Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook 2017-2018

Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook 2017-2018
Ensure Student Learning and Success
Eagle Valley Elementary
4475 Heritage Drive, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005
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Accidents or Illness
1. Whenever illness or a serious accident occurs, the school will attempt to contact the parent
first and then other contacts designated on the Health and Emergency Information sheet
filed on Skyward. If unable to reach a parent or contact, the school will act and make
decisions for care.
2. Students must be picked up during the school day by a parent or an individual designated on
the emergency sheet by the parent. By district policy, we cannot send students home; they
must be picked up and signed out at the front office. Remember to bring your picture ID.
3. Please keep the school office and the classroom teacher informed of any telephone number
or address changes by keeping your Skyward information current.
4. Calls will be made in this order:
a. Home
b. Mother or father’s cell
c. Mother or father’s work
d. Neighbors or relatives listed on the Health and Emergency Information sheet
5. If an accident or illness appears to be life threatening, the school will call 911 immediately.
Other law enforcement will be involved if deemed necessary by school personnel.
6. We do not have the provisions to take care of sick children for long periods of time. We are
unable to keep students in the sick room for more than 20 minutes. Please provide accurate
information for individuals whom could pick up your children and take care of them if needed
during the school day.
Arrival and Departure from School
The Alpine School District Board of Education and Eagle Valley Elementary recognize that regular
attendance at school increases the opportunities for students to profit from their educational
programs. Frequent absences of students from day-to-day classroom experiences disrupt their
instructional learning process. The benefits of continuous instruction, once lost, are often difficult
to regain. The entire process of education requires a continuity of instruction, class participation,
learning experiences and study. The following policies should help:
1. Tardiness: Students are expected to be in class on time. Tardiness is counterproductive to
the student, the class and the teacher. If your child arrives after attendance is taken they
will be marked tardy. Teachers take attendance between 9:15 and 9:20 am. Students arriving
after 8:00 in A track or 9:15 in B track will need to check in at the main office before going
to class. The secretary will give the student an attendance slip to give to the teacher upon
arriving in class. If the student forgets to check in at the office, the student will be sent
back to the office to receive the attendance slip. If your student arrives more than a few
minutes late please walk in and check them in at the office.
2. Early Arrivals: In order for students to be adequately supervised at all times, they need to
be at the right place at the right time. Students should not arrive early or stay late. Track
A students will be supervised outside 7:50-8:00. Track B students will be supervised outside
9:05-9:15. District policy states that students may not arrive at school earlier than ten
minutes before class begins or be left waiting more than ten minutes after school. Formal
supervision is provided only during that time frame.
3. Arriving at school: Students should cross to the school using the crosswalk in front of the
school. All students will wait on the playground behind the school and then be escorted
through the coat room door of their classroom by the classroom teacher. Students will
wait inside in the gym if there is inclement weather. A track students will be allowed in the
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building at 7:40 and B track students at 8:55 for breakfast. ALL children walk around the
building to the playground. Students eating breakfast will enter through back doors. If
parents are eating with a child, please enter front doors and check in at the office for
a visitor badge.
Departure from school: Students will exit out coat room doors. Students cross the street
using the crosswalk in front of the school. Students being picked up will wait in the
pickup/drop off zone on the south end of the school. Students who have not been picked up
after ten minutes will be brought to the office to call home and wait until they are picked up.
If necessary, individuals listed on the emergency contact sheet will be contacted by office
personnel. Supervision is provided after school for each track (A track: 2:15-2:25, B track:
Student Check Out During the School Day: For safety and legal concerns, parents must come
into the office to pick up their children during school hours. Students will be released to
their parents/guardians after picture ID is shown and the checkout log is signed. Alpine
School District Board of Education policy requires a parent or designated adult to check out
students at the office. We are not able to send your child home alone, or out to meet you
during school hours. Please don't ask-there are no exceptions.
Bicycles/Scooters/Heelys: Students may ride bicycles, scooters, and skate boards to & from
school. Bikes and scooters must be walked at all times when on the school grounds. Bikes &
scooters should be in the bike racks and securely locked. The school is not responsible for
lost, stolen, or damaged bikes and scooters. Skate boards should be picked up and carried
while on school property. Roller skates, roller blades and Heelys must be removed and shoes
put on as students enter onto school property. These items will be confiscated if used on
school property.
In compliance with school board policies, we maintain a closed campus. Students should not
leave the school ground from the time school begins in the morning until it ends in the
afternoon without permission from the principal’s office.
ASD Mission/Vision/Value/Goals
Education all students to inspire learning and to protect our freedoms.
Attendance (Utah Code, Section 53A-11-101.5) (ASD policy 5158)
The Utah Compulsory Attendance Law directs parents to require their children between the ages of
6-18 years to attend school unless they have been excused by The State Board of Education.
Frequent absences or tardiness from the day-to-day classroom experiences disrupt the instructional
and learning process. The benefits of instruction, once lost, are often difficult or impossible to
1. Earnest and Persistent Effort: Teachers and school personnel will make every effort to work
with each student and parent to encourage consistent attendance.
a. Unexcused absences are serious offenses
b. Students who are truant will be referred to the district social worker. Truancy is
defined as deliberately being absent from school without parent's or the school’s
knowledge and consent. The Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) may also be
c. After 3 or more unexcused absences with decline in student achievement the teacher
will contact the parents.
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d. After 5, 10 & 15 unexcused absences with decline in student achievement the office
staff will contact parents and/or attendance letters will be sent.
e. Patterns of absences & tardiness will also be monitored and parents will be notified.
District Social Workers will work with the school and families.
2. Excused Absences: Verifiable illness and family emergencies, such as hospitalization or death
of a family member, are examples of an excused absence. Extended periods of absence
should be cleared through the office and your child's teacher.
3. If your child is going to be absent, please call the school (secretary or leave a message) by
9:15 a.m. (801-601-8704).
4. School Messenger-District Alert System: As a safety precaution, an automated system calls
parents when students are absent from school. This happens each morning around 10:00 am.
Please call to excuse your student at your earliest convenience.
As the State Legislature and State School Board make changes to Attendance and Discipline Policies and
Procedures, Alpine School District and local school policies and procedures will be updated and will be
communicated at that time.
Behavior: Code of Conduct
The following conduct guidelines must be followed:
1. Teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn. Students should not
disturb other students or their property.
2. Students are responsible to all teachers and all staff members. Students should use
courtesy and show respect.
3. Each student is responsible for his/her own actions and are expected to follow all behavior
4. Students should not leave classroom or learning areas without teacher permission.
5. Fighting, vulgar language, bullying, and stealing are not permitted and may result in
6. Throwing snowballs is not permitted and against Alpine School District policy.
7. Regulation baseballs (hard balls) are not to be used on school property.
8. Chewing gum is not permitted.
9. Student writing should not include graphic violent acts, gore or sexual content.
Behavior Guidelines-PBIS
The Eagle Valley Elementary behavior program focuses on positive behavior and teaching skills for
productive citizenship. Adherence to rules and behavior guidelines provides for cooperation & a
productive learning environment. Failure to follow rules can result in loss of privileges (i.e. recess)
or the administering of other consequences by school personnel to help students improve. Three
general guidelines govern school behavior:
1. Recognition
Celebration Assemblies (monthly), individual classroom recognition/rewards, whole class
2. Classroom Discipline
Each teacher will enforce the school's general rules in addition to their own rules, which are
posted in the classrooms.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 4 of 18
3. Sexual Harassment
Alpine School District is committed to the maintenance of a learning environment which is
free of any form of sexual harassment; an environment where students may attend school
free of unwanted conduct of communication of a sexual nature; one which is in compliance
with the State and Federal laws dealing with this form of discrimination.
4. Severe Offenses
School personnel will handle the following offenses, which disrupt school safety, and parents
will be notified:
Fighting (physical harm)
Defiance of authority
Offensive gestures or language
Sexual harassment
5. School Behavior Matrix: (each classroom adds rules at the bottom)
6. Prohibited Acts
Alpine School District Rules and Regulations outline procedures for individuals who
participate in prohibited activities.
Students may not:
1. Wear, possess, use, distribute or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblems, symbols, signs,
etc. which are evidence of membership or affiliation, in any gangs, secret societies, or
hate groups.
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2. Commit acts, or use speech, verbal or non-verbal (gestures, hand-shakes, etc.)
showing membership or affiliation in gangs, secret societies, or hate groups.
3. Use speech or commit any acts or omissions in furtherance of the interests of the
gang, group or secret society, including but not limited to:
* Soliciting others for membership.
* Requesting persons to pay for protection or otherwise intimidating or threatening
any person.
*Committing other illegal acts or other violations of school district policies.
* Inciting other students to act with physical violence upon any other person.
*Defacing school property.
4. Bring disruptive items such as gaming systems, CD players, musical devices, cell
phones, or other personal electronic devices to school.
5. Bring pets or animals to school.
6. Bring money or valuables. These items should be kept at home. (Student desks and
backpacks are not secure places for storing items. Teachers cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen
7. Bring toys or trading cards to school. Please do not allow children to bring toys of
any kind to school. Toys distract from learning and are often times lost or broken by
other students. We are not responsible for these items.
8. Destroy school property: Students are responsible to replace books and equipment
that they have damaged or lost. The school will pursue reasonable methods to recover
the cost of vandalism and loss of school property.
Birthday Treats
All treats brought into the school must be store-bought. No homemade edible items are allowed as
treats for students. Birthday treats may be sent with your student to school. Treats will be
handed out at lunch or if they are individually wrapped at the end of the day. If you are dropping
off birthday treats please arrive in the morning and check in at the office.
Book Fair
Book fairs are designed to promote reading. Students and families are able to purchase books in
October and February during the week of parent conferences. If your child is bringing money to
school for the book fair have them keep it in their pocket or notify the classroom teacher. Please
talk with your child about using the money for family purchases. If a child brings a large sum of
money to the book fair parents need to send a permission note and may be contacted about
Box Tops/Campbell Soup Labels
Please collect and turn in your box tops and labels to the classroom or office. The money we receive
from these programs is used to buy books, technology and other supplies for students and teachers.
The PTA helps with the collection and distribution of funds.
Breakfast and Lunch
1. All school menus, meals, prices, and payment are managed by Alpine School District
Nutritional Services:
2. School Breakfast
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 6 of 18
Breakfast will be served daily in the lunchroom. No outside supervision is provided prior to
breakfast. Please do not have students arrive before serving time. ALL students will walk to
the back playground and enter through the back doors to eat breakfast.
A track: 7:40 - 7:55
B track: 8:55 - 9:10
If students bring lunch money to school, it should be turned in before the school day begins.
Please make checks payable to: Alpine School District Food Services. The MY PAYMENTS
PLUS program enables parents to pay online (there is no charge for the service). Please allow
2-3 days for processing. Visit the website above to set up the online payment option.
Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
To apply for free or reduced meals you need to complete an application each year. Each
family received information in the summer mailing from the district. Students on free or
reduced lunch at the end of last year will remain on the program for 30 days. Lunches must
be paid for until the district approves your application.
Applications for free/reduced meals are available online:
Excessive lunch charges are not allowed. If you owe money, your child may be asked to call
home prior to receiving lunch.
Students are expected to be courteous and use manners in the lunchroom. We strive to have
a safe and friendly place for students to eat. See the school behavior matrix for
expectations. Please review the lunchroom guidelines with your child.
Building Entrance
All visitors enter the school through the front, secure, double doors. All other doors are locked and
secure. In the front entry, there is a button on the wall to the right. Please press the button to
speak with the office. When doors are unlocked, there is a green light on the right side of the
silver door frame. Upon entering the building proceed directly to the office. Please follow all
directions given by school personnel. All visitors must wear a visitor badge while in the building.
Because events are being added and updated throughout the year, please visit the school website
frequently to find the latest up-to-date events. (http://eaglevalley.alpineschools.org/ )
Cell Phone, iPods, iTouch and other Student Electronics
Please leave all personal electronic devices at home. Students are not allowed to use cellphones or
other personal electronic devices while at school. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen
electronic devices. Devices used at school will be confiscated:
1st offense: student may pick up device at the end of the day from teacher or office
2nd offense: parents will need to pick up device at the school
3rd offense: will be handled at the principal's discretion
The school provides iPads and computers for student’s educational use during the school day.
Students are expected to follow teacher directions for appropriate use for learning.
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Character Traits
We actively teach and encourage students to show character. Each month we will focus on a
character trait.
Choir is an after-school program for 4th-6th grade students interested in learning and performing
musical numbers. Please look for information in the fall.
Concerns and Communication
Please discuss concerns with your child’s classroom teacher. Our teachers are ready to help your
child have a successful learning experience. Open communication and a team approach between
teachers and parents provides the foundation for positive school experiences and learning.
Crossing Guards
1. Students should follow the direction of the crossing guards as they travel to and from
2. Please be careful and follow crossing guard signs and directions as you enter and exit our
school parking lots and driveways.
3. Crossing guards are employed by Eagle Mountain City. If you have concerns, please call the
city offices. (phone: 801-789-6600)
Daily Schedule
**STUDENTS ARE DISMISSED ONE HOUR EARLY on Monday. Alpine School District has
established a district-wide early out Monday to allow for teacher collaboration time.
First-Sixth Grade:
A Track:
B Track:
8:00 - 1:15 (Monday)
9:15 - 2:30 (Monday)
8:00 - 2:15
9:15 - 3:30
AM: Monday-Friday 9:15 - 12:00
PM: Monday 12:35-2:30 Tues.-Friday 12:35-3:30
Preschool: Tuesday-Friday (No preschool on Monday)
AM: 9:15-12:00
PM: 12:45-3:30
Teachers will be at school from 7:30am to 4:00pm. If you have questions or concerns please contact
teachers the 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after school. Please make every effort not to disturb
instruction time. The office can connect you to voice mail during instructional time but calls will not
be put through to classrooms. Please visit the school website for email addresses.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 8 of 18
DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)/NOVA
Programs for 6th grade students presented by our County Sheriff's Department.
Double Dosing
Double Dosing offers additional time and support to help each student master essential skills and
learning. Double Dosing is offered based on teacher assessment and all instruction is under the
direction of the classroom teacher. Double Dosing time is provided by aides during the regular
school day.
Dress Code
Clothing should be clean and not distracting/extreme in appearance. Slogans or insignia that are
contrary to the educational purposes of Alpine School District are not allowed. This includes, but is
not limited to: vulgar words, profane or obscene slogans, and pictures of ads for alcohol, tobacco,
gangs, and/or drugs. If clothing or hair is distracting or disruptive to the educational process, the
parent will be asked to bring a change of clothes to school. Administrators have the right and
responsibility to make final decisions regarding all dress code issues listed as well as others that
may occur with changing fads.
1. Shoes must be worn both inside and outside of the school at all times. For safety, a closed
toe and a strap around the heel are recommended. When snow boots are worn, please send
shoes to be worn in the building. Footwear must not mark or damage floors. Shoes with
wheels are not acceptable.
2. The following are NOT allowed:
*Bare midriffs
*"Short shorts” or skirts (The fabric should be longer than the finger tips when arms are
held straight down to the sides)
*Tank tops or sleeveless shirts
*Pajama bottoms or other sloppy, baggy pants (unless approved in advance for special school
*Hair styles distracting in appearance: extreme hairstyles (i.e. Mohawks) or colors
*Hair color that does not occur naturally
*Hats, bandanas, scarves, chains, etc.
*Sheer shirts, skirts that reveal undergarments
3. Dress for the weather: Children should arrive at school dressed so they can play comfortably
outside. All children are expected to go outside after lunch unless the weather is 20 degrees
or colder or wet. If your child has health issues that require them to stay inside, please send
a note.
Drop Off Zones/Drive Through
Please use the south drive through for student drop off and pick up. Please pull forward to
the far south end of the drive through so traffic does not get congested. Students must be
dropped and loaded at the curb from the passenger side of the vehicle. Please do not have
children exit or enter the vehicle while in the second/passing lane. If you need to leave your vehicle,
please pull into a parking stall and park, then proceed to the nearest cross walk to gain access to the
school. Never leave a vehicle unattended in the drive through lanes.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 9 of 18
Family Nights
Throughout the year, school staff and PTA organize different activities for family night. We invite
you to mark your calendar and spend an evening at the school. Family nights we have had in the past
have focused on science, math, writing, art, and reading.
Family Representatives-Home Communication
To conserve paper, many newsletters, announcements, and paper information will be sent home with a
family representative. The family rep. is the oldest child in the family. Most information will be
sent electronically using family contact information in Skyward. Please check our website for
announcements and information and your email. Expect a weekly email from the principal with school
activity updates.
Field Day
Field day is usually held during the last week of school and is organized by the PE teacher.
Field Trips
Field trips provide opportunities for learning that extend beyond the school campus.
1. Your child's teacher will send home information before each field trip.
2. The school may seek a donation to help finance fieldtrips when an admission fee is
charged. However, students will not be excluded if a donation is not made.
3. All students and chaperones will be asked to purchase a school lunch if the field trip
extends into the lunch period. In cases of allergies, the parent will provide a home lunch.
4. Special dress and grooming may be required for some trips.
5. Parents are often invited by the classroom teacher to help supervise trips. Preschool age
children may not attend field trips. Background checks are required for some trips.
Parents cover the cost of the background check if they wish to attend.
6. Field trips will typically not be scheduled after May 1st.
7. Background checks are required if you supervise students. Background checks are $55.00
and last for all the time your child attends Alpine School District. Please visit or contact
the Alpine School District website under the HR department to make an appointment. Let
the office know when your background check is complete.
Free and Reduced Lunch
Please fill out a form for free and reduced lunch to see if your family qualifies. Filling out this form
can potentially help our school gain funding.
801-610-8037 or 801-610-8038
We hold annual fundraisers to enhance technology, materials, and programs to increase student
learning. Fundraisers supplement state and federal funds to meet the needs of our school. We
appreciate your support! In the past, funds have helped purchase iPads, Chrome Books, headphones,
a digital marquee, and new trees for the field area of the playground.
Fees are not charged for activities that are part of the regular school day. Activity groups, summer
school, or after school events may have a fee.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 10 of 18
Grounds/Building Rental
Please help keep our building and grounds looking nice. Please keep vehicles off the sidewalks and
grass. No dogs allowed on school property at any time. Students and patrons are asked to use
crosswalks and sidewalks when entering and leaving the building and school grounds. Rock and
flowerbeds are not for climbing and walking through. Please pick up and remove garbage.
If you are interested in renting a room in the school or the fields, please contact the office for
guidelines and rental rates.
1. Every child needs to read at least 20 minutes every day. This can be independent reading
and/or reading with parents.
2. Homework should provide practice and time on essential skills. Assignments should be fully
understood by students. If your child struggles to complete assigned homework please
contact his/her teacher. Please communicate directly with your child’s teacher if you are
concerned about the amount or type of homework.
3. Parents can facilitate homework by giving children a set time and quiet place to work.
Hope of America
Fifth grade program that promotes patriotism, organized by Provo Freedom Festival.
Illness-Reasons for Exclusion from School
Children, staff, parents, and/or volunteers will be excluded from the classroom if any of the
following are noted. We follow all Utah County Health Department guidelines. The health
department lists the following conditions for which children should be kept home and when
necessary, diagnosed and treated by a licensed clinician before returning to school.
1. Cold/Flu
Watery discharge from nose and eyes, sneezing, chills, general body discomfort or if
there is a fever or yellow or green drainage from eyes or nose.
2. Diarrheal Diseases
An increased number of stools compared with the child’s normal pattern with increased
water and/or decreased form which may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal
cramping, headache, and/or fever. If any kind of stool softeners are administered, please
keep student home for at least 12 hours.
3. Impetigo
Blister-like skin lesions or oozing or crusted sores could be Impetigo which MUST be
diagnosed and treated with antibiotic for at least 24 hours before the child may return
to school.
4. Pink-Eye or Conjunctivitis
Redness of eye(s), watery, white, or yellow discharge from the eye, matted eyelashes,
burning or itching eyes may be infectious conjunctivitis which MUST be treated with
antibiotic for at least 24 hours before the child may return to school.
- Fever over 100.5 degrees
- Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain
- Strep throat or other bacterial infection not on antibiotic for at least 24 hours
- Runny nose (thick, green/yellow discharge)
- Red, inflamed, or discharging eyes (pinkeye)
- Swollen glands around the jaw, ears, or neck
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 11 of 18
-Persistent cough
- Any open skin sore oozing fluid, or open wound
- Presence of any skin rashes that might be due to an infection (Measles, strep, staph, fungus,
chicken pox)
- Earache or ear drainage
- Other symptoms that suggest acute illness
Utah State Law requires that all children enrolled in a public school must show proof of complete
immunization. Kindergarten students and students transferring from other school districts will not
be admitted without a birth certificate and official proof of complete immunization. (A waiver must
be cleared with Utah County Health Department).
Imagine Learning
An adaptive online literacy program to help students gain essential literacy skills. Available K-3.
Please contact your child’s teacher for login information to use the program at home.
An adaptive online math program that focuses on essential math skills. Available for a few select
grade levels. iReady can be accessed at home and provides valuable practice time.
Lost and Found
1. To facilitate the return of lost items, we ask that all caps, jackets, mittens, boots, etc. be
labeled with your child's name. We encourage students to be responsible for their own
personal items.
2. Lost and Found is located in the front entry of the school. Valuable or tiny articles are held in
the office.
3. Lost items will be stored for a brief period of time. Items not claimed will be donated to a
charitable organization.
Maturation Program
Held for fifth grade students in the spring. Teachers will send out information in the spring.
1. The school cannot administer medicine without an Authorization of Student Medication form
filled out by the student’s parents/guardians and physician. These forms are available in the
office and need to be updated annually and as needed when there is a change in doctor’s
orders for medication.
2. After receipt of the Authorization form and a conversation with the school nurse and/or
school personnel medication can be dispensed during the school day. Medication must be
brought to school by a parent or guardian. The parent and staff member will count and
record the number of pills and sign the medication form each time pills are brought to school.
Medicine cannot be sent with a child to school.
3. Students are not allowed to have medication of any kind in their pockets to take during the
school day. Please do not send medication with students to school. Parents can come to
school to administer medication if needed.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 12 of 18
4. Permission to receive Tylenol or Advil may be given over the phone but only if a parent speaks
directly to the nurse, administration, or secretary.
Online Conference Scheduler
Parents can schedule appointments for parent/teacher/student conferences in October & February.
If you have more than one child in our school, this Skyward program makes it easy to find the times
that best fit the needs of your family. Please contact your child’s teacher any time throughout the
year with any comments or concerns.
Please park in a marked stall. Do not park along the red painted curbs at any time during the day.
Please do not park in the drive through lanes. Parent parking is in the south parking lot.
PBIS-Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
What is PBIS?
PBIS is a school-wide system of support that includes proactive strategies for explicitly defining,
teaching, and supporting appropriate behaviors to give students skills to be active and productive
members in school and community. (www.pbis.org) Our proactive approach will help establish
behaviors needed by all students in our school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.
The main focus of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to provide a clear system
of expected behaviors for all members of the Eagle Valley Elementary community. While many
staff, parents, and students may have assumptions of what is expected behavior, we want to be
explicit. Through PBIS, we will work to create and maintain a productive and inclusive environment
where we all have clear expectations and understanding of the role ALL of our behaviors have in the
educational process.
Phone Use
Calls into and from the classroom are very disrupting for teachers and students. School phones are
for school business and emergencies. Please DO NOT call or to leave a message with your child
during the school day unless it is an emergency. Make after school plans with your child before
school begins so we can maximize learning time without interruptions. Students will be allowed to call
home for illness, lunch charges, etc. They will not be allowed to call for permission to go home with a
friend, etc. Permission to use the phone must be given by the teacher or secretary. Please be
patient when calling, we manage and use three phone lines.
PTA (Parent Teacher Association)
Studies indicate that children, whose parents are involved at school, take school more seriously and
perform better. We need and want the support of all our patrons through active participation
and/or membership in PTA. PTA provides many activities, programs, and equipment to the school so
there are many ways to be involved. Please join the PTA during the fall open house or pick up a
membership form in the office. Membership is $6.00 a year.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 13 of 18
A safety training program presented by the Utah County Sheriff's Department during the school
day. RAD KIDS sessions will involve second and fifth grade classes. Your child must have permission
to participate.
All students are expected to be outside during recess breaks. If disagreements occur between
students during recess, we teach students strategies and skills to navigate conflict. Please ask your
child about STOP/WALK/TALK, negotiating disagreements, asking to play, and steps to make a
friend. Lunch recess is monitored by playground duty aides and grade level recess is monitored by
teachers. Please contact your child’s teacher if your child is having difficulty during recess.
We do not have supervision for students to stay inside during recess, please do not request this.
Students are more likely to be exposed to illness in the building than outside in fresh air. Please
send a note from a doctor and contact the school nurse if your child needs to be inside for recess.
Office personnel will make the determination on which days all students will remain indoors. Days
below 20 degrees will be inside days. We monitor air quality, temperature, wind speed, ice buildup
and many factors when making decisions for safe outside play.
Safe Schools
The purpose of the Alpine School District Safe Schools Policy is to maintain an environment that is
safe and conducive to learning by prohibiting acts of violence, aggressive behavior, intimidation,
possession of weapons, criminal behavior, and/or gang and secret societies activity at school. It
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 14 of 18
further prohibits hazing, harassment, abetting; and any other acts deemed prohibited by the
principal and/or as defined and described in district rules and regulations. Students using,
distributing, or selling illegal drugs or imitation drugs on the school campus will be referred to the
police and district action taken. All district policies will be followed including the standard response
safety protocols.
Safety should be discussed frequently. Please talk as a family about these items:
• Safety while traveling to and from school
• Know routes to and from school
• Never talk to or accept rides or candy from strangers
• Junior and senior high school students should not be on campus during school times unless
attending an approved activity.
School Community Council (SCC) http://www.schoollandtrust.org/
The School Trust Lands program was established during the 1999 legislative session to enhance
student academic performance by empowering local decision-making. It provides financial benefits
through wise use of interest and dividends from school Trust Land revenues. A committee of at
least 5 parents and 3 employees from our school meet for the purpose of advising and making
recommendations on school programs, school improvement issues, and environment for students.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 15 of 18
Each parent position is determined by election and most committee members serve for two years.
Elections for this council, if needed, take place in the fall of each school year.
School Song
Eagle Valley Eagles are the best!
Eagle Valley Eagles strive for success!
We will be excellent in everything we do,
We will stay in school because we are cool!
School Spirit Days
Fridays are school spirit day. On Friday, we encourage students to wear their school shirts or
school colors (green and silver). To participate the shirt must be mostly in the school colors. School
shirts are available to purchase in the fall. Encourage your child to participate. Classes will be
recognized for participation. Go Eagles!
School Wide Emergencies
Our intent is to train students in safe emergency and evacuation procedures. We have regular fire,
earthquake, and intruder drills every year. Students will remain with teachers until they are signed
out by parents or another approved adult listed on the emergency information form. In the case of
an evacuation, in which we are unable to safely return to the school building, staff and students will
be directed by emergency officials to the safest community building or location. Please take the
opportunity to discuss what family members will do in an emergency. This will help alleviate fear if
and when an actual emergency occurs. Please listen and follow directions of all school personnel in
the event of an emergency. Students will only be released to parents or guardians with picture ID or
those individuals listed on the emergency contact list with ID.
Student information, attendance and grades can be accessed in Skyward. Parents are encouraged to
track student progress and attendance frequently using Skyward online, the Skyward app, or ASD
Connect app. EVERY YEAR before school begins, please review and update all student information
and permissions in Skyward. Students can only use computers and electronic devices after parents
have granted permission in Skyward. Parents must use their login, not a student login.
Parent login can be accessed through the school website: http://eaglevalley.alpineschools.org/.
Please contact the office if you have questions (801.610.8704).
Smith’s Earn & Learn-Community Rewards
A great way to support our school! Smith’s donates a portion of your purchase to our school. If you
already have a Smith's card, ask the cashier for information needed to add Eagle Valley Elementary
as your designated school. To enroll online, visit: SmithsCommunityRewards.com our organization
number is 84336.
Special Accommodations
If you or your children have disabilities that require special accommodations, please contact the
school at 801-610-8704.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 16 of 18
Standards Based Report Cards
We are a standards based report card school. Our teachers have essential standards for each
grade level and will monitor student mastery. Standards based report cards will show the essential
standards for the grade level and how your child is progressing towards skill mastery using a number
scale. Letter grades do not tell what skills students have mastered or if they are working at grade
level but often reflect how well a student met his particular teacher’s expectations, test
performance, and how much effort a teacher believes a student invested. With the standards based
report card parents see exactly what skills are important for the grade level and how their child is
mastering each skill. Please talk with your child’s teacher about standards based reporting.
Student Council
Comprised of representatives from fifth and sixth grade classes. Student Council officers are
sixth graders and are elected to serve each year. They sponsor spirit days, food drives, etc.
Student council is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and serve our school.
Utah law prohibits the charging of fees in elementary school. Students, K-6 may not be charged for
textbooks, classroom equipment, supplies, assemblies, field trips, snacks, etc., or any activity that
takes place during the school day. All class supplies are furnished by the school. However, if your
child loses or destroys school property, the cost of repair or replacement is not a fee and will not be
1. We encourage you to provide a book bag or backpack to carry materials to and from school.
2. You may choose to donate items to your child's classroom. Ask your child’s teacher about
items for donation.
Donations through Alpine Foundation:
The Alpine Foundation has been set up by Alpine School District to handle large contributions or
donations. The foundation allows you to take a tax deduction for your donation and provides you with
a receipt. If you would like to make a donation to our school, a teacher, or a specific program please
see the donation link on our website or contact the foundation: http://foundation.alpineschools.org/.
Take Home Reading Library
Books are sent home daily with students in the K-2nd grades. Participation is optional and parents
must sign a contract agreeing to pay for lost or damaged books. Please take care of the books and
sign and return them daily. If you would like to volunteer to help exchange books please leave your
name and contact information with the front office (801-610-8704).
Target Time
Target time is a regular part of our school schedule Tuesday-Friday. This time is allocated to
provide extra time and support to help all learners succeed. Teachers work in grade level teams to
instruct students in essential learnings. Students are grouped based on how they learn best and are
provided different ways of learning.
Vision, Hearing and Speech Screenings
Vision screening will be done for students in the first few months of school. Students will also be
screened for hearing problems on a rotating basis in the fall. Speech problems will be assessed on
an individual basis, upon request by teachers or parents. After the screenings, parents will be
notified if there are areas of concern.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 17 of 18
The Eagle Way
Eagle Valley’s staff believes in a team approach to teaching appropriate behavior to all students in
the school. We have three clear expectations that are defined and applied to every school setting
and event.
These three expectations are explicitly taught and each character trait and skill is linked to one of
these expectations.
Volunteers and Classroom Visits
All visitors to the building must be omitted through the front, secure doors. There is a button on
the wall to the right that will allow you to talk to the front office. Please follow all directions given
to you by school personnel. Visitors may not be in the hallways or classrooms without a visitor
Volunteer Responsibilities:
For the safety of our students and their siblings, we must ask you to respect the following
1. Check in at office with picture ID each time you volunteer.
2. If volunteering becomes a distraction to the learning environment in the classroom, we
will provide an alternative volunteer setting.
3. No preschool aged children in the classroom. The only exception are non-instructional
times preapproved by the teacher (such as class parties).
4. No preschool aged children on fieldtrips.
5. No preschool aged children in the workroom.
6. If visiting the library, office or other parts of the school, keep your children by your side
at all times.
*If your preschool aged children become disruptive, excuse yourself and take the time
necessary to calm the child or simply take him/her home.
1. Parents are welcome to visit the school, however, for the safety of our students, you need to
check in at the office first and get a visitor badge. Please bring your picture ID. If you
would like to visit a teacher's class, please call or email the teacher and make arrangements
in advance. Please limit your visits to 15 minutes if you are not volunteering to help the
teacher. While in the classroom, please do not interrupt the teacher or the students in the
learning process.
2. If you choose to join your child for breakfast or lunch, please make this an occasional visit
and remember to check in at the office. Please do not enter the playground area unless you
have permission from the office. Your visit should be centered on your child. Please respect
the privacy and rights of other children.
3. Occasionally out-of-town cousins or friends come to visit during the school year. These
guests are not to accompany students to school. Your cooperation is appreciated.
4. Conferences with the teacher during the instructional day are not conducive to learning.
Please schedule to meet between the hours of 7:30-8:00 or 3:30-4:00.
If you are interested in volunteering and have not been contacted please call or stop by the front
office and leave your contact information.
Eagle Valley Elementary School Handbook, Page 18 of 18
Withdrawing or Transferring Students
Should it become necessary to withdraw your child during the school year, please:
1. Notify the office and teacher at least one day in advance.
2. Return all books to the teacher and media center.
3. Come to the office before 1:00pm to complete a student check out form. You will need to
check out with teachers, the librarian, and lunchroom personnel. Lunchroom personnel may
not be available after 1:30.
21st-Century Schools/STEAM
We are working on integrating 21st Century Learning skills and Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts & Math (STEAM). We are part of a multi-year district grant that will provide teacher training
and lesson development.
Go Eagles!
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