Daptor Three
The model Daptor Three is covered by a 2 year
warranty to be free from defective workmanship
and materials. In the event that the Daptor
Three needs repair, you must call us to get an
authorization, and then carefully pack and ship
it to us. You will pay for shipping to us and we
will pay for return back to you, UPS ground. No
free repairs will be made if the defect was
caused by misuse, weather conditions, or other
cause, except for defective workmanship or
Daptor Three
Wireless Audio Interface
User Guide
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JK Audio
FCC-B Part 15 Compliance
Daptor Three is a simple, professional audio interface
using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This device
allows balanced and unbalanced connections to your
cell phone. Daptor Three connects to your cell phone
like any other Bluetooth Wireless Technology enabled headset. It will also connect to any other product, such as a laptop, that allows wireless headset
This device has been tested and found to comply
with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant
to Part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against
harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment
generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency
energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause
harmful interference to radio communication. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is
likely to cause harmful interference, in which case
the user will be required to correct the interference
at his/her own expense.
JK Audio products are built to the tough standards of
the broadcast industry. Using a die cast aluminum
enclosure and rugged components throughout, Daptor Three is built to take real world abuse.
* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by JK Audio, Inc. is
under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of
their respective owners.
Changes or modifications not expressly approved
by JK Audio can void the user's authority to
operate the equipment.
Shielded interface cables and AC power cord, if
any, must be used in order to comply with the
emission limits.
The internal antennas used for this mobile transmitter must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.
Female XLR:
Balanced, 20k ohms,
-4 dBu nom.
Stereo Line In:
Unbalanced, 3.5mm,
20k ohm, -10 dBu nom.
Frequency response:
Headset (phone)
300 Hz - 3400 Hz
Headphone mode:
Male XLR:
30 Hz - 17k Hz
Balanced, 200 ohms,
0 dBu max.
Stereo Line Out:
Unbalanced, 3.5mm,
200 ohms, -6 dBu max.
Frequency response:
Headset (phone)
300 Hz - 3400 Hz
Headphone mode:
30 Hz - 20k Hz
One 9-volt battery
4.4” x 2.7” x 1.2”
(11.2 x 6.9 x 3.5 cm)
7 ounces
Note: While Daptor Three was designed to be very rugged and durable, it is not waterproof and care should be
taken to keep the unit dry.
Connect your cables from
either the balanced XLR or
the unbalanced stereo mini
Line In and Line Out jacks to
your other audio equipment.
While you can use both the balanced and unbalanced
outputs simultaneously, only one input can be used at
a time. If you have audio sources connected to both
the balanced XLR and the unbalanced mini jack inputs, only the audio at the XLR jack will be heard.
The Bluetooth interface will first attempt to connect
in hands free mode to a cell phone, allowing 3.4kHz
telecom bandwidth. If this type of connection is not
accepted, it will attempt to connect in wireless headphone mode to any product, such as a laptop computer, that allows a Bluetooth wireless audio connection. The wireless headphone mode offers a full
20kHz bandwidth.
While all phones and portables are different, typically
if you connect in cell phone hands free mode, you will
have a mono duplex connection. A connection to a
music player should be in stereo mode. Consult your
cell phone or portable device for more details.
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Establishing a Bluetooth connection varies with different cell phones. On your phone, find and select the
option to set up a connection. While monitoring the
Bluetooth audio path with headphones on your audio
equipment, press and hold the silver button on Daptor
Three for approx. 5 seconds. You will hear a beep in
your headphones, followed by a second beep or
beeps. The blue LED will flash rapidly as Daptor Three
enters Pairing Mode.
There is a difference between “Pairing Mode” and “Idle
Mode”. The very first time you connect to a new device
you must be in Pairing Mode. When you hold the Bluetooth button in, the blue LED will come on steady for a
moment, then it will flash at a rate of 200 ms on and
200 ms off. This first stage is Idle Mode. Continue to
hold the button in until the LED flashes rapidly, about
every 100 ms. This is Pairing Mode. Once in pairing
mode, any Bluetooth enabled device within range can
pair with Daptor Three. After pairing is complete, the
connection to that device is secure.
How long will the battery last?
Based on our lab tests using a standard alkaline battery with Daptor Three about 1 meter
from your Bluetooth device, the battery
should last for about 18 hours under normal
use. Lithium batteries can add 3 to 4 times the
battery life, at 3 to 4 times the cost. As an indicator of low battery, the blue LED will grow
dim and then extinguish a short while before
the battery is completely exhausted and the
unit shuts down.
Now go to your Bluetooth device and search for Bluetooth connections. If this is the first time you have
paired with this device, select the option to add an audio device. When the cell phone has found the new
device, select from the list the device ID of
"JKDAP3xxx" where the “xxx” corresponds to the last 3
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
digits of the unit’s serial number. Enter “Yes” when
asked to Bond with this device. Enter the pin number
as "0000". (Earlier units with serial numbers up
through DAP301110 use a unique pin of 3xxx). When
bonding is complete, the blue LED will flash at a rate
of 1 sec on, 2 sec off. Once Daptor Three has been
added to your cell phone, subsequent connections
can be made more quickly from Idle Mode.
What is the range of the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver?
Daptor Three will transmit and receive audio
signals up to 25 feet from your Bluetooth device. Because transmitting signals over longer
distances will require more power, you should
keep Daptor Three as close as possible to
your Bluetooth device to conserve battery
How do I send full bandwidth stereo audio
through my cell phone?
Daptor Three supports A2DP (Sink), Hands
Free and Headset profiles with BlueCore 3Multimedia technology. You will be able to
send full bandwidth stereo audio through any
cell phone that supports A2DP.
Can I send and receive audio at the same
Yes, but on most phones, the audio you send
into the phone will come back mixed with the
receive audio.
While all phones and portables are different, typically
if you connect in cell phone Hands Free mode, you
will have a mono duplex connection. If you connect to
a music player, you will be in stereo mode. Consult
your cell phone or portable device for more details.
The Bluetooth interface will first attempt to connect
in Hands Free mode to a cell phone, allowing 3.4 kHz
telecom bandwidth. If this is not available, it will attempt to connect in Wireless Headset mode to any
product that allows a Bluetooth wireless audio connection. The Wireless Headset mode offers 20 kHz
audio bandwidth.
To disconnect from the Bluetooth device, simply
press the Bluetooth button and hold for 5 seconds. If
left unused in Idle Mode or if a live call is disconnected, the Daptor Three will automatically disconnect Bluetooth in two minutes.
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Bluetooth LED pattern to initiate Bonding
Initiate bonding
2 sec off,
2 sec on
Idle Mode Pairing Mode
200 ms off, 100 ms off,
200 ms on 100 ms on
Hold Bluetooth button in > 5 sec to
reach Pairing Mode the first time a
new device is connected
Hold Bluetooth
button in > 2 sec to
reach Idle Mode for
faster connection
after device has
been added
Bluetooth LED pattern after Bonding
2 seconds off,
1 second on
Pairing Mode
will time out
in 2 minutes
Idle Mode will time out in 2
minutes if device left unused
or call is disconnected
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