FIAMM`s solution for Community and Industrial Applications ti f C

FIAMM`s solution for Community and Industrial Applications ti f C
Sodium Nickel Technology for Energy Storage Application:
FIAMM Cabinet 620 V 90 kWh
FIAMM’s solution
ti ffor C
Community and Industrial Applications
Cabinet System
620 VDC Battery System for Energy Storage
Suitable for On-Grid and Off-Grid applications
as well as Micro-Grid
Solution up to 4 ST523 battery modules
100% maintenance free in operation
System does not need to shut down to replace energy
modules (increased uptime, system remains in operation)
Load Levelling
Power Quality
Renewable Resource Optimization
Utility Grid Ancillary Services
Applicable Standards
UL 1973: specific for NaNiCl2 technology
Reference to the UL list for the components
UL 50 Enclosures for Electrical
Non-Environmental Constraints according to 2012/18/EU
FIAMM Manufacturing
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Cabinet Benefits
Zero ambient emission
No hazardous components
Redundant safety features (chemistry, cell, battery
module and BMS)
Scalable with parallel operation (up to 6 cabinets
or 24 battery modules)
Compact footprint: high energy density and design
Compatible with DC power supply and
bidirectional inverters
Front side access to batteries
Flexibility of installation
Indoor and outdoor installation
Range of operating temperature in standard
conditions: -4°F to 104°F
FIAMM Cabinet 620 V 90 kWh
Battery / Chemistry Type
Constant Power Discharge (Rated)
25 kW for 3 hours
Nominal Energy Capacity
90 kWh (100% DOD)
System Rating (Voltage, Current Capacity)
Nom. 620 VDC, Nom. 152 Ah
Min / Max Operative System Voltages
500 VDC / 700 VDC
Standard Charge / Discharge hours
8 hours of charge, 3 hours of discharge
Standard Circuit Design
Up to 4 ST523 battery modules in parallel per Cabinet
Up to 6 Cabinet in parallel (No. 24 FIAMM ST523 battery modules with one
Gateway for communication)
Enclosure Dimensions
L: 47.2 in
H: 82.6 in
W: 47.2 in
3307 lbs
Heater Consumption during floating
<700 Wh
Not need Air Conditioning
Design Cycle Life
4500 Cycles at 80% DOD
Product / Material Specifications
Please refer to ST523 battery specifications
BMS Characteristics
Please refer to ST523 battery specifications
Front View
Top View
FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions
Viale Europa, 75
36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italy
[email protected]
FIAMM reserves the right to change or revise without notice any information or detail given in his publication 20150209 Datasheet Cabinet_ENG
CABINET Technical Specification for configuration of 4 ST523
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