Canon LA DC52D User manual

Canon LA DC52D User manual
Adaptor : Canon LA DC52D
Egg Adapter Ring : 52 to 46mm
Sensor : 4 Megapixels
Elements in bold correlate with the controls on
your camera. Please see the Canon Digital Still
Camera manual for the specific location of controls.
Canon Power Shot A80
Turn camera on by pressing ON/OFF Button.
Move the selector to Shooting Mode (
Set the camera to Aperture-Priority (Av) mode by rotating the Mode Dial to Av.
Press the LEFT / RIGHT button to select the f-stop. We recommend an f-stop of at least f7.1.
Interior shots or other low light situations may require the use of a tripod.
Press the FUNC button on the upper right of the back of the camera; this will put you into the menu.
Using the Omni Selector to select :
Drive Mode and set it to Self-Timer 10 Sec.
ISO and set it to Auto.
Resolution and set it to L/Superfine.
Metering and set it to
Press the
/ MF button on the upper center of the back of the camera to turn on the Macro Mode.
icon will appear on the lower right of the LCD screen.
Press the
button on the upper left of the back of the camera to disable the flash. The
icon will
appear on the upper left of the LCD screen.
Use the Zoom Lever to just fill the LCD screen with the EGG image. The image may not be
centered - this is normal.
You may need to adjust White Balance, or other settings dependent upon the requirements of the situation.
Some settings will remain selected when the camera is shutoff, others will need to be reset each time the
camera is turned on. All other settings are factory default.
Compatibility : Tested / Approved *
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