Canon NS-DC300BL User's manual

Canon NS-DC300BL User's manual
Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX
(Macro Lite Adapter 58C required)
Speedlite 220EX
Speedlite 380EX
Speedlite 420EX
Wide Converter
Speedlite 550EX
Close-up Lens
250D (58mm)
Conversion Lens Adapter
Supplied with Camera
Direct Interface Cable DIF-200(*1)
(Supplied with Card Photo Printer CP-100 / CP-10)
Card Photo Printer
CF Card
FC-32M (*1)
Neck Strap
NS-DC300 / NS-DC300BL
Card Photo Printer
Canon Digital Camera
Solution Disk
CF Card Reader
PCMCIA Adapter
(PC Card Adapter) (*2)
Adobe Photoshop LE
Lens Cap
PowerShot G2
Direct Interface Cable
(Please refer to your
Bubble Jet Printer
Quick Start Guide for
cable information)
AV Cable
AVC-DC100 (*1)
Wireless Controller
WL-DC100 (*1)
Battery Pack
BP-511 (*1)
Lithium Battery CR2025
Compact Power
Adapter CA-560 (*1)
PC Card Slot
USB Port
USB Interface Cable IFC-200PCU (*1)
for PC and Macintosh (*1)
for Wireless Controller WL-DC100
Bubble Jet Printer
(Compatible with the
direct print function)
AC Cable
PC Card Slot
USB Port
Battery Pack
Audio / Video
in Terminal
Soft Case SC-PS700 (*2)
Charge Adapter / Car Battery
Cable Kit CR-560
TV / Video
CF Card (*1)
• FC-8M
• FC-16M
• FC-32M
• FC-64M
• FC-128M
• (*1) Also available for purchase separately.
• (*2) Not sold in some regions.
• For more information, see the Quick Start Guide supplied with the Bubble Jet Printer.
For customers who have purchased the S820D BJ Printer. If two direct interface cables are not
included with your printer, please contact your nearest support center for BJ Printers.
• Separately sold Compact Power Adapter CA-560 comes with an AC cable.
4/3/02, 1:45 PM
Confirming the Package Contents
The camera package should contain the following
items. Contact your camera retailer if any are
• Digital Camera
• Lens Cap
• Neck Strap NS-DC300 or NS-DC300BL
• Compact Power Adapter CA-560
• AC Cable (for CA-560)
• Battery Pack BP-511
• Terminal Cover (for Battery Pack BP-511)
• CompactFlash™ Card FC-32M
• Case for CompactFlash Card
• AV Cable AVC-DC100
• USB Interface Cable IFC-200PCU
• Wireless Controller WL-DC100
• Lithium Battery CR2025 (for Wireless Controller
• Canon Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
• Adobe Photoshop® LE CD-ROM
• Camera User Guide
• Software Starter Guide
• System Map (this publication)
• Canon Customer Support Leaflet
• Warranty Card*
*Not included in some regions.
Optional Accessories
The following optional accessories are available.
Some accessories are not sold in some regions.
• Wide Converter WC-DC58
Converts the focal distance of the body lens by a
factor of 0.8 when attached.
• Tele-converter TC-DC58
Converts the focal distance of the body lens by a
factor of 1.5 when attached.
• Close-up Lens 250D (58mm)
A lens for shooting at higher magnifications when the
camera’s macro mode is used.
• Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58
Adapter for fitting the wide converter, tele-converter,
close-up lens and Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX to the
Power Supplies
• Compact Power Adapter CA-560
An adapter for charging Battery Pack BP-511 within
the digital camera and for powering the digital
camera from a household power source.
Please check the cable
Ferrite core
of the CA-560 you
purchased. A ferrite
core should be located
near the plug on the
camera end of the
cable. If there is no
ferrite core, please contact your retailer.
• Battery Pack BP-511
• Battery Pack BP-512
Rechargeable lithium ion battery.
• Charge Adapter/Car Battery Cable Kit CR-560
Draws from a car battery to charge Battery Pack BP-511,
or supplies power to operate the camera.
In addition, battery packs can be charged using a
household power source if Compact Power Adapter
CA-560 is used.
• EX-Series Speedlites
Speedlites for Canon EOS models. Subjects are
optimally illuminated for crisp, natural images.
. Speedlite 220EX
. Speedlite 380EX
. Speedlite 420EX
. Speedlite 550EX
• Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX
In addition to its use in FE lock photography, it can be
used for various macro flash photography purposes.
The Macro Lite Adapter 58C (sold separately) and
Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58 (sold separately)
are required to mount it on a PowerShot G2.
Computer Connection Accessories
• USB Interface Cable IFC-200PCU
A cable used to connect the camera to the computer.
• With Windows, the USB interface can only
be used on systems that come preinstalled
with Windows 98, Millennium Edition (Me)
or 2000. With a Macintosh computer, the
USB interface can only be used on models
with genuine Apple-brand USB interfaces.
• PCMCIA Adapter (PC Card Adapter)
An adapter to fit a CF card so that it can be used in a
PC card slot in a computer.
Some accessories are not sold in some regions.
Card Photo Printer CP-100
Prints high-quality L size, Postcard Size and Card
Size images. Canon’s separately sold rechargeable
batteries for the CP-100 make the printer
portable, even allowing you to print your images
• Color Ink / Paper Set KP-36IP, KL-36IP, KC-36IP
• Color Ink / Label Set KC-18IL
• Color Ink / Full-Sized Label Set KC-18IF
Color ink and paper sets for the CP-100.
• Paper Cassette PCL-CP100
Paper cassette for the CP-100 printer.
• Battery and Charge Adapter Kit BCA-CP100
These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and charger
for the CP-100 let you print images on the move.
• Car Battery Adapter CBA-CP100
(Can also be used with the Card Photo Printer CP-10)
Allows you to power the CP-100 from your car
cigarette lighter.
Card Photo Printer CP-10
• CF Cards
CompactFlashTM (CF) cards are used to store images
recorded by the camera.
Canon brand cards are available in 8 MB,
16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, and 128 MB capacities.
Prints high-quality, credit card-size images.
• Color Ink / Paper Set HC-36IP, HC-18IP
• Color Ink / Label Set HC-18IL
• Color Ink / Full-Sized Label Set HC-18IF
Color ink and paper sets for the CP-10.
• AV Cable AVC-DC100
A cable used to connect the camera to a TV or video
• Computer Connection Kit CCK-CP100
Connects your computer and the CP-10, allowing you
to print images directly from your computer.
• Wireless Controller WL-DC100
Operates camera from a distance.
• Soft Case SC-PS700
Protect the camera from scratches and dirt.
Carries the camera, battery pack, CF card and wireless
Canon offers the following separately sold printers
for use with the camera. You can produce prints
quickly and easily with these super-compact, lightweight printers with the direct print function by
connecting them to the camera with a single cable
and operating the camera’s controls.
3/5/02, 4:11 PM
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