GEMOS and GEMOS access - ela-soft
GEMOS and GEMOS access:
advanced Physical Security Information Management
software, hardware, access control and
extended redundancy system
About us
Introducing our company
ela-soft GmbH has been on-the-go for more than 25 years...
Security is our concern
Development milestones
Since 1990, ela-soft has been developing manufacturer-neutral
management systems for security, building and communication
technology. With the successful GEMOS system, which integrates all the technical subsystems into a central, simple-to-operate
interface, ela-soft counts amongst the market and technology
leaders in this sector. At the Head Office in Berlin, and at the
branches in Offenbach and Velbert, highly-qualified employees
are involved in the development of specialised software and hardware solutions, and offer service and project control close to the
customer during the system start-up phase.
Since 1990, ela-soft has been developing highly integrated danger
management systems with manufacturer-neutral interfaces for
emergency call centres and control centres.
Over 700 implemented interfaces and more than 1000 installed
systems prove the 25 years of experience and the success of the
products from ela-soft.
Business segments
Physical security information management systems
Building and communication management systems
Integration and interface management
Access control systems
Monitoring systems
Integrated systems
Fire, intrusion detection and danger alarm systems
Access control and emergency exit control systems
Audio, media and video systems
Radio, personal emergency and communication systems
Building, electric and messaging management systems
Interface management
Security systems
Building management systems
Communication systems
Database connection
ELOS Operation management organisation system
GEMOS 1 Building management system and organisation system
GEMOS 2 under MS Windows 95
Main fire alarm control system with individual VdS
GEMOS interface manager for government buildings in
Highly available integrated operations control system
Development of an OEM escape door control system
Integration of ela-soft into the Gretsch-Unitas group
GEMOS Pro02 server as interface manager
GEMOS Web server under LINUX
Development of an OEM access control system based
Integration GEMOS – PRISMA
GEMOS 3 browser-based integrated security management
Deep integration of video technology control
DatacenterControl, hardware and software upgrades
Direct import of AutoCAD® drawings
GEMOS 4, GEMOS access
New GEMOS and GEMOS access hardware
GEMOS access redundancy expansion
Inauguration of Offenbach training centre
Implementation of the newest GEMOS video client and
various new modules
Reference projects
Many satisfied customers from the areas of the chemicals industry, law enforcement, transport, utilities, banks, office buildings,
hospitals, multifunction arenas and logistics place their trust in
GEMOS as their security information management systems. Our
list of reference projects (website) presents a brief selection of
projects carried out with GEMOS.
GEMOS & GEMOS access
Presenting our product line
Integral management and access control system
Building, security, risk or facility management – these are only
a few of the terms to describe the functions and services of
GEMOS is a range of products comprising software, hardware,
accessories and services. As a software-based graphical management platform, GEMOS supports the technical and organisational
implementation of all methods for safeguarding against danger.
Individual analysis of the dangers that threaten companies and
institutions represents the starting point for the adaptation of
GEMOS to customer's needs. Security is a management issue, but
in daily operation, the instruments must be made available for
the consequent implementation by responsible employees and
must therefore be simple, logical and intuitive to operate. This
is reliably achieved by GEMOS through a trade-spanning interaction, logical links and an intuitive user interface – even for the
control of such complex security installations as, e. g., fire alarm,
intrusion detection alarm, escape door control, access control,
video, and intercommunication systems.
danger management systems. Free scalability is the basis for the
economic application of GEMOS access, regardless of whether it
is for small projects with only one access point and a small circle
of people or complex large-scale facilities.
GEMOS access unites different technical trades involved in
the security on and around the door: access control, escape
door control, and monitoring systems are linked centrally
to the GAM door module. The systems are connected via a
GEMOS universal bus, either with stub lines or in a redundant
loop circuit. In addition, a 128 bit AES encryption of the serial
bus is possible as an option. The open interface architecture
enables the connection of many customary card readers –
independently from the applied reading technique. Program
core and database are based on years of consistently further
developed and innovative GEMOS software philosophy.
Clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications
as well as hardware recognition assistants allow for fast and therefore economic handling both during installation and operation.
GEMOS access represents another of ela-soft GmbH's own
product line in addition to GEMOS. The application options
extend from offline access control systems for small applications
to modular and fully integrated parts of building, security or
GEMOS – advanced Physical Security Information Management
Flexible, efficient, vendor-neutral
GEMOS – advanced PSIM
The GEMOS - advanced PSIM adapts to the customer user profile.
Thanks to the integration of network interfaces and cable connections provided, the entire control, operation and monitoring of
security and media technology facilities as well as of buildings can
be managed in a modular and flexible manner.
Performance features:
 GEMOS is the leading security information management system in the German market with over 750 different proprietary
interfaces and over 1000 installations.
 GEMOS is manufacturer-neutral, i.e. integration of systems
from different manufacturers is possible.
 The design of custom user interfaces according to customer
needs is possible through the web-based interface.
 Highest availability thanks to various redundancy concepts
(network, server, database etc.)
 Special solutions for different sectors such as, e. g. multifunctional sports arenas, penal facilities or data centres
 The direct import of Auto CAD drawings allows the immediate
use of existing architectural floor plans
 High scalability using flexible license models, divided into
three levels, light, standard and professional
 Software, hardware and licenses with modular system design
GEMOS User Interface
TCP/IP Interface
Subsystem Visualization
Pro 02-API
Core processes
Communications Engine
Pro 02-Server
GEMOS Kernel
Serial links or gateways
GEMOS Bus Gateway
GEMOS Security Bus
Serial Interface
Pro 02-API
TCP/IP Interface
Subsystem/Field Buses
GEMOS - advanced Physical Security Information Management
Web-based client/server structure
Secure beyond IT standards
GEMOS – System overview
 The modular design of GEMOS allows for versatile solutions:
from individual workstation systems to cross-company multiple workstation systems.
 Every trade has its own language, has its own requirements
and requires that users have specific knowledge. GEMOS
understands and translates information from any trade. It
combines all information under a clearly laid out user interface
and consolidates trade alarms and other alarms into one point.
 Redundancy concepts can be implemented according to workstation, network, server and interface requirements.
GEMOS System overview
The highest availability at all levels
The HA agent monitors all hardware and software components
GEMOS – Redundancy
GEMOS can be designed continuously redundant on all levels.
Redundant designs of operating consoles, networks, servers,
databases and interfaces absolutely guarantees high availability.
The GEMOS HA agent monitors all GEMOS components in that it
queries the status via Life Beat.
In the case of a malfunction, it informs the hot standby component,
which now activates itself as the master and continues its operation.
GEMOS Redundancy
What can be integrated into GEMOS?
Anything that has an interface
GEMOS Interface management
It is possible to manage numerous media, communication and
security systems in a manufacturer-neutral manner with GEMOS.
The physical link can be made via simple contacts, serial interfaces or TCP/IP. Data connection is effected with native proprietary interfaces or via standard bus systems such as OPC, BACnet,
Adaptations implemented so far:
 Fire alarm systems
 Assault and intrusion detection systems
 Video monitoring systems
 Access control systems
 Personal emergency response systems
 Fire extinguishing and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation
 Radio installations
 Escape door and sluice door controllers
 Media technology (audio, video, control)
 Intercommunication systems
 Hazard alert systems, failure report systems, alarm systems
 Public sound systems
 IT hardware via SNMP
 Analog and digital telephone systems (Voice over IP)
 Elevator control
 Building management systems
Intelligent interfaces
Interface driver for every subsystem
GEMOS Interface driver
High availability and secure interfaces are the basis for the
smooth-functioning linking of third-party systems to management systems. Intelligent interfaces provide a separate driver
for coupling with every third-party system. The GEMOS driver is
independently run-capable and a self-contained software component that, on the one hand, speaks the language of the third-party
trade and, on the other hand, speaks "GEMOS". Thanks to its
autonomy, the GEMOS driver can work on separate hardware like
on the GEMOS controller under Windows or Linux. The benefit of
using separate hardware is that the system load of the main server
can be considerably reduced. If several interfaces are used, these
can be separated from each other logically and also spatially.
Individual interface drivers can also be 100% redundantly linked
to GEMOS in conjunction with the HA agent GEMOS redundant
module. Both drivers run simultaneously (if desired also on separate hardware) and are permanently monitored for function via
the GEMOS HA agent. If the driver or a third-party trade interface
malfunctions, the HA agent switches to the second one, and the
GEMOS operator is notified of the malfunction via an error report.
The communication between GEMOS and the third-party trade,
however, remains unrestricted.
All important hardware parameters are read out and, if necessary, presented as an event in the GEMOS user interface with the
GEMOS SNMP status monitor. If, for example, the temperature
of a hardware component is too high, for example, a defined
threshold alarm can be generated so that appropriate measures
can be implemented before the affected component fails.
Interface connection
The most varied events in a building
Multi-functional solution for multi-functional tasks
GEMOS sector-specific solution: ArenaControl
Today, the technical equipment in modern sports and multi-purpose arenas must meet the highest demands. In addition to highly
available IT and telecommunications structures and high security
demands, media equipment like speakers and acoustic irradiation
systems, display panels and TV devices are crucial for acceptance
with visitors.
High flexibility in view of varying, event-related requirements and
changing users requires a lot of planning and installation effort.
GEMOS ArenaControl provides the ideal platform for all typical
requirements thanks to its flexible, software-based system-networking capabilities, pre-defined scenarios for events and custom
workstation interfaces.
The most important for us is that visitors can cheer for their team
or favourite artist and go home happy without having noticed any
of the technology involved. We are proud of the fact that, with our
consultation, technology and our services, we contribute significantly to this success.
Predefined scenarios for events
Focus on (escape prevention) security
The right interface for every trade
GEMOS sector-specific solution: penal facilities and forensics
The GEMOS solution for penal facilities and forensics is specially
tailored to the needs and requirements of prisons.
Performance features:
 Implementation and connection of inmate databases to
 Display of inmate information
 Integration of access control with intelligent door control for
conducted paths
 Sluice function, individually adaptable
 Integration of electronic locking systems
 Integration of personal emergency call systems with location
function and localisation in the floor plan
 Control of telephone options for inmates
 Security systems for copings and fences combined with video
 Alarm transmission to work stations, staff members or
assigned tasks depending on time, duty rosters and situations
 Guard control
Intelligent door control for penal facilities and forensics
Logistic processes under control
Holistic security from registration to execution
GEMOS sector-specific solution: LogisticControl
The GEMOS LogisticControl solution is specially tailored to the
needs of logistics companies.
The module manages all processes, from reception to entry, loading procedures, travel routes, exiting and checkout.
By linking the entry control system, the communication system,
inventory control and video and alarm systems, a network of
clearly defined stations is created, the correct flow of which can
be comprehensively controlled, documented and evaluated with
minimum manpower requirements.
Loading process optimisation via the visualisation of the payload
bays and truck driver assignment e.g via large LED displays.
Management of all steps of logistic processes
Physical data backup
At a glance: temperatures, physical environment, access
GEMOS sector-specific solution: DatacenterControl
GEMOS DatacenterControl was specially developed for the requirements of modern and secure data centres.
Performance features:
 Control of physical presence of hardware
 Control of the individual 19 inch racks with 3D status overview
indicating whether doors are open, closed, or locked
 Rack-wise system temperature indication
 Room-wise control and indication of ambient temperature
 Control and visualisation of cabinet locking systems, smoke
exhaust systems, access control and video systems
Various individual subsystems are integrated into a complete system with consistent operation, visualisation and alarm functions
that can be comfortably controlled via the web browser.
Data processing centre
Software module
Functionality without limitations
GEMOS Software module
GEMOS Software module fit perfectly into the overall system and
offer solutions for nearly any task. Their development is based on
current trends in the IT and security, but also leaves enough room
for customer-related requirements.
Example: Task Manager
The innovative Task Manager uses the widespread use of mobile devices in the field of security and building management. It
enables the transmission of text and picture messages between a
GEMOS workplace and any device via WLAN or GSM. For Android
and Apple devices an app is provided.
With the central GEMOS Task Manager work orders can be
created, managed and transferred to different employees with
mobile devices The status of each work order can be tracked and
processed in a clear display. At the same time the employees
can accept and complete their work orders, send image and text
information to existing or newly created work orders and adjust
their status via the app.
GEMOS advanced PSIM video client
Available are:
 Switch-off manager
Adress management
 Backup (online)
 Dead man‘s switch
Visitor information
Image comparison
Dynamic rights control
Fire detector positioning
FM Analyzer
Import client
Log book
LDAP phone book
Sensor import
Resource translater
Single sign-on
Task manager
Text to speech
Incident management
Video management
 Video client and video wall
Guard control
Operating panel for control stations
All functions clearly laid out in one device
GEMOS modular control console
Modular operating consoles have been developed specifically for
the requirements of modern control stations. All of the typical
functions for operating GEMOS, the video system and the
communication system have been integrated into one device.
The basis is a compact industrial PC and a high-quality touch
panel. Special additional keyboards, analogue and digital audio
modules as well as RFID or fingerprint modules round off the
palette. This is the first time a standard console is available that is
completely integrated into GEMOS. For minor applications, e. g. a
PC call station, less complex variants are available.
Performance features:
Modular design
Different computers and CPUs available
High-quality industrial touch screen
Twin network card for redundant connection
Full integration into GEMOS
Operating system Windows
 Additional keyboard with dynamically illuminated and imprinted keys
 Additional dial pad with 32 keys, 20 keys of which are can be
custom labelled
 Analogue or digital hand set
 Analogue microphone
 Analogue or digital microphone with loudspeaker
 Mechanical accessories
GEMOS modular control console
Interfaces and data traffic under control!
Technology in a 19-inch housing
GEMOS interface controller (GIC)
The GEMOS interface controller (GIC) is used as an interface
server for the GEMOS security information management system.
Different application-specific drivers permit communication
between external systems and GEMOS. Communication with the
GEMOS server takes place via TCP/IP. The two teaming-capable
Ethernet connections on the back mean that a redundant system
structure is possible.
The GIC is available in two different versions. The device with
built-in power supply unit has a 230 V AC IEC plug connector.
The version without integrated power supply unit has 2 separate 24 V DC connectors, which can be used in combination with
either single or redundant external power supplies.
Performance features:
 LED display of the statuses of the receive and transmit lines of
the serial interfaces
 Simple configuration of the interfaces by pluggable modules
(RS-232 or RS-485/422)
 Up to 8 electrically isolated interface connections
 19-inch rack with 1 rack unit (438 × 44 × 320 mm) or can be
used as tabletop unit (removable fixing bracket)
 Incl. operating system, firmware on included SSD
 2x Ethernet 10/100Base-T with RJ45 teaming-capable or individually configurable, as well as 1x Ethernet 10/100Base-T as
service port or as connection for IP-based subsystems
 Installed power supply
 Redundant power supply
 Micro module for GEMOS universal bus
GEMOS interface controller (GIC) front view
Conventional interface connections
Every alarm is important!
GEMOS input/output module (GIO)
The GEMOS input/output module (GIO) provides a simple and
convenient solution to connect any periphery devices to GEMOS.
It is possible, e. g. to connect sensors and magnetic or deadbolt
switch contacts and to switch digital outputs.
The large number of input and output options offer maximum
Performance features:
 Modern microcontroller technology
 Capture of binary inputs, analogue detection lines and analogue measurements (e. g. fire and intrusion detection alarms,
temperature measurement, etc.)
 Connection to the GEMOS universal bus
 Cable lengths of up to 1,000 m between modules are possible
thanks to the amplification and potential separation of busses.
 128-bit AES encrypted transmission (optional)
 Redundant bus connection and ring bus system possible
 Designed as rack for 19-inch installation or as housing variant
(e. g. IP65 or DIN rail housing)
 Colour-coded terminal clamps for simple, tool-less installation
 16 universal inputs that can be programmed as digital, differential or multi-state detection line. The detection line can be
selected as voltage or resistance measurements per configuration.
 up to 2 bipolar optocoupler inputs (e. g. for monitoring
 1 sabotage line with resistance monitoring (differential line),
connection for cap contact
 8 relays with a nominal current of 0.5 A
 All relay outputs are designed as normally open (NO) and
normally closed (NC) contacts (two-way contacts)
Intelligent ethernet
The mini GAC controller serves
for connecting periphery devices (GIO module) and doors
(GAM module) directly via TCP/
IP with GEMOS server.
GEMOS input output module
GEMOS access – Access control systems
Integral high-end solution for large and small facilities
GEMOS access – intelligent door and emergency exit control, intrusion detection and locking technology
GEMOS access represents another of ela-soft GmbH's own
product line in addition to GEMOS. The application options
of GEMOS access extend from offline access control systems
for small applications to modular and fully integrated parts of
building, security or danger management systems.
GEMOS access unites different technical trades involved in the
security on and around the door: access control, escape door control, and monitoring systems are linked centrally to the GAM door
module. The open interface architecture enables the connection of
many customary card readers, e. g. via RS 485 or Wiegand protocol
– independently from the applied reading technique. Program core
and database are based on years of consistently further developed
and innovative GEMOS software philosophy.
Clear menu structures, predefined settings for typical applications
as well as hardware recognition assistants allow for fast and therefore economic handling both during installation and operation.
The integration of GEMOS access into the GEMOS management
system smoothly takes place based on the same software core and
makes the following and other functions possible:
 Integration of alarms, events and reports in GEMOS
 Complete system monitoring of all hardware and software
 Visualisation of reports, events and door statuses
 Controlling from visualised CAD based layout drawings
 Linking with third-party systems via open interfaces
 Representations of complex work flows and processes
 Joint logging of all events
 Interaction with video, intrusion detection alarm and fire alarm
 Deep integration of
Performance features:
 Path guidance / path tracking
 Assignment of several identifications to one user
 Management of user groups with authorisation and time
 Timed Anti Passback
 Re-register
 Validation
 Intrusion detection funtionality
 Four-eyes principle (multiple person presence check)
 Two person access check
 Visitor / employee access control
 Car park (or other balancing)
 Linking with third-party systems for extended rights check (e.
g. connection to biometric systems, image comparison)
 Control via danger alarm systems (e. g. with triggered fireextinguishing system)
 Bag check
 Multi-door sluice system
 Elevator control
 Integration with key management systems/lock box systems
(authorisation control and protocol of access management)
 Management of offline readers (offline cylinders)
 Simple gatekeeper interface for creating daily replacements
and visitor passes
 Up to 1,000,000 users (authorised access)
 Up to 1,000,000 identification cards
 Up to 10 identification cards per user
 Up to 10,000 user groups
 Up to 10,000 reader groups or room zones
 Up to 20,000 readers
 Up to 2,000 GEMOS access controllers
 Up to 1,000 time zones
 Up to 1,000 time zones per user
 Up to 4 time intervals per day
GEMOS access authentication
Combination of different readers and scanners
GEMOS access – security with access control
GEMOS access
Fingerprint combination reader
GEMOS access RFID card readers with and without PIN keyboard support all
current read processes such as LEGIC, MIFARE, HITAG etc.
GEMOS access vein scanner also in
Siedle design
Access control for every situation
Flexible, scalable, efficient
GEMOS access – Performance features
GEMOS access is the access control system from ela-soft GmbH.
The open scaling starts with small projects with e. g. one or two
access points and an authorised circle of people of up to 100
and reaches up to a maximum of 10,000 access points on large
projects and an authorised circle of people of a maximum of
 Mixed operation with various types of identification cards
and types of readers in one installation
 Web-based user interface
 Superior availability due to redundant bus structure
 Cryptographically encoded security bus
 Connection of intelligent escape route terminals
 Integration into existing networks, also heterogeneous ones
 Integration into the building security information management systems through open interfaces
With its superior availability and integral performance, GEMOS
access makes itself a high-end access control system.
GEMOS access user interface
For all security-related components on the door
Interaction pre-programmed - across the trades
GEMOS access – All around the door
It is possible to implement numerous security requirements
that have to do with the door
with GEMOS access.
Thus, for example, access control, emergency exit control,
intrusion detection system
and electronic locking can
be sensibly and intelligently
connected together directly on
the door.
GEMOS access provides planning security, since possible
upgrades can be integrated
directly on the door.
Overlapping of trades is
Cost intensive double designs
are omitted.
GEMOS access system overview
For all security-related components on the door
Simple, structured, secure, also redundant
GEMOS access - System overview
The design of the access
control system GEMOS access
is simple, well-structured and
secure. The web-based clientserver structure makes operation via a normal browser
(e. g. Internet Explorer or
Mozilla Firefox) possible. The
server structure can be simple
or redundant (hot-standby).
Additional decentralised intelligence is linked to the GEMOS
access controller (GAC) via a
TCP/IP network. The GEMOS
access door modules (GAM)
can be linked redundantly via
the cryptographic encrypted
GEMOS universal bus.
GEMOS access redundancy
Everything under control!
Central intelligence in a 19 inch housing
GEMOS access controller (GAC)
The new high-output GEMOS access controller (GAC) is the
central intelligence of all doors connected to it.
The GAC saves all rights, protocols and configuration data and
manages the busses. The most modern processor technology
and the Linux operating system guarantee high availability and
performance. The large SSD allows for safe operation without
protocol data loss if the network should fail or if it is operated
offline. Thanks to its compact 19-inch/1 rack unit format, the
GAC is ideally suited for decentralised installation in IT floor
distribution rooms.
Performance features:
19" rack with 1 HE (438 × 44 × 320 mm)
Displays on the front for bus communication
Powerful CPU
Incl. operating system, firmware on included SSD
Two redundant Ethernet ports
Ethernet service port on the front
Connections for monitor, keyboard and mouse for service
purposes on the back
USB 2.0 ports on the back
Two high-quality controlled fans
Space for installing a power supply
For up to 8 GEMOS universal busses (via micromodules)
All bus ports as insertable screw terminals on the back
 Installed power supply
 Redundant power supply
 Micro module for GEMOS universal bus
GEMOS access controller (GAC) front view
Networked access control system
Ethernet all the way to the door!
Mini GEMOS access controller (mini GAC)
The mini GEMOS access controller (mini GAC) serves for connecting doors directly via Ethernet in connection with a GEMOS
access module (GAM).
Up to four GAMs and eight readers can be connected to a mini
GAC as a smaller variation of the GEMOS access controller (GAC).
Through the use of two mini GACs per bus, bus redundancy is
attained. Therefore, various electronic door components can be
reliably connected.
The mini GAC can be used as the central intelligence for GEMOS
access and still ensures door functionality even without an active
Ethernet connection.
Performance features:
 up to 3 digital inputs
 up to 2 bipolar optocoupler inputs (e. g. for monitoring
 1 sabotage line
1 TCP/IP network connection (RJ45)
Modern microcontroller technology
SD card for user data
Ring bus operating mode when using 2 mini GACs
128-bit AES encrypted transmission (optional)
Up to 4 GAMs and 16 readers can be connected
Designed as rack for 19-inch installation or as housing variant
(e. g. IP65 or DIN rail housing)
 1 connection for GEMOS universal bus
Mini GEMOS access controller (19-inch installation)
 up to 2 relays with a nominal current of 0.5 A
 All relay outputs are designed as normally open (NO) and
normally closed (NC) contacts (two-way contacts)
Solutions for all requirements
The "all-around-the-door manager"
GEMOS access module (GAM)
The GEMOS access module (GAM) manages all imaginable appliances and installations on a door, regardless of the respective
manufacturer. A multitude of possible connections and functions
provides superior flexibility and planning security. Housings for
various applications, cap contacts, individual devices etc. round
off the line.
Performance features:
Most modern microcontroller technology
Control of up to 2 doors
128-Bit AES encrypted transmission (optional)
Redundant capable via the bus hub and integrated bus separator
Cable lengths of up to 1 km between modules are possible
thanks to amplification and potential separation of busses
Firmware update possible with running system (via access bus)
Serial interface for the connection of door bus components, e.
g. BKS-NET, with GAM serving as transcoding module
Integrated (proprietary) PLC functionality
Colour-coded terminal clamps for simple, tool-less installation
One-man inspection in connection with the service tool
Manufacturer-neutral card reader link
4 binary inputs
2 potential-free optocoupler inputs
4 analogue detection lines
1 sabotage line
 4 relay outputs
 4 binary outputs
GEMOS access module
Modular hardware assortment
Accessories for every installation situation
GEMOS and GEMOS access components
While developing our hardware products, we have placed special
value on user-friendly installation. This just shows how helpful our
technicians are with their many years of experience. The result is a
product line that provides a large selection of options in order be
able to quickly and professionally install in any situation.
A 19 inch component is provided for centralisation. For
decentralised installation, a DIN rail housing module and
surfaced-mounted housing are available.
A selection of approved and compatible accessory components
like power supply units, special micro modules, converters and
cap contacts round off the line.
Micro modules
Surface-mounted housing
GEMOS controller back
DIN rail mounting set for GEMOS modules
19'' rack with power supply back board
19'' power supply 12V/3A
Viewing all door statuses at a glance
Wireless via mobile phone or laptop thanks to Bluetooth
GEMOS access service tool (GAST)
With GEMOS access modules (GAM) connected to the bus, checking doors is possible via the network. What if someone would
like to know if everything works during installation? The GEMOS
access service tool (GAST) was developed for this purpose. It
provides four functions for making work easier. In the standalone operating mode, the tool indicates all input and output
statuses with LEDs. The option of using the device by connecting
it to a smart phone via Bluetooth is especially convenient. The
customer's mobile phone turns into a powerful testing device
thanks to the software that is included in the delivery. So even
looking for malfunctions is enjoyable. As an alternative to the
telephone, the GAST can also be connected to a laptop or Netbook via USB. The GAST also has an additional interface for direct
connection to the GEMOS universal bus.
Performance features:
Connection to GAM via I²C-Bus (ribbon cable)
23 LEDs to visualise all relevant statuses
Bluetooth for the connection to a smartphone or a laptop
USB and RS 485 interface
GEMOS access service tool (GAST)
Visualisation of the GEMOS access
service tool (GAST) on the screen
Networked locking systems
Active reading systems – online via radio
GEMOS access – Connection of SE security double knob cylinders
With its new energy concept, the SE mechatronic locking system
guarantees an especially high number of locking cycles per
standard battery. It can be easily and flexibly adapted to different
door requirements thanks to a large number of cylinder versions.
Up to 64 cylinders are connected via wireless nodes with the
online version that can be connected via Ethernet or system bus
to GEMOS access. This way, common authorisation management
of doors with card readers or SE cylinders is possible. Rights are
saved both in the GEMOS access database and on site in the
cylinder. This process also guarantees secure access to every door,
e. g. for the fire brigade, if the network or wireless connection
does not work.
Performance features:
 SE cylinders: 350,000 locking cycles per standard battery
 Up to 64 cylinders per wireless node
 Connection of wireless nodes to GEMOS access via
Ethernet or RS-485 bus
 High security due to the patented
SE reading system
 Superior availability through storage of access rights and
events in the cylinder
 Joint administration of access rights
 Immediate validity of changed access rights
 The different door requirements can be optimally fulfilled
thanks to a multitude of cylinder versions
SE double knob cylinder
The escape door package
Simple integration via BKS-NET system bus
GEMOS access – Connection of FTNT10
Ensuring the functional interplay of various products on a door
places high demands on products and planners. Especially escape
doors with additional locking elements require considerable
effort during planning and commissioning. Complex functions
are easy to implement with the GEMOS access module (GAM),
the FTNT escape door control and the patented BKS-NET bus. A
visual highlight is the combination of a card reader and terminal
in a two-section frame. The usual key switch can be omitted
here. Activation and acknowledgement are effected locally by
card without the necessity of additional wiring or programming.
Within the scope of assigning rights, people can receive specific
acknowledgement rights. Management of additional keys is now a
thing of the past.
Performance features:
Only two visible modules
No extra keys required
Simple wiring with 4-wire bus
Acknowledgement by card or transponder
Joint programming and logging within the GEMOS access
Card reader and terminal in a two-section frame
For smaller to medium requirements
All in a box!
GEMOS access compact
GEMOS access compact was especially developed for small to
medium-sized applications. In this variation, the entire software is
pre-installed in the GEMOS access compact controller (GAC). The
system can be immediately used as soon as the peripheral items
are connected and the IP address is entered. The existing PC can
be used to operate and install the system. Software installation
is not required, as PC and controller are connected via the web
interface of GEMOS access. The GAC controller and the data
stored in its memory are securely accommodated in a cabinet in
the computer room or in a floor distribution room.
Performance features:
 Low space requirement based on 19‘‘1U design
No additional software required
Easy set up
High reliability and availability through the use of professional
components and flash memory
Upgrade to full version possible
By connection to the management system GEMOS, a functional extension and visualization is possible
GEMOS access controller, bus modules including housing is
Integration BKS NET (e.g. escape door control FTNT)
System limits:
 Max. of 1 controller (GAC)
 Max. of 16 doors (max. 2 readers per door.) on 4 buses
 Max. of 200 identification cards
 Max. 10 time frames with one calendar
 Max. 2 intrusion detection alarm zones
 Max. of 10 time zones with calendar
Max. of 16 doors (max. 2 readers per door.) on 4 buses
Max. of 2 workstation licences
GEMOS access compact
GEMOS access compact registration mask
Consulting & Service
Planning / Development
Planning competence and our own development – our services for you
The foundation of the planning concept that is available to customers and consultants is based on years of experience in handling
large projects.
Comprehensive offer:
 Non-binding and free initial consultation
Our company is happy to support you with the creation of the
required project structure on the basis of the project definition,
and with the estimation of the expenses involved.
 Qualified project management
 Creation of project-oriented scheduling
Our scheduling and financial planning knowledge is based on a
history of large projects that have already been implemented in
the field of arena construction, industrial facilities, penal facilities
as well as technical equipment for office complexes and hotel
 Budget and financial planning
 Implementation of danger and risk analysis
 Creation of safety concepts
Due to the fact that we develop in-house which means very short
communication paths and meeting of deadlines, the project risk is
considerably reduced.
 Creation of project-oriented functional specification documents
 Work and installation planning
 Creation and processing of CAD drawings
 Project-oriented interface development
 Creation of individual user interfaces
 Implementation of training courses and workshops
GEMOS Academy
Partner training
Partner training program for GEMOS & GEMOS access
The GEMOS Academy offers various training programs for partners to get the knowledge and opportunity to sell, plan, implement and operate GEMOS and GEMOS access with all specifications.
ela-soft provides this full complement of training programs at
ela-soft Berlin & Frankfurt training facilities. In addition to the
full GEMOS Partner Training Program, consisting of 3 trainings
(sales, technical 1 and technical 2) as well as refresher workshops,
ela-soft also offers a consultant and an access control training
performing it as standard classroom type, distance type and web
Consulting & Service
Project management / Commissioning
Qualified and experienced technicians are the key to success
An experienced team of engineers and technicians are available
to guarantee competent support throughout all phases of the
Thanks to detailed project controlling, costs for customers are
optimised and processes coordinated to achieve maximum work
Project development:
Determining basis information
Pre-planning with cost estimation
Project planning and cost calculation
Implementation planning
Project monitoring
Project support and documentation
Highly specialised technicians make it possible to respond quickly
to project-specific changes and to prevent irritating delays in the
The creation of functional specification documents that accompany the project, and also the constant contact between project
management and customer always guarantee the highest quality,
from planning through to the successful commissioning of the
entire installation.
Consulting & Service
Software Maintenance Agreement
Satisfied and secure at all times!
After successful commissioning and approval, we offer our customers the round-the-clock security of a comprehensive maintenance package that meets customer and project requirements
in every detail. The customer can rely on planning security with
regard to operating costs and, in case of problems, on fast reaction times when rectifying faults.
Wear and malfunctions are quickly detected thanks to consistent
onsite maintenance, so that installations downtime and additional
costs to the operator can be avoided.
Service offer:
 Individual service level agreements (SMA)
 Technical telephone support
 Software maintenance (updates)
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