Casio FX-9860G User's Manual

Casio FX-9860G User's Manual
For fx-9860G AU
Installing an
Add-in Application
User’s Guide
Installing an Add-in Application Using FA-124 PROGRAM-LINK
On your computer’s desktop, double-click “FA-124”.
• This will start up FA-124 PROGRAM-LINK.
Click the
In the Computer window, right click “Default”.
On the shortcut menu that appears, select “Import fx-9860 File”.
icon to switch to display of Storage Memory contents.
• This will display a dialog box for selecting the file you want.
Click the file type down arrow button and then select “G1A File(*.g1a)” on the list of file types
that appears.
Select the add-in that you want to install.
• If you are installing an add-in from the CD-ROM (Physium, Geometry, etc.), navigate to the
CD-ROM that is in your computer’s CD-ROM drive and then select the add-in.
Click [Open].
• This should cause the imported add-in file to appear in the Computer window.
* If the “Memory Full Error” occurs, delete files in the Computer window that you no longer
need. Next, right-click “Default” and then select “Optimization” from the shortcut menu that
appears. After that, restart the procedure from step 3.
On the calculator, enter the LINK Mode, and configure the
following settings: Cable Type: USB; Wakeup: On;
Capture: Memory.
Use the USB cable to connect the calculator to your computer and then click the
• This will establish a connection between the calculator and FA-124 PROGRAM-LINK, and
display the contents of calculator memory in the fx-9860 window.
10. In the Computer window, right-click the add-in application you want to install and then click
“Copy” on the shortcut menu that appears.
11. In the fx-9860 window, right-click the user name and then select “Paste” on the shortcut menu
that appears.
* In place of steps 10 and 11, you could also drag the add-in application from the Computer
window and drop it onto the user name in the fx-9860 window.
12. The data will be copied from the Computer window to the fx-9860 window.
13. After the copy operation is complete, the add-in application will appear under the user name in
the fx-9860 window.
14. Click the
• This will terminate the connection between the calculator and
FA-124 PROGRAM-LINK and cause the message “Complete!”
to appear on the calculator display.
15. On the calculator, press the J key and then the m key.
• Confirm that the add-in application’s icon is on the Main Menu.
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