Canon VB-H610VE Installation Guide

Canon VB-H610VE Installation Guide
Recessed Mounting Kit SR600-VB
Installation Guide
The recessed mounting kit SR600-VB is a separately sold product for exclusive use with VB-H630VE/VB-H630D/
VB-M620VE/VB-M620D/VB-H610VE/VB-H610D/VB-M600VE/VB-M600D (hereafter referred to as the camera). This
allows installation of the camera recessed into the ceiling.
This “Installation Guide” explains the installation method using the recessed mounting kit SR600-VB. Be sure to read
the “Safety Precautions” section for correct use. After reading this Installation Guide, keep it in a readily accessible
location for future reference.
In addition to this “Installation Guide”, also read the “Installation Guide” included with the camera and “Operation
Guide” (included in the Setup CD-ROM).
* For the latest information (firmware and included software, user manuals operating environment, etc.), please refer to
the Canon Web Site.
* Some cameras are not sold in some countries or regions.
a professional installer for all camera installation work. Never try to install the
camera yourself. Doing so may result in unforeseen accidents such as dropping the
camera or electric shock.
Check Included Items
This product comes with the following items. If any item is missing, contact the dealer where you purchased the
For installation or inspection of this camera, consult the dealer where you purchased the product.
•This installation should be made by a qualified service person and should conform to all local codes.
•When installing on a ceiling, make sure the surface is capable of withstanding the total weight of the
recessed mounting kit and the camera and is sufficiently reinforced if necessary.
•Periodically check the parts and screws for rust and to see if they have loosened, in order to prevent
injuries and equipment damage due to falling items.
•Do not install in unstable places, places subject to significant vibration or impact, or places subject to
salt damage or corrosive gas.
•Be sure to attach the safety wire to the camera during installation.
•Use exclusively with the camera.
Failure to do so may result in the camera falling or other accidents.
•Do not touch the edge of metal parts with bare hands.
•Be careful not to trap your fingers during installation of the camera.
Injury may result.
•Do not move the lens unit by hand (VB-H630VE/VB-H630D/VB-M620VE/VB-M620D).
•Do not install the camera on an unstable surface.
•To maximize shock resistant specifications, do not install on insufficiently strong surfaces or surfaces
subject to significant vibration (VB-H630VE/VB-M620VE/VB-H610VE/VB-M600VE).
•Take measures to remove static electricity before performing any procedures.
Malfunction may result.
•Take care not to damage wiring or pipes in the room.
Damage to peripheral items may result.
Precautions for Installing the Camera Outdoors (VB-H630VE/VB-M620VE/VB-H610VE/VBM600VE)
1. Recessed mounting cover x1 2. Ceiling bracket 1 x1
When installing the VB-H630VE/VB-M620VE/VB-H610VE/VB-M600VE outdoors, proceed carefully to retain
waterproof/dustproof capabilities.Be sure to read “Installation Guide” > “Precautions for Installing the
Camera Outdoors” included with the camera.
3. Ceiling bracket 2 x1
6. Camera fixing screws (M4) x3
4. Backside ceiling bracket x2
Precautions for Use
7. Assemble screws (M3) x3
8. Ceiling bracket screws (M4) x3
5. Template x1
9. Installation Guide (This document) x1
Symbols Indicating Camera Model
Camera specific functions will be listed using the icons below.
: VB-H630VE
: VB-H630D
: VB-M620VE
: VB-M620D
: VB-H610VE
: VB-H610D
: VB-M600VE
: VB-M600D
© CANON INC. 2014
Printed in Taiwan
•If you discover defective conditions such as smoke, strange sounds, heat or strange odors,
immediately stop using the camera and contact your closest dealer.
Fire or electric shock may result from continued use of the product.
•Do not disassemble or modify the camera.
•Do not damage the connecting cable.
•Do not spill water or other liquid inside the camera, spray the camera with water, or otherwise make it wet.
•Do not insert foreign objects into the camera.
•Do not use flammable sprays near the camera.
•Do not leave LAN cables, external power supplies or AC adapter (sold separately) power connectors
connected when the camera is not in use for long periods.
•Do not use flammable solvents such as alcohol, paint thinner or benzine when cleaning the camera.
Fire or electric shock may result.
Notes on Power Supply
Symbols Indicating Safety Precautions
This Installation Guide uses the following marks to indicate important information the user should know in
order to use the product safely. Be sure to observe these items.
Inappropriate handling against the instruction accompanied by this sign may
result in death or serious injury. Be sure to observe these warnings to ensure
Inappropriate handling against the instruction accompanied by this sign may
result in injury. Be sure to observe these precautions to ensure safety.
Inappropriate handling against the instruction accompanied by this sign may result
in property damage. Be sure to observe these precautions.
This symbol indicates important or restricted items. Be sure to read this section.
•Only use the dedicated AC Adapter (sold separately) for AC power.
•Do not set any heavy objects on the power cable.
•Do not pull, forcibly bend, scratch, or modify the power cable.
•Do not cover or wrap the AC adapter (sold separately) with cloth or blankets.
Fire or electric shock may result.
Be sure to read the user manual for the dedicated AC adapter (sold separately) before use.
•After turning off the power, wait for at least five seconds before turning the power on again. If the
power is turned on again too quickly, the camera may operate poorly.
External Dimensions
Safety Precautions
Ceiling bracket
This section explains precautions that must be observed when using the camera. If they are not observed,
injury, death and/or property damage may occur. Read the following information carefully and be sure to
observe the precautions.
Backside ceiling brackets
7 ( 0.28)
Installation Precautions
10 (0.39)
3- 5 ( 0.20)
(mounting screw holes)
247 ( 9.72)
Attached to VB-H630VE/VB-M620VE/
(13.2) (0.52")
142 (5.59)
Attached to VB-H630D/VB-M620D/
77 (3.03)
(3.4) (0.13")
149 (5.87)
77 (3.03)
Do not install in the following places:
•Places in strong direct sunlight, near heat-generating objects, or subject to high temperatures
•Places near fire sources or flammable solvents (alcohol, thinner, fuel, etc.)
•Humid or dusty places
•Places subject to oily smoke or steam
•Places subject to sea air
•Confined or enclosed places
Fire or electric shock may result.
247 ( 9.72)
Unit: mm (in.)
Main Specifications
The contents of this guide are subject to change without any prior notice.
( x H) 247 x 149 mm ( 9.72 x 5.87 in.)
( x H) 247 x 142 mm ( 9.72 x 5.59 in.)
Approx. 687 g (1.52 lb.) (Recessed Mounting Cover, Ceiling Bracket, Backside Ceiling Bracket)
Installing the Camera
The following explains the procedures to install the camera on a ceiling using the recessed mounting kit.
Before installing the camera, set the IP address and other network information on the camera using the “VB Initial
Setting Tool” on the Setup CD-ROM.
For details on how to operate the “VB Initial Setting Tool”, see “Operation Guide”.
If using an memory card, insert the memory card into the camera before attaching the dome case (see “Installation
Guide” > “Using an Memory Card” included with the camera).
M3 x 3
locating pins
1 Determine an installation position for the camera and drill holes in the ceiling
Use the included template to determine the positions of the holes (three) for mounting the backside ceiling bracket
and the ceiling bracket holes according to the camera orientation. Next, drill holes ( 205 mm ( 8.07 in.)) in the
Use the template with the printed side facing you.
2 Assemble the ceiling brackets
Lock screw
Inner cover
Interlock the embossed locating pins of ceiling bracket 1 with the locating bores in ceiling bracket 2. Fix the
brackets with the 3 included assemble screws (M3).
The position of the locating bores on ceiling bracket 2 differs according to the camera. Refer to the diagram to
interlock the brackets correctly.
Dome case
Check that the interlocked brackets are fixed by the embossed locating pins.
3 Loosen the three lock screws on the dome case and remove the dome case
When guiding cables through the side
When guiding cables through the ceiling
wiring hole
Special tamper-resistant screws are used for the dome case lock screws. Use the dome case lock screw wrench
included with the camera.
4 Remove the tape and the inner cover
Remove the 4 pieces of tape that prevent lens rotation during shipping, and push the inner cover in the direction of
the arrows to remove it. Then remove the 2 pieces of tape attached to the base of the lens.
Do not move the lens unit by hand. This can damage the lens unit.
M4 x 3
5 Open the wiring hole according to the installation method
Use a box cutter to cut a cross shape into the wiring hole cover in order to guide cables through.
Do not remove the wiring hole cover.
Use a coin to unscrew the wiring hole cover from the side through which cables will be guided. Screw the wiring
hole cover into the other wiring hole. You can fit a composite pipe (NPT 3/4 inch threaded hole) to the wiring hole.
6 Mount the camera to the ceiling bracket assembly
Fix with three included camera fixing screws (M4).
The screw holes differ according to the camera. Refer to the diagram to fix the camera using the correct screw
7 Attach the backside ceiling brackets inside the ceiling
From the inside of the ceiling, insert the protrusions on the backside ceiling brackets through the mounting holes
drilled in step 1.
M4 x 3
8 Temporarily tighten screws to the backside ceiling brackets
Temporarily tighten the three included ceiling bracket screws (M4) through the ceiling.
9 Secure the safety wire
Securely attach the safety wire to an anchor or structure. After securing one end of the safety wire to the ceiling,
secure the other end to the camera using the screw that is fastened to the camera.
10 Guide the LAN cable through the wiring hole
When using an external power supply, guide the power interface cable through the wiring hole. Guide the I/O
interface cable and the audio interface cable (included with the camera) through the wiring hole if necessary.
Cable tie
When using the AC Adapter (sold separately), cut the cable tie and remove the ferrite core. Be
sure not to damage the power cable when cutting the cable tie.
11 Fix the camera-mounted ceiling bracket assembly to the ceiling
Position the ceiling bracket assembly onto the screws temporarily tightened in step 8, turn clockwise and
completely fasten the screws.
12 Wire the cables
Dome case
Wire the cables referring to the “Installation Guide” > “Cable Wiring Method” included with the camera.
13 Attach the inner cover
Attach the inner cover to its original position.
Safety wire
Secure to an anchor
or structure
Ceiling bracket assembly
14 Attach the dome case
LAN cable
Firmly fix the dome case at three points to the camera using the dome case screws.
Backside ceiling brackets
15 Attach the recessed mounting cover
Ceiling board
Main unit
* Illustrations without icons are examples of VB-H610D/VB-M600D.
Align the (O) mark on the recessed mounting cover with the (I) mark on the ceiling bracket, and turn clockwise
until the (I) mark on the recessed mounting cover aligns with the (I) mark on the ceiling bracket. Fix the recessed
mounting cover.
16 Set the camera angle
When installation is complete, use the Camera Angle Setting Tool to adjust the pan, tilt, rotation, zoom (and focus)
(see “Operation Guide” > “Camera Angle Setting Tool”).
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