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Sitech 15T Mobile Sound System
Powerful 250w RMS Toa 9 channel mixer amplifier
Overall bass and treble controls
High performance XRS12 Pro Music Speaker, with 12” woofer and piezo horn gives excellent clear
sound distribution over a wide area.
Easily able to be moved over rough ground and up & down stairs
Dual speaker outlets
The amplifier has 4 mic inputs plus 2 mic/line inputs and 3 line only inputs. They can all be used at the
one time. The 4 mic plus 2 mic/line inputs have both XLR and 6.3mm jack connectivity. 2 line inputs
are dual RCA and 1 is XLR & 6.3mm jack.
System 1 Includes a Sony XE370 CD Player
System 2 Includes a Sony dual auto release cassette deck TCWE475 with
tape counters and SONY XE370 CD Player
Sitech Mobile Storage Unit for Laptops - The COW $1376.00
Fondly known as the COW, (computers on wheels) this
laptop storage has remained one of Sitech’s most popular
trolleys for schools with easy manoeuvrability and ease of
• Model featured houses 16 laptop computers
• Laptops can be charging when in storage
• Safe and secure
• Front and rear lockable doors
• 6m power cord
• Storage for chargers
• 16 way multiboxes permanently attached
• Top is velcro receptive to accept LAN radio transmitter
• Available for PC and Mac Laptops
The Mini Laptop Calf Trolley
Strengthened netting allows storage for up to
20 mini laptops/notebooks or 10 laptops
• Easily transportable and can be stored under
a table when handle folded down
• Notebooks can be charged when in storage
• 6m power lead
• Lockable
Buy 9
Netbooks get
1 Free with
Sitech CALF
Buy 18
Netbooks get
2 Free with
Sitech CALF
ACER Aspire One 532H Netbook
Processor model: Intel® Atom™ processor N450
Processor logo : Intel® Atom™ processor N450
Processor speed:512 KB L2 cache, 1.66 GHz, DDR2 667 Mhz
Screen size: 10.1" SWVGA Widescreen
System RAM installed: 1GB DDR2 667 Memory
Operating System: Windows 7 Starter
Sitech Systems NZ Ltd • All prices are subject to change without notice and exclude GST and freight.
Freephone 0800 100 607 • Free Fax 0800 300 607
Interactive Lifting Teaching Station
Lifting Teaching Station with Plastic drawers
Lifting Teaching Station With Wooden drawers
The Sitech interactive teaching station is an ideal way of capturing the attention of any young child in a smaller, less distracting
environment. Become interactive using the Interwrite Mobi Schoolpad to teach simple language skills and handwriting. Alternatively
sit back and enjoy watching a DVD or video through the 40” LCD screen.
• The ability to use the magnetic whiteboard and the LCD screen at
the same time
• Keeping the learning intentions visible on the whiteboard, while
viewing the LCD screen
• A lightweight option that can be easily moved by children
• More security with the option to hide the LCD screen from prying eyes
Retractable Whiteboard to be
used in conjunction with or in
place of the LCD screen
Single sliding shelves can be
configured to left or right
Interactive Non-Lifting Teaching Station
Sony 40” HD LCD TV
Optional DVD Player
- Sony 40” HD LCD TV
- New look frame
- Lighter, more mobile
- 4 way Powerboard
- Includes Pinboard Back
Lockable wheels
The teaching station comes
with a convenient pinboardthis can be upgraded to a
whiteboard for an additional
Non Lifting Teaching Station With Plastic drawers
interactivity to
your teaching
Non lifting Teaching Station with Wooden drawers
Interwrite Mobi
Ensure Interactivity by adding the Interwrite Mobi to your Teaching Station
The Mobi tablets are ideal for passing around the class, creating a high level of
participation. These rugged handheld devices make it possible for multiple individuals
or groups of students to provide direct input into a learning activity without having
to leave their seats.
Mobi Learner
Mobi Teacher 501 $735.00
Mobi Dock Charger $253.00
Sitech Systems NZ Ltd • All prices are subject to change without notice and exclude GST and freight.
Freephone 0800 100 607 • Free Fax 0800 300 607
Talking Tins
Easy to use, magnetic, bright and fun disk shaped device that allows
teachers and students record short voice or musical messages or sound
effects, which can then be played back at any time with the touch of a
button. Messages are re-recordable so they can be reused time and time
again. Talking Tins book is available with a range of practical speaking and
listening activities for implementation of this device into the classroom.
10 Seconds - Yellow
40 Seconds -Red
Talking Tins Book
Talking Labels
Talking Labels are an easy to use and effective solution to providing
re-recordable voice messages for artwork, photographs or other
classroom displays. Perfect for making classroom displays truly
interactive by making them talk!
Children’s Keyboard
Talking Label
Children’s Keyboard- Includes $30 worth of bonus software
The Kids Computer Keyboard is an excellent way for your students to master
keyboarding, computer skills, and phonics. The keyboard maximizes character
recognition with a colour-based mnemonic system to teach and reinforce reading
skills. Consonants, vowels, punctuation marks, numbers and computer function keys
each have their own vivid colour to help students understand their different roles in
reading and language.
Talking Photo Albums
Simply insert drawings of
photographs into the plastic
wallets and record up to a 10
second message on every
page to support the image or
Talking Photo Album A3 - 10 Sec
• Up to 5 min recording per page
• 20 pages that hold 5x7” image
• Record a voice message on
each page with built in
• Re-record each page as many
times as you want
• Built in speaker
• Removable SD card
Talking Photo Album A5 - 5 Mins
Portable Sound Systems For Sports Days/Events
Mipro MA707
The MA707 was designed with versatility in mind; compact,
lightweight, generous power output, and available in a range
of configurations – select any or all of the following options;
wireless microphone options, CD player, cassette tape deck,
corded microphones. Battery or mains powered (can run for up
to 8 hours on the internal batteries), this unit is ideal for schools,
sports clubs, swimming clubs, conferences, weddings; in fact any
indoor/outdoor venue where a
portable sound system is required.
• 70 Watts RMS
• Two corded microphone
• Can be fitted with up to two
wireless microphone receivers
• Line input
• Quick and easy to set up and
• Built in wheels and
extendable handle
Samson XPL300
The Expedition XPL300 from Samson gets its name from its
willingness to travel. Its built-in wheels and telescoping handle,
coupled with its scuff-resistant polypropylene enclosure, make it
well-suited for people who require portability. The 4 channel mixer
features inputs for 3 microphones, complete with 2-band EQ on
each channel and a 24-bit effects processor with 10 preset effects
that enable you to sweeten the sound.
Stereo RCA connectors are
supplied for attaching a CD player
(or other line level stereo
sources), and an iPod docking
station is integrated so you can
easily attach the world's most
popular music player to your
portable PA system.
If you're looking for a PA system
that you can use at the rehearsal
space, on stage, in the street and
in the field, then the XPL300 was
made for you.
Mipro MA707M 70w system with inbuilt rechargeable battery
supply and 10 channel wireless microphone receiver
Sitech Systems NZ Ltd • All prices are subject to change without notice and exclude GST and freight.
Freephone 0800 100 607 • Free Fax 0800 300 607
R U Teaching the 4 R’s? Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Robotics....
Jobs of the future will require science, technology, engineering and maths. Robotics is a motivating and challenging way to bring
these subjects to life from early childhood upwards.
Generic cross-curricula use:
To promote science, technology, engineering and maths - Investigate
Problem Solving, Team Building, Logical Reasoning and
how something works, grasp the concepts of control and automation,
understand the process of design, invent your own design...and compete! Sequential Thinking
Early childhood and years 1 and 2 : BeeBot
Race Track Mat
Program the BeeBot to:
Ÿ Spell a word on the Alphabet Mat
Ÿ Navigate the Race Track Mat
Ÿ Tell a story on a student-created mat with
the Transparent Mat overlay
Curriculum support:
Focus on BeeBot software – full of imaginative
lesson activities and challenges.
Transparent Mat $33.00
Years 3-6 : ProBot
Program the ProBot to:
Ÿ Draw a shape (degrees and distance)
Ÿ Reverse and turn 90 degrees when it makes contact
Ÿ Respond to your voice
Ÿ Navigate a student-created obstacle course
Additional resources:
The ProBotix software allows you to develop your program onscreen and then
download to the ProBot for testing.
BeeBot Software Single User Licence
The ProBot includes an
LCD screen to allow the
students to start LOGO
ProBotix Software Single User Licence
Years 6 and up : Logiblocs Bumper Pack
Logibloc Bumper Pack
Create circuits and build your own new inventions
Ideal for inquiries instilling in children a lifelong interest in how things work. For example, you can build
a door alarm, set up traffic lights, and find gold with a metal detector!
Curriculum support: comprehensive teacher’s notes, student project books and activity cards included
Additional resources: LogiCD allows students to design on screen when others are working on the
Logiblocs, and then plug and play. Great for interactive whiteboards.
LogiCD $46.00
Years 3-6 : Logibloc Robot Kit
Logibloc Robot
The Logibloc Robot Kit contains over 60 parts including 10 Logibloc parts, a docking station
and click fit pulleys and fixings to enable many varied fun tasks to be carried out. It can be
controlled by remote infrared control unit or by letting it respond to onboard or remote
Logibloc sensors.
Curriculum support: Full set of instructions for over 30 detailed projects ideal for
promoting creativity.
Years 7-13 (and Tertiary) : Moway Robots
Using simple intuitive software students can develop a range of applications for
the Moway from simple to complex. Younger students can program it to follow
a line, avoid obstacles, play games such as statues, defend a territory. More
advanced students can take advantage of the following features:
Ÿ Infrared anti-collision sensors
Ÿ Intensity sensor for directional light
Ÿ Infrared optic reflector sensors for the ground
Ÿ Upper bicolor indicator light.
Ÿ Red front LEDs
Ÿ SPI expansion bus for electronic cards
Ÿ Radio frequency module for wireless communications
Ÿ Lithium rechargeable battery for USB
Ÿ Battery life of 2 hours
Basic Kit
1 Moway Robot
Instructions and software cd
User Guide
Educational Kit $745.00
2 Moway Robots
Instructions and software CD
Training Manual
3 Radio Frequency modules
Enables collaborative programs
between 2+ Moways (e.g. relay races,
copying, sending orders to each other)
Enables control of the movement of the
Moway away from the PC
Sitech Systems NZ Ltd • All prices are subject to change without notice and exclude GST and freight.
Freephone 0800 100 607 • Free Fax 0800 300 607
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