Canon Projector project monitoring software User manual

Canon Projector project monitoring software User manual
Projector Monitoring Software
Version 1.1
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the minimum requirements to run the software?
Supported Languages
.NET Framework
Essential Requirements
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or later
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
Japanese, English
Intel Pentium 4
2.4 GHz or better
1GB or more
XGA or more
Windows XP: .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or more
Windows Vista: .NET Framework 3.0 or more
What Canon projectors are compatible with the software?
Currently, the software will work with the following projectors:
WUX10 Mark II D
WUX10 Mark II
SX80 Mark II D
SX80 Mark II
Will the software be compatible with new projectors not yet available?
Our entire list of projectors can be seen online att All projectors that are
compatible with the software will have the software listed under the Drivers & Downloads tab.
What exactly does the software allow me to do?
The software allows the user to monitor and manage network-connected compliant Canon projectors,
displaying operating conditions and maintenance information of up to 254 projectors. The software will not
allow you to operate the projectors remotely.
Can the software be run by through the serial port on the projectors?
The projectors must be connected to your local network through the RJ-45 network ports on the projectors, in
order for them to be seen by the software.
When I view my list of projectors, several are listed with a warning, but nothing is displayed to
indicate what the issue is. How do I find out what is wrong?
Double click on the projectors with warnings, and the exact nature of the warning will be displayed.
Does the software come with a manual?
Yes, the manual is in PDF format, and Adobe Reader version 7.0 or higher is needed to view the manual.
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