IRC5 Advanced Programming stage 2

IRC5 Advanced Programming stage 2
Advanced Programming stage 2
Course Outline
Duration 5 days
Beneficial to programmers, operators and maintenance staff
Students must have completed the IRC5 Programming and Operation & IRC5 Advanced Programming Stage 1 Courses and have ongoing
IRC5 Experience
Subject areas
Dot Notation
Accessing Data type parts.
Checking robot at home
Creating Routines with arguments
Creating instructions with parameters
Optional Arguments
Present() Function
Mutually Exclusive Arguments
Global and Local Routines
Gobal and Local Data
“Present()” Versus “?”
Functions with Parameters
Variables inside Routines
General Description
Creating a parallel program
System parameter setting
Task Data
Synchronising using a common variable
Synchronising using interrupt
Synchronising using a dispatcher
Common data in several tasks
Teach pendant messages from parallel tasks
NFS Client
NFS Server Configuration
NFS Robot Client Configuration
Mounting an NFS Network Drive
In combination with routines and parameters
1,2 and 3 dimensional arrays
String Concatenation and String Manipulation
String Functions
8 Bit Hexadecimal ASCII Codes
Serial Communication
Reading, Writing & Appending Files
COM Port Communication
File Handling
Copying, Renaming and Removing Files
Making, Removing and Opening Directories
Directory Listings
File Handling Functions
Socket Messaging
Client Configuration
Server Configuration
FTP Client
FTP Server Configuration
FTP Robot Client Configuration
Mounting an FTP Network Drive
For further information please contact the Training department
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0044 (0)1908 350499
On completion, participants will be able to perform:
Demonstrate the techniques of advanced programming
Use Dot notation
Create instructions and functions to suit any purpose
Create and manipulate Arrays
Manipulate Strings
Communicate using Serial Channels
Handle Files and Directories
Utilise MultiTasking to create and program Background tasks
Socket Messaging for Client and Server configurations
Configure the robot to communicate with an FTP Server
Configure the robot to communicate with an NFS Server
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