UP-990AD UP-970AD
Print Media
High Density
Print Media
UP-990AD / UP-970AD
Printing method
Direct thermal printing
325 dpi
256 levels processing
Picture size: standard
Digital: 200 x 150 mm (7 7⁄8 x 6 inches)
NTSC: 188 x 143 mm (7 1⁄2 x 5 3⁄4 inches)
PAL: 188 x 140 mm (7 1⁄2 x 5 5⁄8 inches)
Maximum print pixels: side
Digital: 3414 x 2560 dots
NTSC: 1280 x 508 dots
PAL: 1280 x 612 dots
Maximum print memory
Digital: Approx. 70 Mbit (Single frame)
NTSC: Approx. 31 Mbit (6 frames)
PAL: Approx. 38 Mbit (6 frames)
Printing Time
Approx. 8 seconds / image at standard mode printing
Printer driver software
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP
Set up from 0 to 14
Digital: Hi-Speed USB
Analogue: Video
Power consumption
100 to 120 V AC: 2.4A, 220 to 240 V AC: 1.3A
High Quality
Print Media
Power requirements
AC 100 to 120 V, AC 220 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Approx.8 kg (17 lb 10 oz)
Safety standards
UL60950-1, CSA C22.2 No.60950-1, UL60601-1,
CSA C22.2 No.601.1,EN60950, EN60601-1, IEC60950-1,
FCC/IC Class A Digital Device, EN55022 Class B, EN55024,
EN61000-3-2/3-3, EN60601-1-2, VCCI Class A + mains
harmonic current regulation
Supplied accessories
Head cleaning sheets (1), UPP-210HD High density printing
paper (1), BNC cable (1), USB cable (1), Operation guide (Getting
Started) (1), CD-ROM (Instruction for use, driver software) (1),
Media label (1),Software License Agreement (1)
Blue Transparent Film
Rear Panel UP-990AD / UP-970AD
Optional Accessory
Remote Control Unit
UP-990AD / UP-970AD
316mm (12 inches)
132.5mm (5 1⁄4 inches)
305mm (12 1⁄8 inches)
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Hybrid Graphic Printers
CA UP-990AD-970AD/GB- / /2006
The UP-970AD and UP-990AD
are unique hybrid black and white
graphic printers that support both
analogue and digital applications.
This dual compatibility is
especially critical as imaging
systems make the transition from
analogue to digital technology.
Replacing the popular UP-960 and
UP-980 models, the full-page
UP-970AD and UP-990AD offer
improved resolution of 325 dpi for
superb image quality and faster print
speed of approximately 8 seconds.
The UP-990AD’s optional blue
transparency media produces high
quality film-like transparencies. These
and other printer features make the
UP-970AD and UP-990AD ideal for
medical black and white applications
such as ultrasound, mobile C-arm
and cardiac cath lab.
Application Examples
Both analogue and digital
signal inputs
The UP-970AD/990AD can receive both analogue and digital signals,
allowing them to support both types of C-arm system. This makes
them ideal for today’s transitional stage from analogue to digital
C-arm applications.
With the UP-990AD, images can also be printed on blue transparent film, which can then be used as reference images for the diagnostics.
Printer for C-arm System
Superb print quality
Incorporating Sony direct thermal-printing technology, the UP-970AD
and UP-990AD provide photo-like prints with a high resolution
of approximately 325 dpi – double the density of the predecessor
models, UP-960/980.
Automatic media-cutting
function (UP-990AD)
When printing has finished on the UP-990AD, the printed paper or
film is automatically cut by the media-cutting function.
Multiple print modes
UP-980 Analogue
(162.5 dpi)
UP-990AD Analogue
(325 dpi)
UP-990AD Digital
(325 dpi)
High-speed printing
The UP-970AD and UP-990AD offer an impressive printing time
of approximately 8 seconds* per page, making them ideal for timecritical medical applications.
* When used in standard mode.
Compact design
The UP-970AD and UP-990AD have a compact design with dimensions of approximately 316 (W) x 132.5 (H) x 305 (D) mm (12 1⁄2 x 5 1⁄4 x
12 1⁄8 inches), which is exactly the same size as predecessor models.
This compact body enables them to fit easily into mobile C-arm carts.
Superior operability
All the operation keys are located on the front panel. This front operation offers easy set-up and flexible maintenance when the printer is
installed on a cart. In addition, a volume knob on the front panel allows
easy adjustment of both contrast and brightness.
Blue transparent film (UP-990AD)
As well as printing out a single image, the UP-970AD and
UP-990AD can also provide two, four, and six split images in one
2 Split
4 Split
6 Split
Printer for Ultrasound
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