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 Probe tip
1.Press the ON/OFF switch to activate the thermometer and 188.8% will show on the LCD display window to insure all parts of the display
are functioning properly. By holding down the ON/OFF switch, the display will show the last temperature until the switch is released.
2.When release the ON/OFF switch, 36.5°C(97.7°F) will show on the display and then the L with flashing’C(°F) indicates the thermometer
being ready to take a temperature. The temperature reading should take about ninety seconds.
3.When the peak temperature has been reached, C(F) will stop flashing and beeper will sound for four seconds.
4.To turn the unit off, press the ON/OFF switch. If the thermometer is inadvertently left on after use, it will automatically shut-off in
10 minutes.
Remark: 1. If the ambient temperature is higher than 32.0°C(89.6°F), the display will not show L°C (L°F ) after showing 36.5°C(97.7°F).
2.1f the temperature goes lower than 32.0°C(89.6°F), the display will only show L°C (L°F),but if the temperature goes higher than
44.0°C(111.2°F), it will show H’C (HF) only.
3.Temperatures should only be taken under the supervision of an adult and it is not suggested to take a rectal temperature with our
Put the probe tip under the rear part of the tongue and close the mouth tightly to insure accurate readings. Normal oral temperature is
The probe tip should be placed under the armpit and hold the temperature parallel to the body and put the arm on the chest so the probe
tip is well covered by the arm. NOTE: axillary temperature is usually 0.5°C(1.0°F) lower than oral readings.
Remark: When taking your temperature, please use the thermometer in the same position to measure in the same time period.
You can clean thermometer by wiping it with soap and water or 70% Isopropyl Alcohol whenever you take your temperature. -
When the battery is weak and shows the ¥ symbol, change the battery to insure precise temperature readings. To replace the battery,
use a small sharpened item to push the small hole to unload the battery cover. Pull out the battery compartment with the hook on the cover.
Remove the battery and insert a new battery with positive (+) side facing up and slide back the cover.
1.Do not let the thermometer fall or twist the unit.
2.Do not submerge it in water.
3.Keep it off all chemical solvents, direct sunshine or high temperature. -
4.Do not operate the product near transmitter which have high voltage or high frequency wave.
5.Do not recharge the battery or dispose it in fire.
6.Cleaning the thermometer prior to each use to evade cross infection in oral use.
DISPLAY: liquid crystal display 3 1/2 digits
MEASUREMENT RANGE: 32.0 "C(89. 6 F) to 44.0" (111. 2 F)
ACCURACY:10.1°C from 35.5 °С t0 42.0 "C within the ambient
temperature 18°C -28°C; otherwise:t0.2°C (for CT461C)
+0.2 F from 95.9 F to 107.6 F within the ambient
temperature 64.4 F- 82.4 F; otherwise+0.4'F (for CT461F)
BATTERY: one 1.5v button size battery (LR41 or equivalent)
BATTERY LIFE: about 18 months while used 10 minutes per day
Armpit -- 3 minutes
AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: after approximately ten minutes
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 10 -40°C (50.0-104.0°F) HUMIDITY: 15 - 95% RH
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20 -60 C (-4.0-140.0°F) HUMIDITY: 15 - 95% RH
DIMENSIONS: 130.8 mm X 18.2 mm X 11.6 mm
WEIGHT: 11.2 grams (including battery)
This clinical digital thermometer comply with EN 60601-1,EN60601-1-2,EN 12470-3;
and Technical document refer to our EU representative.
Manufactured by:
Duteck Industrial Co., Ltd. o
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