drawer 1 (Top):
1,000 Sheets (7" x 8.27" to 9" x 14")*
Drawer 2:
1,000 Sheets (7" x 8.27" to 14.33" x 18.5")*
2,000 Sheets (7" x 8.27" to 14.33" x 18.5")*
Drawer 3:
16 lb. Bond to 150 lb. Index l
Paper Weight:
610 lb. (276.7kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
49.5" x 31" x 33.5"
(125.7cm x 78.7cm x 85.1cm)
Puncher (Optional)
Power Requirements:
Power Consumption:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
2 Trays
500 Sheets (All Sizes) Non-staple Mode
3,000 Sheets (Straight or Offset/
85 Sets with Staple)
7" x 8.27" to 14.33" x 18.5"*
7" x 8.27" to 9" x 14"*
Multiposition Stapling
None, Top, Bottom, Both
Directly from Main Unit
650 lb. (294.7kg)
61.5" x 22.5" x 34"
(156cm x 58cm x 86cm)
600 x 600 dpi
70 ppm/36 ipm
100 Sheets (LTR, 20 lb.)
ADF (Width) 5.5"–12"
ADF (Length) 5"–17"
13 lb.–32 lb. Bond (50-128 g/m2)
74 lb.
11.8" x 22.6" x 23.7"
120 VAC, 60Hz, 2.5A
100 VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.5A
320 VA
49.6" x 40.2" x 31.9"
(126cm x 102cm x 81cm)
595 lb. (270kg)
Punch Tools
• Loose-leaf/Office Hole-punch Tool (2-/3-/4-hole)
• Plastic Comb Punch Tool (Rectangular)
• Wire Comb Punch Tool 2-1 Pitch (Round)
• Wire Comb Punch Tool 3-1 Pitch (Round)
• Wire Comb Punch Tool 2-1 Pitch (Rectangular)
• Wire Comb Punch Tool 3-1 Pitch (Square)
Punch Tool Durability:
12 - 15 Million Actuations
Stacker (Optional)✝
Number of Trays:
Tray Capacity:
Paper Size:
Rotator Unit:
Document Delivery:
Power Supply:
1 Tray
5,000 Sheets
(Straight or Offset Non-staple)
7" x 8.27" to 14.33" x 18.5"*
Rotates 8-1/2" x 11" Portrait Sheets
90 Degrees
Adobe, PostScript, and the PostScript logo are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in
the United States and/or other countries. Sun is a service mark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United
States and other countries. MicroPress is a registered trademark of Electronics for Imaging, Inc. in the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office and/or certain other foreign jurisdictions. Digital StoreFront is a trademark
of Electronics for Imaging, Inc. PlanetPress is a registered trademark of Objectif Lune. UNIX is a
registered trademark of the Open Group in the U.S. and other countries. XEROX is a trademark of Xerox
Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. IBM is a registered trademark of IBM in the United States.
MultiStream is a trademark of Captiva Software Corporation. CANON and IMAGERUNNER are registered
trademarks, and SMARTBOARD and the GENUINE Logo are trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States
and may also be registered trademarks or trademarks in other countries. IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark
of Canon. All referenced product names and other marks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
©2006 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved.
printed on recycled
paper in the u.s.a.
Dimensions (H x W x D):
450 lb. (203.7kg)
49.5" x 33" x 31.6"
(125.7cm x 84.8cm x 78.7cm)
Booklet-maker (Optional)
Tray Capacity:
Paper Size:
Stitching Capacity:
Stitching Position
Single-position Stapling:
Saddle-stitched Specifications
Folding Capacity:
Staple Wire Spool:
Power Supply:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
BPRF (Optional)
Power Requirements:
Power Consumption:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
2 Center Staple Positions
1 to 22 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Edge Trim Folded Booklets
(Adjustable Trim Width)
40,000 (100-sheet Stitches)
970 lb. (439.8kg)
58" x 100" x 24"
(147.2cm x 254cm x 58.4cm)
120 VAC, 60Hz
920 Watts
51" x 64" x 31"
(129cm x 162cm x 78cm)
562 lb. (255kg)
Perfect Binder (Optional)
Book Thickness:
Book Size (In-line Binding):
Book Size (Off-line Binding):
Weight (with Input Unit,
Delivery, and Bypass):
Dimensions with Bypass
(H x W x D):
Conveyor Belt Output
8" x 10" to 14" x 18"
2 to 22 Sheets
15 Sheets to 1.5" (40mm)
about 350 Sheets @ 20 lb. Bond
8.5" x 11"
2.36" x 4" to 12" x 14"
(60mm x 100mm to 305mm x 356mm)
1,676 lb. (760kg)
45" x 8'4" x 5'11"
(1.2m x 2.6m x 1.8m)
Roll Feed Interface Kit (Optional)
Supports Roll Systems DocuSheeter LS
Supports Standard Hunkeler SF4-H Sheet Feeder
Multi-stacker Interface Kit (Optional)
Supports up to three Stackers on one device
One kit is required for each additional Stacker
Optional Features
MICR printing*
Enhanced Feed Mode*
Digital Print Quality Adjustments*
PCL Interpreter*
Extended Paper Size Range*
* Optional license upgrade is required.
** Depends on customer job stream and number of shifts.
With optional Paper Supply Module(s).
✝ Stacker is required for Booklet-maker and Perfect Binder.
Other optional scanners may be available. Please check with your
local Authorized Canon Dealer.
Caliper must fall within 3.5mil to 10mil (0.09mm to 0.25mm).
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
One Canon Plaza
Lake Success, NY 11042
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